Rand Paul

Christie Claims Rand Paul Is Making America 'Weaker and More Vulnerable'

Bizarre criticism of Paul's web fundraising


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie trashed Sen. Rand Paul during an interview on Fox News Sunday, claiming that the libertarian-leaning senator's foreign policy and anti-surveillance views make America "weaker and more vulnerable."

When asked to respond to Paul's position that the Patriot Act violates the civil liberties of all Americans, Christie said this:

Well, he's wrong. He's wrong and what he's done has made America weaker and more vulnerable. And he's done it, and then cut his speeches and put them on the internet to raise money off of them. He's politicizing America's national security. …

As we face a heightened warning on this Fourth of July weekend, what the American people need to know is that Sen. Paul's conduct has made them weaker and more vulnerable to attack. Sen. Paul, instead of using this to raise money, he should engage in vigorous Congressional oversight over our intelligence community, which is his responsibility and his duty under his oath as a United States senator, and our Justice Department should prosecute any intelligence officer who violates the law. We have those safeguards available to use. Instead, what Sen. Paul has decided to do is throw the baby out with the bathwater. And he's decided to make America more vulnerable to make a political point. I think it's wrong, I think it's dangerous, and how about this. If God forbid there were to be another attack on the United States, you know Sen. Paul would be the first one dragging the CIA director and the FBI director up on Capitol Hill, put them under oath, and criticize them for not connecting the dots, and not mention for a moment his hypocrisy for taking away some of the tools they need for connecting those dots.

Watch the full clip here, or below.

It's no surprise that Christie opposes Paul on these issues—he's said as much on many occasions—but the level of fearmongering on display here is really quite remarkable. Christie boasts about putting New Jersey's financial house in order, but his commitment to limited government principles is, well, limited, if he can't recognize that excessive national defense and security spending is as ruinous to the nation's fiscal health as entitlement spending. And he won't argue in good faith; question whether certain federal policies are constitutional, and Christie will accuse you of aiding the terrorists.

Even more bizarre is his criticism of Paul's fundraising. There is nothing dishonest about Paul using clips of his speeches to make appeals for donations. This is something every candidate does. The people writing checks to Paul agree with the positions he articulates in those web clips. What is so contemptible about this?

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  1. The big man loves big gubmit

    1. [predictable fat joke coming in to land] About as much as he loves Big Pastry

      1. +1 more engine on Air Force One

        1. LMFAO

  2. Rand Paul makes me weaker…. in the knees! amirite? HAWT

    ‘””n cut his speeches and put them on the internet to raise money off of them.””

    he actually said this? (because *raising money is suspicious and wrong!?*) I can’t listen to 16 minutes of Barbie v.Jabba the Hutt to confirm this

    1. I think my new epithet for that power-hungry asshole will be “Jabba the Putz.”


      1. +100 cream filled donuts.

      2. He is best described as a “baffoon”.

  3. The TSA just failed a test where they allowed over 90% of the weapons used by government auditors onto planes. We were warned about the Tsarnaev brothers explicitly by the Russian government and they set off bombs anyway. The Garland Texas shooters were both known to the FBI and the Charlie Hebdo gunmen were known to the French government.

    Can someone please explain to me how anyone is made safer by these vast government bureaucracies that seem incapable of stopping terrorists even if they already know about them?

    1. How anyone is made safer? That is easy. The political class is protecting themselves from pitchforks and woodchippers.

      You don’t think that the vast surveillance apparatus is actually about stopping terrorism, do you?

    2. This just illustrates how we need to strengthen our existing programs and how politicians like Paul have used their enormous political capital to shut down government funding and terrorist surveillance. It’s time we took these threats seriously and elected representatives like Christie who will change the status quo in Washington.

      / This is what some people actually believe

    3. “Can someone please explain to me how anyone is made safer by these vast government bureaucracies”

      the job security of people who make money off of Federal spending on any vaguely-National-Security stuff is vastly strengthened.

      Why do you hate TSA screeners? Your granny could have joined ISIS without telling you. You can’t be sure until they grope her.

    4. But what about the thousands of terrorists they did catch before they blew up something. Terrorists like [redacted], and [redacted], and don’t forget about [redacted].

    5. Since when do the stated goals match the actual goals?

  4. OT: Greece voting “No” to EU bailout plan based-on early polling


    1. This is certainly turning into the a cluster fuck. Basically, no one knows what comes next. The Greeks should be able to default and file bankruptcy like Detroit, but there’s no process in place for this; it wasn’t built into the currency union, and the EU won’t take the hair cut on their bonds least Spain, Italy and the rest demand a haircut as well.

      1. DW has published several articles regarding the German Ifo economic think tank’s proposal that Greek exit and return to the drachma.


      2. Um…

        Nothing need be done at all. They are responsible for their own actions. Those lending to such a nation may fit the definition of insanity. Anyone giving them more money to squander does also. Time to take your medicine…

        1. I don’t think there’s a medicine strong enough to cure the EU.

        2. Yeah, except it’s not the simple.

          The behavior of the EU organizations has been nearly criminal. Comparable actions would be the Fed refusing to supply banks in Detroit with dollars (currency) during its bankruptcy.

          Bankruptcy is a horrible but necessary step sometimes and having a process in place for this type of contingency is responsible. But a currency union without a fiscal union makes such planning impossible.

          The EU banks used various EU created programs to transfer their bad bonds onto the EU balance sheet. Now there’s no way to write down those debts, so all debtors will live in permanent debtors prison without the lenders taking responsibility for their bad lending practices. That is an incredibly double standard.

          1. all debtors will live in permanent debtors prison

            WTF? Drastically cutting government spending is equivalent to incarceration now? Or are their Greeks literally going to prison over this?

            1. there*

          2. Um … you understand that debtors prison typically involves, well, prison rather than receiving additional money in perpetuity in return for following a budget … right?

      3. We all know what comes next. Cyprus was the most recent example. The rest of the EU can expect tax increases and more regulations, but that’s really the whole point of the EU in the first place.

    2. I trust Greek polling like I do nigerian emails.

      1. Also = keep in mind that the referendum is merely an optical scam intended to give Tsipiras (sp? not even trying) an out from taking responsibility for whatever compromise he’s going to make anyway.

        i.e. its not actually direct democracy. its offering people the choice of Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl, or Vanilla-Chocolate Funsplosion, then pretending that whatever you are going to give them is exactly what they asked for.

      2. That’s a winner.

    3. That is one baffling hyphen.

  5. By the way, when is a journalist going to grow a pair and ask Christie “Why do you believe it’s in America’s best interest to elect someone who suffers from a profound addiction and struggles with impulse control issues?”

    1. I doubt if that would do much. He would say (as he essentially replied to a wisecrack by former governor Corzine), “Yeah, I’m fat, deal with it.” He’d get a standing from America’s horde of Lipid-challenged.

      1. standing ovation, that is

        1. It’d take them a while to stand. A seated ovation is more likely, though it would be a very round applause.

    2. Mmmm. And how how much lack of control does one have when gastric restriction is completely ineffective?

      I trust the guy with power. Imma go for it.

      1. He is a fat fuck, isn’t he?

      2. If he went in for liposuction? I bet he’d have it back on in a year.

        He’s such a fat fuck!

      3. He should consider entering that hot dog eating contest they had yesterday.

        Although that’s probably dangerous for him, since he could easily mistake his own fat, sausage like fingers for hot dogs.

    3. I was going to link you to the worst lecturing-about-Fat-Shaming video i could find, but then i realized i don’t have the stomach (PunINTENDED) to actually watch any to be sure.

    4. He’d likely punch anybody asking this.

      Impulsively, of course.

    5. /v/Fatpeoplehate is Speading, And i like it.

  6. Christie is the only candidate with significant name recognition at the bottom of the pile in the polls, which can only mean that voters know who he is–and they don’t want any of what he’s selling.

    Christie is the kind of Republican that liberals in the Northeast wish the rest of the Republican party were like. Meanwhile, I’m not sure I understand what’s Republican about him. On what issue is Christie especially different from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

    The other candidate that should be pushing the panic button about name recognition is Jeb Bush.

    When the Democrats hear the name Clinton, the recognition gets her 80%+ support. When the Republicans hear the name Bush, 80%+ of them decide they’d rather support somebody else–and that’s just among Republicans?

    Rand Paul 2016

    1. On what issue is Christie especially different from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

      Teachers’ unions.

  7. “Christie boasts about putting New Jersey’s financial house in order”

    Wait, did he talk about how he had to be sued to live up to the obligations in his own plan? http://www.washingtonpost.com/…..story.html

    You have to wonder how tubby will sleep at night knowing that he should have taken his shot in 2012 before people figured out who he really was.

    1. I wonder if Republican primary voters remember when Chris Christie threw Mitt Romney under the bus a few days before the general election and kissed Obama’s ass on national television in exchange for some personal aggrandizement and some cash for storm relief?


      1. Christie is the ultimate Union-Republican.

        He’s a fat deblasio with better mafia-backing.

        1. I guess running for president is what you do when you’re a Republican politician in a blue state like that.

          Everyone in the machine, they’re all going to fall in line behind some Democrat against him someday. He’s gotta be hoping he gets a national audience and maybe a talk show gig or something out of it.

          1. You are correct that more than half the purpose of the campaign is simply to raise his speaking fees in ‘retirement’

        2. Like any New Jersey politician ever. That anyone would consider a NJ pol of either party for POTUS is astounding.

          Corruption is on the state flag in the Garden State. It’s a tradition being the most corrupt state government anywhere. A tradition “unlike any other” as CBS uses for the Masters golf tourney. NJ has held that title before the Masters existed….McCheese won’t get very far.

      2. Who cares?

        It didn’t hurt Gary Johnson’s chances.

        1. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, and I don’t think you do either.

          Your comments are like the dead insects on the grill of my car–they didn’t mean anything either.

          1. Why are you complaining about Christie “throwing Romney under the bus”?

            The most likely reason is that you are a Romney fan.

            1. I have no idea what you’re talking about or why, and I don’t care what you’re saying or why.


            2. The most likely reason is that you are a Romney fan.

              Well, if I had to choose between Romney and Obama, I’d choose Paul. Which I did.

              But on a good/bad scale, Bush was, hands down, better than Obama. Making Bush the second worst president in history.

              1. Wait, you really think Obama is worse than Dubya?

                1. Wait, you really think Obama is worse than Dubya?

                  R U serious?

                  By several orders of magnitude.

                  I do revise my above statement. Dubya was third worst and Obama second.


                  1. Woodrow Wilson don’t get no disrespect.

          2. “Your comments are like the dead insects on the grill of my car”

            I have no idea what this means, but it made me laugh

            I like Buttplugs random inane comments. They are vastly superior to idiots like mtrueman or Jackand (joe?)

            1. I was cleaning the dead insects off the grill of my car the other day. They make a spray-on dealio you buy just to wipe them off of your chrome.

              I’m washing these bugs off and I’m thinking, “Wow, their whole lives are so meaningless”.

              And then I see Shrike’s comments, and I got the same feeling, like, “Wow, who knows what that means–and who cares?” But there his comments are. Year after year.

              It’s not that no one knows why he comments. It’s that no one even bothers to wonder why. His comments are like that. How’s that gunk get all built up over the years? No one knows what it is or what it means–and no one cares.

              Just another bug on the grill.

              1. You missed your calling as a poet

        2. Are you being stupider than usual on purpose.

  8. If we took all the shit out of Chris Christie we could bury him in a walnut.
    Just sayin’

    1. Christopher Hitchens’ estate will be sending you an invoice for using his insults without attribution

  9. He’s politicizing America’s national security.

    Just one more wafer-thin lie, Mr. Christie….

  10. I ran Rand’s weight/height through the BMI calculator. It popped out 24.6, which is two cheeseburgers from overweight and overwhelmingly stupid. If this wily Ninja of constitutionalism is considered a near fatty, there is no hope for any of us.

    1. Obesity. Epidemic.

      1. Seriously. 6’0′ and 185lbs? 25.1? I am fucking ideal. I am the snazziest person at Walmart. I got six-packs with proper lighting!

        1. BMI isn’t perfect. Basiclly if you have a 6-pack showing don’t use it. It’s more meant for the Marjory that doesn’t work out/ watch what they eat.

  11. Fatass’ bridge closing harmed more Americans than anything Rand Paul has ever done. Plus Paul, as a surgeon, has added a lot of value to peoples’ lives. What the fuck has Crisp Christie ever done?

    1. Fun fact: If Rand Paul does your cataract surgery, you will lose weight. It’s not a miracle, he just knows you will be too embarrassed to be fat in his presence.

  12. A few years back there was a story about a funeral home burning down when they tried cremating an extremely fat guy and essentially started a giant grease fire in the cremation oven.
    I have no idea why I think about a fat guy sizzling and popping in an oven every time I think about Chris Crispy.

    1. You know who else thought about people in ovens?

      1. Hansel and Gretel?

      2. The Gingerbread Man?

      3. The witch in “Hansel and Gretel”?

      4. Wyman Manderly

      5. The aliens in the “to serve man” twilight zone episode?

  13. our Justice Department should prosecute any intelligence officer who violates the law

    Uh, yeah. Fat chance. How do you prosecute someone for doing something wrong when everything he does is supposedly too secret to be admitted into evidence?

    1. Is James Clapper still walking the streets? Yeah?

      Is Christie promising to indict him for lying to Congress in his first 100 days as President?

  14. Perhaps what Christie finds contemptible is that people actually support Paul while he’s left flailing in the wind.

  15. And so begins the utter disappointment in the Republican party and its presidential candidates.

  16. More people were killed over the week by a flying sturgeon than by terrorists. One dead (a child!) and two injured.

    1. Well – the terrorists better pick it up. Who wants to be embarrassed by a fish?

  17. Christie is a joke. He thinks that business should be able to take anyones property if they want. Because he personally doesn’t like pot he would ignore what the vast majority of electorate wants. When are these clowns going to start representing the people instead of the almighty dollar. He represents everything I hate about government. Him and Hillary two peas in the same pod

  18. Fuck this giant piece of shit. Like this fucking douchebag knows ANYTHING about national security. I would debate this guy in public in a heartbeat about what he knows about counterterrorism, national security issues more broadly, and use of the U.S. military. What the fuck experience does this lard-ass bring to the table as the fucking governor of New Jersey??

    I mean, seriously – does no one ask these guys, “Hey, uh, tubby, WTF exactly qualifies you to make that claim in response to Senator Paul’s insistence that the government, you know, follow the fucking Constitution?” I mean, Jesus Christ, why does anyone – any news outlet – put a microphone in this turd’s face?

  19. Lap band surgery…it’s in then news. Fuck Christie, with a large gravy spoon.

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  21. The two things (in order) I don’t want to be slammed by are Chris Christie and a Volkswagon bus.

  22. Dear Gov. Chris Christie, Shut your damn mouth. You won’t know freedom unless it came with some fries as a side.

  23. Chris Christie – 2016’s J. Edgar Hoover

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  25. “our Justice Department should prosecute any intelligence officer who violates the law.”

    Really? Like James Clapper perhaps? Congress can’t engage in “vigorous oversight” when they’re being blatantly lied to.

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