CNN Can't Tell the Difference Between Arabic, Dildos

Is ISIS infiltrating The Gays? A CNN exclusive!



Is ISIS infiltrating The Gays? CNN reporter Lucy Pawle was just "raising questions" after spotting "an ISIS flag" at a gay pride parade in London over the weekend. In a six-minute "CNN exclusive" segment, the network discussed the flag and its possible implications, with more than a bit of breathless speculation. "I seem to be the only person who's spotted this," said Pawle. "And nobody seems to be raising any questions."

To her credit, Pawle noted that the text on the ISIS flag didn't appear to actually be Arabic. This is because it was not Arabic. It was a series of images of dildos and butt plugs. 

As Dazed blogger Thomas Gorton notes, "You don't even need to be eagle-eyed to recognise that it's a flag jam-packed with sex toys—it's literally a case of just looking at it."

CNN has since pulled the story from its website.