Political Correctness

Brickbat: Don't Say That


Gavin Huang

Over the past year, faculty leaders in the University of California system have undergone training in how to avoid offending students and each other. The training teaches that certain phrases can be considered "microaggressions," phrases such as "I believe the most qualified person should get the job" and "America is the land of opportunity." They have also been warned not to give out any forms that only provide "male" and "female" boxes to check.

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  1. The chickens have come home to roost for leftist academia.

        1. Did those students have their $5000 paper wad throwing licenses? If not, than they need to go directly to jail. I mean you just can’t have anyone throwing paper wads.

    1. How? They are no doubt the ones driving these policies.

      They can still rail against white privilege and talk about rape culture and sacrifice virgins to Karl Marx on makeshift altars. It seems all the important stuff is still OK to do.

  2. So Charles is mining his own Blog for brickbat material now. I feel micro-aggressed,

  3. The bullshit term “microaggression” triggers me.

  4. The best teachers will offend their students by challenging their beliefs and ideas..Have a good weekend folks,have a drink or two.

    1. I can’t drink, I have to wrap up my anthology and get it to an editor. Alcohol impedes my motivation and ability. I’m not Hemmingway here.

      1. You want me to have a few stouts for you? It’s the least I can do.

  5. Wish Andrew Dice Clay had come along 20 years later. This is a mother lode of material.

    1. He’s got a regular gig at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. I’ve considered stopping in on him.


    [_] Male
    [_] Female
    [_] Male-to-Female transgendered
    [_] Female-to-Female transgendered
    [_] Beyond gender
    [_] I’m outraged you always list “Male” first
    [_] Mattress
    [_] Edward
    [_] Jacob
    [_] Joke from three years ago
    [_] Male trapped in a man’s body
    [_] Fetus trapped in a woman’s body
    [_] None of this hyphen mumbo-jumbo – just AMERICAN!
    [_] Libertarian
    [_] Just kidding, 91% of us reject the label
    [_] What you find
    [_] What you feel
    [_] What you know
    [_] To be real
    [_] Rag
    [_] Bone
    [_] Hank of hair
    [_] Tastes great
    [_] Less filling
    [_] Joke from 40 years ago
    [_] Eggman
    [_] Walrus
    [_] Miserable pile of secrets
    [_] Something something oppression patriarchy
    [_] Not men
    [_] Devo
    [_] It’s spelled Czech, not check
    [_] Still dead
    [_] Warty

    1. I’m feeling macro-aggressed now.

    2. Yeah, I was just going to post that if gender is truly just all in our minds then why have a gender check box at all? But we know why. It’s for signaling, validation and to ensure special privileges for favored victim status.

    3. You left off Purple People Eater. I am feeling hurt and disconnected from society now. How dare you leave off my trans-species preference?

      1. + Alan Page, Jim Marshell, Carl Eller.

        1. As a life-long Vikings fan, including the era of of the Purple People Eaters, I feel othered by your exclusion of Gary Larsen and micro-aggressed by your misspelling of Jim Marshall’s name.

          Where’s my puppy and box of crayons?

      2. You left off Purple People Eater.

        No, I listed Warty.

        1. Warty is not purple. He’s as Brown as can be.

  7. “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” is micro-aggression.

    There is nothing we can do. You guys realize that, right? We have to see this through and let it all collapse under its own weight.

    1. That’s only because everyone who believes in this bullshit knows they will never be the most qualified person for the job – they wasted their educational dollars on learning microaggressions and social justice instead of productive skills.

      1. they wasted their educational dollars on learning microaggressions and social justice instead of productive skills.

        On top of that, they’re going to be totally left behind once we move on to nano and pico aggressions.

      2. they wasted their educational dollars on learning microaggressions and social justice

        That does make them the most qualified person for any job requiring this knowledge, like writing for Salon or being an underground puppeteer

        1. Do you really think Salon hires writers by any metric of merit?

          1. To be fair, it’s hard to imagine how that would even work. “Best grievance monger” is up there with “tallest dwarf” in terms of performance metrics.

            1. To be fair, there are changes to body proportions related to achondroplasia that makes “tallest dwarf” an achievable and quantifiable goal (ie person of highest physical stature showing those other attributes) “Best grievence monger” is like everything else in their field, subjective and of fluid definition.

              1. True, but let me remind you that literalism is figuratively as bad as Adam Lanza.

  8. I’m offended that people can be so easily and perpetually offended.

    1. I’m offended by your offense. You need to check your privilege sir.

    2. You’re in a world of hurt – I feel for you

      1. Is that a micro aggression against those who practice BDSM (ie some chick who read 50 Shades of Grey)

        1. A masochist says, “Hit me!” A sadist says, “No!”

          1. lol:)

          2. Nice, Almanian.

  9. How about this. For liberal arts degrees we do away with all majors and class time. Instead of showing up on campus your first day you get on a plane with no money and head to some third world hell hole where people have actual problems. You have to work, eat, and live just as the natives do. After 4 years your picked up, brought home, and given your degree. You’ll have hopefully ceased being a total pussy. If it’s made you an even more self-righteous prick then well you’ll have at least earned some of that.

    1. That’s pretty much the program at Antioch College, except there is some actual classroom time thrown in.

      1. Just down the road from me. Dave Chappell lives in Yellow Springs. Quaint little town. Great State Park nearby I like to go to. I knew a girl that went there. She was pretty cool but that was like 30 years ago.

    2. +1 Holiday In Cambodia

  10. “I believe the most qualified person should get the job”

    This is a literal statement made with zero bias.

    Seriously, they are throwing logic and common sense right out the door.

    What’s next? Certain mathematical equations that have offending variables in them?

    1. “I Z that you’re mocking Malcolm X again. Y?”

      1. You keep this up, my narrowed gaze may lock in permanently…

    2. What’s next? Certain mathematical equations that have offending variables in them?

      “Sometimes, Winston, two plus two is five. Sometimes it is three. Sometimes it is all of the above.”


      1. Nice.

      2. That’s how a count beers. I’ve had 2 stouts, 2 blondes, a Wit, and 7 Miller Lites so that’s 4 beers total.

    3. This is a literal statement made with zero bias.

      What are you talking about? The word “qualified” is biased towards white, heterosexual males. Everything is. You see, if you’re not a white, heterosexual male, then you’re automatically less qualified. Period. The entire system is built by, and engineered to favor, white, heterosexual males. That’s why anyone who isn’t a white, heterosexual male needs to be put first in line. Because the biased system puts white, heterosexual males at the front of the line. Everyone knows this. Duh.

  11. I believe the most qualified person should get the job

    I would LOVE to sit in on some of the tenure committee meetings.

  12. The thing about tipping points is this – you pass them long before you even really notice.

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