Man Jams Out to 'Star Spangled Banner' on 4th of July, Gets Arrested for Breaching the Peace

"I'm getting arrested for this after I was told I could do it?" asks befuddled musician.


God bless America—but not too loudly, please. In Jacksonville, Florida, local musician Lane Pittman was charged with breaching the peace after a raucous rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" on Independence Day.

The incident happened after Pittman began playing on a street near Neptune Beach, which attracted a crowd of nearly 200 onlookers, according to Orlando Weekly. Pittman said police asked him to move from the street to the sidewalk, which he did. Police then waited until Pittman finished his performance and cited him anyway.

Pittman told WJXT of the arrest:  

[The officer] goes, 'Spread your legs. Put your hands behind your back,' and that was when I was like, 'Oh my gosh. Is he serious? I'm getting arrested for this after I was told I could do it?'

"Out of respect for the national anthem, they let [Pittman finish]," countered Neptune Beach Police Chief David Sembach. "He was told he was going to have to stop playing. He went to the sidewalk and continued playing, and it was only after that that the crowd was getting hostile, so the only way to stop it, since he wasn't going to stop playing, was to take him out of the location."

According to WJXT, Pittman is well-known locally, where he plays in his church's band, coaches high-school lacrosse, and apparently has ambitions to be the next man behind the town's Jacksonville Jaguars mascot, Jaxson de Ville. Chief Sembach suggested Pittman has deliberately provoked arrest to drum up publicity for his mascot campaign. But a witness backs Pittman's version of events, corroborating that an officer had first said it was fine to continue playing on the sidewalk. 

Pittman claims police said he would have been charged with inciting a riot except they didn't have the resources at the moment to take him downtown for booking. He also alleges that the officers never read him his rights or told him for what he was being arrested.

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  1. (Picture of Ted Nugent saluting as a bald eagle weeps and a host of revolutionary war ghosts hang their heads in shame)

    1. …while an outline of Charlton Heston sobs in the background of a setting sun with Ronald Reagan’s face on it….

      1. And Jimi Hendrix chuckles at how far the country has progressed in the last 46 years…….

    2. Did someone say The Nuge?

      1. My first concert:) Krokus was opening act.

        1. Krokus? Fucking Krokus?

          I saw the Nuge in ’79 at the Omni. Blackfoot,The Scorpions and the Nuge. Show was fucking great but, despite having a clear memory of having seen The Scorpions, and it being a great show, I had to Google the damn thing to realize they played between Blackfoot and Ted Nugent.

          I blame the same reason Cos’ got so much pussy back in the ’70s.

          1. For you whippersnappers trampling all over my lawn, this was the mellow undercard of the show

            1. That’s right, look out as I do the James Brown all across your lawn.

        2. Ha! Check out the comments for this.

          This guy was there with ya Almanian.

          corvettebmw 8 months ago
          Reply ? 7

          Or is corvettebmw you?

          1. I saw them 80 in Columbus. Amboy Dukes were with Ted.

        3. My first concert:) Krokus was opening act.

          Did you totally cop a fell from this passed-out borad?

  2. One can always count on the First Coast fuzz.

  3. “…police said he would have been charged with inciting a riot except they didn’t have the resources at the moment to take him downtown for booking.”

    Ahh, Jacksonville, in the news a second time in one day. Not enough resources? Hope nothing serious happens, like a robbery or something. For those who don’t know, Jax leads Florida in per capita murder rate.

    1. “For those who don’t know, Jax leads Florida in per capita murder rate.”

      Not long ago, they had the solemn pride of leading the nation..

    2. It looks like a riot because bicycles.

  4. What do you want to bet his arrest had more to do with his choice of song rather than the volume at which he performed it? Either way, this is bullshit.

    1. Yep, he shoulda gone with Stormtroopin’ as an outro instead of Stranglehold.

      1. It was his acoustic cover of Ice-T’s “Cop Killer” that got him in hot water.

      2. “shoulda gone with Stormtroopin'”

        I was thinking that exact same thing

    2. Well to be fair it is a really shitty song.

      1. Which song, Hugh?

        I’d like to be sure you are against domestic violence here, although I can see where you could be making a statement regarding the mental/emotional state of many of the police officers in our nation (who seem to be disinclined to respect or allow freedom).

        1. The Star Spangled Banner is an awful song. Even worse when someone sings the lyrics.

          I…don’t really know what your second paragraph is getting at.

          1. This is why we need to change the National Anthem to Free Bird

            The version with the longest guitar solo as well. We have put up with this faggy British drinking song for too long.

            1. I agree. “Free Bird” it is. The unofficial anthem can be “In-A-Merica-Da-Vida.”

            2. That would certainly give America the advantage at the Olympics as the other countries would forfeit after the first 15 minutes or so of America’s anthem.

            3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the national anthem needs to tell the story of America.

              1. Are there catchy tunes about killing Indians and taking their shit?

                Oh, I know!

              2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the national anthem needs to tell the story of America.

                I was expecting this to link to Run to the Hills.

                1. Yes! I as well.

            4. How about the same lyrics, but with some Beach Boy stylings?

              Basically, just throw in some wa wa-ooohs at random and a jangly guitar in the background. Use the tune from I Get Around.

              Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
              wa wa-ooh!

            5. This should be the national anthem


              Catchy tune and it encompasses everything America is about – mainly kicking British arse.

              1. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s (historically inaccurate) parade, but the British burned all of Washington, DC, our Nation’s Capitol, to the fucking ground in the War of 1812 (all except the Marine Barracks, of course).

                By most standards, that is pretty much a “win” for that team. I will grant that it is not always a win, but British versions of the War of 1812 look a lot different than “Ol’ Hickory Kicked that British Ass, yee-ha!!!”

          2. While I agree with you, Hugh…I then remember how much you like Glass Tiger and it makes me wonder. It makes me wonder how much you like Dream Academy. And that fills me with dread.

            1. Well I only have the one song from Dream Academy in my library. I have way more INXS.

              1. But what about the Dream Police?

                1. Well, they live inside of my head. They come to me in my bed. They’re coming to arrest me!

              2. You always find a way to hurt me, don’t you, Hugh.

                1. Hugh is a male version of Nicole.

                  1. I do have some INXS.


                      You probably just like them because Michael Hutchence died from auto-asphyxiation.

                    2. Stop projecting.

                    3. INXS were great before they went after the American market.

            2. Lol.

          3. Dude, it’s an awesome song. I’d prefer the tune not be that of a British drinking song, but that is what history gave us. The lyrics are great.

            1. “Look at that flag that didn’t blow up!”

              1. Look at that fort that didn’t fall to the British!

                Also, I like that it poses the question without answering it. I think of it as a charge to future generation and a reminder that what we have only lasts if we fight for it.

                1. Also, I like that it poses the question without answering it

                  Um…it’s answered in the 2nd stanza

                  Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
                  In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
                  ‘Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave
                  O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

                  The 3rd stanza is about slaughtering the British. We should sing it more.

                  1. This is the stanza that should be played by the American team at all international sporting events:

                    And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
                    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
                    A home and a Country should leave us no more?
                    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
                    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
                    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
                    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
                    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

          4. “The Star Spangled Banner is an awful song. Even worse when someone sings the lyrics.

            I…don’t really know what your second paragraph is getting at.”

            *low level agent removes “Hugh Akston” from certain lists. Algorithm(s) note/s the agent’s activity and Top Men move to add said agent to list “Hugh Akston” was previously on after returning Hugh’s captured information to same list.*

            Charles: My sense is that not only is Hugh Alston is against domestic violence, Hugh does not own or have access to anything resembling – or in functional capacity – whatever a woodchipper is or might be (or might be imagined to be).

            +All in jest, Hugh.

  5. “..and apparently has ambitions to be the next man behind the town’s mascot, Jaxson de Ville.”

    Jaxson De Ville is the NFL Jaguar’s mascot, not “Jacksonville’s”.

    1. Yes. As everyone knows, Tim Tebow is Jacksonville’s mascot and their local god.

      1. Tim Tebow kept Aaron Hernandez from murdering, and Riley Cooper from racisting, and he kept Urban Meyer alive; he is a God.

        1. That’s why the NFL had to keep him away, because evil cannot live near Tebow.

          1. Note how the Eagles had to purge all of their irredeemable players prior to his arrival. Only those whose souls can still be saved remain.

            1. You are making complete sense. They sent the satanic Lesean McCoy to my beloved Bills because Tebow could not abide his negative energy.

            2. Uh, the Eagles have Mark Sanchez, which annihilates your theory right there.

              1. He’s changed! Rex Ryan had a foothold on his soul.

                1. I think Rex Ryan had a foothold on more than his soul.

      1. The usage of befuddled in the subheading is superb.

  6. The cops ahould have let the crowd have and when finished then render aid

  7. “Pittman said police asked him to move from the street to the sidewalk, which he did. Police then waited until Pittman finished his performance and cited him anyway.”


  8. coaches high-school lacrosse

    Perhaps I am showing my bias here, but that is all I had to read to know this man was guilty.

    1. Hey, if he’s anything like the coach on Teen Wolf, he’s awesome regardless.

      1. What the hell? You probably like Teen Wolf, Too, too.*

        *I know.

  9. “Out of respect for the national anthem, they let [Pittman finish],” countered Neptune Beach Police Chief David Sembach.

    Those police really went above and beyond by not arresting him right away, and also by not tasing him.


    1. I like how these people blindly respect the symbols but appear completely ignorant of what they represent. I group them with the flag burning amendment crowd.

      1. “I group them with the flag burning amendment crowd.”

        The flag burning amendment crowd doesn’t kill with impunity.. yet..

  10. But did he get off with a caution and a year’s conditional discharge?

  11. Unlawful restraint Unlawfully playing Stars and Stripes?

  12. Cops lied? I’m shocked!

    1. You are incredibly gullible.

      I consulted both my old and my new dictionaries just now to be certain that I used the word “gullible” correctly, and there is a picture of a person in the (2001) dictionary which has under its image the moniker “sarcasmic” which I am a bit confused about.

      Could that be you or is it an obvious trick?

      1. Depends. Was it a good picture?

      2. That’s a lie, gullible isn’t even in the dictionary.

        1. Sure it is. It’s right there between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’. Oh, wait. That’s ‘sympathy’. Never mind.

  13. So as to the man’s musical question, first posed by Francis Scott Key: The answer is “No. No, the star-spangled banner no longer waves o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave. “

  14. This man should be taken out back and beaten with a rubber hose for being literally the worst human alive! How dare he show patriotism! He almost caused a riot! Did you see the people about to start rioting?!?!

    1. They don’t have the resources for that!!!

      1. Won’t someone think of the children?!?!

    2. How dare he show patriotism!

      Well, I disagree with his show of patriotism, if only because the events that followed would prove that this country is no longer land of the free and home of the brave.

  15. Chief Sembach suggested Pittman has deliberately provoked arrest to drum up publicity for his mascot campaign.

    It takes two to tango, genius.

    1. If they’re so good, then how come they’re dead?!?

      1. Raciss?

        /asking for a friend

    2. It is like you have never heard of Ma$e.

    3. Along with The Allman Brothers, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, and .38 Special

      1. Basically, its The Holy Land

  16. “He also alleges that the officers never read him his rights or told him for what he was being arrested.”

    FY TW!

    The crowd of 200 should have place the officers under citizens’ arrest for disturbing the peace.

    1. Oh, Ken. You’ve obviously never seen Pennywise play on the 4th in Hermosa.

      1. Obligatory

        Though I’ll admit that the song did piss me off when attending the Blackhawks game 5 at Anaheim’s Honda Center.

        Chelsea Dagger is the only worthy hockey goal song.

        1. Nope. I had to log back in to disrespectfully disagree. Chelsea Dagger isn’t just the worst hockey song. I would posit it is the worst sports stadium song. And Blackhawks fans are quickly becoming the most obnoxious in sports.

    2. There used to be a law in Montana requiring any bystanding citizens to subdue anyone doing a violent crime by beating or killing (curiously, it didn’t specify a preference or describe any conditions in which one ought to do the one rather than the other) the violator. Maybe not anymore, though the legislature there has a crasy habit of not repealing old laws, so all sorts of crasy stuff is still technically in effect, though perhaps never applied. I recall a number of cases where a law was changed and passed, with the intent of replacing an earlier law covering the same thing, but in which there was no repeal of the previous law and nobody ever got round to it. Official annotations come up with some crasy twists of logic to compatibilise the two. At any rate, that law was invoqued a number of times as a sort of codified right of tyrannicide. It also ended up with vigilantes attacking the wrong person from time to time.

      1. It’s better than the town where I live now. The municipal codes are just copied from those of other towns, with stuff randomly changed or inserted to make it apply to whatever they think it’s for. There was a city attorney, but they fired him because he could never let them slide without an official comment that the law they were passing was shite for some reason or another. But not only are the laws crasy, vague, overreaching, in conflict with state and constitutional law, but frequently they are written in sentences that defy the logic of English grammar.

        1. It’s a rural community, and there’s a law against having at the same time livestock, a shed, and cultivated plants. Any one is permitted (within certain restrictions), but any two at once is a violation, for which there are no exceptions. It’s unclear what is meant by the law, in terms of tax lots. One might imagine that if he had his property divided into separate lots, he could do one on each. I made an official inquiry, and got told no, and that contiguity was irrelevant, that so long as the lots were held by a single owner, he could only have one of those three things going on, all properties included, even if they were on opposite ends of town. So if I have a garden on one lot, I can’t have a shed on my other place across town. The definitions categorise any animal not a cat or dog as livestock (possibly including human, depending on how it’s read), and define cultivation very broadly, pretty much including any intentional action aimed at promoting the growth of a plant; it goes so far as to explicitly include trees. The city ordinances also define “weeds” as any plants over ten inches in height.

  17. How was the crowd hostile, by saying “Woooo woooo”?

    1. The crowd was “hostile” because the police were disturbing the peace.

  18. OK. Finally got around to watching the video. That was so incredibly stupid for the cops to do. If they don’t have the resources for a riot, don’t go citing the guy who played the national anthem on the 4th of July.

    What a remarkable fuck up.

    1. The freest country on earth!

      Watching that just made me angry.

  19. I can see how playing the star spangled banner on the 4th would be disturbing the peace. Not for the same reason the cops would though.

    1. ” disturbing the peace”

      Particularly when “the peace” in Jacksonville Fla during the summer is basically 100s of drunk shirtless dudes roaming around and hooting

      1. 100s of drunk shirtless dudes roaming around and hooting

        Go on…

      2. It’s like a Reason cruise?

        1. Just a piece of advice: never google “shirtless libertarian cruise”.

          I had to clear history.

          1. Ah. I see a lot of Tom.

            Just a piece of advice: never tell me never to do something.

            1. I see a lot of Tom.

              Yeah, WTF? … Oh, I get it.

              I had a good friend once who shares a name with a C-list actor. It is absolutely impossible to google him.

            2. Gilmore, never never do something.

              1. I got that advice before, but it turned out Peter Pan was just trying to get in my pants.

            3. I got porn. Lots of porn.

  20. Is there some sort of requirement that says you have to get at least a 75% on the asshole test to be a cop? Jesus. The guy was also packing up, so this would have all ended on its own if someone cop didn’t feel the need to get this authority hardon of the day.

    Also, Florida seems looks really weird, based on the video.

    1. There’s Florida.. and then. there’s Jacksonville….

      1. Having never been to Florida, I get the impression from the discussion above that

        Jacksonville = Florida^3

        1. My sister lives in Bradenton so I notice news stories from there that probably wouldn’t otherwise. A lot of really F’d up shit happens in Bradenton. I think the last story I saw from there was the girl who got in trouble for having the dog lick her vajayjay. Why that’s a crime I’m not sure. I mean dogs will drink out of a toilet and eat their own crap so not like it gives a shit. Plus her pictures posted on the internet next to that story. What else do they think needs to happen to her?

          1. Bradenton is a decent enough city. It’s really an extension of Sarasota divided by a county line. Be weary of their dogs though.. they’re somewhat lewd.. Jacksonville is, always has been, and always will be a festering shithole, with a naval base.. and not much else.

  21. This is how you disturb the peace. Soccer Samurai

      1. Needs more hot Brazilian women.

  22. The best thing about America and the worst thing about America all wrapped up together.

  23. Not as good as the naked guy getting arrested at Coachella or the micro-penis pageant, but still good.

    1. I wonder how many dudes took their girlfriends to the micro-penis pageant?

      1. Sort of the opposite of not watching a John Holmes porno with them.

        1. Excellent strategery.

    2. I hate Coachella so much. I try and go on a nice family vacation, and it always coincides with that bullshit. And my (former) friends go to it. 30 somethings that need to grow the fuck up.

  24. Was Chief Wiggum there? Cause he belonged there.

  25. The original band members of Lynryd Skynryd attended Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida. (I know this because I look it up on Internet). General Lee was a slaver. He freed his slaves before the Civil War began and advocated for the end of slavery. Neil Young has covered “Sweet Home Alabama” and has expressed some regrets about being so darned sanctimonious in his hit “Southern Man”.

    Apologists for the confederacy will often site some statistic that only 5% of southerners owned slaves. Take that for granted, but the average household had 5 residents. So now your at 25% who had immediate access to slave labor. Slave holders would also rent their slaves out.

    I looked up “Confederate Flag” on Amazon this morning. You can still buy a “Dukes of Hazzard” toy car with flag on its roof. (I was thinking I could buy them up in July on the cheap and sell them as kitch Christmas gift to our overlords in December).

    1. Take it back a notch, research braggart.

    2. And then what?

      1. Profit!

        1. Ahhh…

    3. I had the opportunity to discover first hand by visiting the County Geneological Center in the county they settled in the 1740s that none of my direct ancestors owned slaves. They had no “negroes” on the property tax rolls. Nor were they were they just tax cheats. The family migrated West to Missouri and then later to Kansas in order to be part of a free state during the Bleeding Kansas epoch due to a principled opposition to slavery.

      1. They had orphan labor though right?

        1. That industry didn’t really start booming until the Industrial Revolution. But yes, my family viewed Upton Sinclair’s work as more of a instructional manual than a scathing social critique.

          1. I knew you were good stock

    4. Robert E. Lee was a bad ass.

    5. You left out the most important fact, which is that Lynryd Skynryd fucking rocks.

  26. Yeah, we should bail out Greece. I bet he hasn’t sent a dime.


    1. No need, the EU is caving and is going to give Greece new loans. The Germans are the only ones who might actually stop it, but even Merkel is hedging by saying things like no “classic haircut”, which really only means they have to call it something else.

      1. That was predictable.

        1. I actually thought the Greek negotiators created enough bad blood in the last two weeks or so that the EU was going to let it go. But this is about the legacy of the politicians that created the EU and the euro. They aren’t going to give up if they can help it.

          Whatever, it’s still going to be cheap to vacation there.

      2. I’d like to see Germany bail out of the EU. The whole thing would unravel into awesome nothingness.

      3. LynchPin1477|7.9.15 @ 7:57PM|#
        “No need, the EU is caving and is going to give Greece new loans.”

        Not sure.
        The lack of ‘sessions’ over the last day or so has been helpful, since Tsipras is poison in any face-to-face. But now the Greeks are supposedly offering a scheme which *increases* what they call ‘austerity’, and that is anathema to the Greek population. And it has to be approved by the Greek parliament which is in some measure answerable to the mob that voted to cut off its nose.
        And then it also has to pass all the Euro parliaments, including those who have learned a healthy skepticism for any utterance of Tsipras.
        I haven’t checked the odds in a while; they’ve been running equal money.

        1. If it ‘increases’ the ‘austerity’, I hope they give Tsipras a 100 meter head start on the lynch mob that will assemble in Syntagma Square.

          Just to keep it sporting.

      4. Obama wants a deal.

  27. I’m guessing that the cops found that bit about “land of the free” extremely offensive.

    1. And home of the brave. The only home to bravery in their minds is the local police department.

      1. Bravery means that your first priority, above all else, no matter the cost (to others), is to get home safe every night.

    2. Free people don’t need to ask permission or obey orders so long as they’re not harming the life, liberty, or property of another person through force or fraud.

      So, yes. I’m quite sure that police abhor the notion of freedom, because they’re accustomed to using force and fraud to harm the life, liberty, and property of anyone who dares to disobey orders or act without asking permission.

  28. Nigel Farage takes the piss out of the EU Parliament over Greece.

    1. I love how the EU slavers have to sit there and take it.

    2. Would it kill Tsipras to wear a damn tie? Or maybe learn to develop a poker face?

      Also, I would not put it past Farage to say all that simply because he wants to see the euro and the EU crash and burn. That doesn’t make him wrong, but I really wonder how concerned he is for the suffering of the Greek people.

      1. Farage is wrong about a lot, but he’s solid on the nature of the EU project. He’s like Churchill; you’ve gotta take the good with the bad.

      2. Yeah, seemed to be a lot of faux praise there. I bet the proggies hate the shit out of Farage.

        1. Too bad he wasn’t born in Hawaii.

          1. If Hawaii were to secede from the US it would become Greece within one generation.

            1. Kalamata Olives Poi

              1. goddamnit i forgot greater than signs dont work here

                1. ? or ?

                  As good as it gets..

              2. I prefer “regular” black olives to Kalamata’s.

                1. An antipasto is nice. Some tomato, mozzarella and basil with balsamic and olive oil – good stuff.

                2. I like olives like I like my men.

                  1. Virgin, and submerged in oil?

                    1. I had not thought of that. There’s really quite a bit of wiggle room here.

                  2. Round and filled with pimiento?

                  3. Drowning in gin?

                  4. run through a woodchipper and made into a tapinade?

                3. (vomits with shock and disgust)

                  1. ‘I like olives like I like my men.”


                    1. Green?

            2. What counts as a generation? It wouldn’t last 10 years.

      3. LynchPin1477|7.9.15 @ 8:12PM|#
        “Would it kill Tsipras to wear a damn tie? Or maybe learn to develop a poker face?”

        Euclid makes him look right out of GQ:

        1. No it doesn’t. Not on my browser, anyway.

          1. Briefly, Euclid slept in that outfit for three days prior to the meeting and what’s more, he grabbed the wrong jacket off the Frat ‘grab one’ rack; the sleeves are at least 3″ too long.
            I’d bet he’s glad they never got a shot of his trouser cuffs.

            1. Something to be said for men with prominent chins.

      4. Greece has suffered so much from austerity that the politicians no longer have neckties.

        1. After another round of austerity, if I’m reading the tealeaves right, they’ll have reverse neckties hanging up and behind their heads.

    3. I’m generally a huge fan of Farage, but his kissing up to Greece (which may be tactical because he wishes to see the whole European common currency disbanded) is a bit insufferable. While I do agree that some considerable blame needs to be placed on the idiots in Berlin and Paris and elsewhere that provided all these loans have their fair share of the blame, it is unquestionably also true that Greece’s current malaise is at its heart mostly a problem of their own making through absurdly lavish welfare statism, a bloated public sector, and an inability to collect the taxes that their country has levied.

      1. Farage wants the Euro to die. They’re on the verge of seeing the Euro die and he’s encouraging the first country that has the opportunity to leave it.

        I think all the Greece stuff was just his attempt to tell Tsipras to get out of the Euro, which has been Farage’s goal all along.

      2. I don’t think he’s kissing up. He tells Tsipras something like ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it’ and ‘Greece should never have joined the EMU.’

        He’s being marginally polite.

        Libertarians are missing the forest for the trees on Greece and the EU. While Greece is definitely a socialist hell-hole, the larger menace is the soft empire building of the EU, which is undemocratic and authoritarian in the extreme.

        This is a case of there being no good guys, but the true evil is in the expansive EU.

        1. Not really. I think most libertarians understand that the EU is a clusterfuck of a nightmare wrapped in a tinderbox filled with gunpowder. And I recognized that he was merely being flattering to the extent that it was necessary to persuade Tsipras to dump the Euro and start printing drachmas as far as the eye can see until Greece turns into a Weimar republic only on lacking enough people under the age of 30 to ever get any uglier than just starving 47 year old retired bureaucrats in the streets ( a sight that I may gleefully laugh at due to my rare combination of libertarianism and sociopathy).

          But I seriously fail to see how the EU is particularly worse than most Euro govts as a whole. Because it is more anti-democratic? In most cases, I find that a feature not a bug. While the elite technocracy is certainly distasteful, the base reverence for shackles that is commonplace in European political culture as a whole isn’t much different.

          1. We disagree. Marginal democracy is a feature in a nation state that has a foundational Bill of Rights or like document. Democracy, to some extent, forces collective responsibility in leu of such, and the closer to home or region the better.

            The love of the state in the EU whether at the state or supra-state level is disgusting but understandable considering their history.

            1. I find it very easy to dislike the EU while despising Greece.
              Yes, the EU is un-democratic, but even if it was democratic, it’s still a collection of statists devoted to increasing the bureaucracy and little else.
              What sort of a government defines the units of measure on store displays? A failed one.

  29. At least they didn’t beat the guy up and destroy his stuff.

    When I was living in Boulder some guys threw a little concert from their driveway. It was kinda cool, and the music wasn’t bad. They set up their instruments on a half-pipe that was in their driveway. The guitarist was wearing a hat like Slash’s. Then a white van with a half a dozen cops showed up. As most of the people scattered (I didn’t run because I still naively believed that the cops were the good guys) I watched in shock as the cops proceeded to smash the instruments and beat up the players. I’ll never forget the blood running down the side of that white van as one of the cops repeatedly smashed the guitarist’s face against it as his hat fell to the ground.

    One of the cops threatened to arrest me for loitering as I watched. Seeing what they were doing to the band, I decided it was a good idea to move along.

    I assume nothing else happened.

    1. The important thing is the cops made it home safely.

      1. I’m sure that some of them had bruised and skinned knuckles from when the musicians aggressively smashed their faces against them. Poor heroes.

        1. Maybe that’s why they always charge arrestees with assaulting an officer. Your rights end where my nose begins, but their bruised knuckles override your broken nose.

  30. OT, but turd or commie-kid was taking a victory lap here at least two months ago over Obo’s “historic agreement with Iran”; the man is our savior, right?

    “John Kerry: ‘We will not rush’ on Iran deal”

    (just because Obo and both of those twits deserve it)

    1. Kerry warned Thursday that the U.S. will not “sit at the negotiating table forever”

      Well, *that’s* good. If he had said the U.S. *will* “sit at the negotiating table forever” he’d be laughed at.

      1. Subtext: The U.S. will sit at the negotiating table forever.

        1. At least until the Mahdi and Jesus return.

          1. But only to pop in and say, “Knock it off, you lot.”

        2. The U.S. will sit whine, plead, beg, and bluster at the negotiating table forever until Obama leaves office.

          1. “Legacy” doncha know?

  31. So I watched and the video and the crowd was starting to get into it. I think I riot would have been justified. Any fuck who says we live in a free country should have a copy of this video shoved up his uretha.

    1. “copy of this video”

      It’s just electrons so prolly not so painful.

      1. Put it on floppy disks.

        1. Ouch!

  32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVt_1ByddUQ

    Here’s Thatcher being awesome and highly prescient regarding the Euro.

    She outright calls Labour incompetent and says the reason they want to hand power to the European Commission is because they know they’re not competent on economic matters and don’t want the responsibility any more.

    1. Kind of like how our congress has ceded all legislative power to the executive and judicial. Don’t blame us, it’s not our fault, pay no attention to us robbing you blind.

      1. +1 Even with the sequester they sought to avoid responsibility for decision making. They prefer not to be held accountable.

        Thatcher was indeed prescient about Labour’s incompetence considering the Blair years.

        Maggie was my niggress.

    2. Shit I might might have to supplement some of my porn with Thatcher speeches.

    3. …”says the reason they want to hand power to the European Commission is because they know they’re not competent on economic matters and don’t want the responsibility any more.”

      I have and continue to recommend Post War (Judt); he’s a lefty but entirely too honest for his own good.
      He spends a good number of pages explaining how the supra-national EU authorities, largely un-elected and the elected local and national politicos use each other to pass off blame, while never addressing any of the hard questions.
      Ag subsidies are forced on them by the elected officials according to the Eurocrats, while the locals claim their hands are ties by the Euro rules; they’re made for each other.
      I don’t think the EU is gonna crash when (and if) Greece is told to take a hike; it’s an outlier by some large percentage. But like the USSR, the EU is built upon everyone eating out of everyone elses’ pocket and that can not last.

      1. That’s the problem with honest leftists, isn’t it? They’re prone to the sort of untestable and unfalsifiable hypothesis (“the system would work if only it favored *my* policies”) that gets a society ever more deeply entrenched in socialism. They think they’re advocating for some Marxist paradise, if only a little tweaking about the fringes might be achieved. Except the tweaking merely furnishes more of what they claim to hate and fewer actual egalitarian outcomes. But they never fucking learn from the exercise.

        1. Any group of people that can actually use the phrase “dictatorship of the proletariat” with a straight face isn’t dealing in reality. That’s like agitating for a plutocracy of the poor, or a patriarchy of the women.

          1. They’re agitating for a complete repudiation of reality, while reality actually looks like the dictatorship of psychopaths. If you can imagine a more dystopic vision of social order, you’re more imaginative than I am.

  33. Laughing my ass off.

    Feminist website claims EVEN TEENAGE BOYS!?!?!?! think women are too sexualized in video games!

    Wow, what reputable polling firm collected that data?


    “In a survey of 1,400 middle and high school students by Rosalind Wiseman, Charlie Kuhn, and Ashly Burch, of Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?, it turned out that of boys who identified as gamers, 55% said games should have more women as protagonists, and 57% felt women were treated as sex objects too often in games. Teenage boys. So all the grown-ass men on the Internet screaming about their toys being taken away just because we’d like a bit more consideration shown toward women in games might want to take a step back and realize they could get a lesson in maturity from teenagers.”


    It’s a poll done by a youtube channel! Oh, and even funnier? They link to a Time Magazine article about this by one of the survey authors who says the following:

    ” We asked them to tell us what they thought about gender representation in games, what games girls play, and more. Our survey was exploratory?we didn’t have the resources to conduct a thorough evaluation”

    A Youtube channel ran a survey they admit they didn’t have the resources to run properly and a feminist website does victory laps. Unbelievable.

    1. I thought women were suppose to embrace their sexuality?

    2. Theoretical Bi Irish|7.9.15 @ 9:08PM|#
      “Feminist website claims EVEN TEENAGE BOYS!?!?!?! think women are too sexualized in video games!”

      I’ll bet you could find one or two who thought so. What’s your problem?

      1. That it’s not a legitimate survey, that one of the co-authors is best known for being a 20-something girl with a youtube channel, that the article on the subject doesn’t explain their methodology, their margin of error, who they asked, whether it was a representative sample, or what questions they asked these kids, and that a feminist website pretended this is a legitimate survey anyway?

        It’s an issue of feminists engaging in ludicrously unscientific survey rape with the express goal of pushing people into giving answers that support a preconceived agenda. That’s my problem.

        1. The whole

          – Do ‘study’ designed to yield results you desire
          – promote the shit out of said study, having it quoted by dozen affiliated activist media outlets
          – cite study quoted by 3rd party media outlet as proof of your argument is ‘common knowledge’

          (i.e. pretend that the citation by X magazine/news outlet gives the ‘study’ the imprimatur of credibility; See – “1 in 5 Women are Raped During College”)

          …formula is actually a specific M.O. that progressive social-justice activists have used forever.

          There are whole organizations designed around ginning up and promulgating “research” that serves the rhetorical purpose of various lefty groups.

          Social media is the primary source and end-destination for most of this “research”. Part of the purpose of the “research” is also to draw out opponents to criticize it in public – helping the group identify targets they need to attack & discredit. Either way it forces people into the chosen narrative.

          This group is an example of the type. I get a laugh out of how their Power-Point style is so similar to Fortune 500 corporate power-speak-gibberish.

          1. Years ago I got a letter published in the paper in which I tore apart a “study” that “proved” that California’s taxes and regulations did not shut down or drive out businesses. The study only looked at businesses that had not shut down or relocated out of state! So it was like proving that cigarettes don’t kill you by pointing to a bunch of living cigarette smokers.

            1. Papaya, it is amazingly easy to prove Russian Roulette is not at all dangerous; interview the ones who played and lived.

              1. An even better analogy.

        2. Irish,
          I agree with you 100%; it is bullshit and nothing other than that. Regardless of any claimed method, sample, etc, it simply doesn’t pass the sniff test to anyone who was once a male teen. To that population, it is not possible for females to be ‘too sexualized’.
          I was making small joke…

    3. Also, the people who ran this survey clearly have biases. So question: What questions were actually asked? Were they leading? Did the researchers make it obvious what the ‘correct’ answers were, and then conduct what amounts to a push poll?

      I don’t know because the authors don’t bother saying in the Time Magazine article. Feminists sure do have a rough time understanding legitimate statistical analysis don’t they? I’ve literally never seen a feminist poll that didn’t have grotesque flaws in its design and methodology.

    4. So at bars today chicks twerk, pole dance, and groin grind, and send nude selfies (nttawwt) but video games depicting them as sex objects is problem. What’s up with that?

      1. Because those are things they do for/to themselves. Because empowerment or something something. Video games are created by the patriarchy. OBJECTIFICATION.

        Don’t you understand, cis-shit lord?

        1. Nope

        2. Female empowerment is making me a sandwich unsupervised.

          1. A spit sandwich?

            1. Considering what I’ll be eating after I have my sandwich, spit would really just be a warm up.

              1. vegemite?

                1. If that’s her name

    5. I suspect most of those teenage boys were either goofing or hoping that a “Yes” answer might somehow get them laid.

  34. Not sure if I accidentally posted this elsewhere or it got eaten, but I found Krugman’s nightmare coming to life:
    a Greek island will be experimenting with a gold-backed cryptocurrency.

    1. They should issue only 300 coins.

      1. They should only issue 263 coins, and one fire-sharpened stick to everyone on the island. Then let nature take it’s course.

        1. The Minotaur will end up with them all anyways.

  35. Um, wasn’t this song (well poem) written by a treasonous slave-owner?

    And the Gadsden flag is named for another treasonous slave-owner. As is Washington. And New York. And California’s flag also represents treason, racism, imperialism and genocide.

    1. How about this flag


      1. They’re just wrasslin’.

        1. just a couple boys having fun

          1. Never meanin’ no harm.

      2. I was not aware that Indians knew BJJ.

      3. That’s not a flag, this is a flag.

    2. Not a flag, yet.

      1. that’s awesome

  36. Hail to the Chief has got to go as well. Inspired by Walter Scott, whom Mark Twain thought was a major influence on the Confederates (However he did use nigger in Huckleberry Finn) and the first President it was used to honor was Andrew Jackson.

  37. Ken Stable has died – you fucking Peanuts.

    He was one badass QB.

      1. Sorry to hear about that, but:

        turd or commie-kid was taking a victory lap here at least two months ago over Obo’s “historic agreement with Iran”; the man is our savior, right?

        “John Kerry: ‘We will not rush’ on Iran deal”

        (just because Obo and both of those twits deserve it)

    1. Beer and colleagues said.

      Actually, Senor Tequila and Herr Jagermeister deny any involvement,

    2. The men, all from the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, bred variegated squirrels, a species native to Central and southern North America that is kept as an exotic pet in Europe

      An “exotic pet” with a hatred for free minds and free markets. You know who else… aw fuck it.

      1. Hypnotoad?

        1. Hypnotoad is nobody’s “pet”.

          1. Hypnotoad is NOBODY’s pet!
            Hypnotoad will be obeyed!

  38. Greek Referendum? = Meet Reality

    Everyone voted “NO!”…

    …but no one can really say, “no, *what*?” The only point of that fucking exercise was to give the politicos an out, so that whatever compromise they make, they can say they made because that’s what ‘the public demanded’. as i’ve said before = brilliant, if you think Politics is “smart”. I don’t. The dumb motherfuckers could probably have gotten a better deal by simply dealing honestly from the moment they were elected.

    1. See above for similar comments.
      1) Tsipras, after whipping his ‘subjects’ into a frenzy to vote “NOOOOO!” now has to return to them and say ‘well, it didn’t quite work’? And that mob that voted to have their nose surgically removed is now gonna say, ‘well shucks’ and ‘well, OK’?
      2) or Tsipras is gonna go back and find his lies left him in a hole out of which he can’t climb?
      I mean, there were all those photos of the ‘defiant, proud’ Greeks waving OXI signs (not to mention the endlessly repeated photos of the three elegantly coiffed and manicured sweet young things waving the OXI signs).
      There is no lack of rank stupidity among the voting public; maybe the Greek voting public is even more stupid than most.
      And, also as mentioned above; who among those who have had their pockets picked will believe him?

      1. He’s not wrong, though. They voted. They declared No, decisively and ostentatiously. I agree it puts Tsipras in no better a position than he was before, really, but by the same stroke it redirected a great deal of frustration from his administration to the eurocrats. And I suspect, going forward, Tsipras is looking for a soft landing by peddling a few minor and largely illusory concessions in exchange for keeping his people fed. The prospect of hunger and losing life savings will make him look like a savior by comparison.

      2. No, now they’ve created enough face-saving bullshit to sell the suckers of the non-Greece part of Europe on giving Greece money now in exchange for the promise of reforms at a date TBD.

      3. The Greeks voted out of emotion, not out of brainpower or lack thereof.

        Tsipras has always been bluffing and blustering, so he’s little worse off. Maybe better off. He’s deflected blame and delayed the inevitable. He and his buddies are still getting paid.

        I’m still hoping my #sellgreekislands idea catches on.

  39. A fucking interstate of demons is smashing its balls through my brain right now, Mr. mamapita.

  40. …and America sucks because its law enforcement bands are filled with braindead shit pukers.

  41. I was about to try working everyone into a bogus rage about Syracuse University calling some teams the Orangemen, but apparently Nike got them to change in 2004.

    I’m glad Nike embraced the True Faith.


    1. More details:


    2. I wasn’t aware of that, and I’m from Rochester. Syracuse always struck me as a slice of sport-obsessed midwest and therefore somewhat suspicious….

    3. Eh, this one doesn’t bother me. Going from “Orangemen” and “Orangewomen” to calling all teams “the Orange” actually makes sense from a branding perspective. If it makes SJWs happy, I’m OK with that. I don’t see this as an attack on one faction of the Irish or something.

      1. I don’t even know if it *was* SJWs, or if the term “Orangemen” was based on King Billy.

        I was simply setting up a faux-outrage joke and found they’d already changed the name.

  42. law enforcers are puked from the faces of voters demanding that the fucking real world not exist around them. The army monsters with fat faces and mean bellies are hired by old men from old wars who hate humans in areas where prestige demands returns. And in tired poor hoods the real world equation is poor people suck a ton and should be oppressed like the rich awkward drunk fuck.

    Life is a fucking very bizarre stack of tiles.

  43. No, there’s no such things as “no-go” zones in France. Not at all. Everything is fine and dandy. Muslims are peaceful and cuddly.


    1. The Israeli flag, and particularly the Star of David, is a symbol of racism and oppression to the Palestinians. We should all unite and demand that companies stop selling/showing merchandise (like those fucking coexist bumper stickers), books, or movies portraying it, or the views of people that sympathize with what it stands for.

      I would take up the cause on Twitter, but I have a medical condition that prevents the use of social media.

    2. It’s infuriating that these people are waiting for and expecting the government to protect them.

      1. They’re not, they’re getting the fuck out for the most part. I mean, they’re outnumbered by… a lot. More and more so, as the GTFO strategy gets more love.

  44. County seat where I used to live there’s this crasy motherfucker called “Bicycle Boy”. He ran around on a bicycle with about a thousand US flags of various kinds stuck all over it, waving around (which was very peculiar in a community where on almost never saw a flag on display except on a proper flagpole, and a real flag in some decent state of repair). At one farmer’s market he showed up and starts going nuts on this little keyboard on his bike, doing a really bad, heavily transmogrified version of the national anthem, with all these parenthetical refrains and so forth. It goes on for fucking ever, like twelve minutes at least. I got banished henceforth from the farmer’s market for not passing that entire time astaunding there wi my hand of my heart. Insanely, I and my wife was the only ones present that I saw that did not submit to the absurdity. I tell you, I was this close to riotting.

    1. What government computer did you post from?

    2. Stop. Right now. Just never ever post here. Ever. Tony is more legit than what your shitty ass is trying to accomplish.

    3. Limpee Wiltstock is a government dick cancer from a really weird office in some high up government bathroom where dumb fucks aren’t used to being ass kicked because in these threads a single name will be tracked by brilliant minds and your post sucks my Agile ass. Are you so FUCKING retarded, you gov stooge, that you can’t see how retarded your lines read?

    4. Bitch can’t even write fucking shit. For real? All your sentences scream dumbass psychology. Don’t pull that shit here. you were close to ‘rioting’? You aren’t even married you gov shit eater.

    5. suck my asshole you limpee fuck

  45. Christ almighty, but do I love me some Kevin Williamson. He’s who my high-school self hoped to someday be, if I’d been born twenty years earlier and with a great deal better genetic material.

  46. There is a point in all societies where fun shit is just fucking fun and where laws should eat shit and stop fucking with fun. The future of fun shit is very fucking lean/

  47. Something something…

  48. This fucking strange world will be a magnet for outside agents who eat shit with cheese on wheat bread.

    Agile Cyborg will always be real, fucked up, occasionally lucid, and hardcore upstairs. Agile Cyborg will have a history with these threads from being hammered, fucked up, or on Tuesday kinda cogent or at least I attempt these things… Agile Cyborg and long term thread gods and goddesses are lasers on what is real here in terms of fucking feedback.

    Certain threads will not be so real here. Real in not a drugged or fucked up way but a strange psyops way on rare occasion.

    Peace out. Odd things be happenin.

  49. Agile Cyborg might be your thread trip captain. You all crazy motherfuckers trip and I trip and yet this dude sitting next to the picture of that wheatfield on grandma’s wall is here to grab your hands and bring you in for hotdogs.

    The internet is not what is was 5 years ago nor 20 ago. The internet is clever village. And as much as shitty progressives and Christians love to believe oppositely- government is about fucking pure minds in the asshole.

  50. Normally, when you see the cops arresting a guy for playing his country’s anthem on a patriotic holiday, that means the cops are working for a foreign occupying power which wants to repress patriotic displays.

  51. Peace out. I’m out but remember all the dudes who’ve spent years in these threads… Hyp, Mulatto, Tony, Manhattan, Irish, NOT GKC, agammon, Papaya, Crusty, Old Mex, Gil, Sevo, and the tons of reason minds my shitty ass mind forgot because I suck like a fuck….

    History is stone. Life is fucking rainbows and bullheads/

    1. Don’t forget me you landlubber. =D


      1. JPy is for real a serious bitch. Reason minds are very deep and succinct……the lords and queens are living long and we get the vices, minds, and conditions of our lovers.

        Reason minds and brawn and for real world Reason team gets this world.

        Agile Cyborg is simply loving the entire team of brains that I seriously cannot list now because my ass is hammered hardcore but my face and brain loves the brilliant loving fuck pirates on this sight and when shit fuckers from the government pretend to be legit I will punch their sentences in the cock… peace out…. live and love, brothers and queens.

        1. AC as always you are a true poet. =)

  52. I prefer the version of the National Anthem performed by the Jacksonville Police Department Band:


      1. Hey, it’s my long-lost cousin!


  53. So nothing about Obama trying to get Germany to make a deal with Greece?

  54. And if Greece gets bailed out how long until they need another one?

  55. I see people cheering and having a good time. Apparently cheering and having a good time now is a riot.

  56. First, this was Atlantic Beach FL, not Jacksonville. Second, the police were picking and choosing what they would enforce. They ignored all the open containers and illegal fireworks to pick on a sober guy that was playing his guitar on the sidewalk. This is ridiculous!

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