University Spends $65,000 to Hear from Chelsea Clinton (Mom Was Too Pricey), Chris Christie Is Running for Prez, Greece Is Up To Something: P.M. Links


  • Chelsea Clinton
    Fortune Magazine

    The University of Missouri at Kansas City needed a speaker for a campus gala, and immediately thought of Hillary Clinton. But her speaking fee is $275,000, and that's a lot of dough, so administrators went with the next best thing: Chelsea Clinton, who only charges a paltry $65,000.

  • Chris Christie is running for president. But everyone is running for president, man.
  • Greece, WTF?
  • ICYMI: The next crazy campus censorship story.
  • The American Law Institute wants to bring some of those *great* campus anti-rape policies to plain old law enforcement.
  • Watch Reason TV's interview with Title IX Inquisition survivor Laura Kipnis.
  • Did you know you get an extra second today?

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