Arrests and Oath Keepers in Ferguson, Larry Lessig for President?, Nancy Reagan Snubs Jim Gilmore: A.M. Links


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    Ferguson, Missouri, saw more tension Monday evening after protesters are said to have thrown water bottles at St. Louis County police, who responded by ordering the crowd to disperse or face arrest. At least 20 people were ultimately arrested.

  • Meanwhile, heavily-armed members of the "patriot" group Oath Keepers traipsed about Ferguson in camouflage gear while carrying assault rifles. "If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way?" asked Patricia Bynes, Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township. 
  • Harvard professor and early digital-culture guru Larry Lessig is considering a Democratic presidential bid.
  • Bernie Sanders has released a "racial justice" policy platform
  • Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has invited every 2016 Republican presidential candidate except Jim Gilmore to participate in the CNN/Reagan Library debate on September 16.
  • Rick Perry has stopped paying his campaign staff. 
  • Turn off your ad-block, people! We need to eat. 
  • Miley Cyrus speaks out for breasts, not guns

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  1. Bernie Sanders has released a “racial justice” policy platform.

    So he can have his stages to himself?

    1. Hello.

      “Bernie Sanders has released a “racial justice” policy platform.”

      Oh, this I gotta hear.

      1. “Four legs good; two legs bad.” Of course some animals are more equal than others.

        1. The Ostriches promptly defected back to the Human faction

          1. …Where they hid their heads in the sand with the rest of mankind until the animals took over.

        2. “Four legs good; two legs better.”

    2. Black lives matter. Your’s doesn’t.

    3. An awful lot of his platform sounds like Rand’s platform. Not the “economic violence” stuff obviously, but there a lot of overlap.

      1. The Democrats have stolen the issue. One might question the sincerity of the left who only hopped on this issue in the last year when it garnered so much attention.

        Old joke that if there were no libertarians, Democrats would have no one to steal their social agenda from.

        The list isn’t bad, though, and if it happens, I don’t care who implements it. With the exception of his ridiculous idea for federal law enforcement training which won’t happen or matter, and skin color based policing.

    4. I’d be more into him if he had a PBR platform for his campaign. I am going to get so tired of seeing his name, I can just feel it.

  2. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has invited every 2016 Republican presidential candidate except Jim Gilmore to participate in the CNN/Reagan Library debate on September 16.

    Once again, the stars weren’t aligned for Gilmore.

    1. That’s what he gets for mocking Matt Welch’s sartorial inadequacy.

  3. Australia’s Vegemite-alcohol debate takes off on Twitter

    Australia’s beloved spread Vegemite was back in the news this weekend after it was suggested sales should be limited to prevent people from using it to make alcohol.

    The call came after a newspaper revealed that people were using Vegemite, which contains yeast, to make alcohol in bath tubs in remote parts of the country.

    Australians, concerned about the proposed ‘Vegemite watch’, took to Twitter to voice their concerns, with the number of Vegemite related tweets spiking to almost 3,500 Sunday.

    ? though that didn’t stop Prime Minister Tony Abbott from publicly assuring the citizens of Australia that he was against any kind of ban on Vegemite.

    1. Do you live in a land Down Under?
      Where the bathtubs foam and men chunder?

        1. Can’t you hear, can’t you hear that thunder?

    2. At least they’re not butt-chugging it… that we know of.

    3. Is Australia reaching UK levels of nannyism and spying?

      1. I dunno…if it were the UK, Cameron would have spoken up for a vegemite ban…

    4. This makes no sense. You can also brew alcohol with regular bread yeast, or you know, wine/ale yeasts that are easy to purchase.

      Also, bath tub alcohol? Use $5 buckets with a lid and airlock unless you want contaminated booze that is going to quickly turn to vinegar.

  4. Loretta Lynch delivers fawning speech to police union: “Thank you for being the peacemakers”

    1. Well obviously it’s not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturer of state violence.

      1. Yeah… the firemen, and paramedics would get more love, if only they would consider dragging you out of a burning house, or resuscitating you from a heart attack, primarily in order to seize your car and execute you and your dog(s) in the driveway. And then, there’s the postal workers.. a murderous lot as it is..

      2. See, if you hadn’t been going on we’d have heard that, Bignose.

      3. +1 Cheesemaker

    2. Did she at least warn them not to come home drinking with loving on their mind?

  5. Rick Perry has stopped paying his campaign staff.

    Get the story right! He only forgot to pay a third of them.

  6. Miley Cyrus speaks out for breasts, not guns.

    Fuck that; I want both.

    1. Both are fun to play with, and even fun to clean afterward…

      1. Sarah Silverman does a bit about showering with the boydriend and how good a job they do cleaniing breast. It’s pretty funny.

  7. Study Credits Uber With Decline in California Drunk Driving Deaths

    When Uber released a study earlier this year produced with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, taking credit for a decline in drunken driving-related car crashes among drivers under 30, it was called out for not producing enough evidence to make the connection.

    But now comes a study from researchers at Philadelphia’s Temple University that suggests the entry of Uber’s low-cost ride service, Uber X, into 14 California counties led to a 3.6 to 5.6 percent decline in drunken driving deaths.

    1. But they will still go after Uber and Lyft, not because of safety, but because it will cut into the money they make–off of DUI enforcement, taxes, and licensing for taxi services… Can’t have that, now.

    2. Since MADD is so influential with the cops and since Uber is a r a son for cutting down on DUI’s, perhaps Uber should try to partner with MADD in their movement. Then go straight to the cops and fund the DARE programs to get drugg d drivers off the road.

      Because the support of the cops and an influential, and sympathetic to most people, group combatting drunk driving might be the best way to undermine the government’s that are toadying to the taxi cartels.

      1. Do you think that police departments want less DUI?

        It’s one of their biggest justifications for bloated budgets and payrolls.

        1. It is guaranteed overtime for an almost guaranteed conviction.

      2. They’ve already done that. I got this email last January.

        Ridesharing helps make cities safer. A new study we conducted with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) shows just how powerful choice can be: Since we launched uberX in California, drunk-driving crashes decreased by 60 per month for drivers under 30. That’s 1,800 crashes likely prevented over the past 2 ? years.

        When empowered with more safe, reliable and affordable transportation options like Uber, people are making better, smarter choices that are making our roads safer for everyone. Learn more on our blog.

        To promote safe rides home during the weekend of the Big Game, Uber will donate $1 to MADD for every trip taken on Sunday, February 1, 2015 between 3:00 PM and 12:00 AM ET when riders enter the promo code THINKANDRIDE.

        Uber and MADD will keep working to ensure a safe ride is always within reach and drunk driving crashes become a thing of the past.

        David Plouffe
        SVP of Policy & Strategy, Uber

        1. That would definitely make me want to stop using Uber. Fuck MADD.

          1. Seconded. MADD is one of the most evil organizations in the U.S.

          2. I’m not happy about this either, Nikki. But do notice that it was only for rides during a single eight-hour period and the rider had to actively opt-in for MADD to get that donation.

            I very much get the sense that Uber was very much in the drivers seat with this and that MADD is desperate for any publicity or funding they can get, which is a good thing.

  8. Turn off your ad-block, people! We need to eat.


    1. Yeah, maybe try being less obnoxious with all your fucking ads.

      1. That’s generally my response. If your page won’t load without crippling the browser unless I’m blocking your ads, you’re not going to get any revenue from those ads either way.

        Besides, it’s easier to part me from my money by directly providing a product I want to buy. I have a negative reaction to ads wherein I have decided not to buy from a company I otherwise would have on the basis of their ads annoying me. I don’t want to validate such tactics.

        1. I have decided not to buy from a company I otherwise would have on the basis of their ads annoying me. I don’t want to validate such tactics.

          Exactly my attitude as well.

          1. Ditto. Fuck GEICO.

        2. Only when you stop with the obnoxious ads that appear out of nowhere and spawn off a new tab. Deal?

          1. And auto play pisses me off to no end.

      2. ^this. Perhaps if Reason chilled out on how many ads they display I would.

        However, I will never, ever click any of the ads on your page or any other site. So if Reason is getting paid by clicks (as seems to be the new fad) instead of impressions, it does not matter that I run adblock.

        1. I will not click on ads, but I sometimes pursue products that are advertised here, provided the ads for those products are uniformly well-behaved. Badly behaved ads disqualify those products and their manufacturers from further consideration.

        2. The only time I click on an ad on Reason is when I don’t have adblock (work computer) and the damned page shifts during loading, making my click accidentally register on the ad.

          More often than not, I just stop visiting Reason when I don’t have adblock available.

      3. And make them more relevant? I’m not interested in “bringing America back to God”.

    2. What ads? Heh.

    3. But how will you ever find out the most common way to pay off your credit card debt; what rule drivers are surprised they never knew; meet the man that is disrupting the 13 billion dollar razor industry; or learn that extremely brilliant way to pay off your mortgage?

      Yea, can’t figure out why anybody uses adblock.

    4. I don’t actually have an ad-blocker, I just have a filter that sorts out offensive material. I can’t help it if the filter thinks a commenter saying “you worthless piece of shit dog-fucker, you, I hope you die” and a picture of Hillary Clinton and an advertisement for Facebook are all the same level of offensive.

  9. “If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way?”

    If they were there to protect people and businesses from looting and rioting, I would guess they probably would be.

    1. “traipsed about”…what?

      Afraid to say “minced” or such?

      1. in camouflage gear

        Looks like they have camo vests and…blue jeans and t-shirts. Eeek! paramilitary gear!…..RGUSON.JPG

        1. ASSAULT RIFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. One more time for the gun-ignorant (which disappointingly includes ENB apparently):

            SEMI-AUTO: pull trigger, gun goes boom only the once
            FULL-AUTO: pull trigger, gun goes boom-boom-boom until it has no bullet thingies
            ASSAULT RIFLE: gun can be semi or full auto

            1. Forget it, Horatio… something something Bradytown…

              (Bloombergtown would also work)

            2. FULL-AUTO: pull trigger, gun goes boom-boom-boom as long as the trigger is held back until it has no bullet thingies

              1. FULL-AUTO: pull trigger, gun goes boom-boom-boom as long as the trigger is held back until its clip has no bullet thingies

                  1. And an amateur. Real men have AGs to ensure the party never ends.

                1. It is a magazine not a clip. No modern firearm uses a clip.

                2. It is a magazine not a clip. No modern firearm uses a clip.

                3. It is a magazine not a clip. No modern firearm uses a clip.

                4. MAGAZINE!!! It’s a damn Magazine… Not a clip!!

                  Sorry…. Pet Peave..

    2. Not that it matters, but:

      Led by a man who gave his name only as John, the group, whose members wore bulletproof vests and carried sidearms in addition to combat-style rifles, said they had come to protect a journalist from the conservative “” Web site.…..09866.html

      1. Unfortunate, if true. Journalists should assume the same risks as anyway else when traipsing about a dangerous area.

        1. Journalists should assume the same risks as anyway else

          Anyone else like the police or the kid that tried to shoot up the police van or anybody else like a Jew living in Tehran?

          1. I’m not sure what this word salad means but it looks yummy.

            1. same risks as anyway else

              You don’t say

                1. *Shouts*


                  1. That is why I asked to have something else…oxycodone.

      2. combat-style rifles

        This is why I am in favor of banning black guys, banana clips, upper thingies, downier thingies, and shoulder thingies.

        Also, fuck the Oath Keepers.

        1. ha. I meant black guns. But now that I think about it, lets ban black guys, too (except the hot ones, if you know what I mean).

          1. Freudian slip, Kochsucking teathugliKKKan!

        2. Show us on the doll where the Oath Keeper touched you.

    3. YOU’RE MISSING THE POINT: She’s going to need votes again.

    4. My question is: Received by whom? The police? Those ones right over there that you are in charge of and have been in charge of since just about forever? Why, no, I don’t think they would be received the same way by those police. You know who else doesn’t think those police would treat brown and black people exercisiing their rights in the same way they treat white people exercising their rights? I’ll give you a hint – they’re the ones throwing rocks and bottles at your police right now. Maybe you should get a committeewoman to look into this issue.
      Note: I am in no way supporting the “patriot” group Oath Keepers as I am aware that these people are whackos who believe you have a right to defend yourself against aggression, even – and especially – if it is the state that is aggressing against you and that sworn servants of the people have an obligation to disobey the state when the state orders them to aggress against the people. Those crazy fuckers sound like libertarians or something. /shshshshudders

      1. libertarians or something

        Libertarians with spines?

    5. If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way.

      I dunno. I do recall a bunch of Asian shopkeepers who protected their own property with firearms during riots being supported by us white skinhead gunnut types.

  10. The Schumers Need to Rework Their Tired Gun Control Routine

    Boobs on display.

    1. That just works on so many levels.

      1. Yes, it is going to be hard to top this.

        1. Phrasing, Crusty.

  11. Obama aide banned from the White House after she ‘shoots at her cop boyfriend with his own gun in argument over affair’

    Barvetta Singletary, 37 – a special assistant to the President and the House legislative affairs liaison – was arrested on Friday after the alleged incident.

    She reportedly confronted her boyfriend, a Capitol Hill police officer, about another woman he was seeing before grabbing his two cellphones and his .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon, NBC reported.

    When the officer refused to give Singletary his cellphone passwords, she took the gun and pointed it at him, saying: ‘You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,’ according to the arrest warrant.

    Police said she pointed the duty weapon in his direction and fired one round.

    what a lovely looking lady.

    1. After I locked up all of my weapons and sharp objects, I’d let her assist me specially, if you know what I mean.

    2. Hope she spells her name BarVetta from now on.

    3. Wonder what her opinion on “sensible gun laws” is?

      1. blah blah blah training blah blah blah licensing blah blah blah WHYDOYOUHATECHILDREN

      2. That theory that lefties push for stringent gun controls because they cannot trust themselves… seems altogether credible.

        1. That’s PRECISELY why.

      3. ‘You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,’

        Best argument ever against arming progressives.

        They would use them.

    4. Again, why are Glocks so damn prevalent? Is it the LEO discount?

      1. Also they are very reliable guns that still work well even if you neglect them.

        1. Because they’re polymer-framed and have less rust? Is that what you’re referring to by neglect?

          1. Partly, they can take a lot of abuse and neglect including failure to do cleaning and maintenance, and they still shoot just fine.

            1. Glocks are the AK’s of pistols. They just fucking work. Always.

        2. I think this has a lot to do with it. I was in my local FFL recently and one of the sales reps was talking about his Glock – he is running an experiment to see how many rounds he can put through it without cleaning before it doesn’t work anymore. He said he’s up to 2,000.

          1. one of the sales reps was talking about his Glock

          2. I have about that many through my glock 35 without cleaning. Occasionally i put a drop of oil on the barrel/slide wear points and a drop on each rail. No failures in several years of competitive shooting

          3. Glocks are very reliable and relatively inexpensive.

            The ‘safety’ feature prevents accidental discharge without preventing ready access.

            I personally don’t like the ‘DA only’ action, but they’re great guns.

          4. Does the sales rep have a Glocky spiel?

        3. The interns have to share a Glock, though.

      2. Brand recognition.

      3. Easy to maintain and a consistent trigger pull?

      4. “Glock” just sounds so crisp and cool and menacing, so, so……Germanic. Who wouldn’t want a Glock?

      5. The agency pricing is very good, the private purchase LEO discount is good, they do lots of training and marketing, and they came on the scene with high capacity pistols when most agencies were switching over from revolvers.

    5. Never stick it in crazy.

      1. She’s not even hot crazy.

    6. she took the gun and pointed it at him, saying: ‘You taught me how to use this. Don’t think I won’t use it,’ according to the arrest warrant.

      A poor decision, in retrospect…

    7. She’s the Obama liaison to the House. If that gives you any clue as to how he wants to get along with them.

      1. “Approve the Iran deal or I’m promoting her to the Senate.”

    8. I don’t think it was her boyfriend. From what I’ve heard on the news, it sounded like a one-night stand. So, you can add 100 extra crazy points. We’re in Glenn Close territory.

    9. So she pointed the pistol at him at close range, fired, and missed? Sounds like he did teach her how to shoot like a cop.

      1. So she hit a bystander and/or a dog, then?

    10. So, attempted murder, with a firearms enhancer.

      The only interest in this case is whether her position as a toadying sycophant will help her, or hurt her, with the prosecution.

  12. Two Mississippians arrested for trying to join ISIS

    The two are former Mississippi State University students, according to MSU spokesman Sid Salter. Dakhalla was a Spring 2015 graduate in psychology, and Young is a former sophomore chemistry student.…../31439175/

    1. Youth rebellion just ain’t what it used to be. Our generation had a lot more fun with it.

    2. You can’t spell ISIS without two Mississipians.

      1. Actually, you can’t spell Mississipi without a pair of ISIS.

    3. I’m going to take a wild-ass guess and say the evidence they intended to join ISIS consists mostly of statements made to an ISIS ‘recruiter’ who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent – and that it took a long time and a lot of arm-twisting and browbeating and persuasion by the FBI to get the two to agree to join ISIS. Another tourist plot successfully thwarted by our brave FBI agents provocateur!

  13. We need to make Election Day a federal holiday to increase voters’ ability to participate.

    Hey, Bernie, how about making *Registration Day* a federal holiday, too?

    1. Under President Bernie Sanders, a lot of people will have a lot of “vacation days”. They just won’t be paid vacation days. For that matter, they won’t be paid for anything else either.

      1. Standing in line for toilet paper aint a holiday, Bern.

      2. Tax returns are a kind of paycheck.. or, a stipend, if you will. Annuity is another way of looking at it..

  14. Actress Melissa Gilbert running for Congress in Michigan

    Former “Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert announced her candidacy for a Michigan congressional seat on Monday, saying “fresh voices” are needed to help improve the economy for people who have fallen behind.

    The 51-year-old Democrat, who moved from California two years ago after marrying actor Timothy Busfield, will run for the 8th District, which stretches across three counties from the northern Detroit suburbs to the state capital of Lansing and has been in GOP hands for 15 years. First-term Republican Rep. Mike Bishop of Rochester won last year after then-House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers decided not to seek re-election.

    “I’m running for Congress to make life a little easier for all the families who feel they have fallen through the cracks in today’s economy,” Gilbert said in a statement. “I believe building a new economy is a team effort, and we need to bring fresh voices to the table to get the job done.”

    1. bring fresh voices to the table

      Not if those fresh voices are bringing CA actor derp with them.

    2. Yup, an infusion of California style Democrat policies is just what Michigan needs.

    3. ‘Fresh voices’

      Another phrase I hate.

      Everyone knows by *saying* that it’s just another way of restating an idea.

    4. She married Timothy Busfield? ADORABLE!

    5. She literally lives in my town. Literally. We’ve seen her in the Mexican restaurant.

      Dem running in Livingston County? Good luck, sister. You’ll need it.

  15. New post debate poll (2000+ sample) shows Trump at 32% with Jeb (the smart one) at 11% in second.…..ntroversy/

    Rand Paul still around 5% again.

    1. Speaking of which:

      Don’t Fall for a Fake Conservative
      Written by Senator Rand Paul

      “…I asked him in the debate why he’s hedging his bets. If he doesn’t win the GOP nomination will he support Clinton? Will he run as a third party candidate? Ross Perot gave us Bill Clinton. Will Trump give us Hillary Clinton?

      Why give so much money to both sides?

      That’s the problem with the system. Big Government and Big Business get in bed together, and the ordinary taxpayer ends up with the short end of the stick while our country is driven deeper into debt.

      I for one don’t think you should run for President if you believe what Trump says about money in politics: “When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

      Isn’t this buying and selling what’s wrong with Washington?”

      1. The saddest part of Rand’s implosion is that he knows why guys like Trump give to both sides. Because the system is inherently corrupt and businesses that operate in cities have to pay to play.

        Rand could have parlayed that angle with Trump instead of attacking him like a rabid poodle.

        1. Rand could have parlayed that angle with Trump instead…


          1. So demonstrating hatred for Trump is more important that making an effective argument?

            How establishment of you.

            1. Yeah a string of z’s should tell you exactly all that. Just because your political advice sucks doesn’t make you a mind reader instead.

              1. Sorry I’m not fluent in retard.

                And I must say that Rand’s strategy is working brilliantly.

  16. China Rattles Markets With Yuan Devaluation

    The announcement suggests policy makers are now placing a greater emphasis on efforts to combat the deepest economic slowdown since 1990 and reduce the government’s grip on the financial system. Authorities had been propping up the yuan to deter capital outflows, protect foreign-currency borrowers and make a case for official reserve status at the International Monetary Fund.

    The announcement suggests policy makers are now placing a greater emphasis on efforts to combat the deepest economic slowdown since 1990 and reduce the government’s grip on the financial system. Authorities had been propping up the yuan to deter capital outflows, protect foreign-currency borrowers and make a case for official reserve status at the International Monetary Fund.

    1. Squirrels are expanding there sphere of influence…

      1. Their getting there paws into grammar, two.

    2. That huge sucking sound is the next round of deflation being released upon the world by the Chinese devaluation, but mostly on Europe. Draghi’s gonna need a bigger boat.

      1. There’s a huge sucking sound when my money accrues in value?

        1. Well, your currency may accrue in value against other currencies – that much is true.

        2. Your money accruing in value, constitutes theft.. kulak..

    3. Everybody knows the best way to obtain official reserve status is to hyperprint. Pikers.

  17. Love the scare quotes around patriot. Nice touch.

    1. Elizabeth Nolan Brown is yet another Weigel (as if we needed even more Weigel clones in this place).


      2. I’d like to think I dress better than Weigel.

        1. And you are not a douche bag. So there is that

        2. I knew he could never do justice to heels and a miniskirt.

        3. Well, I’m almost positive you’re a better dancer than Dave Weigel

          “Follow-up to one hell of a day: Apparently, the Washington Examiner thought it would be fun to write up an item about my dancing at the wedding of Megan McArdle and Peter Suderman. Said item included the name and job of my girlfriend, who was not even there — nor in DC at all.”

          Mike M’s obsession with Weigel is literally insane, so this sort of comment is to be expected.

          1. Mike M is one of the idiots who thinks that shreek is Weigel, right?

            1. I believe he is the originator of that theory.

              1. I think you’re right. It’s embarrassing to have him around.

              2. It’s so obvious now. MIKE M IS WEIGEL.

                1. AND SHRIEK

        4. I’m sure you do. Nevertheless, you’re a pretty bog-standard Beltway liberal.

          1. Except, you know, Beltway progressives have moved so far left that even taking a few token socially liberal positions while maintaining a favorable disposition toward capitalism makes ENB a rabid teathuglican conservative.

        5. You also have better skin, presumably.

      3. We need more Block Yomamma clones in this place, that’s for sure.

        1. Don’t you dare criticize Mike for that nickname either, since it’s totally clever, not annoying, and in no way vaguely racist.

          1. Stop complaining about retarded shit people say, Irish. It just proves you know they have a point.

            1. Complaining about the illiterate yokel morons is worse than the illiterate yokel morons. Or something. I still haven’t quite figured it out.

              1. Shut up, Wartock Shitongo. /clever nicknames

                1. Irish? More like Birish!

                  1. I guess that was resolved, since he professes heart for the dead toothed one?

                    1. DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT ESB

                    2. Warty, Irish linked a video that will make you hate her. Open your heart to hate, dude.

                    3. What Irish really wants is a threesome with him, Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig, and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

                    4. More like, #cuckservative Irish. YEAH!

          2. and in no way vaguely racist.

            Jesus tittyfucking Christ do you lot need to get lives off Twitter.

            1. Why are you here, moron?

              1. Noticing obvious things makes you the real racist here, Warty.

              2. Because somebody has to listen to you whinge and change your drool cup from time to time.

            2. You’re right. Calling a black man ‘Block Yomamma’ is obviously not meant to be specifically racial.

              How could I have been such a Twitter SJW? I was such a fool.

              1. Yes, because this is 1966 and white boys haven’t been saying “yo mama” for the better part of a half century. It could only be a racial slur. And clearly it’s not a joke either. Nobody would use that kind of slanderous racial language in the service of humor.

                Lighten. The. Fuck. Up.

                1. Just to elaborate, it’s a juvenile, not terribly funny joke in any case, but humor is subjective. That doesn’t make it racist. For a group of people whose Fargo joke was interpreted as deadly serious enough to warrant federal fucking subpoenas you’d think you might be a little less inclined to toss out smear labels because you find a joke in bad taste, or you don’t particularly care for the person who made it.

                  1. Y’all are completely getting off of the point, which is that Block Yomomma is an utterly retarded thing for Mike M. to have come up with and the world gets a little bit dumber every time he uses it.

              2. Also, Obama isn’t black, he’s biracial. His mother’s family was 100% white, no matter how much he and his sycophants hate that fact.

                1. EVERYONE STOP YELLING

          3. No way ‘vaguely’.

  18. Turn off your ad-block, people! We need to eat.

    A note on this. I would like to load raw. I really would. But have you tried it yourselves? This site is bloated beyond all, um, reason. Between the obnoxious advertising and the social media widgets, loading these pages crushes resources. Do more webathons if you have to, but dial it back from 11.

    1. Seriously. I’d love to procrastinate at work more but without ad block the site becomes basically unusable.

    2. Wouldn’t know. Never seen it without ad block. 😉

      1. Wouldn’t know. Never seen it without ad block. 😉

        All the cool kids are doing ad block these days, so if you want to be a cool kid you will try it out.

      2. Even with adblock it’s pathetically slow. Also, the squirrels.

          1. Editing is for amatuers.

            With editing we wouldn’t have John.

            1. Agreed. I only jokingly complain about it – I actually prefer it without editing.

    3. More like Adblock Yomomma. Amirite?

        1. Don’t encourage this kind of behavior.

      1. You are a terrible person.

    4. So much this. Kill fucking Taboola, at least. And get someone doing direct sales so you can run something decent instead of a million horrible retargeted banners.

      1. Stop linking to anything on HuffPo, too. There are one or two sites that won’t load properly for me even with ad-blocking and HuffPo is the very worst. (Present company excepted, natch.)

      2. And get someone doing direct sales

        THIS! I have yet to see a woodchipper ad on the site or in the print edition.

        Do you even have a marketing department?

    5. Agreed – only way I can enjoy the site is with Adblock and NoScript (and fascr) on.

    6. Automatic 25% CPU load on this site before I finally couldn’t take it anymore and started using ABP. When your site takes more resources to load than Counter-Strike, there’s a problem.

    7. Reason crashes the browser of my android smartphone every time. That is not OK.

  19. Wales: Glowworms having sex force council to turn off street lights

    Street lights were switched off at a popular beauty spot amid fears they were interfering with glowworms sex lives.

    Council bosses turned off the street lights due to concerns about how they were affecting the insects’ mating habits.

    It’s claimed that the sodium illuminations were tempting away the male insects, which meant they were failing to copulate with their females.

    1. So the lights were glowworm fembots, huh?

      1. Streetlights: The youpron of the insect world.

    2. I see an opportunity to sue a town in Wales for everything they’ve got after crashing my car at night there.

      1. everything they’ve got

        So… three bushels of coal, the town pig, and an haddock?

    3. The sex force council is turning off the streetlights? This is not going to end well. In fact, having a sex force council at all was probably a bad idea and they shouldn’t have listened to Warty when he suggested it.

  20. Ukrainian Armed Forces to employ raccoons

    Reportedly, the animals will be used for combat engineering purposes. The work to train the animals look for mines are already being conducted in the Kharkov region of Ukraine.

    In one of the military units of Kharkov, there is a raccoon named Hook. Dog handlers have picked a female for the raccoon – a female raccoon named Alice. After the animals produce offspring, they will be taught to search for explosives.

    The raccoon is a resilient animal that can escape from predators. Raccoons are known to be very cunning and resourceful creatures that have not proved their ability to military learning, Pravda.Ru reports.

    1. I guess they can have the ones that raid garbage cans around here.

    2. Raccoons … have not proved their ability to military learning

      “Please to not be touching mines for long time.”

    3. No moose and squirrel?

      1. Watch me pull a Crimean out of my hat.

        1. again?

          1. Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like.

            1. +1 Natasha.


              1. Sure Natasha had a blocky body and walked like a centipede with two legs, but she had that voice.

                1. Better than Doctor Girlfriend Dr. Mrs. The Monarch?

                  1. She’ll always be Dr. Girlfriend to me!

                    /fetish for smoking women

    4. Ukraine puts in a large order of Gideon Bibles.

  21. Why the snarky descriptor,of what the Oath Keepers are doing? They’re “traipsing” around? How many of them are looting? How many are rioting? How many are threatening violence to,get what they want?

    Seems to me the Furgeson protestors could take a page out of their,book. Or maybe they could join forces and start asking why their rights to defend themselves are being zoned out of existence by their (Team Blue) local governments.

    1. Yeah, that was a bit … odd, that descriptor. But I guess ENB can’t help herself sometimes…

    2. Also, if they were carrying assault rifles, I assume they had the proper FFL to sell them or possess them, as assault rifles are by definition a special class of firearm and few licenses are granted to possess or sell them. Public displays are likewise strictly regulated.

      Jesus Christ. This is the kind of asinine shit that makes me wonder why I donate.

      1. Come on sloopy. Everyone knows that scary black rifles are scary and dangerous…just like Stormbringer. Those rifles possess their owners and demand the souls of the dead there wielders kill.

    3. They’re mean looking and obviously racist white people carrying scary guns.

    4. Traipsing about with assault rifles is not ok.

    5. I admittedly don’t know a whole lot about the group, but I thought they were actually anti-police overreach. Isn’t their whole thing about refusing to follow orders that don’t comport with constitutional protections? If that’s the case, then we hate them… why exactly?

      1. The civil liberties folks over at SPLC have them on the hate group watch list for their dangerously anti-governement rhetoric and their dangerously subversive connections to such people as Ron Paul, Gun Owners of America and The Tenth Amendment Center. They are a “patriot” group fighting “unconstitutional” laws passed by an “over-reaching” federal government with “too much” power. (All the scare quotes are to make sure you understand that no right-thinking person believes that the federal government has too much power, over-reaches in an unconstitutional manner or that patriots are anything other than people who do as they’re told by the government.)

      2. “We” don’t.

        I’m kinda fond of them actually.

        I think that people should work to insure that their county sheriff be an active member if at all possible.

        County sheriffs are the only block of armed power directly elected by the people and are the only ones who answer directly to the people rather than a Mayor, Governer or President.

    6. Unless the nature of the organization has changed, they’re probably there to guard against the cops moreso than the underclass. But some people can’t see past “white dude with gun, sans badge”.

  22. Re: ad blocking

    Find a new revenue model.

    1. Find a new revenue model.

      You’re not going to like it better.

      1. “Before you click thru to the comment section, check out my garage with 3 Ferraris and 7,000 books…”

        1. I hate that guy. I hate his hack delivery. I hate his fake bookshelves and his fake garage and his fake Lamborghini (seriously? You keep your books in your garage?). I hate the 90-second run-time. I hate the unskippability. I hate those ads so much.

          1. I have no idea what this is – and I don’t want to know.

      2. “I make $95849 a month with just a computer! I didn’t believe it until I saw the first check! Click here:”


  23. Meanwhile, heavily-armed members of the “patriot” group Oath Keepers traipsed about Ferguson in camouflage gear while carrying assault rifles.

    You elect Donald Trump, he’ll change it all, said the Oath Keeper.

    1. As if they haven’t had enough hope-n-change already…

  24. Greece Secures Bailout Deal After All-Night Talks in Athens

    Greece reached an accord with creditors on the terms of a third bailout, paving the way for national parliaments to vote on the deal before an Aug. 20 payment falls due to the European Central Bank.

    After almost two weeks of intensive talks, the four institutions representing Greece’s creditors — the ECB, the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Stability Mechanism rescue fund — forged an initial agreement on measures from pension changes to taxes that will unlock about 85 billion euros ($94 billion) in funds for Greece.

    1. Just one last hit, and I swear, I’ll never touch the stuff again.

      1. Usually people who say that…die.

        1. At least then they stop being a drag on society. The Greek drama is going to continue for awhile.

        2. We can only hope. The Greek welfare state has lived too long.

          1. Next stage: a man who can get things done.

            1. You know who else said they could get things done?

              … oh nevermind. It’s your mom.

              1. I hope so, or I’m a figment of your imagination.

              2. We’re supposed to beware The Man on the White Horse. HORSE

  25. Shock Poll: Only 41% Of Democrats Want Congress To Approve Obama’s Iran Deal

    A new poll released on Monday shows that support for Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran continues to unravel. According to the poll from Monmouth University, only 41 percent of Democrats believe Congress should approve the president’s nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

    The numbers only get worse among independents and Republicans. Overall, just 27 percent of those polled believe Congress should approve the controversial nuclear deal with Iran. A majority of Republicans (55 percent) and a plurality of independents (33 percent) believe Congress should reject the deal:

    1. So, that means 59% of Democrats want war with Iran?

      1. And they are also the equivalent of hardline Iranian Mullahs.

        1. … and traitors in the pay of International Jewry!

    2. So 41% of Democrats are straight up racists? Who knew…

  26. Cyrus said “I do [LSD] and I’m a druggie whore [and I feel] like a 15-year-old boy trapped in the body of a 22-year-old girl.”

    So, you’re saying Hannah Montana was a *lie*?!

    1. Somebody get some ice water, we are going to need to cool Crusty Juggler down!

        1. I thought that would be a link to the list

          1. DO you really want to see that list?

            1. Better to see it, than be on it…

              1. *snort, guffaw*

    2. “I don’t get the violence revenge thing,” Cyrus says about Swift’s “Bad Blood” video. “That’s supposed to be a good example? And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my titties out? I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns.”

      1. paging Tara Reid. Tara Reid to the white courtesy phone.

      2. My question is whether Cyrus always wanted to be White-Trash Madonna or whether she grew into the role.

  27. Fed’s Fischer: U.S. Labor Market Nearly at Full Employment; Inflation ‘Very Low’

    The labor market is in stronger shape: nonfarm payrolls have posted steady gains and the unemployment rate in July held steady at 5.3%, just above the 5% to 5.2% range that Fed officials in June said is normal in the long run.

    Mr. Fischer said Monday that “a large part” of inflation’s current low trajectory is “temporary” and “has to do with the decline in the price of oil, it has to do with the decline in the price of raw materials. These are things which will stabilize at some point, so we’re not going to be as low as we are now forever and we need to be looking ahead as we go.”

    He didn’t offer a prediction for the possible timing of the Fed’s first rate increase, but said “the concern about the situation is, not to move before we see inflation as well as employment returning to more normal levels.” The Fed’s so-called dual mandate requires the U.S. central bank to seek both maximum employment and stable prices.

    1. Commodities are still falling. Corn, wheat, rice down again today. Goldbugs holding the price of the yeller metal up though.

      1. Goldbugs holding the price of the yeller metal up though.

        When did Indians and the Chinese become “goldbugs”?

        Don’t answer that because, as usual, your answer will be regurgitated nonsense.

        1. Actually, the margin calls in China are bringing gold down. They’ve got to sell in order to drum up cash.

          1. Golds up today because of the Yuan devaluation.

            1. Yes. There’s some bouncing around and the devaluation is pushing it up but their stocks still have a long way to fall. The government effectively halted selling on their markets, but they can’t do that forever. When the levee breaks, there will be more liquidation. I wouldn’t put money in gold right now. Treasuries are a safer bet.

    2. It’s sad when smart people like this believe their own bullshit. The participation rate hasn’t recovered so the fact that there are millions more people not working and have given up on looking means nothing to them.

    3. Great. I’m sure we’ll get that rate increase in September. Hehehee.

    4. Here is a little less spinable number.…..low-2015-7

      1. We’re approaching the same range of labor participation rate that occurred when women were in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. Something something war on women.

        1. Yeah, back when one job was enough to support a family.

  28. Seattle Council votes to pass a “gun violence tax”

    Seattle’s City Council unanimously approved a new tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition Monday – a measure designed to help offset the financial toll of gun violence. But opponents quickly promised a legal challenge.

    1. Taxing guns and ammo?!

      I thought a “gun violence tax” would be levied on, you know, illegal shootings.

    2. “Degenerate Hoplophobes Inch Closer to Prohibition, Pants-Shitting Perma-Toddler Populace Ever-Silent.”

    3. help offset the financial toll of gun violence

      I’m sure there’s a lockbox and everything. Just like SS!

    1. It’s spelled ?Jeb!

      1. Soy un donut de jalea!

      2. Is that pronounced Herb?

        1. I prounce it ‘Jerb’, as in ‘dey terker’.

    1. I missed Bloom County very much.

    2. I don’t think that cartoon is saying what you think it’s saying. I think he’s suggesting that the global-warming alarmist extremists are not nearly extremist enough. He’s suggesting that the “we need to stop polluting so much” crowd is the real enemy here since it’s not enough to stop putting so much carbon into the atmosphere, we have passed the tipping point where the only thing that will save us is actually taking carbon out of the atmosphere. Since we don’t yet have an effective method of removing carbon from the atmosphere and the usual process of developing an effective method relies on the sort of wealth and progress that leads to putting more carbon into the atmosphere, our only hope lies in forming a drum circle and praying to Mother Gaia to forgive us our sins and then committing mass suicide and leaving it all to the dolphins. Or something. I’m not real sure of the details, Al Gore’s the one in charge of the instruction manual.

      1. Since we don’t yet have an effective method of removing carbon from the atmosphere

        Trees are a pretty established technology, dude.

      2. We can always buy more carbon credita from AlGore.

        Doesn’t that work any more ?

  29. The commiteewoman said that police did not confront the Oath Keepers ? which hit to the core of the issues.

    “There were two blocks of police. They saw them,” she said. “It’s more about the hypocrisy. Of wow, if anybody out here tried that they’d be met with a different greeting from police.”

    So…the problem is that the boot isn’t on everyone’s neck?

    Also, it’s not clear from the sloppily-written piece of shit article that the Oath Keepers weren’t on the protestors’ side.

    The Oath Keepers’ website outlines a list of 10 “Orders” members will not obey ? including orders to disarm the American people, conduct warrantless searches or “blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.”

    Included on the list are two which might have particular resonance in Ferguson. The fourth? “We will NOT obey order to impose martial law or a ‘state of emergency’ on a state.”

    And the final item: “We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.”

    1. Racists trying to explain natural rights is racist.

    2. So…the problem is that the boot isn’t on everyone’s neck?

      Yes. And also, it distracts from the race issue when people more effectively show force in the face of police, or something.

      1. The Oath Keepers shouldn’t be there. They’re interfering with the natural order of oppressed thugs being thuggish vs. Police State criminals acting criminally.

        They’re all like “Let’s respect the rights of all citizens and not engage in violence.” Who wants that tired constitutional b.s.?

        No. No. We must respect the natural order of Oppressed vs. King’s Men. It’s timeless and classic much like a black Channel suit.

    3. The Oath-Keepers swore an oath to this Republic, and their entire founding basis is that they will abide by that oath regardless of circumstance. Yet, whatever the occasion may be, they find themselves censured for their integrity. Perhaps these racialist protesters ought to reexamine their principles, if there be any in their schedule of looting and rioting.

  30. Dear White America: I know it’s hard, but you have to acknowledge what’s happening in this country

    I’d like to specifically address white people who continue to deny the existence of white privilege. Far too many of you refuse to simply state that white privilege is real, and I’m here to say something that might surprise you:

    I understand.

    First of all, I’ve seen people angry about the moniker “white privilege” in and of itself, bemoaning the very existence of this annoying two-word phrase (and even more so the three words “check your privilege”) as nothing more than the verbal folly of the Outrage Committee and Social Justice Warriors who want to ruin the Confederate flag and gay jokes and everything good about America. I can understand the fatigue at the sheer amount of times we say the phrase?I even get tired of saying/typing it. But can you allow for the possibility that we’re saying it so much because you haven’t heard us yet and it’s crucial that you accept it as reality?

    1. I even get tired of saying/typing it.

      Very well. Let’s call it “WP”.

      1. White phosphorus?

          1. Wet paint.

    2. These people must realize that nagging is tiresome, right? And that when you’re nagging someone, and they’re ignoring you because you’re nagging them, nagging harder is unlikely to get you the response you want?

      1. What were you going on about? I wasn’t paying attention.


    3. Where was my ‘SALON TRIGGER WARNING’?

      I click and run back here.

      1. Click and run back to hit and run?

        Training for a marathon?

        1. I actually I am.

          How did you know?

          1. I too have re-subscribed to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Bring on the marathon!

    4. “I’d like to specifically address white people who continue to deny the existence of white privilege. ”

      I was once talking to a black guy I used to work with about taking my car into the shop and he was surprised to learn that I expected to have to pay for it.

      1. Why was he surprised? Does he never have to pay for car repairs? I am confused.

        1. He thought white women didn’t have to pay for things, apparently. He was a nice guy but he had weird notions.

          1. How did he square his idea that white women didn’t have to pay for things with the fact that you had a job?

            1. That would’ve been a good rebuttal. I was caught off guard and too confused to be clever. I just said something like “no…I have to pay for things”

            2. That would’ve been a good rebuttal. I was caught off guard and too confused to be clever. I just said something like “no…I have to pay for things”

              1. as the squirrels constantly remind me

              2. as the squirrels constantly remind me

              3. He thought the grace of your prrscence was payment enough or he thought you paid in kind?

          2. Granted, some women probably do work on barter.

            1. Like Cynthia said I couldn’t believe it either until I was able to get new fuses for my Volvo just working from home with a web cam and some skeezy lingerie

          3. Umm, that was a Saturday Night Live skit from like thirty years ago.

            1. I could tell when he was joking but this was pretty consistent with other things he had said seriously

      2. what?

      3. That’s an impressive level of cluelessness.

      4. I believe he just subtly called you a sex worker.

    5. Because repeating something endlessly makes it totally true!!

    6. But can you allow for the possibility that we’re saying it so much because you haven’t heard us yet and it’s crucial that you accept it as reality?

      Reality is not determined by how often you repeat an assertion. If it was actually reality, then the facts should speak for themselves.

      1. Reality is not determined by how often you repeat an assertion.

        I am an immortal golden goddess. Bow down before me.
        I am an immortal golden goddess. Bow down before me.
        I am an immortal golden goddess. Bow down before me.

        STFU, WTF, I’m working here.

    7. But can you allow for the possibility that we’re saying it so much because you haven’t heard us yet and it’s crucial that you accept it as reality?

      Reality: A black son of a diplomat, in the middle of pursuing his second degree, patiently explained to me that the reason he would be summering in Thailand rather than doing contract landscaping as I was, was due to my white privilege. Because middle-class housewives would not be afraid of the poor granddaughter of an Irish seamstress and Native American barber.

      Poor lad. He had to strive for success in life with nothing but his father’s money and prestige to help him on his way.

      1. I assume you vomited bile on him.

      2. Wow. That’s an impressive set of blinders he’s got on.

    8. It’s interesting that the top commenters are all calling the author out. Even the ones that agree with him are telling him using the terms white privilege are counterproductive because it makes folks defensive and doesn’t describe what he says is going on.

    9. it’s crucial that you accept it as reality?

      Check your first world over-coddled never-want-for-anything privilege, fuckstain!

    10. Aside from the fact that it is inherently a racist notion?

    11. Can you allow for the possibility that you’re in a cult and the rest of us who tune you out aren’t weak-minded and show no greater patience for Jehovah’s Witness showing up at our doors?

    12. Because asking a white person if they believe in “white privilege” is the rhetorical equivalent of “when did you stop beating your wife?”

  31. “If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way?”

    White children go to Harvard while Black children go to the penitentiary.

    1. which white neighborhoods or areas have erupted in violence because of a white civilian’s death at the hands of law enforcement?

      If we’re going to toss out a race card, let’s use the rest of the deck, too.

      1. Check your developmentally disabled privilege, Auburn-boy.

        1. sometimes, derp is all that can be used to counter derp.

  32. This just in: There’s no “mystery” about the female orgasm

    The female orgasm is no more complicated than the male orgasm. It revolves around the external clitoral glans. Science has had this pretty solidly figured out since about 1966, about as long as it’s had the male orgasm figured out, and all of the exciting new studies in this article that are supposedly cracking this female-orgasm thing wide open ? well, actually they’re better categorized as studies that focus on fringe ideas about female orgasm, speculating about ways of coming that have never been verified in scientific literature.

    The orgasms this article focuses on are G-spot orgasms, vaginal orgasm and orgasm from inner clitoral leg or cervical stimulation. These are just things people talk about. There is no scientific proof that they exist. An orgasm caused this way has never been observed or recorded in science, not even in the scientific research the BBC article references. In the same way, for men, spiritual orgasms, orgasms from anal sex, prostate stimulated orgasms, and mental orgasms are just things people talk about. They are not actual orgasms men can experience. The big difference here is that an article about male orgasm would treat these things as fringe hearsay, and an article about the female orgasm treats them as female orgasm.

    1. cracking this female-orgasm thing wide open

      Good grief.

    2. There’s no “mystery” about the female orgasm

      I have been assured by every woman I have dated that the female orgasm is a myth.

      1. You’re doing it wrong.

        1. Why, he’s not the woman.

          1. succint yet poignant

        2. Just because Crusty may not have pull is no reason to call the women who condescend to have sex with him “it”.

    3. Who gives a fuck about Female Orgasms?

    4. The orgasms this article focuses on are G-spot orgasms, vaginal orgasm and orgasm from inner clitoral leg or cervical stimulation. These are just things people talk about. There is no scientific proof that they exist.

      I have no snark. This needs no snark. Just admire.

      1. See! Just feminist myths.

        1. Freud is the guilty instigator of the Tale of Two Orgasms, and feminists are righteously indignant. Only they get to tell women that they’re silly girls who just don’t understand their own bodies.

      2. vaginal orgasm and orgasm from inner clitoral leg or cervical stimulation

        The Santa Clause and Easter Bunny of orgasms.

        1. so you’re saying Mr Struthers was not quite all that?

          1. Rise of the Guardian slashfic gets her through it.

      3. Bingo!

        Just work the clitoris, people, and all will be well.

        1. work!?!? ummm, no I think I’ll stick with the mystery thing /douchey scientist

    5. That screams Jezebel. Particularly all of the curse words that are thrown in.

      1. Mouse hover says Salon! So sorry!

  33. “If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way?”

    One black guy showed up outside a voting precinct with a baton and the Wingnuttery went crazy and demanded a federal indictment.

    1. Welcome to Retardation: A Celebration. Now, hopefully, I’m gonna dispel a few myths, a few rumors. First off, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does. And they don’t run in packs. And while they may not be as strong as apes, don’t lock eyes with ’em, don’t do it. Puts ’em on edge. They might go into berzerker mode; come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.

    2. Yeah, that was a voting precinct, where intimidation and campaigning are strictly prohibited. But nice attempt at deflection.

      In reality, the Black Panthers [both new and old parties] march up and down the streets with AKs strapped on their backs all the time, and no one cares.


      1. Hitler?

  34. State by State, Democratic Party Is Erasing Ties to Jefferson and Jackson

    For nearly a century, Democrats have honored two men as the founders of their party: Thomas Jefferson, for his visionary expression of the concept of equality, and Andrew Jackson, for his populist spirit and elevation of the common man.

    Political candidates and activists across the country have flocked to annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners, where speeches are given, money is raised, and the party celebrates its past and its future.

    But these time-honored rituals are colliding with a modern Democratic Party more energized by a desire for racial and gender inclusion than reverence for history. And state by state, Democratic activists are removing the names of Jefferson and Jackson from party gatherings, saying the two men no longer represent what it means to be a Democrat.

    1. Eating your own starts at the top.

      1. Delicious.

    2. Jefferson owned slaves, so everything he said about liberty is wrong!

      1. Yes, they gave up on following Jefferson’s philosophy a long time ago, so it’s about time they took his name of their Day.

    3. I see the NYT comments are justifiably giving the Democrats the business. Except this guy:

      “hddvt Vermont 8 minutes ago

      If republicans had any honesty they’d admit that Abraham Lincoln no longer represents their party. Could you just see them rejecting Abraham Lincoln?!”

      The modern Democrat party and the left are diseased intellectually.

      Years ago I wrote some promotional and historical tidbits for Casa D’Italia in Montreal; a place built with money sent by Mussolini on a piece of land donated by a separatist Mayor. The guy who took me on explained how hard he had to fight to keep the Fascist tiling in the entrance on the grounds of it being ‘an integral part of the Casa’s history’.

      I agreed with him. It’s history. No one comes in thinking the place is fascist. But there were people acting all stupid about it just because. They had no grasp of what history is.

      No need to rehash fascism or in this case the Democrats obsession with slavery.

      1. Nothing outside the cannoli, nothing against the cannoli?

        1. Something like that.

        2. now I want a cannoli…

    4. “But these time-honored rituals are colliding with a modern Democratic Party more energized by a desire for racial and gender inclusion than reverence for history”

      Easy, just say the founding fathers were George Jefferson and young Michael Jackson

      1. or maybe Janet, if you’re nasty

        1. That would be MISS Jackson, if you are nasty.

    5. They are also consistantly rejectong the ideological principles of the Enlightenment as well, so…

  35. Meanwhile, heavily-armed members of the “patriot” group Oath Keepers traipsed about Ferguson in camouflage gear while carrying assault rifles. “If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way?” asked Patricia Bynes, Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township.

    That would depend on if they behave the same way. The Oath Keepers are not an ethnocentric group, they’re a sort of pro-liberty militia organization that to my knowledge, have no history of violence. Now your average “brown or black” militia-type organization, tend to be ethnocentric and their ideology is less about protecting individual liberty than it is about protecting their preferred groups or intimidating their less than preferred groups.

    Unlike the Black Panthers, the Oath Keepers don’t stand outside polling places brandishing their weapons at whites who walk inside to vote.

    1. That would depend on if they behave the same way.


    2. Meanwhile, heavily-armed members of the “patriot” group Oath Keepers traipsed about Ferguson in camouflage gear while carrying assault rifles.

      And they didn’t shoot at anyone, unlike the “peaceful” protesters.

    3. I grow increasingly tired of pants-shitting fearmongers implying that armed, free men are an exceptional, hazardous, and shocking sight — unwelcome, no less — that they would prefer eradicated.

      They donned camouflage gear, swung their rifles across their backs, holstered their handguns, and decided to demonstrate. What, for fuck’s sake, are people becoming so agitated over?

      1. “armed, free men are an exceptional, hazardous, and shocking sight — unwelcome, no less — that they would prefer eradicated.’

        If you don’t like people roaming around in mobs, shooting at police officers, and looting shit whenever opportunity arises, well then you’re just racist.

    4. In the last round of riots, the Oathkeepers were there to do what the National Guard and police *failed* to do – guard the shops from arsonists and looters.

  36. Meanwhile, heavily-armed members of the “patriot” group Oath Keepers traipsed about Ferguson in camouflage gear while carrying assault rifles

    What’s an ‘assault rifle’?

    1. A rifle that’s black and has scary attachments.

    2. A rifle that is black, has a pistol grip, or is otherwise scary-looking.

    3. Something they didn’t have because it’s an infantry weapon firing an intermediate cartridge capable of automatic or burst fire.

      1. I love me some 3-round burst. But there is a fully auto rifle of sorts available for civilian use. Gentlemen, I give you the bump fire stock.

    4. A rifle with a selectable fire rate firing an intermediate cartridge from a detachable magazine.

    1. Oh, man. That’s hilarious.

    2. I love that. I love it so very much.

    3. Wow. Wonder if being that stupid makes their heads hurt?

    4. Ms. Borowski is a funny woman.

    5. Wait. That really happened for true?

    6. Why are the twitter handles of the idiots redacted? These people need to be shamed.

  37. US F-16 crashes in Germany

    A U.S. Air Force F-16 jet crashed in southern Germany early Tuesday but the pilot was able to eject, military officials and police said.

    The fighter plane, assigned to the 480th Fighter Squadron at Spangdahlem Air Base in western Germany, crashed at 9:38 a.m. local time (3:38 a.m. ET) near Engelmannreuth in the Bavarian district of Bayreuth, the 52nd Fighter Wing said in a statement.

    “The pilot escaped using a parachute, he is OK,” Bavarian police spokeswoman Stefanie P?ttner told NBC News.

    He was being treated at a local hospital, the military said.

    Officials said it was carrying “six 25-pound training munitions [but] no live munitions.”

    The accident happened during a training flight at U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria in nearby Grafenwoehr.

    “U.S. military first responders are working with German authorities to secure the crash site,” the military statement said. “A 1,000-foot cordon was established to protect the crash site. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation.”

    President Trump would make the Germans pay for this.

    1. Your attempt at a humorous insult failed miserably. Turn in your Comic’s Union card.

    1. Meph. Now, Faustus, what would’st thou have me to do?
      Faust. I charge thee wait upon me whilst I live,
      To do whatever Faustus shall command,
      Be it to make the moon drop from her sphere,
      Or the ocean to overwhelm the world.

      1. *applause*

        “stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. Make shriek swoon and tony faint.”

    2. I just don’t even…how the…?


    3. “By your command…”

    4. If it weren’t for government regulation, computers would still be 1 MHz. /prog

  38. Doug Stanhope, on the race so far:

    According to poll of me by me, D) @BernieSanders R) @RandPaul & L) @GovGaryJohnson in dead heat. Error margin 3 drinks.

  39. Jeb (the smart) Bush – “Obama should not have disengaged from the Middle East”.…..ical-islam

    1. Your disingenuous assertion baffles me. How, exactly, have Obama’s half-baked misadventures benefited anybody? Would a full conquest of Asia by an Islamic horde be the minimal threshold for you to admit Obama’s abominable failure?

      1. “How, exactly, have Obama’s half-baked misadventures benefited anybody?”

        The fundamental Islamists have decidedly benefited from every act, or inaction, that Obama has taken in the Middle East.

        Egypt ? Muslim Brotherhood check

        Lybia ? chaos while various factions fight for control….check

        Iraq? ISIS* created after Obama left Iraq without even trying to leave security behind….check

        Syria ? ISIS* and various fundamental Islamists groups fighting for control. We are now fighting on the same side as some of the groups Obama wanted to bomb and fighting against some that McCain wanted to give arms to…check

        Kurdish in northern Iraq…Turkey using new agreement with US to fight ISIS* as excuse to bomb the Kurds in northern Iraq and not ISIS as was claimed…check

        Iran ?….nuke deal with 150 billion to spend on it along with secret side agreements hidden from Congress …..check

        Yemen… that defeat Obama was able to snatch from the arms of victory for the fundamental Islamists….check

        Looks like he’s batting 1,000.

        1. * why does the President and his minions insist on being the only people in the world to call ISIS, ISIL ? ISIS calls itself IS. Why am I a bad guy if I call Catlin Jenner HE because she self identifies as a she, but ISIS self indenifies as IS yet he refuses to respect that ? He tried to force the name of ISIL ( Levant rather than Syria) on them to distract from his bumbling over Syria and his disappearing red lines but it just wouldn’t take hold the way he wanted.

  40. Turn off your ad-block, people! We need to eat.

    Let them eat cake.

    1. Especially on this site. If Reason wants more ad revenue, they should not force us to go balls deep into flashing ad banner hell. All the same, I turn my uBlock off for no man magazine.

  41. Enter this in the “what the fuck kind of response is that from his boss” column: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.c…..cellphone/

    Has no reason to start the interaction. He pulls a gun for no reason. And his boss says she will make sure he is following correct protocols to ensure office Right safety as well as civilian safety. (note where her priority is.)

    What. The. Fuck.

    1. Having your hands in your pockets is an executable offense. We’ve seen it in other stories.

    2. “Hsst. Say ‘We will review our protocols’.”

    3. He decided to baselessly approach a complete stranger on private property and threaten him with a deadly weapon under the color of law. There’s no adequate explanation possible for that thug’s retarded, aggressive conduct. I would seek to have the cop charged with assault with a deadly weapon and harassment.

      1. In a just world, a property owner would be free to treat an aggressive trespasser like an aggressive trespasser even if the criminal was wearing a costume.

        1. I’m assuming the man he threatened didn’t enjoy the thought of spending the rest of his life in a supermax for defending himself and his property.

          Fuck the police.

  42. Ronda Rousey: I could beat Mayweather in a ‘no-rules’ fight

    In a Reddit AMA on Monday night, the UFC women’s bantamweight champion was asked if she could beat the boxer “in a ruleless fight.”

    Her response (emphasis hers):

    Floyd is one of the best boxers of all time. He would definitely beat me in a boxing match. I unfortunately don’t get into “matches”. I fight for a living. In a no rules fight, I believe I can beat anyone on this planet. Boxing is a sweet science with strict rules that I respect very much and aspire every day to improve at. But you said ruleless fight, and that’s my honest answer.

    The comment comes just days after Mayweather took a verbal swipe at Rousey.

    “I’ve yet to see any MMA fighter, or other boxer, make over $300 million in 36 minutes,” Mayweather said on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” on Thursday. “When she can do that, then call me.”

    The two have been trading verbal jabs for more than a year, with Mayweather famously saying, “I don’t even know who he is” when asked about her last summer.

    1. Bullshit. I’m tired of the Rousey hype. The world’s best female athletes are typically on par with high schoolers. Rousey has skill, but one punch would knock her senseless. And she would get hit.

      1. Ronda Rousey is a great female fighter who is also a moron and refuses to acknowledge her limitations.

        If she tried to fight any world class male fighter she would get destroyed and it doesn’t matter what the man’s fighting background is. Rousey could kick the ever loving shit out of me and any man commenting on this website right now, but she’d get wrecked by any trained male fighter.

        1. and it doesn’t matter what the man’s fighting background is.

          You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

          1. I’m talking about world class male fighters. Do you seriously think a top flight male fighter in virtually any discipline would lose to Ronda Rousey? Even a mediocre male fighter in the UFC would destroy her.

            1. The worst man in the UFC would murder Mayweather in an MMA fight. Boxing is a game, it’s not fighting. It’s a hard game and a tough game, but it’s a game. (The same is increasingly true of MMA, but it’s at least a great deal closer to being a fight.) Would Ronda kill him? Maybe not. But she has an extensive skill set that he knows nothing about.

              1. Rhonda would lose and one reason why is this display of arrogance. Yes, boxing and MMA are different, but she has to get close enough to Mayweather in order to use her real skill set. He has won by keeping opponents away, not by knocking them all out.

        2. She is acknowledging her limitations. She’s limiting herself to hyping as much as people,will tolerate and cashing in on it every step along the way.

          She’s smart. Whether she can beatnMayweather isn’t,relevant to what she’s doing: keeping her name in the media, which will make her money.

          1. Whether she can beatnMayweather isn’t,relevant to what she’s doing:

            Correct. She’s not going to fight Mayweather, she’s just playing the heel to get herself a bigger payday. All the smart fighters are as good at hype as they are at fighting.

            That said, it’s interesting to wonder if she’d be able to survive long enough to get him in a clinch. Because as soon as she did, she’d throw him and rip his arms off.

            1. She said no-rules, so maybe she’ll just knock him down and stomp on his balls repeatedly.

              1. Does she think that he is going to have to play by the rules but she won’t ?

                Tyson would bite her tits off.

      2. Mayweather hit women in the past and gets some level of a pass for it because he makes Vegas and boxing so much money, so anytime anyone gives him shit it is alright with me. She does have the ability to get one of his arms and submit him, though.

        1. I wasn’t making some pro-Mayweather statement. On the other end, I honestly don’t see any relation with him being a piece of garbage in his personal life and his ability to box. But that’s always been my attitude towards sports. Their personal baggage is irrelevant to their ability. It’s entertainment and athletic competition. Not an avenue for social justice.

          She’d almost definitely never get his arms or take him to the ground. And she’d most definitely never land a punch of her own.

          1. I did not say you were pro-Mayweather in any way. I agree that she would almost certainly be overpowered by a world-class male athlete.

            I also agree that his personal baggage has nothing to do with his ability, but because he is such a good boxer his past is not discussed as frequently as it should be (he banned a few female reporters from his fight at the last second for daring to ask questions about his women beating). So, anytime someone can openly give him shit I am all for it, especially coming from a woman who is as talented as Rousey.

      3. I’m sure there’s a woman somewhere who can take on a man and maybe Rousey is one of them but I wouldn’t bet on it.

        Boxers punch hard. Really hard. And with accuracy.

        1. I’m sure there’s a woman somewhere who can take on a man

          Rousey could take on plenty of men, just not top tier boxers.

        2. She specifically said “no-rules” and they’re about the same height, so maybe she could pin him but yeah, doubtful she walks away from that.

          She’s great at destroying other female fighters but male fighters are simply stronger.

          1. And we all know Mayweather is a master of defensive tactics!

      4. Regardless of likelihoods, I’d gladly pay to watch somebody knock the shit out of Mayweather. He’s an utter asshole.

        1. He is and he’s not even fun to watch. I appreciate that he’s mastered the art of defensive boxing but no way I am paying $70 to watch him hug it out with his opponent for 12 rounds.

      5. Here’s another female v. male story that’s sure to upset some.

        Years ago my soccer team got beat at a tournament. We played terribly despite being the favorites. Well, already feeling dejected we got heckled by the girl’s Team Quebec squad telling us how they’d beat us.

        We just dropped our bags – six of us – and agreed to a scrimmage which got some attention.

        Moral of the story? Don’t challenge young boys who are sore losers or else you will lose 13-0 like they did.

        1. By the way, they were pretty good. They passed the ball around effectively. One girl in particular was solid at left back and the keeper was fearless.

        2. Didn’t a professional Euro team get beat by high schoolers recently? Happens in hockey, tennis etc. You look at the track and field events – Olympic women are performing like high school athletes.

          Male athletes are simply faster and stronger. In MMA skill can negate some of that, but not enough to where Rousey is beating Mayweather. Not even close.

          1. In MMA skill can negate some of that

            It’s not that her skill can negate his speed and strength, it’s that he’s very good at the least important skill in MMA, and she’s extremely good at the other 75%. I strongly doubt that she’d get a chance to actually apply her skills if she was ever dumb enough to actually fight him, but we should stop pretending that this is an apples-to-apples comparison like men and women playing soccer against each other or something like that. Ronda and Mayweather play entirely different sports.

        3. I think people don’t fully realize how much more athletic and how much stronger men are than women. The best female basketball player on the planet could not compete with some of the better male high school players.

          After the World Cup there were progressives whining about the ‘pay gap’ between male and female soccer players, which was especially hilarious given that the not-at-all-great US Men’s team would destroy the World Cup Champion women’s team.

          1. Yea they were talking about it on NPR the other day they had a broad on their that was 33 and making 15k a year. I got the impression that they didn’t quite understand the connection between sales revenue and value.

            1. making 15k a year

              The labor theory of value will never die the death it deserves.

          2. Sports are entertainment. If the viewing public wants to see more women’s sports, then they’ll get paid more. That’s all there is to it.

            By the same token, male models don’t make as much as women.

            1. And lets not forget that women porn actors make 10 to 100 times more than the men.

              Hell I’m surprised they don’t charge the men, but that might be called prostitution.

          3. The “pay gap” wouldn’t exist if all sports were coed, because female athletes themselves would hardly exist off the bench in that scenario.

          4. Men’s sr team?

            Give a local elite side some time to prepare and they’d beat any women’s WC team. I’ve played against elite women. I more than kept up and it was easy to slice them with through balls – I play a Xavi/Pirlo style which women are not accustomed to.

            Women’s soccer has improved dramatically since the 1980s but there are still glaring gaps in their game.

            They’re not as fast, defensively they’re not as organized and tight, they can’t run 11k and expect to keep up with the men, women’s soccer suffers from a lack of creative midfield options, tactically they’re still behind the men both at the coaching level and on the pitch and so on.

            That’s why they won’t be paid as much.

            1. You’re saying they can’t deal tactically with through balls? I guess that makes sense.

              Plus, I really, really hope you’re not comparing yourself with Xavi or Pirlo, because…come on! 🙂

              I’m guessing a Div. I/Open men’s O-30 team could handle them easily, as well, even though most are beer-swilling (hi there!), halftime cigarette smoking, slightly hefty, Sunday league players.

              There are some women on coed teams who can really hang, but a lot of it comes with the special rules meant for their safety – most men pull up in tackles, enabling the women who are totally fearless to really get stuck in and make the guys look bad temporarily.

          5. It would be something akin to when Australia beat American Samoa 32-0 (or whatever it was) a couple of cycles back.

            Or worse.

        4. The USWNT routinely plays HS select boys teams of varying age levels depending on the sort of lessons they want to learn: U-14 for a hard-fought win, U-15 or U-16 for a battle either way, U-17 or up for a shellacking. And this is run-of-the-mill state select teams vs. the “best in the country”. As athletic as the US women are (almost to a fault), they can’t come anywhere close to high school boys. And if the boys are properly coached, they’re going to have almost on-par awareness and tactics, and probably better touch.

    2. I’m no Mayweather fan but he would beat her senseless.

      Sidenote: Mayweather is from Grand Rapids. My brother, back when he was a cameraman for one of the local stations, got to film an interview of the boxer. My brother said there was a whole mob of family followers, all trying to get a few crumbs from the pie.

    3. “I’ve yet to see any MMA fighter, or other boxer, make over $300 million in 36 minutes,” Mayweather said on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” on Thursday. “When she can do that, then call me.”

      36 minutes?!? Ronda Rousey ain’t got that kinda time.

      1. She is a beast.

      2. You can’t fool me, that’s a Donald Trump quote.

      3. Of course, that only marginally has something to do with whether or not she could beat him.

    4. Holy fuck. This whole sub-thread is literally so-and-so can beat up so-and-so! Not she can’t! Yes she can! Can’t! Can!

      Sometimes I just don’t get dudes.

      1. Can’t!

  43. Sweet irony.

    California requires a unique blend of gasoline, so when refineries shut down that make that blend, the other refiners make huge profits.

    Environmental regulations feed oil company profits! Sweet!

    Gasoline in the second-largest US city costs almost the same as a year ago even after oil prices dropped by more than half. A February explosion at an ExxonMobil refinery in Southern California reduced supplies of the state’s unique blend of motor fuel, and imports have yet to fill in amid rising consumption.

    Other refiners are reaping the benefits. Tesoro and Valero Energy are among companies earning a record $1.61 for each gallon of branded gasoline they produce, according to California Energy Commission data. Drivers are paying more to process crude into gasoline than they are for the crude itself for the first time in 12 years, the state data shows.

    1. You think this is an accident?

    2. IIRC, Exxon lobbied hard for more environment regulations on refineries back in the 90’s. It created a barrier to entry and elevated their profits.

      1. Not Exxon … it was Unocal.

        Unocal pitched a specific formulation of gasoline to CARB. CARB mandated the formulation. Unocal held a patent on the formulation, and extracted a royalty on all CARB gasoline as a result.

        I’m pretty sure that Exxon and other gasoline manufacturers lobbied against the formulation through the Western States Petroleum Association. The FTC eventually brought an administrative complaint against Unocal, alleging that it had engaged in unfair competition by making “knowing and willful misrepresentations to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the Auto/Oil Air Quality Improvement Research Program, and the Western States Petroleum Association that Unocal lacked or would not assert patent rights in connection with automobile emissions research results.”

        1. The moral of the story is that Unocal made an additional 500 million and were then fined 10 million for their shenanigans.

    3. California requires a unique blend of gasoline, so when refineries shut down that make that blend, the other refiners make huge profits.

      California’s wacky electricity regulations let Enron reap huge profits for awhile.

  44. “. “If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way?” asked Patricia Bynes, Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township. “

    Patricia apparently never noticed the presence of the New Black Panthers in Ferguson?

    And their motives were less benign, its worth noting

    “Two members of the New Black Panther Party who met in Ferguson during protests over Michael Brown’s death admitted in court Tuesday they planned to blow up a police station and kill the prosecutor involved in the case.

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports 23-year-old Olajuwon Ali Davis and 24-year-old Brandon Orlando Baldwin each pleaded guilty to multiple explosive and gun related charges in federal court today. Federal agents who tracked the duo’s conversations by phone and text message say they planned to target Robert McCulloch, the prosecutor who handled the Michael Brown grand jury, and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. The plot involved blowing up cars using remotely triggered bombs and also using bombs to blow up a police station.”

    1. She’s right, they’re not treated the same. They’re given a wide berth when accused of voter intimidation!

  45. What is it about nurses? Do they take drugs all day? Are they just not real bright?

    “National Nurses United Union Backs Bernie Sanders”
    “”Bernie’s issues align with nurses from top to bottom,” said NNU executive director RoseAnn DeMoro, who ticked off issues of agreement:”
    Like free shit and more free shit! And taxpayer money for nurses! Oh, and free shit!…..e-sanders/

    1. from top to bottom

      go on…

      1. You wany to see Bernie lined up with…anyone?

    2. I’m just guessing but whatever plans or policies Bernie may have about the profession, I bet it will lead to shortages.

    3. They also supported #OccupyWallStreet.

  46. while carrying assault rifles

    What, pray tell, is an “assault rifle”?

    1. The last thing your victim sees…

      1. A Duce you can use?

        1. Wait, that was for the Casa Italia subthread.

  47. Miley Cyrus speaks out for breasts, not guns.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just adore her little tits.

  48. re: “TURN AD-BLOCK OFF”

    My last phone would melt when it tried to load the desktop version of Reason

    (*which is the only version worth reading, since…duh, comments? Not available in app or Mobile v. of site)

    …and my new one? well it seems better, but i installed the mobile ad-block anyway because why the fuck not? its not Reason that causes grief so much as the rest of the goddamn internet that necessitates it out of fear of what’s going to happen whenever you click some link.

    on the desktop, i’d gladly disable Ad-Block for…. If I could. Last i checked it doesn’t have a white-list feature. But it does already enable what IT considers “non intrusive advertising”

    e.g. Starting with Adblock Plus 2.0 you can allow some of the advertising not considered annoying to be viewed. By doing this you support websites that rely on advertising but choose to do it in a non-intrusive way.

    Why is this feature enabled by default?

    Unfortunately, this is the only way to accomplish the goals described above. But if the majority of Adblock Plus users have this function activated, advertisers will have the incentive to produce better ads

    emphasis mine.

    1. I used to have issues commenting on the mobile version with one of the default Android browsers. Wouldn’t let me interact with the comment box, iirc. I’m using Chrome now with no issue.

    2. Not sure if it’s different for other browsers, but on Firefox you just click the ABP stop sign logo next to the hamburger menu and click “disable on”. I wouldn’t recommend it, but that’s how you do it.

      1. Yeah, I forgot about that. Maybe i’ll give it a try and see if its less of a hassle.

        I find NoScript to be even more essential than AdBlock in many cases, and i have no idea how that affects most sites.

  49. Turn off your ad-block, people! We need to eat.

    My browser, my choice.

    Free minds, free markets, free browsers.

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