Hillary Will Hand Over Email Server, FDA Concerned About Kardashian Instagram, Cop Who Killed Christian Taylor Fired: A.M. Links


  • Kim Kardashian/Instagram

    Hillary Clinton said she will turn over to the Justice Department her private email server along with a flash drive containing all work-related emails from her time as Secretary of State. 

  • Arlington, Texas, police officer Brad Miller was fired Tuesday for killing unarmed 19-year-old Christian Taylor, and may also face criminal charges. 
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is concerned about Kim Kardashian's Instagram. 
  • Bernie Sanders trumped Hillary Clinton among Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire in the latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll, leading 44-37. 
  • Carly Fiorina continues to surge in polls about the Republican presidential candidates, tying Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for fourth place—following Donald Trump (17 percent) and a second-place tie between Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (10 percent)—with 9 percent of likely GOP voter support. 
  • Ferguson saw nothing but peaceful protests Tuesday night. 
  • "We were treated worse than criminals, like terrorists. But they didn't find a thing and not a single fact in their warrant was substantiated," said the founder of a north-Texas hippie commune that's now suing over the SWAT raid

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  1. Hillary Clinton said she will turn over to the Justice Department her private email server along with a flash drive containing all work-related emails from her time as Secretary of State.

    Worst revelation, she was actually skaking down Nigerian princes!

    1. Because I’m certain they didn’t use all of the delaying to scrub anything that’s really bad.

      1. I don’t see in the story where Clinton said she will turn over the server and thumb drive intact.

      2. Given the amount of time they could have done some serious redaction, perhaps indetectable. Presumably they first imaged the HDDs and then shut down the server. Then, working from the copies they could do what they wanted, test to make sure there were no traces of tampering, and then install the doctored HDDs in the server. Once they had good images they could redo this as many times as necessary until they got it right.

        1. One additional step – once you have the data just the way you want it, do an OS-level backup, then restore to a third set of HDDs, install those in the server and turn the whole business over to whoever. The OS-level backup wouldn’t pick up any previously-overwritten data. I’m glossing over a lot of other things that would have to be done, but the basic principal is you never let them have any discs which ever contained anything incriminating.

          1. The original server was buried with Jimmy Hoffa.

          2. That would pre-suppose a rather high level of competence and cunning from almost the beginning. I don’t think her people are such “evil geniuses”. She’s certainly no genius in this department.

            Now, if the FBI were actually interested in consistent application of the law, she and her staff would have been jailed a long time ago merely for the 30k+ deletion bit, since destroying unverified data on an unsecured system is like an open admission of guilt.

            1. I’m pre-supposing high motivation and lots of resources on their part, but not technical competence. Assuming they jobbed this out and paid cash.

          3. I think there’s another thing that isn’t being thought of much in this round of the story: the vendor who was supposedly administering/supporting the system (in Colorado, IIRC). Usually, when one goes with a vendor for services, the vendor – at the very least – maintains backups. The question of the server itself is not NECESSARILY relevant. I mean, if primary storage was local, fine, but I sort of doubt it.

            That really ropes in the vendor, because if classified data touched their system, their entire operation is subject to impoundment, and since it touched the open internet by definition…that’s just a disaster.

        2. She should, in a sane society, already be in deep shit for the classified info she sent that the IG found. Not just TS, but SIGINT and TK stuff that you have to have special read-in clearances for.

          Any normal government employee that did this wouldn’t just lose their clearance, they’d be under indictment. The fact that no one in the Dems–not even Sanders at the moment, who should be hammering on this if he really wants the Presidency–is pressuring her to resign speaks volumes about their party right now.

          1. It also speaks volumes about The Stupid Party that they aren’t hammering this. Although a media sympathetic to Hillary makes it a little more difficult.

          2. ^This, particularly the bit about Sanders, et als. Wondering if his candidacy is just for show at this point.

          3. Resign?

            But that brings up a good point — normally, a corrupt official can resign and use their office as ablative armor, but Hillary’s been out for a while, so that isn’t really an option for her.

            1. Resign her candidacy–“drop out” would have been more appropriate here.

      3. Don’t know about the thumb drive but

        WASHINGTON ? Former secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton decided to “wipe her server clean” and permanently delete all e-mails from the personal server,

        That was reported in March already


        1. Yeah, my initial thought on reading this was, “What hard drive?” because the hard drive was already wiped clean.

    2. Hello.

      “Hillary Clinton said she will turn over to the Justice Department her private email server along with a flash drive containing all work-related emails from her time as Secretary of State.”

      This will be interesting. I think. I hope.

      1. This will be interesting. I think. I hope

        Don’t get your hopes up. I find it hard to believe that Hilldog hasn’t used all of the time delaying to scrub anything incriminating.

        1. I thought nothing gets scrubbed even if they think it’s scrubbed.

          1. That’s why they needed time to swap out the original hard drive and then populate it with the set of emails deemed not too bad for her.

          2. You can definitely scrub a hard drive so data is unrecoverable. There are programs like DBAN which will overwrite the drive with all 0s, all 1s, and random patterns of 0s and 1s multiple times. Recovering data from such a drive is, as far as I know, impossible.

            1. I’ve seen NCIS, I know they can do it. They just need somebody with tattoos and piercings that has hacking skills.

            2. Basically the little lying bitch knew what she was doing all along.

            3. All it takes is writing 0s and 1s to the drive over and over. After a couple iterations, the data is unrecoverable. Or, even easier, just pass a strong magnet over the disk. No one will ever be able to prove you did anything.

            4. dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sd[whatever] bs=4M

              Repeat many times.

              1. once is usually enough with /dev/random, non?

                1. If you’re insufficiently paranoid, I suppose.

              2. once is usually enough with /dev/random, non?

                1. Holy squirrells, batman

            5. Unless you are hard core, dates of drives and logs will not be matching the real world. So you could do swaps like listed above but unless you are meticulous in resetting everything so that it look like 2008-09 etc. any competent sys admin can sniff trouble.

          3. I think something gets scrubbed but there will be evidence of the scrubbing, so we get “Emailgate, Act 3, The Scrubbers”

            1. “Scrubber” is English slang for a trashy and promiscuous woman. Jus’ sayin’.

              1. Even better

              2. It sounds like it should be Australian, too. “Bloody chunder! This scrubber’s fanny smells like a wallaby’s arse!”

                1. We do understand the word, but prefer moll (especially slack moll), slag or slut.

                  Here is an Australian phrase you can use when something appears very swanky:

                  “As flash as a rat with a gold tooth”

                  1. Fun fact about America: the only time we ever say moll is in the term gun moll.

                  2. what the fuck is wrong with your continent?

                2. This reminds me of my friend’s mom (from Australia) shopping for school supplies in Target just after they moved to the US. She was getting frustrated because she was in the pencils section and couldn’t find the erasers. Some poor teenage Target employee asked her if he could help, and she turned to him and said “I can’t find the damned rubbers!” With a bashful and confused look he took her from the school supply section to the condom aisle.

            2. That’s why you don’t work from the originals. See above.

    3. Skaking? Being first comes at a cost.

        1. The typos show that I’m not one of those copy-and-pasters who prepare ahead of time to try to cheat their way into your hearts. I’m a man of spontaneity. I’m a man of the people.

        2. Or, alternately:

          What is spellchecked may never misspell.

        3. IS it me, or was Baelon Greyjoy in the show just the biggest DICK ever? It was truly a colossal error for Theon to go along with him and not just say, “Fuck you, dude, I ain’t takin’ this treatment and Imma go back and fight for Robb.”

          1. Walder Frey currently holds the title.

            1. I’ve not read 4 or 5 for that reason.

  2. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is concerned about Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

    Finally, they’re focusing on the same concerns the little guy has.

    1. I…I…agree…

      *weeps for the fate of a once proud Republic*

  3. Not a happy hour: Beer truck overturn, dumps cans on highway

    The Florida Highway Patrol says beer cans were strewn along the highway north of Tampa early Tuesday after 23-year-old truck driver Malcolm Jamal Wilcox of Fernandina Beach became distracted by a small dog riding in the cab and lost control of the vehicle.

    The truck went onto the outside shoulder and the driver overcorrected, crossed the highway and hit the center median guardrail before overturning.

    Much of the cargo spilled onto the road, forcing troopers to close the southbound lanes in Hernando County for more than three hours.

    1. “as crowds of Florida Man spilled out onto the road, scavenging for beer, occasionally squabbling over who found the can of Natty Light first.”

    2. How much will they be fined by the EPA for dumping toxic waste?

      1. The EPA has its hands full, so ATF is stepping in to investigate the illegal distribution.

    3. Did the police cite the driver for open containers?

  4. Ferguson saw nothing but peaceful protests Tuesday night.

    Police had the night off?

    1. I’m sure they were sauntering around somewhere.

        1. Gallivanting?

  5. General Election Tight in Iowa

    PPP’s new Presidential poll in Iowa finds a tight race in the general election for President in the state. Hillary Clinton leads 7 of her Republican opponents while trailing 4 of them, but in none of the cases are the margins larger than 4 points.

    The strongest Republican against Clinton in the state is Ben Carson, who leads her 44/40. The other three GOP hopefuls ahead of Clinton all lead her by just a single point- Mike Huckabee at 44/43, Scott Walker at 44/43, and Marco Rubio at 43/42.

    The Republicans who fare the worst against Clinton are Jeb Bush who trails by 4 at 44/40, and Rand Paul and Donald Trump who each trail by 3 at 43/40. The rest of the GOP hopefuls each trail Clinton by 2 points- Ted Cruz at 44/42, Carly Fiorina at 42/40, and Chris Christie and John Kasich each at 41/39.

    1. “Huckabee, Walker, Rubio in a tight three way…” Yahoo’s click bait skills on display.

      1. I lol’d.

    2. The strongest Republican against Clinton in the state is Ben Carson, who leads her 44/40.

      Carson seems to be running a religious-oriented campaign similar to Santorum. There’s a surprisingly large number of people in my rural district who absolutely love the guy.

  6. Chomsky being Chomsky

    Summary: Capitalism and Democracy are incompatible because Capitalism doesn’t allow the majority to just come and take your shit.

    1. Well, that’s why we don’t have a democracy…so far.

      1. Unfortunately we sort of do. The Free Shit Brigade decides a lot of elections.

        1. You’re right, of course. Hard to blame them when a POS politician comes along and promises them someone else’s money. I just wonder how I can get in on that racket though I know I’d have to sell my soul to do so.

    2. So, has the will of the people fully replaced the divine right of kings yet? They tax at higher rates, in much of Europe free speech is being stripped away, and the only reason they’ve cooled it on wars is because they need the cash to pay for the welfare state and have a sugar Daddy across the ocean who provides defense. In America, the only thing that kind of blocks it seems to be the constitution, but even that’s been seriously eroded.

      All of these stupid people are just so desperate to kill the golden goose that allows them to live in relative luxury compared to any other point in history.

      1. We live in an age when government is legitimized by the Divine Right of the Majority. Prior to the triumph of majoritarianism uber alles, tax rates were lower, freedom was in most respects for most people, greater. And the scope of government power was tremendously more limited than today. Democracy is a vagina with teeth that is always hungry.

        1. *note: “Majority” remains ill-defined.

    3. A Sowellian intellectual pontificates on a subject outside his narrow area of expertise. Why am I not surprised that he equates democracy with equality?

    4. I’d say they’re incompatible because democracy doesn’t allow the capitalists to keep their shit.

    5. That’s precisely why democracy as it’s usually understood is shit.

  7. a north-Texas hippie commune

    I’m confused.

    1. Though they’re a part of the Lone Star State
      People don’t seem to care…

      1. They just keep on lookin’ to the East

        1. but apparently, no +Doobies.

        2. duh duh duh duh DUH

        3. Dammit, man, the Doobie Brothers broke up! Shit!

          1. At least we still have Lou Reed.

  8. a flash drive containing all work-related emails from her time as Secretary of State.

    I eagerly await the internet creating Flashdrive mock-ups of the Flashdance movie poster.

    1. You sicko….noooo!

      *somewhere, Crusty Juggler stirs….*

    2. In the meantime, enjoy this

      1. Some people will do anything to get into showbiz…

    3. I’m gonna harden my drive
      I’m gonna swallow my feels
      I’m gonna turn and bcc you here

  9. It’s Time to Haul Down Another Flag of Racist Hate

    You know that racist flag? The one that supposedly honors history but actually spreads a pernicious myth? And is useful only to venal right-wing politicians who wish to exploit hatred by calling it heritage? It’s past time to pull it down.

    Oh, wait. You thought I was referring to the Confederate flag. Actually, I’m talking about the POW/MIA flag.

    I told the story in the first chapter of my 2014 book The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan: how Richard Nixon invented the cult of the “POW/MIA” in order to justify the carnage in Vietnam in a way that rendered the United States as its sole victim.

    1. Because it is a black guy?

    2. They had a take on this over at NR. Basically, liberal dipshit is unhappy that everyone doesn’t view the Vietnam Police Action the same way he does.
      Those poor, poor Vietcong….

      1. Don’t forget those other victims, the Khmer Rouge. There are – seriously – academic works which argue that the KR were actually peaceful little revolutionaries until the American bombing drove them insane and caused them to commit suicide.

        1. Umm, genocide, not suicide.

    3. And so it begins.

      Like we didn’t know the Confed. flag spat wouldn’t be a Pandora’s Box.

      1. Slippery slopes are a libertarian myth meant to keep us from true and total equality!

    4. “????? ?????
      Mr. Perlstein, go fuck yourself. Seriously. Die.”

      The comments are obliterating the little shit.

      1. Zolaknanyabizu?

        Where daduq did you grab that little sequence?

        1. Hey, Tejicano. On the mend?

          1. Still laid up – probably until next Monday.

            1. Mend, gdanbit, mend!

        2. You’d have to ask the dude who made the comment.

    5. There’s a Sowell quote for every ocassion:

      The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’

      1. Racism is like Ketchup. Only use it when you’re out of Vaseline.

      2. If you demand evidence of ketchup it makes you a ketchup?

        1. racism is like ketchup, not racist

      3. Racism is like ketchup. Some people put it on scrambled eggs, and that’s gross.

        1. #PlannedParenthoodSellsBabyParts

      4. I don’t get the quote.

        And you can’t put ketchup on pasta, cereal, yogurt, avocado, cucumber, oatmeal etc. You most certainly can’t use it as a prop during sex.

        1. You most certainly can’t use it as a prop during sex.

          You can’t?! Oh, I mean, yeah, you can’t.

        2. What do you know about pasta, Rufus?

          1. I know I like eating them straight from the bag!

            Especially the egg-based ones!

            1. You….you’re alright.

        3. Wait, are you saying you DO use racism as a prop during sex? That’s weird, but whatever floats your boat, man.

          1. Like you never played “Master and Slave”.

          2. Rufus: “You my nigga?’
            Her: “I’m not black”
            “You my…chink?’
            “Are you done?’
            “You my…”
            “No, are you done?”

            1. Rufus: “Hnnghghg!… I am now.”

        4. You certainly can put ketchup on pasta. Egg noodles sauteed in butter with ketchup was something I had as a kid.

          1. “Can’t even get decent food – right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I’m an average nobody… get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.”

            1. +1 Goodfellas

          2. I’m sure the racoons enjoyed it after they got done eating your leftovers out of your trailer park garbage can. “Cleatus shut da fuk up I’m trying to put Mickey to bed”. “Fuk you bitch, I can’t concentrate on finger banging the 16 year old girl next door and putting Winston 100s out on her upper thigh. You know thats the only way I can cum.” And then you grew up and became the man we all know and love.

      5. Racism is like ketchup – if you put it on steak, you got no class.

      6. Racism is like a box of chocolates.

  10. Bernie Sanders trumped [groan] Hillary Clinton among Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire in the latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll, leading 44-37.



    Feeling the Joementum!

  11. We were treated worse than criminals, like terrorists. But they didn’t find a thing and not a single fact in their warrant was substantiated…

    But how could they know you were innocent until they got some judge to sign a warrant for them to crawl up your ass with a microscope?

    1. like terrorists.

      No, worse than that – hippies

    2. Next the affidavit hones in on the Garden’s website, which highlights the “uber dank high vibe cuisine” cooked from garden-grown crops.

      “[Detective Perez] knows through her training and experience that “Uber Dank” is also slang for high quality marijuana. [Perez] also knows that individuals who consume marijuana often refer to the sensation felt after consumption as a ‘high,” the document said, even though the website went on to explain the term “uber dank” meant delicious.

      That article is worth a read. Reno 911 might as well have been a documentary.

      The commune also held a public tour and some cops came in and someone told the cops they did gardening. Boom, probably cause! NEVER talk to the cops.

      1. Reno 911 might as well have been a documentary.

        Just so you know……I’m stealing this.

      2. Is “dank” a word anyone who speaks English wants associated with their dinner?

          1. Young male hippies really lay the slang on thick sometimes. It’s nigh-intolerable.

            1. You say that like there is any other aspect of a hippie that is tolerable.

    3. Also treated like terrorists: NZ journalist with incorrect visa.

      tl; dr version: entered with incorrect visa, ended up being detained overnight by TSA and then booted from country. Seems a little odd but that’s her story (the detention part is accurate). Blames US overreaction for her trauma and inserts gratuitous shots at Trump and Jeb Bush. Seems incapable of understanding that this is a consequence of bureaucracies anywhere.

      Comments are full of derp from multiple directions.

      1. People from Anglophone countries should be able to come here all willy nilly in my opinion. but meh…

  12. So, “Francisco D’Artonia” was of course wrong; at least two e-mails sent from her unauthorized home server contained Top Secret information.

    So when is she going to be arrested, charged, and indicted?

    1. Never.

      1. Can you be elected president if you’re on probation? Asking for a friend.

        /Sandy Bergher

  13. (California) Progressive policies drive more into poverty

    Roughly half of Latino households fall into this condition of poverty or near-poverty, as do a similar share of African American households. Those who do worst generally are poorly educated single mothers and their children. Poverty and near-poverty are greatest among Latinos, who also are bearing the majority of children. It is hard to imagine a more urgent wake-up call.

    Not surprisingly, many of the foreign-born, the source of much of California’s population growth in recent decades, have fared poorly. Only 25 percent of households headed by native-born Californians fall below the United Way “Real Cost Budget” line for economic distress, but it’s 45 percent for those headed by the foreign-born, and nearly 60 percent for families headed by a noncitizen. The highest percentage is among Latino households headed by a noncitizen ? a staggering 80 percent fall below the minimal level.

    1. Federalist had a great take on this courtesy of Ted Cruz:


      Say what you will, Ted is articulate. He may come off pedantic sometimes, but he can make an argument. And a coherent one at that.

      1. It’s a little scary how much more ready for prime time Cruz looks as compared to Rand Paul. It’s kind of embarrassing the extent to which Paul came off looking like a complete amateur.

      2. Of course he’s articulate.

        He’s fucken CANADIAN. EHHHHH.

        I’m disappointed he doesn’t sound more like Rick Moranis though.

        1. it’s because he’s Cuban-Canadian, one keeps the other in check. It’s like poutine with salsa. Or something. Say, was that some sort of -ist?

          1. Masochist? I mean, poutine with salsa…

              1. You’d better trademark that.

            1. I had a batch of middle easter poutine. It was fries with feta cheese, parsley, and olive oil. MMMMmm.

      3. Like I’ve said, Cruz seems to really be the only candidate that can appeal to Trump’s “fuck you” constituency because he clearly doesn’t care what the media thinks about him. He really needs to begin asserting himself more at the next debate and say things like “Mr. Trump is absolutely right that we need to do _______ and people are right to be mad about it. Here’s how I specifically plan to try and fix that.” Since Trump doesn’t really have any policy positions, it’s an easy way to try and win over some of those people who are simply looking for someone who’s both willing to pander AND has specific solutions in mind.

    2. Its like my grandpa used to tell us after he gave his Sunday sermon. “We can solve all our problems if we just rounded up these chili niggers and threw them in cages.” I like to think sometimes, when I’m laying in bed with a sort of teary eyed happiness remembering him, that hes up there smiling and looking down upon all of us….vindicated.

  14. Bernie Sanders trumped Hillary Clinton among Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire…

    The Clinton Machine is going to have to go to Plan B. Black Lives Matter protesters had one simple job…

    1. Plan B?


      War on Women to the Ultra?

      Vast Right Wing Conspiracy II – evidence boogaloo?

      1. I wouldn’t take any plane rides if I was Bernie.

        1. From the wiki entry:

          “…President Clinton, who attended his funeral, was reported[according to whom?] to be faked crying while leaving after the funeral.”

          1. There was a film clip of him yukking it up with the Secret Service guys – then seeing a camera and dropping into tears of mourning right away.

        2. Or barefoot walks to Fort Marcy Park.

  15. A staple of sci-fi is the use of extreme compound interest. It turns out that a few people have actually tried this in real life through so-called Methuselah trusts:

    Nonetheless, Franklin’s experiment inspired Peter Thellusson, a London merchant and a director of the Bank of England, to even dizzier heights. Thellusson had an impressive fortune of some ?600,000 by his death in July 1797, worth about $68 million today. But at the reading of the old financier’s will, his reckless sons received the shock of their lives. “It is my earnest wish and desire,” he lectured them from beyond the grave, “that they will avoid ostentation, vanity, and pompous shew; as that will be the best fortune they can possess.”

    It would also be almost the only fortune they’d possess. Most of the estate was to be invested at compound interest until every currently existing heir was dead, whereupon upward of ?19 million would cascade onto their distant descendants. It was as if, one legal scholar marveled, Thellusson had “locked his treasure in a mausoleum and flung the key to some distant descendant yet unborn.”

    His heirs did not take the news well: one took out a pistol and shot the old man’s portrait.


    1. Just recently subscribed to Lapham’s Quarterly. Am thoroughly enjoying it.

      1. I just went to look at their website. Interesting. Here’s a reference they posted to a Warty Hugeman adventure:

        When the captain of a French ship landed on the west coast of Australia in 1802 and encountered the local Bunurong people, he stripped down and exposed his genitalia, hoping to dramatize his common humanity for the natives. The Bunurong exchanged curious looks before fleeing in dismay.

        1. That couldn’t possibly have been Warty if the natives were permitted to flee.

          1. “Fleeing” only captures the moment of time between being terrified and being caught.

      2. I buy the publication every once in a while. I have the ones about food and sports.

  16. Who?

    Lawrence Lessig pondering 2016 bid because ‘the system is rigged’

    Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig says he is mulling a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination because “the system is rigged” in favor of lobbyists and those able to exert their influence to a disproportionate degree.

    “You’re going to get nothing done that the Democrats are talking about until we deal with this issue,” Lessig said in an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Wednesday.

    Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is “checking all the right boxes, he’s saying all the right things,” Lessig said, but “unless you say you’re going to fix this first, everything else is not credible.”

    1. Professor Lessig wants to enact one fabulous and sweeping law as President-for-a-day and then go back to his desk. That Congress may not be in session that day seems to escape him.

    2. So, he’s a Howard Stern fan?

    3. The system is rigged is the mating call of the loser.

  17. Carly Fiorina continues to surge in polls about the Republican presidential candidates

    Her campaign ad: https://youtu.be/CTY8hrvFck8?t=12

    1. First time I ever really heard her yammer was Sunday.
      Have to say, she was able to articulate her positions on the limited issues she was asked about very well. No stammering or “let me be clear” or “at the end of the day”…or “uuuuuuh”(Rick Perry)

      1. She struck me as among the top candidates a long time ago.

  18. This e-mail story just keeps getting worse for Hillary Clinton

    And for some related nostalgia, here’s Hitchens on Bill Clinton. “Reptilian” is an underused insult. And I particularly like the use of the word “promiscuous” to describe the old fuck’s habit of cruise missiling his way out of news cycles.

    1. Good thing they’re getting the story out of the way early.

    2. Hitchens mentions Bill Clinton selling “high offices of state to foreign despots, shady offshore corporations, for large sums of illegal money, destroyed the difference between hard and soft money, set a completely new standard for political corruption, and attracted the least criticism from the usual suspects while doing so.” Could have been talking about Hillary as SoS.

      1. Yeah, almost like a familial pattern of behavior, er something

    3. “Reptilian” is an underused insult

      Easy player

  19. Awesome footage of rare white whale off the coast of Australia

    A rare white humpback whale has been spotted off the coast of Queensland on Monday, and whale watchers are hoping it is Australia’s famous whale Migaloo.

    Migaloo, a name giving by Aboriginal Elders that means “white fella,” is one member of a rare group of white whales that have been spotted swimming in Australian waters.

    even the whales are racist

    1. Humpback II – Electric Migaloo

    2. Waitin for a dentist in a rowboat with a harpoon gun to show up and kill this fucker….

    3. “To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

      -Luke Skywalker, Robocop 3

      1. Call me Sithmael.

          1. Are you able to do anything that strenuous, given you woke up bleeding in a hotel bath full of ice?

            1. Note it only said “rises to” – not that I actually got there or managed to do anything once there…

      2. Are you sure Skywalker said this? I thought it was Atticus Finch.

        1. You know nothing, Bilbo Baggins.

          1. OMFG I am so going to get fired for laughing so hard at work!!

    4. From what I understand, after reading a different article on National Geographic’s website, is that there are two very distinct translations within the Aboriginal society. The one that’s brought up in this article is the south western Aboriginal translation of Migaloo which is “white fella”. But the more widespread translation from the central and western territories is “fucking honkey”. I’m not completely sure if this is the case but I tend to lean this way because the European guy who wrote the article says he can read their cave pictures.

  20. Ferguson saw nothing but peaceful protests Tuesday night.

    I have to assume this is true since Drudge has Hillary front-and-center, now.

  21. Parents Drive 93 Miles, Realize They Forgot Girl, 3

    When hitting the road on a summer holiday, you’re bound to forget something. Hopefully it’s not your toddler. Police are questioning a French family after they apparently forgot their 3-year-old daughter at a rest stop while heading south to the French Riviera for a vacation. Travelers found the girl yesterday at a rest stop outside Loriol-sur-Drome, south of Valence, and waited for her family to return before calling police. The child could only tell officers that she had a brother and a sister and was “going to the seaside” when she saw “daddy’s car pull away,” per the Guardian. Police issued an alert and the parents only noticed their mistake when they heard it on the radio about 45 minutes after the girl was found.

    1. “This drive has been oddly peaceful…”

    2. Josephine Dirt?

      1. I heard they were making a sequel. Why can’t Hollywood leave well enough alone?

    3. What the fuck?


      What the fuck?

  22. Carly Fiorina continues to surge in polls about the Republican presidential candidates…

    But does Trump really want to share the stage with another ethnic?

    1. At least her whatever doesn’t have blood coming out of it any longer.

    2. And a bleeder, at that.

    3. I’m waiting for him to refer to her as a “Dago broad”.

  23. Mother Nature’s war against humanity continues…

    Frog causes power outage in Osceola County

    The Kissimmee Utility Authority tweeted that 2,889 customers are affected by the outage in the area of John Young Parkway and Donegan Avenue, north of U.S. Highway 192.

    Crews troubleshot the outage, later saying that power had been restored and the outage was because of a “blown arrestor due to a frog.”

    1. Cannon fodder for the squirrelz?

  24. Take the vapors: Londoners buzz over breathable booze

    Descending into a basement on the south bank of the Thames, customers are handed plastic ponchos to prevent the smell from permeating their hair and clothes, then are led into a corner of the bar sheathed in plastic strips.

    They walk in. And breathe. Deeply.

    “I think the last time I did something like this was where we accidentally spilled lots of vodka into the sauna,” said Tom Foreman, 28, who works in marketing.

    Sam Bompas, one of the project’s designers, says the alcohol “goes straight into the blood stream, bypassing the liver.” Patrons are limited to one hour in the Cloud so they don’t get too inebriated.

    1. Sam Bompas, one of the project’s designers, says the alcohol “goes straight into the blood stream, bypassing the liver.”

      No, dumbass, it gets to the liver when it is metabolized and filtered out of the blood stream.

      1. Not on the 1st pass to the brain, it doesn’t.

        1. Irrelevant, the liver will still be involved no matter how the alcohol gets into your blood stream.

    2. I remember feeling faintly inebriated during one part of the Jack Daniels distillery tour, where you smell the vapors coming out of these giant vats, but I thought to myself “there’s no way in getting a buzz from smelling this stuff, just play it cool”. Some of the other people on the tour got a little giggly. I figured it was just a mental association with the familiar whiskey smell.

      Also, what WTF said.

      1. in = I’m

        By the way, the tour is top-notch and there is a great BBQ restaurant in town. Only problem is it’s a dry county so vapors are the only alcohol you’ll be imbibing.

        1. Which begs the question: would a vapor bar be a legal way around the blue law?

        2. Wait a minute… it is illegal to buy Jack Daniels in the county where they make it? What in hell is wrong with people?

      2. White Lightening is not joke. And amazing.

  25. China central bank under pressure to weaken yuan further: sources

    “There have been internal calls for the exchange rate to be more flexible, or depreciated appropriately, to help stabilize external demand and growth,” said a senior economist at a government think-tank that advises policy-makers in Beijing.

    “I think yuan deprecation within 10 percent will be manageable. There should be enough depreciation, otherwise it won’t be able to stimulate exports.”

    The Commerce Ministry, which on Wednesday publicly welcomed the devaluation as an export stimulus, had led the push for Beijing to abandon its previous strong-yuan policy.

  26. Franz Reichelt leaps from the Eiffel Tower to his death in 1912:


    1. The Lawrence Lessig of 1912

    1. It’ll have to come out.

      1. The blood stains?

    2. just like they stood by Palin. Oh, wait.

      1. Palin was never insulted by the proper person.

      2. I was going to say something about scratching a Lefty and finding hypocrisy, but now that I think about it, you wouldn’t have to go that deep.

    3. “Leftism is hard!”

      /Salon Barbie

  27. Oh, Pennsylvania.

    Kane brought five agents to Norristown for her arraignment on criminal charges Saturday. She rode with three in a black Chevrolet Suburban; two advance agents drove a white Cadillac Escalade.

    Her security detail “is making sure Kathleen Kane doesn’t become a victim of organized cartels,” said her spokesman, Chuck Ardo

    1. Hey, if you are going to be laughably paranoid, you might as well be comfortable and stylish about it.

      1. It’s not paranoia, it’s an attempt to intimidate. “I’m in mortal danger because I’m so good at doing my job. How dare you indict me?”

        Remember Billy Clinton getting out of his testimony and telling the press that he had to get back to doing the work of the American people? Same thing. Sleaze.

    2. Was she wearing a tin foil hat, too?

    3. Money quote:

      “I can’t imagine it,” said C.C. Parker, a retired agent with the office who was severely wounded in a gun battle with a drug dealer. “She herself doesn’t investigate the drug cartels.”


    4. I wonder if she channeled Rendell and drove 90 MPH on the Turnpike.

      1. I channel Rendell and drive 90 MPH on the Turnpike each time I’m on it.

        1. The last time I drove the Turnpike I tried to. I was on the Northeast Extension and succeeded until I got close to Allentown.

          You know what I’m referring to right?

          1. I vaguely recall that incident. I’d do the same thing. [Insert boilerplate rant about our retardedly low speed limits].

            Never been on the NE extension. My dealings with the PA turnpike are strictly East-West.

            1. Yes, speed limits are too damn low. I like how a stretch of the mainline Turnpike now has a speed limit of 70 MPH. When the road opened in the 20s (or was it the 30s?) the road had a speed limit of 75 MPH. Car technology has improved and the mainline Turnpike has been straightened. But the highest speed is 70 MPH, and that is a recent change.

              I brought up driving 90 MPH on the turnpike to dig on the “rules for thee, not for me” attitude that pervades the ruling class. I’m surprised Kane showed up for her arraignment, though showing up with a Praetorian Guard is fitting.

  28. Even reliable liberal Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post is asking Obama to stop being so bitter, hateful, divisive, and intolerant of those who have the audacity to disagree with him.

    1. Obama is nice.

      The Buttplug would have said “Fuck Israel. And fuck Bibi the Rat. And you pro-war assholes are the same idiots who were wrong about Iraq. You are wrong again”

      1. No you wouldn’t, Weigel. You only talk that way when you think you have the cover of anonymity, or when you think you’re only among your liberal Journolist friends. In public, you’re just a dishonest pussy.

        Though your act still manages to wear on people, which is why you get fired so often.

    2. Ruth ignores that this IS Obama making his case. This behavior is not new.

  29. Okay, someone ‘fess up:

    Obama Hater Arrested For Vibrator Theft

    A quartet of officers confronted Hucko as he left the Lovers Lane store. When cop Anthony Carone asked him “what he had stuffed in his pants,” Hucko replied, “My penis.” Hucko added that he had a tattoo of a cherry on his penis and asked Carone if he wanted to see it.

    A subsequent search of Hucko turned up the pink vibrator “under his boxers.” After removing the stolen goods, Carone reported that, “I asked Christopher how that got there, to which he replied that he had no idea.” Cops also found marijuana and a pot pipe among Hucko’s belongings.

    Later, while in an Orland Park Police Department holding cell, Hucko “stripped completely naked” and subjected police personnel to “comments about his political views and derogatory comments about President Obama.”

      1. I was in Vegas, I swear!

        1. What happens in your boxers stays in your boxers.

          1. Well at least until laundry day.

  30. On the morning drive I was listening to NPR for a bit, and caught the host talking about Hillary’s emails. She used the word old several times.

    Old news. Nothing to see. Move along.

    I don’t know who predicted this, but they were spot on.

    1. Long established Clinton M.O.

      “delay, delay, delay, deny, deny, deny…what, still talking about that old story?!”

      Shriek does this when talking about the Lightworker.

      1. In this case the “she” was the NPR host. I believe it was the same one who used the word “denier” in every single sentence on a story about some guy who did research into why someone could possibly think that climate scientists are wrong. The conclusion: doubt sowed by Big Oil. Of course.

        1. NPR has spent a lot of time lately pondering why the speech patterns of millenial women cause people to not take them seriously and how that is totally sexist.

          It’s some incredible navel-gazing on their part given how much emphasis they put on pronunciation (sometimes it’s incorrect just to sound more intelligent).

          1. on the speech patterns, two things: 1) the tendency toward uptalk, where everything sounds like a question as if millenials are channeling their inner Canadian. 2) The voice that sounds as though tremendous effort is being expended to speak, the “I’m so exhausted this sentence can barely be completed” delivery.

            Sexism has nothing to do with it. They’re not taken seriously because that doesn’t sound like serious people talking.

            1. By number 2 are you referring to vocal fry?

              1. yes…good god almighty.

                I should have known there was a term for it.

                1. I know she is making fun of it but she is so good at it i can’t stand to listen.

                  1. Ohh and little Bandita has started using “seriously” and “exactly”. I will woodchipper the kid responsible once i find out who it was. May also have been tv, but NOTHING is spared the woodchipper (except NY Dist. federal prosecutors)

            2. They also don’t seem to want to write in complete sentences. A mix of abbreviations and emoticon doesn’t constitute a sentence kids.

              Should I have added a ‘?’, what, with my being Canadian and all….????

              1. If people were to write that way, it would be with a constant question mark at the end of every sentence? Because it’s almost invoking sarcasm and uncertainty? for everything you say?

                But I think this is just an exaggerated version of Valley Speak.

          2. I like their pronunciation of Spanish words/names.

            1. Yet when they say “Berlin” they don’t say “Bearleen” as a German would pronounce it. Germans aren’t 3rd world noble savages after all, so they are undeserving of NPR hosts bending-over-backwards to appear culturally sensitive.

          3. It’s some incredible navel-gazing on their part given how much emphasis they put on pronunciation (sometimes it’s incorrect just to sound more intelligent).

            Don’t get me started. They always feel the need to over pronounce names and words in “brown people” language. It’s not “Welcome to the show Ms Sanchez.”, it’s instead “Welcome to the Ms Sanchayyyyz”.

            Meanwhile they don’t even try to pronounce a German name or word as Germans would. If you’re going to be a snob about pronouncing everything the way the source language of the word pronounces it, then be fucking consistent. But they’re NPR, consistency is a four letter word.

            1. The funny thing being the native speakers aren’t even that precise with pronunciation. Cheech Mari’s Spanish is horrific.

              1. “I was, born in East L.A., I was….”

            2. Yeah, their attempts to sound authentic when pronouncing Chinese can be pretty funny sometimes. Tonal languages take a lot of work to get right.

  31. Early Tolkien work to be published

    An unfinished manuscript that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth will be published in late August in the United Kingdom and late October in the United States, according to reports.

    Tolkien, whose beloved books were turned into the multibillion-dollar “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” movie trilogies, was a student of English at Oxford University’s Exeter College in 1914 when he started writing “The Story of Kullervo.”

    Tolkien based “The Story of Kullervo” on a character in the Finnish poem “The Kalevala.” In the poem, the tragic Kullervo’s story includes “the death of his tribe and subsequent time as a slave before seeking redemption by killing those responsible for his tribe’s slaughter and, ultimately, committing suicide,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Kullervo also accidentally seduces his sister, which leads her to commit suicide.

    1. In which an early version of Gandalf is a racist and a pedophile.

      1. I heard he had a hobbit foot fetish.

    2. Didn’t he kind of do that in already in part of the Silmarillion?

      1. Yes, that is The Silmarillion. Kullervo was also unfinished but came before The Silmarillion. If I remember correctly, Tolkien wrote the first bits of the Silmarillion while recovering in a field hospital during the First World War.

      2. Yes, that is quite similar to ” The Children of Hurin” part of the Silmarillion.

    3. Paging sarcasmic. Thoughts on this?

      I did read the Children of Hurin a couple of times and it sounds like the beginnings of that tale?

      1. Never heard of it. I’ve read the LOTR more times than I can count, and the Hobbit at least a half-dozen times. Got the Tolkien Reader and Silmarillion, but never really got into them. Use the Silmarillion more as a reference book than anything else. To me it’s as difficult to read as the Bible. So I’ve got nothing. Nothing at all. Sorry.

        1. *Used*

        2. I’ve read the Silmarillion a couple of times. It was less confusing the second time though still disjointed – I guess that’s the nature of creation myths. Still, I do enjoy it.

          1. My understanding is that it was cobbled together from his notes by his son. And it reads that way.

            1. You’re correct.

            2. It does. The first time I read it it was difficult to make sense of because one story didn’t flow well into the next. The second time I read it I tried to read each story as a stand alone piece of fiction, with connections to the others in the book. Made for a better reading experience.

              1. I may have to give it another go. It’s been over twenty years since my last try.

        3. Read it along with the Tolkien professor podcasts by Corey Olsen. Having someone to help guide you along and provide more background was helpful.

  32. ‘I thought I was ugly, fat, disgusting’: Plus-size model Ashley Graham reveals how she overcame her self-hatred and learned to see her curves as an asset – not a flaw


    John pron!

    1. Somebody pays here for pictures so I guess she is…kind of right?


      1. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

        1. I’m not sure that I would be strong enough. And if she rolled over I’d be smothered.

    2. Still waiting for a fat/bald/short male model to be heralded as a hero.

    3. Well, she actually is fat, and her legs look kind of disgusting. But I guess there’s a market for her looks.

    4. She would look really good if she lost 50-60 pounds.

        1. She does have a pretty face. It’s the rest of her…

          1. That’s the only trick these successful plus sized models pull off: you wouldn’t be able to tell from a clavicle up photo that they are that large. Meanwhile in the real world chicks who add 20-30 lbs extra start to show it in the face/neck. Like Amy Schumer…

            1. Very good point. They’re fat chicks with thin faces.

            2. It all depends on your bone structure

              1. Btw, you guys are ridiculous. I’m sure she has no trouble finding a man.

                1. I’m sure she has no trouble finding a man.

                  There are plenty of chubby-chasers out there. I’m just not one of them. Sure, I’ll ride a moped, I just don’t want anyone to see.

                2. She’s very pretty. And legitimately has curves, not like the sloppy obese chicks who use that as a euphemism. And nice skin. I’d date her.

                3. Sure, there are a small minority of chubby chasers, but the vast majority of men do not find fat women physically attractive.

                  1. Chubby chasers – when the femme in question is caucasian – I call them “Captain Ahab” because they have that irrational desire to harpoon a white whale.

      1. LMAO

        1. Models are tall, so I’m thinking she’s something like 5’9″, 210. She’d probably be super hot around 150 pounds.

          1. Agreed. She has a nice face, if she trimmed up she could be really attractive.

          2. She is blind by food privilege. She feels entitled to all those extra calories. I mean, fuck the poor and hungry, amirite?

              1. You could offer to help her take those final DOZENS of pounds off…

      2. I dunno, she’s pretty hot to me. I’m no prize, I’d come out the winner in the relationship. By which i mean the fictitious one that I’ll have going in my head for the next 5-10 minutes.

    5. When you’re young you can get away with extra pounds. Later? Not so much.

  33. TW: Salon

    America is working itself to death: How “9 to 5? became “24/7?
    Whether it’s long hours, or part-time work with no paid time off, women are disproportionately affected

    Though it’s a flawed feminist anthem steeped in capitalist dreams and white-collar, middle-class aspiration, Dolly Parton’s 1980 hit song “9 to 5? still plays as an ode to America’s overworked, underappreciated women workers. There’s a certain timelessness to the list of grievances Parton cites: thankless; credit-stealing bosses; underwhelming paychecks for 78 cents on every dollar made by male colleagues; killing yourself slowly to enrich corporate coffers.

    If there is anything that might strike today’s working women as particularly dated about the song, it is the obsolete idea that a workday might be firmly bracketed, its hours assured, secure and guaranteed. In an era in which Gallup reveals the American 40-hour workweek is actually far closer to 47 hours ? nearly a day longer than it was 35 years ago, when Parton’s song was released? a bona fide 9-to-5 workday now seems almost quaint.

    1. Women wanted to be in the workforce, and then found out that sitting at a desk all day sucks?

    2. In an era in which Gallup reveals the American 40-hour workweek is actually far closer to 47 hours

      Well, except for the 37% of Americans who aren’t even in the workforce.

      1. Hey, somebody’s got to make up for that lost productivity – and tax ‘revenue’.

        1. And surfing the Net during working hours!

          1. I worked as a clerk for the County for 13 difficult weeks. And during that time all internet sites that weren’t email or research related were blocked. Horrors! But I did get all my work done.

            1. and probably finished in two days.

              Yeah I have a buddy who worked at the NPS, one day he decided to take initiative. He was laughed at. He didn’t try again.

    3. so no man qualifies as under-appreciated or overworked. The cult of victimhood never stops, does it.

      1. “Working for a living sucks; women, minorities hardest hit.”

    4. God, I would hate to be someone who regularly read Salon and actually agreed with it. You would have to be such a sad, sad individual. Just perpetually aggrieved and never ever optimistic about anything and always convinced that some monstrous conspiracy of the rich and powerful were actively trying to fuck you over…

      1. To paraphrase Patton Oswalt, Salon readers are gonna miss out on everything cool, and die angry.

    5. underwhelming paychecks for 78 cents on every dollar made by male colleagues

      I dream of a day when this myth stops being endlessly repeated. If I make $100k as a network engineer and you make $78k as a procurement analyst in the same department, that tells us nothing about the state of gender equality in the US and should never be a federal issue. Apples juice sales are only 78% of orange juice sales? The horror! We must get Obama on this, stat!

      The Labor Department itself shot this myth to hell in like 2007. Why won’t it die already?

      1. Why won’t it die already?

        Because it still works to rile up the faithful and to denigrate the enemy.

      2. Before we had kids my wife was an IT procurement administrator while I was a logistics project engineer (different companies /fields). I have 3X the education and carried 5X the workload (I even wrote up most of her process documents in my spare time). But she made about the same as I did because a) she was very competent and b) was working for a bank.

        I had no issues with how much she made – it just made the whole “78%” thing that much more grating.

  34. On NPR last night they interviewed a Ferguson elected official who sided with the protesters. I was impressed by her unqualified First Amendment defense [quoting from memory, so effectively paraphrased]: “You have no right to feel comfortable, that’s why we have the First Amendment.”

    A small ray of hope, at least.

  35. Deep fried frish, hand-shredded ass meat and poo green curry: The hilarious menu misspellings which will leave you wondering what on earth you’ve ordered

    Spelling errors due to terrible translations of names of local meals
    A number which occur in restaurants in the English speaking world
    Hilarious mistakes include dishes such as ‘hand and cheese’ sandwiches


    1. ‘hand and cheese’ sandwiches


      /disappointed cannibal

  36. I don’t have a problem with Carly, especially, except for being under the influence of neocons on foreign policy.

    There’s an excellent argument to be made for her competence, anyway, and considering that the last two presidents both have been woefully incompetent, that would be a refreshing change.

    I”m just not sure the American people are ready for a competent President, and I’m not sure the average American can tell the difference between competence and the hole in Hillary’s head anyway.

    1. What has she done that is “competent”? HP spun off its most creative business while she was there and she tanked the company. Lucent is no more. She lost her big Senate race.

      1. Carly was brought in right before the internet bubble burst. Expectations were very high just before the PC business because a complete commodity business.

        Carly certainly became aware that the PC business had become a commodity business before her shareholders did. And in the face of competition from Dell, buying Compaq (which is what the shareholders saw as her mistake) was actually the smart thing to do. If your business is selling PCs to consumers and businesses through brick and mortar channels, then you want to have the largest economy of scale–and you need to commit to having that economy of scale.

        As far as Lucent is concerned, again, the internet bubble bursting did that, and that was after Carly was no longer in charge. What exactly do you blame her for doing at Lucent? She was considered wildly successful there–which is why she was made CEO at HP.

        1. Lucent completely missed the IP revolution that made Cisco a giant. By 1999 they were dying.

          Nortel did too. It was their focus on telecom switching that killed them.

          1. You are an enormous idiot.

            That is all.

          2. No, in 1999 both Lucent and Nortel were raking in huge sales as the telecom bubble swelled in the late 90’s, at least on paper. Neither one missed the revolution, they just didn’t have it themselves so they bought quite a few networking companies but like most acquisitions, they had great difficulty in capitalizing upon them. Once telecom crashed, then the after the fact audits turned up questionable books and practices ranging from hopeful to outright fraudulent. Given her role at Lucent, Carly was either willfully ignorant or gaming the numbers. That’s what made her look good at the time.

            1. I worked for her in 1996-7. ATT had released Lucent in early ’96. The 5 divisions were: Network Switching (5Es, DDMs, etc.), Micro Electronics (processors), Consumer Products (Trimlines and such), Bell Labs (R&D), and Business Communications Systems (Key switches and PBXs). THAT was what Lucent was. Prior to separation almost all of it was a cost center to ATT (They were absolutely huge and could easily afford it). Carly was instrumental in changing Lucent from being a cost center to being profit focused. I am not saying I would vote for her. But her record at Lucent is not only stellar in my opinion but saved a large portion of the jobs that could have easily been lost.

              (For completeness, Consumer Products was spun off from Lucent VERY shortly after separation. A good move. And Micro Electronics was sold not long after that. A questionable move. BCS was later spun to Avaya. A whatever move, cause at that point Alcatel was waiting in the wings and the only real profit center was network switching. NS though never quite stayed current. But giving Bell Labs to the french was damn near criminal)

              Fun Fact:
              When I was at Lucent Bell Labs was being AWARDED on average 3 patents a day. Crazy.

      2. HP spun off its most creative business

        Did it have a name?

        1. Agilent was spun off in July 1999. Carly joined HP the same month. The Compaq acquisition was a disaster. Agilent was the root of HP.

          1. “Agilent was the root of HP.”

            Agilent’s primary business was selling medical products to hospitals.

            It was not the root of HP.

            HP’s core business was not selling medical products to hospitals, and, like I said, you obviously don’t understand anything about people focusing on their core products and businesses.

            Meanwhile, spinning off Agilent netted HP a bundle before the internet bubble burst, and they presumably kept a nice portion of the stock after they spun it off, too. If the shares HP shareholders got did well after the spin off, then that still benefited HP shareholders–who could individually hold onto or sell Agilent shares if they wanted to.

            And if Agilent has been successful since, then that very well may be because their management could focus on what was best for their own medical instrument business rather than what was best for HP’s core PC and server business. In other words, that means that Carly was right to spin them off–not wrong.

            You cite people hitting home runs as if she had struck out. Again, you can’t seem to tell the difference between competent behavior and a hole in the ground.

            1. Yeah, I was a broker back in those days. Fiorina was definitely at the helm during an interesting period. We were timidly bought HP if I recall correctly. Can’t remember what analysts were saying though – not that it really mattered I learned hard and fast.

              1. They were a component of the Dow and a nice chunk of the weighted S&P 400. If you didn’t buy HPQ as a portfolio manager, you were effectively shorting HP (HPQ), the DJIA, and the S&P 500.

                And Carly was laying off people at HP left and right and the merger with Compaq was all about consolidation and economy of scale–in a growing consumer PC business at the time.

                Hindsight is 20/20, and sometimes the smartest and best decisions are made in the service of lost causes. I think she made the best decisions a buggy whip manufacturer could have made knowing what was known at the time.

                Like I said, average Americans think if you bet your life savings on black jack and win, then you’re the smartest guy in the room, and the guy who bet nothing is an idiot. It’s probably unreasonable to hope that a competent candidate will be voted in by such people–specifically for being competent.

                But if Carly were President, she’d be the most competent President we’ve had in a long, long time. Even if I disagree with her on whatever issue, there’s no substitute for competent leadership–and she’s got it coming out of her ears.

                1. “weighted S&P 400”

                  Obviously II”m not rockin’ the 5 thumb this morning.

            2. Agilent specialized in measurement–not just medical. We used quite a bit of their products when I was in the telecom industry.

              As much as I hate to agree with Buttplug, I can see Aginlent as being considered the core of HP, since Hewlett and Packard started out in the measurement and sensing business. However, HP was (and is) a large and an extremely diverse company. Therefore, Buttplug really knows nothing of what he writes. HP was also a very significant minicomputer maker back in the day–both in the business and the technical markets. They were (and are) very good at printing. Their servers and workstations are remarkable as well.

              Buttplug is somewhat correct in that measurement (Agilent) was the beginning of HP. But it wasn’t really the core by the 1990s.

              1. “Buttplug is somewhat correct in that measurement (Agilent) was the beginning of HP. But it wasn’t really the core by the 1990s.”

                Also, if Agilent has been successful since it’s IPO, Buttplug is wrong to suggest that means it was bad for HP shareholders.

                A wildly successful IPO and spinning off shares to shareholders is not evidence of failure. If that’s failure, I hope all my investments fail.

                Also, note that Agilent has continued to spin off some of its own divisions so it can focus on its own core businesses–even after it left HP.

                Shrike is capping on Carly because she’s running as a Republican and making up shit as he goes along–same as it ever was.

            3. Agilent is testing and measurement for all types of industries. It was the legacy product line of Hewlett and Packard. It was the original business (if you don’t know what “legacy” means).

              It was the largest IPO in Silicon Valley history. They later sold their medical business and are still a $13 billion business today.

              1. IPO?

                You mean it was spun off to shareholders?


                Why, yes, it was!

                Why is spinning a successful company off to HP shareholders bad for HP shareholders?

                Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

                Has it occurred to you that HP shareholders may have wanted it spun off so they could profit from unlocking the higher valuation on a faster growing company’s earnings?

                If Chipotle doubled in price on the first day of trading after McDonalds spun it off, do you imagine that means it was a failure?

                Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?

                You don’t understand the difference between success and failure, Shrike.

                Is any of this getting through?

              2. A bit less now. Agilent spun off their electronics test & measurement into Keysight Technologies last year.

          2. Agilent was spun off in July 1999. Carly joined HP the same month.

            And the decision to spin off Agilent was made before she got there

        2. I think he thinks that Lucent was part of HP.

          I don’t think he realizes that Lucent was part of AT&T.

          He must have just skimmed the talking points memo today.

          I’m sure he doesn’t understand focusing on your core business. Like I said, I’m not sure the average American can tell the difference between competent decision making and a hole in the ground.

          If you bet all your chips on red and win, that means you’re the smartest person in the room, doncha gnow?

          1. I worked on a giant project for Lucent in Basking Ridge, NJ in the 90s. Lucent’s “core business” was already in its death throes.

            1. “Lucent became a “darling” stock of the investment community in the late 1990s, rising from a split-adjusted spinoff price of $7.56/share to a high of $84. Its market capitalization reached a high of $258 billion, and it was at the time the most widely held company with 5.3 million shareholders.[14]”

              For a company whose core business was already in its death throws in the 1990s, it seems have done pretty well after that–doncha think?

              It blew up with the rest of the internet bubble, but that’s hardly Carly’s fault, is it? Given that stock performance, she must have been doing something right.

              And, again, if you’re saying that she accomplished that despite Lucent’s core business already being in its “death throes”, then that’s not something to be ashamed of. That’s to her credit. That would mean she recharged their product line and took a company in its “death throes” and tripled its market cap.

              A home run is when she hits the ball out of the park. An out is when she doesn’t make it to first base. You don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between the two.

              1. She missed seeing the single most important factor in Lucent’s decline and failure. They could have bought one of Cisco’s small competitors or developed a company like Juniper or they could have even bought Cisco with their cash hoard back in 1991-2. They failed.

                1. …they could have even bought Cisco…

                  Thank God they didn’t. They would have crashed Cisco in the same way they did Lucent. Lucent even trashed Bell Labs–the idiots.

                2. I think it’s pretty clear from Fiorina’s history that she’s adept at Marketing, Sales, and Ops and that pure strategy does not seem to be her strong suit. I’m going to keep banging the drum that she should have a cabinet position somewhere, because I think she would be quite good at implementing somebody else’s vision.

                  1. “I think she would be quite good at implementing somebody else’s vision.”

                    Being the President is typically implementing someone else’s vision, but even if that were what being a cabinet secretary were all about, who’s vision are we talking about her implementing?

                    Jeb Bush’s vision?

                    Scott Walker’s vision?

                    Those guys wouldn’t last a week working for Carly.

                    I trust her vision above everyone else’s in the Republican field–save Rand Paul.

            2. Lucent–much like Alcatel, Nortel, etc.–was an analog company in an increasingly digital world. That’s why Cisco beat all of them so badly. The telecoms focused on the core of the network while the real growth was on the edge.

    2. If Fiorina couldn’t win a Senate seat during a Republican wave year, she’s not going to win the general.

      1. No Republican is going to beat Boxer in California.

        1. That’s a weak excuse given how it didn’t stop other Republican candidates from winning their own races in ostensibly blue states for two mid-terms running. If it was that obvious that no one was going to beat Boxer, why did Fiorina waste the time and money? What exactly has she done in the last four years to indicate she’s ready for the Presidency if she wasn’t bright enough to not run an obviously quixotic campaign? And if she can’t even deliver in her home state, then who exactly is her constituency?

          If there was a chance she could actually turn California, then yes, she’d probably have a decent chance. But that’s not going to happen. So what are the indications that she’ll be able to switch places like Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Pennsylvania that have/had elected Republicans in key positions but ultimately throw the lever for the Dem as President?

  37. Whenever I’m in my car, I listen to American Family Radio to see what sort of derp they have.

    The other day, a Bible translator was complaining about the error that bothered him the most. In the OT, there is a Hebrew word that is translated as “holy ones” which is the equivalent of a Greek word in the NT translated as “saints”. The translator said the same term should be used for both cases so people can see the connection. Seemed like a pretty minor thing to worry about.

    They also have a program called Urban Family because I guess they didn’t want to call it Black Family.

    And last night, they had a creationist explaining that the reason scientists deny Noah’s Flood is because they want to deny the judgement of sin. ‘Cause hardly a day goes by without me hearing about some scientist denying Noah’s Flood.

    There was one interesting program where James Dobson from Focus on the Family was interviewing Ted Bundy the day before his execution. Dobson tried to get Bundy to say porn made him do it.


    Fun fact: it took me 12 years to figure out how to turn on a radio in a car. I thought I had to turn the volume knob like most radios instead of pushing the knob.

    1. I like to listen to Bible radio when I clean my guns.

      1. If it is from the Saint Louis area, you’d constantly be prepping for the Last Days.

        1. I don’t know where it’s from. Lately it’s been some guy with what sounds like an Irish accent talking about Nehemiah, interspersed with advice to husbands that when I hear all I can say to myself is “Holy fuck! Someone actually needs to be reminded of this?”

          1. One of myCatholic friends laughingly steered me toward STL area Catholic radio if I wanted some elderly priest to go through the papers and point out stories that showed the End Times were nigh. That was a few years ago….so I reckon they might have turned that theme over a bit.

            1. My mother totally believes the End Times are nigh. Whenever she brings up the subject I quote Jim Morrison: “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near.”

          2. “Holy fuck! Someone actually needs to be reminded of this?”

            What, to put the toilet seat back down?

            1. “What, to put the toilet seat back down?”


              Men need it up; women need it down. Do your own work.

              My mom once nagged me about it. She tried to convince me that if I didn’t, there was a grave danger she would sit down without noticing and get stuck like that South Park episode.

            2. I can’t remember any specifics.

        2. If it is from the Saint Louis area, you’d constantly be prepping for the Last Days.

          Don’t you mean Holy One Louis”?

    2. Many years ago I knew this crazy audiophile – vintage Western Electric tube amplifiers, Altec horn system made out of concrete – who was also a pot smoking buddhist.

      But he had an RF issue with his stereo setup – he would get background music/commentary from the nearby Christian radio broadcasting station coming through the speakers.

    3. If you listened to them talk about the economy rather than Noah’s Ark? The stuff they say is smarter than what the progressives on NPR say.

      Only, if someone wants to believe that the entire world was submerged under water roughly 5,000 or 6,000 years ago, I don’t really care. According to Lou Reed, Jackie thought she was James Dean for a day, but that didn’t really affect me.

      When progressives say that the world would be a better place if they effectively nationalized healthcare and the whole system were effectively administered by the government, on the other hand, it affects me a great deal.

      Meanwhile, there are seashells at the bottom of Death Valley and the top of mountains, but progressives don’t even have a Bible. They just make the shit up.

      You know where I’m going with this, right?

      Yeah, the progressive’s ideas about how the economy works are dumber than creationism; in fact, I’ve known creationists who would never fall for the stupid idea that their lives would be better if only the government took over the healthcare industry.

      1. It’s kind of funny how progressives like to ridicule creationists on the basis that life came from emergent order, yet they completely and totally deny emergent order in the economy or law to the point of being creationists who worship government as their god.

        1. Well, Evolution had to depend on emergence because there were not Top Men. Nowadays, however, we have the expertise to effectively control the minutest detail of the economy because computers.


        2. My understanding is that Darwin was reading and trying to reconcile Adam Smith and Malthus while he was on the Beagle.

          Took a walk on the Galapagos, saw how the red footed birds and the blue footed birds had filled different niches and it all started coming together…how Adam Smith overcomes Malthus’ limitations.

          Yeah, you gotta be pretty dumb to understand that you don’t need a creator God and somehow imagine that you need a central planner.

          Also, notice that one is more elementary than the other. Adam Smith didn’t build his observations on what Darwin had written; Darwin built his observations on Smith. If creationists haven’t caught up to Darwin yet, progressives haven’t caught up to Smith!

          There’s something willfully obtuse about progressives making fun of people who can’t integrate functions with e^x in them–even while they themselves refuse to acknowledge basic algebra, too. The most undesirable trait I associate with rednecks is willful ignorance and being proud of their ignorance, and in that way, I think progressives are even more redneck than rednecks.

          1. I don’t get that at all from the rednecks I know. Their main interest and priority is to have a good time, all the time. I don’t associate them with Bible-thumpers at all, despite the stereotype.

            1. I’ve known and loved rednecks of my own.

              Being proud of not knowing much and willfully resistant to learning isn’t what I liked most about them.

              But progressives are also like that in their own way.

              If hating capitalism is wrong, then they don’t want to be right.

              1. Being proud of not knowing much and willfully resistant to learning isn’t what I liked most about them.

                It’s a matter of what they like to learn. Just because someone isn’t into book knowledge doesn’t make them ignorant. For example my redneck neighbor cured me of my ignorance on how to do the brakes on my car, and has helped me out with several other projects. He’s ignorant with regards to book learning, and plans to stay that way. But what good would that knowledge do a hands-on guy like him? Not a bit.

                1. ^this. I have a lot of redneck relatives. They can’t tell you who the governor is, but they can tell you how to bypass the governor on a moving van.

                2. I worked with a guy who was a genius and making gadgets out of odds and ends. He helped me with a lot my projects. He was gruff and unkempt and not popular with the bosses. He ended up getting fired abruptly for arguing about some dumb policy. I met him on his way out, shook his hand and gave him my contact info as a reference.

                3. “It’s a matter of what they like to learn. Just because someone isn’t into book knowledge doesn’t make them ignorant.”

                  I agree with that. Some of the smartest people I’ve ever known were rednecks.

                  I did not mean to disparage rednecks as much as I meant to disparage progressives for being worse than rednecks–in the very way that progressives hate rednecks for being.

                  “The most undesirable trait I associate with rednecks is willful ignorance and being proud of their ignorance, and in that way, I think progressives are even more redneck than rednecks.”

                  That was meant to be a dig at progressives for their willful ignorance.

                  If you were a progressive you find me comparing you to rednecks about as highly offensive as anything could be. It was meant to offend progressives.

                  Progressives are dumber than creationists, and they’re more willfully obtuse than rednecks.

                  1. I don’t even find rednecks to be willfully obtuse. Just disinterested. Progressives are incredibly obtuse because they feel very strongly about things they know very little about, and are hostile to learning anything that may conflict with what they feel. Like the MR quote below.

                  2. I think you picked the wrong stereotype to contrast with. I understand your point though. But you could have made it without bringing up rednecks.

                    1. “I think you picked the wrong stereotype to contrast with. I understand your point though. But you could have made it without bringing up rednecks.”

                      One of the points was to offend progressive, and there is nothing more offensive to progressives than being called more willfully obtuse than a redneck.

                      That’s all I was going for.

              2. I find rednecks to be very practical people. If something isn’t practical to them, then they see no sense in learning it. They don’t want to learn simply for learning’s sake. I see nothing wrong with that. It’s not me, but who am I to judge?

          2. It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.

            Murray Rothbard

      2. I’ll rather have laws from a creationist who believes in markets over a prog who believes in evolution any day.

        1. I agree.

        2. I love this — I want to use it!

      3. There probably was a regional flood at the basis of the flood stories. For some herdsman to say “the whole world flooded” isn’t really inaccurate if the whole world he knew of flooded.

        Check out Flood Myths on Wikipedia. In the section Claims of Historicity, they mention the possibility of the filling of the Black Sea from the Mediterranean after the last ice age (and various others), which would certainly be an event to tell your grandchildren about if you witnessed it.

        1. Or ot could back to some nasty 500 year level floods in the Tigris and Euphrates valley where the people of Abraham have their most distant origins

    4. For many yrs. previously, you did have to turn the knob on a car radio to turn it on.

  38. Maybe start working on those skeet shooting skills?

    “A company called Aerial Assault has turned a quadcopter into a flying hacker that scans the world below for insecure devices and vulnerable Wifi ports. Its makers say they built the tool for penetration testing ? to help “good guys” diagnose their own weaknesses ? but they concede that with a bit of modification, it could be used to exploit those vulnerabilities and install malware from the air.”


    1. the tool for penetration testing

      Paging Warty!

      1. Warty is beyond the testing stage, i’m afraid.

        1. He is the tool.

          1. That’s why it’s called the Doom cock of Doom, amiright?

  39. No, Bernie Sanders isn’t doing enough: Black Lives Matter deserves much more from the Democratic Party

    Sanders approached the microphone ready to address a massive crowd on the topic of Social Security (a federal program designed to protect Americans over the age of 65 from destitution) and Medicare (an entitlement program providing health insurance for seniors). He chose this topic in an era where we have seen Tamir Rice gunned down by police at the age of 12, Aiyana Stanley-Jones shot down by police at the age of 7, and Sandra Bland wrestled on the ground by an officer and found dead in a Texas jail cell at the age of 28.

    For the defining civil rights issue of our day?whether or not Black, Indigenous, Latino, or other citizens of color in the United States will be afforded equal protection under the law at the hands of law enforcement?Senator Sanders was seemingly oblivious to the ultimate irony of the message he came to deliver. Without swift and radical change in the way white police officers approach and treat Black people during encounters, the Black victims of the police use of excessive force will not live make it to the age of 65 and therefore are denied via death the luxury of Social Security.

    1. My nephew was telling me how he was chewed out by a SJW for writing ‘all lives matter’.

      The wannabe SJW shnotthead is from a suburb of Montreal. This shit travels and crosses borders.

      Instead of asking me if I have alcohol to declare at the border they should ask if I will be importing any retarded jingos, slogans, ideas and ideals.

      1. I think the problem with All Lives Matter is that isn’t seen as a competing movement so much as a retort, and an excuse for ignoring the problem, and not unjustifiably so. If people actually got serious about ALM being a thing instead of an anti-thing, then BLM would probably concede and join up.

    2. given the state of black America, hasn’t the Dem Party done quite enough? And that’s aside from the fact that blacks today have vastly more opportunities than their parents or grandparents did.

      1. And yet are doing worse than their parents and grandparents, despite being further away from “their” historical injustice of slavery.

    3. “a federal program designed to protect Americans over the age of 65 from destitution”

      that hasn’t been true in a long time.

    4. the way white police officers approach and treat Black people during encounters

      1. Black is capitalized, white is not. Nice.

      2. It’s not only white police, you disingenuous morons.

  40. Marathoner runs race to fight “period-shaming”

    Harvard Business School graduate Kiran Gandhi recently committed what is apparently considered a heroic act of feminism by running a marathon without a tampon ? letting herself just bleed everywhere. The goal was to fight what she sees as a stigma against periods.

    1. I wonder if flies were a problem. Seriously.

      1. “Look! A dust cloud off in the distance! She must really be moving! She’s getting closer! Oh. Oh, no. No, no no no no!”

    2. heroic act of feminism

      A little bit of grade inflation there.

    3. The goal was to fight what she sees as a stigma against periods

      Or, bleeding out everywhere.

      1. I’m against PMS, not periods.

      2. Next she will not wipe herself to fight the stigma against defecating.

    4. Don’t let the Donald find out about this.

    5. This is just stupid. Who is shaming women for menstruating? And why be unhygienic and ruin your clothes to make some non-point? I feel sorry that women have to carry this burden, but this sort of ridiculousness will not change it at all.

      1. In some parts of the world, women are still subject to ridiculous stigma (heh heh) and restrictions related to menstruation.

        See “Menstrual Man”


        1. Well, you’re right about the way that women are “shamed” in other parts of the world, and throughout history during menstruation. However, our marathoner suffers no such fate, and has no valid complaint. Furthermore, I suspect that purity laws affecting menstruation were–as it was for food–originally established to protect health.

          I wonder if marathon-woman is a vegetarian.

  41. William Shatner returns to captain’s chair for Star Trek: The Cruise next year

    Space might be the final frontier, but in January 2017, Star Trek is going somewhere the long-lived franchise has never gone before in its half-century history: the high seas. Or, at least, the Atlantic Ocean between Florida and the Bahamas.

    Star Trek: The Cruise, a six day cruise launching Jan. 9, 2017, will not only take Trek fans from Miami to Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay during its journey, but will also offer what organizers are calling a “totally immersive” event with none other than William Shatner acting, fittingly, as de-facto captain of the ship.

    Shatner is just one of a number of Star Trek actors who will be appearing on the cruise, with Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Denise Crosby and John de Lancie from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Robert Picardo from Star Trek: Voyager and James Darren from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine all reporting for duty.

    In case that’s not enough, attendees will also get to enjoy the music of the “Enterprise Blues Band” ? a group made up of Star Trek actors including Vaughn Armstrong and Casey Biggs ? as well as “intimate speaking engagements with leading scientists, influencers and experts,” parties, games and competitions, according to organizers.

    It’s all fun and games until the Kobayashi Maru needs rescuing.

    1. As “de facto” captain? With all due respect to the Shat and to everyone involved, I believe his only captaining experience is fictional.

    2. Nothing more horrific than hundreds of pasty white trekkers burning in the subtropical sun.

    3. Space, the Final Frontier
      Captain Shat, who leads without peer!
      Cold, and lonely is Space
      Never with Shat, in his warm embrace

      The Shat Boat soon will be making another run
      The Shat Boat promises something for everyone
      Set a course for Genesis, your mind on a whole new world

      And it won’t hurt, this is clear
      Once we get this worm deep inside your ear

      Now we’re stranded
      It’s KHAAAAAAAN!

    4. “All I ask is for a tall ship and a star to steer her by…”

      Nevet been on the high seas? Does no one remembet Worf’s promotion ceremony?

  42. This has probably been posted here before, but I don’t care. Great moments in Australia

    1. What were those 5 year girl screams?

    2. My taxes paid for his education and medical care *sob* … I feel so very proud

      1. he is famous. He was on Outrageous Acts of Science. I love that show.

    3. I forgot where I saw it, but the claim was that the reason Aussies and Kiwis are so adventurous is because they don’t have to worry about being bankrupted by expensive injuries.

        1. Because they have single payer healthcare, they won’t have to pay out of pocket if they break a bone while they’re rock climbing or full metal wombat wrangling or whatever.

  43. Kiran Gandhi recently committed what is apparently considered a heroic act of feminism by running a marathon without a tampon

    She should try jogging in Yellowstone, next.

    1. Saudi Arabia

    2. Oh, dear lord, is this going to be a thing now, too? We’re working hard on the silliest culture in history title.

      1. Extreme Menstrual Bucket Challege

        1. I am not eating lunch today.

        2. You have just personally set my recovery back at least half a day.


          1. You knew the risks…

            1. True…I saw “SugarFree” above the post, and read it anyways….

              1. So, you decided to go with the flow, eh?

                1. in honor of our injured LTC,

                  *Gaze = narrowed*

    3. Swimming with sharks?

  44. Hillary Clinton said she will turn over to the Justice Department her private email server along with a flash drive containing all work-related emails from her time as Secretary of State.

    Didn’t she originally claim those emails were destroyed? Now here they are and the left and gubmint investigators will pretend that she never lied.

  45. My prediction before the debates that 1 participant from the under-card debate, as a result of performance there, would be promoted into the top 5, turned out to be correct. I’m available for hire as a political consultant.

  46. Hillary Clinton said she will turn over to the Justice Department her private email server along with a flash drive containing all work-related emails from her time as Secretary of State.

    Now I think it only fair and reasonable (and we do know how fair and reasonable the Obama administration is) that Hillary be given the same treatment as that other Top. MAN. General David Petraeus when it was discovered that he mishandled classified information.

  47. Cover your ears! Experts reveal the SIX words women hate the most – with ‘moist’ topping the list of cringe-inducing phrases

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/fem…..z3ibjnub00
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. Coming closely behind, at 68 per cent, was ‘squirt’.

      Mildly arousing.

      1. You finally fucking post something useful. Well done!

    2. “The baby’s diapers need changing, honey.”

      “You’re up? Get me a beer.”

      “Not tonight, there’s football on TV.”

    3. panties is my #1

  48. Sterling logic you’d expect from an article touting Obamacare as a major success

    When Republicans carry on about what a “disaster” the Affordable Care Act is, they rarely acknowledge that the law is helping millions of people get health insurance.

    But we don’t need Republicans to tell us these things. We have data.

    And now we have some more.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday released the latest results of the National Health Interview Survey. According to the survey, just 9.2 percent of the population, or about 29 million people, had no coverage during the first three months of 2015. That’s down from 11.5 percent in 2014, 14.4 percent in 2013, and 16 percent back in 2010.

    The report doesn’t identify a reason for the decline. It simply communicates the survey findings. But the timing and characteristics of the trend make the primary reason obvious: It’s President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.

    This is lazy and stupid even by Obama cultist standards.

    1. My understanding is that the decrease is mostly due to people signing up for Medicaid.

      1. 7-8 million signed up for private insurance like Cigna via the overpriced healthcare.gov portal.

        About the same amount qualified for Medicaid.

        We avoided single payer is the good news.

        1. woodwork effect for those who were otherwise already qualified for Medicaid pre-ACA

        2. 7-8 million signed up for private insurance like Cigna via the overpriced healthcare.gov portal.

          And around 5 million lost their coverage because of OCare.

          Net increase of actually insured people is pretty low. Many of those are covered through their employers now, so OCare had no positive effect on that.

          The only part of OCare that has “worked” is Medicaid expansion.

  49. OT: I’ve been installing new outlets, switches, and light in the new house.

    I just can’t seem to find a good (and not overpriced) outdoor ceiling porch light for a mid-century house. There are lots of Arts ‘n’ Craft options but nothing modern is really striking my fancy.

    I do like this:

    But not so tall… and maybe a little wider.


    1. have you tried etsy?

    2. It’s Title 24 compliant! I have no idea what that means. If you click on the Specifications tab, there are none. Does it operate on 12VDC or 3 phase 480?

    3. also, meant to recommend this: https://www.atomic-ranch.com/

      1. that’s awesome – will check it out further


  50. Holy shit, this is 20 years old. #graypubes

  51. Japan’s national debt hits new record of 1.057 quadrillion yen.

    That’s a lot of platinum coins!

    1. That’s around $8.5 trillion, give or take depending on the day’s exchange rate. Worse shape than us per capita.

      1. Yep. And their GDP is lower than it was 20 years ago.

        Two lost decades. Epic Keynesian fail.

        1. TWO?!?!? They’re working on three…

    1. I’m assuming it’s meant as parody, and from what little I remember of Rand it’s passable, but I have to wonder what goes on in the head of someone satirizing, as they must see it, Rand’s perfidious hateful little screeds. The author captures Rand’s sanctimonious nose-tweaking and snotty moralizing, but the punchline seems to be the contradiction in saying look at how productive this ungracious little twit is. How often does welfarism really inspire a spontaneous sense of conscientiousness and diligence? Sometimes, certainly. The “leg-up” aspect of charity isn’t unfounded. But how often does it inspire indolence, instead? Or simply saps inspiration altogether? After half a century of efforts and $15 trillion sunk, the rate of poverty has moved nowhere. If it’s simply a matter of giving the mouse a little treat and a little affection (forcibly expropriated from earners) why have we got any poor people at all? Why is systemic poverty an issue? Why haven’t they all moved up into the ranks of earners simply by the inspiration of their neighbors’ charity?

  52. Photo of what looks like a coral reef in the paper this morning. No ‘before/after’ shots, just a picture of what looks like a reef.
    “Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been reduced by almost half by natural causes and climate change”
    No time scale, no attempt to proportion the causes, just the bald claim.
    Awright, then!

    1. Smart people said so. Are you claiming to be smarter than them?


  53. Hillary Clinton said she will turn over to the Justice Department her private email server along with a flash drive containing all work-related emails from her time as Secretary of State.

    She is going to get on her knees, sweep away the dust bunnies, unplug the computer, and lug it over to the Justice Department Data Center. She doesn’t really need to bring the monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

    1. I just got back from WaPo, reading the comments over there on this server. The progtards are going insane.

      Here’s a sampling of the comments:

      Bush did it too!

      Fake scandal, cons!

      No crime was committed, cons!

      Cons war on the Clintons is getting old!

      Oh, and it’s too late, the FBI took all the stuff without her permission. She gave them permission after they took the stuff. I mean, she was going to give it to them anyway, she’s just been really busy.

      1. I thought Bush was too stupid to use email.

        1. Jesus never existed either until liberals need to use him as a reason socialism is good.

          Now Bush and Cheney both suddenly got smart enough to setup their own email servers. Funny how no one has ever heard about that until now.

      2. The definition of “old, fake scandal” for them seems to be any scandal that Bush didn’t do. His scandals remain fresh and genuine forever.

        1. Bush’s scandals were highly visible, expensive, and ongoing. The reminders were frequent if not constant, and the media took a great interest in them. Obama’s are more scandals of process or remarkably dense legislative conquests, like the ACA, the full effect hasn’t remotely been felt yet. The media had other things to do those days.

      3. Oh, and I’ve read comments on WaPo too. This is usually to read George F. Will’s musings.

        ‘Hillary Clinton has dedicated her entire life to helping others.”

        ‘Will is senile.”

        1. ‘Hillary Clinton has dedicated her entire life to helping others.”

          At least people named Dorothy.

  54. Wow, I could have sworn this story happened before and I even had comments on it! Dejavu, it really works!

  55. Oh look the Daily Mail portrays the Oath Keepers as a white supremecist organization.


    Lookout, it’s white patriots!

    1. And Reason’s fake libertarians such as Elizabeth Nolan Brown are more than happy to parrot the notion.

      1. I could agree with you about Soave, Chapman and Dalmia, but ENB?

        1. Did you see yesterday’s morning links?

          Yes, ENB is the exact same deal. How many genuine libertarians do you know who support the taxpayers being forced to support Planned Parenthood?

        2. She dared to be cute in describing their actions in Ferguson. She’s basically a Dumbocrat.

  56. Paging Dr Malthus!

    The strain of unbridled population growth on the planet’s finite resources comes into sharp focus this week as the planet approaches the so-called Earth Overshoot Day ? the day when the world’s population uses up all the natural resources the Earth can generate in a single year as defined by the sustainability think tank, Global Footprint Network.

    “This overshoot leads to a depletion of Earth’s life-supporting natural capital and a buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” reads the Overshootday.com website. The Global Footprint Network estimates that the current population demands the resources of 1.6 Earths.

    With global population numbers on the rise, “it means we still seem to be heading fast in the wrong direction with the world gearing up to approve new sustainable development goals in New York, and a new climate accord in Paris,” reports The Guardian.

    What this planet needs is a good old-fashioned World War.

    1. Something tells me that this derpy person thinks socialism would more effectively mitigate waste and over-consumption than capitalism would.

    2. Global Footprint Network

      So, the Malthusians were in need of a new name?

    3. IN 1798 Thomas Robert Malthus inaugurated a grand tradition of environmentalism with his best-selling pamphlet on population. Malthus argued with impeccable logic but distinctly peccable premises that since population tended to increase geometrically (1,2,4,8 ) and food supply to increase arithmetically (1,2,3,4 ), the starvation of Great Britain was inevitable and imminent.

      Almost everybody thought he was right. He was wrong.

      In 1865 an influential book by Stanley Jevons argued with equally good logic and equally flawed premises that Britain would run out of coal in a few short years’ time. In 1914, the United States Bureau of Mines predicted that American oil reserves would last ten years. In 1939 and again in 1951, the Department of the Interior said American oil would last 13 years.

      Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.

      “Plenty of Gloom”, The economist Dec 18th 1997

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