U.S. Airstrikes in Libya, Fiorina on Feminism, Appeals Court Reverses D.C. Gun Decision: A.M. Links


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  1. I’m confused

    1. Hello.

      Human cost of WWII and The Long Peace.


      1. Watched the video a couple of weeks ago, the Russian number is a travesty.

    2. Don’t waste your time Jeb. The name “Bush” is a death sentence.

    1. Extra Lynx. I guess we are getting a litter of sad kitties.

  2. People may shut up about Game of Thrones soon.


    1. This coming from the person who writes non-stop about abortion…

  3. A plethora of Lynx!


    Which lynxs are better?

    1. Two lynx enter, one lynx leave!

      1. It appears Ed is Master Blaster.

          1. We don’t need another hero

            1. embargo on!

          2. I Lol’d

    2. Hands down, it is the Minnesoda Lynx.


    3. Yo no tengo lynx dobles?

      Donde esta lynx de Eduardo?

      1. The Magic Power of….Triumph!


        1. I was kinda trolling my local bar yesterday by playing a lot of Triumph on the juke box. Turns out; people really like Triumph.

    4. Jessie Ventura enters with Hillary. It’s practically a Woodchipper.

  5. Jeb Bush is poised to announce his presidential bid today.

    No one, including Bush, wants Bush to be president.

  6. The Pentagon is also planning to move battle tanks and heavy weapons enough to equip 5,000 American troops to several Eastern European countries.

    You know who else moved tanks through Europe?

    1. Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein?

    2. The producers of Lord of War?

    3. So, 5,000 total troops across several European countries. How many tanks would this number of personnel support? 100? 200? Basically this is enough to do nothing except provoke – poking a hornet’s nest. Insane.

      1. Didn’t you RTFA, R? It’s a significant move to deter possible Russian aggression!

      2. I read it as 5000 troops in several Eastern European countries at the same time. so we could rapid deploy 15000 troops plus all the tanks the autobahn can support. Also, Russia only has about 3M effectives in their whole population. We have that many already serving. Demography is not on Russia’s side this time.

        1. FTA…The “prepositioned” stocks ? to be stored on allied bases and enough to equip a brigade of 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers…

          I read that as 5,000 total. I assume that includes all the support personnel as well as trigger-pullers so in essence a pittance. Even if it is as many as 15,000 spread across a wide front it’s meaningless especially since Russia’s lines of communication will be nothing and we’ll have to sail through the Baltic. This is utterly stupid.

          1. This is utterly stupid.

            This is Obama.

            1. Yet some Top Man told him it was a good idea.

              This is also the stupidity of his national security advisors.

              1. It’s hubris.

                When government is your god, its mere pronouncements are reality.

                1. It’s a trip-wire

                  1. And we may trip over it and get hurt

              2. I would bet that he was told by one Top Man that he should deploy several divisions to make a significant statement, and by another that he shouldn’t do anything because it would be provocative, so he decides to go with a half-assed measure and get the worst of both worlds.

                1. On the other hand, when a small battalion gets overwhelmed, the US citizenry is going to want to kick some Russkie ass.

    4. Larry Harris/Milton Bradley?

    5. Jacques Cousteau?

    6. George S. Patton?

    7. Polish plumbers?

    8. The 2nd Byelorussian Front of Konstantin Rokossovsky, Marshal of the Soviet Union?

    9. Me, playing Red Alert?

    10. Patton.

    11. Who hasn’t moved tanks through Europe? If you know what I mean.

    12. Basically, any ruler who’s ever had a tank?

    13. British Petroleum?

  7. Per a new federal appeals court ruling, D.C. is permitted (for now) to require people to provide a “good reason” for wanting a gun.


    1. “WTF” is probably not a good enough reason, but you could try.

    2. My reason: FYTW (the gov not TLPB)

    3. Read the exceptions to the public carry provision. So if you’re lucky enough to get a permit, no riding the bus or the Metro and no being within “1,000 feet of a protected dignitary.”

      1. no being within “1,000 feet of a protected dignitary.”

        How will people know without labels?

        1. Google glasses

        2. All the special people ought to get armbands or patches.

          1. Manufactured by Hugo Boss. So cool!

      2. Some pigs are more equal than others.

    4. I wonder if they will accept “Fuck you, that’s why” as a reason.

      In NH the permit form asks for a reason, but you can say pretty much anything besides “murdering people” and they have to give it to you.

      1. Same in Pennsylvania. I assume it’s not a good idea to say “protection from demons” but I don’t know.

    5. As long as they accept “because” as a good reason, I don’t see a problem.

      1. for snakes n such

    6. Per a new federal appeals court ruling, D.C. is permitted (for now) to require people to provide a “good reason” for wanting a gun.

      How about, “To take out the Federal Appeals Court judges who violate their oaths to uphold the constitution and shoot them? Then put their bodies in a woodchipper?”

  8. They posted double lynx to kill off the “they’re killing of the lynx!” posts from last week.

  9. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is campaigning on “family values” while Republican Carly Fiorina touts her feminist cred.

    Family as in the commune and the wrong kind of feminism.

  10. Jeb Bush is expected to announce his candidacy for president today in Florida, and released his logo, featuring his first name and an exclamation point, over the weekend.

    I wonder if he’ll end up being a factorial in the election.

    1. Yes. He guarantees that Rubio doesn’t get enough FL money to stay in until the primaries end. Also, he probably injures Rick Perry. I think Scott Walker wins if he doesn’t make a mistake, but Paul will make it to the Convention with a significant bloc. Hopefully not enough to be Veep, but enough to have a say in cabinet formation.

      1. How fucking out of touch do you have to be to donate money to Jeb?

        1. Living in Liberia with an IQ of 50.

        2. You should go to a Republican party local meeting. Out of touch is pretty common.

          1. The few times I’ve been to meetings this has been my experience as well, gaoxiaen, especially with regards to the older participants and those I would describe as blindly obedient to what I call the establishment Republicans (or “Team Red Firsters” if you will).

          2. I’ve been to a few and know some people that are active in the local republican party.

            They are out of touch – they thought that Mitt was a sure winner in 2012 for example. But even they think that Jeb is a non starter.

        3. How badly do you need someone to introduce you around South Florida when you need legislative approval or permits?

    2. Booo(!)

  11. Rachel Dolezal, the leader of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People who was outed as white by her parents, canceled a meeting scheduled for today

    This continues to be a great use of everyone’s time.

      1. Possibly the best SNL sketch of all time

        1. I almost most certainly agree. It was one for the ages.

    1. You mean you didn’t have a google news alert for “Spokane, WA NAACP” even before this happened?

  12. A co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee in the United Kingdom accused Israel’s intelligence service Mossad of breaking into his home and stealing a single shoe.

    Don’t tread on him.

    1. The Mossad plans to throw that shoe at him later.

    2. They also totally planted that goat porn, too.

    3. Wait for the other shoe to drop

  13. I guess ENB won, I assume because she’s a woman.

    1. Is that why you always win? 🙂

    2. So, affirmative action?

  14. Climate scientists say they’re hopeful a statement on the danger of climate change by Pope Francis may encourage more government action.

    No more fears of electing a Catholic, I guess.

    1. Separation of Church and State!
      Science not fables!

      *Except when religious figures say something that fits our agenda

      1. They hated him because he’s also an authoritarian who wanted to underline their authority. Now they love him for same.

    2. Yeah, their carbon scheme would produce a lot of poor people. Rent-seeking Pope has got to eat.

      1. Meh, the pope probably believes everything he’s saying. His area of expertise is church administration and biblical texts. Anything outside that areas and he is just a layman with layman knowledge.

        1. Then perhaps he should remain quiet on the subject.

        2. Yeah, that’s probably true. This pope has a lot of bad ideas, but he does seem to be pretty genuine and not interested in his own enrichment.

          1. He’s Pope. He has all the trappings of wealth he cares to enjoy and he doesn’t have to even think about how to pay for stuff.

            1. This particular pope seems to eschew many of the trappings of wealth available to him. Which I find an admirable quality in someone in such a position. Too bad he is wrong about so many other things.

          2. I’m sure Bernie is genuine too. Heck, Prelate Kaas was genuine.

            1. Yes. I’m not saying being genuine means you are awesome. Road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that. It was just in response to suggestions that the pope is rent-seeking.

              1. I am in agreement with you here, Zeb.

  15. Elizabeth, you’ve given us so many A.M. links I don’t even know where to post my juvenile bluster.

  16. Reason editors: “Fucking squirrelzzz!”

  17. Dueling morning links?

    It’s like libertarian Mortal Kombat.

    I love it!

    Looking them over, I’d score the advantage this morning to ENB.

    Next Up? Soave v. Shackford.


    1. “FINISH HIM!”

      1. Now I want to figure out what fatality each Reason writer would use.

        1. Radley’s finisher is obviously the NutPunch.

          1. Double-fisted.

            1. Woodchipper

        2. Gillespie’s finisher: as the light fades in the arena, The Jacket rises from his shoulders and hovers undulating in the air, its folds a black that is darker than black. Surging forward, it envelops the hapless loser – there is a muffled scream, the sounds of crunching and tearing, and then The Jacket returns to its perch on Nick’s skeletal, abhuman frame. Where his opponent once stood, there is nothing.

          1. 1. Gillespie’s finisher as described is nice but the sound should obviously be that of a woodchipper.

            2. I presume ENB’s finisher is similar to that of Xenia Onatopp.

            1. oh damn it. Xenia.

  18. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is campaigning on “family values” while Republican Carly Fiorina touts her feminist cred.

    It’s almost like these are meaningless phrases.

  19. Per a new federal appeals court ruling, D.C. is permitted (for now) to require people to provide a “good reason” for wanting a gun.

    I wonder who gets to define good?

    1. The government bureaucrats, of course. And no reason you can give them is good enough.

    1. Hey it looks like I’ll be traveling to Perth in a couple of weeks. What’s to do there?

      1. Get stuck in traffic, wonder why everything is so damn expensive, and wish you were closer to some decent beaches.

      2. Also, it is winter time here. It rains, a lot, in Perth from May-September.

        1. It doesn’t get too cold though, right?

          1. Early mornings are chilly. It gets to the high 60’s by lunchtime.

            1. Fahrenheit, right? Australia gets hot, but not that hot?

      3. We have a Perth too, in fact we had it first, so you should come visit us. It’s summer here! But as usual, cold as f**k anyway.

      4. Woodchipped Buscemi is right. I found it massively boring last time I was there. If you have the time, maybe hit the Swan Valley or Margaret’s River for booze ‘n’ food, or Rottnest Island for the quokkas. I quite like Fremantle, which is the port town a few miles away, and is the last resting place of Bon Scott.

        1. I have a picture of me posing with that statue of Bon Scott in Freo!

        2. “the last resting place of Bon Scott.”

          db goes forth to make a pilgrimage?

          1. Well, now I need it to put next to my SRV statue picture.

      5. Did you know it’s pronounced Pert? The ‘h’ is silent. Or Perf if you have a lisp? True story.

        Try it out with the locals.

        1. Is this true or a ploy to get.me beat up?

          1. That damned Canuck Rufus doesn’t know the first thing aboot it. It’s Perth.

            1. You know, you ‘could’ play along. Wanted to hear stories of db dealing with Perthians after mispronouncing the name of the place.

              1. I am not having his blood on my conscience

                And db, the vowel confusion is a Kiwi thing. Sandgropers speak normal Australian, except for all the British and Sarth Effrican migrants

                1. Is “sandgropers” a pejorative deriving from the mining heritage of the Perth area?

                  1. Not a pejorative, just a nickname for Western Australians, deriving from this

                    1. Cool, so I can expect to live out a sequel to “Tremors?”

                    2. Well, you always should be expecting that… one thing Perth / Freo have going for them is two Aussie Rules teams. It’s footy season so either the Fremantle Dockers or West Coast Eagles should have a home game on when you’re there. I would definitely catch a game if I were you

                    3. I’ll only be there about 4 days but I expect pur hosts will be wanting to make a good impression so we might get to experience a game.

            2. Should I swap my ‘e’s and ‘i’s? Or is that just a Kiwi thing?

          2. Well, I know the Irish pronounce ‘th’ as either ‘t’ or ‘d’. For example, the town of Thurles is pronounced “Durlas”; “three-thirty” would be “tree-turdy”, etc. Can’t say about the Aussies, though.

    2. Looks like a load of crap. Even if true, 0.6 oz. doesn’t seem terribly significant. I would have thought that they would look at birth weights in one of the many countries that is hot all the time too. And it doesn’t look like they took air conditioning into account.

      1. 17 grams? When healthy babies are ~3.5 +\- 0.6 kg. they are talking about 0.017kg. Not significant.

        1. Depends on what the normal variation is.

          1. Thus the +\-

        2. Wow, that could go right into the textbooks as an example of statistical significance being meaningless without also considering effect size (and by extension statistical power).

          That journal should be ashamed of itself. Get a fricking statistician on your editorial board.

    3. Our babies are melting, what are the polar bears going to eat? You monsters.

      1. what are the polar bears going to eat?


  20. Colt has filed for Ch 11, apparently. They just need to get Obama to wipe out their bondholders and give them government guaranteed zero interest loans. He’ll do it. He’s a pro growth, pro jobs kind of a guy.

    1. The only gun manufacturer to not benefit from Obama the Grabber?

      1. That’s kinda what I’m thinking. How the hell can a gun company be going under during this time period.

        1. Well, I’ve bought three Remingtons, one Beretta, one Sig, one Para and one Bersa…so I guess this is my fault.

        2. My guess is that they’re focused more on military sales and lost out on contracts. Their civilian offerings are fairly weak, which they’ve been addressing sort of, and expensive, which they haven’t.

          I was surprised that they didn’t do more for the 1911’s 100th anniversary, although this is pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind a modern Mustang or Defender to add to the collection.

      2. Well, they were always the gun manufacturer that threw in their lot with the gun grabbers because they assumed that they’d always stay fat and happy via DOD contracts. Ooops.

    2. well this will teach them to give so many ARs away. every other day there’s an email from YAL or C4L or NAGR asking me to sign up for their Colt AR giveaway.

    3. Obama knows that West Hartford is a historic city that’s just been the victim of a couple bad breaks. And Colt is a longstanding employer, and vital to the community. Plus, terrorists.

      Slam dunk for a bailout.

  21. Sigh. Second try.

    Man arrested as teen has waited 7 years in Rikers for trial

    A Manhattan man has spent nearly all of the past seven years locked up on Rikers Island awaiting trial ? a dubious record for pretrial incarceration that is not likely to end anytime soon, experts told The Post.

    Montero, who has spent six years and eight months in Rikers, attempted to get his case tried separately ? while one of his alleged cohorts fights the DNA evidence ? but the judge balked, and his lawyer won’t even seek bail for him now because he says it’s a lost cause.

    So Montero is still waiting for his day in court, even after 77 appearances in Manhattan Supreme Court before Justice Ronald Zweibel ? and 2,423 days behind bars.


    1. Fire your lawyer (even if it is the PD) and file a speedy trial demand – agree to no continuances, answer ready for trial every time in court. Run the clock out on the DA if they are not ready.

      1. Except the way things work in Brooklyn, as long as the prosecution comes to court and claims they’re ready, they can get infinite delays after that. His only chance is probably to get a new lawyer, and go to federal court and get a habeas writ.

        1. If the prosecution answers ready, its jury picking time! Or I would waive jury and tell the judge – have them call their first witness….

      2. Fire your lawyer (even if it is the PD) and file a speedy trial demand

        Except that who’s going to rule on both of those issues? Justice Ronald Zweibel, the guy who has seen Monetero 77 times and hasn’t lifted a finger?

        1. Not a ruling when you file a speedy. Make ever continuance “On Motion of the State…”

  22. “A basic privacy principle is that you don’t retain data any longer than you have to.”

    Exactly. You retain it only until hackers get it.

  23. Per a new federal appeals court ruling, D.C. is permitted (for now) to require people to provide a “good reason” for wanting a gun.

    I’m guessing “Because FYTW” won’t count as a good reason?

  24. Fuck, is everyone changing their handles now?

    Even Warty?

    I definitely thought this was the entrance to his basement, but the name was wrong.

    1. That sign expresses a very touching sentiment

  25. From TFA:

    The appeals court said the temporary stay was intended to give it additional time to consider whether to block the lower court’s ruling.

    “The purpose of this administrative stay is to give the court sufficient opportunity to consider the merits of the motion for stay and should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits of that motion,” the order reads.

    1. You come from a strange, bleak land.

      1. Where beer does flow and men chunder

        1. can’t you hear, can’t you hear that thunder?

      1. Finally getting some traction with that song after all of the antipodean comments here.

  26. Hey! Some SEXIST deleted Ed’s Lynx!

    1. what are you some kind of edophile?

      1. *narrows gaze, throws in fierce scowl to boot*

    2. Some SEXIST SEXY deleted Ed’s Lynx!


    3. It was actually still existent mere minutes ago . . . as long as you were just refreshing that page.

  27. Quebec looks to tighten language laws under its absurd Bill 101 law.

    Bunch of hillbillies. They never stop. Even when it’s not necessary. They will literally wait until the place sinks to the ground before they realize ‘hm, maybe we were a tad excessive in our punitive measures.’

    Also, Premier Couillard says it’s a matter of ‘courtesy.’ What a load of crap and an excuse to act like idiots. Funny how they don’t mind when Quebec corps. are allowed to keep their ‘identity’ abroad like Cirque dooo Soleil does. That they’re cool with. Quebec should change its motto from ‘Je me souviens’ to ‘Wants cake and eat it too’.


    1. Hey pal, type that en Fran?ais!

      1. Would you like that in French or Quebecois?

        In honor of Vermette perhaps?

    2. Jeebus! Talk about burying the lead (emphasis mine).

      Starbucks is known as Cafe Starbucks Coffee. And after a series of firebombings in the early 2000s, Second Cup coffee shops added the words “Les Cafes” to their signs.

    3. I believe you mean “le groupe de coteau-Guilliames.”

  28. For those of you with access to Bowling Green, KY, keep July 18th open on your calendars. Tentative soft opening date.

    Grand opening the next Thursday.

    I have one state ABC inspection left next week. If all goes well (which is mostly a final construction issue), I should be legal to brew on July 1.

    1. The night of the 18th will be a friends & family invite event. So figure out where that puts you.

      1. Coming on the 19th?

        1. Like Chick-fil-A, we are closed on Sunday.

          1. Oh, so yer one of them religionists! Boycott robc’s new place like we boycott Hobby Lobby and CFA!

            1. A cfa boycott level of business would be nice.

              1. Indeed. Good luck with your new endeavor.

              2. Sorry, you’re not getting that.

          2. Make yer spirits holy! Seriously, good luck!

    2. Pour’em stiff robc, and cheers!

    3. Good luck, amigo

    4. Going legal? What a disgrace…

      Good luck, old chap

      1. *opens trench coat full of narcotics for IFH*

        1. Is that an opium pipe in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

    5. Awesome man! Good luck. Wasn’t planning on being out there anytime soon, but now I’m thinking a visit at Christmas is in order.

    6. Good luck!

    7. Fantastic-good luck!

    8. Good luck!

  29. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier makes final licensing decisions.

    Who could object to that? She’s a woman (more or less); surely she will err on the side of compassion.

  30. Prison worker who helped inmates escape planned to have them kill her husband before fleeing. She got cold feet at the last minute.

    This is starting to sound like the story of Michael Rudkin, who was CO who had sex with an inmate in a federal prison and plotted with her to kill his wife, got sentenced to prison himself, then while he was already in prison tried to have her, his ex-wife, his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, and the investigator killed… and ended up getting life in Florence ADMAX.

    1. That is one messed up story….

      I should say that one of the big warning signs that one is involved with the wrong person is that that person plots to kill ex-lovers, family members etc. “Honey, I want to kill my wife and marry you!” should be a huge red flag to run away. Far away.

      1. +1 Stranger on a Train

      2. Who wants to enter a relationship with a person who had you kill the person with whom they were previously in a relationship?

        1. The triumph of hope over experience.

        2. Why would you want to enter into a relationship with the person who cheated on his previous significant other with you?

          cc: My brother’s last couple of girlfriends

          1. Yes. That took me exactly one experience, and one night of retrospective drinking. I wasn’t even drunk before I stopped feeling sorry for myself and just put that down in the lessons learned file.

      3. However, since being in prison is another sign of poor judgement….

        1. I am now understanding why Crusty Juggler prefers to women’s prisons to OK Cupid.

  31. I am rereading Spy magazine, and am amazed by how prescient it was. Consider this excellent cover


      1. Australians are notoriously immune to terrifying things….seeing as the entire continent is covered with horrific flora and fauna.

    2. I am rereading Spy magazine

      I couldn’t love you more. It truly was one of the best magazines ever and I miss it dearly. Donald Trump will always be a short-fingered vulgarian, Governor Cuomo will forever be Rat-faced Andy, and Bette Davis will remain eternally Separated At Birth from the mean apple tree from The Wizard Of Oz.

  32. I have been hearing about wild zoo animals roaming free in flood-ravaged Georgia. Now I find out it was the country of Georgia, not Metro Atlanta.

    I haz a sad.

    1. But at least the animals have a chance of surviving on the streets instead of being run down immediately.

  33. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is campaigning on “family values” while Republican Carly Fiorina touts her feminist cred.

    How can as socialist run on family values? One of the main objectives of socialism is to erode support structures outside of it’s control, especially the traditional family.

    1. Hence the quotes, one surmises.

    2. I fucking love science and Bernie.

    3. Uncle Joe is everybody’s family.

  34. I love that some people are throwing a hissy fit today because LeBron said “I’m the best player in the world”, as though he’s making some sort of outlandish statement.

    If he really wanted to be a complete asshole, he could say “The fact that I somehow carried these bums on my back to two wins in this series is a boderline miracle, and proves I’m one of the best ever.”

    1. Well, he did take a depleted Cavs team to within a couple of games of winning the title.

      Honestly, does anyone think he’s not? Dude can play any position on the court.

      1. I’ll never understand why it is that some people expect false humility all the time, and whip themselves up into a furor when it isn’t properly displayed.

        1. False humility is worse than anything. Except putting mayo in a club sandwich….


            1. I lost all my street cred looks like!

      2. Reminds me of the 1981 finals. Moses Malone bragged before the series started that he and four guys from Clarksville (his home town) could beat the Celtics.

        SI rebuttal after the series ended: Maybe, but him and four guys from Houston couldn’t.

    2. Yeah there isn’t really any question that he is the best in the world today but I am still not certain that he could have beaten Michael, Magic, or Bird in their Prime

  35. Move Aside MAN Caves, SHE Sheds Are Here To Stay!

    I can see these being required on college campuses as “safe spaces”. (I said required because I didn’t want to say MANdated).

    1. This is full on in utero regression at work. A man cave is a place where men can get away from the house where women dominate. A fucking she shed is a pacifier for women incapable of dealing with the other sex because of patriarchy or some other percieved injustice. If it locks from the outside, I’m all for it.

      1. Well yeah, Man Caves came about because the entire rest of the house is already the She Shed.

          1. Shouse in Australia is a contraction of shithouse. Is it the same in the US?

    2. Good. Maybe I can move my shit back into the spare bedroom and out of the garage.

    3. Bitch Barns?

      1. Ouch.

        1. Hey, at least he didn’t say Cunt Cave

      2. SOMEBODY’S sleeping on the couch tonight!

    4. Don’t certain societies have something similar to which they send women that are menstruating? Or do they just send them out to the woods?

      1. I don’t know if anyone remembers it, but that “Married… With Children” episode where Peg, Marcy and Kelly all had their periods at the same time is a classic

  36. Will not be reposting my links – FU ENB!

    1. C’mon, give me one. A “Grexit” one will do.

  37. What’s the problem with your new favorite video game? Let’s ask Feminist Frequency!

    The #Fallout4 crafting system is cool. Imagine how much cooler it could be if it wasn’t SO focused on building stuff to kill other stuff.

    1. Fallout4: Flower Arrangement

    2. Sooo, they want a sandbox game like minecraft?

    3. Imagine if there were some way you could create or purchase a game that is to your liking rather than whinge about the ones you don’t like…

      1. That’s unpossible!

        1. That’s not even the only ridiculous thing she said during E3. To wit:

          “Feminist Frequency ?@femfreq 10h10 hours ago
          If the games industry truly wants to mature it’s going to have to focus much more on creative and humanizing interactions. #E32015”

          “Feminist Frequency ?@femfreq 11h11 hours ago
          A bit sad that #Dishonored2 didn’t make the leap to an exclusively female lead but really pleased they’re using Emily in marketing! #BE3”

          “Feminist Frequency ?@femfreq 11h11 hours ago
          This level of extreme violence shouldn’t be considered normal. It’s not an excuse to say it’s expected because DOOM. That’s the problem #BE3”

          “Feminist Frequency ?@femfreq 12h12 hours ago
          Only a few minutes into the Bethesda press conference and it’s wall to wall glorification of grotesque violence, I can barely watch. #BE3”

          Let’s see if I understand Feminist Frequency’s editorial stance: Women are just as good as men and you shouldn’t treat them like damsels in distress, ZOMG I AM LITERALLY ABOUT TO CRY FROM THIS VIOLENT VIDEO GAME SOMEBODY PROTECT ME FROM THE BAD THOUGHTS.

          1. She’s the new Jack Thompson.

      2. It seems like between Harebrained Scheme’s success with the Shadowrun reboot series and the fact that there are (despite the whining) a number of women at all levels of software production, if there actually was a strong sex chromosome preference to video games, they should be able to raise the capital to write and produce a game.

        1. Hardcore gamers are overwhelmingly men. Sarkesian and other feminist critics try to claim the industry is split half and half, but it’s only half and half if you count all the women who play mobile games on the subway on the way to work. If someone sits at home playing Skyrim on X-Box, 75% of the time that person will be male.

          RPGs and first person shooters are advertised towards and geared towards men because that is who plays the games. This would be like me complaining that romance novels don’t market themselves towards men.

          1. Oh, I agree. The software industry wouldn’t pass up a chance to have a multi-platinum hit just because a couple of dudebros didn’t want to code a My Little Pony First Person Crafter.

            1. My Little Pony First Person Crafter.

              Put that up on Kickstarter, and see how it does.

    4. This guy is a hero:

      “The SJW Slayer ?@Nicksgaar 11h11 hours ago
      @femfreq imagine if you could craft a better opinion on things”

      1. Mwahaha

  38. I truly know nothing.

    1. You died…did the Red Lady resurrect you as the Sir Stone Dick?

  39. Rejoice! People may shut up about Game of Thrones soon.

    Good I just started book one.

    1. Everyone dies!

      1. Except the imp, he is Martin’s favorite character.

      2. So the writers are ripping off the ending to The Black Adder now?

  40. Cruz, Paul and others team up to ban indefinite detention

    Strange group here, there’s also Mike Lee, Susan Collins and Dianne Feinstein.

  41. It’s almost 11pm here and it’s my 15 year aniversary tomorrow. I haven’t a clue what to get the lady who has taken my shit for so long. Any ideas?

    1. 15 years? Time for some crystal! (Or a watch, if you want to go modern.)

      1. Florida Man approves.

      2. Meth?

        1. *opens trench coat *
          First taste is free buddy.

    2. Get get her a ball gag.

      And record it so we can all see the reaction.

      1. She’d assume it’s for me.

    3. 15 years is crystal, so get her a nice vase she can smash when your shit gets too much

        1. When I was stationed in Orlando, I rented a tiny one bedroom apartment in a very crummy apartment complex. One night, I was coming home from a long day at the base, when the door of a second order neighbor’s apartment flew open and a lamp came flying out followed by a man fleeing for his life while his woman screamed bloody murder and all sorts of true threats.

          Of all the apartments I rented in my youth, it was one of my favorites actually.

          1. I think they closed that base and sold the housing.

            1. It is now Baldwin Park

    4. 1) Consider a spa vacation for a weekend… for two. It will give you many chances to tell her how much you love her and how wonderful she is. Also, you can get the reservation in half an hour and even if the weekend is two months away, she won’t think you underplanned your gift… 😉

      2) What is she into? Doe she have hobbies, particularly past hobbies she gave up because she lacked time. Maybe a gift to help reconnect with them.

      3) Recreate your earlier dates while going out: the ones that made her happy and want to be with you.

      1. You made me feel guilty coming up with all that on short notice and I’ve known it’s been coming since, well, ever. Thinking cap is firmly fit on over the tin foil now.

    5. A potted plant of some sort, like perhaps a rose bush. That way she can enjoy it indoors for a while, then plant is somewhere outside. Then, whenever she sees it, she is reminded of how sweet you are.

      This of course is in addition to getting her some nice things. Sometimes though, its the little things that are remembered.

      1. Make sure it’s a perennial.

    6. Since it’s crystal, a glass dildo would be appropriate.

      1. Geez, do you ever tired of fucking people over?

        1. Meh, it’s a living.

    7. Apart from the dildo and meth (somethings a man has to keep for hisself), thanks for the suggestions. Night.

      1. I do not want to ask why you’re keeping the dildo for yourself. Is your nickname Peggy?

    8. A pardon?


    1. This is Florida. Skunk apes are actually sentient raccoons.

      1. I got scared by a skunk ape(at a camp out) when I was 3. I literally froze in place.

    2. Jesus Christ. The raccoons in my neighborhood already understand how doorknobs work. If one shows up on gatorback, i’m moving to Nome.

  42. Right now, on FOX (biz) they are hyperventilating about the guy who bought the SWAT van on Ebay. They’re showing an ad for a TANK!!!! APC.

    “No civilians should be able to buy this military grade stuff! That’s crazy. You should have to get a permit to own the sort of stuff the police use.”

    Fuck off.

    1. I watched the A-team as a kid. ANY vehicle can be armored with enough steel and welding tools.

      1. You’D think they’d run out of junkyards full of plate steel and/or keep some of that shit in a trailer.

    2. It didn’t save that guy from Dallas. Or the dudes in the tank in California. Seems like the State has no problem asserting its monopoly on violence despite this equipment.

  43. Dear Rachel: A Letter from Goldie Taylor to #RACHELDOLEZAL

    Delicious, whiny butt-hurt with bonus kultural appropriashunz. Derp Warning: Blue Nation Review.

  44. President Ronald Reagan’s biggest secret: He packed heat in his briefcase

    We were talking about Reagan and that day he was shot. Then one of the agents offered this secret: When Reagan was President, he carried his own gun.

    I couldn’t believe it.

    “It’s true,” they said. A .38. Reagan used to hide it in his briefcase and take it on Air Force One.

    1. I guess I can’t call him a hypocrite because it wasn’t full-auto.

  45. Has the federal government ever had sex?

    Law professors Stephen J. Schulhofer and Erin Murphy are trying to update the criminal code when it comes to sex offenses, believing current definitions of rape and sexual assault are antiquated. The focus of their draft is on what constitutes consent. It adopts the “yes means yes,” or “affirmative consent” model that was passed in California last year.

    The California law applies only to college campuses, however. Schulhofer and Murphy aim to take that definition of consent ? which says that before every escalation of a sexual encounter, clear and convincing consent must be given ? to the state or federal level. No one actually has sex this way, requesting permission and having it granted perhaps a dozen times in a single encounter.

    1. Remember that SNL skit from the mid 90s about this and everyone thought how it was so absurd and over the top? Yeah.

      1. Shannen Doherty? “Date Rape! No always means no!”

    2. The only point is to have an after the fact gotcha if one party the female so decides.

  46. OT: Cato hosted a set of talks by George Selgin and Kevin Dowd on the topic of central bank stress tests. It’s interesting and worth checking out, even as a layperson. Their upshot is to emphasize how anemic, perfunctory, reactionary, and counterproductive the practice is, and that even as feckless and politically motivated as the Fed is in the U.S. it’s miles better than Europe’s variety.

    Anyway, after ~45 minutes explaining in detail how bad modelling, faulty risk weighting, and an industry teaching to the test resulted in the subprime mortgage debacle and collapse after bank collapse (Dowd describes passing the ECB’s stress tests as a “kiss of death” for financial institutions), the moderator begins taking questions. And the very first questioner is some nasally dweeb who first admits that the talks went completely over his head and then proceeds to ask whether profits are the real problem.

    I hate these people so much.

  47. GoT SPOILER*********

    Stannis may be my favorite book character so obviously i haz disappoint. They wrote him as desperate and suicidal. Everyone knows the Frey army will break through the ice and drown/freeze in the lake by the tower. And why? Because he’s a brilliant tactician. Getting caught out in the open with no cavalry? WTF.

    1. *spoilering continued**

      At the end of book 5 I was kind of thinking John might perma-warg into his wolf, then into a dragon… which I guess could still happen given the divergence between books and shows. However, it seems obvious that the show is setting him up to get resurrected by Melisandre like Catelyn. Thoughts?

      1. He was not ideologically pure enough.

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