Clinton Campaign Tries to Spin Email Controversy, Rubio Is a Pot Prohibitionist, Carter Has Cancer: A.M. Links


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By Charles Oliver

Federal Agencies Fight for Warrantless Access to Emails
Why won't Obama put an end to government snooping?
By Veronique de Rugy

Chris Christie Versus Rand Paul
Among the current presidential candidates, only Paul has advocated for fidelity to the Constitution.
By Andrew Napolitano

What If Iran Cheats?
America is far from helpless if nuclear deal is bypassed.
By Steve Chapman

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  1. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is doing everything it can to stay ahead of the emails scandal.

    Hillary always knew the internet would be her downfall. It’s been worse to her than to Star Wars Kid.

    1. Hello.

      “In case there was any remaining doubt that ISIS is the absolute worst…”

      Unfortunately there is doubt among Muslim ‘moderates’ I’m sure and North Americans and Europeans who run away to join those animals.

      1. I’m sure to some men out there, the opportunity to rape some women girls is not “the worst.”

      2. Shit, I didn’t click the link for fear it would be the usual NYT-ish “these people – who in no way represent any significant portion of Islam and in fact are almost universally condemned as not really being Islamic at all – allegedly did some terrible things, which of course no true Muslim would ever do” but, to their credit, there really wasn’t a whole lot of wishy-washyness about the article. When you’ve lost the NYT….

    2. With Bernie as another option for the Dems, I wonder if Hillary might actually go down for this. She’s never been as popular as Bill, and the Clintons have made a lot of enemies (specifically the Obamas).

      It’d be nice if she did. Someone as powerful as Hillary being indicted would scare a lot of folks on the hill. We could possibly see a cutback in the most obvious forms of corruption.

      1. Either that or they’ll just get better about hiding it.

      2. Plus, Bernie is surging. As the link says, tons of people are showing up to hear Bernie speak, tons of people are helping Bernie get his message out, tons of people support Bernie’s ideas, tons of people respond to what Bernie is putting out there. I happened to have CNN on in the background yesterday and couldn’t help noticing how many times CNN ran the same piece about how many people are listening to Bernie – and not one. fucking. word. about what it is that Bernie is saying. You would think that, what with how newsworthy it is that so many people are showing up to hear Bernie speak, they might actually bother to inform their audience what it is these people are hearing. Is Bernie arguing for free candy for crippled babies and free hugs for the elderly and free puppies for everybody else? Is Bernie arguing for crippling babies and killing the elderly and feeding everybody else to the wolves? Who knows? Not CNN, and they’re apparently not even the least bit curious about finding out.

        1. It is the State which educates its citizens in civic virtue, gives them a consciousness of their mission and welds them into unity.

        2. The truth is that men are tired of liberty.

          – The other Benito. But same idea.

      3. Bernie’s not an option. C’mon.

      4. Haha!

        He wonders if Hillary might go down …. nope.


    3. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is doing everything it can to stay ahead of the emails scandal.

      With a Twitter campaign?

    4. Bill’s only ever sent two emails but I bet he figured out how to look at girls for free

  2. In case there was any remaining doubt that ISIS is the absolute worst…

    It pronounces it “baggle”.

  3. Marco Rubio vows federal marijuana crackdown if he wins the presidency.

    Fuck this guy.

    1. He’ll backpedal soon enough.

      1. Nah, he’s been consistently anti-pot. I never much cared for Rubio.

    2. What’s amazing about that is Rubio is a young candidate and should be more enlightened on this issue.

      1. Yeah I want to like him, but some of typical conservative b.s. that he spews prevents it from happening.

        He can win the nomination, even if he says he supports decriminalizing weed.

      2. Some kids out there are just spazzes.

  4. Facebook rescinded an internship granted to a Harvard University student who invented an app that exploited Facebook’s privacy flaws.

    What kind of tech company doesn’t absorb all its rivals?

    1. That would seem to be a grave error on Zuck’s part. You ABSOLUTELY try to corral someone who has demonstrated and exploited flaws in your product, especially this type of product.

      1. I don’t think you quite grasp the idea that Facebook’s product is exploiting privacy flaws. When you get on board with Facebook you have to sign an agreement that you aren’t going to compete in Facebook’s market space and this guy violated that agreement. If the guy had developed an app to exploit privacy flaws in Windows or Apple or Google or Android systems he’d be a VP right now.

        1. I know that. He just showed them an exploit. Throw money at him so he can be assimilated.

  5. ABC News carries Clinton’s water:…..12043.html

    So is she in trouble for the “TOP SECRET” stuff?
    No. The information was deemed top secret only after it was forwarded to Clinton, and wasn’t considered as such at the time it went through her server.

    1. You had unprotected sex? Quick, put this condom on.

    2. If true, it could be suggested that’s one of the reasons you’re not allowed to use your own server in the first place.

      1. Don’t worry. It’s not true.

      2. Stop making sense!

        1. +1 Talking Heads

      3. It actually IS one of the reasons. It’s in the NISPOM (or rather, the NISPOM outlines the ways you can get your system certified to process classified, with the assumption that if you’re unable to get to that level, you’re unable and disallowed to do so).

        She and her minions really should be at Leavenworth by now, given the nature of all of this.

        1. You know the last Clinton staffer who took one for the team…

    3. I suspect that, despite what you see in the movies, there is no Department of Classification that reads every government document ever created and then uses their government-issued Big Rubber Stamp to declare stuff Classified or Top Secret or For Your Eyes Only – I suspect that, by law, some stuff is classified at the moment it is created if it concerns certain topics. If the President and the Sec of Def and the Joint Chiefs are spit-balling secret evil plans to invade Canada, they don’t have to call for the Big Rubber Stamp Guy every time they send a memo out – secret evil plans to invade Canada are automatically Top Secret and therefore any discussion of the SEPTIC System gets covered up so nobody catches a whiff of their plans.

      1. There’s a classification guide for all projects that deal in classified data. It is up to the creator, usually, to make the initial determination. But it is always incumbent upon anyone with a clearance to report and quarantine to the best of their ability, stuff that they don’t have need to know or that shouldn’t be on open/external networks.

  6. Marco Rubio vows federal marijuana crackdown if he wins the presidency.

    At best he’ll be someone’s running mate.

    1. Fuck he is continually disappointing me. I used to think he had a libertarian streak somewhere in him. Now I know it is buried deep within the statist.

      I still have Rand Paul (not a chance in hell unfortunately) and I still like Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and I would still vote for Scott Walker. But the difference between all the other Rs and the Ds is becoming vanishingly small (not that they have the same policy positions, but that the damage they could cause to liberty would be about the same.)

      1. Yes, my Fast n Furious presidential ticket isn’t looking as good as I had hoped, but it’s still early.

        Note that by “as good”, I meant snowball’s chance in hell not “finally the world will see the wisdom of the libertarian ideal”.

        1. I don’t know if these candidates actually hold these policy ideas or whether campaigns brainstorm ways to get primary votes and some bottom-tier adviser (let’s face it, that’s likely who attached themselves to Rubio) decided drug war was the way to go.

          There are so many issues I am convinced that’s how platforms come to be. Not by the candidates beliefs but by committee. I doubt more than a few candidates are not overwhelmed by the process and defer to strategists on many issues. And I picture Rubio being a deferring type.

          1. And I picture Rubio being a deferring type.

            Yeah, he strikes me as more worried about Marco Rubio’s future career than anything else. Not to the point of Clinton-esque sociopathy, but like, well, a normal politician.

          2. As if I needed another reason to dislike politicians, the idea that they don’t even come up with their own positions but rely on some helpers to “package” all of their message just takes the cake.

            It makes them sound like some shallow pop star who can’t write or read music play any instrument, and has never invented any songs, but merely relies on actual songwriters to create stuff and recording engineers to auto-tune their voice.

            1. My, my, you don’t appear to like polished productions!

              1. It’s not that exactly, although I respect musicians like Jack White who use only old school mics and analog ecording equipment.

                What I mean is that it’s important to have one’s own vision in politics just like in music. It doesn’t do to go to a marketing team and ask them what they think you need to do to become popular. That’s just embarrassing.

                1. Yes, totally agree. Sorry, I did not mean to convey otherwise – I was just being snarky.

                  1. Snarky? On Hit’n’Run? Get outta town!

          3. Marco Rubio is a Cuban-American and like many Hispanic-Americans that means a certain amount of Catholicism is baked right into his noodle whether or not he’s aware of it and how it affects his worldview. (If your parents are die-hard Fascists and you vow to do everything just the opposite of your parents because you hate Fascism so much then Fascism is still a large influence on your thinking even if you are the most virulent of anti-Fascists, isn’t it?) Catholicism represents top-down blind obedience to authority in a way the Communists could only ever dream about. Even if you think you’re questioning that authority, your questioning is a tacit admission that the authority exists. I think Rubio just unconsciously starts from the premise that the government is right and therefore the onus of proving the government wrong falls on the protestant. The government says drugs are bad, he hasn’t seen any persuasive evidence to prove that drugs are good, the government wins the debate by default. No thought to questioning the idea that maybe it shouldn’t make a damn bit of difference whether or not the government thinks drugs are bad as to whether or not the people who think drugs are good should be free to use them and the people who think drugs are bad should be free to not take them.

      2. Both Walker and Fiorina suck from a libertarian perspective, but less than their totalitarian opposition, and they do at least seem relatively competent for Washington.

        If the government was such that the Executive was mostly an apolitical figure who did the will of Congress to the best of his administrative ability, they would probably be the best candidates.

    2. He’ll bring the “reefer madness will kill us all” base with him. All three of them.

      1. He also lost the black jazz musician and curious white party girl vote, but they tend to not vote Republican.

        1. You figure that no Republicans are for legalization, or just that none of them smoke pot?

          I don’t think continuing the WoD is a winning issue for Rubio, Christie, or any R candidate.

          1. Ultimately continuing the drug war isn’t a winning issue, but it’s primary season, and unfortunately the republican voters tend to love that sort of stuff. Maybe once you secure the nomination, sure you can be more flexible, but until then it’s all mom, the cops, apple pie, and keeping the kids safe from those drugs that will sneak in through the lawn and turn them into pimps, hookers, and thieves.

  7. “Talkin’ bout my generation….”

    A senior citizen (71) reportedly attacked Talladega’s 75-year-old mayor with a baseball bat Saturday?an early bird beating that sent both men to the hospital and that one local attorney claims is revenge over a sex tape.

    Meanwhile, Stewart Springer, a former attorney for Green, said the mayor got what he deserved for supposedly betraying his longtime friend. He told The Daily Beast that Barton was likely attacked because he allegedly bedded Green’s wife around the time the couple filed for divorce in 2013.

    Prog: Ban Viagra – it leads to violence.

    “…hope I die before I get old.”

    1. “an early bird beating”–

      “You get a tenderloin, a salad and a baked potato. All for $4.95. You know how much it costs AFTER 6 o’clock?”

      1. Thank you – I was wondering if someone was going to jump on that one…

        1. Giddyup!

          1. But please, no canned beans.

            1. But I have 50 cans of Beefareeno. I wonder if horses like that stuff………..

  8. The Five co-host Eric Bolling repeated Trump’s disgusting line about “bleeding from wherever.”

    Disgusting? To be put off by Aunt Flo, Rico. It’s a natural thing.

    1. “Hi, I’m Robby Soave. And something you might not now about me is I have a good attitude toward menstruation.”

    2. Period shamers!

      1. They’re worse than comma abusers!

        1. Its off to the Oxford chipping house.

    3. The adjective is “disgusting.” The noun it modifies is “line”, not “Aunt Flo.”

      1. Yes, and?

  9. Sen. Rand Paul put out an ad associating Donald Trump with the Democratic Party.

    I do not understand this strategy. But hey, I’ll sleep well, I’ve made my thoughts extremely clear a few times on the Internet regarding this strategy. It won’t be my fault when it fails.

  10. Jimmy Carter announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

    I hope his death is painful.

    1. He’s an unusual case in that his post-presidency has been worse and more insufferable than his actual presidency.

      But luckily in a few years Barack Obama can take his place as the most sanctimonious jackass that’s in his post-presidency period.

    2. Carter was the most innocuous president in anyone’s lifetime and easily the most libertarian since Coolidge.

      You must be a knee-jerk Team Red asshole.

      1. Perhaps 8% of the time.

      2. I thought Barack Obama was the most libertarian president since EVAR.

        1. Shriek probably thinks Bernie is libertarian.

          1. He also knows that government got far more intrusive under Reagan than it did Carter.

          2. I hope Shriek’s death is painful as well. Unfortunately, Warty dispatches his victims quickly, with a brief and sudden spine snap.

            1. Jimmy Carter is a better human being than Ronnie ever was.

              If you examine what the two did with their lives, you can’t but help notice that Carter accomplished a whole lot more than Reagan.

              1. Yeah? When did Carter make a better movie than King’s Row?

              2. Thanks. It is not “cool” here to agree with me.

                But I was never one of the cool kids and I don’t give a shit. I did alright. Individualism is cool to some of us.

              3. I see your point. But Reagan was a far better President than Carter. And ultimately, that’s what we care about.

                1. How so?

                  As government got far bigger and far more intrusive under Reagan than it did Carter, how can you then argue that that constitutes a better presidency?

                  Reagan’s presidency gave us:

                  (1) At the time, the two largest tax increases in history – TEFRA and COBRA.

                  (2) The WOD on steroids.

                  (3) Asset forfeiture on steroids.

                  (4) Changing the way unemployment is calculated to conceal the true measure of joblessness – just one of so many deceitful and nasty things done during his reign.

                  (5) More debt accumulated during his tenure than the previous 39 presidents.

                  (6) The illegal and clandestine operations in central America.

                  (7) Iran / Contra

                  (8) Iran Air Flight #655 – the mass murder of Iranian civilians for which Ronnie the dunce did not apologize

                  (9) A humongous increase in the number of regulations issued by federal agencies.

                  (10) An abject failure to reduce government as promised

                  (11) The failure to abolish the Dept. of Education as promised.

                  (12) the creation of new agencies and a new Cabinet level monstrosity – the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

                  (13) Beirut. Nuff said.

                  (14) Minimum mandatory sentences.

                  The above is just some of what immediately comes to mind.

                  1. (15) Flip flopped on conscription registration after running against it as a candidate. His administration went on to prosecute non-compliers.

                    1. Plus, he was a union boss who was an FBI snitch.

                      what a loser.

              4. Jimmy Carter is often thought of as a man too good to be President, a bumbling, goofy, lovable loser. Jimmy Carter was governor of Georgia and I can assure you that you don’t get to be governor of Georgia by being good or by being a bumbling, goofy, lovable loser. You get to be governor of Georgia by knowing where the bodies are buried and you know where the bodies are buried because you’re the one who put them there. Jimmy Carter was a thin-skinned, vindictive, sanctimonious, cold-hearted prick. For a man who didn’t drink, he sure was one hell of a mean drunk. He certainly was a man of conviction, unwavering in his faith, I’ll give you that much – but his most devout faith and his strongest conviction was that he was right and you need to shut the hell up. And for all his much-touted religiousity? Jimmy Carter was a Southern Baptist. The Southern Baptist God is not the all-knowing but all-forgiving and all-loving God you might know, the Santa Claus of the Celestial Sphere, the Southern Baptist God is the wrathful, jealous, vengeful God of the hellfire and brimstone and eternal damnation, the Chuck Fucking Norris of Cloud City. So, yeah, when Jimmy Carter gave you that tight little smile and that shark-eyed stare and told you that he was praying that God was watching over you? He really, truly meant it.

      1. Yeah, I was going to ask about homebrewing. I believe that also kicked off the explosion of micro brewerys. Carter gets a point for that.

        1. I believe that also kicked off the explosion of micro brewerys.

          Yep. Show me a micro brewer, and I’ll show you a former home brewer.

        2. Note Grand Moff’s comment, which captures my opinion exactly. Carter is a horrible and deeply bigoted human being.

          1. I didn’t know he was bigoted. I know Johnson, Nixon and apparently Reagan were.

            1. A libertarian who thinks that government intrusiveness was worse under Jimmy Carter than it was under Reagan is just what BO and Shrike describe – delusional GOP swine.

              1. Jimmy Carter was a horrible person, but his presidency had some moments and at worst an ineffective President is much better than an effective one. And at least when he left he didn’t leave George Bush behind shitting all over the White House rug. Doesn’t matter what you say about Reagan, he infected us with the Bush virus – whether out of stupidity or cupidity or just for a laugh, it’s an unforgivable sin in my book. The fucker could have picked a Jack Kemp or a Jack Russell as his running mate and he picked Bush.

            2. He isn’t. ‘Old Man With Candy’ is not only a pervert but a liar as well.

              Carter even supports the Palestinians – which is hard to do.

              1. It is on subjects such as this where Bo just kicks the shit out of the usual suspects here.

                Carter is simply a better human being than the union boss / FBI snitch / B-actor / guy who had trouble putting subject to predicate to object without a teleprompter – like your boy Obama.

              2. You seem like a really odd choice for judging someone based on their username.

              3. BTW, Buttplug, who are the Palestinians? Is that a race or ethnic group?

                Actually, I think that you and Jimmy Carter are bigoted toward Jews.

            3. I didn’t know he was bigoted.

              He has written whole books demonstrating this. There is a special place in Hell waiting for his Jew-hating ass.

              1. What specifically has he done to manifest this bigotry you allege he has with jews qua jews?

                Remember, if one claims that one harbors bigotry for jews predicated upon criticism for the conduct and policies of Israel, one demonstrates that one argues by emotion and like a progressive and that one is a whiney victim looking to be offended.

                1. Take note that Libertymike, who, like mtrueman, is a 9/11 Truther, makes a point of not capitalizing the word “jew”, and frame your arguments accordingly.

          2. Carter is a horrible and deeply bigoted human being.

            Takes one to know one…

        3. He gets a lot of points (or pints….) from me. The horrid desert that was American beer back then is now just a bad memory. Back then, there were no IPAs. The only stout was Guinness. There were no porters. European pilsners – ok, maybe that was a small oasis but that’s it. No wheat beers.

          It’s almost unimaginable.

    3. Carter did more deregulation that all other presidents combined.

      1. And Nixon had wage and price controls. Yet he’s called conservative. I think part of the reason that we’re living in a socialist wet dream right now is because Republicans like Nixon, Ford, and both Bushes are labeled as “conservatives” when they are nothing of the sort.

        1. This. Nixon was a royal piece of shit who did one thing right by opening up China. Everything else was a freaking disaster.

          1. Wage and Price controls. War on Drugs. Affirmative Action. Yeah, quite the conservative, that Nixon. And he was perfectly consistent with his Democrat peers by murdering hundreds of thousands of people on the other side of the world for no particular national interest.

    4. He was awful – an embarrassment – but he did a lot of de-regulation, including beer brewing. He’s far and away better than Obama.

      1. He’s far and away better than Obama.

        Talk about damning with faint praise.

      2. You’re the typical brainwashed idiot.

        You can’t name any anti-liberty laws he signed of significance and no wars. But Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes signed many.

        Yet you’re still a fount of Team RED! bullshit.

        1. Shrike, I am no fan of Jimmy Carter, but it was not his administration that injected PEDs into the war on drugs….that happened during his lightweight successor’s reign.

          There is an enormous gap between Reagan rhetoric and Reagan reality.

          1. There is an enormous gap between Reagan rhetoric and Reagan reality.

            Big time. The Patron Saint of Conservatism oversaw a ballooning debt while cranking up the liberty-destroying war on Americans who use and sell unapproved chemicals. Not to mention embracing the federal policy of withholding funds until the states pass legislation that the federal government cannot create directly, like drinking age and speed limits. Fuck Reagan with a white-hot poker. Talk about saying one thing and doing the opposite. Fucker.

          2. If Reagan was a fiscal conservative, then I should pay my mortgage with a credit card.

            1. Not only that, but Carter is a much better human being than Ronnie ever was.

              It is just simply indisputable that Carter has accomplished far more than Reagan ever did in their personal lives. It just isn’t close.

              1. The only thing you know or care about Carter’s personal life is that he hates the always-lowercase “jews” as much as you do.

          3. Shrike, I am no fan of Jimmy Carter,

            My comment was directed at Restoras.

            1. Yes, but I was agreeing with you.

    5. But government got so much bigger under Reagan than it did under Carter.

      1. If a survey were conducted and people were shown the actual accomplishments [not pronouncements] of each administration, then asked to guess their party affiliation, I think it’d be educational to say the least.

      2. Reagan talked a good game when it came to the evils of too much government, then turned around and watered the weed. His Baptist sermons made conservatives swoon, while his Bootlegger actions padded the wallets of the military industrial complex, prisons, and law enforcement. Fucker.

    6. I hope his death is painful.

      God, you’re a total POS, you pedophile. There’s seriously something wrong with you. But all your hate will wind up biting you in the ass someday, you’ll see.

  11. Facebook rescinded an internship granted to a Harvard University student who invented an app that exploited Facebook’s privacy flaws.

    He kept grabbing the interviewer’s question sheet and saying “why are you interviewing yourself?” over and over.

    1. Hate that.

  12. In case there was any remaining doubt that ISIS is the absolute worst…

    Sorry, nikki still wins. And she won’t even do ass to mouth.

    1. And she won’t even do ass to mouth.

      I’ve missed something. I did not know she was not into fun butt stuff. Oh well, at least we still have
      Crusty Juggler and his kinky fuckery.

      1. She mentioned it yesterday. She was silent as regards other fun butt stuff.

        1. Unlike the despicable and disappointing Nikki, I promise all of you that I am into all butt stuff, including ass-to-mouth.

          1. including ass-to-mouth

            Unless you’re gay, you wouldn’t be worried about disease, so…irrelevant?

            1. so…irrelevant

              My intent was to amuse.

        2. I’m long known for fun butt stuff, guys.

          1. I’m long known for fun butt stuff

            I had no idea. Many apologies.

          2. I love you. And I mean that within the bounds of propriety.

          3. So…. no longer the worst? How did that while thing get started anyway?

            1. If you knew her, you wouldn’t need to ask.

        3. When I brought up other stuff she just repeated no ass to mouth. So possible yes on analingus and fiona apples.

          1. Had to look it up.

            UD: Fiona Apple — The act of eating an apple or other fruit out of someones anus.

            I’m thinking you want to stick with the firmer fruits; eating mushed up banana would be extra unsavory.

            1. The fig upon you! The fig of Spain!

            2. I like her voice…now this image will pop up every time I listen to her. Thanks, thanks a lot.

      2. I believed we settled on ‘jiggery-pokery’?

        1. No, we settled on kinky fuckery because Charles Dance read some Fifty Shades out loud once and it makes me lol.

          1. Charles Dance is a stud.

            *swats CJ on the fanny*

          2. Here’s my vote for the audio book:

  13. Conservative journalist James O’Keefe, known for targeting liberal groups and Democratic politicians, says he is now the one being targeted ? by the Department of Homeland Security.…..questions/

    1. Who, but a paranoid libertarian, could have predicted this?

  14. Bernie Sanders is surging. Is Clinton worried?

    Hey! That’s Carly Fiorina’s thing!

  15. Sen. Rand Paul put out an ad associating Donald Trump with the Democratic Party.

    He should be associating New Jersey Democrat Chris Christie with the Democratic Party.

    1. A significant number of people already do.

  16. A video of what looks like a really big Great White Shark

    The great white shark is estimated by the conservation group Pelagios Kakunja to be 20 feet long and 50 years old.

    Footage of the shark swimming among smaller fish and cages containing observers in 2013 is circulating after it was posted Monday by the group’s director, Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, on Facebook.

    The video — which CNN hasn’t been able to authenticate — has drawn more than 2.1 million views.

    1. Welcome to the land of FuckThatistan.

      1. I must disagree. That’s my lifelong dream, right there.

        1. To recreate Jaws 3 as the Australian dude? Hey, man, we all got dreams.

          1. To end up like Hooper in the book, or Quint in the movie?

            Spoiler* Quint mortally wounded the shark with a harpoon in the book and was then drowned, while Hooper got ate in the cage.

    2. You are going to need a bigger boat.

      1. Not sure of its truthiness, but I read the other day that that line was ad libbed.

        1. I have read that too. My guess it that it was. Roy Schieder was a great actor. It is entirely plausible that he would have ad libbed something that good.

    3. I see the headlines calling it the largest shark ever filmed, yet they forget that basking sharks and whale sharks are much, much larger than any great white shark ever.

      1. I noticed that too.

      2. Largest Shark that would eat you on purpose everfilmed?

    4. Why did it take two years for the video to get noticed?

    1. Of course. Just the eagle knocks out the drone. Just like they bitch slap Giants, Redskins and Cowboys.


      1. This is The Year of Tebow.

        1. I soooo hope he gets playing time.

        2. If Tebow wins the Superbowl, it will be the first time that God actually had an active hand in the outcome of the game and the first time that the “nobody gave us a chance” speech was actually true.

          1. Super Bowl MVP Tebow would be for sports journalists what President Carson would be for the rest of them. It would be glorious to watch.

            1. I am one of the few people who seem to have no strong feelings toward Tebow. He is openly religious. I have no problem with that whatsoever. OTOH wearing it on his sleeve doesn’t make him a better person (nor does it make him worse). Obviously the progs and “new athiests” hate him for his faith, and the religious folks feel an affinity towards him and defend him. He is a talented athlete in general, but I don’t think he is that good a quarterback. Though there are worse ones in the league.

              Bottom line, I wish him well as a fellow human being. But being a diehard Giants fan, as an Eagle I hope he dies a painful death and rots in hell!

              1. I bet the Tebow led Eagles serves the Giants one of those periodic, weird defeats the Eagles seem to have a flair for. It’ll be proof that God hates Eli Manning.

                1. I just wish some of those wins were in a SB.

                  You know. Like how the Giants fluked a couple of them out.

                2. “The Helmet Catch” seems to indicate that God, at the very least, feels sorry for making the Manning boys as homely as he did.

                3. Eli has two Super Bowl and Peyton has one. If God hates Eli then He hates his brother more.

              2. He can’t throw a forward pass. If he was playing rugby that wouldn’t be an issue.

      2. Should be: Of course an eagle knocks out the drone.


      3. I think they made a mistake letting Foles go, but they’re probably a slight favorite to win the division. It depends on how the Cowboys are. I don’t expect much out of the Giants and Skins, but the NFC East is kinda unpredictable.

        1. You probably bet on the Special Olympics.

    2. So that’s the last thing a pigeon sees. Yikes.

  17. Ohio to vote on marijuana legalization

    The legalization group ResponsibleOhio collected enough signatures to get it on the ballot for November 3, according to Ohio secretary of state Jon Husted.

    Voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use.

    1. Dear Sen. Rubio,

      Once you’ve lost Ohio in the drug war, it’s time to hang it up.

  18. Why Hillary’s Email Saga Hurts

    Barring an indictment for criminal behavior, Hillary Clinton, if she’s the Democratic nominee, will not lose the 2016 presidential election because of her emails. To think so, or to think they’ll change the race, is to say that scandal will override partisanship; that an otherwise liberal voter will walk into the ballot booth and mark the box for Jeb Bush or Gov. Scott Walker or Sen. Marco Rubio because of digital mismanagement.

    I understand that Bouie was brought in by Slate to be the gaping, willing anus for Democratic Party lies now that Sad Beard moved on to his boyfriend’s new blog, but how the spinning doesn’t leave him dizzy and puking is beyond me.

    1. Digital mismanagement is fumbling with Mary Jane rotten crotch’s pretty pink panties.

    2. It was just mismanagement. Building your own server to avoid the records and archive requirements and all Congressional oversight was just “mismanagement”. It was a mistake anyone could have made but amazingly no one else in the history of government ever had. Just because using private email for official business is one of the few things that can get a federal employee fired doesn’t mean you can expect Hillary to know there was any problem with doing this. How was she supposed to know she couldn’t do this?

      1. Come on John! Your letting your Republican Bias show! Who hasn’t accidentally set up a private server when starting a new job?

        Hell, I was so tired this morning that I did it twice without realizing it before my morning cup of coffee.

      2. She was only the Secretary of State. Only a secretary, John. How could she have known?

        1. +1 Rosemary Woods.

        2. She was just there to make Obama and Biden coffee every morning.

        3. Only a secretary…

          +1 Fawn Hall

      3. How else was she going to avoid revealing all of those illegal fundraising emails?

    3. Yeah, way to convince the base to tow the lion, but people who aren’t radical leftists might not show up for her at all.

    4. According to Salon, “digital mismanagement” now means the mingling of personal and business emails as Dept of State on a private server while accepting million$ in donations to your very own private slush fund from countries bringing business to your office for approval.

  19. ‘You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever’

    But the comment crossed the line, editor Erick Erickson said Friday night. He disinvited Trump from the RedState Gathering, a conservative event featuring GOP presidential hopefuls this weekend in Atlanta.
    Conservatives outraged. Penny Young Nance, the CEO and president of the conservative group Concerned Women for America, told CNN that Trump’s “tantrum was even more enlightening than his original remarks she questioned.”

    “Does he have a problem with women?” Nance asked Saturday morning. “Three wives would suggest that yes, maybe there’s a problem. The good news is that Kelly is a mother of toddlers and knows how to deal with petulance and tantrums. Every presidential election since 1964 has been carried by women. Women don’t like mean and we certainly won’t vote for men or women we don’t trust.”

    Hemorrhoid sufferers OUTRAGED. Why do all you sexists, mysogenists, and feminists assume this is about menstruation?

    ” I am a hemorrhoid sufferer. Hath
    not a hemorrhoid sufferer eyes? hath not a hemorrhoid sufferer hands, organs,
    dimensions, senses, affections, passions? fed with
    the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject
    to the same diseases, healed by the same means,
    warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as
    a woman is? If you pick us, do we not bleed?”

    1. You should never pick your ‘roids. Take it from a man who knows!

  20. Happy International Left-Handed Day, fellow sinisterians.

    We are the 10%! We are the 10%! We are the 10%!

    1. Weigel is the 8%.

  21. Links seem a little slow today. How about a little classic 90s country.

    1. Or, perhaps, something Bittersweet.

  22. Also, someone yesterday called her “Hil-liar-y”. I normally hate those cute political name manipulations, but that one cracked me up. I would actually put a ” Ready of Hilliary” sticker on my car, just to piss off everyone.

    1. I have a “Run, Hillary, Run!!” sticker but I can decide if it should go on the back or front bumper.

    2. I have a “Run, Hillary, Run!!” sticker but I can decide if it should go on the back or front bumper.

      1. Don’t worry, that was worth saying twice.

    3. Perhaps Trump supporters could put “I’m Ready for Hilarity” stickers on their cars.

    1. She went through all that and raised a lousy $14,000. She could have whored herself out on the internet for better money than that.

      1. Jimmy Carter tried that and it didn’t work.

      2. With enough makeup she might even have been able to snag a Pennsylvania-rich husband, which I means he owns a dualie.

        1. A good dualie costs a lot more than $14,000, especially when you buy the ski/bass boat to go with it.

          1. Oh, no, John. Pennsylvania-rich means he already has a dualie. And probably knows at least the names of most of his kids.

            1. I have been to small towns all over this country. This summer a met a friend in Pittsburgh and drove him back to his home in north New Jersey. Drove clear across PA. And the hicks in PA really are a special bread of hicks. Rural PA makes rural Georgia seem cultured and urbane by comparison.

              1. All the Kentucky and West Virginia hillbillies moved there after the mining industry flushed them out and brought in non-union Italians.

              2. Pa or Ohio may be my least favorite places I’ve ever visited. Of course I’ve never been to Pittsburgh or Cincinatti so I haven’t seen everything in either.

                1. Rural Pennsylvania and rural “upstate” New York are interesting locations.

                  1. I dunno. I’ve generally met nicer people in every rural location I’ve ever visited than in the urban ones.

                    1. I have too Restorous. But the people in PA just seem a bit odd and not that friendly. I have always found eastern hicks to be less friendly than those from the South and the midwest.

                    2. But the people in PA just seem a bit odd and not that friendly

                      Odd, well, I prefer to call it “eccentric”. Not that friendly: depends on what part of the state you’re talking about.

                  2. Heh, I spend a lot of time in that part of New York (Alfred, Olean, Wellsville…). “Interesting” is a good description.

                    1. Olean and Alfred are Western New York. I was not even considering those areas, which are are interesting for sure. I was just referring to areas closer to me and some that I visited this week near Cooperstown. I have heard Pennsylvania described as Pittsburgh on on end, Philadelphia on the other, and Alabama in the middle, and there are many areas in New York that are pretty damn rural, too (which isn’t always a bad thing).

                    2. I grew up near Cooperstown, which was a cultural oasis for me growing up. It is a strange lot up there.

                    3. For whatever reason, all the edumacated Pennsylvanians in the central part are some weird combination of Mennonite and irritating Jersey.

                  3. James Carville once said “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in between.” He may be an evil fucker, but he got that right.

                    Also, my fiancee is originally from North Louisiana, so she knows something about “sons of the soil”, and even she swears that upstate NY hillbillies are much scarier than Southern rednecks.

                    1. That is my experience JD. Maybe it is because I grew up in the Midwest and the people out there are just known to me. But I find the NY and PA hillbillies much scarier than anything in the South.

                    2. My family has been in Kentucky since the 1770s, but somehow my dad got a job in upstate NY for my growing-up years. Hillbillies in upstate NY enjoy fighting. In Kentucky, they’re mostly congenial.

                2. We’re cultured hicks in Ohio.

                  “Ohio– Come for the Craigslist listing, stay for the shallow grave!”

                  1. Ohio: All the Racism of the Deep South, But With Much Colder Winters

                    1. And, of course, winter in Ohio goes from October to May. It’s like Westeros but with more incest and Skyline Chili.

                    2. Southern Ohio merely suffers the peripheral effects of Kentucky’s incest and I’ve never eaten at a Skyline Chili in my life.

                    3. There is a Skyline Chili up here in Stow. As in, a single outlet for most of 4 million people. I think it’s there more for curiosity. I know no one who isn’t from Cincinnati who has even thought about going there.

                    4. They don’t have winter Cincinnati. Hell, they barely have winter in Columbus.

                      Up here in the frozen North, we have winter. On the other hand, summer is fucking awesome, and this year started in May, took half of June and July off, and resumed. It will stick around until the first week of October or the first tropical storm remnants show up, whichever comes first. Then it will be doom until April.

                3. More Ohio for us.

              3. The older I get, the less appreciation I have for “cultured” and “urbane” people, as they are usually the ones scared shitless of liberty.

        2. She’s pretty good looking for a Centre County native.

    2. I hope what happens at 1:20 happens to her.

      1. Does any Japanese animation *not* have tentacle-rape?

    3. This is what passes for a beauty queen in Pennsylvania?

      I mean, she’s okay looking. It’s just disappointing is all.

      1. “Oh, Kif… kiss me with your lipless beak…”

      2. Someone needs to tell her about Accutane.

      3. I know, she doesn’t even have a dead tooth

        1. Oh God, she’d be so hot with a dead tooth…

          Sometimes I wonder what people think when reading this comment section if they don’t know the inside jokes.

          1. Blowhard stupidity, peanut gallery, juvenile bluster et cetera.

            1. Okay, I feel kind of bad now because I just googled ‘Elizabeth Stoker Breunig tooth’ and…um…this.

              Depakote, or valproic acid, is the worst: I sit on the couch with my brother early Saturday morning and take my prescribed dose.

              He says there’s no way it’s that bad. It is, I say, it really is. We wait half an hour, and then, with geyser-like regularity, I vomit.

              John is suitably impressed. We go to the neurologist, and I get a new medicine.

              Dilantin, or phenytoin, is alright. It doesn’t control the seizures well. It also strips the enamel off my teeth.

              So she apparently has horrible epilepsy and the medication she was taking messed up her teeth.

              1. In February, I have a grand mal seizure in a grocery store halfway down the health food aisle. When I wake up in Newton-Wellesley hospital, I wonder if anybody saw up my skirt. I hope they didn’t take pictures. People do shitty things like that, in college towns. Probably they don’t mean any harm, but it’s something they do.

                1. ” “

                2. I can’t imagine being so broken that I’d seriously think people were looking up my skirt when they saw me having a seizure.

                3. See, the fact that she uses her seizures to make points about the sexism of college towns. That right there is why she deserves mockery.

              2. So you’re a terrible person. You are now an official member of the commentariat.

              3. Does the medicine make her stupid and horribly self-righteous and wrong about everything too? If not, I have no regrets

          2. I actually have “started the ESB dead tooth meme” as an accomplishment on my resum

            1. kids these days do like memes


    Trump Carson 2016. I don’t think the country deserves such a ticket, but the massive butt hurt in the media over it would be delicious. Imagine the the anger and panic in the media if such a ticket won. Hell, I would have to start watching cable news again. Watching the complete unraveling of the major media over it would become the best reality TV show ever created.

    1. And those ‘We’re sorry’ videos apologizing to the world will suddenly pop up again.

      1. Along was millions of empty threats to finally move to Canada. Elections would no longer be expected to carry consequences. And being racist in the most vulgar terms would now totally be cool. The better ticket would be Carson Trump. President Ben fucking Carson would be what those assholes deserve. Suddenly, they wouldn’t find voting for a black man something they have always wanted to do.

    2. Although Trump is completely full of shit he has one thing working for him – he is not a “conservative” scumbag in reality. He is punking the GOP nicely.

      1. Yeah, it is not like he is planning to destroy anyone’s health insurance, run up more debt than all previous Presidents in history or give Iran $150 billion dollars and the ability to buy intercontinental missiles from Russia or anything.

        1. Quit lying. People on Obamacare like it, the debt is due to legacy policy and entitlements and no one is “giving” Iran a fucking dime that wasn’t already theirs. I have noticed you wingnuts like that last lie a lot these days – like we never froze their assets.

          1. People on Obamacare like it…

            Citation necessary.

            I think we know that people who had individual policies and were forced to buy from the OCare exchanges are very much unhappy. Were the other mandates allowed to go into effect, there would be many more unhappy customers. The only people happy about ObamaCare are those who had no health insurance before and who are now getting expanded Medicaid.

          2. People on Obamacare like it, the debt is due to legacy policy and entitlements and no one is “giving” Iran a fucking dime that wasn’t already theirs.

            Yeah, the assets that belonged to the old government that have been froze because they are a criminal regime that has been the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world for over thirty years. Yeah, it is just their money. What is the big deal of giving them access to $150 billion dollars when they economy has a GNP of $800 billion dollars. And at the same time will end the prohibition against item buying long range missile technology from the Russians. But it is “their money” so it is totally okay.

            Iran is going to build the bomb and there is going to be a regional war in the Middle East. That is going to be your dumb ass idol’s real legacy. He will be forever be remembered as the retarded Neville Chamberlain. More than that, the Democratic Party will forever be remembered as the people who brought you the Iranian bomb. The dumb ass is destroying you people and you are so fucking retarded you are letting him do it.

            How is that Congressional majority working out for you? Oh that is right, you don’t have one nor control of 7 out of ten state legislatures or the majority of governorships. You and your retarded ilk are about to become a fringe party ruling a few particularly backward, crime ridden enclaves like Detroit and Newark. Have fun in the wilderness retard.

            1. He will be forever be remembered as the retarded Neville Chamberlain

              I would like to rise in defense of Neville Chamberlein. I cite Winston Churchill’s eulogy:

              I had the singular experience of passing in a day from being one of his most prominent opponents and critics to being one of his principal lieutenants, and on another day of passing from serving under him to become the head of a Government of which, with perfect loyalty, he was content to be a member. Such relationships are unusual in our public life. I have before told the House how on the morrow of the Debate which in the early days of May challenged his position, he declared to me and a few other friends that only a National Government could face the storm about to break upon us, and that if he were an obstacle to the formation of such a Government, he would instantly retire. Thereafter, he acted with that singleness of purpose and simplicity of conduct which at all times, and especially in great times, ought to be the ideal of us all.

              Neville Chamberlein had more character and integrity in his pinky than Obama has shown in his entire being. It is an insult to denigrate Chamberlein’s shade by comparing Obama to him.

              1. I agree Tarran. That is why Obama won’t be remembered as another Chamberlain. He is not worthy of that. He is the retarded Chamberlain.

                1. I still think you are being harsh.

                  Chamberlein genuinely wanted peace. Barack “I’m really good at killing people” Obama does not.

                  If anything, I would call Obama the retarded Woodrow Wilson.

          3. People on Obamacare like it

            People not on Obamacare hate it. Which group is larger?

            the debt is due to legacy policy and entitlements

            Which of Obama’s proposed budgets cut spending, again? The only reason he didn’t make the deficit even worse was legislative gridlock.

            You are, more or less, right about Iran, though. Batting .333 would be good if we were playing baseball. But we’re not.

            1. People not on Obamacare hate it. Which group is larger?

              The ACA now has a net positive approval rating.

              Obama cut the Bush $1.2 trillion deficit to $460 billion today. He pushed for the Budget Control Act of 2011 which cut spending for the first time since Clinton.

              Batting 1000.

              1. The ACA now has a net positive approval rating
                Demonstrably false.

                Obama cut the Bush $1.2 trillion deficit to $460 billion today. He pushed for the Budget Control Act of 2011 which cut spending for the first time since Clinton.

                You keep giving credit to Obama for things that only happened because of Congressional gridlock. His yearly budget requests always increase the debt. Always. No one here ever said Bush (legacy) wasn’t partly to blame for the debt.

                1. Shrike never let the truth get in the way of the narrative…

              2. “Obama cut the Bush $1.2 trillion deficit to $460 billion today. ”

                I’m glad to see you support a Republican Congress.

          4. People on Obamacare like it

            Fuck you.

          5. My wife and kid had to go Obamacare because of all the restrictions in getting a fully private policy for my immigrant wife. My son was born in the US a few months ago. We sent them a birth certificate showing his place of birth (3 times) and after finally admitting to receiving it, they told us that there’s not enough evidence to prove that he’s a US citizen. So they’re trying to cancel us… again. This time we sent them an excerpt of the law explaining the concept of jus soli and another copy of the birth certificate.

            Never in my life have I dealt with an institution more laden with abject stupidity and incompetence than the Obamacare people. Also, when writing them letters, they only accept HAND WRITTEN complaint letters, so to make it harder for people to seek a redress of grievances, especially when you have to mail something to those fucks 4 or 5 times before they even acknowledge having received it.

            I am your citation, Obamacare is fucking terrible and everyone who works there is terrible. As are their children and their children’s children.

            1. So your 3 mo. old kid is pretty much the only person that the system is even trying to vet? I bet you feel special…

            2. Another citation: thanks to the ACA, my family is now paying slightly higher premiums with a MUCH higher deductible for less covered services in a much smaller provider network.

              1. And the drug coverage is awful. My wife’s birth control costs $130 per month out of pocket just for the portion of the cost that isn’t covered. If we had no “insurance” at all, the total out of pocket expense would be $90. Which just makes a shit ton of sense if we bear in mind that Obamacare coverage is more of a slushfund for medical industry cartels than it is an insurance policy for consumer medical expenses.

                1. My wife’s birth control costs $130 per month out of pocket just for the portion of the cost that isn’t covered. If we had no “insurance” at all, the total out of pocket expense would be $90.

                  That’s just crazy. Just think what it would be if it were over the counter.

                  1. My wife has a medication that, on our insurance, costs $90. She asked the pharmacist how much it would cost without insurance and he told her $73.

                    Fuck Obamacare, yo. And shriek, you can eat a whole bag of dicks.

                    1. Just curious, you cannot buy the drug without going through the insurance?

                    2. Just curious, you cannot buy the drug without going through the insurance?

                      No, but that shows you how irrational and/or kleptocratic the pricing system is. We ended up paying out of pocket for an uncovered generic.

                    3. Just curious, you cannot buy the drug without going through the insurance?

                      You can, actually, though it may require a certain amount of discretion on the part of the pharmacist.

                      However, that just means that the insurance premium we’re paying for is fucking useless. Thanks for selling us to Anthem, Barry, you asshole.

            3. I had a married set of neighbors where the wife is one of the top pediatric dentists in the Boston area, and the husband is a orthodontist with a very big practice.

              Husband was laughing about having to purchase dental insurance for his kids under Obamacare even though he and his wife do the dentistry and have no use for it.

              For small business owners and the self employed, Obamacare has been a real shitburger.

              1. And lawful immigrants and their families.

    3. My god, that would be amazing to watch.


    “I don’t believe we should be in the business of legalizing additional intoxicants in this country for the primary reason that when you legalize something, what you’re sending a message to young people is it can’t be that bad, because if it was that bad, it wouldn’t be legal,”

    Because everyone knows that bad=illegal, good=legal. That’s why cigarettes are illegal and the Westboro Baptist Church isn’t allowed to say things.

    “The bottom line is, I believe that adding yet another mind-altering substance to something that’s legal is not good for the country. I understand there are people that have different views on it, but I feel strongly about that.”

    He understands that there are people with different views on it, but he feels so strongly about it he wants to kidnap those people, put them in a rape cage and utterly destroy their family at tax payer expense. RUBIO 2016!!!!

    1. But Taco Rubio is Hispanic! All the Latinos will vote for him!

      1. Kind of weird that the troll who is here to carry water for the first non-white President is a racist. Whatever.

        1. Oh, shriek has admitted to all sorts of vile bigotry. I cannot imagine how many years he has taken off his own life span by boiling with so much hate and bigotry. That is no way to live.

          1. He has rolled out that “Taco Rubio” thing before. Was is the average life span of a troll?

            1. Shriek’s been kicking around here since at least 2007, so…

      2. Tacos are Mexican. Rubio is Puerto Rican. If you’re going to engage in name calling, at least get the cuisine right.

        1. Well…Cuban, but it’s still one of those hispanic island nations

        2. It is identity politics at the worst. Rubio is Hispanic therefore Mexicans will vote for him. The fact that he is an Aborto-Freak Drug Warrior is not germane.

          1. Rubio is Hispanic therefore Mexicans will vote for him.

            It’s something at its worst, anyway.

          2. Rubio is Hispanic therefore Mexicans will vote for him

            Not so. Again, you need to provide documentation. I’m not convinced that Mestizos vote as a block without thinking. In fact, your assertion that they do is fairly bigoted if not racist.

            1. I’m not saying it’s true. I’m saying that is why Taco is considered a GOP star.

              1. Rubio is Hispanic therefore Mexicans will vote for him.

                This is what you said.

          3. Da heck is this ‘he’s x-race, ergo x-race will vote for him or her’ crap?

            1. That whole “vote as a group” really only applies to blacks. *runs away*

        3. I’m pretty sure he’s Dominican.

        4. Rubio is Cuban. Dude.

          1. The United States Census uses the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino to refer to “a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.”


            1. So what. If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that hispanic essentially means “Spanish.” But many (most?) Mexicans, and South Americans are actually Mestizo. Cubans and Puerto Ricans can be Mestizo or Afro-Hispanic. To assume that a Mexican would vote for a Cuban because of some long past connection to Spain is to assume that they are children lacking the ability to weigh political issues and make an appropriate choice.

              You’re a bigot.

  25. Set photos from new Star Wars movie

    The great thing is thing is that my expectations are so low based on the prequels that it’ll be enjoyable just because they filmed it outside, on location and with actual people in Stormtrooper costumes.

    1. Yeah no kidding. I remember being so excited to see Return of the Jedi in the theater as a kid. It was the first movie I ever went to by myself. I’m sure if that happened to a kid now the parents would be arrested for leaving him alone in a theater, but back then it was cool. Sure, I left trying to figure out how the Ewoks kicked the hell out of a bunch of stormtroopers with laser rifles, but it was still damn exciting.

      When the prequels were announced my excitement had already been tempered by Lucas screwing around with the originals, but I figured there was no way he could mess up Darth Vader’s origin story. Man, was I wrong. JarJar and Jake Lloyd and shattered hopes and dreams. Then came the disjointed, sad mess that was Attack of the Clones. The third one was the strongest of the bunch, but by then I basically wanted all the characters to be thrown into the lava in the first act so I didn’t give a damn.

      So I’d like to be excited about the new one, I really would, but I’ve been burned by this franchise too many times. Not to mention I don’t think I can deal with rampant lens flare. Yeah, I’ll see it in the theater, but never again, Lucas. You aren’t stomping on my memories of heroically braving a theater full of child pornographers to see a gang of furry bears.

      1. Obligatory…

        All Jedi had was a bunch of muppets…

      2. I don’t have the link, but I remember Abrams specifically stating that he wasn’t going to do his signature lens flare for Episode VII. I thought it worked both his Star Trek movies (and I am a Trek fan all my life), but it has no place in Star Wars.

        And our memories are very similar. The frustrating thing is I could have lived with either JarJar Binks, OR Jake Lloyds horrible acting. But both at the same time was just too much. And my wife’s dildo has more range that Hayden Christensen.

        And of course:

        NEVER AGAIN!

  26. Bishop Hill reprints a months old letter to the editor by a geologist predicting the EPA spill into the Animas river. In his letter, the geologist is adamant that the EPA must be aware of what will happen and is doing it on purpose, so that they can create the conditions needed for them to build a permanent treatment facility and hire more staff.

    The scan is too crappy to OCR, so I suggest everyone click the link and read it at Bishop Hill.

    1. I like that guy, and would probably subscribe to his newsletter.

    2. I saw that on zero hedge. Judging from the letter it seems that there was a small amount of polluted run off coming from an old mine. So the EPA comes in and plugs up the hole where the drainage is coming from. This was great at first; no more run off. Of course the water that was running off didn’t stop and backed up and filled the entire mine until finally the pressure blew the plug flooding the river with all of the backup. From what I can tell, it seems the EPA did the equivalent of taking a dirty bucket, filling it full of water and then dumping the entire contents into the river in one does. They essentially hosed out the mine and dumped the pollutants into the river.

      I don’t see how you would even have to be a geologist to understand that the water leaking form a line is coming from somewhere and blocking it up is just going to cause it to back up and eventually come out somewhere else or out your plug in a big way.

      The EPA people who ordered that should be going to jail for criminal negligence. You couldn’t have designed a better way to destroy the river.

      1. The EPA people who ordered that should be going to jail for criminal negligence. You couldn’t have designed a better way to destroy the river.

        They’re Top Men. They don’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else. They’re not even civilly liable 99% of the time.

        1. A near total lack of accountability is what makes them so good at the protecting the environment. We need more unaccountable government agencies to make the world a better place.

          1. I don’t see how anyone is that stupid. They did this intentionally to create a Super Fund site and more funding. That is the only rational explanation. Occam’s razor only goes so far.

            1. I don’t see how anyone is that stupid.

              Talked with many EPA folks John? They can be that stupid. I don’t think this was some conspiracy to create a Super Fund site; if it were they would have already started the ball rolling when the water was filling the mine.

              1. Yes I have and they are stupid but not that stupid. A seventh grader would have understood you can’t just plug up a mine like that. Where the hell did they think the water was going to go?

            2. I knew someone who worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service as a hydrologist. She was in her 20’s and still motivated to do actual work. She finished all of her projects ahead of time the first year and began to help others complete theirs. This earned her a reprimand from her superiors because she was fouling their budget by being too efficient.

              Bureaucracy creates the absolute worst incentives possible. I won’t dare to guess why the EPA did what they did because there are so many ridiculous and unbelievable rationales to choose from.

              1. Like when my dad got fired from a factory job when he was in 20’s because on a day when 3 union employees were home sick, he did all their separate jobs without a skipping a beat. The union rep went ballistic and my dad, having no experience with unions at the time, was expecting a pat on the back for being productive. Instead he got fired on the spot for threatening the livelihood of those other employees.

              2. Yes Lee. I doubt it was pure stupidity. It was likely something that is not quite stupid but instead completely insane.

              3. I knew someone who worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service as a hydrologist. She was in her 20’s and still motivated to do actual work. She finished all of her projects ahead of time the first year and began to help others complete theirs. This earned her a reprimand from her superiors because she was fouling their budget by being too efficient.

                Cool story. Also most likely BS. IF she did as you say and finished all her work ahead of schedule, the boss would have simply given her more work.

                1. Not BS. I knew her at the time it was happening and she was astounded. She ended up quitting and going back to get a PhD.

                  They paid her to sit on her ass for several months.

                2. Cool story. Also most likely BS. IF she did as you say and finished all her work ahead of schedule, the boss would have simply given her more work.

                  Idiot. That’s how the private sector works, it is NOT how government works.

                  By finishing all her work on time, they were guaranteed to give her work that didn’t even need doing. Work so boring and valueless that a sane person wouldn’t do any of it.

      2. Being a member of TOP. MEN. means you are above physics and mathematics.

    3. Boom.

    4. I doubt the EPA will suffer any consequences from this, although it obviously should. But maybe some environmentalists will become disenchanted.

      1. They can levy a devastating fine on themselves, payable to themselves. That will learn them up right.

      2. They will suffer none. No firings. No departments eliminated. No pensions lost. No personal liability. Nothing.

  27. DC council member proposes decriminalizing sex work

    D.C. Councilmember David Grosso said it is time to give decriminalizing prostitution in Washington D.C. a try.

    “When you have two consensual adults and they are exchanging sex for money, that is something that I think we shouldn’t be getting in the middle of,” said Grosso.

    The at-large council member plans to propose legislation decriminalizing paid sex between consenting adults because he said the city has tried for years to get rid of prostitution and it hasn’t worked.

    “How do we take a different approach?” said Grosso. “We have to look at it differently and what I’m suggesting is that one way to look at it is through the decriminalization of sex work in the District of Columbia with the coupling of providing these kinds of services that people need in order to not have to go into sex work if they don’t want to.”

    Grosso said resources would need to be in place to ensure those trading money for sex are as safe and healthy as possible.

    Never going to happen with Congress, but glad it’s something people can openly propose now.

    1. Bitch set me up.

    2. Grosso said resources would need to be in place to ensure those trading money for sex are as safe and healthy as possible.

      What about those trading booze for sex? Won’t someone think of those people?

    3. But if you can’t whore yourself out to a politician the entire unique culture of D.C. will collapse! Morgan Adams will burn!

    4. Doesn’t specify the councilman’s party, but I’m going to assume this is one of those times where the Democrats actually come through on social issues, and that’s to be applauded.

  28. Court Declares Air Freshener, Pro-Cop Stickers Reasonable Suspicion To Pull You Over

    When the courts and cops think being pro-cop would be just silly, and clearly you must be faking it because no one is that stupid, it’s a bit telling.

    1. That’s why the only bumper sticker on my car is for the local college radio station, and my air freshener hangs off the gear shift where it can’t be seen.

      1. Yep. This is why. This is literally why.

    2. Can they just make a list of things for which they can’t pull people over for? I bet it’d be shorter.

      1. The List of Things You Cannot Be Pulled Over For:

        1). …..

        The End.

        1. The best is not speeding. We have a case here where the defendants were pulled over for going the speed limit on the interstate, apparently only drug traffickers try to avoid speeding tickets.

          1. Don’t be the fastest car or the slowest car. If you’re the only car, stay at least 5mph over the limit.

    3. I know several people who put such stickers on their car to avoid tickets or to avoid being hassled or searched. I try to tell them, as delicately as I can, to stop simultaneously sucking pig dick, lickings boots and taking it up the ass to please the cop’s ego because that’s exactly what they’re doing with that sticker.

      1. And it doesn’t work – only a FOP Member Sticker works.

        1. FOP tags work. not sure about the FOP sticker.

          1. Tag – yes. The cops know exactly which insignia o’ immunity is correct.

          2. Tag – yes. The cops know exactly which insignia o’ immunity is correct.

        2. LOL. That’s the exact sticker that a friend of mine drives around with. You could tell he’s a pot smoker from 100 yards away, he’s not fooling anyone.

          1. All driving four miles per hour and getting pulled over by a cop on foot.

            [cop taps on window] “Pull over!”

            “Shit! How could he tell?”

    4. dumbasses. the sticker they respect is the thin blue line sticker.…

      they scoff at the rest.

      1. Better take it up a notch and get the “Heroes Live Forever” one.

  29. The most gullible places in the US.

    Estimated % of adults who think global warming is already harming people in the US now or within 10 years, 2014

    But you knew that from the 2008/2012 election results.


    2. Well it may be harming people, but plants are doing just fine.

    3. Warming is happening, and it is causing some people issues. The big question is why is it happening and will it continue. I think the answer to the first question is natural causes and the no on the second.

  30. Cocksuckers rejoice! HBO confirms ‘Deadwood’ movie in preliminary talks

    A spokesman for HBO confirmed to Variety that “very preliminary discussions” have been made to resurrect the Western series with a movie, though it’s unclear how serious the premium channel is about the pic.

    Actor Garret Dillahunt, who played Francis Wilcott on the series that ran from 2004-06, ignited the chatter Wednesday when he tweeted: “So uh?.I’m hearing credible rumors about a #Deadwood movie.”

    “Come on HBO,” he wrote. “You made the ‘Entourage’ movie. Give the #Deadwood fans some closure.”

    Despite the overture, fans of the Emmy-winning drama know not to hop in the saddle just yet.

    HBO previously announced two “Deadwood” movies when it officially cancelled the show in 2008, but nothing ever came of them. Creator David Milch was also said to be offered a shorter fourth season of the series but quickly rejected the idea.

    Still, Hollywood loves a comeback story and Milch, himself, has hinted at the possibility of a revival.

    “I don’t know that the last word has been said on the subject,” he told Esquire in 2011. “I still nourish the hope that we’re going to get to do a little more work in that area.”

    “Deadwood,” which starred Ian McShane as merciless saloon owner Al Swearengen, ran for three seasons before abruptly ending its run.

    1. Woo+Swearengen= Cocksucka!!!!!!

    2. Nice! Now I feel an urge to kill someone and feed the body to my neighbor’s pigs.

      1. Sarc, Free Society, Cocksucka!

    3. Will Raylen Givens be back?

    4. “Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair, or fucking beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then, you’ve got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man and give some back.”

    5. “Get a haircut! Ya look like your mother fucked a monkey!”

      “I’ve never known Al take to someone so quickly.”

  31. Claiming the Quran’s support, the Islamic State
    codifies sex slavery in conquered regions of Iraq
    and Syria and uses the practice as a recruiting tool.

    A growing body of internal policy memos and theological discussions has established guidelines for slavery, including a lengthy how-to manual issued by the Islamic State Research and Fatwa Department just last month.

    Imagine the mission creep of that department in 20 years.

    1. “Ali, I am not sure how to handle this village we just took over.”

      “Refer to your August 2015 edition of The Manual of Rapin’ n’ Slavin’, Mahmoud.”

      1. “The manual says we have to milk her, rape her and then throw the milk away. Bureaucrats… amarite?”

    2. Imagine the YazidiLivesMatter movement in 200.

      1. What those Yazidis need is a frowny face Michelle Obama holding a sign saying #BringOurYazidisBack

    3. “He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God”

      Man, fuck that cocksucker with nine inch nails.

  32. Some of you might recall that many years ago Dr Michael Mann of Penn State sued the National Review and Mark Steyn for libel, accusing them of making him out to be like a child molester after they pointed out that the same guys who investigated Paterno’s aide also investigated Mann’s misconduct and that there were commonalities to the whitewashing that cleared both parties.

    Steyn has decided that he wished to obliterate Mann. And now the battle fleet he constructed to conduct shore bombardment has arrived off the coast and is firing its 32 inch guns.

    That’s what Dr Mann’s science has done to the climate debate: He helped make it profoundly stupid, and, judging by the President’s speech, it’s going to take a while to recover its marbles. That’s one reason why yesterday I launched my shameless attempt to get Mann, whose defamation suit against me is now in its fourth year, to amend his complaint to the DC Superior Court yet again and this time demand the death penalty – for having the impertinence to publish a book full of what other scientists say about him.

    I really hope Steyn bankrupts Mann. It’s not going to happen, I know. But what a sweet outcome it would be!

    1. Steyn fights the free speech good fight.

    2. I look forward to the trolls coming to squeal out a defense of Mann.

    3. Maybe I am too optimistic, but I really do think the AGW thing is starting to run its course. It will take a decade or so but gradually the truth wins out every time. It just takes a while. I get the sense that scientists in other fields are starting to realize the damage these clowns are doing to science in general and the adults are starting to assert themselves a bit.

      The thing that is rarely mentioned is that climate science was until the AGW cult a backwater field that did not attract the best minds. If you were a real top flight scientific mind, you did not go into climatology, which is basically nothing but a glorified weather man. All of the appeals to “but the science” acted on the single false assumption that all scientists are created equal and that all scientists and fields are of the same quality. That is not the case at all. Climatology was an entire field of mediocre minds some of whom with delusions of grandeur.

      1. Maybe a bit too optimistic. But I know the cracks are beginning to show when my European friends are starting to become more and more skeptical about all the alarmism. For Europeans who are rather prone to groupthink, it’s rather surprising that I’ve been hearing such climate blasphemy from them the last couple of years.

      2. I really do think the AGW thing is starting to run its course

        Obama and the Pope are going to try to harm as many lives as possible before global warming goes away.

      3. Maybe but climate change environmentalism is here to stay. It’s been around for nearly 90 years and has gathered moss since the 60s and 70s despite every single prediction not coming to pass. They just keep coming.

      4. I really do think the AGW thing is starting to run its course

        Trouble is, they are religious zealots and won’t give it up lightly – or until they can convert to a new religion. I think that’s what scares me about those people – what they will adopt next as a means to expand government and further subjugate us.

        1. No they won’t. But gradually they will give up and find a new religion. It won’t happen overnight but gradually it will fade away. The start is when the science quietly starts to change. Once that happens, their pleas of “but the science” and the associated smugness will go away and it won’t be a way of social signalling how smart you are anymore.

          1. Well the beauty of climate change theory is that all of it is attributable to AGW. Too hot? AGW. Too cold? AGW. Too normal? AGW. Too many hurricanes? AGW. Not enough hurricanes? AGW. ad infinitum.

            It’s the very definition of non-falsifiable theory which in the leftoid mind, makes it so appealing as a vehicle for Marxism.

    4. The Penn State Alumni Association newsletter recently had a profile of Mann. It lead to several issues worth of alumni bitching. Bitching came from both sides.

      The current University president, Eric Barron, is the guy that hired Mann. Barron was head of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.

      When I worked in Penn State’s Meteorology department (part of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences), the guy that ran the Meteorology department also ran a Bad Meteorology page, which debunked some of the then popular claims among environmentalists about climate. That guy is no longer at Penn State. Times have changed.

  33. Chelsea Manning may face solitary confinement for having Jenner Vanity Fair issue

    The maximum punishment for such offences is an indeterminate amount of time in a solitary confinement cell.

    The fourth charge, “medicine misuse”, follows an inspection of Manning’s cell on 9 July during which a tube of anti-cavity toothpaste was found. The prison authorities noted that Manning was entitled to have the toothpaste in her cell, but is penalizing her because it was “past its expiration date of 9 April 2015”.

    The “prohibited property” charge relates to a number of books and magazines that were found in her cell and confiscated. They included the memoir I Am Malala by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, a novel featuring trans women called A Safe Girl to Love, the LGBT publication Out Magazine, the Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair and a copy of Cosmopolitan that included an interview with Manning.…..paste-army

    1. Military prison would probably have me go all Sandra Bland in like a week’s time.

      1. they are actually much less dangerous and better run than civilian prisons. The military as a general rule doesn’t get real hardcore predators civilian prisons do. The criminals it gets are mostly sex perverts and wanna be hoodlums. There are a few really scary people at the DB where Manning is but not that many and nothing like a real pound you in the ass federal prison.

        Make no mistake, it would suck to be there. But given a choice, I would take the DB over any federal or state prison, except for maybe the best minimum security ones.

    2. This is our wonderful military protecting our freedoms by being sadistic assholes

    3. They’re really giving him the business.

    4. How do you even get books and magazines to have in your cell in the first place? Maybe Manning walked off with them from the library or something, but if you can walk around with a paperback and no one notices, it sure seems like you could have something more dangerous than that.

  34. It seems totally implausible that only 50 people died in the Tianjin explosion. Awful.

    1. *quietly multiplies by 10, as with most bad news figures from China*

    2. Well, I’m guessing they only counted whole bodies that were recovered. There must be a lot of pieces all over the place.

    3. Yep. I saw video where the blast knocked down the person recording it from what looked like a few miles away. No ruttin way only 50 people died.

  35. The Five is a great show, but would better if it was the Three with Greg, Dana and a liberal guest. Eric the war monger turned pacifist after I supposed his son wanted to go to the military. He would be well served if he would try listening to what others say instead of thinking about what he is going to say next. And Kimberly who would really be a beautiful woman if she would try looking her age should get off her soap box about how we should all bow before hero’s in blue. 15% of cops are worst than the people we throw in prison and if the other 85% go along to get along they are no better than any other 2 bit gang in America.

    1. No, it would be better if it were Greg, Dana, Jedediah Bila, Joanne Nosuchinsky, and Andrea Tantaros.

      I mean, the content would very likely suck, but I’d watch it with the sound off.

      1. Joanne Nosuchinsky is the best. I do like Dana Perino though I feel like she has crazy written all over her.

  36. Dodd-Frank prevents any TARP style bailout with its Orderly Resolution FDIC-like liquidation rules.

    But that does not make for a good GOP speech.

    1. You left off the quotation marks around “prevents”, since the Constitution “prevents” a lot of things that Congress and POTUS and SCOTUS do anyway.

  37. So this is a thing:

    For example, one piece titled “Women’s health is taxed by makeup, too,” in a liberal blog called Treehugger, explains that the burden goes beyond time and money.”There’s another way that women pay the makeup tax, one that’s much harder to quantify,” the author, Margaret Badore, continues. “I’m taking (sic) about the price women pay with their health in the pursuit of looking ‘put together.'” She then lists off a bunch of chemicals that are in makeup that are harmful or something, but concedes that it is “difficult to say how bad for our health many cosmetics really are, because most of the exposure involves very small amounts over long periods of time.”

    I guess I pay a beer and bourbon tax.

  38. “In case there was any remaining doubt that ISIS is the absolute worst…”

    I was expecting the “execution by landmine“.

    Nope. Rape-Apologists. SO MUCH THE WORSTEST.

    1. …Yes, I would say that building a whole institution for sex slavery is worse than a creative way to execute “prisoners.” Execution by landmine doesn’t even sound like the worst way to execute people.

      1. Fortunately they also set people on fire and behead them.

        but seriously, sex slavery is OMG, whereas traditional muslim treatment of women is super-awesome.

        This is the NYT’s new version of “Aluminum Tubes” = appeal to western narratives about Rape Culture

  39. You realize that Muslims in England have been running sex slave rings for years and years long before ISIL?

    And before that, you had the Ottomon empire which not only had sex slaves, but slave soldiers.

    Hell, Islam is basically built around enslaving others, and even for the believers, being the slave of God.

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