Angela Merkel Most Powerful Woman in the World Again, Hamas Tortured, Killed Palestinians, Switzerland Arrests FIFA Officials on U.S. Corruption Charges: A.M. Links


  • JABMW14/flickr

    Forbes named Angela Merkel the world's most powerful woman for the fifth year in a row. Hillary Clinton came in second, and Taylor Swift also made the list.

  • Amnesty International has accused Hamas of torturing and slaughtering Palestinians in Gaza, which it controls. Israel launched airstrikes into Gaza in retaliation for a rocket attack originating from the Palestinian territory.
  • The State Council of China released a policy document expanding the role of the navy as the country continues activity in the disputed South China Sea. The Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua says the country's newest military strategy hinges on "peaceful development."
  • Authorities in Switzerland arrested several FIFA soccer officials on U.S. charges of corruption, intending to have them extradited.
  • The city of Olympia says it can't employ body cameras for its police officers until Washington state legislators clarify the privacy laws surrounding them.
  • Lawyers for the estate of B.B. King called allegations by King's family that the 89-year-old blues musician was poisoned "baseless."
  • There will be a Point Break remake.

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