Attention Reasonoids! Come to Voice & Exit: THE Conference and Festival of the Future, Held in Austin, Texas, June 21st and 22nd

It's like TED for libertarians.


Voice & Exit |||

The year's Voice & Exit festival, which is taking place on June 21st and 22nd in Austin, Texas, promises to provide a particularly rich intellectual feast for libertarians.

This isn't your typical conference for policy wonks; Voice & Exit is for people "weary of the whitepaper-industrial complex, and fed up with the ideological purity tests," says conference co-founder Max Borders.

It's targeted at Bitcoiners, seasteaders, singularists, biohackers, entrepreneurs, free staters, and techno-optimists. "The purpose of Voice & Exit is to explore the raison d'etre of the liberty movement," says Borders, who's also the director of content at FEE and the editor of The Freeman.

"Libertarianism is about freedom and flourishing, but that often gets translated into doctrinaire policy papers. We wanted to create a conference that emphasizes what's beautiful and hopeful about our ideas."

Voice & Exit |||

The conference is modeled after TED, but with an emphasis on ideas and concepts that are less stodgy and more intellectually adventurous. It also has a collaborative format, with opportunities for the audience to interact with the speakers and workshops to help attendees incorporate ideas discussed at the festival into their personal lives.

Among the many highlights of this year's festival: Whole Foods Founder and CEO John Mackey will be on hand to talk about the altruism of capitalism, and why the best companies are built around a deeper moral purpose; Founder Jeffrey Tucker will look at our increasingly decentralized world, in which innovation happens at lightning speed; Matt Kibbe will lead a workshop on the horrors of the drug war; George Mason University's Alex Tabarrok will evision a world in which not only goods and information, but people, can flow freely across borders; Reason's Lauren Galik will discuss the connection between over criminalization and police abuse; and I'll be there talking about the coming video revolution and its implications for art, journalism, and civil society.

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