The FBI Didn't Buy the Baltimore Cops' Conspiracy Theory

The supposed gang alliance to assassinate police officers was debunked within a day.


Broken window fallacy

Think back to Monday, April 27. Sporadic rioting had broken out in Baltimore over the weekend, and by the end of the day much more extensive unrest would be sweeping the city. In the midst of the tensions, the local police department announced that it had "received credible information" that the Bloods, Crips, and Black Guerilla Family had "entered into a partnership to 'take-out' law enforcement officers."

News of this alleged entente moved quickly through the media, but no further evidence for the plot emerged. Indeed, during the actual riot the gangs wound up helping cops keep the crowds calm, not assassinating officers. Now Vice reports that it took the FBI less than a day to decide that this "credible information" wasn't all that credible after all:

an email sent that day by a DHS employee who works at the Maryland Fusion Center to DHS intelligence officer Earl Rose IV called into question the integrity of the Baltimore Police Department's [BPD] threat information. The fusion center employee said it was "curious that the alert came out from BPD media relations section instead of BPD Intelligence Unit, which is where we typically receive this kind of info….The tensions have heightened here in Baltimore over the last 72 hours so this alert cannot be considered without that context."

Hours later, in the same email chain, another DHS employee said, "FBI Baltimore has interviewed the source of this information and has determined this threat to be non-credible," apparently marking this the first time that it was debunked since the threat first surfaced.

There was no follow-up press release from BPD media relations saying, "The FBI doesn't buy it."

For more on the authorities' conspiracy stories about the riots, go here. For more on "supergang" conspiracy theories, go here.

[Via City Paper.]

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12 responses to “The FBI Didn't Buy the Baltimore Cops' Conspiracy Theory

  1. Fuck. If even the Federation of Baseless Inventions doesn’t believe your lie…

    1. I think they saw which way the wind was blowing. Distancing themselves from Charm City cops was the right move.

  2. The police in this country have created a culture of hysterical paranoiac cowardice. It would be funny what a bunch of quivering pants-shitting pussies they are, if not for the ugly fact that they are running around shooting anybody who makes them nervous or suspicious, without being subject to any meaningful consequences.

  3. Girl runs lemonaid stand without permit.…..ade-stand/

    1. No dogs shot? No permit violation stickers attached? Can we even get a stern talking to? You mammals are growing even softer.

      1. We deserve to not get punched in the balls occasionaly.

  4. This new story making the rounds about how the police are saying the “real” threat in this country is from right wing anti-government groups is a perfect illustration of what a bunch of paranoid chickenshit cocksuckeers they are. The cops couldn’t give a fuck less about threats to the citizenry at large. They’re terrified of the notion there are people out there sick of putting up with their bullshit.

    1. They are slowly building the case for criminalizing gun owners. Eventually they will make the assertion that certain policies are necessary for security, however the Top Men can’t enforce said policies safely because of the mere presence of an armed population.

    2. There was a chart I saw on the FB shared by Greenwald that really put it in the right perspective. “White” terrorist was like 40 something deaths since 9/11 and Muslim terrorists was 20 something leaving out 9/11. However those were total deaths in all the years since and those figure were preceded by daily deaths of various varieties which were 1000’s of times higher each day than those two threats total number. Most dangerous thing an American can do is still, by far, get in an automobile.

  5. You know who else in Baltimore isn’t at all credible?

    How about CityPaper

    Get Caught Lying? Publish non-apology-apology, call it a ‘Dumb Distraction

    It seemed everyone wanted to ensure people picked the right ‘victims’ in every story.

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