Sheldon Richman on Marco Rubio's Reckless, Reactionary Agenda

Rubio thinks Obama has not warmongered enough and wants more confrontation with countries from China to Cuba.


Marco Rubio/Facebook

Republican presidential aspirant and U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio gave a major foreign-policy speech recently, setting out a doctrine with three pillars: "American Strength," "protection of the American economy," and "moral clarity regarding America's core values." All three display a hubris typical of a big-government advocate, including those of the conservative variety, writes Sheldon Richman. 

Rubio thinks Obama—who's hardly a dove—hasn't war-mongered enough. The Republican wants even more confrontation—with Russia, China, Cuba, and North Korea. But what he calls strength is just recklessness, argues Richman. Rubio says he wants to spread freedom and other values, but he must realize that what American drones, bombers, and special ops spread are death and social upheaval.