David Harsanyi on Why Democrats Are to Blame for Obamacare Chaos


White House

If the Supreme Court were to decide not to allow retroactive legislating and uphold Obamacare as written, terrible things would happen to America. We might, for instance, find out what health insurance in fabricated, state-run "marketplaces" actually costs.  The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that the 37 states that have declined to set up exchanges would see an average spike of 287 percent should the King v. Burwell decision not go the Obama administration's way. If you listen to the media, they make it seem like the Supreme Court's fault. Now, technically, King v. Burwell isn't a "challenge" to Obamacare. It's a challenge to uphold Obamacare rather than allow the administration to implement the law in any manner it sees fit. There are compelling arguments on both sides, but the case is well within the purview of the U.S. Supreme Court. The coverage of the debate, though, writes, David Harsanyi, has already been irrevocably distorted.