30 Years Ago


"Cellular telephones could conceivably become one of the new law-enforcement tools of the '80s and beyond. This possibility raises disturbing questions about citizens' constitutional right to privacy and their ability to protect that right. Given the fast pace of technological change and the comparatively slow pace of legal change, technology promises to outstrip the law. How, then, can individual privacy survive the threat of growing government intrusion in the new communications age?"
—Robert L. Corn, "Wireless Tapping"

"Some people are starting to fight fire with fire—or, more literally, to fight over-65 lobbies like the powerful American Association of Retired Persons with a new baby-boom membership organization, Americans for Generational Equity (AGE). The group plans to develop positions and conduct original research on the budget deficit, entitlements for the elderly, and other issues where the interests of young people are often neglected unfairly."
—"Doubts About Social Security Come of Age"

—August 1985