U.S. Warns China About Using Secret Agents, Obama Preparing for Post-Presidency Narratives, Trump Releases Immigration Policy Paper: A.M. Links


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    The United States has warned China about sending covert agents into the country to track down Chinese fugitives and recover money acquired through official corruption. 

  • President Obama is preparing for life after the White House—he and his advisors hope to raise at least $800 million for "post-presidency infrastructure," while Steven Spielberg is helping formulate a "narrative" for Obama after he leaves office. 
  • Donald Trump released a policy paper on immigration; among the proposals is a suggestion to pay for a wall by increasing fees for visas and other cross-border activity. Fellow Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham says he doesn't understand Trump's rise in the polls but worries about the effect on the GOP. 
  • Authorities in Indonesia say they may have spotted debris from a Trigana Air Service flight that crashed over the weekend. 
  • A Harvard student lost his internship with Facebook before it even started after exposing a privacy flaw on the social media network's messenger service.
  • Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison said he took his children's participation trophies away from them because he says he wants them to "EARN a real trophy."
  • Civil rights leader Julian Bond died this weekend aged 75.

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