Martin O'Malley Holds Event in Front of Trump Hotel, Europeans Approve Another Greek Bailout, Ashley Madison Hack Wreaks Havoc: P.M. Links



    Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, who is polling at about 2 percent, held a campaign event in front of a Donald Trump hotel in Las Vegas, to support its workers' efforts to unionize and slam the Republican candidate's immigration positions.

  • Half of the $120 million raised by Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush comes from donors who gave to his brother, George W., or his father, George H.W.
  • Whisleblower Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence at Ft. Leavenworth for providing classified information to Wikileaks, says she was convicted on multiple charges related to possession of expired toothpaste and copies of Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan, and sentenced to 21 days restrictions on recreation.
  • A side deal between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency would reportedly allow Iran to use its own experts to investigate claims that Iran previously conducted nuclear weapons research.
  • The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria beheaded an 82-year-old archaelogist, Khaled Asaad, according to Syrian state news.
  • The board of the European Stability Mechanism, a bailout fund, approved an $95 billion bailout for Greece, a formality after Germany approved the deal earlier.
  • Data on users of Ashley Madison, a website for adultery, which was released by hackers last night, is spreading across the Internet.

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  1. Half of the $120 million raised by Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush comes from donors who gave to his brother, George W., or his father, George H.W.


    1. Hello.

      After skimming through the Jared Subway porn thread, I’ve come to the conclusion you guys have ADHD.

      I think out of 379 comments 9 were on topic and eight of those were jokes.

      1. When it comes to Jared and Subway, the jokes kinda write themselves. Mine centered on how one’s concept of a “foot-long” can vary, depending on one’s circumstances.

        1. Back in my day they were called “AOL inches.” /geezer

        2. You spelled circumference wrong.


        You Canucks have Mister Sub. ACTUALLY….the “Assorted” is quite delish. Used to get it on the way back from band practice in London/St. Thomas/Dutton (ON) back when I was playing with the MacNish Distillery/St. Thomas Police Pipe Band back in the day. First stop off the old 401, don’t you know. There was a big-titted worker there we called “Bubbles”……

        *drifts off in memories*

        1. Mr. Sub is dead. Subway rules now.

          1. Quizno’s is trying to make a play here.

            1. Interesting. Sadly, most Quizno’s appear to be dying off here in Ohio.

              It might be because they’re all franchisees, and their model sucks.

              1. I haven’t seen a Quizno’s commercial in years.

                1. FLOASTED!

                  (I wanted to punch that girl in the face. She was like an even bigger pain-in-the-ass Sarah Silverman)

              2. Quiznos died out in Quebec.

                1. Quiznos and Mr. Sub are actually still somewhat alive in Ontario, but you’ll mostly find Mr. Subs at highway truckstops and bus terminals.

            2. What ever happened to Blimpie, the Best Dressed Sandwich?

              1. I think they went after the gas station market.

                1. I weep for those poor, deprived souls who have never ordered Hungry Howie’s.

          2. Jimmy Johns seems to be taking a run at Subway,

      3. Funny Canadians go south to the US to make it in the big entertainment industry.

        The rest stay behind and bitch about Americans. :-p

        1. I think a lot of Americans go south to make it in entertainment industry, if you know what I mean…heh….

        2. Hey, Rick Mercer only ever worked on CBC…

          Right, funny. Carry on!

      4. What is your point?

        Hey! there is no alt-text and the author of today’s PM links is afraid to sign his work!

        Jared like to eat fresh.


        1. Ted just likes to pile on Canadians to spite me.

          /shaves black radish. Narrows gaze.

        2. now that it’s bylined I have to point out there is definitely alt-text. there is always alt-text.

        3. Say what you will about him, Bobarian gets results.

      5. “Jared Subway porn” was a better joke than all of them. So, well done you.

      6. No shit we have adhd. Why do all the comments occur during business hours from people who ostensibly have real jobs?

        1. American productivity is the envy of the world.

        2. Because watching a progress bar is boring.

          1. Because waiting for Matlab is boring.

            1. Matlab doesn’t display a progress bar while processing?

              1. You can program one easily, but most people don’t.

        3. Because I work half the time if you pay me half as much as your competitors.

          1. Because teleconferences leave me with way too much mental “dead air”?

            1. Amen. Before I went back to school, I spent a hell of a lot of time on Reason with a headset on my head and the microphone on mute. Don’t call me into meetings that don’t concern me!

      7. YOU’RE A TOWEL!!

      8. I came to the conclusion that everybody, like me, kinda stopped paying attention to the ‘kiddie porn’ story as soon as they saw the ‘kiddies’ were 16 and 17. Is there something wrong there? Quite possibly, but above the age of consent is above the age of consent and calling it ‘kiddie porn’ only makes it look like you’re trying a little too hard to smear the guy unfairly. Kinda like every time I pick up a hooker on my trip to Bangkok, suddenly I’m an international sex-trafficker?

        1. I came to the conclusion that everybody, like me, kinda stopped paying attention to the ‘kiddie porn’ story as soon as they saw the ‘kiddies’ were 16 and 17

          You’re talking about Jared, right? They found pics of 9 year olds, dude. 9 year olds.

          1. I just read this week that the age of consent in just about all Latin American countries is 12. Twelve!

            Nine, in Jared’s case, is of course completely disgusting. But think, south of the border, in three years those nine-year-olds could be legitimately ‘adult’ and consensual.

    2. I think the story missed the point – half of his money came from people who did not give to his father or brother. Who are these people who are saying, “you know, I really did not care for the first two installments of the trilogy but the third really brings it all together for me”?

      1. Exactly. When you say 50% are the same donors as the other Bushes, they’re probably also the same people who donated to Romney and McCain. There’s only so many rich Republicans wishing to throw their money at politicians, and I would imagine they get hit on by all the usual suspects. I’m more impressed, like Jerryskids, that there are a brand-new 50% to soak.

      1. PWND

    1. I appreciate the support. I don’t get enough of it, frankly.

      1. You’re welcome. I’ll just have to wait until you die I guess.

        1. I’m a virtual Cecil the lion. Everyone’s gunning for me.

          1. So you’re saying I only need $35K and the appropriate bait?

            THERE’S HOPE

        2. Is that a threat?

          If it is, count me in.

      2. Try an underwire bra and some Slenderalls.

  2. RIP Batgirl…..index.html

    1. Yes, I have a sad. But I’ll always remember her as the green Orion animal woman on the original Star Trek.

      1. OMG, that was her? Now I’m double unhappy.

        1. Not only did she portray a sexually voracious alien, she was also insane, so you know the sex would have been extra wild. Unfortunately, Garth blew her up before Kirk got the chance to nail her. What a waste…

          1. I think she was planning on killing Kirk before, after or possibly while having sex with him.

            1. Not knowing what she would do is part of what makes the sex so exciting. Just like Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct. It’d be worth the risk…

          2. That’s an absurd assumption. Kirk’s sex was always off camera. I mean, it was 60s TV.

            Hang on, I have a cunning plan. Reboot TOS, episode for episode, as an HBO series. This may be my best idea ever.

            1. Would love to see some actual adult sci-fi for a change. Most people assume sci-fi is just for children so anything remotely sexual is expunged. A sci-fi version of Game of Thrones would be awesome.

              1. TOS is perfect. There was implied sex all over the place, along with all sorts of violence. Heck, you could pretty much stick with the scripts, just adding in the sex scenes and goring up the violence.

                1. I love this idea.

                  1. I swear, if I ever become God Emperor, I will make this happen.

                    1. *Stands up from beige 80s chair with touch screen arms*

                      Make it so!

        2. Not the one in “The Menagerie”, the one in “Whom Gods Destroy”.

    2. I still love Bat-Man from the 60s with West and Burt. The overall cast was solid as can be.

      1. Still exceptionally entertaining. Some network had a marathon last year – we must have watched 20 episodes. Some I didn’t recall seeing as a yute.

        1. I get the feeling the show didn’t take itself too seriously which only adds to the charm.

        2. I think IFC runs a bunch every weekend morning. It’s goofy and fun.

      2. They played a couple episodes with Otto Preminger as the bad guy. Those were definitely new to me. Otto Preminger? Yes – Otto Preminger did Batman. FUCK YEAH!

        1. Mr. Freeze. As opposed to Ahnahld.

      3. I once read that one of the producers described Batman as the only sitcom on TV without a laugh track. And it was actually funnier and more imaginative than a lot of those 60s comedies (Get Smart excluded, of course).

        1. I demand the Cones of Silence, Chief.

          1. Just finished watching the entire series on DVD and discovered many episodes I had never seen in syndication. The final season was pretty weak, but most of the first four were pretty solid and the humor held up well after all these years.

            1. Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, you can’t go wrong. Don Adams was great in the role, too.

  3. Data on users of Ashley Madison, a website for adultery, which was released by hackers last night, is spreading across the Internet.

    Just like those homewreckers were spreading their legs!

    1. Thing is that the Hackers could put any name on there they want.

      1. Thing is that the Hackers could put any name on there they want.

        That’s what I’m telling my wife, too.

    2. Were there any actual women on there, other than the sex workers who used their profiles to advertise?

      1. I seriously doubt it. Most of the sites like that are 100% fake.

        1. *notes Hyperion is a user for future reference*

          1. Dude, I already posted below that I’m not THAT Hyperion.

      2. I have a friend (yes, it really is a friend, not me) who went on Ashley Madison as he was going through his divorce, as well as a couple of other sites. As a result he claimed he was having sex with different women every night for awhile. I could see why he had so much catching up to do; his wife of 20 years was one of the ugliest and most repellent women I’ve ever met. He’s no Thor himself, but definitely deserved better.

        1. Deserve’s got NOTHING to do with it….

          1. Buzzards gotta fuck, same as worms.

            1. +1 Jose Wales

              1. I never knew that movie was about a Mexican.

                1. Reboot, counselor, reboot.

    3. Some people in DC were evidently stupid enough to use their work email addresses.

    4. Anyone retarded enough to use their actual name and email addresses (including some work and .gov accounts) deserve to be shamed.

      Also, as someone else notes, the hackers could just put any name they want on that list

  4. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria beheaded an 82-year-old archaelogist, Khaled Asaad, according to Syrian state news.

    Goddamn climate change strikes again.

    1. It’s just because there aren’t enough jobs.

  5. Data on users of Ashley Madison is spreading across the Internet.

    It’s funny when bad things happen to awful people…

    1. Those who did not use a pseudonym to conduct sexual affair business deserve the embarrassment.

      1. Some people might be proud?

      2. Or you could just claim someone else used your name as a pseudonym

    2. Not everyone on there was married, Anti.

      1. It’s not exactly respectable to enable other people to have affairs

        1. But it is slightly more respectable to be up front about it than to pretend they don’t know such activity happens like their fullashit online dating competitors.

          1. I wasn’t thinking about the website so much as the individuals who seek out people who are having affairs when I wrote that.

            1. Seeking out affairs is different than seeking out people who are having affairs. I was on there not looking for pussy (lol), but doing a favor for a friend who wanted to know if his spouse was on there. Luckily, she wasn’t. But it would have been unwise for him to have gone on there to find that out.

              I’ve also had profiles on other dating sites to “pull comps” for female friends. IOW, checking the W4M profiles since if you sign up as W4M you can’t see other W’s.

      2. Anyone who knowingly enters into an affair with a married person is almost as bad as the person in the relationship. Expose them all!

        1. I think that’s bullshit. One party made a promise (contract) with their spouse. The single person has no obligation in that regard.

          1. Not every crappy choice involves a broken promise

          2. So, would it also be OK to knowingly buy stolen merchandise? You didn’t steal it, so it’s alright, right?

            1. So you believe each spouse owns the other’s right to sex. Got it. I see an agreement between two consenting adults involving only those individuals effort and property.

              1. So you believe each spouse owns the other’s right to sex.

                Seems about right, depending on the type of marriage. The traditional “two become one” “what’s mine is yours” marriage would seem to include sex in the shared assets and responsibilities. OTOH, if you’re in an open “marriage,” perhaps sex isn’t shared in the same way.

        2. Hear hear! I too come to this libertarian comments section to cheer on those who forcibly access private information for purposes of moral shaming! Libertopia here we come!

          1. Would not support this if the government were doing it. But I support the right of private citizens to expose those who are unfairly working the system. And public shaming for victimless crimes is better than tossing them in jail.

            1. I think what Scarcity is expressing is a general dislike of snitches and busybodies, which I consider to be a libertarian virtue.

              So, further upthread you characterize an unmarried person fucking a married person as akin to accessory after the fact to theft (think about the implications of that, Anti), and now you’re calling it victimless. Which is it?

              1. I regretted using the term ‘victimless’ as soon as I hit submit. But the fact is that married people enjoy all kinds of benefits, tax breaks, and perks that those of us who don’t believe in marriage are denied–but still have to pay for. In an ideal world marriage would be between the individuals in the relationship and it would be no one’s business how they lived their lives. So, when I see people who are enjoying all the benefits of marriage while continuing to enjoy life as a single person, it pisses me off. Screw around all you want, but when you commit to someone (who you allegedly love) then you shouldn’t betray them.

                1. What benefit of marriage are you denied (by noy wanting to be married) that you have to pay for?

                  I sincerely do not get where this idea that marriage has welfaresque benefits attached to it comes from.

                  1. Spousal social security benefits are not trivial.

            2. I’d be okay with it if the owners of the website suddenly had a crisis of conscience or whatever.

              But hackers stealing private information from a website is no different than some asshole burglar breaking into the physical building and then spreading the physical files all over the street.

              1. I’d be okay with it if the owners of the website suddenly had a crisis of conscience or whatever.

                Actually, I WOULD have a problem with the website owners suddenly deciding to expose their clients. They promise confidentiality, so it would be unprofessional and wrong to go back on the original agreement. And I make allowances for the actions of rogue individuals as opposed to corporations and government agencies. As wrong as it is for vigilantes to kill criminals who escaped the hand of justice, it’s worse when the government decides to kill those convicted of serious crimes.

  6. A side deal between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency would reportedly allow Iran to use its own experts to investigate claims that Iran previously conducted nuclear weapons research.

    They cited America’s standard tactics regarding investigating police misconduct as precedent.

  7. Whisleblower Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence at Ft. Leavenworth for providing classified information to Wikileaks, says he-

    Whoa, whoa, whoooooooooa.

    1. Mis-gendering somebody should be a hate crime! Cancel my subscription!

      1. It’s been changed, making me look like A FOOL. But still no name attached to these Links.

        1. Ed Krayewski?

    2. Whisleblower Chelsea Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence at Ft. Leavenworth for providing classified information to Wikileaks, says xe-


    3. No kidding. It’s clear that using the wrong pronoun these days warrants assault, or at least some juvenile name calling. I’ll just kick back and watch this time…

    4. Yeah, it’s funny how some low-ranking soldier gets hard time and an appointed official gets kid glove treatment.

      1. This is why I keep saying we are now living in the Bizarro World. High-level people are actually held to a lower standard than us peons on the bottom. Politicians and cops get a pass for not knowing the law, but ignorance of the law is no excuse for us. The government looks down on us like helpless children unless we screw up, and then we get pummeled to the fullest extent of the law. This is why I drink so much.

        1. There’s nothing bizarro about it, unless you are comparing it to some philosophical ideal.

        2. It should be exactly the reverse. I’d be okay bouncing people out of office based on just a decent possibility they’ve done something unethical, immoral, or merely in bad taste. If people are going to get ridiculous amounts of power, the least we can do, while we still can, is hold them to higher, not lower, standards. Not that that’s the solution–destroying Leviathan is that–but come on.

        3. It has always been thus, Anti. Laws are for the little peepul, dontchaknow.

      2. Nothing new. One rule for the Party Members, one for the Proles.

      3. What Manning did was intentional, top officials are just massively incompetent, which is why they run for President i.stead of doing time, don’t you see?

  8. UK Government blocks export of painting

    Imagine buying a work of art for over $200,000 at a Christie’s auction and then learning that you can’t take it home.

    That’s exactly what happened to one buyer who recently paid ?146,500 ($217,000) for an historic British painting.

    The U.K. government announced it has blocked the buyer from taking the watercolor out of the country because it wants the work of art to remain in Britain.

    The painting, completed in 1762 by the British captain Thomas Davies, is being called “the very first eyewitness representation of Niagara Falls.”

    1. Well, there has to be something left in Britain that’s good. I mean, it’s just Limey’s all the way down over there!

      1. Nah, they’ve been adjusting the demographics of England for a while now. London is now less than 50% UK-born English.
        Did wonders for the restaurants, and Hollande is working on improving the situation even more with his policies, as there’s an exodus of talented French people over. This will improve the female appeal of the populace even further, as well. Indian migration did tons of wonder for both food and females!

        1. Funny that about Indians. Here in the USA I have never seen Indians mix outside of their own nationality. Not here in MD. They keep strictly to themselves. I mean, I have a couple Indian friends, and know and work with quite a few, but they never date or marry outside their own culture.

          1. Same up here, too. In UK, however, they are integrating and adapting quite well. In fact, comparing Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian communities, you’d never think they came in about the same number, same time, from the same subcontinent.

          2. I mean, I have a couple Indian friends, and know and work with quite a few, but they never date or marry outside their own culture.

            As my family tree proves, Indian exogamy requires a regular supply of Trinidadian rum.

          3. They must look at the ‘outside’ culture and conclude it’s stark raving mad and insane. So they clam up.

            /dons psychology monocle.

        2. I’m also pretty sure every talented Italian and Greek scientist is now in the UK or Ireland, which is obviously great for those two countries.

          1. Dunno about Greece, but I know the best and brightest are fleeing France and Italy. The labor restrictions, regulations and taxes are just too much to the point of not providing the chance for a decent living.

            They all seem to be at my daycare.

            1. I work with two talented under-30 Greek scientists. They tell me every good scientist is gone. It has been a real boon for UK science. If I see a Greek or Italian name in a UK lab I assume they are cream of the crop and I’m rarely disappointed.

    2. I believe that makes them some of the most hypocritical bastards on the planet given that their museums are filled to the hilt with absconded artifacts.

        1. Greece should sell them the rest of the Parthenon.

    3. Interesting stance for a country whose museums are stuffed full of looted treasures from all over the world. Then again, they’re doing a better job protecting and preserving those artifacts than their countries of origin (probably) would.

      1. In the case of the Elgin marbles, there’s no “probably” about it.

        1. Whenever Isis drills an ancient relic to dust, I wish the UK had been more appropriative.

      2. ^This. It’s different when they did it, though.

        1. Although I have to admit that visiting the London Museum and seeing all those amazing items in one place was an experience I’ll never forget. So, I can’t be too critical of them.

          1. That was my experience too.

            “We had lots of ships and lots of gold, we could take what we couldn’t buy. Now watch the glory of mankind in one place.”

            Yeah, OK, can’t get too salty about it.

      3. “we didn’t get all these museums by letting the art leave the country!”

        Seems reasonable to me.

    4. “The U.K. government announced it has blocked the buyer from taking the watercolor out of the country because it wants the work of art to remain in Britain.”

      Then they should have bought it.

    5. Story like this makes me wish the guy would burn the damned thing. In Trafalgar Square.

    6. So the UK has cultural rights to a painting of Niagara falls because Niagara Falls used to be in their precious Empire?

      I tell you what, pay some woman in fancy dress to claim to be the “owner” of the painting, while giving the buyer all the *real* ownership rights.

      Works for the Commonwealth, doesn’t it?

      1. Niagara Falls is still in the British Empire. The Queen is still the Canadian monarch, and she appoints the governor general of Canada.

        1. Numero uno, please see my second paragraph – I was drawing an analogy between the Queen, with her purely nominal authority, and a hypothetical “owner” who let someone else exercise all her ownership rights.

          Numero two-o, most ex-British colonies are considered part of the Commonwealth, not the Empire. The modern Empire is basically a handful of possessions like St. Helena and the Falklands where the UK exercises actual, not merely nominal, authority.

  9. OT: LOOK WHO STILL LOVES US! This was a little back and forth about books, and who wrote one, and I mentioned SugarFree has some scary books *SHUDDER* and Lucy said….

    Lucy Steigerwald ?@LucyStag 16 minutes ago @petersuderman @notjessewalker @MattWelch @nickgillespie Holding out for Warty’s memoir, personally.

    1. I Live in the Weak and the Wounded by Warty Hugeman

      1. “I came, I squatted, I came again”

    2. Dammit, we’re not supposed to talk about Lucy!

      1. I know, I know – I violated rule #1

    3. Squee! She still remembers us. [insert explosion of glittery emojis]

  10. Hey, I’m NOT the Hyperion on that site that they are talking about!

  11. Silence of The Lambs house is up for sale (lotion bucket not included)

    1. Is there at least a pit in the basement?

      1. Unfortunately, that scene was filmed on a sound stage far from the house. But you can bet that if I ever own a home with a basement (which we can’t have where I live), by God, it will have a pit, even if I have to dig it and line if with bricks myself.

        1. Agreed. I see no point in having a pit-less basement.

          1. At least a wine cellar with a recess containing Amontillado and some wall-shackles.

  12. The board of the European Stability Mechanism, a bailout fund, approved an $95 billion bailout for Greece, a formality after Germany approved the deal earlier.

    Could they just blow up already?

  13. Half of the $120 million raised by Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush comes from donors who gave to his brother, George W., or his father, George H.W.

    If anything, I’m surprised the number isn’t higher.

    1. The $120M, or the 50%?

  14. The board of the European Stability Mechanism, a bailout fund, approved an $95 billion bailout for Greece…

    So it’s free ouzo for everyone!

    1. Note: water down your ouzo, don’t drink straight from the bottle. Or you’ll need to be dragged naked and unconscious from your hot tub and laid on your front porch only to awaken to the second or third worst hangover of your life and mosquito bites on your dick. Or so I’ve heard…

      1. Everyone dreaded being brought into the “family” in my fraternity that had Ouzo as its family drink.

        Mine was Kessler, which wasn’t much better….well, actually, it was. I didn’t puke…

      2. But that’ll make it turn colors!

  15. A side deal between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency would reportedly allow Iran to use its own experts to investigate claims that Iran previously conducted nuclear weapons research.

    Next they’re going to tell us that the state is responsibility for enforcing laws against itself.

    1. Well that’s stupid

      1. Well, we let our own government get away with that, so why not theirs?

        1. Because the US demonstrated ethical superiority by not conquering the world with our nuclear technology in 1945. How many other countries would have used that restraint? Certainly not Iran.

          1. I don’t think the US was in a position to conquer the world in 1945, unless you’re a Samuelson or Keynesian advocate, more war was the last thing the US economy and population needed. Only four years passed before the soviets got their grubby communist fingers on atomic technology and then mutually assured destruction became a counterweight to US leverage.

            That said, I think it was unethical that the US didn’t use the threat of the bomb to force the soviets out of Germany and Eastern Europe, thereby thwarting a couple generations of communist slavery for those people. Though not as unethical as Roosevelt agreeing to their enslavement in the first place.

            1. In Axis & Allies, I had the U.S. conquer the world many times. Our rule was benevolent.

                1. I’ve conquered the world many times from Australia. Australia rule is mostly benign, except for their destruction of the Outback chain.

              1. Great board game.

                1. Best board game.

            2. War would have been unnecessary because the mere threat of dropping nukes onto dissenters would have kept them in line. But doing so would have run afoul of much of what the US believes. Just making the point that even when we had the ultimate weapon we didn’t use it to bully other countries. But immature countries like Iran want one for that precise reason. You’ll see, it’s only a matter of time now.

              1. I’m just making the point that if the US was trying to be ethical with it’s bomb, instead of just pragmatic, they would have done a little more bullying, to the USSR in particular. I have very little doubt that Iran wants to swing their dick around. But then I’d say the same thing about Pakistan, who by any accounting has got to be one of the least ideal states to posses nuclear weapons.

            3. Only four years passed before the soviets got their grubby communist fingers on atomic technology

              Which they did through espionage.

          2. It was a little joke, Anti. Lighten up.

            1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell around here when someone’s joking…

    2. Wow, Obama was behind that deal, and it’s a clusterfuck? I AM SHOCKED!!!


        1. Don’t forget most transparent.

    3. I should say, site – it refers to one site.

    4. Wow – never saw THAT one coming.

    5. Look man, we had to pass the deal with Iran in order to find out what the deal exactly was.

      1. [golf clap]

    6. Obama probably wanted to get anything for his legacy under the pretense of making *progress* with Iran. This thing is so watered down it’s useless.

      Just a hunch; little else.

    7. “Looks like the Iran deal is a clusterfuck”

      Was there ever any doubt that it would be?

  16. Ha. I just got a call from someone looking for a job. She kept saying ‘madame’ to me.

    Sheesh. I know have a nasally voice but sheesh. I didn’t think I sounded like a girl!

    /starts doing push ups on fists.

    1. I get such calls from time to time. I have an emergency phone on my desk that’s to be used for, you know, bona fide emergencies, yet it’s this line that the job seekers invariably call.

      1. Is it red and housed in a cake carrier?

        1. Nope, black. Here it is:

          (That’s me answering, btw)

        2. A reference to the 1966 TV series Batphone. The one in Commissioner Gordon’s office was in a cake carrier type thingy. In honor of Batgirl, RIP.

    2. That’s the problem, you need to start doing pullups and get some knuckle tats.

      1. That’s the problem, you need to start doing pullups and get some knuckle tats.

        I was thinking of getting some knuckle tats myself. I’m torn between “Love” / “Hate” and “Fuck” / “You.”

      2. A lady bartender at a bar I occasionally visit has knuckle tattoos.

        I have no idea if she can do pull-ups. I doubt she can, she doesn’t appear to have much muscle.

    3. Wait, what kind of establishment did she think you were running if she called you “madam”?

      And do you still have her number? Just asking,…science.

      1. It was in French.

        Ma-dame in French sounds less, er, erotic than the Anglo pronunciation.

        All I know is if she can’t speak English she ain’t getting hired. Ours is a bilingual establishment as our clientele demands.

  17. “…possession of expired toothpaste…”
    Do we need Warty to explain this?

  18. I noticed this too: we’re supposed to know why Harper is so horrible.

    As so often happens with anti-Harper invective, the accusation combines intense outrage against the man with gaseous vagueness about the man’s offenses. You’re supposed to just know. If you don’t know already, it won’t be explained to you.

    In fact, the very difficulty of explaining Harper’s horribleness is?to critics?among the leading proofs of Harper’s horribleness. As Marche complains, Harper is not only a dictator in the making, but also “bland and purposeless.” His policy changes “have been negligible.” He aims to govern in a way that is “steady and quiet”?a totalitarian nightmare, only “polite and rule abiding.” If you can’t see why all of this is oppressive verging on the fascistic, then you have succumbed to “the politics of willful ignorance.”

    1. We just went over this yesterday with Pan and Cyto.

      Much to Zeb’s confusion.

    2. The anti-Harper hysteria is for the irrational ignoramus.

      You can’t go through (insert topic) without a bunch of idiots pinning anything and everything on him. He’s our Bush.

      My favorite one was when all the progs started on the ‘66% of Canadians didn’t vote for him ergo he must do what the other parties ask because civility!’

      Like I said, truly stupid people.

    3. OK, help me here. I’m not insane, right?

      16 Reasons To Stop Harper sounds like an awesome platform for election, right?

    4. Oh, and can I have Mulcair from 15 years ago? Because he sounds awesome!

      1. That Tommy has long since died.

        Now he’s all Douglas-speak.

        1. Fact that his was in QLP should immediately disqualify him.

          All the Ethics of Montreal Mafia, all the Economic nous of Quebec City civil servant. Truly the best that the province can offer!

  19. The travails of being Naomi Brockwell.

    Incidentally, it’s totally not creepy that I found her instagram during a series of routine, in no way gross Google searches, right?

    No. Not creepy. I have spoken.

    1. She has no soul Irish. No soul. Didn’t your mother tell you to stay away from Gingers? Yeah they look great but they have no souls. They are a form of the living dead.

      1. I once asked my (redheaded) mother what she thinks about as she goes about her day
        “oh, nothing”
        “Nothing. Like no internal monologue or anything?”
        “Nope, not really”

        Some might say it’s because she’s extremely extroverted, but I know the truth… no soul.

    2. Is this your plan to make ESB jealous?

      1. She’ll just have to deal with it. Hot redheads are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

        1. “PS: Our latest project is developing excellently up here,” finished Screwtape.

  20. Today’s edition of Accomplished Female Athletes of Eastern and Central Europe goes to Bulgaria for the first time. Ivet Lalova is a Bulgarian sprinter who won Gold in 200 meter European championship 2005, and a Gold in 100m in 2012. She is tied for the fastest time by a sprinter not of West African descent.
    A gallery of images, mostly from various competitions.
    No glamour shoot or good bikini pic, so here is a picture of her on the starting line to compensate!
    Personally I’m not a fan of her abs tattoo, but damn, that physique.

    1. The last two are nsfw, and you should warn the folk.

      Also, OMGS.

    2. Okay. I was worried finding Naomi Brockwell’s instagram and posting about it here was kind of creepy, but then I remembered we have a running series of posts about hot Eastern European bobsledders and shit.

      So I’m in the clear.


        1. Look Warty, if you’re going to make fun of me, at least wait for your tell all memoir where you’ll reveal my dark and sordid history involving kiddie porn and my Colombian coke connections.

          1. Your copy of the September 1984 issue of Penthouse while technically kiddie porn, doesn’t really count.

      2. Look, Irish, my series rises below creepiness!

    3. I see your Eastern European athlete and raise you one American COSplay girl. Meg Turney may have the best ass in the known universe.…..198/page-2

      1. OK, when I decide to end the series, I’m putting out one final series of posts that breaks all the rules so far.

        Russian actresses. Ukrainian models. Polish pop singers. It’s gonna be wall-to-wall best of Slavic (and Hungarian – rawr!) womanhood!
        But yes, she’s is quite lovely. Dunno how come you know about cosplay, but I can’t cast stones on almost any nerd issue.

        1. I don’t know about it. But I do know about her. I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly why she is well known but she is. She just is the perfect size. She has curves and an ass but isn’t fat. She is not short but isn’t an amazon. She just seems to hit some kind of Greek golden mean for figure type.

        2. You will include Anna Semonovich right?

          1. I also look forward to all the research.

            If I decide to go work blue, god bless Viv Thomas for using Hungarian and Czech talent. God bless the old pervert forever!

            1. Viv Thomas… Viv Thomas… for some reason that name is drawing a blank but I think that it shouldn’t. I’ll look after I leave the office.

              1. Definitely DO NOT GOOGLE AT WORK! Good call.

                1. Oh. That’s why I should remember that name. I’ll have to put off my search until after I get done what I need to get done at home.

        3. OK, when I decide to end the series


    4. Too bad she can run fast, otherwise she’d be the perfect woman…

      is what a really creepy guy would say.

  21. Shaun King, the #BlackLivesMatter activist who appears to be a White Guy pretending to be black

    …also seems to be a serial fraud, charity-con-artist

    1. It was for the greater good. The ends justifies the means. If he identifies as Black who are we to argue? Yada, yada, yada…

    2. Wow. Multiple levels of weirdness. Seems like there are career opportunities in the business of Black Activism.

    3. The fraud part is pretty amazing. Go to the kickstarter for his book. In the comments it shows he’s basically been stiffing people for like 6 months.

      1. The more you look at this guy, it seems like he’s been playing hopscotch from one “Charity fundraiser” to the next…

        …and like his initial Tamir Rice one… it seems that he’s not particularly scrupulous about *telling people* he’s raising money on their behalf. The Rice Family lawyers found out that he was pulling in tens of thousands and had it all seized by the lawman. He of course set up a new one…*in their name*…as an afterthought.

        The Haiti thing he did via Twitter, then abandoned, seems like something genuinely ‘untraceable’ . $500K collected, of which there is only a claim that $200K in theory got distributed.

        There are apparently some moans from people about shadiness w/ his new venture, “HopeMob” as well.

        1. He also seemed to have an initial career as a christian pastor, which ended badly.

          His first boss and mentor turned out to be a child molester. Whoops!

          Then he started his own social-justice church/business thing. Then he dropped it, because something something something. I can’t pretend to understand what he’s saying, but I assume it means, “People stopped giving me money”

          ” I started a super cool Sunday worship service centered church with 700 people and spent the next 3 years begging thousands of people to help me be the hands and feet of God by fighting child trafficking and caring for widows and orphans.

          I was advised by the best church planting experts in the world to go this route, but in the end, it was my decision, and it was the wrong one. I sold my soul for church attendance in our first week and could never quite get it back. Whatever it is you are starting (a business, a new job, a church, etc.), you need to remain as true to your core vision from the start as humanly possible, or you may find yourself lost in an unfamiliar place so far from your dream that you don’t even recognize it. That’s me right now.”

  22. Vaping: e-cigarettes safer than smoking, says Public Health England

    Vaping is safer than smoking and could lead to the demise of the traditional cigarette, Public Health England (PHE) has said in the first official recognition that e-cigarettes are less damaging to health than smoking tobacco.

    The health body concluded that, on “the best estimate so far”, e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and could one day be dispensed as a licensed medicine in an alternative to anti-smoking products such as patches.

    1. Butbutbut it looks like smoking so therefore must be banned because of TEH CHILDRUNZ

    2. I feel envious of people whose greatest worry in life is that teenagers might be smoking things that look like cigarettes but are safer

      1. I drink because such people are in charge.

        1. In charge, or have no lives so they dedicate their hollow days to their bullshit agenda

    3. could one day be dispensed as a licensed medicine

      Or we could just let people buy the shit, like we do now.

  23. Since I posted this in a dead thread last time.


    1. It’s true, it’s all true.

      /sobs in corner

      1. It’s true, it’s all true.

        /CHEERS in corner

    2. All true except they are not cool. They are basically the retarded kid that the Progs let hang around during dinner at the prom but don’t invite to the after party.

      But yeah, they want to be cool.

      1. Getting drunk on forties in a vacant lot with your date friends and date is more fun than the after-party, anyway…

        1. Of course. That is the thing. All their friends keep telling them the cool kids are not very cool. But they just won’t listen.

        2. Speaking of 40s, there was a bar in St. Louis that sold 40s of Old English and Miller High Life. Anyway, said bar was the drinking hole for rugby club teams in the area. On a couple occasions, I witnessed grown men play Edward 40 Hands in the bar. It ended well for me because I wasn’t playing the game. Good lord, what a mess.

          1. Rugby players are fucked up. I thought about playing it in college. But after every game there was a party which ended in a bunch of naked guys throwing up. They did shit that was Navy level gay. NTTAWWT but it really wasn’t my scene.

            1. Most of them had a physical ailment of some sort. A guy in a walking boot. Another w/ a broken nose. They drank almost enough to be Australians, but not quite.

    3. Hey, hey, hey!

      … You forgot anal, which is not necessarily included when you say “gay sex.”

      Super rude.

      1. You forgot anal

        A deliberate omission, I would hope. Something I’ve never done, because I know that if I woke up the next morning and peed out a brown plug, I would lose my mind.

        I’ll leave that shit (literally and figuratively) to the rest of you degenerates.

        1. More for me.


          rest of you degenerates

          Thank you.

          And finally, re: peeing out a brown plug–that’s why sometimes it really is better to receive than it is to give.

          1. And finally, re: peeing out a brown plug–that’s why sometimes it really is better to receive than it is to give.

            Oh, because pushing out a white plug the next morning is sooooo much better, right??

            Be gone, hellbound worm!

            1. Brown, white, whatever–as long as it isn’t red. Also, I wouldn’t really describe it as a plug…? I think one of us is confused.

              1. Brown, white, whatever–as long as it isn’t red.

                Agreed. That would be an embarrassing trip to the ER.

                I think one of us is confused.

                Quite possibly. Just chalk it up to my wide-eyed naivete in such matters.

          2. I don’t think that assume that Karl not having anal sex necessarily gives you anal sex. Anal sex is a scarce resource and dependent on market demand like everything else. More research is required. Can I get some kind of anal sex per capita graph please?

            1. You do make a good point. I mean, it’s not like my man is going to go give it to Karl if I’m not in the mood. … Or is he?

              1. We’re going to need pics of Karl to determine if he is sufficiently hot to serve as your anal competition.

                1. Please. We both know he’s not.

                  1. Please. We both know he’s not.

                    Maybe not, but being a tight virgin flower more than makes up for my hideous looks. Besides, these encounters usually occur in a dark room from behind, rendering my appearance moot.

              2. He won’t be. Unless he promises just the tip. Well, unless he buys me dinner first, then we’ll talk about some shaft action.

                1. Whoa whoa… a dark room? Where’s the fun in not being able to see what’s happening? Additionally, I’d guess your floral virgin odor wouldn’t make up for the fact that you’re a man. Based on conversations we’ve had, I’m thinking the boyfriend doesn’t go for that.

                  1. Whoa whoa… a dark room? Where’s the fun in not being able to see what’s happening?

                    No fun at all! We guys are heavily visual!

                    your floral virgin odor

                    I’m laughing and gagging simultaneously here.

            2. Is this a zero sum game?

        2. if I woke up the next morning and peed out a brown plug

          Huh, I’ve just always assumed people who said they were worried this would happen were joking. Please tell me you’re joking…

          1. Huh, I’ve just always assumed people who said they were worried this would happen were joking. Please tell me you’re joking…

            Do I really think this would happen? No. But I’ve also got no experience in the area, so if someone told me this was a possibility, I might actually believe it.

            1. I mean, I suppose it could be a possibility if there was body modification, urethral stretching, or other heavy sounds play involved, but it’s not something that’s gonna happen to your average person.

        3. Um, Karl, honey…I’ve been doing anal for longer than you’ve (probably been alive). I’ve never peed out a plug, brown or otherwise. Despite all the sixth-grade “fudgepacker” jokes it’s not like that. Failure to properly cleanse will get you ostracized quicker than you can say “Santorum”.

      2. Jesus Christ, are all libertarian women super into butt stuff?

        Where is Nicole? Nicole to the courtesy phone.

  24. Spot the Not: weird cruelty

    1. This medieval tyrant once met ambassadors. When the ambassadors refused to remove their hats, the tyrant ordered his guards to nail their hats to their heads.

    2. This African warlord ordered the execution of 7,000 of his own people because they did not grieve enough when his mother died.

    3. This Polynesian tribe forced prisoners to stick their hands into lava.

    4. This Amazon tribe has a rite of passage where warriors were gloves filled with Bullet ants, so called because their sting is as painful as a gunshot wound.

    5. This Asian tyrant ordered his subjects to walk 20 miles a week barefoot once a week to toughen up their feet.

    6. On this island, elephants were used for executions. The elephant would use its trunk rip off the condemned man’s limbs one at a time.

    Can’t reveal answers within an hour. Google is your friend.

    1. #6?

    2. “a week….once a week”

      Oopsy. Dept of Redundancy Dept.

    3. I think #6. I know about using elephants for executions, but the method I heard about was, lift foot, step on head. Which honestly I’d prefer to #6.

    4. #2 was a Zulu whose name escapes me. I’ll guess 6, based just on the presumed difficulty in training an elephant to do this with consistent results.

      1. Yeah it’s Shaka Zulu.

    5. re #5 – heck, Stonewall Jackson had his troops do this every day!

    6. Where is elephant island?

      1. I’m familiar with 1, 2, 4, and 6? I’m guessing 3.

        1. I have no clue why my comment ended up here?

      2. Antarctica.

        Oh, you mean where did they execute people by having the elephant hold a man down with its foot upon the man’s abdomen and then pluck the limbs off one by one and, when the kind was satisfied the man had suffered enough, have the elephant lightly place both feet upon the man’s head and abdomen and then apply its full weight?

        Sri Lanka.

        But there were similar forms of execution in other parts of India.

    7. I’m familiar with 1, 2, 4, and 6? I’m guessing 3.

    8. #1 is Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula)

      #2 I’m guessing that’s Shaka Zulu

      The rest I have no idea.

      1. 4 is a practice of some Amazonian people.

        6 is Sri Lanka.

        Not sure about 3 and 5.

        Does UGCC = Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church?

        1. Yes, I took some heat for my membership so I naturally decided to highlight it. 🙂

          1. You’ve been outed!

    9. I would guess 3, since you’d fry well before you got close enough to lava to stick your hands in.

  25. charges related to possession of expired toothpaste

    The real question here is

    a) How is toothpaste a ‘medicine’?

    b) How do you tell when it ‘expires’?

    c) How do you get ‘expired’ toothpaste in the first place? Its not *milk* after all. You certainly can’t get it from a regular store and if the prison commissary is selling toothpaste that is so old that it can expire even after being issued to a prisoner who’s only been there a few months . . .

    1. a) because government says it is.

      b) stamped into the flat end of the tube.

      c) Since he’s a prisoner he may have to get it from the commissary.

      But, yeah, the whole thing reeks of the worst petty bureaucracy bullshit. And you know that AI and USDOS would be protesting if someone else pulled that on a political prisoner.

      1. “She,” excuse me.

    2. Didn’t they keep that guy naked and in solitary for a year, or some shit like that?

      It seems that the government handed him over to a pack of sadists. What he did, was it really that bad? Or is the most transparent administration in history just trying to encourage the others?

      1. The government ARE a pack of sadists. There, FTFY.

  26. OK, so I’m enjoying, for once, the proggie facebook derp. The infighting over Hillary, Bernie and BlackLivesMatter is delicious.

    1. It’s because Conservatives and Libertarians continue to live. Get rid of them and everyone would live in harmony in Libertopia!

    2. What Rules for Radicals never taught anyone was that some degree of consistency of targets is required. If your groups start to break apart ideologically they naturally start to eat each other with their common tactics.

      1. Exactly that. The other thing that it either didn’t mention or these people forgot is that it is a rule for outsiders to tear a system down. You use them to get into power not once your side has power. so you don’t use them on your own side and you knock it off once your side has control. You don’t launch a black lives matter movement when there is a liberal black man holding the office of President.

        1. If there’s anything I learned from Saturday morning cartoons and action movies, it’s that when absolute power is in play, the bad guy “sides” all contain exactly one member, but there are temporary alliances among them.


    The DOJ is so fucking awful, they make cops look sympathetic by comparison.

    A federal appeals court has blasted misconduct by Justice Department lawyers in a civil rights prosecution against New Orleans police officers. The case arose in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s grant of a new trial because Justice Department lawyers ? including those responsible for protecting the civil rights of the defendant police officers ? engaged in an anonymous blogging campaign to taint the defendants during the trial. The court noted that Justice Department lawyers stoked a “mob mentality” against police officers.

    The federal appeals court took note that one of the Civil Rights Division lawyers responsible appears to have gone unpunished. For sure, one lawyer is still employed and earning in excess of $157,000 per year with her government salary and benefits.

    1. Given that this was against police officers, don’t discount the possibility that these prosecutors did that on purpose to trash the case.

      1. No. They were assholes looking for convictions. No US Attorney ever gives up a conviction. They are pure evil.

    2. Given that this was against police officers, don’t discount the possibility that these prosecutors did that on purpose to trash the case.

  28. And now, for a change, I would like to scratch my head at some bewildering left-wing KULTUR WAR nonsense. Bonus: has pictures.

    1. Dear Warty,

      I recently have seen what you mean by the Mouth-Breathers.

      I am sorry. They are horrible.


      1. Dare I ask where?

        1. He probably said something about Donald Trump in a public forum and got to deal with the #cuckservative losers.

          That was when I realized how deep the madness runs among a certain set of right-wingers.

          1. The lunacy is ratcheting up amazingly quickly among the Nrx crowd, or whatever they call themselves.

            Eric Dondero R. retweeted
            The Conservacuck ?@conservacuck Aug 16
            We threw away the country & ruined your future because we were afraid of being called racist. Sorry, kids!

            149 retweets 146 favorites
            Reply Retweet 149 Favorite 146

            I mean…


            Eric Dondero R. retweeted
            The Cuckservative ?@cuckservative Aug 14
            The Cuckservative retweeted George E. Pataki
            How about we don’t let Muslims live here, faggot? #cuckservative The Cuckservative added,
            George E. Pataki @GovernorPataki
            Sickened by news of rape of #KaylaMueller by #ISIS. Now reports ISIS used mustard gas on Kurds. We must kill them there b4 they strike here.
            23 retweets 37 favorites
            Reply Retweet 23 Favorite 37

          3. Oh yessssssssss. Hook it up to my veins.

            Eric Dondero R. ?@DonderolibtR Aug 12
            Time for Whites to #Boycott IKEA? 2 Whites beheaded w/knives by African #immigrants @IKEA store http://www.libertarianrepublic… ? #Trump #WaronWhites
            0 retweets 1 favorite
            Reply Retweet Favorite 1

            1. Whites never murder people!

              Someone linked to that returnofkings breakdown on “cuckservative” last week. I knew to expect some crazy shit, but the author basically comes out as a neo-Nazi. It’s insane.

              1. Returnofkings is filled with people who are legitimately, obsessively racist.

                1. Returnofkings is filled with people who are legitimately, obsessively racist.

                  And also the worst sort of misogynists.

                  1. Well yeah, I thought that was implied by just reading their ‘about us’ page.

              2. LOL, I hadn’t seen that:

                Cuckservative wunderkind Kevin Williamson of National Review recently attacked Democratic presidential candidate and soi-disant democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as a “national socialist,” solely because Sanders is opposed to free trade agreements that impoverish the average worker.

                Kevin Williamson isn’t conservative enough!

                Cuckservatives are so desperate to avoid being called “racist” that they completely deny the role of race in American society. For example, National Review’s Kevin Williamson absurdly blames the dysfunction of Detroit on unions run amok and not the fact that the city is more than 80 percent black. While socialist policies will eventually ruin a nation, white liberal areas such as Vermont and Oregon have considerably higher standards of living than black areas with the same politics.

                He also thinks Vermont and Oregon have ‘the same politics’ as Detroit. Just beautiful.

                1. There is a lot of populist rage out there. I used to email a lot with Jonah Goldberg. That is until I really cornered him on his support on the drug war and in response to one of his columns reminded him that most rank and file conservatives hate the entire beltway media’s guts including national review. He didn’t like hearing that but it is true.

                  1. There is a lot of populist rage out there.

                    And 95% of it is pants-shittingly stupid.

                    1. It doesn’t matter Warty. It is there and it is real. And it is not going away. Witting it off as stupid is not a good idea. If you don’t want to address it someone else will. And you won’t like who that is likely to be. Trump is just a warning. The guy who comes next is going to be much worse if people are not made to feel like they have a say in things and given some kind of redress.

                    2. You are all a bunch of #cucktarians, and it sickens me.

                      Of course, I prefer the term #chalupatarian to describe you losers, but I doubt it will catch on.

                    3. And to think, only a year ago, knowledge of the term “cuck” was restricted to those parts of the internet devoted to white men getting off on licking their wives’ pussies after a black man came in it.

                      Remember Laud Humphreys’s Breastplate of Righteousness” study? Basically, Laud observed public restrooms where gay men met for anonymous sex and traced license plates back to their owners. He then went to interview them during the daytime and found that so many of them were living “straight” lives and when asked about gays, the men would be all like “Them faggots need to be beaten and tossed in jail.”

                      So it’s nice to see the cuck-folk be so transparent as to the origin of their racism. Isn’t the contrast between their daytime life of peckerwood populist hate and their nighttime life of lapping up Tyrone’s cum just so kinky…so dirty?

                    4. “You know that genre of pornography we all secretly love because of our collective phallic insecurity that we gained from watching too much pornography?”

                      “You mean cuckold porn, where we fantasize about a big, black, man rutting our wives?”

                      “Yes. It’s inspirational! Let’s create a political movement around it.”


                    5. Yeah, the blythe racism in the actual cucky crowd always bothered me.

                      And by extension, calling people you don’t like “cuckservatives” buys into that.

                    6. “There is a lot of populist rage out there.

                      And 95% of it is pants-shittingly stupid.”


                      And while I’m not taking john’s POV….. its probably worth keeping in mind that if you translated the way these pants-shittingly stupid people talk about populist issues into different languages…. that its pretty identical to how Arabs talk, or how Russians talk, or how the Chinese talk, or how Africans talk…

                      …basically, everyone’s racist, everyone’s stupid, no one understands economics, and politicians mostly use those things to their respective advantages in different ways.

                    7. And while I’m not taking john’s POV

                      Of course you won’t. I mean I take these insane positions like saying you can’t just ignore people who are angry and alienated and think they will go away. Only a real nut could think that.,

                      These people are subhumans who need to be told to fuck off. That will solve the problem.

                    8. “I mean I take these insane positions”

                      I don’t actually think its “the positions” that are insane.

                2. The comments are also glorious:

                  The Israel issue always bothered me. For 20 years now they have acted exactly like all the other rag heads in that area. Yet for some reason we absolutely Have to take their side one everything. “oh you sunk our ship? Darrn. That’s ok, we’ll have to just make a new one. You keep on with your being awesome Israel.”

                  Yeah, I’ll tell all the artistic gays gallivanting around Tel Aviv that their country is ‘just like all the other rag head’ countries – you know, the ones where gays would be executed.

                  1. In fairness to that comment, I think he was referring to the fact that Israel has been pretty brutal in dealing with the Palestinians.

                    1. Well, he’s also an idiot because he whines about Israel ‘for the last 20 years’ when the USS Liberty was attacked in 1967.

                  2. Yeah, I’ll tell all the artistic gays gallivanting around Tel Aviv that their country is ‘just like all the other rag head’ countries

                    Um, except maybe for this: [Six People] Stabbed at Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade by ultra-Orthodox Jewish Assailant

                    They’re all dangerous religious fanatics, Irish. It’s a matter of degree, not kind.

                    1. “They’re all dangerous religious fanatics, Irish. It’s a matter of degree, not kind.”

                      You found one guy who was then immediately jailed for his crimes and will die in prison. Meanwhile, Israel was one of the first countries on Earth to allow gay marriage and to let gays serve in the military.

                      Are you really telling me that one homophobic nutcase means the country is homophobic even though the country is actually one of the most gay friendly anywhere? And most Israelis aren’t even religious Jews, they’re just ethnic Jews.

                3. He also thinks Vermont and Oregon have ‘the same politics’ as Detroit. Just beautiful.

                  It’s not a surprise though. We tend to focus on the more general conservative vs. liberal idiocy and demonization that goes on regularly, but when you get to the point where your politics are like returnofkings you basically have to demonize everyone else into the collective, horrible Other.

            2. I miss Eric Dondero. I wish he’d come back. He was the best troll we’ve ever had.

              1. Oh god, those were the days. Remember when he couldn’t get anyone to call him? “HERE’S MY CELL NUMBER ANYONE WHO DOESN’T CALL ME IS A FAGGOT!”

                1. Good times, Wartster. Thanks for the memories.

              2. Dondero was such a whinny piece of shit. He was all about going at everyone and then as soon as someone gave it back to him he was going to sue reason and everyone on it.

                1. Dondero also has the largest ego in the history of the world. For example:

                  This attack on me from Ron Paul is to be expected, but really quite juvenile. I haven’t worked for him for over 3 years. Since that time I’ve been using him (and my friend Chief of Staff Tom Lizardo), as an employment reference. In the last 3 years, I’ve received employment with every firm that I’ve applied to0 (like as a translator for AIG who conducts extensive background checks), so I’m presuming that the reference was good.

                  Now, all of a sudden Ron Paul is saying that I was “fired.”

                  Interesting. I sense the heavy hand of Marc Elam or Lew Rockwell behind this strategy. Interesting indeed.

                  I imagine him stroking a cat and saying this to James Bond.

                  1. Isn’t Lew Rockwell dead? And talk about delusions of grandeur. I seriously doubt any of those people have so much as thought about Donderoo in years. Yet, Donderoo is totally convinced they spend their waking hours plotting against him. Dondero is a living example of that old Oscar Wilde quote about the only thing worse than people talking about you is people not talking about you.

                    1. Nope, I saw a pic of him earlier today.

                  2. LOL. Apparently Chris Elam is unaware that Congressional District 14 has changed dramatically since the redistricting. Its largest city is now Galveston.

                    That’s right, Galveston, Texas, home of the Nation’s wildest and most outlandish annual Mardi Gras celebration.

                    Galveston is hardly what one would consider to be a “prudish” city. It is rather a socially libertarian city. As are many other parts of CD 14.

                    You think my stance in favor of legalized prostitution will prove to be problematic. No more problematic than Ron endorsing legalized drugs, including cocaine and heroin in his past races.

                    I dare say, most CD 14 voters are more tolerant of legalized prostitution than crack.

                    And let’s not forget Ron Paul is opposed to the death penalty for any reason.

                    Not an expert, but one could guess fully 70 to 80% of our District in South Texas is Pro-Death Penalty.

                    And how is being a defacto supporter of Islamo-Fascism consistent with Conservative Texas District 14?

                    I dare say my Pro-Defense, Pro-Death Penalty views match District voters much more so than Ron Paul’s despite my stance on legalized prostitution.

                    You and your Dad’s Ron Paul machine want to slam me on that. Be my guest.

                    – Eric Dondero, May 16, 2007

                    1. Elam, don’t tempt me. I know more about the inner workings of Ron Paul’s campaign than you or your Dad will ever know.

                      And I know EVERYTHING about Ron Paul, and his family from the personal perspective to boot.

                      Let’s not go down that path. Shall we agree to stay away from the personal stuff.

                      You wanna push it, fine. That’s your choice. But let the record show, I was against such a campaign from the very beginning.

                      There are too many people out there who could be hurt,and 90% of them are on your side of the aisle.

                      You forget Elam, I go back to the Presidential Campaign days of 1987/88. I was there through the whole Nadia Hayes fiasco. I don’t think we all wish to relive that one. Or the other “questionable” events within the Ron Paul organization in the last 12 years or so.

                      I’d advise you to lay off.

                      Dondero is a fucking legend.

                    2. “Dondero is a fucking legend.”

                      Mostly in his own mind. Like someone else here who claims to have bested a third-tier but still nationally known writer and presented no supporting evidence about that. I’d love to hear the writer’s perspective on that.

                    3. Put your email address up and I will forward you the string. You be the judge.

                    4. …Galveston, Texas, home of the Nation’s wildest and most outlandish annual Mardi Gras celebration.

                      This coon-ass says anyone who thinks such easily disproved nonsense is woefully misinformed and should be forced to drink a cup of goodness scooped up out of the Bourbon St. gutter.

                  3. “Tom Lizardo”

                    Oh, is that the reptilian who posts here?

          4. Really, Irish, you didn’t figure that out by observing the screechiness and intellectual dishonesty of the SoCons here?

        2. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE (sobs)

          I think i also skipped past the Winton/John Carpet-Bombings of moan in previous threads.

          1. Winston is the absolute worst of them. He’s Otto. “Apes don’t read philosophy!”

            1. No Cytoxic is Otto. I mean really. Winston makes some good points sometimes. Cytoxic never makes a good point or saying anything that isn’t completely dogmatic.

              1. Cytotoxic is a crazy person who has grown on me over the years. Winston, as my biographer puts it, is one big butt that hurts.

                1. I don’t care. He makes valid points sometimes. Cytoxic gets on my last nerve. I don’t know how he could ever grow on anyone. If there is a crazy person who has grown on me, it is Liberty Mike. I wish he would come more often and Cytoxic not at all.

                  1. Libertymike has grown on me too. I just have to remind myself not to be too much of a dick to him about his allopathy lunacy.

                    1. I have a weak spot for crazy libertarians. Go figure.

                    2. He’s a big fan of James Howard Kuntsler.

                      If you’ve read that guy, it should concern you.

                2. It’s the different emotional states. Winston’s comments are almost entirely the most whiny things he could possibly post, and that’s basically the extent of his contribution. Cytotoxic’s at least passionate about his idiocy to the point where his arrogance becomes hilarious.

                  1. Winston’s comments are almost entirely the most whiny things he could possibly post

                    I don’t get the Winston hate. Everyone knows he’s a Commonwealth man. What do bloody poms do? They whinge. Perhaps it’s because the fine distinction between whining and whinging isn’t well known in the States, but whinging is far more acceptable than whining, imo.

                    1. Hey, I’m a Commonwealth man myself, and can tolerate a certain degree of whinging. Winston whines because he’ll continue to do so even after people admit he has a point.

                      “Yes Tommy, we know the weather’s going to be shit, you don’t need to go on about it.”

                    2. But I’ll openly admit that despite finding him more annoying, he’s a hell of a lot more likable than Cytotoxic. Cytotoxic’s only amusing because of what a shitty person he is.

                    3. HM,

                      I like Winston too. And I don’t mind the British complaining. He is a bit fussy and whinny. But it is a counter point to my vulgar American way of attacking people.

                    4. Well, we need more Hammer films references in these parts.

                3. Seriously, I’d pay him to do movie reviews for me.

          2. If only everyone would worship at the alter of the reason staff like all proper fanboys should. It is fun kicking you guys in the teeth sometimes. And it is good for you. Keeps you from being more slack than you are.

            1. Pigeons, chessboard, etc.

              1. Yeah you are playing chess alright Android. Three dimensional chess I am sure. You keep telling yourself that.

                1. No, sorry, you seem to have misunderstood me, the “chess” isn’t real chess, it’s a metaphor for watching a baboon embarrass himself by prattling endlessly about how much more free the world was when slavery was the law of the land.

                  1. You read the posts. You just don’t understand them.

    2. That is one homely dude. And I love how they blame opposition on “conservative groups”. At UC Berkley? Yeah right. The feminists and the transvestites are going to go at each other like cobras and mongooses. It is going to be wildly entertaining to watch.

    3. That is a Scottish chin if I ever saw one

    1. North Carolina is a poster child for how far a red state can go. Though its voters are almost evenly divided between the two parties, the Republicans have overwhelming majorities in the state legislative chambers, and the party has dominated the congressional delegation since the 2011 redistricting

      The voters are evenly divided yet somehow those evil Republicans win a huge majority of elections. One of those things doesn’t fit with the other.

      1. You only need bare majorities in most districts for that to work.

        1. In every district and in every election? Technically possible but highly unlikely.

      2. NC is pretty conservative with big liberal enclaves in places like Chapel Hiil, Asheville etc.

        1. Yeah. The Triangle is heavily liberal. Asheville/Charlotte/Piedmont Triad/Wilmington lean liberal, though not substantially so (except around the schools). The rest of the state is heavily conservative.

    2. In the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, older, white and upper-income voters, including many Tea Party supporters, turned out in force, while Democratic constituencies, including many young and minority voters, stayed home.

      Yeah that explains those election results. Nothing more to see here!

    3. Crtl+F “California”

      One mention, a caption about a gun store in Los Angeles. Interesting.

    4. I like that they babble about the budget situation in some cherrypicked GOP states and neglect to mention the fact that the states with the worst deficit problems are virtually all run by Democrats.

      Deficits only matter when Republicans run a state and you can blame it on tax cuts.

      1. And they also ignore the long term pension liabilities. Sure Kansas and Ohio may have some short term cash flow issues but that is hardly what California or Illinois are facing.

    5. “The U.S. Constitution gives the states almost total control over how Americans live and vote.”

      Um…no. That’s the opening sentence and it goes downhill from there.

      “In the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, older, white and upper-income voters, including many Tea Party supporters, turned out in force, while Democratic constituencies, including many young and minority voters, stayed home.”

      And whose fault is that? Two paragraphs in and my derp tolerance was way exceeded.

    1. He has the best twitter account there is. Hillary Rosen claims people are jumping the shark over Hillary Clinton’s emails. Iowahawk tweeted in response “from a woman who wants to throw teenagers in jail for downloading music”. BURN.

    2. That BLM dude’s facial hair is fucking stupid.

      1. It’s part of the illusion, man.

  29. UK to introduce anti-seagull drones

    At last a good use for attack drones. Cull the gulls!

    1. That isn’t going to fly. The UK is shoulder-to-shoulder animal rights people.

      1. Also, they are stupid fuckers. That is what 12 gauges are for.

        1. Or wind farms.

          Just put them up on top of buildings in port cities and, oh yeah, carry an umbrella.

    2. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, meet Jonathan Livingstone *Seagal!*…..X/$_35.JPG

  30. I can make neither heads nor tails of that Iowahawk link. Is there some secret content concealed from the non-twatterati peasant like me? It’s just gibberish.

    1. It is a picture of the white chick who claimed to be black. The joke is a black guy and a black woman walk into a bar, which is a reference to the Black Lives Matter dude who is apparently white. What that has to do with here is a mystery to me too.

  31. Someone linked to that returnofkings breakdown on “cuckservative” last week.
    Yeah, I’m still pissed off about getting suckered into clicking that. Those people are seriously fucked up.

    1. I sometimes view ROK for an amusing diversion. And it’s no surprise the guys who frequent that site can’t get dates. But they’ve convinced themselves the problem is with women, not the fact that they’re bitter and angry and have nothing to offer a potential mate.

  32. OK, I downloaded some of the Ashley Madison data out of curiosity, but I have no idea how to open it. I uncompressed the .gz file and got a .dump file. What the heck is that? Google is no help. I don’t think it’s a .dmp file.

    1. Did you try plain text?

      1. I can’t seem to open a 2.4G file that way, even with 8G of RAM….

        1. There are certain programs that open them in parts… IIRC, Notepad++ does.

          1. There may be a preference somewhere but on my machine Notepad++ says the files ares too big (I tried the 1.7G and 9.9G ones).

            less and grep work fine, as expected. Importing into MySQL is the ideal option, though I don’t know if I’m all that interested (though grepping for “gambol” did yield a few results… hmmm).

        2. Notepad is limited to 64K.

    2. Good luck. The more I hear about it, the more I’m delighted by the schadenfreude

    3. It was such a strange way to cheat on your spouse.

    4. I’ve not (yet?) looked myself but from what I’ve read the files are MySQL dumps, which can either be imported into a MySQL (or MariaDB, if you prefer) database or treated as plain text.

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