More Troops Headed to Iraq, Ohio Could Get Legal Pot Next, Senate Dems Offer Do-Nothing Birth Control Bill: A.M. Links



  • The New York Times explores how the U.S. bail system punishes poor defendants, regardless of their guilt or innocence. "It sets up a system where first there's the punishment, and then there's the opportunity to go to court for trial," said Maryland public defender Paul DeWolfe.
  • Senate Democrats introduced a birth control "accessibility" bill in response to Republicans' recent over-the-counter (OTC) pill proposal. The bill does nothing to encourage OTC oral contraception sales, but stipulates that if it does happen, insurance companies must cover the pills without charging a co-pay. 
  • President Obama is considering sending up to 500 more troops to Iraq to help train local fighters. (Ceci n'est pas une war…
  • Ohio marijuana advocates say they have enough signatures to get a vote on both medicinal and recreational marijuana legalization on the 2015 ballot. 
  • Louisiana lawmakers this week voted to reduce maximum penalties for marijuana offenses, and Massachusetts may eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders. 
  • The Labor Department is about to make millions more workers eligible for overtime pay. What could go wrong?
  • San Francisco is close to requiring health warnings on soda advertisements.
  • The McKinney, Texas, police officer who tackled a teenager and drew his gun on two others at a pool party last weekend has resigned.
  • In the U.K., anyone caught selling balloons filled with "laughing gas" (aka nitrous) could face seven years in prison.

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  1. San Francisco is close to requiring health warnings on soda advertisements.


    1. Hello.

      “C’est ne pas une war…) ”

      C’est N’EST pas une pipe…Elizabeth.

      1. gah. this is what I get for attempting pretentious references out of memory

        1. “Ceci n’est pas,” actually

          1. There’s that too but…I’m not your math teacher.

              1. Swiss, ceci n’est pas acceptable.

              2. +1 TMBG

            1. C’est and ceci are essentially the same thing.

              So. Drink!

              1. No, they’re not. Ceci is only the c’.

                1. Ceci is the name of a girl.

              2. “C’est and ceci are essentially the same thing.”

                On an earlier thread sec and sex were essentially the same thin.

                /me, the linguistically challenged snarker

                1. In the context of what she was trying to say ‘c’est n’est pas’ is fine. C’est means ‘it is’ and ‘this is’.

                  Ceci means ‘this.’ You can use both depending if you say it with a slice of cantaloupe or honey dew.

                  Thus concludes our very simplistic French lesson on demonic demonstratives.

                  1. Yeah…”this” and “this is” are not the same.

                    1. You’re right but not sure what the hang up is since both are correct. One may be more specific but both are fine. We (and I include myself because I have to speak it pretty much all day long) use. So if ENB had written ‘c’est n’est pas’ she would not have gotten a call from L’office de la langue francaise.

                    2. we use both. Ugh. sorry.

                  2. i aime les bits Tim et Alex Trebek

                  3. Do you speak real French or Kay-beck-wah?

                    1. Both actually.

                      With my French/Belgian clients I find myself being a little more erudite ‘ and the Quebecois more casual and dialect.

                      Like I said. Cantaloupe/ honey dew.

              1. Wet or dry?

                1. Wanna get high?

                  1. Worst. Character. Ever.

    2. Allowing people to defecate in the public streets on the other hand is perfectly healthy.

      1. I believe that’s called urban farming.

          1. I don’t partake but have been known to cropdust on occasion.

            1. You’re truly an example everyone in the green sustainable community should aspire to.

          2. I thought urban fertilizing was beating off on a bus seat.

              1. Sorry the bluegills and sunnies are starting to spawn here in Minnesoda and I’ve been out there taking advantage of them.

                Lots of thinking about broadcast fertilization (hint: Not the cctv feed from Warty’s basement).

                1. Technically speaking, Warty doesn’t “fertilize.” Tiny buds form along the edges of the Doomcock and drop off when they reach about the size of hamsters, eventually growing into new Warties. The ones that survive their parent’s cannibalistic culling process, anyway.

                  Fun fact: if you cut off a piece of Warty, it will also grow into a new Warty, with all of the strength, memories, and aromas of the original.

    3. In a twist of irony, I’m flying up to San Francisco today to possibly relocate there.

      Just to piss you off Fisty.

      1. I’m not the one who’s going to be pissed off. YOUR NEW NEIGHBORS WILL BE.

        1. Playa has agreed to ship me crates of mountain dew up there for black market sale.

          1. No, I keep it all to my self. You can have the Sierra Mist.

            1. You’re missing out on that filthy tech lucre

    4. Seriously. Don’t. I can understand if you want to experience “city life” — it’s one of the only true cities in the country — for a short time. But GTFO of there when you need to be an adult.

  2. Justice Dept. subpoenas Reason Magazine to find anonymous commenters. Internet implodes:

    First and foremost is the fact I pointed out above. We’re talking about a federal judge here. And while it would be nice to pretend that our system of justice treats everyone in the nation as a society of equals, we all know that’s not true. You can make threatening sounding comments like that about the idiot who cut you off in traffic or one of the writers here at Hot Air, (thanks, guys!) and you probably won’t find the Men in Black knocking on your door. But if you write anything that sounds like a threat against the life of the President, you’ll find yourself in line for some very special attention. There’s a reason we ban anyone here who does that and this policy is fairly uniform across the professional side of the web.
    Further, there’s actually a valid reason for this. Taking any human life is evil, but when you go after an elected official, a cop or a judge, you are attacking the system of justice and the rule of law which keep us from falling into anarchy and oblivion. It’s a serious thing and law enforcement treats it as such.

    No words.

    1. Are these assholes for real? Can they not see beyond their cocksucking love of law enforcement the dangers posed on freedom of speech in this fucken case?

      Conservatives, see, will not defend freedom of speech no matter what. They just use it to rail against progressives. In the end, they’re all talk.

      1. I read that while looking at a photo of Jazz Shaw. True anarchy is wearing that hat in public.

        1. Punchable face.

          1. His face is too busy sucking Loretta Lynche’s dick to be accessable.

      2. The commenters are disagreeing forcefully with the thesis of the OP. I find this to be a very encouraging sign. This isn’t the first (or thirty-first) time lately I’ve been seeing regulars on the conservative sites going, “WTF?! Pull your head out of your ass” to the law-and-order posts.

        1. Yes, it is happening more frequently. They’ve finally noticed that there’s a Lawful Neutral faction of conservatives among them that has abandoned any limiting principle on what “law” is allowed to do. They reflexively defend anyone with a badge and will inform on their neighbors with a clear conscience.

          1. “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.”

            A libertarian is a conservative who has been or knows he’s about to be mugged by the government.

      3. This and the conservative response to McKinney… I haven’t had this much loathing for American conservatives since 2008!


        1. Shirley, you must be joking.

      2. What the fuck does that even mean?

        1. It means… Seven Oh One!

          Do I make myself clear?!?

            1. I think it’s an Elmore Leonard story about a train to Yuma.

            2. Monday at 7:01 pm Nick posted a request to the commenters to not discuss the matter.

          1. Tarran, let me just say. That your comment on the popehat article about parading 27 woodchippers through town had me laughing hysterically for like 2 hours. Way longer than the joke deserved perhaps, but that shit was funny. I thought you should know.

      3. 7:01 is that Libertarian Moment we’ve all been waiting for.

      4. NEVAR 4GET!1!1


      Beyond this free speech merits of this episode, are the people working at the Obama Justice Department so clueless as to have no grasp that initiating an inquisition of one of the most popular nodes of the libertarian world is like giving a free tank of high-octane gasoline to a drag racer? Either the Justice Departments lawyers who filed this subpoena are politically stupid (likely), or they are secretly in league with Rand Paul’s campaign. In which case they’re violating the Hatch Act.

      1. Pretty sure it’s the “stupid” one.

        1. “Politically motivated trials to intimidate the fuck out of dissidents work in East Africa, why the hell wouldn’t they work here?” Obama DoJ operative thought bubble

      2. one of the most popular nodes of the libertarian world

        “Most popular”? I figured it’s just the bunch of us, the writers, and a few federal prosecutors reading this thing. Maybe that’s what they meant. Reason is the tallest midget.

        1. I’ve long suspected that if Episiarch were to drop dead of a heart attack, and the Fed Gov run out of money for whatever they are calling COINTELPRO these days, all that would be left would be John arguing with Tulpa socks while Nikki bitches about his grammar.

          1. Does she know that Warty was an Epi sock all along?

            1. Jig’s up, y’all. Turns out i’m just a sock puppet of Dweebston, who is in turn actually LibertyMike, who is really part of a shadowy long con perpetrated by DONDEROOOOOOOOOO!.

          2. Speaking of John, I’ve been back just a few days but haven’t seen him comment anywhere. He still around?

            1. Yeah, he was on a thread last night. He was gone for a week so maybe catching up on work?

              His earlier absence corresponded with the Tulpa/Bo meltdown which led some to believe John was a Tulpa sock.

              See what you miss?

            2. I think John’s been busier than usual, but he still visits.

              At least he did before…


              *looks over both shoulders*

              … nevermind.

            3. He still around?

              He’s on this very thread.

          3. So the Boston meetups have just been undercover work?

          4. Are there even any humans here? I’m actually just a poorly-coded spambot that got stuck in a recursive loop trolling the H&R comments section while my sister makes $5000 a day working from home.

        2. DAFUG?

          I’ve been hanging out here for a while and I doubt that if we gathered up everyone who has posted more than five comments we wouldn’t even fill up your average high school auditorium.

          1. Tejicano,

            What other website would be more “representative” of libertarianism? Reason is one of the most popular websites for people who want to look at what libertarianism is; I think that is what they are saying, and I would have to agree.

    3. Taking any human life is evil, but when you go after an elected official, a cop or a judge, you are attacking the system of justice and the rule of law

      Good thing nobody ACTUALLY WENT AFTER A COP OR A JUDGE IN THIS SITUATION. That’s even assuming that a horribly unjust action perpetrated by such an official still counts as “rule of law.” Which it most certainly does not.

      1. BUT[Redacted]UUGGGG!!!

    4. The idea that government employees deserve more protection is disgusting.

    5. “First they came for the libertarians …”

      1. And that was pretty much all they had to do because everyone else was pretty much okay with being a slave.

    6. But if you write anything that sounds like a threat against the life of the President, you’ll find yourself in line for some very special attention.

      Bullshit. There was an entire assassination pron movie made about greasing President Bush, and nobody got their door kicked in.

      1. That’s because it was against the RIGHT person. Duh.

        Fuck that simpering piece of shit with Warty’s Doomcock.

  3. … so, are we allowed to talk about the Federal subpoena demanding the names of commenters? was required to produce the information or send representatives to appear in court by 10 AM ET yesterday.

    Should we assume from the fact that Reason hasn’t mentioned this at all or made some kind of statement that you guys folded like a cheap suit in the face of Federal intimidation?

    1. You are quite brave with their livelihoods, liberty and such. Did you go and protest at court?

      1. Some of us are followers.

    2. Nick asked us not to talk about it.

      1. Well, we tried to not talk about it but being who we are we kinda like did.

        1. It’s hard not to accidentally mention the war.

      2. I take one day off from commenting and reason gets in a fight with the Feds? Damn it!

        1. “A Florida man took a day off….”

          1. To fish from his “luxury speedboat” made from insulating foam and a car hood?

            1. Well, meth ain’t goin’ cook itself.
              /no meth was actually cooked. These comments are for entertainment purposes and do not constitute a confession of drug manufacturing.

              1. I like this. We should all start providing disclaimers and explanatory appendices to our comments.

                /Although framed as an imperative, the above statement is not intended to obligate anyone in any way.

      3. But the button said “comment”. It was soliciting my input!

        1. under federal investigation for interstate solicitation?

      4. The first rule of reason commenting…

        You don’t talk about reason commenting

    3. Ixnay on the ubpeonasay!

  4. The McKinney, Texas, police officer who tackled a teenager and drew his gun on two others at a pool party last weekend has resigned.

    Resigned himself to tactical awesomeness.

    1. Are the twits at Twitchy twitching with indignant anger?

      Uninvited rude kids who don’t obey at pool parties = NIHILISM!

      1. Say what you want about the tenents of national socialism, Dude, but at least it’s an ethos.

      2. What I saw in the story coverage wasn’t that bad. I refuse to wade into the retard pool that is the comments section though.

        Have to say I was severely disappointed in the comments from Megyn Kelly and Brit Hume. I may not agree with them on everything but that was a rather disgusting display of obeisance to the state.

        1. Conservatives will not stray from the ‘they are heroes and protect us’ narrative to the point of suspending critical thought. In this way, they exhibit the exact same cultist attitude the left reserves for climate change.

          1. I think that is starting to change. My dad, a consumate Limbaugh style conservative has finally begun to realize that cops aren’t there for our own good and calling cops will not lead to anything good. He’s beginning to see them as the enemy, while I stand behind him dressed like Palpatine and saying “yes… yes!”

            1. Haha, fucking awesome.

            2. My old man is the same way. Unfortunately, I still tend to agree with Rufus. It’s depressing when otherwise intelligent people just reflexively pick “law & order” as a team and stop thinking critically.

    2. Resigned himself to tactical awesomeness.

      I didn’t see a turtleneck.

  5. In the U.K., anyone caught selling balloons filled with “laughing gas” (aka nitrous) could face seven years in prison.

    Like the Joker follows laws.

    1. It’s truly amazing how westernized that culture is becoming.

    2. the plaintiff was alleging Zhao’s stare caused him “spiritual damage.”

      Not to mention the erection lasting more than four hours.

    3. Let’s hope he never watches The Slap.

    4. Amen, brother. We’ll beat the female gaze one of these days.

  6. 7:01!!
    Never Retreat, Never [content removed] !!

  7. In the U.K., anyone caught selling balloons filled with “laughing gas” (aka nitrous) could face seven years in prison.


      1. Why so serious?

    1. “What’re you in for? HAHAHAHAHAAA!!”

      1. you too.

        *narrows gaze*

        Stop it. Right. All of you, clear off!

        /Monty Python British Army Colonel

  8. Doctors remove 420 kidney stones ’caused by excessive tofu’ from patient in China

    Doctors in China have removed 420 kidney stones from a man’s body, blaming an excessive amount of tofu in his daily diet.

    Mr He from Zhejiang Province in eastern China, checked into the Dongyang People’s Hospital complaining of intense pain in his abdomen last month. A CT scan revealed that his left kidney was packed full of stones, most of them tiny.

    Doctors operated on Friday in an agonising procedure that lasted about two hours.

    1. Does tofu contain an inordinate amount of calcium I’m unaware of? Or an ensyme that encourages calcification?

      1. I thought it was the oxalates, not the calcium, that were the problem.

        Dad had a 27mm (!) stone in his bladder several years ago, and is supposed to be on a low-oxalate diet.

        1. FUUUUUUUUUCK!

          I had a 6mm stone (after I had a 2mm stone) and thought I was gonna die!

          1. Pics?

            1. It’s in a jar somewhere. Who needs pics when you have the genuine article!

              1. I had a 7 mm stone stuck in my ureter. Hello, basket retrieval!
                Also, OMFGKILLMENOW OWWWW

                I can honestly and from direct knowledge say it hurt worse than natural childbirth.

                1. brb, hydrating.

                2. I have often heard that it’s the closest men can come to experiencing the type of pain that women have during child birth.

                  1. Pretty close. What makes the kidney stone worse is that it’s pointless pain. At least childbirth ends with a reward worth keeping.


                    2. To each his own, my friend.

        2. Seems beer is a no-no. Especially ‘dark’ beer.

    2. an agonising procedure

      “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

    3. 420 kidney stones = full of pot he was smuggling into China

    4. The war on processed foods has left tofu alone. Tofu is one of the most highly processed foods on the planet, but somehow it doesn’t get the demonization from “healthy food” nuts as anything else.

  9. On the brink of civil war? Let’s have a beauty contest! Pro-Putin separatists swap combat fatigues for bikinis and stage a pageant to find Miss Donetsk 2015
    On the brink of civil war, Donetsk is the most dangerous city in Europe
    Pro-Moscow rebels have put on beauty pageant to find Miss Donetsk 2015
    Contestants put on ‘bikini show’, write poems, draw, and parade in dresses
    Fifteen finalists were selected for July 4 as they try to find ‘a patriotic image of the contemporary girl’
    Judges said it’s a tough choice as ‘there are too many beautiful girls in Donetsk’…..-2015.html

    1. Nye plokha.

    2. #21 gets vote of all good Russians, da?

        1. Yeah. #23 or #24.

          1. The one with her leg pointing straight up in the air.

    3. Too bad Russian chicks are almost always the mean kind of crazy. One of the saddest legacies of communism…

    4. The platform shoes, or high heels in general, are a turn off.

    5. So, like an American beauty pageant, except none of the contestants mention “world peace.”

    6. Iz nekt!


  10. From $200,000 for Big Ben to $1 BILLION for the pyramids: Infographic shows what it would cost to build the world’s most famous landmarks in today’s money
    In 2015 the limestone for the Great Pyramid of Giza would cost $776million
    Rome’s Colosseum would have a price tag of $380million
    To install Big Ben it would cost $220,000 (?145,000) and take a day of work…

    1. I wonder what it would cost and how long it would take if these landmarks were built by government….cost and schedule overruns by a factor of 3?

    2. I thought Big Ben was the tower, not the clock.

      1. Big ben was the BELL.

        It’s Elizabeth tower.

        The clock is unnamed as far as I’m aware.

        1. The clock’s name is Eric.

      2. The bell. The bell is Big Ben

      3. Big Ben is the rapist qb who plays for the Steelers.

        1. “I’ll take The Rapists for $200, Alex”

          1. A few weeks back they actually had the category “‘S’ Words” in the Double Jeopardy round. Nobody said, “I’ll take ‘Swords’ for $400, Alex”. 🙁

          2. “The Penis Mightier for $200”

              1. “Ape tit for $200”

              2. ” Le tits now for 400, Alex”

            1. “Whore ads for $200”

    3. The sad part is the Federal Gov. even with 4000 years of technological advances probably couldn’t build the great pyramid of giza in the same amount of time that the Egyptians did.

      1. The environmental impact study alone would take at least ten years.

        1. Can we then bury the Environuts under the construction as a sacrifice?

          1. Works for me.

          2. **Sigh**

            Nobody actually plans to construct a giant pyramid on top of political opponents.

  11. Four-seat DIY car aims to speed up industry disruption

    OSVehicle will on Tuesday launch its latest “do-it-yourself car” ? an electric four-seater that it says can be built in little over an hour from parts shipped in flatpacks from Italy and China.

    The kit is aimed at companies that want to sell electric vehicles or run car sharing schemes, with would-be carmakers buying a platform from OSVehicle rather than a complete product.

    They order the chassis, electric power-train, suspension, steering system and wheels from OSVehicle. Customers then create the bodywork to their own design.

    1. Does the kit include some low cost airbags too?

  12. The eerie beauty of China’s seaside ghost town: Stunning images show how an abandoned fishing village became a green wonderland swallowed up by mother nature
    Abandoned former fishing village on Gouqi Island has been slowly overtaken by vines to create incredible scenery
    It is one of almost 400 islands that form the Shengsi Islands which lie east of China’s coastal Zhejiang province
    Seaside village now lies empty because it was more economical for fishermen to move and work on the mainland…..ature.html

    1. Coooool.

  13. Liz’s unchanging looks! As she turns 50, how Liz Hurley’s stuck with three VERY familiar styles through thick and thin
    We look at the sweet inevitability of the never-changing Liz Hurley
    As she reaches her 50th birthday we look back at her three signature looks
    It’s the slashed-to-the-thigh frock, the skin-tight white jeans and the bikini…..-thin.html

    1. I’d have sex with her if she was 80.

      1. What was Hugh Grant thinking? I’ll never understand that.

        1. He had a lot of sex her with her while she was in the prime of her prime of her prime. Hugh Grant has my everlasting respect.

          1. He cheated on her with a hooker. Dip. Shit.

            1. Still. How many times have you had sex with Liz Hurley?

              1. The same number of times I’ve been with a hooker.

  14. ‘You can’t be gorgeous AND fat’: Outspoken weight loss expert, dubbed the Simon Cowell of slimming, hits out at curvy pin-up Tess Holliday for ‘normalising obesity’
    Hypnotherapist Steve Miller is the ‘Simon Cowell of the slimming world’
    Straight-talking life coach said it’s not cool to ‘love you fat’
    American plus-size supermodel Tess aims to challenge beauty ideals
    Voluptuous beauty made history in January by becoming the first model of her size to be signed by top agency, Milk Model Management…..esity.html
    John disagrees.

    1. I thought John died. Crushed by his wife in bed at night, I heard.

      1. Nah, he’s got a system of slings and harness to prevent that from happening.

        1. +1

  15. The New York Times explores how the U.S. bail system punishes poor defendants, regardless of their guilt or innocence.

    Are they stealing material directly from John Oliver or is it the other way around?

    1. collusion!

  16. QUIZ: Which Handgun Are You?

    Modern pistols come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to your precise needs. Some people prefer the power and dependability of the semi-automatic Glock pistol. Others prefer the simple reliability and classic look of an old-fashioned revolver. Many Second Amendment aficionados want the biggest caliber they can get their hands on, while some value the ability to conceal above all else.

    Which handgun are you? Take our quiz below to find out, and be sure to share your results.

    Colt Python .357

    1. Glock.

      1. Same here. Glock .45

        1. Twinsies.

          1. Same here. I prefer my 1911 in the non-interwebs world though.

    2. 1911

      1. Same here.

    3. 9mm Smith & Wesson.

      1. Set to STUNNING!

    4. Standard issue 1911

      1. Funny. I answered before I realized I was supposed to take a quiz. Then I took the quiz and got the same answer.

    5. Glock 21, motherhumpers.

    6. The quiz won’t load through my work proxy 🙁

      1. Private Internet Access— best god damn VPN service on the interwebz

        1. I’m too much of a pussy to have this username without a solid VPN

        2. Proxies are also blocked by our proxy.

        3. Proxies are also blocked by our proxy.

    7. Colt Python 357 as well

    8. Glock 21. Which is funny because that is my favorite gun that I own.

    9. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

      1. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

        awwwww you’re just a little guy.

        1. I value discretion and vigilante justice.

          1. Then you ought to be using a revolver so that your gun doesn’t hemorrhage little brass pieces of evidence all around your crime scene.

      2. Me too.

    10. Glock 22 .40 cal

    11. Red Ryder BB gun. Sigh. Apparently this test assumes that no women would own guns.

      1. Did you pick salad on the steak question?

        1. No, filet mignon.

        2. SO I re-ran it with the same answers except changed the car question from these are all lame to the Mustang and it gave me Glock 21. My dream car is a fucking McClaren 650s…compared to that all their cars ARE lame.

          1. I knew I liked you.

          2. I said the cars were all lame (esp., but not only, for a millionaire), but it gave me Glock 21. The description of my preferences was spot on.

            Many of the questions, none of the answers applied to me, including in some cases the “none” choices. The vacations I like don’t fit any of their choices, including staycation. Of the choice of 1 movie for life, I answered “Patriot”, although it was nearly a flip of the coin w James Bond.

    12. I’m Colt Python? A freaking revolver? No way, dude. I’m automatic all the way.

    13. Springfield XDM (9mm)

    14. BE ADVISED: This line of comments is potentially subject to an investigation into criminal violation of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) for failure to obtain license or other authorization from the Department or other cognizant U.S. government authority to release ITAR controlled ”technical data,” as defined in ? 120.10.

      — wet-behind-the-ears mutton-headed Assistant United States Attorney

      N.B.: The foregoing is an expression of satire, just the blowhard stupidity of Reason’s commenting peanut gallery. I am not really a US Attorney, mutton-headed or otherwise. Also, all of Injun’s disclaimers apply here as well.

    15. Python.

      Seeing as I’m a 1911 guy, I question the reliability of this quiz.

    16. I got the M&P 9mm, stupid-ass quiz.

      Bought a CZ-75 PCR a few days ago. Pick it up Saturday.

  17. US staff in Iraq sometimes found themselves with “more training capacity than we’ve got recruits”. Mr Obama said it was important to draw Sunni Muslims into the fight against IS as they are “willing and prepared to fight… but it has not been happening as fast as it needs to”

    With all due respect, I’m not sure sending more trainers is warranted.

    1. Any and all troops sent there will be “trainers”, because Obama said no combat troops.

      1. And their boots shall not touch the ground.

        Let me go boys let me go
        Push my boat from the highest cliff to the sea below
        Rocks are waiting boys rocks await
        Swoop down from the sky and catch me like a bird of prey

        Now my feet won’t touch the ground
        Now my head won’t stop
        You wait a lifetime to be found
        Now my feet won’t touch the ground

        Singing now my feet won’t touch the ground
        Now my head won’t stop
        You wait a lifetime to be found
        Now my feet won’t touch the ground
        Now my feet won’t touch the ground

  18. Louisiana lawmakers this week voted to reduce maximum penalties for marijuana offenses, and Massachusetts may eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

    How long before the DoJ and DEA start asserting themselves even more in these states?

    1. The DoJ has its hands full policing the internet for badthink.

      1. They’re busy corralling the BATFE together to make sure you fill out Form 4473 at the Lowes before they transfer a wood chipper to citizens.

  19. Putin is a ‘bully,’ U.S. needs to respond resolutely: Jeb Bush

    Bush, the brother of former U.S. President George W. Bush, is on a five-day tour of Europe in a bid to prove his foreign policy credentials before he is expected to launch his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination next week.

    “Ultimately I think to deal with Putin you need to deal from strength – he’s a bully and … you enable bad behavior when you’re nuanced with a guy like that,” Bush, the former governor of Florida, told reporters in Berlin.

    “Just being clear – I’m not talking about being bellicose – but saying ‘here are the consequences of your actions’, that would deter the kind of bad outcome we don’t want to see.”

    1. So. Putin is Nelson Muntz or Jimbo?

  20. Treasuries Extend Slump as Pimco Dumps Two-Thirds of Holdings

    The Pimco Total Return Fund, which lost its place as the world’s largest bond fund this year, cut almost two-thirds of its U.S. government debt holdings in May just in time for a June selloff.

    Total Return, run by Pacific Investment Management Co., reduced government and related debt to 8.5 percent of assets from 23.4 percent in April, according to the company’s website, amid a second-quarter selloff in Treasuries. Benchmark 10-year yields reached an eight-month high on Wednesday, jumping from 2.12 percent at the end of May.

    “We are seeing a bearish sentiment in the market and we are heading for higher yields as we approach the first” Federal Reserve interest-rate increase, said Allan von Mehren, chief analyst at Danske Bank A/S in Copenhagen. “All of the fundamentals are pointing in a bearish direction for the bond market. There is a reflation theme building.”

    1. Is this the beginning of the huge avalanche of inflation that is due?

  21. “The bill does nothing to encourage OTC oral contraception sales, but stipulates that if it does happen, insurance companies must cover the pills without charging a co-pay.”

    So, pushing more manufacturers into the OTC market will reduce prices for birth control BUT WE DON’T CARE BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT SOMEONE ELSE SHOULD PAY FOR THIS.

    1. Because if you don’t pay for it, you are denying women access to birth control! WAR ON WOMYNZ!!11!!!!

  22. Voldemort is polling better than many Republican presidential candidates

    Think about all the things you look for in a presidential candidate: a solid economic plan. Maybe some foreign policy experience. And how about insatiable bloodlust and multiple rows of serrated teeth?

    As it turns out, the shark from the Jaws movies has better favorability numbers than any politician included in the latest Washington Post-ABC News survey. Ditto for The Terminator. Same for Darth Vader.

    You can see it all this chart, which tracks the net favorability of presidential candidates (the favorable ratings minus the unfavorable ratings). It plots favorability ratings from the latest Post-ABC News and Quinnipiac polls against a survey we did of Internet users about their feelings toward four of Hollywood’s favorite villains.

    1. So people want a Republican who is even more authoritative and hawkish. And people said Rand Paul had a shot.

    2. That’s from the Washington Post which, on the subject o opponents to Democrats, is like Pol Pot on the subject of people who wear glasses.

  23. Meet the new contestants for the 2015 Darwin Awards.

    Derek Kehler, 32, and Helena Curic, 31, are believed to have suffocated in their sleep as a woodchip fire burnt through the night in the converted shipping container on what was meant to be an idyllic long weekend with family.

    1. *Please* don’t use the w-word.

      1. I have to admit that was purely co-incidental.

        1. “That’s what they *all* say.”

    2. I had nothing to do with it.

    3. Yeah, pretty stupid, but who am I to judge.

  24. Disney turns heads with foreign worker program

    A Times report last week detailed the situation at Disney and other companies where positions are outsourced to companies that hire foreign workers who come to the United States on H-1B visas.

    That particular visa is often described as a way to employ foreign workers when companies can’t find enough skilled Americans to do the work.

    In reality, though, companies have come to view workers on these visas like generic drugs ?just as effective, but a lot cheaper.

    It’s all about profit, says Ron Hira of the Economic Policy Institute and who testified before Congress in March about the ramifications of the visa program.

    Hira said he made a Freedom of Information Act request for the wages of the employees of the outsourcing firm used by Disney. The median was about $62,000.

    But he says he spoke to a laid-off Disney employee who was making about $100,000.

    1. Hm.

      /sees job opportunity.

    2. Ski resorts do this, or at least the one I like in CO. Lots of young people from South America man the registers. I believe theme parks other than Disney properties do as well, and so do the cruise lines.

      1. Hell, so do grocery stores on the Outer Banks, during tourist season.

      2. Water parks in the Wisconsin Dells are like the UN.

      3. In Vermont, the ski area cashiers and summer waiters on the lake cruises are Russian.

    3. The H1B visa classification permits a foreign national to work in the United States for a temporary period. It is available for offers of employment that are in a specialty occupation.

      The regulations define a “specialty occupation” as requiring theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge in a field of human endeavor[1] including but not limited to biotechnology, chemistry, architecture, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences, medicine and health, education, law, accounting, business specialties, theology, and the arts, and requiring the attainment of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent as a minimum[2] (with the exception of fashion models, who must be “of distinguished merit and ability“).[3] Likewise, the foreign worker must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and state licensure, if required to practice in that field. H-1B work-authorization is strictly limited to employment by the sponsoring employer.

      So, I guess it takes ‘distinguished merit’ to be the new Goofy and Mickey.

  25. Rand Paul to Baltimore GOP: Kalief Browder makes me sad

    As hundreds of Republicans listened?voters, donors, elected officials?Paul retold the Browder story that had become infamous after a profile in The New Yorker. It was more gruesome than the version he usually told, because he was building to something.

    “Are we going to let you be raped and murdered and pillaged before you’ve been convicted?” Paul asked. “He wasn’t even convicted! So when I see people angry and upset, I’m not here to excuse violence in the cities, but I see people angry I see where some of the anger is coming from.”


    “I went to Ferguson,” Paul said. “I said, set up voter registration tables, and register everybody that’s unhappy to vote. There is a constructive way of doing this. I didn’t grow up poor?I grew up middle class, or upper middle class. This is me learning about learning how other people have to deal with life. And this young man, 16 years old, imagine how his classmates feel about American justice. Imagine how his parents feel. Until we’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, we shouldn’t say we can’t understand the anger of people.”

    1. Nice.

    2. Until we’ve walked in someone else’s shoes, we shouldn’t say we can’t understand the anger of people.

      But… isn’t that exactly when you’d say you can’t understand something?

  26. Guy Builds Flamethrower Ukulele Inspired By Guitar Used In ‘Mad Max’

    This flamethrower ukulele is Caleb Kraft’s fiery homage to the 2015 action-movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The ukulele was inspired by Doof Warrior’s flamethrower guitar from Mad Max.

    “I didn’t want to try to replicate exactly what he had, and I also wanted to scale things down to be marginally safer. My version can be built from hardware store parts in a very short amount of time,” Kraft writes in the introduction to his how-to guide. Playing with fire can be hazardous to your health, so make sure you use common sense and follow appropriate safety precautions if you decide to build your own flamethrower-instrument.

    1. And he’s not in prison?!!?!??!

      OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!

      See what happens when you don’t have gun control?

    2. It’s not so much a flame throwing ukulele as it is a ukulele with a flame thrower glued to the back of it.

  27. “These drinks are making people sick, and we need to make that clear to the public,” Supervisor Scott Wiener said

    “These wieners are making people sick, and we need to make that clear to the public,” Supervisor Scott Drinks said.”

    1. lol thank you for that

  28. Family suing over sewage gusher: ‘It was like Old Faithful’

    A raw sewage gusher that forced a family out of their home for five months and counting is at the center of a lawsuit against the City of Fife.

    “We had raw sewage,” described homeowner Gary Nalder, “shooting up four feet into the air. It was like Old Faithful. It was just gushing.”

    Within minutes, in fact, most of Gary and Nancy Nalder’s yard was filled with eight to ten inches of raw sewage. Photos taken that January morning show the sewage had formed a lake on their yard and in the crawl space under the house too.

    Maybe they found the opening to the Warty Dungeon?

  29. 7:01!

    1. 7:0_, comrade.

    2. That’s it! I’ll change my name to “7:01 Never Forget”

    3. Just tell me what 7:01 is you Italian meatball


        I want to be paid a living wage for constantly linking this.

        Stick people drawings have been sent to Smilin’.

        1. Well I asked you yesterday and you shut me down harder than John shuts down girls under 400lbs

  30. Jonah Goldberg: Sorry, but the Obama Playbook Isn’t Going to Work for Hillary

    Jonathan Martin and Maggie Haberman report in the New York Times that the Clinton team has turned its back on a “nationwide electoral strategy,” opting instead to reassemble the Obama coalition of 2008 and 2012. To do that, Clinton needs to run to the left and pick polarizing fights that galvanize low-information and hard-to-motivate voters.

    The days of trying to win swing voters and independents are apparently over. Today it’s all about that base. “The highest-premium voter in ’92 was a voter who would vote for one party some and for another party some,” James Carville, a longtime adviser to the Clintons, told the New York Times. “Now the highest-premium voter is somebody with a high probability to vote for you and low probability to turn out. That’s the golden list. And that’s a humongous change in basic strategic doctrine.”

    1. It does seem like it would be easier to physically get someone to the polls than try to change someone’s mind about your policy plans.

    2. What? You can’t imagine college guys swooning during a Hillary! speech like the girls did for The One We’ve Been Waiting For?

  31. In light of what has happened here lately, I should probably change my name to something more anonymous. How about “Judge in a woodchipper”? Or is that a threat?*

    * I refer to no actual Judge, nor to Mike Judge, because King of the Hill was pretty great. This does not represent a true threat against anybody.

    1. Too threatening. Don’t do anything crazy. maybe instead go with the handle “Extrajudicial Woodchipper”

      1. Note: not a threat. My posts are purely juvenile bluster.

        1. Wait, that’s an even better suggestion. New name!

  32. How libertarianism became the last bastion of white male dominance

    Why are libertarians so overwhelmingly white and male? This is a question that Jeet Heer of The New Republic explored last Friday, after a new CNN poll found that presidential hopeful Rand Paul, who happens to be the favorite among libertarians, is very competitive in the primaries amongst male voters, but almost completely rejected by females. This is a problem that has long haunted conservatism, but it is even more drastic for ultra-right wing libertarianism.

    In a 2014 Pew poll, it was found that about one in ten Americans describe themselves as libertarian, and men were more than twice as likely to be libertarians. In a 2013 Pew poll that Heer states in his article, it was found about two-thirds (68 percent) of American’s who identify as libertarians are men, and 94 percent are non-hispanic whites. Compare this to “steadfast conservatives,” who were found to be 59 percent male and 87 percent white, or “business conservatives,” found to be 62 percent male and 85 percent white, according to another survey done by Pew. Clearly, the entire conservative movement is dominated by white males, but libertarians are the most male-dominated.

    1. New rule: All links to Salon, Gawker or Jezebel are required to have trigger warnings.

      1. I consider links to Salon, Gawker, and Jezebel to be true threats. You’ve been warned.

    2. White males only built western civilization. They built societies that were prosperous and tolerant enough for the likes of Jeet Heer’s family to come over and spawn a little fat shit culture writer for Salon magazine. Come to think of it, white males do suck.

      1. Hoisted by our own petard!

        1. Shakespeare’s line is hoist with his own petar’.

    3. His name is Jeet Heer?

      /flops back on bean bag.

      1. Canuckistani 1: Jeet Heer, eh?
        Canuckistani 2: No, I ate over at Tim Horton’s, eh.

        /recycled joke from a couple of weeks ago

    4. “Ultra right wing”.

      I don’t it means what he thinks it means. I guarantee I’m FAR more liberal than he on many subjects.

    1. Careful now….

      1. Even more expensive than a civilian model?

        1. It has a pistol grip, detachable magazine and a bayonet mount. So it’s like super scary. I’m sure the Schumer gang would love to ban it and/or feed me through it.

          1. Does it have the shoulder thing that goes up?

            1. And a continuous feed hopper along with fully automatic woodchip output. The chips just spray everywhere!

              1. It appears he’s trying to remedy that oversight.

                1. SKWERLZ! That was in reply to Derp-o-Matic 5000|6.10.15 @ 9:41AM|#

            2. “Nobody needs that many woodchips.”

      2. Warty is just jealous that he wasn’t included in the lawsuit this time

    2. Cunts indeed!

      All together. ‘Rudie can’t fail…!’

  33. This encapsulates what’s wrong with the Republican leadership:

    Republicans fear they will win ObamaCare court battle…..urt-battle

  34. Too soon?

    1. Not soon enough!*

      * Any new posts I make under this handle are what my username says they are.

      1. I like your style

  35. I was wandering the intertubes last evening, and came upon a story about some guy who broke some laws. In the sentencing part of the story, as the judge sentenced this guy to the absolute maximum penalty (I think she would have had him executed, had that option been available to her- she might gladly have thrown the switch, right there in the courtroom), the judge made some truly bizarre and horrifying comments, reminiscent of the most virulent type of religious zealotry. She plainly took his actions as a grievous personal affront.
    This judge, based on those comments, appears to me to be mentally unhinged, and completely unfit for the position she occupies. Someone in a position of authority should look into this situation.

    1. Did she leave an anonymous comment in a news story making a vague hyperbolic threat? Because, apparently, that’s actionable. Otherwise, she’s probably untouchable.

    2. Could the situation be remedied with gardening equipment, perhaps?

    1. Lucky for you, the license plate is not visible…

      1. It’s one of those “Kids First” vanity plates.

        My plates.

        1. And a bumper sticker that reads; “My sexy kid is on the honor roll.”

          1. “I had sex with your honor student”

            1. Clear winner

      2. “Amber Alert: extremely obvious monotone van with candy written on the side”

  36. Norwegian pop star comes out as gay in music video that simulate him having sex with priest in church

    A Norwegian pop star came out as gay in a new NSFW music video featuring simulated gay sex with a priest, and the Church of Norway is fuming.

    Tooji, a Iranian-Norwegian singer living in Norway and a participant in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, came out when announcing the release of his new music video titled “The Father Project.”

    The video shows Tooji enter a church and proceed to have simulated sex with the priest in front of a congregation. But the Church of Norway is not pleased with Tooji’s artistic choices. In a statement published Sunday, the bishop of Oslo condemned the video as a desecration.

    “No matter what the video’s message might be or who the artist might be, footage of intimate scenes in front of the altar is unacceptable, and it is an abuse of the church,” he said in a Norwegian ??statement translated by The Huffington Post. “I was informed about the matter after they decided to rent out Frogner Church and had done the shoot. No matter what the content of the video might be, it is not acceptable to perform these types of scenes in front of the altar. It is a misuse of the holy room of the church.”

    The bishop added that this would hold true if a straight couple was featured in the same manner in the video.

    1. simulate him having sex with priest in church

      Well that’s just not right. Everyone knows you don’t have sex with a priest in church…the priest has sex with you.

    2. THIS IS OKAY!

      But draw a picture of Mohammed…fin du monde!

  37. # The Labor Department is about to make millions more workers eligible for overtime pay. What could go wrong?

    “We’re going to get prices going up, by hook or by crook!”

  38. “Senate Democrats introduced a birth control “accessibility” bill in response to Republicans’ recent over-the-counter (OTC) pill proposal. The bill does nothing to encourage OTC oral contraception sales, but stipulates that if it does happen, insurance companies must cover the pills without charging a co-pay.”

    Given that OTC birth control would cost like 1/20th what birth control costs now, I think the insurance companies would be very much okay with this. Although given how cheap OTC birth control would be, I don’t know that many women would need their insurance companies to pay for it.

    Also, I just read the dumbest article ever on OTC birth control. It’s from 538 and they said OTC birth control isn’t cheaper because Plan B used to cost women about $30 and now it costs women $50! Oh, no! Of course, what this ignores is that before it cost way more than $30 and the extra cost was picked up by insurance pooling. So everyone was paying the much higher cost of Plan B through their higher insurance premiums. So the article doesn’t even tell you how much birth control costs relative to what it used to cost, it tells you how much it costs INDIVIDUAL WOMEN and completely ignores all the additional cost which was pawned off on the rest of the public through insurance pooling.

    1. And it also cost more than $30 because you had to pay for a fucking doctor first.

      1. They factor that in and claim the doctor visit only cost $20 for “women on Medicaid.”

        Cool – what about women not on Medicaid? Apparently we should base our birth control policy entirely on how much something costs women on Medicaid while ignoring the far more numerous women with non-Medicaid insurance or who are uninsured. A study which only factors in women specifically on Medicaid sure does seem rather incomplete, doesn’t it?

        1. Well, anything to make your point, right?

          How about factoring in the time/effort/possible time off work having to go to the doctor in the first place?

          1. They’ll count the opportunity cost only when it comes to getting an ID for voting.

            1. The opportunity cost of racism you mean. You can’t expect blacks to get an ID for voting. They’re too poor and stupid to be able to do that stuff on their own.

              /Prog logic

          2. Plus the hour spent in the waiting room, plus the hour spent wearing a paper towel in the exam room waiting for the doctor/NP you’ve never seen before to come in and spend 30 seconds accepting your request for the prescription, plus the 20 minutes spent waiting for that prescription to be written, plus the drive to the pharmacy, the hour wait for them to fill it….

            Just put the damn pills on the shelf next to the decongestants and get it over with!

            Oh, wait…

            1. I believe they are telling us women are not smart enough to make their own choices for their bodies; they need a disinterested doctor’s help.

              1. Well we are just girls. All we do is cry and make men fall in love with us. Awful bother, don’t you know. We really can’t be trusted with anything at all.

                /Goes back to the kitchen

                1. This may seem sort of sexist, but can you fix me a sandwich, honey? Thanks.

                  1. Would you like a beer with that? Your chicken pot pie is in the oven.

      2. Not to mention the time and cost associated with taking off work to actually go to the doctor

    2. Oh, 538 also had this brilliant line where the writer didn’t realize he contradicted his own point:

      “But we can draw some lessons from emergency contraception, the most common version of which is called “Plan B.” The drug had been available with a prescription for seven years by the time it was approved for over-the-counter sales in 2006. The impact was nearly immediate. A study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute in 2011 analyzed government data from 2006 to 2008 and found that the number of women who had used emergency contraception had more than doubled since 2002. More than two-thirds of those women had obtained it without a prescription.

      But Kelly Cleland, a research specialist at Princeton University’s Office of Population Research, said price has been a barrier from the beginning. “When women started buying Plan B in pharmacies, they were paying out of pocket instead of using their insurance,” she said.”

      So the number of people on Plan B DOUBLED and yet they complain that ‘price has been a barrier’ because women pay out of pocket rather than paying indirectly through higher insurance premiums. It doesn’t seem price has been much of a barrier if you’ve seen a doubling of Plan B usage in 12 years, but what do I know?

    3. Words truly mean nothing at this point. I’ve never seen anything quite like the level of mental gymnastics on display here. So basically Republicans called the democrats bluff on otc birth control, something mind you feminists have been shilling for for years, and the democrats response is to introduce another bill that they says is better because it creates more barriers to birth control?

      1. Also it’s pretty clear who the feminists are going to side with in this case, if they haven’t already. It’s a complete indictment on the concept of “feminism” that republicans could literally switch party platforms with democrats on nearly every key woman issue and the so called feminist mouthpieces on jezebel and elsewhere would still shill for the democrats.

        1. Jessica Valenti literally just published an article that is highly supportive of OTC birth control. I have to say, I’m impressed she actually maintained her support for that policy after the Republicans started arguing in favor of it, since an awful lot of other feminists seem to have jumped ship because they don’t want to align themselves with the icky GOP.

          1. That’s surprising because how retarded she is on most of these things. Good for her for being principled.

      2. The Dems were never about “access” to birth control, they are just about control. The only person who had the authority to deny a woman access to birth control was the doctor.

  39. Female prison worker allegedly gave inmates tools to escape Dannemora prison

    A female prison work supervisor gave two inmates the power tools to escape from a maximum-security prison Friday in upstate New York and had planned to provide a getaway car but got cold feet, high level sources close to the case told Fox News.

    Joyce Mitchell assisted convicted murderers David Sweat and Richard Matt in their brazen escape Friday night from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, N.Y. — giving the pair tools to break through steel walls and crawl through a steam pipe, according to authorities.

    Law enforcement sources also claim 51-year-old Mitchell planned to provide a getaway car for the convicts but suffered a panic attack and checked herself into a hospital instead.

    There was speculation that the inmates had arranged for someone to pick them up outside the prison and were long gone from the area, even Canada or as far as Mexico. Dannemora is located approximately 20 miles from the Canadian border.

    The escape from the 3,000-inmate state prison immediately raised suspicions the men had help on the inside. Mitchell was being interviewed by investigators and “being cooperative,” according to multiple reports.

    “They haven’t charged her because they want to keep her talking,” a source told the New York Post. “She hasn’t asked for a lawyer.”

    1. And they say there are no female libertarians.

      1. I call BS on her alleged libertarianism, LB.

        She is talking to the po po and hasn’t yet asked for a lawyer.

  40. GOP aiming for Friday trade vote

    I suppose even if the bill *is* passed we can’t see what’s in it.

    1. LOL. *Tar and Feathers.

      *this is just a joke.

      1. How horrible is it that Obama can make you object to a trade deal? I have been pro free trade my entire adult life. I have supported every single trade deal that has come through Congress. That is, until now. Obama manages to make even things I support objectionable.

        1. At this point I expect Obama to be Obama. It’s congress responsibility to stop him and they won’t do it in fact they encourage it they are truly the worst kind of creatures and empty suits that are around.

          1. I agree. It just sucks they have to do so by killing a trade deal. This deal should be a great thing. Instead, Obama has turned it into a tool for greater government and to enforce his rule on the unwilling. Obama could have for once done something right and instead has made it horrible.

        2. Well it’s not a free trade deal because they call it one. You oppose it because it’s not a free trade deal. It’s a spy program, an extortion racket and probably a hundred other awful things crammed into it. It’s a lie and it’s authors and supporters are criminals.

          1. Obama says he’d use TPP for climate change enforcement.

            So we need to do it for Gaia.

        3. A free trade deal doesn’t take hundreds and hundreds of pages.

          Like NAFTA, GATT, and WTO, TPP is a government-managed trade treaty.

          Its purpose is to prevent free trade.

        4. That’s just because you’re a racist and hate Obama, the greatest president who ever lived.


  41. Adam Sandler’s new movie bears strong resemblance to episode of ‘Futurama’

    Adam Sandler’s upcoming film, Pixels, is based upon the premise that aliens attack the earth, using video games characters as models for their assaults.

    To combat the invasion, Adam Sandler enlists the help of retrogamers Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad to defeat the alien threat with systems akin to arcade video games.

    The movie, set for release this July, is adapted from a short film by Patrick Jean, of the same name.

    Enthusiasts are claiming that this concept bears similarities to the themes of a 2002 episode of Matt Groening’s Futurama, “Anthology of Interest II”, in the mini episode titled “Raiders of the Lost Arcade”. In the episode, Fry has to use his extensive skills as a 1980s arcade gamer to defeat an alien invasion.

    Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Space invaders feature in 3D pixellated form in the Pixels trailer, released by Sony Pictures on 17 March 2015.

    The famous video game characters also featured in similar roles in the Futurama episode as video game antagonists, or in Pac-Man’s case, an ally.

    1. This is news? Anyone who watched Futurama knew this the moment the concept was announced.

      Has Sandler had a single funny joke in any of his movies since, like, The Wedding Singer?

      1. Rob Schneider?

        1. I really like Rob Schneider’s daughter who goes by the pseudonym Elle King.

          1. Somebody bred with Rob Schneider?

      2. I liked him in P.T. Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love, but that is definitely not a comedy.

      3. Everything about Jack and Jill was funny. Everything.

    2. That’s fine. It was great as a 10 minute cartoon. It will be excruciating as an hour and a half Adam Sandler movie.

    3. Also sounds kind of similar to the 1984 film The Last Starfighter.

      1. You son of a bitch,

    4. For people who watched The Last Starfighter 30+ years ago.

    5. Whatever, they’re all a cheap knockoff of Megas XLR.

  42. Medical science, what can’t it do? Baby born from ovary frozen in mother’s childhood:

    A woman in Belgium is the first in the world to give birth to a baby using transplanted ovarian tissue frozen when she was still a child, doctors say.

  43. Ohio marijuana advocates say they have enough signatures to get a vote on both medicinal and recreational marijuana legalization on the 2015 ballot.

    Xenia suddenly feels less special…

  44. So Postrel is up on Bloomberg offering a qualified defense on the board on the judge thing. She of course says the board and all in it are bad for the image of Libertarianism. I have two things to say in response.

    First, this is what freedom looks like. It is messy and vulgar and sometimes nasty. My problem with Postrel and most of the right wing writers both Libertarian and Conservative in Washington is that while they are intellectually conservative or Libertarian and love freedom in the abstract, they are culturally too often socialists. Postrel loves freedom right up until people start using it in ways that she finds disturbing. Sure, she would never want to censor such. But she can’t appreciate it either. She wants everyone to follow to rules and play nice and behave as she thinks they should. I am sorry Virginia, but freedom doesn’t work like that and you should learn to appreciate it and embrace it. I am politically on the conservative side of Libertarianism. Culturally, however, I am very much Libertarian. I appreciate and like people who think differently and indeed sometimes ways I find appalling. I like people like LibertyMike or Episiarch even though I find their views a bit whacked, sometimes. What I like about them is that they are honest and mean what they say and are unafraid of what the world thinks. That is why I like this board and why I think Postrel doesn’t.

    1. The fact that she can’t get past her delicate sensibilities to appreciate the really smart things that are said on this board and to appreciate the sheer variety, subversiveness and freedom of it, says everything about her and nothing about this board.

      Second, some situations really are outrageous and deserve outrageous language. That judge did a horrible and immoral thing. All right thinking people should condemn her and her actions in the most uncompromising terms. Should she literally be fed into a wood chipper or threatened with harm? No. Will she burn in hell? That is up to God but she will someday have to answer to God for what she did and she will have a lot to ask forgiveness for. There is certainly a place for reasonable response and for understanding the other side of an issue. This, however, was not one of them. Sometimes outrage is the only moral response. If Postrel read that story and feel real anger, then she is missing something morally. Does that mean she should make her next book about how judges should burn in hell? Of course not. It does however mean she should appreciate the people who wrote those things were doing nothing but venting a sense of outrage that any moral person should feel. Instead of worrying about making sure her Prog peers know she is “not one of those people”, she should be writing her own condemnation of that decision.

    2. Postrel’s issues with this board show what is wrong with really the entire beltway right, libertarian and conservative. They are often just as worried about appearing reasonable to the other side as they are speaking the truth. As much as I dislike the left, I do give them credit for not caring what their opponents think of them. Ask yourself, have you ever read a single left wing writer or journalist express any embarrassment over what goes on on KOS or DU, both of which are much more radical than here? I haven’t. That is because they don’t worry about what their opponents think of them or trying to look reasonable. Postrel and most of the rest of the Right constantly worry that their opponents won’t like them or think they are like the rest of the people on the right. To that I say bunk. Postrel should speak the truth in the language she sees fit and learn to like and appreciate the people on her side who do the same, even if they do so in ways she would not.

      1. I like lamp.

          1. Linux/Apache/Mysql/Php?

          2. Can someone help me here?

            1. I am sorry for being so dense. I really am Rufus. But I have no idea what you mean.

              1. I never saw Anchorman, but this was a meme once upon a time.

        1. Are you just looking around the room and saying you like whatever you see?

          1. Do you really like the lamp or are you just saying it because you saw it?


            1. You know, I have never watched that movie. So that reference went right over my head. My apologies for my response below. I totally missed what you and Rufus were talking about.

          2. No. I am saying I like a lot of it and am not bothered by the stuff I don’t like because people doing things, saying things and thinking things I don’t like comes with freedom. If I allowed the things I don’t like to make me not like the things I do, then I really don’t like freedom. Moreover, even if I don’t like something or agree with something, I can still appreciate it, if for no other reason than out of respect for the person willing to do it or think it. I don’t like some of the views on here but I still appreciate a lot of them because I appreciate the honesty and effort the people who hold them have put into having them.

      2. What I don’t understand is that it’s like the people who criticize this comment section have never read the comments on any other political blog. Any article about black people doing something illegal on Breitbart or Twitchy brings out gobs of outright racists. Hell, there are some ridiculously racist comments even over at a website like Althouse and she’s probably the least hardcore political commentator in existence.

        Then you go to the left and you’ve got websites like HuffPo where every time Republicans refuse to yield to Democratic pressure on gun control, HuffPo commenters begin feverishly wishing the Republicans’ families all get murdered. No one who posts at the Daily Kos or Democratic Underground appears to have an IQ higher than the average wicker basket. This isn’t even getting into outright fever swamps like Salon and Raw Story…

        Basically the narrative has become “Reason’s comment section is notoriously crazy and their commenters are vicious” but no one as of yet has explained how exactly we’re worse than the people at any other political fever swamp. It’s like it’s become conventional wisdom among people who want to assure themselves they’re intellectual and above the fray, but it just doesn’t bear up under scrutiny.

        1. This is actually the most civil comments section I’ve ever encountered on any political website. Some of the humor is umm…let’s say “off color” by the standards of polite society, but everyone tends to be decent to all non-trolls.

          1. There are successful stand-up comedians with equally, if not more off-color humor. I’d say most of the jokes here are at the level of Daniel Tosh.

            It’s no worse than what you would hear at some dude’s bachelor party. But somehow people are acting like this is what the true depths of depravity look like in society.

            1. Oh, certainly. It’s on par with the standard jokes among my friends at college. I would attempt this sort of humor at, say, the office, but it’s far from the cesspool we’re being made out to be.

            2. ‘But somehow people are acting like this is what the true depths of depravity look like in society.’

              Then we’re not doing it right.

              Depravity should be the goal.

            3. It’s no worse than what you would hear at some dude’s bachelor party. But somehow people are acting like this is what the true depths of depravity look like in society.

              These are many of the same people who assumed that Ross Ulbricht is a murderer and child pornographer because of some unsubstantiated bullshit peddled by the Schumer gang.

          2. . Some of the humor is umm…let’s say “off color” by the standards of polite society

            Did you just call me a drunk teenage boy?

            YOUR MOM!

          3. This.

            I’ve never seen a more sane political discussion group anywhere.

            Sure we’re a wretched hive of scum and villainy with no place in polite society but we’re also intelligent and passionate and most of all “reasonable” in that we have no problem with people who are just a bit outside of the reservation as long as they contribute

        2. It’s just social signaling. The smart kids want you to know they’re way more subtle, lucid, thoughtful than you are.

          The best defense is a good offense. If you care to, go to other sites and copy/paste the ridiculous things people say into the comment sections on articles about the awfulness of H&R. When a narrative or meme gets set in the minds of our social betters the only winning approach is mockery. The smart kids cannot tolerate being mocked. Or, do what I do and ignore it.

          1. I mostly ignore. I think, however, the entire right, both conservative and libertarian is let down by people like Postrel and the folk at NRO and the rest of its opinion writers and thinkers. They can’t seem to understand that the left owns the culture and in doing so is able to marginalize right wing views. As long as the right worries about social signaling and trying to fit into left wing culture, it is going to lose. The only way to win is to tell left wing culture to pound sand and create our own culture. And you can’t do that trying to fit in with the “smart kids”.

            The modern right desperately needs a beat movement or a young Hunter S. Thompson. It needs writers and thinkers who hold the left and the left wing culture in contempt and don’t have any desire to fit in or be accepted by it. The right needs a counter culture not a bunch of egg heads hoping that the left wing egg heads will accept them.

            1. ^^^^This^^^^

          2. Yeah, I’m not going to go to all that effort. I don’t really care, I just don’t understand the logic. Popehat got in a fight with fucking Vox Day like two weeks before his Reason article. I don’t know how someone who gets in squabbles with Vox can come away from that pit of madness and still have the idea that there’s anything notably wrong with H&R’s comment section.

            1. Given that Ken gives full admin power to Clark, I don’t think Ken really holds us in contempt.

              I believe he was being sarcastic.

              1. Hell, NOBODY holds H&R commenters in more contempt than H&R commenters.

          3. The smart kids want you to know they’re way more subtle, lucid, thoughtful than you are.

            If by subtle, you mean calling for the Kochs or gun supporters or critics of Obama to be taken outside and shot, then, yeah, they’re subtle

        3. Forget explaining how we are worse. With the exception of a small number of people, the comments here are almost entirely 1) thoughtful and constructive, 2) inside jokes, perhaps somewhat off color, but absolutely no worse than what you’d here when friends get together, or 3) echo chambering.

          I seriously cannot fathom what kind of person glances at the comments here and thinks that this is really all that awful, vulgar, or indefensible.

          1. what kind of person


        4. how exactly we’re worse than the people at any other political fever swamp.

          They’re all pots. We’re a kettle.

        5. I thought about quitting commenting online altogether after that federal litigating bullet hit the guy next to me in the thread the other day. But the H&R commentariat is just too smart and too damn funny for me to quit. Seriously, some of the highest quality commenters you’ll find anywhere on the internet and I say that having bounced from forum to forum for years and years before I found the commentariat several years ago.

          1. There but for the grace of God. I am trying to do it less and be more productive at other things. That being said, there are a lot of smart people on here. I have no doubt my views on things are better thought out and more evolved because of arguing them on here.

            1. I have no doubt my views on things are better thought out and more evolved because of arguing them on here.

              I would definitely agree with you on this John.

            2. As much shit as I’ve given you John (which is probably a lot less than many here, but still…), I agree in your case and would hope the same of myself.

          2. some of the highest quality commenters you’ll find anywhere on the internet

            You are welcome. .

            1. I was talking mainly about myself.

              1. Apparently you are not familiar with my work.

        6. “If you like your political fever swamp, you can keep your political fever swamp.”

      3. All that. Well said.

        1. Ditto.

        2. Thank you.

      4. You hit just about every key point. But how could you leave out the cocktail parties.

        I absolutely agree. The seeming need of libertarian writers to condemn the commentariat is every bit as dumb as qualifying your wish to end the WoD with “eve though I think drugs are evil and no one should partake in them…”

        1. Damn! You beat me to it!

      5. ^ +1 DC cocktail party.

    3. I think overall you are right, John, but I thought the rest of her column was the best thing I’ve read on the subject to date. So I’m fine with not being liked; she understands the important stuff.

      1. She does and she was right about the legal issue here. Of course anyone who has a brain and understands the 1st Amendment knows how wrong the US Attorney is in this case. I like Postrel and like a lot of her writing.

  45. The escape from the 3,000-inmate state prison immediately raised suspicions the men had help on the inside.

    No shit?

    1. Come on Brooks, they dug through the wall with a small geological pick. Didn’t you know Shawshank Redemption was a documentary?

  46. Perhaps if we presented ourselves in a more civilized manner, Virginia Postrel would exhort us to endeavor to persevere.

    1. You want us to declare war on the Union?!

      CREDIBLE THREAT!!!1!!1oneoneone!11eleventy!!1

  47. Chimps get wasted on alcoholic sap

    Chimps in the west African country of Guinea discovered a free treat in raffia palms tapped by local people to extract a sweet, milky sap which then ferments into an alcoholic drink.

    The apes scrunched up leaves in their mouths, moulding them into spongy pads that they then dipped into the sap-gathering container, which villagers attach to the tree near its crown.

    Tests showed that the beverage’s alcoholic content varied from 3.1 per cent to a whopping 6.9 per cent, the equivalent of strong beer.

    Some of the chimps went a little, well, ape.

    “[They] consumed significant quantities of ethanol [alcohol] and displayed behavioural signs of inebriation,” the paper said soberly.

    “Researchers rarely collected detailed behavioural data before versus after exposure to ethanol, but some drinkers rested directly after imbibing fermented sap.”

    The findings back the so-called “drunken monkey” theory – that apes and humans share a genetic ability to break down alcohol that was handed down from a common ancestor.

    By metabolising alcohol, according to this idea, our forerunners could eat fermented fruit found on the forest floor, gaining a precious additional source of calories and vitamins.

  48. OSHA bathroom guidance:

    Gender identity is an intrinsic part of each person’s identity and everyday life. Accordingly, authorities on gender issues counsel that it is essential for employees to be able to work in a manner consistent with how they live the rest of their daily lives, based on their gender identity. Restricting employees to using only restrooms that are not consistent with their gender identity, or segregating them from other workers by requiring them to use gender-neutral or other specific restrooms, singles those employees out and may make them fear for their physical safety. Bathroom restrictions can result in employees avoiding using restrooms entirely while at work, which can lead to potentially serious physical injury or illness.

    1. Accordingly, authorities on gender issues


      1. “Doctorate in Gender Studies, bitches!”

      2. How unanimous is the consensus among these authorities? I’ll bet it’s 97%.

    2. I would like to have OSHA explain to me how letting men use the women’s bathroom if they choose to do so is not creating a hostile work environment for women who object to such. Sex, last I looked is a protected class under the CRA. Confusion about your gender, however, is not.

      1. What about a male who identifies as a woman who identifies as a male?

        1. What if I am so confused about my gender, I don’t know which bathroom to use!?

          1. You receive a chamberpot and directions to the janitorial closet.

          2. You go in the office plant, or just wear a diaper.

          3. Hallway

          4. Woodchipper?

          5. We’ll all be named Beverly!

      2. I would like OSHA to explain how letting men use the women’s bathroom if they choose to do so is now a workplace health and safety issue. OSHA is supposed to be concerned with on-the-job physical injuries and deaths, not hurt feelings.

    3. Obviously the solution is to ban restrooms for more than one person. Convert all those huge public facilities to individual pan-gender rooms, each with its own private entrance, toilet, sink, mirror, etc.

      And … think of the JOBS!

      1. Maybe we can have a sassy mix-gendered bathroom like on Ally McBeal. Single Female Lawyer!

      2. You mean Port-a-Potties?

      3. Just ban restrooms entirely.


    4. I hope no one skimmed over the last line, which was the best:

      Bathroom restrictions can result in employees avoiding using restrooms entirely while at work, which can lead to potentially serious physical injury or illness.

      1. Holy cow, progressives now think transsexuals are so stupid they’ll let their bladders explode rather than using the restroom.

      2. That is just bullshit designed to let them try to shoehorn this idiocy into occupational health and safety.

  49. The bill does nothing to encourage OTC oral contraception sales, but stipulates that if it does happen, insurance companies must cover the pills without charging a co-pay.

    So it actively discourages OTC.

    Fuck the Democrats.

    1. It’s not about birth control. It’s just about control

    1. The cop should have never drawn his gun. The more I think about this situation, however, the more I have a hard time figuring out what the cop should have done. The teenagers were disturbing the peace and I don’t blame the neighbors for being angry about it. At the same time, they totally ignored him and showed no interest in stopping what they were doing. So what was the cop to do? Go back in his car and just tell the neighbors to like it or lump it? Pull out his knight stick and start cracking a few skulls?

      1. He probably should have given a warning that people would be arrested for disturbing the peace, then proceeded to begin arresting people who were disturbing the peace, and continued doing so until they were either all under or arrest or, more likely, started to disperse to avoid being arrested.

      2. I’m not trained in police tactics, so I don’t know the correct response here. Maybe start arresting people, maybe call for back up, whatever. I’m sure being ignored by rowdy teenagers is something that has come up before, and easily within standard protocol.

        But I do know that you absolutely don’t draw a fucking firearm.

        1. But I do know that you absolutely don’t draw a fucking firearm.

          Yes the only guiding principle should be, could someone without a special costume pull out a gun on some teenagers in this scenario? If the answer is no, then clearly the officer shouldn’t do it. All valid ethics are universal and apply to everyone equally, regardless of costume.

        2. What if there were dogs there?

      3. “The more I think about this situation, however, the more I have a hard time figuring out what the cop should have done. ”

        The real issue began when he tackled the girl in the bikini even though she was already walking away, as the video shows. Basically, that girl was walking away but was being too mouth about it, so he inexplicably tackled her and escalated the situation.

        What he probably should have done is waited for backup. Very shortly there were 11 other cops on the scene. Once those cops arrive, they appear to have cleared the people out pretty easily since there were no other videos regarding fights between cops and the people at the pool.

        1. so he inexplicably tackled her

          Inexplicably? There’s nothing inexplicable about it. She said stuff he didn’t like, so he did what every cop does when someone says stuff they don’t like: he assaulted her.

      4. Jesus, you’d think with all the instances of cops using excessive force in the news in the last few months that officers would exercise some common sense in these situations. The fact that this happened when it did shows just how stupid or unstable some of them are

        1. Fair enough. But you tell me what the common sense thing to do is? Clearly telling them to knock it off wasn’t working. And clearly you can’t just start cracking heads. So what do you do? I am not trying to be pro cop here. I am asking because I don’t see a good solution. There is another side to this. I don’t blame the neighbors for being angry. They have a right to quiet enjoyment of their property too. So what do you do?

          1. If they are that outnumbered isolating yourself while dealing with one nonviolent person is not the right way.

            How about…remaining calm, being polite and firm, calling in for backup and telling everyone if they do not do what he says he is writing them all noise complaint or disturbing the peace tickets, and if that does not work say arrests will happen.

            He single-handedley escalated the situation.

            1. Waiting for backup does make some sense. That being said, I am not sure how more cops arriving wouldn’t have been just as likely to escalate the situation as calm it down.

              I think as police outrages go, this one is way down the food chain. Ultimately, the cop panicked and made a really stupid decision. That, however, doesn’t excuse the teenagers for creating the situation in the first place. I am willing to cut cops some slack when they are confronted with truly assholeic behavior on the part of people, which this was. To me the real outrages are when cops beat up or murder people who are guilty of nothing but being in the wrong place at the wrong time or saying the wrong thing to a cop, which as you know happens nearly daily in this country.

              1. I am not sure how more cops arriving wouldn’t have been just as likely to escalate the situation as calm it down.

                The situation escalated because the cop panicked and started making really stupid decisions. Had he had more numbers on his side, I’d like to think he would have been less likely to panic, and thus less likely to escalate the situation with stupid decisions.

              2. The teenagers should not be excused, not at all. I would have no problem issuing citations or throwing them out or even arresting them if they did not eventually comply with the desires of the HOA or police officers.

                But, showing up and escalating the situation serves no good purpose, and that is what he did, and that is what police officers often do.

                I agree, he did not murder or beat anyone, so the outrage machine is moronic, but when you do something wrong you should be punished. He was punished. If more of these cops lost their jobs, or had to worry about losing their jobs when they behave that way we would be better off.

                1. He didn’t lose his job. He resigned.

                  I expect him to have a job with a nearby agency within 180 days.

          2. Again, I’m not a cop, but I just can’t imagine that rowdy disobedient teenagers is some novel offense that they don’t have a standard protocol for.

            1. ^This^. What kind of bizarre place is this community that the cops have no idea how to break up a teen party? Or the various badge-lickers who who have missed the fact that breaking up teen-parties is a routine operation for cops all over the country. I remember when my future BIL as a freshman gave a party ( future FIL was out of town that weekend) and the entire high school showed up. Much noise, much vandalism, a LOT of underage drinking, some petty thefts. Neighbors very pissed. And yet Somehow, the corrupt redneck thugs that were the local PD managed to break it up without drawing a gun or assaulting any teenage girls.

        2. I’m of mind that the extra scrutiny from both the general public and the media will actually spur cops to be more brazen in their behavior as a means to intimidate us out of it.

      5. I’d say that, being vastly outnumbered, he should have held back and waited for backup.

  50. A college student’s open letter to Seinfeld

    As a college student that loves and appreciates offensive, provocative comedy, I’m disheartened by these comments.

    …As college students who are engaged in a myriad of social, economic, and political issues, it’s our duty to be actively engaged and educated about issues of sexism, racism and prejudice.

    But, I’d like to refocus the conversation to the state of comedy that you feel like we would call “racist” or “sexist.”

    We need to talk about the role that provocative comedy holds today in a progressive world.

    It isn’t so much that college students are too politically correct (whatever your definition of that concept is), it’s that comedy in our progressive society today can no longer afford to be crass, or provocative for the sake of being offensive. Sexist humor and racist humor can no longer exist in comedy because these concepts are based on archaic ideals that have perpetrated injustice against minorities in the past.

    Provocative humor, such as ones dealing with topics of race and gender politics, can be crass and vulgar, but underlying it must be a context that spurs social dialogue about these respective issues. There needs to be a message, a central truth behind comedy for it to work as humor.

    **face palm**

    1. Came here to post that.

      His rebuttal to being called “too politically correct” is to prove it in the most tedious way possible.

      He’s got a bright future in the Ministry of Truth.

      1. “Listen, you are wrong. And here are several hundred words that prove your case.”

        1. That is so unbelievable it must be parody. Please, let it be parody.

      2. They really are a 21st Century Red Guards. We are very lucky they are so pathetic and the country so well armed. If they ever felt unleashed and had the power to do real harm, they would do it. They are in one sense funny and should be mocked at every turn. In another sense they are a bit terrifying. This is pretty much what evil looks like in all its banality.

    2. He’s not funny.

  51. I don’t know why so many people care about Virginia Postrel. She doesn’t like us. Boo-hoo.

    1. I’ve been called worse things by better people.

    2. And I’m such an obstinate old Marine that I won’t even care enough to dislike her in return.

      1. Meh. I totally understand that our rough-and-tumble is not to everyone’s taste. If nothing else, the inside jokes around here could really put some people off who don’t understand the context.

        I generally like her stuff. I’m pretty unconcerned that I hang out with a crowd she dislikes.

  52. Restricting employees to using only restrooms that are not consistent with their gender identity, or segregating them from other workers by requiring them to use gender-neutral or other specific restrooms, singles those employees out and may make them fear for their physical safety.

    Oh, for fuck’s sake.

  53. Given what’s going on, I think I’m taking a break from posting for a while. Probably will abandon the screen-name if I return and quite possibly use my real one. I think, as Ken has mentioned before, that any expectation of real anonymity is an illusion (and maybe a delusion). I figure the odds are that the FBI already can identify most of the posters here, they just need a parallel reconstruction to explain how they’re able to.

    What the DOJ is doing to those who shall remain unnamed is only the start, I’m afraid. Anyone who is aware of a legal defense fund, please post it here (that’s certainly an unnecessary request, but one I wanted to make anyway).

    Ponder for a moment the havoc the feds can wreak on your life without even trying. National Security Letters, no-fly lists, some of you may have security clearances or need military base access for work. The security state is out of control. My focus for the time being (outside of work and family) will be on supporting Rand Paul. He’s the best chance we have to rein it in and putting my energies towards that effort seems like time best spent.

    Puerile comments aside, I appreciate this place and Reason will continue to receive my support. I will continue to lurk and learn from the bloggers and commentariat, all of whom challenge my thinking in ways no other site can even come close to.


    1. That’s too bad, I enjoyed your contributions.

      I haven’t been around much lately. What’s been “going on”? Sounds like someone got outed?

      1. Ah, I see it upthread.

      2. Use your google machine! reason commenters…subpoena…google…

    2. Best wishes, Scruffy.

    3. That’s not a bad idea.

    4. Putting that fear in the air was rather the point. I suspect the conversation will be less lively from here on out. You won’t be missing much.

    5. I actually use this handle on a number of discussion boards and on one huge point which makes it rather transparent to anybody half interested in finding out who I am. So I guess I ain’t got much reason to go anywhere.

    6. And so it begins.

      Sorry to hear this.

    7. This is my real name.

      1. My real name is Hillary Clinton

    8. That is a shame. But I understand


      /FBI Agent

    10. Hard not to sympathize, Scruff.

      I use a screen name because (a) I think its topical, in an obscure pop-cultury way and (b) I’d like to keep my real identity private from casual/”civilian” discovery.

      I have no illusions that the feds don’t already know (or can find out with a mouse click or three) any of our identities. The subpoena is for two reasons:

      (1) “Parallel” construction.
      (2) Intimidation.

      Whatever exceptionalism America once had is gone. This may be an exceptional country in some ways, stil,, but not in good ways. I’m sorry I’ve lived to see it, and will see it slide even further down the slope.

      1. Even without any hidden stuff, you could publicly piece together my identity if you spent enough time combining information from my posts. Hamilton had already figured out where I work before we met, even though I’ve never mentioned any specific names.

      2. They don’t need it for parallel construction. This will never make it to court (knock on wood). In this case the process is the punishment, and that’s the point.

        They’re looking to intimidate and stifle, not prosecute.

        1. Of course, and that needs to be qualified is fucking retarded, my theory should not be taken as genuine legal advice.

    11. Use my real name?

      This name is my real name as much as the one on my drivers license is. I’ve been using this handle in online forums for close to 2 decades and for some of my oldest friends this is the only name they know me by.

      That said I have never for one second held the illusion that anyone couldn’t track this name back to my physical body in a matter of minutes and honestly I don’t give a fuck if they do.

      Generally I tend not to say very many inflammatory things but I can think of several comments I have made that can be twisted into just as much of a threat as the one they are going after here. You want me feds, come and get me but you may not like the results (and no that is not a threat of violence, I’m a fat 45 year old with bad knees who does not own a firearm fighting back physically is not my forte)

      1. This is my real name. You can find me in 0.46 s on Google.

        *waves to NSA goons and anyone else who cares*

  54. We need to talk about the role that provocative comedy holds today in a progressive world.


  55. ENB isn’t doing anything to make the alt-text happen, but if it was there it wouldn’t require a co-pay.

    1. From the comments section of that link you posted;

      Cutting Edge: “As cunts go, Obama takes some beating.

      Hopefully with a baseball bat sometime soon.”

      That’s a threat isn’t it? I’ll wait patiently for that poster to be disappeared. Unless the site he’s posting at is not on Chuck Schumer’s gang’s hitlist.

  56. the odds are that the FBI already can identify most of the posters here, they just need a parallel reconstruction to explain how they’re able to.


  57. Senate Democrats introduced a birth control “accessibility” bill in response to Republicans’ recent over-the-counter (OTC) pill proposal. The bill does nothing to encourage OTC oral contraception sales, but stipulates that if it does happen, insurance companies must cover the pills without charging a co-pay.

    Pre-Reason ENB rejoices.

    1. This was pretty bad:

      Churches are already exempt from the contraception mandate, but religious employers?like hospitals and universities?want to be able to (and can, now) opt out of covering contraception. And everyone’s framing it like a matter of choice?well, you choose to go to a religious school, or you choose to work for a religiously-affiliated employer. If covered/free contraption was so important to you, you could choose to go to school or work elsewhere (nevermind for now that just going to work elsewhere sometimes really isn’t that simple).

      But I think framing it in terms of individual choice is a bad idea; it’s about whether a broad-spectrum of individual employers should be able to opt out of insurance coverage mandates they don’t like. I don’t think they should. Right now, we’re talking contraception, but it opens the door for any employer to opt out any insurance coverage requirements they don’t like.

      1. If birth control pills were OTC, they would be so cheap, there would be no issue of covering them. Demanding they be covered would be like demanding insurance cover benedryl or Advil. There are two reason why the left will never agree to making it OTC.

        First, doing “exams” and handing out birth control scripts is big money for Planned Parenthood. Make them OTC and Planned Parenthood loses a ton of money. They get millions of dollars in state subsidies every year to provide birth control to poor women.

        Second, the left doesn’t give a shit about access to birth control. They want to use the issue as a way to stick it to religious people and churches. Making it OTC means they can’t do that.

        That is really all that is going on here.

        1. That pretty much sums it up. If the Dems were actually concerned about “access” to birth control, they would be onboard with OTC. Right now, the only people who can actually deny someone access to birth control are doctors and pharmacists.

        2. First, doing “exams” and handing out birth control scripts is big money for Planned Parenthood. Make them OTC and Planned Parenthood loses a ton of money.

          The most important department at PP is the fund raising department.

          Heads would roll whenever the fundraising software had problems. Not the EPM/EMR software, the fundraising software.

      2. Wow. I guess ENB believes coercion is bad, except when she wants her pony.

        1. Bear in mind that was 3 years ago and people are entitled to change their opinions. She didn’t begin disavowing any of that shit until she got hired at Reason though.

          1. people are entitled to change their opinions.

            No, they are not. That is called flip-flopping. It is weakness. The opinions you had when you are 22 are the opinions you have for life.

          2. Fair enough. I know I have changed some positions from when I was younger.

            1. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re right. I’ve pointed out here before that her libertarian conversion was awfully convenient in terms of its timing (for which I’ve been branded a yokel now). I have a standing prediction/wager somewhere back in the archives that she’ll wind up at Salon writing one of those “confessions of a former libertarian” penance pieces that are so popular. BUT, people do change too. If she’s sincere, so much the better.

              1. I’ve pointed out here before that her libertarian conversion was awfully convenient in terms of its timing (for which I’ve been branded a yokel now).

                Or, maybe, as her thinking changed, she went looking for a venue better suited to her (new) views?

            2. I think that evolving (or devolving) in your positions is a good thing. It shows that at least a person is thinking things over.

              Also, as a writer ENB’s positions are public, which means it is easy to claim traitor or flip-flopper or whatever.

              Then again, if she leaves Reason (most likely after it is dissolved by the feds) and immediately changes back, then all bets are off.*


        2. Choice only means what comes out of your vagina, not what comes out of your wallet!

      3. But I think framing it in terms of individual choice is a bad idea;

        Of course you do.

        it’s about whether a broad-spectrum of individual employers should be able to opt out of insurance coverage mandates they don’t like. I don’t think they should.

        Because top-down control and collectivism have such a long history of getting great results.

        1. “..Because top-down control and collectivism have such a long history of getting great results.”,

          When energized by populist rhetoric and ginned up mob rule.. strange and wonderful terrible things can happen… It’s how shit gets done. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, comrade.

  58. “President Obama is considering sending up to 500 more troops to Iraq to help train local fighters. (Ceci n’est pas une war…)”

    See, he picked up the phone and Bush was on the other end. Instantly, Obo fell into a trance and in just seconds, he was writing up the order to send more troops, ’cause BOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

  59. I’ve been called worse things by better people.

    “I’ve been kicked out of worse places than this.”

  60. Lets hit it up JD, I mean for real.

    1. Hey pedo-bot’s back! Where you been dude?

      1. Ixnay! He can’t talk about it here… yet..

        1. Wait, the pedo-bot was [redacted]?

    2. Was I called out by Anon-bot? I haven’t even posted for months!

      Damn, did I just get included in the ubpoenasay?

  61. It’s truly heartening to see bona fide downgrades of the drug war in states across the political spectrum. I would prefer full decriminalization now (of all drugs) but I’ll take what I can get.

  62. Rufus – did you get to try the pizza place in South Hero yet?

  63. No boots on the ground, boyz!

  64. New user name, fake email, Tor. Thanks DOJ! And fuck off, slaver.

    1. Not sure you should be relying on Tor.

      Find a non-US proxy provider, ideally one that offers VPN tunnelling. There are plenty of them, and some of the good ones are free or ridiculously cheap. Make sure they’re based in nations that are more likely to tell Uncle Sam’s Little helpers to take their subpoenas and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.

      Take a look at for hosted services and for tunnelling.Change peers regularly.

      This is not a paid endorsement.

      1. I am also behind 7 proxies 😉

        1. Why 7? I mean six was just too few and 8 was over the top?

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