ISIS Takes Historic Syrian City, The Real Effect of Riots, Highlights from Rand Paul's Patriot Act Protest: A.M. Links


  • Screenshot from Rand Paul/Instagram

    Sen. Rand Paul led an attack on the Patriot Act, NSA snooping, and a whole lot else from the Senate floor yesterday, in a 10+ hour filibuster-lite. Matt Welch offers up the highlights here; Nick Gillespie makes the case for mainstream Republicans to side with civil libertarians on this one; Scott Shackford explains what the stunt has to do with the new USA Freedom Act; and Brian Doherty decodes Paul's "dog whistle to the antiwar libertarians." 

  • Do "riots work"? Sure, according to one new study—if you want to make people more conservative, that is. 
  • ISIS militants have now taken the historic Syrian city of Palmyra, five days following the group's takeover of large Iraqi city Ramadi. 
  • An Indian mom has placed the country's first newspaper matrimonial ad seeking a same-sex marriage partner for her son. "In the end, I don't understand the big deal," she writes in Quartz
  • L.A. business leaders say the real danger in the city's newly-passed minimum-wage hike is tying the minimimum wage to inflation
  • How to talk to sex workers socially. 
  • All hail American IPAs!

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