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Confederate Flag Purge Goes Nuts Almost Immediately, Hits Harmless Strategy Games

Apple Store, Amazon drop products that are clearly not about upholding racist or segregationist views.


Is Axis and Allies next?
Ultimate General: Gettysburg

If we accept the idea that social and consumer pressure is the only proper way to push ugly or distasteful objects out of the marketplace—assuming we think such a thing should happen at all—there's no real problem with pushes for retailers to stop selling Confederate flags or Confederate flag memorabilia. There is no government censorship. There is no ban. There are business calculations. What do we lose from keeping the merchandise? What do we gain from dropping it?

Some folks may not like this equation (especially when a business decides that appealing to your particular interests isn't financially worth it). But it's definitely preferable to government mandates banning any business from carrying a particular product or providing a particular service.

Nevertheless, the broad nature and huge variety of consumer products can result in retailers making some really weird, apparently really stupid decisions, in the rush to deal with a controversy. And so, today, folks have discovered that mass retailers' efforts to remove confederate flag merchandise have somehow ended up banning a bunch of strategy games with Civil War settings. Touch Arcade, a site focusing on mobile games, noted today that the Apple store has yanked a bunch of war-related games apparently because they displayed the Confederate Flag for accuracy's sake, not because they support racism, slavery, and the Old South. Tasos Lazarides of Touch Arcade writes:

Apple's Tim Cook has recently spoke against displaying the Confederate flag, so I suppose this development was to be expected. However, censoring historical games (if that is indeed the reason why the games have been pulled) is always very tricky because those games don't glorify or promote a cause but, rather, represent historical events using the symbols and insignia of the period. However, I can also see the political and social pressure mounting at the moment, which makes pulling the games the "safest" action for Apple.

Reason reader Joe M alerted us that Civil War-themed strategy board games have also disappeared from Amazon. Two games, War Cry (by top game-maker Wizards of the Coast) and The Guns of Gettysburg (by Mercury Games), now no longer show up on searches at Amazon. I searched independently and was unable to bring up either game.

There is no rational argument that strategy war games have any sort of connection to or support the racism of the Confederacy in any way. The games just give players the chance to use their own strategic skills to play out these battles. If a player representing the Confederacy wins, that doesn't mean he or she supports slavery, and it's utterly ridiculous to even countenance the idea.

Because Apple and Amazon are such huge platforms for third party providers of goods and services, such rash bans could really harm companies. A mobile game developer of Ultimate General: Gettysburg announced they were going to stick to their historical accuracy, even if it means they can no longer appear in the Apple store:

We wanted our game to be the most accurate, historical, playable reference of the Battle of Gettysburg. All historical commanders, unit composition and weaponry, key geographical locations to the smallest streams or farms are recreated in our game's battlefield.

We receive a lot of letters of gratitude from American teachers who use our game in history curriculum to let kids experience one of the most important battles in American history from the Commander's perspective.   

Spielberg's "Schindler's List" did not try to amend his movie to look more comfortable. The historical "Gettysburg" movie (1993) is still on iTunes. We believe that all historical art forms: books, movies, or games such as ours, help to learn and understand history, depicting events as they were. True stories are more important to us than money.

Therefore we are not going to amend the game's content and Ultimate General: Gettysburg will no longer be available on AppStore. We really hope that Apple's decision will achieve the desired results.

We can't change history, but we can change the future.

The stupid part of the whole thing is that Apple told them they just had to remove the flag, but they didn't have to make any other changes. Making a game out of the war was just fine. It's just the flag that's the problem.

In conclusion: Does anybody know if Taylor Swift is a fan of military strategy games?

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  1. Stop the world, I want to get off.

    1. It is comments such as this that make it apparent that you guys are in desperate need of an upvote or +1 system of some sort. It is very frustrating not having the ability to give credit to the genius that is spoken here.

      1. +1 to both of you.

    2. Pretty much, yeah.

  2. Jesus F. Christ, this is what happens when you make any concessions to progtards.

    1. Told this to a guy I was debating with over the flag issue. It’s not about the flag, it’s about their constant need to see themselves as victims, and once you get rid of one symbol of their perceived victimization that they hate, they just move on to another.

      And they never run out of symbols to hate…because they never address the actual reason why they’re so miserable and unhappy.

      1. “They” = progressives

          1. Saint Abe, the granddaddy of progressivism, is smiling.

    2. Exactly, you can’t give in an inch to these fuckers. They cannot live and let live they are not capable. Everything they find offensive must be purged from society, purged from history, and they never stop.

      The “Tolerance” and “Embrace Diversity” crowd are the most intolerant people on Earth.

      1. It makes sense if you understand that their entire worldview is based on projection and their inability to accept their own personal shortcomings. They’re petty, shitty people…therefore they assume the rest of the world must be as bad as or worse than they are. They’re bigots, therefore they assume the rest of the world must be even more bigoted. Their ideas are stupid, unrealistic, and based largely on incompetence and wishful thinking, therefore the rest of the world must be even dumber than they are. They can’t live without government support, therefore the rest of the world must be too stupid to understand that it can’t live without government support.

        Progressives are the inevitable result of the participation ribbon generation…nobody is ever told they’re not good enough, so they can’t accept that the reason they’re miserable and unhappy is that they’re really failures at life.

      2. I often think their vision of the world is a pale, colorless place. Maybe trees. But no ads, no windows, no phones, no music.

        Except maybe educational signs. The world of the Proggie is East Germany, essentially.

    3. It’s the cosmotarian way. Something they share with Establishment GOP politicians.

  3. New Orleans Mayor wants to remove a Robert E Lee monument.

    Remind anyone of Buddhist statues in Afghanistan?

    1. Would he be referring to the one in Lee Circle?

      1. Yep – looking for street name changes near you…

        1. Removing Confederate allusions from Louisiana (let alone Mississippi or South Carolina) will be more than the proggy attention span can endure. The LSU Tigers, for instance, are named for the Confederate Infantry from Louisiana and not the jungle cat.

          1. I wasn’t aware of the LSU Tiger connection.

          2. Tell them it’s named after the German tank and really screw with them

            1. Or change it to the LSU Geheime Staatspolizei

              1. They might support that one.

    2. My thoughts exactly.

    3. The statue removal stuff is really stupid. You don’t get over racism by erasing history.

      This is exactly the sort of thing that future generation will look back on as an atrocity. Even , and maybe especially blacks. You can’t pretend that history didn’t happen by erasing symbols of it.

      1. “You don’t get over racism by erasing history.”

        But if your main goal is to erase history and to keep racism around because it’s your bread and butter, it’s pretty swell.

        1. I’m pretty convinced they want as much objective historical information wiped as possible, otherwise people might make up their own minds about it. But if you just teach historical interpretation as history, then you get to tell people how to think.

          The racism concern is just a ruse. They love racism.

      2. FDR was a racism who tossed Japanese Americans in concentration camps. Will the progressive go after his memorial?

      3. The monument to the civil war dead in Arlington contains a black confederate soldier (there were several thousand such , most freed by their owners for their combat service). Is he edited away before the monument is erased, or does he remain but the rest of the monument get erased, or do we just adjust his uniform ? Life at the ministry of truth can be difficult.

  4. What about books on the civil war? Are those gone now too?

    1. Perhaps we can simply burn all books that go against the new Aryan, whoops I mean Progressive way of teaching.

      I love how todays version of the Nazis try to pretend they’re the exact opposite.

      1. Don’t kid yourself. These guys are Communists, they just have to pretend at being more like social democrats because there are still so many legal and culture obstacles.

    2. Expect that next. Stuff like Battle Cry of Freedom can probably stay. Anything that even whiffs of Lost Cause, or any kind of representation of Confederacy as less evil than Third Reich will be pulled.
      Fuck, it’s pissing me off, and I am probably the only Canadian who likes to hum “Marching through Georgia”.

      1. Yet, the man who personally planned the mass murder of southern white CIVILIANS, continues to be glorified. He was also the man who personally planned the genocide of the plains Indians.

        There are stupid types who do not want to acknowledge that both Adolph Hitler and Comrade Stalin admired this same man for having the ruthless determination to make total war on civilians.

        1. The mass murder of southern white civilians? Don’t you think that might be exaggerating a bit?

          1. No. Are you not conversant with Walter Brian Cisco’s work or that of Prof. DiLorenzo?

          2. Not just southern. The Union did terrible things in Missouri, which was a Union state, and was what largely started guerrilla warfare in Missouri vs the Union.

            1. Missouri was not a Union state. They stayed neutral during the war and never officially seceded, but they were very much sympathetic to the Confederacy. They raided Kansas prior to the war, attempting to force it to enter the Union as a slave state (the period known as “Bleeding Kansas”).

              Most of the things the Union did to Missouri were in direct retaliation to things that Missourans did in Kansas (such as the sack of Lawrence) or as preventative measures to stop cross-border incursions from Missouri into Kansas.

          3. No. The family stories that still circulate in the Old South are chilling, and it wasn’t just white Southerners who were dying or being subjected to rape as a weapon of war. There are thousands of slaves in unmarked graves thanks to the invasion, and they were not treated particularly kindly by either side prior to their demise. Turns out that war brings out the worst in human beings regardless of which flag you fight under. Go figure.

            This whole deal where the CSA are the bad guys is a particularly vibrant instance of the victor writing the history. If you’re opposed to the war in Iraq and the post 9/11 security state–which any sane person should be at this point–you should be 10x more opposed to the Civil War and the incredible abuses Lincoln inflicted both at home and in the CSA. Say what you will about Obama, but he hasn’t jailed anyone from Fox News, hasn’t drafted anyone into the military as a slave soldier, hasn’t manufactured a war for the sake of a “mystical union,” and has contented himself with killing only three Americans (to the best of my knowledge, anyway).

            That no one other than a handful of rogue anarchists would dare to condemn a royal ass like Lincoln–whose most obvious abuses aren’t secret, but are championed by historians as evidence of Lincoln’s determination to preserve the union–says something about how malleable morality is and how easily people can be swayed in their academic justification of horrible shit so long as it’s not happening to them.

            1. I remember telling this stuff to some long-time Republican friends of mine. Oh, how they howled.

              This makes me so seriously glad that my dad didn’t flinch from teaching us facts in our (homeschooled, Christian) family.

            2. Obama’s minions have certainly painted Fox news as racist, and certainly “would if he could” – so let’s not get ahead of ourselves on that narrative.

              Overall, aligned with your comments, and thanks for posting.

      2. They can take my Red Badge of Courage from my cold dead hands.

      3. Amazon, as of five minutes ago, was still carrying “Stars and Bars Over Philadelphia,” an alternative history novel which posits a Confederate victory. The cover shows the battle flag and the stars and bars flying over Independence Hall.

    3. And be thankful that The History Channel is now just the Pawn Stars Et Al Channel, or else they’d have to pull an entire library or Civil War documentaries. Dodged that bullet, History.

      As an aside, regarding the “in conclusion”, anyone who actually thinks Taylor Swift wrote that “open letter” to Apple and that it wasn’t her legion of lawyers and publicists who wrote it is daft. Right daft. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if it were revealed that the entire hulabaloo was orchestrated with Apple right from the start.

  5. Do WWII games still have swastika?

    Also, you gotta hand it to Apple. They clearly know their customer base. Signal obsessed morons.

    1. You don’t think Android will follow suit?

      1. Give them a couple days to enjoy themselves, Rhywun. Everyone needs a chance to signal, after all.

        1. Ah, all right.

        2. Say what you will, but back in the 90s Rush Limbaugh was a major fan of Apple products. There was apparently a burgeoning deal for Apple to advertise on Rush’s program. You wouldn’t believe what happened next.

          1. Not all Apple consumers are flaming liberals.

            1. I’m not sure how long that will last if they keep blatantly politicizing themselves.

              1. Exactly. Apple users do tend to veer liberal but this is ridiculously risky. Reminds me of the Starbucks race bs

              2. Until Tim Cook is deservedly fired.

            2. In Rainbow Six (and I heard, other Clancy books, but that’s one of the two I read), all villains use Windows and all the good guys use Macs!

      2. It isn’t about fanboyism, Android doesn’t exert the same control over their app store as Apple.

        1. There is truth in this. Apple treats its app store as an extension of Apple itself. Therefore if the app doesn’t uphold Apple’s ideals, it’s purged, regardless of the app’s utility or popularity.

        2. Right. And it’s quite easy to get and install android apps from alternate app stores or even just by downloading the APK install files. But the Apple ecosystem is locked down tight (except for those who ‘jailbreak’ their devices)

    2. Well Hearts of Iron always used the old Imperial Germany flag instead, but they still listed Hitler as head of state when playing as Germany.

      1. That’s because that game may be sold in international markets where the swastika is banned.

        1. Yes, so now we are basically entering into European levels of stupid.

          1. For a while now, yes.

        2. Not only that, but Paradox Interactive is a European developer/publisher (based in Stockholm) and have always had a sizable European customer base. While I don’t think Sweden has a ban, I imagine Germany is one of their biggest markets outside the US, wouldn’t be surprised if it is the second biggest.

    3. Yes, but they can’t be sold in Germany.

    4. Although they are a little old, a couple that I can think of off the top of my head that have the swastika: Wolfenstien and COD: World at War.

      1. Wolfenstein is too old to be a millenial, though, so nobody cares what it thinks.

        /BJ Blaskowicz to the rescue

        1. There’s a new(isn) Wolfenstein game I’m keen to try – alt future 60s where Nazis won! Supposedly awesome single play, great story, believable characters, dual-wielded assault rifles, and Nazi Moon base!

    5. Swastika has a precedent already. In Germany, you can only use it in “historical context,” so a lot of games don’t use it, even if they are set in WW2 (Hearts of Iron, as mentioned above) to be safe. Wolfenstein series, since it’s Weird War 2 game, always used that weird eagle banner thing in Europe, far as I know.

    6. The ones that get German releases never do. What they did to Wolfenstein is still hilarious to me.

    7. Many WW2 strategy games do not include the Nazi swastika. There are many places in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria, where displaying any Nazi flags or symbols (even in an historical simulation) is banned by law. Other states, like the United Kingdom, strictly regulate how those symbols can be displayed (they may never be shown in a positive or celebratory light, as I understand it). Since Europe is a rather large market for WW2 strategy games, their producers frequently edit out historical Nazi symbols.

      An example: Hearts of Iron II by Paradox Interactive replaces the Nazi flag with the 1933-1935 national flag, which was a slightly altered version of the national flag of the 1871-1918 German Empire.

      1. First post on forum, immediately fails to notice all the other comments already saying what he is saying. Sweet.

  6. This whole country has gone completely fucking mad!?!
    At this point I think we should ban schools…. because that is where people get killed.

    1. And raped.

  7. We really hope that Apple’s decision will achieve the desired results.

    Wut? The desired result is to throw the CSA and everything associated with it down the memory hole. Who’s going to want to play their game then?

    1. The desired result is to reduce the number of people murdered in churches by racist nuts, duh. Clearly flag-banning will help.

      1. What about the desire to reduce the ratio of black on white assault / rape / murder compared to the reverse?

  8. The amount of dumb that has occurred this week is simply staggering.

    1. It’s been seriously depressing. I think Nick G. has to take back his article about “we’ve reached peak Progressive stupidity” or whatever it was that article he wrote right before the “Great Woodchipping Event of 2015.”

      When I was in Afghanistan we had a motto: “It can always get worse.” It was a joke that kinda stuck because just when you thought things were as shitty as it was possible for things to be, something more would go wrong. And all you could do was just laugh.

      This country is really starting to feel that same way. I wouldn’t be surprised if on the way home from work some 122mm katyusha rockets just started landing all around. Fuck. This. Shit.

  9. Fucking hell. At this point, can we get a GOP politician to do us all a favor and throw himself on this grenade? Because this won’t stop until it can be translated into week-long hate rant against one or more Republicans.

    1. Donald trump, i choose you!!!

      1. +1 Best use of Trump as a Poke’mon reference I’ve heard all week.

  10. Okay, there’s not wanting the government to endorse a flag with an unfortunate political message in its history (ie the flag that was put up as a ‘fuck you’ to the Civil Rights movement) and then there’s going after harmless pieces of Americana like the General Lee car or Confederate bikinis.

    I’m amazed at how quickly this movement jumped the shark. It seriously has taken less than a week.

    1. Jumped the shark? This was always the goal. Leftists purging something they find repulsive, and making sure all of us join their hive mind collective.

      1. Whose goal? A lot of non-leftists thought SC should stop officially flying it. I agree with that.

      2. This.

        Progs have been frothing at the mouth for decades to get rid of the battle flag. They happened to get lucky because a white guy shit some black guys in a church in the south.

        For most Progs it is all about culture war. They will not stop until all traces of the south have been purged.

        1. a white guy shit some black guys

          Paging John; John, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

          1. How come courtesy phones were never black?

      3. I honestly don’t think it’s an issue of people trying to protect themselves from things they find offensive or repulsive; its to protect others precious feelings, because they’re all obviously to fragile to take care of themselves. Like that video where some college girl is talking about trigger warnings and admits, after a while, they she personally didn’t feel “triggered” but that other students potentially may, so this or that clearly needs to be banned.

        It then becomes an arms race, where people fall over themselves to prove that they are more sensitive, compassionate, and sympathetic than the last guy or gal to express outrage.

        Now of course, if you ask someone, “do you find the Confederate flag offensive?” they have to tell you yes, because if they were to answer “No, it’s a piece of cloth, and I pay no attention to it, after all I’m not some sort of baby,” they would be portrayed as the worst sort of human on earth.

        So we’ve got a bunch of people, both politicians and plebes, in a pissing contest to ban everything to show how tolerant they are, and then we’ve torn down history, both good and bad, until everyone asks each other if anyone remembers what they were so offended about to begin with.

      4. Ein Barde – This is true. Remember the 1990s when the Lefties were trying everything they could do to get the Confederate flag removed everywhere?

        This is longstanding – they’ve been waiting 25-30 years for this .

    2. At this rate, by 2020 we’ll need tachyon sharks that are already jumped before you even start jumping them.

      1. Haha. If ya’ll weren’t so funny I think I’d literally be weeping right now for my misguided country.

    3. “I’m amazed at how quickly this movement jumped the shark. It seriously has taken less than a week.”

      Unfortunately, I’m not. This is par for the course these days.

      1. This is the fastest I’ve ever seen it happen.

        1. As we approach the singularity, movements will go from urgent social priority to laughingstock in a matter of minutes.

          1. Moore’s Law of Derp

    4. (ie the flag that was put up as a ‘fuck you’ to the Civil Rights movement)

      Please document this statement with some contemporary source or citation.

  11. Good. Next up: fixing Hogan’s Heroes.

    1. Done. It was called Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS

      The filmmaker used the same set.

      1. And, of course, Ilsa was a Koch.

  12. Has Washington & Lee University been attacked yet? If not, it’s only a matter of time.

    1. Oh don’t worry, the proggies were EARLY to that party. From last year:

      The group of students, who call themselves “The Committee” have published a list of demands that includes a formal recognition of MLK Day and an apology from the university for its participation in slavery. They are on shakier ground, in my opinion, with the following two demands.

      2. We demand that the University stop allowing neo-confederates to march on campus with confederate flags on Lee-Jackson Day and to stop allowing these groups to hold programs in Lee Chapel.

      3. We demand that the University immediately remove all confederate flags from its property and premises, including those flags located within Lee Chapel.…

  13. There is no rational argument that strategy war games have any sort of connection to or support the racism of the Confederacy in any way.


    ANY display of the confederate battle flag is evil and racist. Full stop. The intent of those games are obviously to celebrate slavery. What if the CSA were to WIN in one of these simulations?!?

    The player may go on to think that the battle flag was COOL or something.

    1. We must eliminate these symbols of slavery so that we can re-institute it without people noticing!!

      1. Look, you can’t compare a horrible society where a substantial portion of black men were essentially prisoners for life to America.

        1. Heh. I see what you did there.

    2. And all Civil War re-enactors must be dressed solely in Union attire. The sides will be divided between Democrat and Republican, the Republicans will be evil Jim Crow racists and the Democrats will be the good guys fighting for equality, led by Frederick Douglass…because that’s how the parties’ racial affilations actually broke down, right?

      1. No, no, no. Don’t you know, the parties switched? All the evil racists from the Democrat party just magically got up from their party, circa 1970, and walked on over to the Republican party. All the angelic Republicans fighting for civil rights just got up and waltzed onto the Democrats immediately afterwards.

        Progs actually believe this.

  14. It’s comforting that may donations to Reason have allowed them to support journalists who will fight…um, er, wait…

    Well, at-least a new prostitution and abortion article from ENB on H&R, and we can all look forward to something wonderful from Soave now that he has been inspired by this week’s anti-Confederate activities.

  15. It’s just the flag that’s the problem.

    I suppose Nazi and Commie (flags of people who systematically murdered millions, but are left out this retarded convo for some reason) flags shall be removed from all upcoming games as well. So much for any accuracy in the new Hearts of Iron.

    1. Red star rising is about Keynes.

    2. Actually, Nazi flags are frequently omitted from games in order to sell them in Europe, where they have actual legal bans.

      1. Well, yeah. It’s Europe. We have to expect that from them.

  16. I have a WWII flight simulator game called ‘Birds of Steel’ that gives you the option of playing as the Japanese during the early part of the Pacific Theater campaign. So I’ve bombed Pearl Harbor, conquered Wake Island and torpedoed the carriers Lexington, Yorktown and Hornet.

    Guess all along I was expressing my latent devotion to the Emperor of Japan and desire to see the people of East Asian brutally subjugated and forced into slavery.

    1. Of course, if you played on the US side, you’d have been expressing your secret desire to intern the Japanese.

      Oh wait. I don’t think we’re supposed to talk about that.

      1. And to nuke civilians. What a bastard.

      2. Hmm. Maybe the past is mostly just shitty and an interest in history doesn’t mean you completely support everything done by the people you are interested in.

        Nah, couldn’t be that.

  17. Is it really consumer pressure when most of these people wouldn’t stop buying or aren’t customers of the people they are ranting about in the first place? SJW’s complain about comic book characters being too white, but they don’t buy comics. The people bitching for Walmart to remove the Confederate flag probably already bitched about Walmart all the time for a number of ridiculous reasons. They just hate Walmart.

    And I seriously question whether any significant number of people would have stopped shopping anywhere over this. These corporations just have no spine whatsoever.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I have never understood. You can’t boycott something you would have never bought to begin with.

    2. To be fair, corporations are terrified of even the slightest whiff of controversy. So they’ve done the calculations and decided that Civil War enthusiasts et al. can shove it.

      1. How is that being fair? If you are a stockholder of Wal-Mart, how are you being served by the company’s craven caving to progressive tyranny?

        1. I would guess they’re afraid of boycotts.

          1. What evidence do they have that such prospective boycotts would have any effect on their sales? Its not as if black people, en masse, are going to boycott Wal-Mart.

            1. How many black people even care about this? It’s mostly a bunch of white hipster doofuses getting angry on Twitter.

              1. I think a lot of black people do care. Probably not enough to boycott Walmart. But I imagine that if I were a descendent of African American slaves, I would at least be a little suspicious of people who display the flag of the people who fought to maintain slavery as an institution.

            2. They don’t. It’ll just give them some brief positive publicity from the mainline media types with virtually no pushback from people who take offense to the suggestion that a confederate flag is necessarily racist as opposed to any other flag flown over a capital that permitted slavery.

        2. I very much doubt it will hurt Walmart’s profits. And it might stop some “socially responsible” investors from selling.

          1. Zeb, its the stars & stripes that has been the flag of the people who have caused far more harm to black folk than the stars & bars.

            1. I’m just speculating on Walmart’s motives. It’s about common perception, not historical truth.

              I’m not keeping score. The USA and the CSA both have done a lot to harm American black people.

              1. Agreed.

    3. The prospect of bad publicity incurred by not caving to advocacy groups outweighs the expense of alienating shoppers who’ll stop shopping at Wal-Mart because they stopped carrying CSA-themed flags.

      A particular wing of the lefties excel at this kind of operation, and the center and right have no similarly dedicated group of people to push back. That’s why Paula Deen got screwed horribly, and it’s why every corporation is tripping over its own feet to ditch the war flag–it’s in the best interests of a company to cave rather than to tell these grave-pissing assholes to go take a flying leap.

  18. Now it’z time to start burning ze books! – Herr Progtard

  19. So I guess this is the Digital War of Politically Correct Aggression Against the South?

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Seriously, have all of the victims even been buried yet before politicians turned toward the Confederate Flag as the boogeyman?

    1. Waiting for the bodies to be buried would mean not having any corpses to prop themselves up on, thus letting the crisis go to waste.

  20. I blame Orwell. Don’t get me wrong, progtards try to use 1984 as a manual, because like Orwell, they believe if they excise the symbols representing crimethink (the crimethink in this case being “resistance to Uncle Sam”, or, if you’re naive, racism) they can eliminate crimethink itself.

    The euphemism treadmill still hasn’t taught them that people create symbols to represent concepts, not the other way around. Unless you can lock language down into a dead, static form (good luck), you won’t win. If the Stars and Bars goes, the Gadsden flag will rise in its place, and when that becomes verboten, something else will pop up. If #GamerGate gets linked to harassment, a new hashtag will be along shortly, because the actual issue hasn’t disappeared.

    1. I think Orwell thought you needed to do a bit more than excise the symbols to get rid of the crimethink.

  21. Picked up that game on Steam when it went on sale over the weekend.

    “Some folks may not like this equation (especially when a business decides that appealing to your particular interests isn’t financially worth it). But it’s definitely preferable to government mandates banning any business from carrying a particular product or providing a particular service.”

    Sure, it’s preferable in the same way that private interests blackballing jews or blacks or effeminate men is preferable to the state rounding them up and shooting them.

    It’s absolutely damning that shit like this happens with great regularity and that a huge swath of the population of the world isn’t content to mind its goddamn business and leave other people alone despite the travesty of their racist flags, wrongheaded morality, and weird religious headgear.

    1. And the next time an American “liberal” bitches about the Japanese whitewashing their history of rape, torture, and imperialism, well, that ain’t just Japan, sweetie.

    2. This! Just because it’s not coming from the government doesn’t make mob rule any better. We’re becoming a society that is becoming less and less tolerant of other people in a misguided effort to appear more tolerant of other people. It’s really quite bizarre.

      1. It isn’t bizarre at all. In the high school of the modern world, you have your standard issue jock bullies (terrorists and cops) who use unimaginative violence, and then you have your mean girls, who use lies and social manipulation to humiliate and ostracize the weak in order to shore up their social status. Progs are putting themselves at the top of the heap with this sort of bullshit — but they aren’t actually making any real friends, so when they start to show weakness themselves, their downfall is going to swift and terrible.

        1. I was a burnout.. but also in A/V and the chess club. Which is why I’m here.

      2. Freedom is Slavery.
        Intolerance is Tolerance.

    3. I picked it up too. It’s pretty damn fun. I just wish it included an entire campaign.

    4. Most of the world IS like that. But the same people who believe in “live and let live” are worried about the trouble (social and otherwise) nutcases can cause for them, and so they just keep quiet. Why speak up to defend something you don’t personally care about when everyone around you might disagree so vehemently you lose your job?

      The irony is nobody around them, aside from the conscious, shrill, often damaged and mentally ill SJW-types, cares either. But they don’t know that for sure.

  22. This disgusting and vile defense made here of this symbol of divisive racist hatred is almost as shocking as your fanatical defense of anti-gay pizza.

    No wonder libertarians are counted among the domestic extremists that science has shown to be more dangerous than Al Qaeda

    /a very moderate and informed person

    1. Question: is it really terrorism if you attack an anti-gay, deep-dish-pizza joint, or would that be a mild faux pas, like shooting an unarmed security guard/religious bigot at the Family Research Council?

      1. It depends. Are there any trans-people involved?

      2. It’s counter-terrorism, duh!

      3. Ironically, that incident was the only politically motivated shooting until Charleston, and it came from the left. But it’s the teathugliKKKans who are full of violent rhetoric from the FoxNews

        1. I like that it’s always referred to as a “shooting” rather than a terrorist attack.

          If an SPLC-fueled lefty targeting Dobson’s group with the intent of stuffing Chick-Fil-As in their nasty little hate- and family-value-spewing mouths isn’t a politically motivated act of symbolic violence, aka terrorism, I don’t know what is.

      4. Oh, speaking of domestic terrorists

        Get a load of this guy

    2. Informed? More like intellectually deformed.

  23. Here’s a novel idea: how about we let the market decide if the Confederate flag should be for sale or not? Oh wait, that can’t happen anymore? Oh well, I guess I need the federal government to make my purchasing decisions for me. That will make things so much easier for me from now on! sarc/

    1. You will have plenty of cardboard tasting cereal (thats if they decide to feed you), one blanket, two shoes, and a shirt with your standard issue citizen’s purchase program. Underwear will cost you extra!

      And dont forget to have your government approved hair style implemented at least 2 times a month.

  24. Of what value is tolerance if one isn’t intolerant of things he dislikes?

    1. If you want society to degenerate into a bunch of Ayn Rands shouting at Tulpas shouting at Noam Chomskys, that sounds like a great idea.

      1. Tolerance is so valuable and important, it can only be granted to things one likes.


        1. Sorry, don’t have enough energy to power my outrage and sarcasm meters at the same time.

          1. It is a difficult concept to get across.

            Being tolerant of things one likes would be like throwing pearls before swine.

            Tolerance is a gift: you have to earn it.

            1. Sorry…

              Being tolerant of things one dislikes would be like throwing pearls before swine.

  25. This is getting really dumb. South Carolina should take down the flag.

    1. And then the progs will stop going after the flag everywhere else and we’ll all live happily ever after. Also, Why should SC take the Confederate flag down from a Confederate war memorial?

      1. Sorry, I think I meant to write more. I didn’t make myself very clear. The two sentences aren’t related. I think the foolishness about removing the flag from all commerce will probably continue whatever SC does.

        they should take it down because it is a memorial at the state capitol. I know it’s not on the capitol building anymore. The fact that the law says it can’t be taken down means it is more than just a flag at a memorial. It is a symbol that the state government insists on displaying.

        I don’t personally think it is a huge deal. People put way too much into symbols. But it’s not worth keeping up if it bothers people. Governments should perform their essential functions and not make symbolic political statements.

        The fact is that state governments in the south were explicitly and officially racist until really not that long ago. The confederate flag on the capitol grounds is part of that history and it is time for the state to fully repudiate that.

        1. Incoherent gibberish much?

          1. Come on, SIV, apparently “both flags have done a lot harm” in the past, so you know, sins of the Father’s, etc.

        2. You seem to overlook the fact that there is no constitutional right to not be offended. There is a first amendment right to say and yes display things that may be offensive to some. One is protected and the other is not. If you are offended by the battle flag … Look away or better yet .. Leave!

      2. We’re getting to the point where they’re going to start protesting the existence of Confederate war memorials at all.

        1. Many, if not most, such memorials are on public property such as courthouse lawns and traffic circles in small towns. So, yes, there will be hundreds of such fights and they will win some and lose many more.

        2. I mean, look , just because a couple hundred thousand Americans died in a civil war doesn’t mean the losers get to moan about it forever. STFU, confederate dead. No one should think nice things about dead people, so what if they were your great grandparents or something.

        3. I mean, look , just because a couple hundred thousand Americans died in a civil war doesn’t mean the losers get to moan about it forever. STFU, confederate dead. No one should think nice things about dead people, so what if they were your great grandparents or something.

  26. I think we should remove the flag and any reference to it from history books too. Certainly not Orwellian to erase history to protect citizens.

    1. We should get Biblical publishers to ditch the epistle to Philemon just to be on the safe side.

      And anything related to Augustus, Jefferson, or US Grant.

      And Moses and Abraham. And Muhammed. Plato, natch. Solomon. Monroe and Madison. Hell, let’s just throw out all of history prior to 1865; nothing but a bunch of immoral slavers back then, not rich, enlightened folk like us who are brave enough to petition megamarts to stop carrying “offensive” cultural symbols.

      1. Don’t get me started on Plato. We might as well just erase everything in history before Howard Zinn

        1. Can virtue ethics and libertarian ideals not coexist? I’m new to this site and not sure of what ‘we’ hate and what ‘we’ like besides wood chippers and the blood-mist that follows.

          1. ^ THIS

            I am new here as well…. and as of recently in my life, I am swinging from right wing to what I now have realized is more likely libertarianism.

            But, in reading the comments, I am often having some of the same questions. I think libertarian ideals often are at odds with each other… Dunno, time will tell.

            1. HVHV and PMcC-

              1) The commenters here are the worst ever (Nikki), and mostly puerile blowhards with too much time.

              2) Unlike Dummy Underground, Daily Kos, and Powerline (among others), all are welcome to comment here- but you might get shit on.

              3) Sarcasm, snark and irony rules the comments. (and we could have a whole thread on whether I should have a comma after “snark” in that sentence).

              4) The first thing you must remember… there is no spoon we… Wait until you see a thread about abortion, immigration, ass-sex marriage, or deep-dish pizza for real disagreement.

              5) Welcome! You will not find a funnier and more knowlegable commentariat on the internet.

          2. Thin libertarianism is purely political and compatible with any ethical system that respects property rights, but you won’t see a lot of talk about virtue due to the semi-religious connotations it tends to have re: humanity’s telos and the essentially universal libertarian belief that good intentions are, if not actively harmful for their tendency to embolden destructive utopian ideas, then nearly worthless. A courageous and temperate socialist is still going to make his nation poor regardless of his personal character.

            But Aristotle still carries a ton of weight among the Catholics and Randians and the Stoics occasionally get some love as well.

          3. Tongue-in-cheek, people

            The joke here is not very subtle

  27. Ok you guys, whatever happens, don’t mention Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis to these people. The amount of historical scumbaggery those games allow you to do would probably drive them into a bloodrage.

    1. Are you kidding? Those games accurately simulate the life of the average politician.

    2. Oh, but those are historical figures whose values were very different from our own and thus must be respected as cultural artifacts.

      Unlike chattel slavery, which Jeff Davis actually invented in 1861.

    3. “What do you mean ‘Native Nations’ aren’t as technically advanced as their Western counterparts, you racist?”

  28. Amazon is working hard to make me not want to shop with them anymore. Increased the free shipping minimum, added sales tax, and now this.

  29. I think “free speech” really goes beyond the government.

    How is it any different from government censorship if every single company denies a person a living simply based on them expressing their political views?

    And make no mistake, we’re reaching a point where commerce is controlled by only a few giant corporations – Amazon, Wal-Mart and a few others.

    If they blacklist a person, there is little recourse for people. One of the ironies of the internet is that despite being open, people seemingly prefer to purchase/use the services of a monopoly.

    1. Re: JeremyR,

      If they blacklist a person, there is little recourse for people.

      The Chinese would call that an opportunity.

    2. This is one of the reasons I think Libertarianism requires a critical mass of rational actors. How many people have you met that hate Walmart’s policies and the way they treat employees but continue to shop there? I’ve met many. Until enough people learn to vote with their money they will satisfy their dissonance by using a central mechanism to impose their will on the rest. People deserve the governments they get.

      Plus more regulation creates barriers to entry. It’s why Amazon reversed its position on paying state sales tax in all states. Luckily tech has great potential to reduce these barriers and it outpaces regulation. I hope that new tech and my fellow millennials getting slapped in the face by an out of control government will turn the tide. These things go in cycles. It will get worse before it gets better. I think we are a ways from the bottom though.

  30. Is Hyperion going to come by now and remind me again that it doesn’t matter what Anita Sarkesian thinks, because Rockstar Games will do whatever the fuck they want?

  31. Histories of the period, particularly those with any sort of emphasis on the Confederacy, are also likely to be excluded as the purge continues if they have the Forbidden Image. This is becoming an Orwellian rewriting of history to remove a significant event in the nation’s past, or at least one side of that event. This is where liberalism leads, helped by the cowardice (or worse) of big business. “Wear a crepe of mourning for a civilization that held the promise of joy.”

  32. Oh those whacky socons are at it again.

  33. The only chess board I own right now is a real classy civil war themed board and pieces, Lincoln and Davis as the kings, rooks are forts flying their respective flags. In the not too distant future I’m going to pull this out only to reveal to keen eyes my blatant racism then it’ll be the gulag if I’m lucky or bullet in the alleyway if I’m not (that might be backwards).

  34. So is Castle Wolfenstein banned? Because there were Nazi flags all over that fucking game.

    Are we going to start yanking movies in which the Nazi or Confederate flag is displayed? Someone might watch Schindler’s List because they sympathize with Hitler and want to look at some Nazi symbolism.

  35. Those who erase history are condemned to repeat it.

    1. A nice one.

  36. However, censoring historical games (if that is indeed the reason why the games have been pulled) is always very tricky because those games don’t glorify or promote a cause

    Tell that to all Guilt-ridden white liberals, race-baiters and cultural Marxians good people who express false outrage feel offended by what those flags represent!

    1. Nonsense. This flag thing is nothing but a crazed mob looking for something to destroy.

  37. I’m enjoying this. If I know anything about human nature, this uproar will guarantee that that flag will be flown by every rebellious soul from now until doomsday.

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity.
    –Keith Richards

  38. When will people start REBELLING instead of just blowing bluster?? I have had enough…. I have gotten two flags painted on my Iron Horse and I am going to next get a confederate flag tattoo on my arm. I have also ordered shirts with the flag on it to molest the liberals at my gym.
    It’s time now for more than words… Be active!!

    1. Bless you bro… Hang hard.

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  40. So are we going to stop pretending to be horrified when the Taliban and ISIS topple monuments and burn churches? It happens so fast doesn’t it?

  41. They aren’t nuts. Rule by fear is power.

  42. Couldn’t they replace the flag with the current battle flag of the Democratic Party?

  43. Yeah, they don’t give a shit about racism. It’s just a handy excuse to clean house.

  44. I fucking hate the left. That is all.

  45. what the fucking fuck, do I have to boycott Amazon now?

  46. My favorite thing about this is now the left is coming full on with their “traitor” bullshit. Of course when they rebel against the government, it’s for the “right” causes. When someone else does it, you’re a fucking “traitor”. Now they’re attacking General Lee, who the people that actually fucking fought against the man, respected him and granted him a full pardon, but these fucktards think they know better.

    I live in the rural South (not from here) so I don’t see many progs around but I just want to ask them, “Why the fuck does being born in a certain geographic location mean you must swear your undying loyalty to that area? What has the U.S. government done that is so fucking great that I must obey it? Why do you think that you and I are some fucking tribe (Jon Stewart) and that I give a fuck about you?”

    1. but these fucktards think they know better

      Our wonderful education system has done its evil work. Many college graduates can’t place the Civil War in the correct century. They know nothing about it except selected little tidbits. Said tidbits selected by “progressive” educators of course.

    2. What’s really interesting is that none of the leaders of the Confederacy were brought up on charges of Treason. — There’s a big reason that they weren’t:The Union’s argument was that the southern States had no right to secede and were thus still part of the United States, but the Constitution defines Treason explicitly in Art 3, Sec 3 — “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” — but if the Union’s claim was true, that would mean that the Union’s levying of war against the southern States would, in fact, be Treason.

      IOW, if the Union had pressed those charges, they would have destroyed themselves.

  47. The progressives are doubling down on the insanity. It’s time to become an ExPat.

    1. When I got out of the military I tried to get my wife to move to another country but she wouldn’t. She doesn’t want to be away from family and all that jazz. I would gladly move from here, renounce my citizenship and piss on the flag and a copy of the constitution on my way out.

      1. No one. Like you. Left.

  48. F**k me. Pensacola, the city of five flags, just voted to remove the stars and bars from the lineup. So, I guess, it’s the city of Four Flags.

    Unless they want to add the white flag of surrender to the lineup.

    1. Why do they keep flying the genocidal Spanish flag? And did not the French protect and promote slavery while they ruled Pensacola?

    2. Yikes. Where does that put Six Flags Over Texas?

      Then again, all things Texas should be next on the chopping block. For what did Texas revolt against Mexico for except that slavery was illegal in Mexico and the immigrating Anglos wanted to bring their slaves?

      Lone Star flag? Slave symbol. Gone. Pride over the Texas Republic? Slave nation. Eliminate.

      Etc. Etc.

      1. You had best be joking. Real Texans dont tolerate people bashing our state. We have ong memories and an evil sense of humor. Caveat……

  49. In America, through pressure of conformity, there is freedom of choice, but nothing to choose from.

    – Peter Ustinov

  50. I’m planning a trip to dig up the corpse of Shelby Foote and kill him deader.

    Who’s with me?

  51. And when all things Confederate have been purged, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming of attacking people for their privilege and whiteness.

  52. I assume, to be consistent, that they are dropping every book about the Civil War that has a photo or image of the Confederate flag in it (and absolutely, immediately, those with the flag image on the cover). To help them out, here are a few that need to go right away:

    Some Wore Blue & Some Wore Gray by Heather Graham
    Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James M. McPherson
    The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War by H. W. Crocker III
    Two Miserable Presidents: The Amazing, Terrible, and Totally True Story of the Civil War by Steve Sheinkin and Tim Robinson

    And many, many more. And these are just ones with the flag on the cover — many others have the flag image inside.

    They’ll also presumably want to delete such titles as
    Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson by S. C. Gwynne
    and, again, many others which paint any sort of favorable view of anybody on the Southern side.

    Lots more people read books than play games, Amazon. If you’re going to take off the latter for flag related issues, you definitely need to take down the former, too.

  53. Don’t be silly…Taylor Swift plays Madden. Total baller in fact.

  54. Battle Cry is back, Guns of Gettysburg isn’t. Maybe WotC made a fuss.

  55. I spotted this blog post from Steve Sailer about the Confederancy…..racy-tick/

    Gavin McInnes of Takimag also posted a good rant about the flag…..in_mcinnes

    1. More on the table, even if I don’t agree with him often. I think this time Rush Limbaugh posted an interesting point in a recent podcast.

  56. If a player representing the Confederacy wins, that doesn’t mean he or she supports slavery, and it’s utterly ridiculous to even countenance the idea.

    Countenancing ridiculous ideas is all the rage these days. If you don’t you’re not one of the cool kids!

  57. How many of you would hide your Forbidden Images, books, and guns from the ‘firemen’ once they’ve been banned and the penalty for keeping such abhorrent items is mental adjustment in state run psyche wards?

    Sentimentality can get a person killed, it might be best to stoically cast off material objects and symbols without a backward glance. But would you?

  58. “Confederate Flag Purges” don’t go nuts. People do. This country is chock full of influential nuts.

  59. This anti-confederate flag craze is probably the most hysterical thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  60. Last night, just in case, I bought an original edition of Huck Finn.

    Take that progressive communists !!!

  61. This week in Austin a group of uneducated thugs defaced statues of civil war heros on the University of Texas campus. I am native born Texan. I dont care if people find our culture and heritage offensive. You have NO constitutional right to not be offended. The civil war happened. It was about a lot more than keeping pet darkies. The fact the union won does not give anyone the right to deface our culture. If you are so thin skinned .. LEAVE! Go north. They love your kind up there. Keep screwing with those of us who revere those who fought and died. Keep being assholes and suffer the consequences. We will tolerate just so much in the name of diversity before we start kicking ass and taking names. We can and will find out who you are. Dont count on the typical Austin liberal wussy to save your butts. You have pissed off real Texans now.

  62. And another thing. I am an army brat. I was raised to get along with all races and cultures. I have never felt the need to look beyond a persons character. Congratulations. You have given me reason to hate based on appearence or race. The race baiters have done their jobs and set us at one another. Beware. If I see someone defacing a flag or statue, whether Texas, American or confederate, I will see to it you remember it for a long time.

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  65. I agree with the premise of this article, however I think it is wrong on one point. The sale of confederate flags wasn’t stopped on Amazon, Google shopping, eBay, etc. because more people wanted it removed than not. It was removed because the CEOs etc. of companies are so worried about being politically correct! The media blows non-PC news stories so out of proportion that companies don’t want to take a chance. The demand to purchase confederate flags skyrocketed after these companies made their decisions to not sell them. This is proof that a large majority of people disagree with the stopping of sales. They want to still buy them! Many small business owners are trying to fill the supply, but with Google banning all ads for rebel flags it makes it almost impossible for people to find them in stock anywhere. I personally set up to help sell them at a reasonable price but now even manufacturers are stopping to make the confederate flags making it increasingly difficult for anyone to buy them at all let alone get them in a reasonable time frame.

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