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Third Secular Blogger Hacked to Death in Last Three Months

Bangladesh prime minister too busy dealing with political disorder


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A third secular writer in Bangladesh in the last three months has been murdered as political violence by radical Islamists in the country is increasing. Ananta Das was attacked by four masked men armed with cleavers, who hacked him to death. The Economist describes him as "perhaps less a provocateur" than the previous two writers killed in Bangladesh—first Avijit Roy, author of Virus of Faith, who lived in the U.S. but returned to Bangladesh for a book fair, was hacked to death, and then 27-year-old Washiqur Rahman, who mocked conservative Islamists and insisted they couldn't stop free thought in his country.

Das' last blog post ended with a quote from an essay he edited for his quarterly magazine Jukti, which is translated variously as logic, argument, or reason.  Via The Atlantic:

No one with a free mind can be indoctrinated in regional fundamentalism or limit themselves within the walls of narrow-mindedness. The world is very large, but our well-behaved hypocrites are still quite primitive, it's time for them to crawl out of the well and view our enormous universe from a new perspective. All of us are human, and all of us are Bangladeshi Bengalis—how long will it take the people of Sylhet [Das' hometown] to understand this simple truth?

As The Economist explains, writers like Das were worried about the Bangladesh government colluding with Islamists. Three years ago, he helped start a movement demanding the death penalty for Islamist war criminals convicted for their roles in the 1971 civil war. In 2013, Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, a leader of the largest Islamist party in Bangladesh, was convicted on eight war crimes counts related to the civil war and was sentenced to death. Islamist counterprotests were so powerful the government, which had attempted to latch on in part to the anti-Islamist movement and position itself as a "secular" government, moved instead closer to the Islamists.  Sayeedi's punishment was reduced to life in prison last year. The prime minister's son says she's too busy keeping Bangladesh from falling apart to worry about writers being hacked to death for challenging the influence of radical Islamism on the secular society those writers hoped to build and foster.

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  1. The Religion of Peace? strikes again.

    1. Religion of Pieces?

      1. Boom. Everyone’s on fire.

  2. Third Secular Blogger Hacked to Death in Last Three Months

    A third secular writer in Bangladesh in the last three years has been murdered


    1. If three in the last three months, and they were the only three in the the last three years….

      *runs from room*

  3. The Economist describes him as “perhaps less a provocateur” than the previous two writers killed in Bangladesh…

    A victim of the shrinking pool of infidels? Do the Islamists who killed him get the same rewards in the next world when they’ve had to lower their standards?

      1. Thread winner. No, Fuck that, comment of the month.

      2. *Slow clap, rising to a crescendo*

  4. We’re all the same, we just want the same things for our children.

    1. It’s true, they want everyone, regardless of race, color or creed, to be able to hack down the atheist scum that provokes religious. And what’s more fair than that?

  5. This is where 3D printed guns would come in handy.

    1. Why not milled steel and polymer and bought from ruger, Springfield, colt, glock, sig…?

      1. Not in Bangladesh

  6. Barring guns, it reminds me of an incident involving a friend in high school who was a big but athletic (strong and unexpectedly quick) Samoan guy in our track and field team. He got into a big brawl with another school, it was like him alone versus 10 or so guys, with knives and while he sustain minor cuts, he kicked all their asses. We don’t know what happened to them, but given his berserker suvival mode since there was no choice upon being ambushed, it’s likely they sustained more serious bone crushing injuries.

    1. There’s also this fascinating interview with Captain Steve Hubbard about his kidnapping by the Regatta Murderers in St. Maarten in 2010:…..transcript

      I wasn’t scared at all. That was the weird thing. And when I escaped I remember wondering where my adrenaline rush was, and I’m sure it was there, but for me, like my heartbeat never even rose. I wasn’t short of breath. I was extremely calm, more calm than I would be if somebody were to brake hard in front of me doing 20 miles an hour on a slow street.

      Well, the big guy looked like half his face was hanging off because at one point I had put both of my knees on his head and neck and grabbed his cheeks and started to rip it off, and that’s not something that you train in a fight. I don’t know why I did that. For an instant I saw something and just tried to do damage.

      One of the guys with the bats, when he came in close, I jumped off of the big guy, I ankle-kicked him, did like a rush and single-leg takedown which rolled into a police move where I used the bone under his nose to rotate his chin in the air and I slammed my forearm into his Adam’s apple onto his throat to crush his windpipe. That worked pretty well, because that guy didn’t move again.

      It was also thanks to them picking on the wrong guy that the gang was captured.

  7. Thanks people Sullys who criticized Charlie Hebdo and Pam Geller for exercising free speech.

  8. I’m waiting for the people who say you are more likely to get hit by lightning than by terrorism.

    Not if you criticize Islam loudly enough, or insult the prophet.

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