UN Security Council Unanimously Approves Iran Nuclear Deal

Deal impossible without Security Council approval


United Nations

The United Nations 15-member Security Council unanimously endorsed the Iran nuclear deal negotiated in Vienna last week, according to a tweet by the Associated Press. The Security Council includes 5 permanent, veto-wielding members, the U.S., the U.K., France, Russia, and China, all of whom, along with Germany, were part of the negotiations. The other seats are rotating and include countries from around the world.

As I wrote last week, it doesn't really matter that the United Nations votes first on the deal. Congress gave itself sixty days to act—thirty if the deal came before July 10 but 60 after because of summer vacation. The deal couldn't be implemented if the Security Council hadn't approved it. If Congress rejects the deal and blocks the U.S. from implementing it, that will affect the U.S. portions of the deal but it won't bind other countries to not lift their sanctions against Iran. Surely opponents of the deal whining about the Security Council voting first understand they are lawmakers for the U.S., not the world.

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  1. They had to approve it to find out what’s in it.

  2. Well, if you oppose or are concerned about this arrangement, having it get this far, where the weight of the embargo is now likely permanently reduced, might make the order of things somewhat troubling. If the U.S. had repudiated the deal, not sure the other countries involved would’ve unilaterally lifted sanctions.

  3. So, a second piece of evidence that the deal is shit.

  4. Has the U.N. Security council been unanimous about anything good in the last three decades? Or, for that matter, ever?

    I’m not – quite – cynical enough to point to this as proof that the Iran Deal is an empty gesture on the part of the West and an opportunity to weasel for Iran. But it certainly doesn’t demonstrate how GOOD the deal is.

    1. you beat me to the sentiment.

    2. Has the U.N. Security council been unanimous about anything good in the last three decades? Or, for that matter, ever?

      More times than you seem to think, actually, especially when you bear in mind that it needs unanimity among the five permanent members or the thing before the Council is sunk anyway.

      You’d do better to ask yourself how many times has the US Congress been unanimous “about anything good”–or anything at all, come to that–in the last three decades.

  5. A thing I don’t get about this “deal”: it supposedly *delays for ten years* Iran’s nuke. Are all the “axis of evil” types satisfied that the death-to-Satan regime will change by then, or is the inherent renegotiation just a guarantee of jobs for the lawyers, diplomats, inspectors, etc.?

    1. The deal is not about changing the Iranian regime. It is about keeping nukes out of the hands of Iran for a decade.

      Look at this way, those who WANT Iran to get nukes will veto the deal. Those who DON’T want Iran to get nukes will vote in favour of it.

  6. when the Security Council is unanimous on anything, why do believe this can’t be a good thing.

    1. Its like proggy/tranzi bipartisanship.

      Its not a guarantee that its monumentally stupid, a vehicle for corruption, and likely to end badly, but . . .

  7. So the deal promised to make every country — or strong interests within those countries — on the Council amazingly rich somehow.

    This deal and the UN’s approval is the nail in the coffin for much of the American oil fracking industry. Oil prices will likely plummet; they just won’t plummet as much if the US doesn’t approve (which I think is unlikely). American fracking companies are struggling with Saudi Arabia’s open taps as it is…

  8. the other Security Council members aren’t the one who will get EMP-nuked by Iran,so it’s no skin off their back to let this exceedingly lousy “deal” progress,and they will benefit from renewed trade with Iran.

    1. the other Security Council members aren’t the one who will get EMP-nuked by Iran

      What other Security Council members? Wasn’t the vote unanimous?

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