Lafayette Theater Shooter Identified, Sandra Bland's Death Ruled Suicide, 'Threatened' L.A. Cops Tase Man in Wheelchair: A.M. Links


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    A 58-year-old shooter at a Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater last night killed two people and injured nine others before shooting himself. Police today identified the man as John Russell Houser, from Alabama; they are not sure why he was in Lafayette. 

  • Inspectors general are asking the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into the potentially classified emails Hillary Clinton stored in her private email account. 
  • Sandra Bland's death in her Texas jail cell was declared a suicide via hanging by the county district attorney.
  • Los Angeles authorities are investigating an incident where officers used bean-bag rounds and a Taser on a homeless man in a wheelchair; the officers allege that the man tried to attack them. 
  • Musician Chris Brown was allowed to leave the Phillipines this morning, after being trapped there for three days over allegations from Maligaya Development Corp that he backed out after accepting $1 million for a gig last New Year's Eve; in a video released yesterday, Brown pleaded with Obama for help. 

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