Cuba Removed From Naughty Terrorism List, NSA Analysts Question NSA Spying, IRS Blames Russians for Taxpayer Data Theft: P.M. Links



    Cuba's government is no longer officially named as a state sponsor of terrorism, after a revision by the Obama administration as part of the process to normalize relations. Celebrate with some Romeo y Julieta churchills.

  • Also challenging Hillary Clinton "from the left" for the Democratic presidential nomination is former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. Given his history, "left" apparently means enthusiasm for militarized policing.
  • You know who else worries that the NSA is spying to much? NSA analysts, that's who. They say the spook agency sucks up too much data to process. They have time, though. The NSA plans to keep its database of snoopage whether or not its authority to continue intercepting communications is reauthorized.
  • Rand Paul's libertarian and anti-interventionist positions help him with the general public, but not so much with the Republicans he needs to get the nomination.
  • The Pentagon may want to work on its mailroom practices, what with shipping live anthrax all over the place and such.
  • The IRS says that Russians were behind the theft of 100,000 taxpayer records. Yes, but who forced us to hand over the info for such careful storage?

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