A.M. Links: Washington Navy Yard on Lockdown After Reports of 'Active Shooter,' Toxic Train Derailment in Tennessee, Baltimore Police Vans to Get Recording Cameras


  • Credit: U.S. Senate

    The U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., is currently under lockdown after reports of an "active shooter" at the facility. No injuries have been reported.

  • Democratic presidential candidate and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders addressed a crowd of nearly 10,000 last night in Wisconsin. "You may know that some 25 candidates are running for president of the United States," Sanders said, "but tonight we have more people at a meeting for a candidate for president of the United States than any other candidate has."
  • A train carrying toxic gas has derailed in Tennessee, prompting evacuations.
  • Japan and the United States will compete this Sunday in the finals of the Women's World Cup.
  • Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to install cameras that can record inside police vans. The mayor's actions come in response to the national furor over the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who suffered fatal injuries while being transported in a police van.

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  1. Democratic presidential candidate and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders addressed a crowd of nearly 10,000 last night in Wisconsin.

    Drudge is pushing him as a credible threat to Hillary.

    1. “Democratic presidential candidate and self-described socialist Bernie Sanders addressed a crowd of nearly 10,000 last night in Wisconsin.”

      How many different types of cheese does Wisconsin produce?

      1. Hello.


      3. “This cheese, is it gouda?”

        “It shoulda’ be. I justa’ bought it ‘ayesterday.”


          1. ok Bernie, take the deodorant choice away, but leave the cheese.

          2. You don’t need all those types of cheese when children are hungry in this country.

            1. Do you really need yellow AND white, thick AND thin, Kraft singles?

              1. AIEEE!!!!

                *flings self at fondue set*

              2. Do you really need yellow AND white, thick AND thin, Kraft singles?

                We’re talking about cheese, not those… things.

                1. There’s a special place in my refrigerator reserved for those things.

                  1. There’s a special place in my refrigerator reserved for those things.

                    I see what you did there.

                2. It’s not Rufus’s fault. He lives in a country where Kraft is a dinner.

                  1. Why…you…

                    You…you’re good!

          3. There won’t be after Bernie’s Cheese Equalization Board reduces the number of approved cheese types to two: Cheddar and Mozzarella. All other cheese are capitalist waste.

            1. Of course Cabot will win the no-bid contract to produced the gubmint cheddar.

      4. Why is it, whenever I see that picture of Bernie, I think of this guy?

    2. Drudge loves stirring it up – remember how he was the only one flogging Jon Huntsman? He must have run out of shirtless Martin O’Malley pics.

      1. If you send O’Malley a text or e-mail, you could probably get more…

    3. Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Socialist. And he is trying to be nominated by the Democratic Party in the United States of America as their choice for President. If that actually happens, the Democrats have truly lost their fucking minds, and so have their mindless followers. Speaking of those idiots, I wonder if they have cared to read up on how Venezuela is doing at the moment? Venezuela is an example of what Socialism will do to a country once it becomes the majority of political power. Not good.

      1. Dude, they think Cuba is a great example of progressivism.

        1. Yes, they do. And I just shake my head at their ignorance. I’d like them to go to Cuba and stay there for a couple weeks, and see how Cubans actually have to live from day to day. After witnessing the hellhole that is most of Cuba, I would hope the proggy dope would come back to the USA and appreciate what we have here. Sure, our country isn’t perfect, but it’s a helluva lot better than a lot of other countries in the world.

          1. You’re describing the intellectual descendants of much more accomplished thinkers who nonetheless were themselves fully duped by Soviet propagandists posing as tour guides. This generation of twee intellectuals would swallow whole everything the Castro regime told them about their island paradise.

          2. No, sending them to Cuba doesn’t make any difference.

            1. Holy fucking spaghetti monster, what a load of stupid shit. That woman is actually describing the mental contortions she goes through to describe her love for Fidel and his merry band of communists while at the same time recognizing that to say so to a Cuban might ‘trigger’ them because their government is an irredeemable thugocracy.

      2. Yeah, but Venezuala is full of brown people and socialism only works with smart honest people in charge – / progtard

        1. But of course libertarians are teh rayciss ones…

      3. Hey, at least Venezuelans are spared the agony of having to choose between 23 kinds of deodorant.

        1. I suspect that their lack of deodorant brands means that there are no starving children in Venezuela. If only the ancients had known that to eradicate famine, all you need to do is restrict the supply of deodorant.

          1. Do you know what other communist paradise you could go on vacation where Right Guard wouldn’t help?

      4. If that actually happens, the Democrats have truly lost their fucking minds,

        And I will seriously consider going to the LNC, or perhaps even the RNC, to give a speech about my experience growing up in the world’s largest democratic socialist nation.

      5. I have a financial adviser acquaintance that is a big fan of Bernie Sanders.

        I do not recommend anyone to him.

        1. No kidding.

          How can you be a financial advisor – a natural enemy of all things left; since the left pretty much embark on policies that hurt that class and their clients – AND support a socialist?

          Always perplexed me.

          Like seeing a wealthy person coming out of a high-end car in a Che t-shirt.

          Do people even think? I mean, think-think.

          1. Like seeing a wealthy person coming out of a high-end car in a Che t-shirt.

            I haven’t seen anyone other than Edina Monsoon pull that off.

            1. Penn Jillette could do that. And THAT would be the truly ironic approach to wearing a shirt unlike the hipsters who are stupid.

          2. Maybe his financial advice rides mostly on the hope that the client’s debts will be forgiven.

  2. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to install cameras that can record inside police vans.

    Easily erased footage.

  3. 68) Sugarfree pulled his convertible up to the gate and got out. A thin grizzled man stepped out from the shadows.

    “Who’re you?” Sugarfree said. “Am I at the right place?”

    “I’m a friend,” the man said. “Come in, I’ll show you around.”

    “Okay,” Sugarfree said. As they passed through the open gate, Sugarfree looked up and read the words curving overhead in wrought-iron: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. Yep, this was the right address, all right.

    “Say, you wouldn’t have happened to bring a flask or something with you?” the old man said.

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    1. They came to a huge room with an open door, cinderblock walls, bunch of desks with people sitting around tapping pencils, twiddling their thumbs, staring off into space. .

      “Who’re these guys?” Sugarfree asked.

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      “It doesn’t look so bad,” Sugarfree said.

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    2. They continued to a grassy area that looked exactly like a university quad. Here hundreds of women carried mattresses, or dragged them behind, or a few just stood with the mattresses leaning against them.

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      “There goes another glass table,” Bukowski said. “We go through a lot of those.”

    3. Continuing on their way, Bukowski muttered something that sounded like now for the damn classic liberal under his breath.

      “What’d you say?” Sugarfree asked.

      “You’ll see.”

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    4. Weigel’s face fell. “Oh my. I thought? I thought my death would make a difference. That I had made an impact.” And for a moment, just a second, his fingers stopped moving. As soon as the action halted, gray worms crawled out from beneath the keys, burrowing into the flesh of his hands and traveling up his arms. Fascinated, Sugarfree watched as the little mounds slithered around his body just under his skin. Simultaneously the pustules on his skin broke open and thousands of tiny worms spilled out, latching onto the pasty flesh and gnawing away.

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      Bukowski pulled Sugarfree out and slammed the door.

    5. As they walked down a long corridor, Sugarfree gradually became aware of a buzzing noise becoming louder. After awhile, screams could be heard above the buzzing, a shrieking that would grow more frantic just as the buzzing increased in pitch, and then the shrieking would stop suddenly. They reached a closed door. Here the noise was intensely loud.

      “What’s happening behind there?” Sugarfree asked.

      “Oh, those’re the woodchippers,” Bukowski said.

      “Woodchippers? Good Lord, who gets that?”

      “Judges and DAs who abused their power,” Bukowski said. “But we’re not really supposed to talk about it. Let’s keep going.”

      1. Ha.

        Sugar Free as Virgil. Now I’ve seen it all.

        1. I thought Bukowski was Virgil and Sugarfree was Dante.

          1. You’re right. Virgil was the guide.

            I’m a very bad boy.

          2. Who’s Ted DiBiase?

      2. Magnificent. If I had a hat on, I would tip it to you, sir.

      3. Bravo, very well done.

    6. Finally they came to a large chamber equipped like a gym. At the squat rack, a giant of a man counted as he squatted an immense weight. “95?96?”

      “Warty!” Sugarfree shouted.

      “Hold on,” the man grunted. “97?98?”

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      “Yes,” Sugarfree answered.

      Warty looked confused for a second, then annoyed. “If you’re done then, I’ll get back to my workout.”

      1. 765 lbs

        Flattery will get you everywhere.

    7. “No, wait, I brought you something.” Sugarfree took off his backpack and unzipped it, pulling out a shiny suit. He tossed it to Warty.

      As soon as the suit landed in Warty’s hand, it turned to liquid and flowed over his entire body, as if encasing him. “Hey, it’s my timesuit.”

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      “You thought right,” Warty said.


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    8. A door opened on the far side of the gym and a huge horned demon strode in. In one hand it held a cupcake.

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      Sugarfree gulped again. “You mean, like put on a show for me?”

      The demon roared with laughter. “A show for you? No, you’ll be the star!” The demon grabbed Sugarfree and pulled him towards the waiting entrance.

      Sugarfree looked back at Bukowski helplessly. Bukowski yelled after Sugarfree as the demon dragged him away. “I forgot to tell you about this part! Don’t worry, they get bored after a decade or two! And then you’ll get to have my job!”

      1. Aw, man. Don’t I get to see the frozen lake of banned handles?

        1. Sorry for breaking the flow up thread. How was I supposed to know? Good fun though.

      2. Still not as tasteless as SugarFree, but not bad.

      3. *blinks*

        What…I mean…you…

        *shakes head and slowly walks away*

      4. OH MY GOD

      5. Good one, bro.

      6. +1 Inferno

  4. ‘How dare you put such a complex issue to common folk?’
    …I was told in no uncertain terms that this is a very strange and even inappropriate course of action that we’ve taken. And the argument that was given to me by a colleague in the Eurogroup, whose name will remain unsaid, while everybody was more or less nodding, was ‘how dare you put such a complex issue to common folk?’ And I was just looking at them astounded, thinking ‘you have just negated the whole principle of democracy, which is that the common folk determine government; they determine very complex questions during elections.’…

    1. Well they have a point. Some of the common folk might be good at their particular specialty in the division of labor, but for just about everything, including politics and economics, their fucking retardedly retarded in the worst way.

    2. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

      Never a more appropriate time and place for that one.

  5. Japan and the United States will compete this Sunday in the finals of the Women’s World Cup.

    World? Cup? I don’t know what that is.

    1. You missed a classic own goal by England.

        1. I felt bad for her, then remembered it’s soccer.

      1. A beautiful finish.

      2. Barrett now has as many World Cup goals as Wayne Rooney: One.

        1. +hair plugs

    2. 2 countries 1 cup

    3. Well the thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in.

    4. FIFA under fire for referring to Alex Morgan’s ‘good looks’

      Watching her play, she is very underwhelming. I don’t think she would be known at all if it were not for her looks.

      1. she is very underwhelming

        You take that back right now! She is an angel! She is our angel! Take. It. Back.

        1. She is hot. Her soccer skills are lukewarm.

          1. That can apply many players.

            1. to

            2. The blonde defensive back…Julie Johnston (?) has been their best player…

              Also not bad on the eyes.


              1. Julie Johnston needs to dye her roots or get the fuck off the field.

            3. Yeah, I’ve been more impressed with the play from the top teams (except the US), but then I watched Messi completely pick apart Paraguay and it’s like a different planet.

              Watching the men play their Gold Cup warmup this weekend will be a breath of fresh air.

      2. She did spend about 2 months out for injury prior to the tournament. She had started training again not long before, which was why she was left out initially.

        I’m guessing there’s a lot of rust. I don’t follow the team all that much, but my impression from talking to people who know much about the team is that ordinarily, she’s quite good.

      3. She was better a few years ago. Hell, the whole team was. They’re kind of phoning it in for some reason.

        1. They’re “phoning it in” because they still think they can rest on their laurels and depend on ancient, technically-limited stars and win. The fucked up thing is they might be right this time around. The player development on the women’s side is terrible – worse than it is for the men. For a country that blazed the trail in the women’s game, that’s pretty much inexcusable. The rest of the world is doing something about being behind – the US is doing nothing about getting caught.

          The men’s side is a completely different beast, and while it’s far from perfect, things are coming along and we ARE getting a deeper and more technical pool of talent recognized, slowly.

        2. They’re kind of phoning it in for some reason.

          Must be the artificial turf

      4. She’s still recovering from a pretty significant bone bruise that kept her on the shelf for about two months. I think she gets more attention because she’s attractive but she’s still an excellent player.

  6. Donald Trump just got into a heated exchange with Don Lemon over his comments about immigrants
    …”Well, somebody’s doing the raping, Don. I mean somebody’s doing it,” Trump said, according to CNN. “Who’s doing the raping? Who’s doing the raping?”…

    1. Did they ever go after Biden and Reid for their stupid and racist comments?


    2. At this point im convinced Trump is a Democrat plant.

      1. Mind the gap.

    3. I’m a certified Analrapist.

      That’s an Analyst and a Therapist *combined*!

      1. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

      2. As of season 4 he’s now a theralyst.

        1. There is no season 4, as far as I am concerned.

  7. “booze and agility”

    I’ll take “terms that usually aren’t associated with each other,” Alex.

    1. Around here they are *often* associated. Anybody hear from Agile Cyborg today? He sounded pretty down last night.

      1. He sounded pretty down last night.

        Does he like butter-tarts?

    2. That’s either the band playing at the new restaurant in the cultural district or the restaurant itself. Or both.

  8. After a brazen escape from an upstate New York prison, it came down to booze and agility for convicted murderers David Sweat and Richard Matt

    Speaking of booze and agility, what is everyone up to over the holiday weekend?

    1. Hiding in the basement as the rolling artillery barrage…er, neighborhood fireworks go off.

    2. I’m sticking to burgers and franks, nothing fancy.

    3. Flying back to Illinois to hang out w/ in-laws and the best man in my wedding. Should be plenty of beer and grilled meat on hand for all.

    4. Booze and bikini girls in Newport Beach.

    5. Mowing my yard. Rearing my children. Working on my new house. Hopefully will find time to play a video game for the first time in months. And bang my wife if I play my cards right. Shoot some guns. Some real merican shit here.

  9. reports of an “active shooter” at the facility.

    Well, if there were a “passive shooter” how would they know about it?

    1. It’d be cop. Bullets were discharged.

      1. So, a passive-aggressive shooter?

      2. Bullets were discharged

        I hate when that happens.

        Oh, you’re not talking about kidneys, are you?

    2. Perhaps a “shooter”, as opposed to an “active shooter”, stays in one place instead of moving around.

        1. “Sedentary shooter”

        2. Shooter with a Shake Weight

        3. A thousand giant reptiles sitting in a vast invasion fleet orbiting your puny helpless world just collectively narrowed their gaze…the invasion must now be delayed.

  10. TV Land Pulls ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Episodes Amid Confederate Flag Uproar


    Peak Retard.

    1. Just the good ol’ boys/never meaning no harm/just the good ol’ boys/beats all you ever saw been in trouble with the law since they day they were born

    2. Well how are the Duke boys gonna get outta this one?

      1. Paint the top of the General Lee w/ a British Union Jack. No one will know what to think.

        1. They’ll think they’re driving with Austin Powers?

          1. Indtead of the General Lee, the Duke boys will rename it the Shag Mobile.

          2. Shall we shag now, or shag later, y’all?

            1. Both.

    3. I’m pretty sure that the problem with show is not the depiction of the rebel battle flag per se, but rather the fact that the show conflicts with the narrative that the rebel battle flag is uniquely a racist symbol.

      The show is about a few good-natured but somewhat rebellious Southern country boys who drive around in a car named the Robert E Lee that is adorned with the rebel battle flag. I’ve never watched the show, but it’s unimaginable that the protagonists exhibit a single racist tendency in any of its comic episodes.

      1. It was my favorite show as a kid. One of the neighbor kids would sleep over every night it was on.

  11. You Can’t Compromise with Culture Warriors
    …By no means are social-justice warriors always wrong. But they are untrustworthy, because they aren’t driven by a philosophy so much as an insatiable appetite that cannot take yes for an answer. No cookie will ever satisfy them. Our politics will only get uglier, as those who resist this agenda realize that compromise is just another word for appeasement….

    1. The thing he is hand wringing about is polygamous marriage, sooo I assume his headline also applies to him?

    2. RIP America.

      Born of Liberty,
      Died of Equality.

      1. It is truly sad how liberty and justice are now considered to be bad things. Liberty leads to inequality, and justice cannot be blind. Very sad.

        1. This is why egalitarianism as an ideology is so sinister. It sounds like some nice hand holding shit around the camp fire, but really it’s the death of justice and liberty.

          1. Egalitarianism feels good. We’re all in this together. Work for the common good. Help your fellow man. Be free from want. One big family. It sounds great until it’s enforced by men with guns who are more than happy to kill you if you refuse to serve the collective.

    3. I hope the alligator eats me last.

    1. Unfortunately true. Noticed it myself this past Father’s Day.

    2. Yup.

  12. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to install cameras that can record inside police vans.

    Working cameras?

  13. Japan and the United States will compete this Sunday in the finals of the Women’s World Cup.

    Your lack of specificity is astonishing. And clicking on the link didn’t help at a glance.

  14. Regarding the Dukes of Hazzard, I find it odd that a show about two guys rebelling against a corrupt local government run by a sleazy businessman and a corrupt police force is now being considered racist and offensive.

    Because a battle flag atop the General Lee is somehow inappropriate for that premise?

  15. The U.S. Justice Department says in a court filing that transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

    So, if you identify as gender-fluid you get to use either restroom, but if you identify as neutral you can’t use any restroom.

    1. Identify as Tony and you can crap in other people’s pants.

      1. Eewww!!

      2. *nervously checks undies*

    2. Identify as homeless and you can piss in the potted plants in the lobby.

    3. Identify as a pigeon and you can crap just everywhere.

      1. “Why are you shitting on my car?!”
        “I identify as pigeonkin. This is my restroom.”


    4. Identify as a teleprompter and you can crap inside the President’s mouth!

    5. Gender-fluid sounds like something you shouldn’t be taking back out of the restroom.

    6. Is semen gender fluid?

    7. The gender uncertainty principle? You don’t really know what gender you are until you look but then you can’t go. And if you go you can’t tell what gender you are.

      I get it.

  16. Paging Weigel:

    Jobs Report Disappoints, Participation Rate Falls to Lowest Since 1977
    …The addition of 223,000 jobs followed a 254,000 increase in the prior month that was less than previously estimated, a Labor Department report showed Thursday in Washington. The jobless rate fell to a seven-year low of 5.3 percent as more people left the workforce….

    …The participation rate, which indicates the share of the working-age people in the labor force, decreased to 62.6 percent, the lowest since October 1977, from 62.9 percent. Labor force participation slumped among teens, with a more moderate decrease among men 20 years and older….

    1. F’ing ratbagging Teafuckers at that well known reich-wing outfit Bloomberg!

      1. Bloomberg had a piece claiming the only real way to solve the Eurozone monetary crisis is for the EU to also merge fiscal policy.

        1. Nothing fixes the problems of centralization like more centralization!

          1. That and rounding up Kulaks.

            1. Don’t forget the hoarders and wreckers!

            2. We did some genealogy last year when my wife and I went to Siberia. He -4g family were Kulaks. the -3g daughter married a communist, who then proceeded to move in with his wife’s family and live under their roof and eat their food. fuking crazy shit.

    2. Shriek will tell you that the participation rate is so low because of retirees and college students – even though neither are counted as part of the workforce.

    3. Labor force participation slumped among teens, with a more moderate decrease among men 20 years and older….

      And I’m sure that this had nothing to do with the recent increases in the minimum wage in some cities.

  17. Booze and Agility is totally going to be the title of my memoir.

    1. Confessions of a Serial Date Raper

      1. Man i never raped anybody! More like Confessions of a Cheap Date, honestly.

    1. Classical liberal defending freedomz!

      1. Well played. I thought it was actually shrike until I saw your handle.

  18. This is a fantastic idea. I see absolutely nothing that could go wrong.


    1. The insatiable beast that is the IL State Government is nothing compared to the LEVIATHAN that is Chicago…

    2. They are already getting calls from clients changing their billing addresses to non-Chicago locations, which may suffice to not bill the tax, but that does not protect the City of Chicago user in an audit from being assessed tax on the in-City use of the services.

      Netflix needs to start accepting digital coin, although I can’t imagine they’re under obligation to collect this tax.

    3. They’ve got to pay all those police brutality settlements somehow. So why not tax the people not going outside so they can be brutalized?

      1. $12 million would pay for 3 months of settlements. They need more sources of revenue. So they’ll have to tax not going outside. And the people going outside, too.

        1. What about “thingy”?

          1. Foreigners living abroad.

    1. That’ll happen before requiring a state ID or driver’s license to vote.

    2. Like DNA testing is going to stop terrorism? The problem is that your country is full of Muslims, practitioners of a belief system that is clearly a peaceful and non-violent, but that seems to mysteriously be used as the justification for these sorts of atrocities time and time again.

      1. Yeah, but, CRUSADES!!!11!!!

      2. I would approve of suicide bombings at DNA collection centers.

        ‘You want my DNA. Here. Here’s my DNA!’ *pulls cord*

        1. Other commentators nearby turn and run for cover from obvious hyperbole about hypothetical collection centers in futile effort to avoid subpoena shrapnel

    3. Geez. Just read about the bombing, somehow I missed it when it happened. Having spent some time in Kuwait pre-9/11, I have a bit of a soft spot for the place. All the mosques look alike to me at this point but I do remember going shopping at the mall about a 1/2 mile from there.

      Speaking of things that wouldn’t happen here, I read that both the Emir and Parliamentary Speaker went to the site right after it happened (and when there could well have been a follow on bombing). Our President would still be quivering in his Secret Service mandated safety bunker.

    1. OMG I forgot the trigger warning. Warning: He’s French.

    2. “I don’t leak”


    3. I often wore jean without underware in my late teen/early twenties. I reveled in my non-leaky time. Sabastian.

  19. I’m leaving for a road trip of the south tomorrow. I’ll be visiting GA, SC, NC, TN, KY, AL. Any “must see” stops anyone would like to recommend? Also I probably won’t be commenting for 2 weeks, don’t worry I haven’t been gag ordered.

    1. I’d visit every booze factory I could.

    2. Where in KY?

      1. Lexington and Louisville. We’re keeping it loose, so if something awesome is close by we’ll make a detour.

        1. The Knob Creek gun range is nearby. It’s a lovely place. There are also some nice cabins for rent in the area that has a great proximity to the bourbon distilleries and the shooting range and a terrible proximity to any kind of law enforcement agencies. It’s a nice area. Plus the locals in Kentucky can smoke in restaurants, so you’ll feel super fucking American shooting your guns, drinking your bourbon and ashing your cigarette in your uneaten egg whites.

        2. Proof on Main in Louisville is a fantastic restaurant and has a great bar if you just want cocktails. And they are connected to a hotel that is also a modern art museum.

          Haymarket is a great bourbon bar.

          Wallace Station is just outside Lexington, but if you drive up Hwy 1681 (Old Frankfort Pike) you get to see some beautiful horsefarms.

          1. And the Kentucky Horse Park has a lot of activities and you can camp there.

        3. There’s also a fantastic little winery in the heart of the ghetto of Louisville. They don’t see white people very often so they’ll fall over themselves to give you great service and food.

          1. White people be drinking wine like this.

        4. Lived in Lex for a number of years — my favorite restaurant there is Ramsey’s Diner. I highly recommend the Hot Brown, and any of the pies.

          I now live in SC — for heart-stopping levels of touristy trashiness, try South of the Border:

          1. The original on Woodland and High closed due to a dustup with the landlord. They had to move to a strip mall out on Nicholasville Rd. Food is just the same, fortunately.

          2. They had one of those (SotB) in Gainesville. It sucked.

    3. The squeeze really enjoyed Fort Morgan (is that AL?)

    4. Go see Stone Mtn and Lookout Mtn before they get dynamited for being racist.

      1. I’ve been to stone mountain, it was awesome as a kid. My wife hasn’t been so maybe.

    5. Oh shit – how could I forget about the Clermont Lounge!!!! John’s favorite strip bar (it is really awesome, though).

      1. Uh…did I mention my wife will be with me?

          1. Did I mention she is a jealous Latina and I made the mistake of teaching her to shoot really well?

        1. She’ll love it. It’s not your usual strip club.

          1. I’ll pitch the idea but I can imagine the response I’ll get.

            1. Yeah. I’m in the same boat. No way I could get my wife into a place like that. She is constantly comparing herself to other women in her head. It would take her a good month to recover from something like that. It’s kinda sad because she’s a beautiful lady. I don’t know what she sees in the mirror, but it isn’t what everyone else sees.

              1. I suggest you Google the Clermont and think about whether your wife would really feel inferior in comparison.

                1. Ok, I had a different image in my head when you said strip club. She might be game for that.

                2. I stand corrected.

          2. ^This. It’s not like that. There aren’t any private VIP rooms or anything resembling a traditional lap dance. It’s just raucous fun. And free parking. Then go to Zestos for an ice cream.

      2. Haha. Yes. One of my offices is in ATL. There was a huge uproar a while back when the hotel was sold and the new owners weren’t sure if they were going to keep the Clermont open.

        1. They will have to close temporarily at some point in the near future, as the hotel is being renovated.

    6. Well, Stone Mountain (GA) is kind of cool — unless it’s now banned due to the Confederate bas-relief,

      Please report back on your findings and adventures.

      Have a great trip!

      1. Will do. I’m looking forward to blue grass and bourban in KY.

    7. Bacon Brothers in Greenville, SC. Pork n booze.

    8. Dollywood.

      1. On my wife’s must do list.

    9. Florida Man takes his special brand of kookiness on the road. News at 11.

      1. Better be the gold convertible.

    10. The only touristy things that interest me are beaches. So I recommend Folly Beach in Charleston, SC.

      1. My brother use to surf there.

    11. Where in Alabama? Birmingham has excellent craft beer and food, and there are beautiful scenic drives in North Alabama.

      1. We will be going through Birmingham on the way back to FL.

        1. Try to stop in at Avondale Brewery or Good People Brewery on your way through. I would recommend the Spring Street Saison at Avondale and Good People’s IPA. On that side of town, there’s also the Sloss Furnace national landmark and foundry museum. Would recommend Saw’s in Avondale for barbecue (try the pork and greens) or Post Office Pies for pizza (you can eat on the back porch at the brewery).If you are coming through on 20 from GA, hop onto the road that runs down Lookout Mountain and see Little River Canyon. On 59, take a detour through Scottsboro and Guntersville along the lake – and have a tomato pie on Sand Mountain. If you are traveling along 65, stop by Ave Maria Grotto.

          Enjoy North Alabama!

          1. Oh…and Birmingham has lots of great Greek food (legacy of the Greeks who came to work in the mines and foundries.) You can get “proper Greek” (Nabeel’s), Greek barbecue (Demetri’s), Greek seafood (Dodiyo), Greek-influenced traditional Southern meat-and-three (Ted’s), and even Greek hot dogs (Gus’s…the one on 4th).

    12. My favorite BBQ in NC is Hubba Hubba in Flat Rock. I’m sure others have their own favorites and will argue to the death on it, but there you go.

      You also have the Flat Rock Playhouse and Chimney Rock right there.

      1. I plan to eat lots of BBQ and try new alcohols. My wife and I both love trying new foods.

        1. Breakfast at the Pisgah Inn (hell, you could even stay there) is lovely if the weather is good. They make good sausage gravy for a tourist thing.

        2. Decatur, GA has a few breweries (there’s an occasional walking/biking tour of them) Wild Heaven, Three Taverns and Blue Tarp. Twains is a nearby pool hall that is also a brewpub (food is hit or miss but the beer is good).

          Red Brick and Sweet Water do tours and Wrecking Bar is a good brew pub in the ATL proper.

          Also Fox Bros. BBQ and Heirloom BBQ are standouts on that front.

          If you get to Athens, Terrapin’s brewery is there.

          B’ham AL, Kool Korners is a must go for hands down the best Cuban Sammich Evah! Mr. Rodriguez is a 93-94 yr old dude who used to run the place in ATL with his wife and moved out to B’ham to live w/ his son a few years ago and moved the shop (shop property was getting redeveloped).

      2. Also, the Folk Art Center on the BR Parkway will do some wallet damage.

        1. Yeah, Boone and Asheville, NC are worth braving the hippies. Absolutely gorgeous. If you do go that way, have to take a few hours to see the Biltmore and drive the BR parkway a bit. Not much reason to go further east than that – here there be urban democratic strongholds and shark infested beaches

  20. Latest is no shots fored at the Navy Yard. Appears to be a prank call.

    1. Appears to be a prank call.

      How can this happen after passage of the FREEDOM Act?

      1. I hope the caller enjoys tropical climates and being around lots of disgruntled Muslims!


      This is an interview with a Navy Yard employee. From what he says someone was yelling “stay out of the cafeteria” and they went into lock down.

      Obligatory joke at 14 second mark: “You sure you brought enough guys?”

      1. “I see that every cop car in the city is now packed into an immovable mass.”

      2. Maybe someone was trying to keep them out because of horrible farts?

      1. I bet the Marines there are still unarmed with their weapons safely locked away in the armory.

        1. Its not like you can trust the Armed Forces with firearms!

  21. Bernie Sanders on Greece

    “It is unacceptable that the International Monetary Fund and European policymakers have refused to work with the Greek government on a sensible plan to improve its economy and pay back its debt,” Sanders said in an exclusive statement to The Huffington Post. “At a time of grotesque wealth inequality, the pensions of the people in Greece should not be cut even further to pay back some of the largest banks and wealthiest financiers in the world.”

    Sanders, a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and veteran progressive lawmaker, called the loans-for-austerity policies that the IMF and eurozone nations have imposed on Greece an “abysmal failure,” and demanded that the United States and other world powers grant Greece new debt-repayment terms that would allow its economy to recover from the damage it has sustained since 2008.

    “Instead of trying to force the Greek government and its people into even more economic pain and suffering, international leaders throughout the world, including the United States, should enable Greece to enact pro-growth policies that improve the lives of all of its people, not just the wealthy few,” Sanders said.

    “If Greece’s economy is going to succeed, these austerity policies must end,” Sanders said.

    My God, Sanders is a bloviating idiot.

    1. I didn’t read a single sentence of substance in that whole mess. Do people really think there’s something to this guy?

      1. Read the comments, if you dare. He isn’t fringe by progressive standards at all, he is articulating (well, “articulating”) everything they believe.

        Debt isn’t a real thing, it’s just a con the banksters use to enslave the 99%. All we need to do is spread money around, because money is what creates wealth which is why we need a $15 minimum wage and to spend as much of it as possible.

        1. This is where the elitism of progressives really shows. Apparently Greece and its government are just dumb retarded children that didn’t know what they were getting themselves into with all those loans and currencies and shit.

          Their Ubermensch mentality applies to whole countries as well as individuals, I guess.

          1. Well, the Greeks for all their protests against “austerity” really had me convinced they’re dumb retarded children that didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. The Greeks remind me of an old friend of mine.

            He turned 18 and got a credit card offer in the mail. He proceeded to spend about $5,000 and was absolutely awestruck that he had to pay it back at some point. He literally thought it was free money. Enter Greece, they get into the EU and proceed to borrow against the amount of future extortion from it’s population and dumped freeshit all over the land. Now they’re absolutely awestruck that they have to pay (some of) it back. They literally thought it was free money. Crippling debt and delayed gratification is the only way they’ll learn the value of the welfare state.

            1. If you can get out of office in time and leave the inevitable disaster to your successor, it’s sort of free. Sometimes musical chairs screws the best of leftists.

              One of the few things to like about Hamilton’s elected-officials-for-life strategem is that there would be zero incentive to inflate an economic bubble to secure reelection.

              1. Or go Hoppe and go with Monarchy.

                1. Democracy is a contest between society’s best pathological liars to see who can most effectively hide their sociopathy from society’s most ignorant members.

            2. Maybe they are dumb retards, but the fact is that the principles of personal responsibility and self-ownership (or national ownership) still apply. I may think my downstairs neighbor is a hot mess and fiscally irresponsible, but I’m not trying to nanny her.

              1. Principle of national ownership? There is no such thing in a democracy if there is such a principle at all. The heads of government are unaccountable caretakers who have no incentive to protect the capital value of the country.

                1. “The heads of government are unaccountable caretakers”

                  True, so that’s a negative.

                  “who have no incentive to protect the capital value of the country.”

                  They have no incentive to destroy the capital value for the sake of reelection, either. Single-term limits aren’t bulletproof, but they’d go a long way toward robbing pump-and-dump monetary policy of its political appeal.

          2. Ubermensch Mentality

            Didn’t they open for the Plasmatics, back in the day?

        2. Tony accused Francisco of having simple ideas the other day.

          Yet, if we take money from rich people and give to poor people, everyone will be rich, is not.

    2. The part about the IMF not working with them is particularly unbelievable. Tsipras is the one who has been making ludicrous demands, not the IMF or the Germans.

    3. international leaders throughout the world, including the United States, should enable Greece to enact pro-growth policies that improve the lives of all of its people

      “As President, I’ll just raise wages and lower prices.”

      1. I think Greece has been enabled enough at this point.

        1. Enabling is how they got here in the first place. Like a trailer trash lotto winner, they squandered their undeserving wealth in no time flat and now they’re in a worse position than before. Greece was able to get a tremendous credit boost they didn’t deserve by merely entering the EU and pretending to accept their fiscal prerequisites. They didn’t deserve to have good credit for a reason. But leave it to the central banksters….

    4. Oh no, I think he’s working up to calling for the US to try and bailout Greece.

    5. He actually said, ” should enable Greece”. Was he laughing as he said it?

    6. By all means, Bernie, stop paying your mortgage until your bank forgives part of it and provides more favorable terms on the balance.

      Does anyone know what assets are securing the Greek debt? Is it their gold?

      1. I thought it was their ruined antiquities and private islands.

      2. Apparently Greece isn’t responsible for their defaulting because 70 years ago the Nazis stole their gold.

        You know who else used losing a conflict as justification for repudiating all debts and obligations?

        1. Manny Pacquiao?

          1. *stand to begin thunderous applause*

        2. Venezuela?

        3. Thousands of recent liberal arts graduates?

          1. Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner

        4. Every woman divorcee?

      3. Bernie doesn’t have a mortgage – he still lives in his parents’ basement.

    7. Also, how exactly did the IMF impose the loan program on the Greeks?

    8. Again, this is a man the Democrats are seriously considering as their nomination for President of the United States of America. They have lost their fucking minds.

      1. A small part of me wishes he would win so the fence-sitters who feel that maybe this socialism stuff isn’t so bad will get to experience the disaster first-hand.

        1. I don’t want to see Sanders win a goddamn thing. The fact that Sanders is drawing crowds of 10,000 people to see him speak is bad enough.

      2. Trot out a super lefty to make Hillary look a little less lefty then watch the Republicans move to the new center and, voila!, you get a lefty moving govt.

      3. The Dems are kind of fucked for their choices. They have Hillary, and whatever not-Hillary candidate they can come up with. The problem is that all the not-Hillary politicians are bluer than blue politicians who can get elected whatever their policies. There really aren’t any sane moderates on the Democratic bench.

      4. On the plus side, watching Krugman and Stiglitz bend over backward to try to accommodate a pants-on-his-head socialist will make for wonderful reading material.

    9. Here’s an idea. Greece could try consuming less than it produces.

  22. Fawning prog adulation for Jim Jeffries gun control screen still making the rounds

    Jim Jeffries’ comedy act does something dry statistics can’t. “The main one is that I need it for protection. I need it to protect me. I need to protect my family,” said Jeffries. “Really? Is that why they are called assault rifles? Is it? I have never heard of these fucking protection rifles you speak of.”

    The comedian used a horrific burglary that happened to him and his girlfriend to show gun ownership rarely protects you against burglars.

    “I had a break in in Manchester, England where I was tied up. I had my head cut. They threatened to rape my girlfriend. They came through the window with a machete and hammer. Americans always go, Imagine if you had a gun. Alright, I was naked at the time. I wasn’t wearing my holster. I was staring at the window waiting for machetes to come through. What world do you live in where you are waiting constantly fuckin’ ready?”

    Translation: I’m a giant pussy who couldn’t defend my girlfriend, so you Americans are stupid and backwards to think guns might protect you in your home from burglars.

    Again, such a bizarre argument since he cited a perfect example of when having a gun in the home is needed. He might not have been able to use his gun in the bathroom, but what about his girlfriend? What if she knew how to use it?

    1. And of course, it is the left that calls semi-automatic rifles “assault rifles” to try to make them sound scary and to deliberately conflate them with machine guns. What an idiot. And if you had a gun in your nightstand, it wouldn’t matter that you sleep naked. Asshole.

      1. They don’t even understand the difference between assault rifles and assault weapons, which is a term that gun grabbers invented to slur the RKBA. DiFi went to a lot of trouble to get that term into the lefty lexicon; the least they could do is honor her sacrifice.

    2. And guess what, you limey douche? “Hot” burglaries, where the break-in occurs when someone is home, are quite rare in the US compared to other places, like the UK. Can you guess why? It’s because doing that in the US is likely to get you shot.

      1. this. should’ve refreshed

    3. “What world do you live in where you are waiting constantly fuckin’ ready?”

      This one? This idiot must be the world’s worst driver if running to get a pistol while someone is shattering your window with a sword is just too much trouble.

      It’s particularly stupid given the story about Lynne Russell’s (former CNN anchoress) hubby coming out of the shower naked to find an armed man in their hotel room and then having the presence of mind/skill to get to his gun and kill the robber before he killed them.

      Maybe British men have trouble pulling the trigger when naked.

    4. I wasn’t wearing my holster. I was staring at the window waiting for machetes to come through.

      Good thing your gun was safely secured somewhere that you couldn’t get to quickly.

      What world do you live in where you are waiting constantly fuckin’ ready?”

      One where I’m not terrorized in my own home.

    5. Never mind the fact that burglars are much less likely to break in when someone’s home in the US, since they know there’s a chance that they could have an unwelcome greeting. Burglars in the UK are less likely to stakeout a place and don’t worry if you’re home for obvious reasons.

      You don’t even have to own a gun to benefit from the freedom to carry.

    6. I have to give it to him, ‘protection rifles’ is funny.

    7. I could be wrong because of the limey accent but I recall his routine differently than the quote above. Maybe it was edited for mass consumption.

      I was staring at the window waiting for machetes to come through.

      Should say:

      I was staring at the window waiting for cunts with machetes to come through.

      1. I was staring at the window waiting for cunts with machetes to come through

        While you should have been retrieving your gun from the nightstand to defend yourself from said cunts.

        1. Was he really “staring at the window, waiting for them to come in?” Sounds like a choke point (unless it’s a big, picture window), and he could have hit them with a lamp. Unless he didn’t actually wake up until they were in his bedroom.

      2. Cunts that were able and willing to penetrate his girlfriend. What an emasculated little piss ant of a man.

    8. Jeffries is terrible. Best avoided, really.

      Also, this: Ex-CNNer Lynne Russell’s husband kills robber in wild motel shootout


      I’m sure Russell and DeCaro disagree with Mr. Jeffries stupidity.

    9. The comedian used a horrific burglary that happened to him and his girlfriend to show gun ownership rarely protects you against burglars.

      …But it sounds like he didn’t own a gun. So… fuck it, nevermind, it’s all too stupid.

  23. ECB ready to expand stimulus.

    Greece’s default was a non-event (almost) for investors. But markets won’t be as calm if the country crashes out of the euro, so central bankers are getting ready.

    The European Central Bank said Thursday it is now ready for the first time to buy the bonds of a number of companies in the eurozone, in addition to government debt, as part of its trillion-euro stimulus.

  24. Most American-made Cars

    Top two are Toyotas.

    The automotive Web site Cars.com has named the Toyota Camry the “Most American-made car” based on the estimated number of American jobs it supports. Not only is the Camry built here in the United States but it’s assembled from 75% “domestic” parts.

    1. So this is why my Tacoma has had so many problems.

        1. My is a 2010 and was built in CA. Luckily I bought an extended warranty so I’ve basically got 1/2 a new truck.

    2. The 3.5L in the Camry is a nice engine – surprised how fast a V6 Camry is – of course not exactly a great handling vehicle.

    3. yep, fully explains why my Camry practically fell apart at 62K miles.

  25. Holy fuckballs this is awesome.

    The only way it could have been awesomer is if Russell had just shot the fucker herself.

    1. And De Caro was in the shower when this started too.

      Hear that, Jim Jeffries? Guns can be useful, even if you’re naked.

      1. I’m not getting why she handed her purse to her husband. If I were the robber, I would have been like “why is she handing her purse to her husband? How would he know what’s in there?”

        Anyways, the outcome was good and since this is a semi-famous person who was in the media, maybe it’ll get some traction.

        1. Don’c count on it.

        2. I don’t know why she didn’t open fire. That would have given the dude a chance to get his own peice.

        3. maybe it’ll get some traction.
          Hopefully. The best thing about that would be seeing the mental gymnastics progs go through to avoid looking callous or willfully ignorant.

        4. maybe it’ll get some traction.
          Hopefully. The best thing about that would be seeing the mental gymnastics progs go through to avoid looking callous or willfully ignorant.

        5. I guess she figured her husband had a better chance of getting the drop on the attacker. For example, perhaps the robber’s attention focused on her, and she was taking advantage of that.

        6. Gun grabbers will just say that a bad guy with a gun is proof that we need more gun control. The fact that gun was used in righteous self defense will be lost on them.

        7. I’m not getting why she handed her purse to her husband. If I were the robber, I would have been like “why is she handing her purse to her husband? How would he know what’s in there?”

          If you were the robber, your IQ would have quite likely been too low for you to realize what a mistake you were making.

    2. The model of the husband is impressively shredded.

    3. Excellent. Unfortunately will be used to pad the “guns kill X number of people every year” stats.

    4. What does “Everytown for Gun Safety” has to say about this?

    5. Also check this out. Holy f***balls, this is also really awesome!

      The victim did everything he possibly could to avoid a fight, and used reasonable force when there was no other choice left for him.

      Racist white guys ‘looking for a fight’ regret finding black man with CCL

      1. But I’ve been informed by reliable sources that only racist white men carry guns, and they only use them on defenseless black folk and women!

    6. described the man’s gun as “a 40-caliber big shiny silver handgun.”

      Former (or current) LEO?

  26. Remember the 10 Commandment monument guy Roy Moore? He has a lawyer pal named Win Johnson who had some interesting things to say recently about gay marriage:

    Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous. If the public officials decide to officially approve of the acts of the wicked, they must logically not protect the righteous from the wicked. In fact, they must become protectors of the wicked. You cannot serve two masters: you must pick — God or Satan.

    The criminal laws against homosexual sodomy are for the protection of the righteous, particularly the young, the weak, the vulnerable, who need the law to teach them right from wrong when in a vulnerable state. The U.S. Supreme Court, although it claims to have done so in 2003, cannot take something that God calls a crime and declare it not a crime.

    Why must socons insist on proving the worst accusations made against them?


    1. He has a lawyer pal named Win Johnson…,

      That’s only slightly more subtle than ‘Magic Johnson’.

    2. “Public officials are ministers of God”

      Scratch a socon, find a progressive.

    3. you must pick — God or Satan

      which one’s the rugged individualist that plays good music at his orgies?

      1. Someone should gift that guy a copy of “Job: A Comedy of Justice” by Heinlein

    4. Because they aren’t all that bright.

      1. ‘they’? I thought you were our resident hillbilly. Who’s guarding the fort?

        1. I am at best a city goat.

    5. Re: Derpetologist,

      Why must socons insist on proving the worst accusations made against them?

      You should’ve heard the spokeswoman for the Freedom From Religion group that debated father Jonathan Morris yesterday night on Hannity. Talk about learning a litany by heart, as if she had been brainwashed by North Korean Re-education officers.

      I honestly have no problem with a city placing a monument with the Ten Commandments on public grounds – pigeons need a place to shit, too. I do have a problem with self-righteous, pompous assholes who believe they speak for the rest of us, especially those assholes at the Freedom From Religion organization who think they know how *I* should feel about some piece of marble placed on a public square I care not about.

      1. I don’t see any qualitative difference between the ravings of either side.

  27. This article is currently available to Reason Digital subscribers only. If you are a Reason Digital subscriber, log in here. Or Subscribe to Reason Digital Now.

    Your Reason Digital subscription gives you instant access to brand new Reason magazine content and 46 years of Reason magazine archives.

    H&R content goes behind the pay wall!

    I hope reason has the decency to give free subscriptions to those they dimed out to the DoJ.

  28. This article is currently available to Reason Digital subscribers only. If you are a Reason Digital subscriber, log in here. Or Subscribe to Reason Digital Now.

    Your Reason Digital subscription gives you instant access to brand new Reason magazine content and 46 years of Reason magazine archives.

    H&R content goes behind the pay wall!

    I hope reason has the decency to give free subscriptions to those they dimed out to the DoJ.

  29. Spot the Not: cool things lost or destroyed by jerks

    1. The British used mummies as fuel for steam locomotives in Egypt because wood was scarce.

    2. This tree was a landmark for centuries because it was the only one for 250 miles. It was destroyed by a drunk truck driver.

    3. This priceless book was looted by Vikings who tore off the gold and bejeweled cover.

    4. This 3,500 Egyptian inscription was destroyed when a Chinese boy etched his name into it.

    5. These 100,000 year old cave paintings were destroyed when a mayor declared them graffiti.

    6. These ancient Peruvian structures were damaged by environmentalists holding a publicity stunt.

    1. I remember 6.

      I’ll say 4.

    2. Stupid threading. I think I’ve read all of these but 1 or 2.

      Ima gonna say 2. (The English did some pretty desperate things in Egypt during the war so the mummy thing is plausible).

    3. Would mummies have the mass to put out BTU to run a steam locomotive? You’d need an absurdly macabre mummy/coal tender.

      1. I doubt they ran trains that burned nothing but mummies. But I could see them throwing them in with other scrap combustible material.

        1. Okay, I cheated and looked it up… I hope derpy reveals the true answer soon.

          1. Bad Tarran! Cheating is a Romper Room No No!

    4. I’ll guess 2, although that would be funny if it did happen

    5. I’m’a say 2. 1, 3, 4, and 6 are definitely real.

    6. I know 2, 4, and 6 definitely happened. I’m going to guess 1. While the Brits did all kinds of crazy things with mummies, at the time they were also the world’s leading producer of coal, so using mummies for fuel seems unlikely.

    7. 5 is the Not, although a French youth group did accidentally destroy 17,000 year-old cave paintings during a clean-up.

      1 is also a Not. It was a joke Mark Twain made in one of his books, but has been repeated as fact by gullible people ever since (including me!)

      “I shall not speak of the railway, for it is like any other railway — I shall only say that the fuel they use for the locomotive is composed of mummies three thousand years old, purchased by the ton or by the graveyard for that purpose, and that sometimes one hears the profane engineer call out pettishly, “D — n these plebeians, they don’t burn worth a cent — pass out a King. Stated to me for a fact. I only tell it as I got it. I am willing to believe it. I can believe any thing.

      The tree is the Tree of Tenere. It stood alone in a featureless desert in Niger for hundreds of years before a drunk driver crashed into it in 1973. The remains of the tree were put in a museum and a replica sculpture took its place.

  30. I am pretty sure that it is either one or two, soooo 2.

  31. Awesome! We just got “early” dismissal – we’re allowed to leave at 3pm!!

    Never mind that for some people who get here at 5:30am, 3pm is actually late dismissal.

    Normally before a holiday, they just say “you can leave an hour early”.

    1. Fitty-nine minutes FTW.

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