What Makes a Woman? Not Testosterone Level Alone, Rules Global Sports Court

Court of Arbitration for Sport rules in favor of 19-year-old Indian sprinter Dutee Chand.


"Sex in humans is not simply binary," says the global Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), in a decision that allows Indian sprinter Dutee Chand to compete in running events despite her high level of testosterone. High testosterone alone is not sufficient for barring female athletes from women's competitions, ruled the Switzerland-based court.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which governs track and field sports, now has two years to provide evidence that high testosterone in women correlates with improved athletic performance or "hyperandrogenism regulation" will be declared void.

Let Dutee Run/Facebook

Hyperandrogenism is a medical condition in which people have abnormally high levels of androgenic hormones, including testosterone. Advocates of hyperandrogenism regulation in female sports—such as record-holding British runner Paula Radcliffe—argue that even if high testosterone levels are naturally occurring, it still provides hyperandrogenic athletes with an unfair and unacceptable advantage against their competitors. "The concern remains that their bodies respond in different, stronger ways to training and racing than women with normal testosterone levels," Radcliffe told the court, "and that this renders the competition fundamentally unfair." 

But the sport court didn't buy it. The ruling "leaves officials wondering how and where to set the boundaries between male and female competition," The New York Times reports.  

The panel complimented the I.A.A.F. for acting with "conspicuous diligence and good faith" in creating and implementing the standards, underlining the difficulty of drawing scientific lines between the sexes. But it went on to say that it "was unable to conclude that hyperandrogenic female athletes may benefit from such a significant performance advantage that it is necessary to exclude them from competing in the female category."

If sufficient evidence is not presented within two years, the hyperandrogenism regulation will be declared void, the panel said. … "Although athletics events are divided into discrete male and female categories, sex in humans is not simply binary," the court added. "As it was put during the hearing: 'Nature is not neat.' There is no single determinant of sex."

For her part Chand, 19, hopes to compete in the Olympics someday. The pursuit of this dream was put on hold in 2014, however, when the 100-meter champion was barred from competing against women because her testosterone was too high. The CAS decision may clear the way for her to compete in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

James Bunting, one of a team of lawyers representing Chand, said the CAS decision "should have far-reaching consequences around the globe as numerous other sports organizations have adopted the same or similar hyperandrogenism policies, including the International Olympic Committee." 

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  1. Sex in humans is not simply binary,” says the global Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), in a decision that allows Indian sprinter Dutee Chand to compete in running events despite her high level of testosterone. High testosterone alone is not sufficient for barring female athletes from women’s competitions, ruled the Switzerland-based court.

    Understand that if a male athlete shows up with artificially high levels of testosterone, he gets banned for using PEDs. If however, that same male athlete just claims to identify as a woman and competes in the women’s events, he is good to go? Really?

    If testosterone is a PED for men, then why wouldn’t it be for women and any women with an abnormally high level of it be banned just like men are?

    1. Simple solution: stop banning anyone for high testosterone levels.

      1. that is better than not banning women for it but banning men. This decision is insane.

        1. “This decision is insane.”

          My unsolicited advice is to focus on this, John, for I have seen the arguments you allow yourself to engage in/carry on.

          1. My unsolicited opinion is that you are an idiot. I have seen the thoughts you post.

            1. “My unsolicited opinion is that you are an idiot.”

              John, you should see some of the thoughts I post here at H&R.

              “I have seen the thoughts you post.”



              In seriousness, John, I was trying to save you and a few others some time. “This decision is insane” is a thought that the individuals I had in mind would have in common with you.

      2. Better solution: ban everyone with testosterone levels higher than the typical woman, in mens’ and womens’ sports.

        Now, off to write my next article for Salon.

        1. “It’s Time to Do Something About Testosterone Privilege.”

        2. You ghost write for Jezebel, I just know it

      3. How about eliminating the gender classification altogether? Men should be able to compete on the uneven bars too.

      4. Simple solution: stop banning anyone for high testosterone levels.

        But then people would be able to win by cheating! Babe Ruth did it solely on hotdogs and beer argle bargle bargle *starts twitching uncontrollably*

  2. Does that mean that Coilette gets to keep her medals?

    1. Yes, but not for her. For the proud people of Robonia.

      1. ? “Hail, hail Robonia. A land I didn’t make up” ?

    2. They’re all she has to remember her Olympic career!

  3. In the future there will no longer be women’s sports. There will be men’s sports and sports done by men pretending to be women or maybe women pretending to be men. If you are an actual woman who doesn’t want to pretend to be a man, you can apparently forget it.

    1. In the future there will no longer be women’s sports.

      What about quilting bees?

      *** ducks ***

      1. I would think bees would be pretty hard to quilt, so that’s something I might be interested in seeing.

        1. You do realize bee beards will be increasingly common?

          1. I have it upon good authority, Rich, that Bee Beards will spread briefly within this very millennium.

    2. You realize this isn’t some transgender situation right? This woman’s competitors were trying to ban her because of an “unfair” advantage she was born with. The decision absolutely makes sense. All top athletes have genetic advantages over the general population, its not enough to just do all the hard work.

      1. ^This^

        What I don’t like is this whole “sex in humans is not simply binary” door that’s been opened. You were born with a natural advantage, you get to use it. But you compete in the category you were born into and chemical modification/enhancement disqualifies you the same as if it were PEDs.

        1. Well, “the sex isn’t binary thing,” also isn’t about transgenders. There are in fact various types of intersex people as well, who were born that way. From a sport regulations stand point those are more difficult, but I still don’t see why they should be banned. I mean does it really matter? It’s an enormously tiny percentage of the population.

          While I personally don’t care if transwomen compete in women’s sports, I at least understand the argument, since the process involves the kind of hormones that are banned in the sport. If you ban the hormones you kind of have to ban them no matter the reasons for use.

          A better solution would be to have no rules and let people push their bodies to the limit.

          1. Steroids for all!

          2. “A better solution would be to have no rules and let people push their bodies to the limit.”

            That’ll be a quick goodbye to most female sports.


            1. The libertarian solution is to let every sports competition decide for itself who participates and under what conditions. So, drugs and surgery would be permitted by law, but that doesn’t mean every competition would have them. The government would only get involved in contract disputes, if that.

          3. “A better solution would be to have no rules and let people push their bodies to the limit.”

            I absolutely agree with this in most areas of human endeavor. If we start now, by the time the technology exists for us to live full time in space (lifetimes), we could have the genetic manipulation and enhancements needed to survive and thrive in such hostile environments.

            One of the reasons I have such an issue with the anti stem cell/ anti GMO people. in general, my response is: Who are you to tell me what I am allowed to do to myself?

      2. Exactly right, and these women probably have higher testosterone levels than the average woman.

        1. And higher than some men.

      3. Thank you.

        1. John has such a hard-on for transgenders that he has to rage about them even when it is irrelevant. But its only other people waging a culture war.

          1. John has trigger words. Avoid them and he can have a reasonable debate about something, even usually touchy topics.

            Use them and all hell breaks loose.

            1. I think that Bo broke John. John used to be a bit less trigger-happy, but he engaged the Bo(rg) and he has been a bit more on edge ever since.

            2. Don’t blame the victim

          2. It kind of cracks me up; I wonder if ENB is playing Pavlov with John. Just how small a variation in inflection can trigger his TRANNY!!1111! response?

            Apparently, he issues false positives if she puts too many sex or gender related words in an article, regardless of relevance.

    3. John:

      The East German women athletes salute you sir.

      John pay no attention to your detractors on ths issue.

      They must have been too young to know what once happened.

      So if they don’t know it, that must mean it never happened.

    4. So why should sports be segregated by sex anyway?

  4. “Advocates of hyperandrogenism regulation in female sports… argue that even if high testosterone levels are naturally occurring, it still provides hyperandrogenic athletes with an unfair and unacceptable advantage against their competitors.”

    Your natural ability is an unfair advantage!

    1. Harrison Bergeron was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

  5. “He looka like a man.” – Miss Swan

  6. I know what I think makes a woman. And I’m betting that it offends 99.9% of SJWs and sarcasmic.

    1. So you’re a chubby-chaser? Why would I be offended by that? Chubbies need love. Just not mine.

      1. Did you write that the way you did on purpose?

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          Sticks and stones will break your bones
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          1. Dude, I clicked on that. I didn’t see a single female ass shaking. What. The. Fuck.

          2. HM,

            The song for which you provided a link reminded me of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Oingo Bingo’s It’s A Dead Man’s Party (in addition to a few other songs).

            However, I have the sense that I entirely missed the reason why you posted the link.

            1. the reason why you posted the link.

              Porn for sarcasmic, obvs.

              1. It seems that I missed the obvious yet again today.
                Alas, you reminded me of several songs and memes as you often do.

                I’m off to work.

                Take good care.

      2. Haha, sarc, you know, I ain’t chasin nothin bro, I already got what I was chasin.

  7. I think they should declare Usain Bolt’s legs too long.

    1. Are Candice Swanepoel’s legs too long too?

  8. “Sex in humans is not binary, etc etc etc.”

    Ok. So then why divide the sport into 2 binary categories (men + women)?

    why not let everyone compete & give gold to whoever is fastest

    1. Because the patriarchy would never let women win

    2. Yes, women’s sport is already an artificial division of the competition. I don’t see how marginally expanding the division makes a difference.

  9. That’s almost as bad as NASCAR pussy drivers who said Danica shouldn’t be allowed to drive because she had an advantage because of her weight. Actually this was no where near as bad as that was. When you start out trying to make excuses up front for losing to a woman.

    1. Who complains about Danica? It’s not like she’s going to ever win a race The best she’s ever finished is 6th place.

    2. That was actually back in her IndyCar days. It’s still embarrassing that the driver weight equalization rule is on the book. If you are 25lbs smaller than your opponent, it should be your advantage.

      NASCAR isn’t weight dependent enough to worry about 25lbs. Danica is at enough of a disadvantage because of her size that she’s not yet competitive (and probably will never be… Danica wasn’t even that good in IndyCar, and that wasn’t exactly against world-class talent)

      1. She let herself get distracted with all the outside offers because she was a pretty little white girl.

  10. I identify as a skater who won the gold medal. Gimme.

  11. Let ’em dope. Sports are entertainment and I want to see all sorts of crazy shit.

    I’m tired of this noble and pure athlete mythology.

    1. I want to see athletes doing athletic things. You want crazy shit, go to the carnival and watch geeks bite the heads off chickens.

  12. Boom… as I said, let them eat themselves over this. Dude declares himself a woman, do you stop him from entering the Women’s Weight Lifting competition and blowing everyone out of the water?

    I don’t have any answers.

    1. Except this is a woman born with naturally high testosterone levels.

      1. I understand. I’m not trying to provide answers, but this broader question is going to increasingly come up.

        “The concern remains that their bodies respond in different, stronger ways to training and racing than women with normal testosterone levels,” Radcliffe told the court, “and that this renders the competition fundamentally unfair.”

        I see this case as a primer for what’s to come.

        1. “The concern remains that their bodies respond in different, stronger ways to training and racing than women with normal testosterone levels,” Radcliffe told the court, “and that this renders the competition fundamentally unfair.”

          This logic could be applied to literally every Olympic athlete.

          1. I may be reading too much into this, but doesn’t it seem like they’re trying to head something off at the pass?

            1. Paula Radcliffe is an Olympic athlete trying to constrain competition. And yes, she is trying to head something off at the pass, its not like this 19 year old Indian girl who competes in a completely different event is a threat to her, but other people with “unfair” advantages might.

    2. Olympic weight lifting records:

      Snatch 212 kg Hossein Rezazadeh Iran 2000 Sydney 26 September 2000
      Clean & Jerk 263 kg Hossein Rezazadeh Iran 2004 Athens 25 August 2004
      Total 472 kg Hossein Rezazadeh Iran 2000 Sydney 26 September 2000

      Snatch 151 kg Tatiana Kashirina Russia 2012 London 5 August 2012 [9]
      Clean & Jerk 187 kg Zhou Lulu China 2012 London 5 August 2012 [9]
      Total 333 kg Zhou Lulu

      1. There are very few female sports which will survive the zeitgeist. Biological men who identify as women will dominate what was formerly female sports. Just wait until they get to title IX!

        1. Hear Hear Marshall !

          The progs have let the cat out of the bag.

          In the future no woman will ever win a sports competition where body strength plays a part because Catlyn Jenner will come out of retirement at 55 and steal it from a 25 year old woman.

          Tsk Tsk.

          1. Isn’t Bruce like 65 already?

            (googles)… Yup. He turns 66 the day before my 51st birthday

      2. I will always think that women will win the snatch cometition .

        To me women’s snatches will always be superior to men’s snatches (even if there is such a thing as a man’s snatch ).

  13. Harrison Bergeron is a hero.

  14. What’s the difference between this and any other natural advantage? Elite runners have smaller feet than average for their height. I don’t. That’s unfair–only people with average-sized feet can do track and field! And of average height!

    1. Absolutely none, but never underestimate the power of whining about other people’s “unfair” advantages. It’s sort of the entire underlying theory of the grievance industry and is the reason why we have absurdities like Congress holding hearings about baseball, and is really just the manifestation of the “equality of outcome” fetish that so infests certain people.

      1. Let’s just get to the end game already. Average-looking sex partners for all!

        1. Average-looking sex partners for all!

          Part of your worstness is the fact that this would be an improvement for many people.

          1. [sheepishly raises hand]

          2. Out of curiosity, what’s the basis for this “Nicole is the worst” meme? I’m not sure I was around when it got started, unlike, say, PB’s “8%” meme.

            1. Well, it’s mostly because she’s the worst. Though I believe I actually started calling her that first after they started calling Britta on Community the worst.

              1. I thought it was because I was the worst.

                1. Only the worst would make a tautological explanation of her worstness.

                  1. These are like the worst answers ever.

                    1. If her worstness were finite could she really be THE WORST?

                      I think you need to just soak in the Nikki for a while to understand.

                    2. Nicole: the worst, or *THE* WORST?

                    3. If I weren’t happily married *soaking in the Nikki* would sound kinda fun.

                      Well it still sounds kinds fun but is verboten.

        2. So we all have to live in your world? NO THANKS.

        3. Let’s just get to the end game already. Average-looking sex partners for all!

          Does this mean I finally get a sex partner?

          Do I just get issued one or do I get to choose from the average pool?

      2. This.

        When libertarians talk about “equality under the law,” we’re really only talking about the “under the law” part. Otherwise, inequality is the norm and there isn’t anything inherently evil about it such that a formal government must intervene.

        1. Equality of outcome is merely the philosophy of sniveling losers who are upset that someone was born stronger, faster, more intelligent, better looking, wealthier, etc than them. It’s not even a philosophy. It’s just whining and complaining and trying to handicap anyone who they think has any advantage over them.

          1. Pretty much.

            Scratch the surface of most socialists and all you’ll hear is “but it’s not fair!!!” in a five-year-old’s voice. And that five-year-old is out there making public policy!

    2. I may be wrong, but I believe the reason for her high testosterone is internal testes. In other words, a hermaphrodite.
      Should that change the equation, if true? I say yes.

      1. You are wrong, she has hyperandrogenism, its right in the article.

        Now some of the previous cases were due to intersex conditions.

        Should that change the equation, if true? I say yes.

        Why? It would result in a complete ban on intersex people from competition, even if they were raised as women, even if they didn’t even know about it? And how are you going to enforce it? Should every female athlete be subject to intrusive medical examinations or just those whose competitors bitch about?

        1. Why? It would result in a complete ban on intersex people from competition, even if they were raised as women, even if they didn’t even know about it?

          Yeah. I’m not down with that.

          1. If it would result in a complete ban on intersex people from competition, even if they were raised as women or men , even if they didn’t even know about it, would you be comfortable with it?

            1. Intersex men aren’t banned from men’s competition.

              1. “It would result in a complete ban on intersex people from competition….”

                Yet not intersex men from men’s competition? The heavy-handed unfairness seems to be multi-layered with this topic.

                I must away to work, but I will check here afterward for your supportive links/references.

        2. If it was intersex (internal testes), then let him compete as a man.
          If not, I really don’t have an opinion either way. Sports? Who give a shiite.

    3. In the other direction, swimmer Michael Phelps wears a size 14 shoe.

      1. Natural flipper-like feet are unfair!

        1. He wears his hair long to cover up his blowhole. I’m onto, you whaleboy.

          1. Thank you for the levity, Derpetologist.

          2. I hate it when I get commas wrong. One more time from the top:

            I’m onto you, whaleboy.

            1. It was gayer the other way.

          3. Yes, and statistically he’s probably hung like a horse too. He smokes pot at parties to keep it shrunk so when hot chick taps on his shoulder he doesn’t knock the bean dip on the floor.

    4. What’s the difference between this and any other natural advantage?

      You mean like the natural advantage males have over females for something like upper body strength etc?

      I’ll get back to you, because the next words outta my keyboard might be triggering.

  15. Why even have sports categorized by sex? Why isn’t the only metric simply how fast the individual can run, how high he/she/other can jump, etc., etc.?

    If a girl can throw a football, even if she’s one in a billion women, why not lot her play in the NFL?

    1. Let’s face it, plenty of guys would scream bloody murder if that was allowed, because she’d be outperforming them, and, well, their egos just wouldn’t be able to handle that.

      I mean, come on. Chicks? Playing football? Maybe in lingerie? Wait, I feel like there’s something to this idea.

      1. Just wait until it’s a chick as a lineman…

    2. A serious answer: because the first time a hypothetical female NFL player got tackled hard and injured, there would be an immediate demand to either change the rules or re-segregate the sport.

      It’s the same the reason why Andy Kaufmann took up coed wrestling: the idea of a woman being beaten up by a man offends a lot of people.

      1. I know. But I still think it’s a good question to ask, if nothing other than to point out people’s inconsistencies.

      2. the first time a hypothetical female NFL player got tackled hard and injured, there would be an immediate demand to either change the rules or re-segregate the sport.

        As a counterpoint, there were no calls to get women out of racing when Maria de Villota crashed

        1. As I said, people in general have a strongly negative reaction to a woman being beaten up by a man than to a woman getting injured or killed in a race car crash or a skiing accident.

          Think of the brouhahas in the past year where some NFL or college player was caught on camera hitting a woman. There’s bound to have been way more times when an NFL player hit a man, but that is a dog-bites-man story.

          1. Also, I can’t help but think that a lot of the male players would have a problem with playing with her…not necessarily out of sexism, but of chivalry (although Jezebel writers would probably say it’s the same thing)

      3. I doubt it. I wrestled in high school, had the shit kicked out of me most of the time. There was no pearl clutching. I think we’ve evolved past treating women like delicate flowers…most people have, feminists definitely haven’t.

        1. Please tell me it was a co-ed wrestling team. Because that’s something I’d sign up for in a second.

          1. There was no women’s team so they had to let women on the men’s.

            1. Where do I sign up?

          2. A few of the teams I wrestled against in high school had girls on them. Most would just get their hands raised and free points if the other team didn’t have a 102 wrestler. Well we had a guy at 102 who was short as hell, built like a brick shit house, and kind of an asshole. His match against the girl who was an actual wrestler got…awkward.

            1. He popped a chubby during the match?

              1. He took her down, flipped her over and motorboated her for about 5 seconds.

    3. I don’t think there is a ban on women in the NFL, there just hasn’t been any women good enough yet. There are women who play high school football and a few that have played at the college level.

      Nick Mangold’s sister played as an offensive lineman in high school.

    4. Because the first time a 300lb lineman hit her at full speed it would break her fucking neck.

    5. Why? Because women are generally noncompetitive in sports that involve athletic prowess (stamina or strength). For women to enjoy top-level sports, they must be segregated from the men. Tennis is about as close as it gets, and it’s really not that close

      1. Endurance running.

        1. Not close. Women are between 10 and 15 minutes off the men on marathon time. The top women’s time (2:15 and change) is over 10 minutes off the 300th best men’s time.

          1. *7 minutes off the 300th best men’s time.

          2. I mean ultras. Should have been more specific.

            1. I’m looking at the ultra records between men and women, and if I’m reading it right, men still have the overall advantage.

              1. overall advantage.

                read: in every single category.

                1. Well see, that’s the problem.

                  Men have a built in problem. To be fair what we shold do is give women an advantage to make things fair. In races against men women should have a time handicap and in sports like football men should only be allowed to use one arm. Or something like that because it’s not fair for men to have an unfair advantage because men get paid so much more than women athletes do and that adds to the wage gender gap which is unfair.

                  Either that or make a law that women sports get just as much money as men’s so it would be fair even if the women’s stadiums are half empty.

      2. Tennis has been evolving, especially on the professional level, to be much more dependent on topspin. Your power doesn’t come from pure strength, it comes from technique, attacking the ball, and maximized length of contact with the ball because the longer that ball is in contact with your strings, the more spin you impart to it. Depending on what style you adopt, you don’t even have to worry about timing that much (Nadal-style lasso followthrough is very vertical and doesn’t have side timing issues like more classical swing styles).

        Gender differences therefore don’t have as much bearing on these elements as in other sports. Obviously endurance is a huge factor when matches can last hours, but chicks can have very high endurance just like dudes. I think Serena’s serve is faster than a lot of men’s. At the end of the day, though, the top men will generally be able to beat the top women. But besides that, there are tons of chicks out there who can easily beat men all day long.

        1. Agreed (although top-spin is generated through technique + strength). These differences don’t impugn the entire female gender. I’ve played even just a (runner-up at state) high school level female tennis player who kicked my ass. She could place the ball on a dime, and I was just trying to keep my shots on the court. She was in good enough shape to run circles around me. However, top talent v. top talent is not going to be close.

          Check my wikipedia link above about the 203rd (at the time) ranked men’s player throttling Serena and Venus back-to-back in single-set matches when they were young pros. Serena may be able to hit a serve at an average male velocity, but she was still at the point where the male player claimed she was approximately 500 rank talent on the male side when she was top 20 in the WTA.

          My point isn’t “rah-rah men.” My point is that female sports give girls and women a chance to showcase their talents in sports that have a gender differential. I like the PGA model. Women are welcome in the LPGA, and if they can make the cut, they can play the PGA as well. I think that recognizes the inherent gender differential without forcing women to stay in “their own league” if they can genuinely hack it in the men’s league.

          1. The question isn’t whether A woman can beat A man… there will always be A woman who can beat MOST men. The question is about the aggregate.

            If you eliminated women’s sports and threw everyone into the same bin, female record holders would all but disappear. Not to mention the ongoing questions that would be raised over team sports, etc.

          2. Oh, I didn’t think your point was rah-rah men. I was just trying to point out that the reason there is less of a gaping difference in men vs women in tennis is that the normal male advantages (strength, speed, size) don’t matter nearly as much, though since they do at least matter some, you still see differences in the top talent by gender. Of course Federer or Djokovich is going to beat Serena or Sharapova, and almost assuredly quite convincingly. But it’s not nearly the difference that you’d see in, say, basketball or sprinting or baseball.

            And I will take issue with your contention that strength has much of anything to do with topspin. Racket angle, prolonged string contact, complete pronated followthrough, and forward motion at time of contact (“attacking the ball”) are all much more important. I guarantee you Haf??r Bj?rnsson cannot hit a tennis ball with more pace and speed than skinny Roger Federer. Not even close. He probably can’t hit with more pace than most top women.

            1. Oh, I didn’t think your point was rah-rah men.

              My point is rah-rah women! Where da women at?

              1. The women ?

                How much for the women ?


      3. Actually shooting is the closest, if you consider that a sport. In fact women are better, except to extent that stamina becomes an issue.

        1. There have been several women NCAA Rifle national champions (which is a coed sport).

        2. Even with all their pillowy parts?


        3. That’s an interesting question. I don’t know whether I consider it a sport or a skill competition. Not that it matters, it’s still a pretty damn cool thing to be a champion of.

          1. That’s an interesting question. I don’t know whether I consider it a sport or a skill competition. Not that it matters, it’s still a pretty damn cool thing to be a champion of.

            Except in very specific circumstances, there’s no real upper body strength advantage. It’s about precision, breathing control, consistency. Not sure why the separate women’s shooting sports from men’s, other than the fact that shootin’ guns leans masculine, therefore having a built-in self-selection advantage, therefore leaving the female talent pool small.

            1. Don’t their boobies get in the way like they do in golf ?

              *ducks and covers*

            2. A shooting event was one of the few things I caught during the last Olympics and it was actually more interesting than I expected.

    6. In most little league sports it only goes one way. Girls can play on boy’s baseball team, but a boy cannot play on girl’s softball team. That’s in the rule book. Still, in 2015, in the one America’s most Progressive Obama towns.

    7. Because women will mostly disappear from the sports world. Which doesn’t bother me too much as the only female sports worth following are gymnastics and tennis.

        1. No not golf. And not tennis either. Men don’t really watch womens tennis for the competition. It’s for the short skirts over strong well poportioned thighs.

          You know that.

          In gymnastics men watch for the camel toe.

    8. Service guarantees citizenship. Would you like to know more?

      1. It’s made me the man I am today!

  16. I am a trans horse and so should be allowed to compete in the Kentucky Derby. I just need to find someone petite enough to be my jockey. Perhaps a teddy bear dressed in a little jockey outfit?

    Also, could someone please fill my feedbag with goldfish crackers and hang it on my face?

    brrr-hrr-hrrr! Neigh! Neigh, I say! Can’t you hear me neighing in hunger?

    1. Perhaps a teddy bear dressed in a little jockey outfit?
      I nominate Irish, if Molly Soda gives the go-ahead

    2. Perhaps if you did the whip, and then the neigh neigh, someone might come to your rescue.

    3. Derpy-

      You have to carry 126 lbs in the Derby- 123 if you identify as a filly. That saddle is sure gonna be goofy looking (that’s where they put the extra weight).

      Besides, you won’t outrun a horse until you hit “marathon” distances– the Derby is 20-something miles too short.

  17. Relevant:

    12 year old girl won kid’s division of Minnesota state arm wrestling championship with help of her bodybuilder dad…..eps-t33901

    The best part is the picture of her next to her dad

    1. Houston, who works as an assistant professor of philosophy at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, said strength runs in the family

      Well, know you know what one does with a doctorate in philosophy.

      1. I like the idea of a philosophizing truck driver. At least he’s not living in his parents basement and writing for Salon.

        1. I have to say, his life sounds quite cinematic!

          1. I liked the movie better the first time when he was a bouncer.

            1. grr you beat me

            2. From there I next journeyed to San Francisco, where I studied classical texts in a small Jesuit school for two semesters. During that time when I was not studying I worked as a “bouncer” (a job that will challenge anyone’s faith in humanity) in Fisherman’s Wharf.

              Pain don’t hurt.

              1. Awesome, I must have skipped over that part.

        2. It kind of reminds me of something that happened to my husband when he was in school and deciding between pursuing history or IT, he asked a favorite history professor for his advice and he replied “the world needs more technology workers who know history than history professors who know about technology”

        3. So…Jack Burton? Everybody relax, I’m here.

          “When some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favorite head up against the barroom wall, and he looks you crooked in the eye and he asks you if ya paid your dues, you just stare that big sucker right back in the eye, and you remember what ol’ Jack Burton always says at a time like that: ‘Have ya paid your dues, Jack?’ ‘Yessir, the check is in the mail.'”

          1. also…

            Doc: Your file says you’ve got a degree from NYU. What in?
            Dalton: Philosophy.
            Doc: Any particular discipline?
            Dalton: No. Not really. Man’s search for faith. That sort of shit.
            Doc: Come up with any answers?
            Dalton: Not too many.
            Doc: How’s a guy like you end up a bouncer?
            Dalton: Just lucky I guess.

            (ok ok, he’s not a truck driver, but close enough)

            1. For some reason I thought you were referencing Over The Top, actually. Mostly because that terrible movie doesn’t get referenced nearly enough.

              1. I’ve still never understood why all arm wrestlers apparently take their prize in the form of a Freightliner.

    2. I’ve read there is a lot of technique in arm wrestling. I’m betting while she is probably stronger than the most of the boys she faces, the rest she beats with technique.

      1. Technique and endurance, though the latter is typically more a masculine trait.

        And I gotta say that in that girl’s case, it’s gotta be technique, ’cause she’s got tiny arms, even for a 12-year-old girl.

    3. I pity the first young man who sticks a dick in that young girl who her daddy doesn’t approve of, even if she does.

      If she doesn’t approve then I hope he gets what he deserves from her Daddy.

      I’ve had a few beers so I hope that comes out like I meant it to.

      IOWs…her young boyfriends should be very careful

  18. And yet each and every one of you was crying and stomping your feet when the East Germans were cranking out uberfraus back in the whenever they were doing that.

    1. Evenink vear! Svim Vear!

  19. Chromosomes?

  20. East German joke:

    Woman swimmer: I worry about those shots you give me. I’m growing hair on my chest.

    Coach: Don’t worry, the hair will stop at your navel.

    Woman swimmer: But it’s already down to my sac.

    1. “Clean-up- aisle keyboard”!

  21. So if I self identify as a woman does that mean they can’t disqualify me on the basis of little things like testosterone and testes?

    1. It’s going to be fun to watch bubba.

  22. Is it being prepared to do the right thing? Whatever the cost?

  23. Why not make her use antiandrogens?

  24. Isn’t it misogynistic to have separate competitions for the weaker sex? I mean obviously, women don’t run as fast as men because they don’t get to see the right tile masks and because… patriarchy. /sarc

  25. Of course, I’m not sure how you sort “natural” testosterone from “doping” testosterone. Maybe it can be done, but once you say “no testosterone level is too high” then I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of testosterone doping, whether you know it or not.

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