Free-Range Kids

Watch Lenore Skenazy Defend Parenting Sanity on The Daily Show

Free-Range Kids on TV


Reason's Lenore Skenazy appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night as part of a segment on child safety paranoia. Daily Show correspondents are known for occasionally (frequently?) doing long interviews with subjects and then taking their comments out of context to make them look like fools. But nothing of the sort happened with Skenazy, whose Free-Range Kids movement seems to inspire much more support than derision these days. Indeed, it was the woman selected by The Daily Show to represent the "think of the children!" perspective who looked like a fool. Deservedly, I might add.

Watch the clip here.

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  1. Kudos!!

  2. When you’re too overbearing and controlling for The Daily Show…

    1. No shit. I would’ve thought helicopter parenting would be right up their alley, and the idea that kids aren’t in constant danger and that maybe kids should have a little freedom, and parents should be free to raise their kids as they see fit without fear of busy bodies and CPS fuckhorns taking their kids away would just be crazy talk. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  3. Was that chick in the purple dress for real, or a Daily Show cast member?


    1. Googled the name, and it appears that she’s an actual shrink. I know the Daily Show does some highly unethical editing, but they really made her look like a moron.


      1. She didn’t exactly help herself. Her answers parroted and accepted the absurd premises that the interviewer was tossing out.

        1. Don’t assume that the questions you saw were the questions she was asked. As I mentioned, they can be flat out devious with their editing.


          1. Agreed, but she appears to be a moron just on her mannerisms. I also googled her because I thought she was an actor.

            Would any sane person go see her for a for a “family” issue? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  4. She is not a moderate. She is an amoral crap weasel that will say and do anything to continue to suckle on the body public. then check all report news this way….

  5. I believe the headline should be…

    Watch Lenore Skenazy DESTROY Parenting Sanity on The Daily Show

  6. “Some people say that crime happens less than it happened before-”


    Best. Part.

  7. FUCKING AUTOPLAY! Et tu, Reason?

    This is a sad, sad day.

  8. Why is it that you’re okay with splicing and selective editing when you agree with the point of the splice-and-dice but you get all mad when you disagree with the point being made?

    Either you get on Stewart’s level and do the same thing OR you shut up and take his segments as part of the discourse on a subject.

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