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Talkin' Jon Stewart's secret White House powwows and Hillary Clinton jet-setting for climate change.


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A tight squeeze
Fox News Channel

 panel of Red Eye with Tom Shillue, along with Fox Business associate producer Carley Noelle, frequently foul-mouthed Fox News personality Dagen McDowell, and the very funny mononymous comedian Godfrey. The show's beloved ombudsman, TV's Andy Levy, will be on hand to tell us everything we've done wrong. 

Scheduled topics include Jon Stewart's secret visits with the most powerful man in the world, Paul Krugman once again proving himself elitist and out of touch, and Hillary Clinton jet-setting to raise awareness of climate change.

NEXT: White House Unsurprisingly Will Not Pardon Edward Snowden

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  1. Great, now every comedian’s a policy adviser.

    Seriously, made the mistake of going on facebook and I hate the entire fucking world right now.

    1. Great, now every comedian’s a policy adviser.

      Logical conclusion of the Lenny Bruce/George Carlin type comedian.

      1. I suppose you can add in Mark Twain and Will Rogers…

        1. Don’t forget Tom Lehrer.

          1. And Dan Rather

            1. And Mrs. Butterworth

              1. RACI…oh. nevermind….

      2. Hell it really started with Dan Rice:

        Rice campaigned for Zachary Taylor as president, inviting him to campaign on the circus bandwagon, whence the expression “to jump on the bandwagon

        1. Actually, it’s little known, but the first court jester of henry 8, Garfield, was the brain behind the turdor crown…

          (file under shit I made up).

          1. It is not well-known, but in King Arthur’s court there was a man named Sir Sillypants of Dog Lick, who while not an outright comedian (or jester in those times) was known to have a slapstick sense of humor, and constantly amused the King with his ribald pranks and witticisms.

            Legend has it that Sir Sillypants of Dog Lick was Arthur’s main adviser, especially when it came to the King’s sister-snogging, so there is precedent (Sir Sillypants thought it was hilarious).

            1. If anyone would know it would be a crusty juggler.

  2. Hill’s got enough cash in the campaign to by carbon offsets for all of her flying. Why don’t you guys not understand about the selling of indulgences?

  3. I adore Dagen McDowell, and want to have sex with her, repeatedly. I’ll tolerate Anthony’s prating to get a gander at ol’ “foul moth” McDowell.

  4. Lord Sewel, a sitting member of the House or Lords, is caught on tape snorting coke and hanging out with hookers.

    My question: Why do the bad boy Brits always look like flabby flatulent old men? Why no attractive young Jude Law (The Talented Mr. Ripley)?

    Seems unfair.

    1. What do you expect from the country that gave us Sex Lives of the Potato Men?

    2. They start as jude law and after years of hard living and excess they turn into harry potter’s uncle.

    3. There are some extremely hot British women. I’ll give the limeys that. It’s about all I’d give them, outside of another good ass kickin.

      1. “There are some extremely hot British women.”

        Umm… I mean, there are probably a couple, statistically speaking. But immigrants don’t count.

  5. Paul Krugman once again proving himself elitist and out of touch

    That’s not the only thing that idiot proves every time he opens his mouth or scrawls some unintelligible non-sense.

    The guy is a useless moron. Have you ever read the comments on the NYT? The dumbest bunch of idiots who have ever lived who actually believe themselves to be intelligent. They can actually ramble on for hours and never say anything that makes any sense at all, let alone saying anything of value or of intelligence.

  6. Did Stewart keep his unwashed blue dress?

    1. He sniffs it every night before beddy time.

  7. This “Godfrey” character needs to have his exclamation-point privileges revoked, stat. Every single @#(*@ tweet.

    1. I’d understand if he was Puerto Rican. I mean, that’s a thing, and they can’t help it.

    2. He might have read lots of comic books when he was younger! Seems that every sentence that wasn’t a question ended in an exclam back when I read them! Things might have changed since the 80’s and early 90’s, though!

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