California Farmers Play 'I Drink Your Milkshake,' No Facebook for Inmates, Stormtrooper Arrested: P.M. Links


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  1. Emma Sulkowicz’s pornographic art video was possibly taken down by a cyber attack.

    Probably that Kraut again.

    1. Hello.

      Reason hired a ghost linker?

      1. I bet it’s Gilespie, pimping his article in lynx. Bad form, sir – put it up on Daily Beast or something!

    2. Once again, we see the unconscious deference of Reason staffers to proggy/SJW assumptions and memes.

      Its not a “pornographic art video”. Its porn.

      Unless you want to say that every frickin’ porn video is a “pornographic art video”.

      Please stop carrying water for these toxic, damaged, destructive a-holes.

      1. It’s all pr0n to me.

      2. I don’t believe it is porn. Not every video with sex in it is porn.

        1. Well it ain’t art.

          1. Nothing Sulks does is artistic, that’s why she majored in art!

            OTOH, shouldn’t porn be erotic?

            So, not being art or porn, I would label this more of a documentary. A documentary of an intentionally misremembered event.

        2. In the sense that it promotes mental masturbation among SJWs I think it’s porn. But then so do a lot of their sites. Pervs.

      3. Has anybody actually watched the video?

        1. Crusty Juggler says it was ridiculous and not worth his time.

          1. That doesn’t sound like him at all.

          2. It is four security cameras dated sometime in 2012 (the date of the supposed rape?)

            She has sex with a fairly heavier dude for like three minutes, which are viewed through the security camera pictures.

            He leaves, she lays in bed, and then it ends.

            It is just stupid. If it is art it is pointless.

            1. Oh wait, I just re-watched. So, the guy in the video does hit her in the face twice, takes off the condom and then I guess has anal with her against her will. That all takes place within less than two minutes.

              I was multi-tasking the first time I watched it.

              1. That’s what I call it too

                /obvious snark because if the hair is blue, I ain’t into you

            2. It’s possible she set the timestamp on the cameras.

              1. Those are very hard to fake

                /Strange Brew

          3. Crusty Juggler says it was ridiculous and not worth his time.

            THAT is why it’s “pornographic art video”.

        2. I saw it. It’s on Pornhub (or was this morning).

          1. Did the video have anything that would qualify it as porn, if we forget about the context?

            1. She gives him seconds of oral sex.

            2. You mean like cunnilingus, fellatio, vaginal intercourse, and anal sex? Yeah.

              Not good porn though. She’s cute but it was really boring.

                1. And below OMWC and I are discussing my love for Charlyne Yi. This thread is a twofer!

                  1. Yi, at least, I can understand as she isn’t a reverse centaur.

                    1. a reverse centaur

                      HM, there are times when I look, hoping to see what your response is going to be, because they are magical.

                      You did not disappoint, good sir.

                    2. Glad to have brought you joy.

            3. Almost all of it.

              The only reason it’s not more graphic is that the cameras are stationary, so when they get more ‘wrapped up’, you can’t see everything. But it’s real, it’s full frontal, it’s oral sex, it’s full penetration, the whole… ball of wax.

              I’m not joking when I say it’s indistinguishable from tons of shit coming out of Japan. It’s just when you see it coupled with the narrative, you presume the intention was not pornographic– and frankly, I’m having a hard time believing even that.

              But, it’s what Sulkowicz says it is. And it’s also what people who’ve never heard of Sulkowicz say it is, who are watching it on pornhub right now– decoupled from its narrative.

              1. But, it’s what Sulkowicz says it is.

                She can call it whatever she wants.

                And anyone else can call it whatever they want. She, and this will undoubtedly be news to her, is not the boss of anyone.

        3. Yes. As iCarly indicates below, it’s already on PornHub.

          I saw it on Sulkowicz’s site, which provided a confusing, disjointed narrative that PornHub will most definitely not carry.

          I pointed out in Reason’s original thread, that the video looks less like a rape and more like a low-level assault during consentual sex.

          In fact, as pure porn, the video looks exactly like 97% of the porn coming out of Japan.

          1. Above, sorry iCarl.

          2. As iCarly indicates below

            ACK! Well, at least somebody gets my hipster reference.

            1. Oh I got it. There was a young girl woman at my last job named Carly. I called her iCarly. It got laughs.

          3. What’s it posted under on PH? I am honestly just curious.

      4. The idea of a “pornographic art video” did not arise with SJW memes. If they intended it to be an art project, it’s an art project. You can still call it bad and confused art.

        1. This.

          1. So if I call a video of Sasha Grey licking a toilet an art video does it magically become an art video or does it only become an art video if I’m sipping chianti and trying my best not to masturbate?

            The rules of art confuse me.

            1. It’s art if you call it art. And…that also sounds more like an art video than it does like porn, tbh…

              1. The video definitely exists and when I accidentally stumbled on it (please believe that I didn’t search it out, please please please) I was deeply confused as to its purpose. I don’t know who would be turned on by that, but there must be a market.

                Oh, and I think she might have been wearing a dog collar too because if you’re down with one crazed perversion, you might as well try a heap of them.

                1. I was deeply confused as to its purpose.

                  And there you go. If the purpose is to be art, I don’t know how you can argue it doesn’t count. It may ‘fail’ as art, but I don’t know how you justify saying it doesn’t qualify as art at all.

                  With this particular video, some people out there are really into that weird shit. Or so I’ve heard…

                  1. It’s definitely art. Lousy art, but art. There isn’t anyone using Mattress Girl as porn.

                    1. It’s definitely art.

                      Just as much as any porn video.

                      My gripe is with treating it any differently than any other porno. Its indistinguishable from hundreds or thousands of other amateur pornos. So why call it a different name.

                2. I don’t know who would be turned on by that, but there must be a market.

                  Rule 34

              2. “It’s art if you call it art. And…that also sounds more like an art video than it does like porn, tbh…”

                BRB, off to kill a guy. Don’t worry though, I’ll call it art so there’s no need to call the cops since it’s totally not murder.

                1. Art is what you do when the chores are done. So yeah, murder could be art. Duh.

                2. Hannibal Lecter specializes in such art, but the FBI still treats it like murder.

                  1. Hypocrites..

        2. What’s interesting is the ‘art’ will only be ‘obvious’ if the video accompanies the narrative. Once the video makes it onto PornHub (whoops, already there) and it stands by itself– separated from the narrative, it will be indistinguishable from 97% of the porn coming out of Japan.

          Not to say that Porn porn isn’t art…

          But saying it’s “not porn” has as much validity as saying it’s “not art”.

          1. Sure. PornHub also has sex scenes from movies, including hardcore movies like Caligula. They’re there purely for jackin’ it, and my guess is that most young viewers don’t know what Caligula is.

            1. Caligula is the only porn movie that ever had me checking my watch to see how soon it would be over.

              Gawdawful doesn’t begin to describe it.

              Everyone involved should have been thrown to the lions.

              1. I had to watch it because it had Helen Mirren in it. Other than that… no.

      5. I consider all my pron to be art videos.

        1. And I consider all my art to be porn videos.

      6. Does she say “fuck me in the butt” during the vid? Because that would actually be some high-quality trolling.

    3. “Oh I get it the German guy with the scar must be the bad guy, well do you know how I got this scar? Saving a young Jewish girl from a gang of skinheads, and so Claus gets a curb party.”

      1. “And I don’t normally fly on the Hindenburg 2.0.”

    4. The funniest part is the “Affirmative Consent” condition she put on the video:

      Do not watch this video if your motives would upset me, my desires are unclear to you, or my nuances are indecipherable. . . .

      If you watch this video without my consent, then I hope you reflect on your reasons for objectifying me and participating in my rape

      IOW, you may only watch it if you have the right viewpoint.

      (Thanks to Lord Humungus)

      FWIW, I will bet she took it down herself.

      1. participating in my rape

        If you intentionally film having sex with someone and post it on the internet IT’S NOT FUCKING RAPE.l

        (Jesus Christ this chick just graduated with a degree from an Ivy League. Think about that.)

        1. Exhibit ‘B’ for why you should never hire somebody from an Ivy League school.

          (I think Lehman Bros is still exhibit ‘A’)

          1. Or Oberlin College for that matter.

          2. Lehman? What about Enron? Krugman went to Yale.

      2. FWIW, I will bet she took it down herself.

        I’m inclined to agree. One would need some serious technical mastery to DDOS an embedded video while leaving the rest of the site up.

  2. The government wants Facebook to keep inmates off the social network.

    Doesn’t Facebook make it easier to find them when they escape?

  3. Stormtrooper
    The water crisis in California continues.

    Shit down all data centers that use water for cooling.

    1. Shit?
      R2! Where are you R2!

      1. Okay. I just had a “oh shut!” moment.

        1. I’m telling Swissy on you.

    2. So the terlet is what cools servers?

      Learn sumthin every day. EVERY day.

    3. And shut down all the garbage smashers on the detention level.

  4. Paul’s campaign is “struggling,” according to The Atlantic.

    You know whose campaign also struggled?

    1. Napoleon?

      1. Wait, what? Rand’s invading Russia this winter?!

        1. Recon mission staging area: Palin’s backyard!

    2. Carolus Gustavus in Poland?

    3. Bactine’s? When they originally released it moms wouldn’t buy it because “if it doesn’t sting, it’s not helping.” So they added a bit of sting and sales skyrocketed.

      1. Moms are even worse than I am.

        1. Objections: moms sometimes bake delicious cake.

        2. Don’t try to deflect to moms.

      2. Moms of that era were psychopaths.

        1. According to the Skenazy article yesterday, they still are. Or, at least, mentally unstable.

          1. Yeah…. I got nothing.

            1. Pshaw….you’re a gem, and we love you, HoD.

              /mother of a different era 😉

              1. And I thought the commentariat couldn’t make me blush.


          2. What TP said.

    4. Sulkowicz?

    5. Santorum?

      1. Good one.

    6. By the same author: Lindsey Graham Is for Real.

    7. Mitt Romney’s?

      1. That’s not a who. Disqualified.

    8. Fluke’s?

  5. Police arrested a Stormtrooper for hanging out near a school. He might have hurt someone with that blaster, obviously.

    You know who else… ah fuck it

    1. Boba Fett?

      1. Nonsense. They’re no good to him dead.

    2. …arrested stormtroopers?

      …used weapons near schools?

      1. I wonder- were the tracks in single-file?

        1. There were two tracks. And then there was one.

          That is when I picked you up and carried you to the hoosegow.

          1. There were two tracks. And then there was one.

            That is when I picked you up and carried you to the hoosegow.

            I completely missed this earlier. Dammit…

  6. Police arrested a Stormtrooper for hanging out near a school. He might have hurt someone with that blaster, obviously.

    They resent the competition and the fact that he’s a better shot.

    1. “better shot”??????

      Not if the movies are any guide.

      I’d feel safer walking through an Imperial Stormtrooper free-fire zone than I would walking past a politician with my wallet in my pocket.

      1. ^This. Bogus report. We know that the only time Stormtroopers can hit anything with a blaster is if it is Imperial property. Jango Fett clones, OTOH…

      2. Or sandcrawlers, Jawas, Uncle Owen, or Aunt Beru.

        1. Vader obviously took out the sandcrawlers and the Jawas.

          Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru turned blasters on themselves to avoid being in the rest of the movies.

          1. I thought it was because blue milk is hallucinogenic and they were having a bad trip.

      3. Goddammit, they were missing on purpose so the Millenium Falcon could escape and lead them to the secret Rebel base.

  7. Earth’s tits probably liked gigantic lizards crawling on them instead of humans and their bullets, bombs, and cheap cheese. And when these whores haven’t been able to build a bubble spaceship filled with oaks, palms, and vodka floating by the sun the extra-future dinorobots in the far future will hunt cellphones like fucking white truffles, man.

    1. Oh dear; AC is stoned early.

      1. I think that goes beyond the description you used.

      2. Is it a bad sign I totally get his point?

      3. SO the jealous.

        Fucking hotels. Smoke one for me, Agile.

        1. What’s wrong with smoking in hotels? Oh, I guess you’re not in Colorado.

    2. luv

    3. Please tell me Heroic Mulatto is around to translate. I want to know what this means?

      1. Earth’s tits probably liked gigantic lizards crawling on them

        Subduction leads to orogeny, my friend.

        1. Mystery solved!
          Much thanks

    4. bullets, bombs, and cheap cheese

      Oh, that is absolutely gonna be a Pulitzer-winning book title.

      1. Nah, too derivative of “guns and butter.”

        1. Huh…never heard of that. I’m that much more educated.

          I was thinking of a Zapp Brannigan autobiography, or something.

          1. That really does work, doesn’t it.

    5. “I can fly through the heavens on the power of my heart and thread my way through a string of stars to write your name in a new constellation”

      Agile Cyborg comment or Toad the Wet Sprocket lyrics? You decide.

    6. dinorobots in the far future will hunt cellphones like fucking white truffles, man.

      See? “Poet Laureate” for the USA is a given. Fucking Agile – he the shit.

    7. Earth’s tits probably liked gigantic lizards crawling on them

      The Nirubian Council concurs.

  8. Nut punch: Utah cop cleared after killing Dillon Taylor last summer.

    Body-cam video shows that Taylor turned toward officers with his hands in his pants before hoisting his shirt ? a gesture officers are trained to recognize as a possible weapon-draw.

    “Nothing that Mr. Taylor did assisted in de-escalating the situation,” Gill said. “If anything, it escalated things.”

    Taylor’s shooting was justified, Gill said, not because he posed an actual threat, but because Cruz reasonably perceived a threat.

    At this point I’m ready to call 911 callers part of the problem. Especially ones like this:

    Taylor’s 22-year-old brother and 21-year-old cousin were the two men with him and whose clothing matched that described by a 911 caller, who told dispatchers “some gangbangers” walking near 200 East and 1900 South had “flashed” a gun.

    “They’re obviously looking for trouble, just the way they look,” the caller said, according to a transcript of the call.

    Whoever made that call got this guy killed. Never call the cops. Never.

    1. At this point I’m ready to call 911 callers part of the problem.

      A bit late to that revelation, Nicole.

      1. Yeah, I lied, I’ve hated them for a while.

    2. Maybe the caller wanted Taylor killed.

      1. I sure know what I’d do if I had a grudge…

        1. I wonder if that will ever become common practice. Just calling the cops on someone you want to get killed. Perhaps the mafia should fire their hitmen. There appears to be a far safer, and cheaper option now if you want to make someone disappear.

          1. Since SWATting has caught on, I’d say yes. I’d be surprised if people weren’t already doing it.

          2. It’s called “SWATing”, and it’s already a thing.

            People suck.

          3. Now that you mention it, odd that we haven’t seen this scenario on a TV how yet.

            1. *show

              (why does my eyesight always improve after I hit the “enter” key?

            2. That because TV will only show police as the smartest people on earth.

              1. Gibbs’ rule 65: we are above the law.

    3. Nut Roundhouse Kick = People Who Shot Child in Face For Trying to Go To School Freed From Prison

      I suppose that would be unimportant but for the fact that we give that shithole country a few billion $ every year

      1. So all our blood and treasure for the last n years has been worth it. Whew, I was worried there for a sec.

    4. True story – our phone system at work has 911 in the company directory with a 4-digit extension.

      1. I’m sorry you work with/for idiots, IF.

        1. The network admin is a total smartass, he put it right next to my name in the directory. If you’re calling me, it better be an emergency.

    5. What is so hard about telling cops that unless somebody has a weapon in their hand, they can’t shoot them?

      1. The telling isn’t the hard part, RC, it’s the getting them to listen part.

      2. The hard part is another branch of government employees won’t do anything about it because if the popo go on strike people may figure out that lots of government employees are unnecessary.

    6. Number of guns recovered from the scene?

      1. Zero

    7. That’s nice: it’s our responsibility to de-escalate the situation.

      1. At least the police are now admitting to being flaming psychopaths.

      2. Someone has to be responsible for keeping the peace around here.

  9. From DerpBook:

    Mother Jones: Here’s Why Libertarians Are Mostly Men

    “All cats are libertarians.
    Completely dependent upon others, yet entirely convinced of their independence.”

    Yep, you never see a feral cat.

    1. Libertarians are mostly men because the primary purpose of modern govt is to transfer money from men to women.

      1. I thought about making a snarky response to this, but why bother? Fuck you, Longtorso.

          1. Just the misogynist asshole you’ve always been.

            1. Unfortunately the MoJo article isn’t much better.

      2. Cite needed.

          1. Poor, weak little baby. Go ahead, cry it out on Mama’s shoulder.

            1. Were you around for the whole Suki thing? It was super creepy.

              1. …go on…

              2. Creepy, perhaps (as a certified molester, I’m colorblind in that area), but incredibly stupid, yeah, for sure.

              3. No, no idea who Suki is. I was merely assuring Johnny, as he sobs in his beer, that I am truly here for the poor widdle man.

                That’s what victims need most to heal the hurt. Validation.

                1. The Suki Project was Johnny (under his old handle) working out his own fantasies in the guise of a woman. It demonstrated three things:

                  1. Johnny can’t write.
                  2. Johnny has zero understanding of women.
                  3. Johnny has some really creepy fantasies.

                  1. Ah. Forever putting him in the Recipe Responses Only file. Thanks for the hot tip.

                  2. No. I was never that John.

              4. Wasn’t Suki a creation of John Tagliaferro’s?

                Is Longtorso the same guy? That would explain much.

                1. I’m not John T. I’m red-Tony; the John with the fat fetish.

                2. Yes, he is.

                  1. I contain multitudes. Too much awesome for one screen name.

          2. A “cite” is something that supports your contention. Those don’t. Try again?

          3. That explains the fury of spending for a few days every month. AMIRITE?

              1. Ah, game. Say, maybe you’d be interested in a copy of my new PUA course: The Pussy Hound 2: Electric Pussening. It’s only 9 monthly payments of $99.95, and I’ll even throw in a copy of my self-hypnosis course. That’s right, you get No Personality? No Problem: How Following a Script That Makes You Act Like a Total Asshole Actually Improves Your Personality And Gets You Mad Bitches, Bro. Don’t wait! Act now, bro!

                1. A Woman’s Looks Are *More* Important To Her Marriageability
                  …It’s similar to buying perishable goods versus durable goods. Toilet paper? Yeah, you don’t want it tearing apart in your ass forest, but you won’t care much about the advantages of 10-ply over 9-ply. You’ll buy a good value TP, a brand that’ll do the job but won’t cost more than a decent cheesesteak.

                  But a more durable good, like a car? You will care about every detail of that purchase ? looks, power, efficiency, reliability? “leg” room. You’ll spend a lot more time mulling over your auto options than you will your TP options.

                  It goes the same with women. A one night stand or a short fling? Sure, you want the hottest girl you can get, but you’ll make sacrifices if she’s good to go. Maybe you allow yourself to tolerate a one point beauty deduction for a two point increase in sexual availability….

          4. It’s like you didn’t see me respond to that bullshit TWICE already.

            1. Actually, I didn’t. What did you get in your pretty little head about it?

              1. That it’s a longstanding complaint of women that they are disproportionately responsible for household management. Remember the first wave, when women wanted to go out and earn their own money instead of just buying all the family’s groceries and toothpaste and diapers all the time? Because spending all that money was so much fun. Controlling household budgets may be a certain kind of power, but it’s also shitloads of boring and, for many women, unrewarding family maintenance crap.

                1. Poor babies. Forced to spend all the money we make. Damn, we’re oppressive.

          5. Not to burst your bubble, but if women are only 52% of the population, they can’t really control 60% of personal wealth, now can they?

            I mean, once they start controlling their husband’s or kids wealth, it’s no longer personal but familial.

            1. What, and men don’t own their families? For shame, DN.

              1. I know it’s a crazy theory: women and men entering into marriage as partners and sharing familial responsibilities.

            2. Do you understand “demographics”?

              Old people are rich. Men die young.

          6. In that case, the purpose of modern government is to transfer money to the 1%. Just look at all the infographics of how much of the national income they claim!

      3. Warty, OMWC, and JW are clearly Nicole’s beta orbiters.

        1. I’m irresistibly attracted because of her resemblance to Charlyne Yi.

          1. You spelled it right!

            1. You taught me well, Carl.

              1. Oh, what I would give to be her beta orbiter.

        2. I call them my harem, Carl. Pronounced ha-reem.

        3. No way, bro, I’m alpha. Did you notice how I insult, er…neg women? Did you notice how I act aggressively in an attempt to convince you that I’m confident? ALPHA BRO

          1. You’re a lot less lame when SugarFree writes your dialog.

            1. You’re a lot less lame when Suki reads your lines.

              1. …Except that he’s not.

              2. Suki was John T. Y’all’s ignorance on that is y’all’s problem. I’m not Suki-John, and I’m not the John with the fat fetish.

                Admit it, Nikki, you’re sitting in a little puddle of sexual arousal at my Amused Mastery as you respond.

                1. I seriously hope that’s a joke. Because otherwise I’m going to actually be sad for you.

                  1. You clearly can’t get enough of me, stalker.

                2. Qu’est-ce que c’est “Amused Mastery” and why does the phrase warrant capitalization?

                  1. It’s a moronic PUA term. Which you would know if you ordered my new series, The Pussy Hound 3: The Pussening Pussens Again. Only 12 easy payments of 149.99. Act now. BE ALPHA.

                    1. Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my honest-to-goodness, straight from the 3rd World, submissive Asian [insert blink tag] wife! She’s cooking me dinner, mopping the floor, and giving me a blowjob. Simultaneously. Neg Red Pill Yolo Swag, bro.

                    2. Funny, considering Warty was a virgin until SugarFree finally wrote him a sex scene.

                    3. Warty, do you take traveler’s checks?


                    5. I’m off to grill some pork chops.

                      Let me know how this all goes down. I’m guessing like this.

                    6. NOOOOOO! Pork will steal all your alphaness, bro! If only you’d read The Pussy Crushener!

                    7. I am going to score so many foxes!

      4. suckers!

        1. Those are what we call “keepers.”

      5. Libertarians are mostly men because the primary purpose of modern govt is to transfer money from men to women govt.

        FTFY. I don’t know why more women don’t seem to notice this.

    2. We’re mostly men because we like the words ‘slut’ and ‘cunt’ a lot.

      1. Leave Weigel out of this.

    3. Second paragraph of the MJ article: So here’s the quick answer: hard core libertarianism is a fantasy.

      In all fairness the hardcore version of any political philosophy is a fantasy, but don’t let that stop you, MJ.

      Another media outlet arrives at the early version of the “debate” stage in the Ignore/Laugh/Debate progression. The early version of the debate stage is to construct a strawman version of libertarianism and debate against that.

      1. Socialism isn’t based on any fantasy about being saved by Top Men. No sirree.

      2. Mother Jones is the magazine that had a man attend an AK-47 build party, and he was such an idiot that he accidentally committed a bunch of felonies.

        Those are the sorts of towering intellects that work for that magazine.

        1. Well it’s not like he actually got in trouble or anything.

        2. Mother Jones will support a candidate that takes illegal donations from countries that rape women and behead gays. As will Drum.

    4. All cats are socialists. Fully capable of being independent, but will gladly be dependent since it’s way less effort.

      1. Said no one who ever tried to rescue a wild kitten, ever.

        1. Too terse of me. We’ll solve that with an addendum.

          Cats are patient little bastards. They’re perfectly fine with independence. You essentially have to convince them that your soul is theirs in a pretty package before they’ll consider allowing you the pleasure of caring for them.

          But my cats for quite some time have been rescued wild kittens.

          1. I picked up this black kitten from one of the rescue leagues a few years back.

            She’s not the brightest of cats, but very lovable and her world revolves around me, so much to the point of my family rolling their eyes. She follows me from room to room.

            If I put a hat on, she can’t recognize me and hides.

        2. Like humans, it needs to be educated into dependence.

    5. It’s a fantasy where the strongest and most self-reliant folks end up at the top of the heap, and a fair number of men share the fantasy that they are these folks. They believe they’ve been held back by rules and regulations designed to help the weak, and in a libertarian culture their talents would be obvious and they’d naturally rise to positions of power and influence.

      Is Kevin Drum really not familiar with basic libertarian theory on government regulation? This is basic shit that goes back decades, if not centuries. It riles me up how arrogant these ignorant “intellectuals” are, despite not knowing the first thing about what they’re talking about.

      Dear Kevin Drum: please google “regulatory capture.” Thanks.

      1. It’s a fantasy where the strongest and most self-reliant folks end up at the top of the heap, and a fair number of men share the fantasy that they are these folks.

        Libertarianism is not about this, at all.

        Honest question: are there any liberal pundits we think could pass an ideological Turing test with regard to libertarianism? I have yet to come across one I think could pull it off. I am open to being wrong.

        1. I’m sure Dave Weigel can easily do it. 92% pass rate at least!

        2. They can’t help but phrase it in a way that expresses their own value system. I don’t want to be “on top” of other people, I want to be left alone.

          1. I want to be on top of some other people, but there are times I like to just lay there, too.

      2. See my comment above.

      3. I also like that he thinks libertarianism is some sort of Nietzscheian ubermensch philosophy where everyone thinks they’re superhumans being held back by the machinations of the less worthy.

        That’s actually a pretty good description of how Ayn Rand saw herself, but otherwise I’ve never met a libertarian who seriously believed this.

        1. Ayn Rand wasn’t a libertarian. In fact she openly despised them for not making her their leader.

        2. “That’s actually a pretty good description of how Ayn Rand saw herself, but otherwise I’ve never met a libertarian who seriously believed this.”

          Look up Keith Preston.

          1. “We reject the Left/Right model of the political spectrum and work towards a synthesis of the currently scattered anarchist tendencies. These include collectivist-anarchism, syndicalism, mutualism, post-structuralism, Green anarchism, primitivism and neo-tribalism from the Left; anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-monarchism, anarcho-feudalism, national-anarchism, tribal-anarchism, paleo-anarchism and Christian anarchism from the Right; and anarchist tendencies that defy left/right categorization such as synthesist anarchism, post-left anarchism, situationism, Zapatismo, black anarchism, native anarchism, Islamic anarchism, third wave anarcha-feminism, geoanarchism, libertarian queer anarchism, and queer national-anarchism.”

            Uh…that guy does not seem particularly libertarian. I don’t personally think anyone who sees Zapatistas as potential allies is really on our side.

            1. “Uh…that guy does not seem particularly libertarian. I don’t personally think anyone who sees Zapatistas as potential allies is really on our side.”

              Even Rothbard expessed similar sentiments.

            2. Also, here’s an old paper trying to fuse the two.


        3. Yo. I believe I am vastly superior to the average person, intellectually, physically and morally. However, because of this, I have no desire to control or harm other individuals, but the weaklings refuse to show me the same courtesy. This is because with weakness comes fear, and with fear comes the desire for control. Strength breeds gentleness. Fear breeds aggression. This is why ancient crones like Hillary and Pelosi and mushy, chinless idiots like Bitchtits and Peter King are so fucking authoritarian. In an uncontrolled environment, they know they would fall to the bottom rung of society due to the lack of any skills, abilities or work ethic.

          1. And certain segments of their anatomy are dried up.

      4. Drum can look up “public choice theory” right after that.

        1. Then bootleggers and baptists.

          1. Then have his eyes propped open, Clockwork Orange style, and forced to watch every video of a cop needlessly killing a civilian.

            1. Lidlocks on their glazzies.

            2. Have him reread the SWAT/zoning code article from earlier today. Those regulations sure helped those poor folks, huh! Thank FSM for the government.

      5. rules and regulations designed to help the weak,

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh fucking hell. It’d actually be funny if it weren’t so tragically sad that an adult thinks this way.

      6. What I’m reading is that Kevin Drum is at least as stupid as Tony.

    6. Forcibly dependent on others. Tamed cats aren’t volunteers, people. Though they can be wooed and plied by tempting treats.

      1. Mine can’t. She grudgingly accepts regular food, but she won’t take shit out of a person’s hand and she prefers to be outside except when it’s cold or raining. I love that cat. She’s the perfect egotist.

      2. Codependency is the best that cat enthusiasts can hope for..

    7. God damn I hate Mother Jones.

    8. Very few opponents have read anything written by actual libertarians so for most the only thing they know about libertarianism is the snarky second, third, fourth or fifth hand+ misunderstandings that they’ve read on other anti-libertarian peoples’ blog posts and articles. So…nothing of import or substance.

      It’s all the same recycled crap that passes through the human centipede that is the collectivist blogosphere.

      1. I’m stealing your first paragraph.

  10. Paul’s campaign is “struggling,” according to The Atlantic.

    “President-elect Paul stumbling as he heads toward inauguration.” -The Atlantic, December 2016.

  11. Why is Paul having such a hard time? Partly it is because the crowded field he thought would give him an advantage includes several conservative candidates appealing to a similar pool of voters?from the firebrand Ted Cruz to social conservative Mike Huckabee to neurosurgeon Ben Carson.


    1. People don’t actually like Ben Carson, they like the idea of Ben Carson. He’s this cycle’s Herman Cain. Really, there are only 5 serious candidates running and Paul is, by default, one of them.

      The only real problem he’s having right now is finding donors. It is disappointing that Peter Thiel spurned him.

      1. I mean, man, I thought I liked Rand Paul, but HUCKABEE OH YEAH HUCKABEE


      2. There is probably a nebolous sexual harrrasment allegation already pre-packaged

      3. People don’t actually like Ben Carson, they like the idea of Ben Carson

        Ahaha, that’s perfectly put. Consider it stolen.

      4. Damn, I’m convinced he needs help now, I was going to wait a bit until the actual primaries got closer.

        Got a link to his website? I’m ready to donate today. Certainly not much, but if 10,000 people think like me, that would probably help him a lot.


          I think his recent efforts on the Patriot Act have been impressive enough to get more of his dad’s donors and supporters to support him.

          Apparently Ronulans are a prickly bunch of purists that don’t trust Rand due to his alliance with Mitch McConnell.

      5. “People don’t actually like Ben Carson, they like the idea of Ben Carson.”
        Probably true, but I question whether Republicans ever like their candidates. Ronald Reagan is mainly popular because conservatives actually liked him. It’s a rare thing for them.

        1. That said, I think Ben Carson has a slightly better chance than Hermain Cain for his zeal against Obamacare. Although I’d be surprised if he got the nomination.

        2. but I question whether Republicans ever like their candidates

          I think you are right. They did not like Romney, McCain, Bush, Dole, Bush 1…probably not Nixon.

    2. Gotta love concern trolls.

    3. See, they all have an R after their name, which according to folks that like the politics of The Atlantic, means that they are all Gun Toting, Racist, KKK, Teathuglicans.

    4. I wouldn’t click the link, but this sounds like Yglesias-speak.

  12. 102-year-old woman physician finally gets a German doctorate she was denied in 1938 for being part-Jewish.

    She and her husband were physicians in the U.S. until the 1950s, but then:

    “But Mr. Rapoport was also getting unwanted attention from the government because of his links to the Communist Party, which his wife came to embrace as well. The two spent Sunday mornings distributing the Daily Worker in depressed areas of Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Enquirer soon got wind of that, and so did the House Un-American Activities Committee.

    “Feeling the heat, Mr. Rapoport remained in Zurich after a pediatric conference in 1950. Ms. Rapoport, pregnant with her fourth child, joined him in Europe with their children. He unsuccessfully sought a position at his alma mater, the University of Vienna, before the family moved to East Germany.”…..1431576062

    1. Communism and Fascism are both totalitarian collectivist ideologies; in practice they both come with a generous side order of minority-bashing too (be it against Catalans or Crimean Tatars, among other groups).

      It never ceases to enrage me how the meta-context treats believing in one of those totalitarian collectivisms as benign and how dare you criticize it, while in the other case how dare you engage in apologetics for the ideology and you should be thrown out of polite society.

    2. I’m willing to give holocaust survivors a pass on communism. It doesn’t make them right, and you don’t debate them, but their reaction is understandable.

      1. You’d think the heaviest dose of government imaginable would make one pause to think.

        1. You would, but I’m seeing this as a mindless reaction – the enemies of my enemies are my friends. Also, not sure if government was more intrusive in Nazi Germany than in East Germany. For the Jews, yes, but for everyone else?

          1. That’s what I want in a doctor – mindlessness.

        1. Come on, I’m sure they were willing to let them settle in Pripyat. Eventually.

      2. Also, during that time period they hadn’t yet seen most of the damage that communism wrought in the 20th century.

        1. It’s part of the reason I still think Orwell is one of the best thinkers of the century, despite his socialism. I like to think he would’ve been clear-thinking enough to reevaluate his views if he had lived long enough to see some of the worst atrocities from dictators who shared his economic ideas. He was able to do that with Stalin.

    3. You know who else in 1938 was denying the Jews…

      Oh wait, I should have thought that through a little better.

      1. The Klan?

    4. I read about that a few weeks ago. Nice story

  13. Drugs aren’t the problem, says addictions expert Dr. Carl Hart

    Hart said the overwhelming majority of drugs users don’t have a drug problem, and he’s advocating for governments to change their approach.

    “The first thing I would do,” said Hart, a medical doctor and associate professor of psychology at Columbia University, “I would make sure that we stop arresting people.”

    Drugs are often used as a scapegoat for other problems such as poverty and crime, said Hart, adding that drugs are not as addictive as we have been told.

    1. People get addicted to all sorts of stupid things. Like golf and Sugar Smacks.

      1. Rufus addicted to Morning and Evening Lonks?

        1. I’m not the only one.

          /flings elastic at BigT.

    2. How much of that crime wouldn’t happen if drugs weren’t illegal?

    3. Dr. Carl Hart suffers mysterious automotive accident in 3…

  14. Enraged by the legislature’s decision to ban the death penalty, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts snaps and becomes a serial killer:

    Nebraska Governor Vows to Execute Prisoners Despite Legislative Death Penalty Ban

    1. Is he going to do them himself, Ned Stark style?

      1. Based on the photo of Governor Ricketta, I think an Avada Kedavra is more likely.

    2. I’m ok with this so long as he has a good one-liner for each execution.

      1. Your sentence has been commuted…. TO THE AFTERLIFE

    3. Let me de-mendacious-cuntify Stormy’s summary.

      Nebraska’s governor is attempting to get the supreme court to issue execution warrants on prisoners on death row prior to the September deadline outlawing the death penalty. His effort is unlikely to succeed for most of the prisoners because the process is unlikely to finish before the deadline. Additionally, the state lacks the drugs to carry out any executions and this obstacle is unlikely to be overcome before Semptember.

      Stormy, a favor, when you act like a mendacious cunt, it gives your fellow death-penalty opponents, guys like me, a bad name.

      I know it’s not in your nature to be honest and true, so I merely ask that you shut up rather than alter your personality.

      1. Yes, because no one else in this comment section ever exaggerates story summaries for comedic effect.

      2. You douche Bro?

  15. The water crisis in California continues:

    What’s bad for California farmers is turning out to be good for Michael Higgins. He owns Summit Power & Supply, a company in Austin, Tex., that buys and sells drilling equipment, for water and oil wells. He gets six calls a week from Golden State farmers, up from one every two months just two years ago.

    “They’re getting frantic,” Mr. Higgins says.

    To quote the good Dr.:

    Then, when every last cent of their money was spent,
    The Fix-It-Up Chappie packed up. And he went.
    And he laughed as he drove In his car up the beach,
    “They never will learn. No. You can’t Teach a Sneetch!”

  16. I’ve got nothing against storm troopers, but the guy was 40 years old. Grow up! You think Don Draper would walk out in public in some kind of costume like that? The infantilazation of America continues apace.

    1. As someone who went to every Potter movie in costume, go fuck yourself. I do what I likes. I’ll wear a recreation Scarlett O’Hara ballgown with a ten-foot diameter right down the street if I take it into my head (WITH a cloak), and you know what you’re gonna do about it? Take it. Take it right up the arse.

      We want to be free! We want to be able to do what we want to do! We want to get loaded, and we want to have a good time. So you get back in your rocket ship and fuck right off!

      1. We want to be free! We want to be able to do what we want to do!

        So did Ed Gein.

    2. Tells people to grow up
      Looks to fictional character as role model

      Sounds legit

      1. Yeah, Alexander the Great and Hannibal patterning themselves after mythological figures completely invalidates their accomplishments.

  17. Reuters = The GOP has Gone ‘Psycho’

    All I can say for sure after having read that is that self-identifed Democrats are shitting their pants right now.

    1. Sure seems that way. Just for the record, some of the Dems I know are openly mocking their own party for having so little to offer in the way of candidates. And no one is arguing to defend Hillary Clinton anymore.

      1. There are a few. I overheard a couple of 20 something hipsters the other day where one asked the other “So are you excited about Hillary running?” and the other of course was.

        1. Hipsters? Oh, John, they were just being ironic.

        2. Hilary has the drone-army rank and file vote. I know people who are *excited* at the thought of her running.

          Yes, they are pathetic.

          1. What, because she’s female? Seriously, there’s no way anyone could be thrilled to have a corrupt incompetent like her in office. I’m not even sure Bill is thrilled with the idea.

            1. She’s Hillary. She’s ceased to be a person and has become a brand.

              She promises to free the slaves, restore the Union and give women the vote. Or something like that.

              1. Strangely, voting for someone for no reason doesn’t seem to result in a good government.

                Contrast why people support her with why people support someone like Rand Paul. Night and day.

                1. The people who support her and ardent fans of smiley-face fascism, which promises to raise everyone into collectivist utopia, so it’s a good fit.

    2. The author of this piece delusional.

      The GOP holds both the House and Senate, 31 governorships, and the majority of legislatures at the state level. Additionally, they have presidential candidates representing various wings of the party from hawks to doves, from fiscal conservatives to free spenders, from social conservatives to well, slightly less socially conservative.

      The Dems have Hillary. Good luck with that. Their bench is so weak at every level.

      1. The Republican Party has been doomed to oblivion since approximately 1963, yet for some reason it never quite disappears. It’s sort of like how the environment is always just about to become unlivably toxic, but strangely enough it never actually happens.

        1. Until something changes, we’re going to continue to see-saw back and forth. Maybe someday we’ll get that voting for the other party when upset with the ruling party isn’t the only possible solution.


      2. GOP appointees also control the Supreme Court and have for a very long time now.

      3. Also, they keep saying that young voters are turned off by the “radical” bunch inside the GOP, like the Tea Party and such…. No, no, the GOP should definitely go back the neocon warhawks and the SoCon branch that just wants to impose heavy morality. Those two things will definitely turn on young voters, right? Nothing young people like more than war and repressing sexuality.

        They forget that young voters are responding well to those who promote more open and honest government, fiscal responsibility, and peeling back this warfare/security state. No, no… forget all that stuff. Just keep going on about how the Republicans need to squash those voices and go back to the good ol’ boy system.

  18. TNR: Why are there so few libertarian women?

    Rand, Paterson, and Lane were all exceptional women who thrived in a male-dominated world of journalism and publishing. This fact both explains their libertarianism but also suggests its limits. It is true that throughout history there have been extraordinary women who have overcome many of the barriers of patriarchy. But feminism?and any political efforts to improve the lot of all women?isn’t aimed at outliers or those who can overcome structural hurdles through talent or luck. Feminism is aimed at overcoming the problems of women as a group.

    While libertarianism is rarely explicitly sexist, it is hostile to collective efforts to challenge sexism: anti-discrimination laws, affirmative action, paid leave, and the broader net of social services that are particularly necessary to those who have historically been tasked with care-giving jobs within the family. No wonder women as a whole find little in libertarianism that appeals to them.

    1. This excerpt is actually more reasonable than I expected (I’m not going to click through to read the rest as that will indirectly lead to ESB getting more $$).

      Libertarians object to many of those things on philosophical grounds, true. But they also reject that those will be necessarily positive things for women. Take paid leave- government mandated paid leave for women will lead to fewer women getting hired. How is that good for women?

      1. That explains why women who are feminists aren’t also libertarians, but what about conservative women?

        Unless most women are inclined to think collectively and towards collective action, which I don’t think is true at all.

        1. I don’t know about the quality of this research, but I certainly hear a lot that women are, on average, less risk-averse than men, in general.

          1. More risk-averse. More.

            1. Less! LESS!

            2. More risk-averse. More.

              Call me. Maybe?

            3. A distinct possibility. To speculate, this certainly could be true for traditionally-minded conservative women that value the stability of the traditional family.

              This would be less about government providing security through welfare but more about government providing security through law and order policies and actions to protect children from drugs and predators.

              They would understandably bristle at libertarian hostility to the police state and drug war.

    2. those who have historically been tasked with care-giving jobs within the family

      Now there’s some passive-voice BS.

      1. And no woman ever wanted to take care of or gave a shit about her kids such that they wanted to take care of them. Nope, they were “tasked” with that job by the evil patriarchy or something.

    3. Why are there so few libertarian men?
      /true Scotswoman

    4. I’m glad TNR is here to help us out.

      Anyway, talk about begging the question. Idiots.

  19. The government wants Facebook to keep inmates off the social network.

    Note to corrections facility administrators, have your firewall admin block the site. Done and done.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t RTFA, but isn’t a little bit of the onus on the correctional facility to keep the inmates off Facebook?

      1. Hunnert percent. And painfully easy, too.

        Now I also didn’t read the article, so it’s possible they don’t want inmates on facebook even by proxy*, which is an impossible standard.

        *having a non-inmate not at the facility maintain a facebook page for them.

  20. The water crisis in California continues.

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Water is wet, except in California.

    1. I keep offering to drop a couple of comets on California to solve their problem.

      1. That’s so sweet! You should probably drop some major infrastructure projects on us first though lest the water run straight into the Pacific. Or I suppose lest the Pacific run straight into the CA.

        1. Um, I could send a few iron?nickel alloy asteroids.

    2. City of LA still watering old tires and shopping carts while telling you to turn off your sprinkler?

    1. Ain’t that North Korea for you and me! Ain’t that North Korea we’re something to see baby! Ain’t that North Korea of the Kim…Little pink house for you and Kim. Oh, for you and him.

    1. Would.

        1. Right?

    1. …and really high, too.

      Thank you, don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

    1. So that’s where bottle water comes from.

  21. The New York Times is all over the fact that Marco Rubio got traffic tickets. Ignore Hillary taking bribes from Putin and the Qutaris. Rubio is a speeder. God they are pathetic.

    1. Ted Kennedy killed a girl.

  22. Fucking mowing the goddamn lawn on a corner of this fucking planet and the machine beneath my ass generated brain swarms of bullshit which one of these fucking lackluster vectors caused my face to pause and consider that the center of our universe will never piss. Not even fucking once. A single stream of piss will NEVER fucking come from that goddamn billion year old ball of fire in the center of all this shit. And it sort of made me feel sad because I would not want to exist for a billion years and not piss. ever. A galactic prison I wish to avoid. all hail the sun. Kind sir, do not kill my shit with rays.

    1. I bet peeing feels awesome on whatever drugs you have right now, dude.

    2. So.

      You use a Toro?

  23. Emma Sulkowicz’s pornographic art video was possibly taken down by a cyber attack.

    FTA (titled Part Of Emma Sulkowicz’s Latest Art Project Disabled By Cyber Attack):

    Emma Sulkowicz said a DDoS attack ? which is an attempt to make a website unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources ? is partly the reason her site is not working. As of Friday afternoon, the video on the site is still down.


    It is unclear who launched the cyber attack against the website.

    You know, back when media outlets were first credulously repeating her claims of rape, it was at least about a topic she was qualified to talk about. Now, not only has Sulkowicz not provided any evidence for her claims, she has not, as far as I know, given any reason we should believe that she is qualified to ascertain the difference between a DDoS attack and simply receiving a lot of traffic.

    1. I am pretty sure Emma has watched The Net starring Sandra Bullock, so she knows all about hackers and their hijinx.

      1. She came away with as much as Frank Costanza did.

    2. I am pretty sure Emma has watched The Net starring Sandra Bullock, so she knows all about hackers and their hijinx.

    3. Now, not only has Sulkowicz not provided any evidence for her claims, she has not, as far as I know, given any reason we should believe that she is qualified to ascertain the difference between a DDoS attack and simply receiving a lot of traffic.

      Don’t you invalidate her experiences!

    4. She has the Columbia Graduate Credibility Shield.

    5. any evidence for her claims, she has not, as far as I know, given any reason we should believe that she is qualified to ascertain the difference between a DDoS attack and simply receiving a lot of traffic.

      This on wheels.

  24. California Dumps 50 Million Gallons of Water into San Francisco Bay

    blame ‘vandals’, not their own retarded incompetent Government

    1. Why the fuckity fuck don’t they ditch the high speed rail bullshit and build a really huge desalinization plant? Oh right, they’d have to build a power plant to run it. Silly me.

  25. Darfur = Still Shithole; Hollywood Liberals Uninterested

  26. Paul’s campaign is “struggling,” according to The Atlantic.

    At least they wish it was true.

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