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Chris Christie to Announce Presidential Candidacy Next Tuesday

Who's still counting?


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Room for one more? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie becomes the latest Republican to signal that he's almost ready to throw his hat and the ring. 2015 has seen a string of candidates pre-announcing and announcing their candidacies. Like Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, and others before him, Christie has been considered a likely candidate for some time. Christie is the last of the statewide Republican office holders expected to jump into the race to actually join it.

New York public radio station WNYC reports via its Christie Tracker:

Gov. Chris Christie plans to make his long-awaited announcement that he's running for the Republican nomination for president of the United States next Tuesday at the last place where he was president—Livingston High School in northern New Jersey, sources familiar with his plans tell WNYC.

Christie was president of his class all three years of high school before graduating 35 years ago this month. He played on his championship baseball team and maintains several friendships from his time there. He organized class reunions in the decades before becoming governor.

Sources familiar with Christie's plans spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to preempt the governor's announcement. 

Christie will become one of a number of anti-libertarian candidates, and unlike others, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who at least try to co-opt libertarian rhetoric in the libertarian moment, Christie does no such thing. Whatever the libertarian position might be, chances are Christie has taken an opposite one.

New Jersey decriminalized medical marijuana, Christie dragged his feet. He worried about the "profit motive" in medical marijuana and calls taxes from marijuana "blood money." Whereas most Republican candidates have taken at least a federalist approach to states legalizing marijuana, if not an outright libertarian one, Christie is going to be the prohibitionist candidate, promising to stop states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska from treating marijuana like a legal substance. On foreign policy, Christie is another blank slate for establishment interventionists.

While Christie's tried to reform entitlements in New Jersey, state expenditures have reliably gone up since he took office, hitting $50.6 billion in 2015 and estimated at $56 billion for fiscal year 2016. As usual, there's no dearth of Republican candidates refusing to engage the problem of government spending. In April Christie actually suggested raising the eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare and means-testing the program. His plan was attacked by Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor who's trying to position himself as the populist candidate in his second go around for the Republican nomination.

Christie averages 4 percent in polls of the 15 person field followed by RealClearPolitics. If all the candidates polled equally they'd be at 6.67 percent each. Six of the candidates averages are above that.

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  1. New Jersey Democrat Chris Christie will never be president.

    1. I was amazed at how thin the evidence in that Duka case (Ft. Dix5) was. You should read this in its entirety:

      Christie’s Conspiracy

      Not a lot surprising for Reason regulars familiar with the FBI’s use of paid informants, but extreme injustice even by those standards.

      And Christie still cites that as one of his hallmark achievements.

      Let’s hope to Ganesh he never becomes President.

      1. You are the worst linker in the history of linkers.

          1. Small price for them to pay so a prosecutor can fulfill his political ambitions.

          2. Jesus. As annoying and hypocritical as Glenn Greenwald can sometimes be, once in a while The Intercept does the world a favor with a piece like that.

          3. Well that’s fucking scary. Especially the guy who reported the plot, yet still gets put in jail for handing over a map.

  2. I really hope they do interparty debates this time so we can watch all the candidates from both parties climb out of the same tiny little car.

    1. Are you suggesting that the great men and women running for their party’s nomination to be president of these United States are clowns?

      1. I’d vote for Shakes the Clown!

      2. That is extremely hurtful to clowns everywhere…

        /That’s why Nikki is…

    2. God, what a brilliant idea, Huge.

    3. A clownpresidential candidate and a little boy are walking through the woods on a dark, stormy night. The little boy says, “I’m scared!”

      The clownpresidential candidate says, “How do you think i feel? I’m the one who has to walk back out of here alone!”

  3. “Christie was the president of his class all three years…”

    Apparently Christie is running as the candidate version of Peaked In High School Rob Lowe.

    1. Minus the football trophies but plus the fast food.

    2. All 3 years?

      Did not graduate from HS?

  4. Is it okay to say that we hope Chris Christie chokes on a chicken bone and that his ambulance gets stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge?

    Or does he have friends at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Southern District of New York?

    1. Hopin ain’t ropin!

  5. Fuck off, slaver. Christie isn’t fit to operate a lemonade stand.

    1. Of course not. He’d eat all of the sugar, and it would turn into lemon and water stand.

      1. No water either. He’d just pour it out on the ground to make himself a nice cooling mud-wallow.

  6. Tired politics today. So a cool video instead:…..ained.html

    1. He literally could have dropped the mic after that.

    2. That was pretty impressive.

    3. That was awesome.

  7. Chris Christie to Announce Presidential Candidacy Next Tuesday

    I thought Fat Tuesday was in February.

    1. giggle

    2. Excellent.

  8. I wonder if he realizes that he’d have better odds of winning if he ran as a Democrat

    1. Better odds becoming Supreme Leader of N. Korea.

  9. I don’t understand the point of announcing your announcement. Doesn’t this kill the fanfare?

    1. Maybe, but they need time to get the buffet ready–and you know Christie is gonna be hungry.

    2. He wants to see what the attacks are going to be before his announcement speech is written.

    3. It’s like people who say they are engaged to be engaged. That means you are engaged, you fucking tool.

  10. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

  11. Don’t. Care.

  12. Ah, he’s throwing his hat into the ring…the Sumo Wrestling ring.

    1. Heh heh…Chris Christy in a Sumo diaper, his gigantic moobs flopping from side to side…swear pouring off his boy in the summer sun…try to erase that image from your minds!

      1. *sweat* pouring off

        1. I actually like “swear pouring off his boy”.

      2. I’m still working on X’s mud wallow. I actually kind of want to see that.

        I’m not easily grossed out.

        1. It’s not that bad because he’s all covered in mud. All you can see is a big dirty lump that sort of burbles at both ends as it emits the gaseous products of its inefficient digestion.

          Don’t go too close, though, those meaty jaws can shear your kneecap right off.

  13. who at least try to co-opt libertarian rhetoric in the libertarian moment


  14. I think that instead of primarys we should have a battle to the death.

    1. I’d pay real money to see Christie and Trump go at it.

      1. elections could actually turn a profit that way. I bet it would do really well on pay-per-view.

  15. Tiny bite-sized doughnuts for everyone!

  16. His campaign slogan: “I want to eat you! Get in my belly!”

  17. I get the feeling there is some really dark sex scandal lurking in his past. Something really and truly awful. Something I can’t even imagine or articulate.

    1. Something YOU can’t even imagine?


    2. Something I can’t even imagine or articulate.

      Whoa. I mean WHOA.

      I don’t even want to think about the possibility of something that horrible.

      Whoa…..I gotta go lie down…..

    3. Well, why not try? I’m sure you’d give it your best shot.

      (licks lips)

    4. Don’t you dare repost that little story. I still can’t look at a peach pie. I used to love peach pie. damn you.

      1. I read one of his stories. Just one. I will never again see a picture of Kathleen Sebelius without throwing up a little, nor will I ever read any more stories from Sugar Free. Nope. Not gonna happen.

        1. He wrote one about me and Rachel Maddow, once. I went to a dark place in life after that.

          1. Was that why you were gone for so long?

            1. [sobs]

    5. But you’ll give it a try anyway, right?

    6. Something I can’t even imagine or articulate.

      First the Supreme Court decision… and now this. That vodka bottle is going to be hurting tonight.

    7. It’s a shame Bill Hicks is dead. You and he could have the ultimate Dark Poetry Slam.

  18. The thing about Christie isn’t that he’d be an awful President (though he probably would). The important thing is he’s the most fiscally conservative Governor the State of New Jersey has had in half a century or more. The first one in FIFTY YEARS to say to the “Wouldn’t it be swell” lawmakers “Yes, but we don’t have the money to do it.”. And, furthermore, he’s the most fiscally Conservative Governor they’re likely to have until the Democrat party is outlawed for conspiracy to defraud the public.

    Please, God, Chris, go back to governing New Jersey. They need you. WE need you like a hole in the head.

  19. So you look at the Democratic Party, and see that they basically have one candidate: Hillary Clinton. Isn’t that undemocratic?
    Then you look at all those Republican candidates, and see you have the choice of 15 or so buffoons. Only the GOP can be stupid enough to get the Democrats look less outrageous.

  20. OT, but somewhat relevant to Christie…


    Is this a sign that Federal Food Nannies are still oblivious to the trainwreck that is their last 40 years? Or, have they recognized how bad they are and gone into full parody mode?

    1. The comments are a fountain of stupid. Wow. But it is the HuffPo, so that is to be expected. But still…

    2. proposed dietary guidelines that urge Americans to consider the environment when deciding what foods to eat


      They’re going to have to pry my meat out of my cold, dead hands.

    3. It’s a sign the GOP wants to make life difficult for Democrats. Out here in the real world, no one actually cares whether what they eat “harms the environment” or what the fedgov’s “dietary guidelines” consist of, at least until they start starving kids unlucky enough to be on subsidized meals.

    4. Sign? They are completely, totally oblivious–well, a better word would be uninterested–in their total failure to advise “good” nutrition for the last 40 years. If you think they’re ever going to reflect on that and go “you know, maybe TOP MEN can’t figure out the best possible diet for billions of people”, you’re out of your mind.

      Being totally wrong while insisting they are right and trying to force people to behave they way they say is what they do.

  21. Christie is an authoritarian. All the evidence I need is that he was a US attorney.

    1. He’ll make you flee Lee, and you won’t even have a chance to grab your key. All Christie is concerned with doing is controlling you and me. They say he eats people and drinks their pee, and fancies their poo mixed with Brie.

      1. So are you saying this with Hyperbole?

        1. Looks that way to me. Not to thee?

          1. It seems you two want to join me, on a big ole spending spree. Hey stop, get off your knee as neither one of you need to resort to your old decree. With me you both are free, so spend with glee, but not all of which you see.

  22. Room for one more?

    I see what you did there.

  23. Good fucking luck.

  24. It has been a long time since we had a President get stuck in a bathtub.

  25. Seems to me like the more candidates in the primaries, the better for Paul.

  26. The establishment Republicans clearly want Hillary to win. Divide and conquer is an age-old strategy.

  27. Why do we even bother with a president? Lets let SCOTUS tell us what they think our elected reps really meant by laws they passed. Next up, SCOTUS will be telling us what laws that were considered but defeated really should have been passed.

  28. So, he’s announcing that he’s going to announce on Tuesday. Which means he really announced today.

    Chris Christie waddles up to the podium…

    1. Yes it does. Public relations can be inherently silly.

    2. “DIE WANNA WANGA, JEDI!” he says, greasy rolls of skin rippling in waves down the undifferentiated region between his mouth and his torso. He leers at the slave girl chained nearby, then takes a large frog out of a bowl set on the stage for that purpose and pops it between his slavering jaws.

      1. And if I had paws I’d let you shake them while going with you to rid us of all these laws, which have so many flaws.

        I promise I won’t bite you like Jaws, even though you might like it we must focus on our cause. Only those that deserve the wrath of the claws will have their souls scratched up to where there isn’t enough gauze for the damage to pause. So for your awesome posts I give you applause.

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