Ronald Bailey on the Relentless March Toward a New Universal Climate Change Agreement

And how President Obama may plan to get around Congress



Earlier this week, President Barack Obama and the other leaders at the G7 meeting in Germany issued a declaration stating that the world's economy must be completely decarbonized by the end of this century. Otherwise, they worry, the continued burning of fossil fuels will boost global temperatures by more than 2°C, pushing man-made climate change into dangerous territory.The leaders want all countries to submit their "intended nationally determined contributions" to the fight against climate change—their INDCs, in bureaucratic lingo—well in advance of the U.N.'s Paris climate conference this December. Negotiators are aiming to concoct an accord in Paris that Obama can argue doesn't need Congressional approval. Reason Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey reports on the relentless U.N. march toward a new universal climate change agreement.