Claire McCaskill Quits Game of Thrones, Air Bags Recalled, Mattress Girl Matters: P.M. Links


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  1. Game of Thrones has forever lost Sen. Claire McCaskill as a viewer.


    1. Hello


      1. They think I’m slow, eh?

        1. I’ve had just about enough of your…

          You and Alamanian are distracting me from scolding Rico for being 15 minutes late.


          /pops Sweet Tart.

          1. Tell me it’s a Poutine Flavour Sweet Tart.

            They have those in Canyada, don’t they?

            1. GRAPE.

              Not yet.

              Poutine. Blech.

              1. I made myself poutine to try it. Couldn’t get my hands on cheese curds, wasn’t about to fry up my own batch of fries. Just threw together gravy from stock. Pretty much what I expected: edible, if a bit bland.

                1. Half-assed effort gets a half-assed result. You didn’t follow the recipe and it wasn’t good. Hmm…


            2. Yesterday I was in Toronto and went to the Blue Jays game. I saw they had poutine and had to try it for the first time ever. It wasn’t too bad, especially for baseball game food. The gravy tasted like canned college-cafeteria gravy, though. And what kind of cheese are those chunks made of? It looked a little like mozzarella, but was much whiter, and with very little flavor.

              1. Not mozzarella.

                And fuck the Blue Jays.

                1. Rufus, you asshole. You were supposed to take C. Anacreon out for poutine. He’s a very important man.

                  1. I live in a different country than Toronto.


                    1. For some reason, I was picturing Frenchy French land in my head.

              2. C.-
                Swing by the In N Out in San Ramon or Concord, and order the animal fries.

                It’s the best poutine you’ll ever have.

                1. I STRONGLY DISAGREE

                2. I STRONGLY DISAGREE

              3. Poutine is the shemale porn of foods.

                –Actual quote from this neuroscience lecture to general audiences.

                1. Saw your comment about the Australian thing.

                  You should have sent them a video of The Retard in response.

                  1. One of these days, I’m going to burn that particular bridge with thermobaric weapons.

                    And it will be glorious!

              4. Cheddar is better.

            3. Hey Rufus, King Crimson is going to be in Canada if you’re a fan

              1. Cool. Make look into it.


                1. May.

          2. While sitting on his chesterfield, no doubt.

            1. I thought it was a Davenport.

              Ah well…

            2. Oh you Americans are on fire today. Very drole. Ha, ha. Let’s make fun of the Canadian. So mature.

              1. Someone’s toque is in a twist, I see.

                1. IT FITS FINE!

              2. “Droll,” even.

                And there is a long tradition of Yanks* poking good-natured fun at Canadians. You’re like our younger sibling – we can rag mercilessly, but let a Bolivian or Nepali say anything about you and ’em’s fightin’ words.

                1. (*)Irony of me, from the US South referring to myself that way.

              3. You Canadians are just like those Australians.

      2. HEY!

        /destabilized. Regains composure.


        According to that wage map, San Diego’s fate seems sealed and poised to go from $11.50 to $15.

        1. Great, they’ll match Alberta now. That’s right: Notley wants a $15 min wage across the whole of this once great above average land.

    2. Spoiler: HBO doesn’t give a shit.

      1. The real news would be who actually does.

      2. I had no idea that “HBO” stood for Honey Badger Organization!

        1. 😛

    3. She’s upset that Ned Stark got executed?

    4. Well if you read the AM links…

      1. I only ever read my own comments.

        1. From my extensive online research, you appear to have a lot of followers…therefore I will hijack your comment for my own nefarious purposes. BWhhaaahhhaa!112

          This from the LA Times comments on Min Wage:

          We knew they wouldn’t be satisfied with “just” $15/hour.

          1. Oops! Here it is:

            Donald Quander Colorado 45 minutes ago
            Let’s be serious about this. No one can support a family on $15/hr; the minimum should be at least $22.50/hr. If an employer is not willing to pay at least $22.50/hr., then (s)he shouldn’t hire anyone.

    5. THIS is what set her off and said she wouldn’t want to watch anymore? THIS? In the second fucking episode Dany gets raped by Khal Drogo thanks to her brother, and we got a fucking full frontal view of that. But no. THIS sets her off.

      I can’t even.

      1. It’s totally out of character for the show.

        1. She’s a fan of the book, where that didn’t happen.

          1. But what Ramsay did to his wife in the book was worse than what he did to Sansa.

            1. He had Reek service Sansa, that’s got to be the worst. There were so many points in the book that I really did want to stop reading it…and then damned if I didn’t pick it up again. George RR created a masterpiece.

              1. *fake Arya

                1. Fake *Sansa who was Jeyne…

              2. A masterpiece? Have you ever tried reading books without puffy stickers included? It may seem like a ripoff at first but you might be surprised. Dont forget to sound out the big words.

                1. You are a dbag like your namesake. Yes, Candide by Voltaire is one of my faves.
                  Now which coloring book is your favorite?

          2. Well, it didn’t happen to Sansa.

      2. It’s always interesting to me when people grandstand like this, not realizing how much happened before this moment that they are now implying that they were perfectly okay with.

        1. I’ll admit. This actually felt worse to me. Because we’ve seen Sansa for 5 seasons, we’ve practically seen her grow up, and she’s been through a pretty shitty life in those 5 years. Kept hoping that TheonReek would re-grow his balls and stab Ramsay. Preferably in the balls.

          But still.

          1. I assume Sansa is going to fuck the Bolton family up now. But maybe Senator McCaskill would prefer if she carried a mattress around the rest of the season.

            1. One of the most insulting things about this discussion is that those crying foul speak as if Sansa has now lost all agency. She’s raped, so she’s no longer a strong character. How disgusting is that, from people who claim to be so invested in helping rape victims?

              This will make her revenge all the sweeter, you idiots.

              1. Another funny complaint: that the scene ends with a shot of Theon, not Sansa, which “makes the moment all about Theon.”

                So while Sansa should not have been raped, if they are gonna do it, at least let us watch!

                1. This ^ + 1000

                2. One could also take the view that we have watched Theon get tortured, mutilated, emasculated (literally, not figuratively), broken into a quivering shell of a human and kept in a dog kennel for the past year.

                  But a particularly repulsive wedding night is the deal-breaker.

            2. Wait…

              We gives a shit about Sansa now?

              She lied to everyone to protect Joffrey got Arya into trouble got her own dire wolf killed and got the butchers son killed.

              Who the fuck cares about Sansa.
              The sooner she dies the better.

              Anyway Ramsey is going to be killed by his father who is an Other (and possibly the night’s king) who will use Ramsey’s Skin so he can continue living as a lord.

          2. Wait, who rapes Sansa? Is this one of those non-book things? I haven’t seen the show at all, so maybe I shouldn’t ask.

              1. The guy who lives next door to the Simpsons raped someone?

                1. No, that’s Ned Waloonia.

            1. In the show, instead of marrying fake Arya, Ramsay Bolton marries Sansa.

              1. Ah. I’m starting to think that if I do ever watch the show, I should watch the first two seasons and then stop. I would at least like to see how they visualize some of the scenes.

                1. It’s absolutely worth watch, Zeb. But for those of us who have read the books, you need to now just appreciate it for the story in a different medium which is increasingly becoming a different story. Then again, maybe if a particular author wasn’t pushing four years since the last volume was published…

                  /narrows fishy gaze at bearded fat man that looks not quite healthy enough to finish 3,000 manuscript pages

                2. Don’t ignore season 3, which will probably go down as their best.

                  But mostly, try to watch it with the knowledge that it’s a different thing. It’s hard, especially since the first season is such a straightforward adaptation, but it is ultimately a separate story tailored for the realities of TV.

            2. Nobody raped Sansa. She was a virgin and Ramsey went in dry so of course she made sounds of discomfort off camera.

              She knew what her marital obligations were.

          3. Ya, I don’t like it all. There is plenty of rape, blood and boobs to go around in the book. Changing the plot just to add more kinda sucks.

            1. It’s like this porno movie I saw once. There were so many sex scenes, it really was pretty gratuitous. As a result, it was hard to understand the protagonist’s motivation, as they didn’t really have her say much, even when her mouth wasn’t full.

        2. They even had the most delightful wedding! The bride was radiant!

        3. I’m represented by *uck Schumer. I’ve learned to tune out constant grandstanding.

          1. Chuck Chuck bo buck banana fana fo….

        4. And it’s goddamn fiction. Violent, rapey fiction. You aren’t supposed to be OK with it.

          1. I get the feeling that Claire isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

            Should we mansplain it to her?


        6. It’s always interesting to me when people grandstand like this, not realizing how much happened before this moment that they are now implying that they were perfectly okay with

          Shitllibbery employs the Alinskyite tactic of constantly shifting the goalposts. People who might express criticism of the general debauchery and violence in the shows are met with snorts of derision and OMG YOU RETHUGLIKKKAN BIGOTS NEED TO LOOSEN UP YOU’RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY LIKE WOW JUST WOW, but when that same environment violates the dead horse du jour that shitlibs are trying to flog, they puff themselves up for supposedly being too enlightened to associate with the same shit they gleefully wallowed in when it was irritating the squares.

      3. “THIS is what set her off and said she wouldn’t want to watch anymore? ”
        rape is totes trendy now, more than it was before, so she’s signalling that she’s trendy too by announcing that she doesn’t approve.

    6. Wait till she watches “A Clockwork Orange”.

      1. No time for the ol in-n-out, Luv, just come to read the meter!

        1. Welly well!

        2. You know, David Prowse was in that movie.

  2. Water-shaming rich people. Only in California.…..23581.html

    1. I’d be flying in water and using it like Chevy Chase in “The Three Amigos”

    2. Since I live in Michigan, next to a creek, I like to Skype with friends in Cali while sitting outdoors, and have a hose running in the background, on the driveway, just wasting water from my well into the street.

      For the children.

      1. Oh man, I like to do the same thing with my friends in the midwest, but instead I’m sitting on the beach in mid-January and bikini clad women with exceptional bodies are playing beach volleyball.

        1. We do the same thing. But the water’s frozen.

          1. Do you then use the volleyball players’ nipples to cut glass?

            1. No – I use a John Deere, myself. Three steel blades – no nipples, unless you count where we fill up the tires with air.

              1. Why would you use a tractor to cut glass?

                1. LACIST!

                  /misread orig post – LAUGHING, LAUGHING, LAUGHING

        2. What do you care about the bikini-clad women?


          1. There are a bunch of beach dudes in board shorts with rippling abdominal muscles I could talk about too, but I’m writing for my audience here.

          2. Here’s a secret for you: Everyone likes tits.

            1. Stop othering sarcasmic, ProL.

              1. Everyone likes tits except sarcasmic. Better?

                1. It still others sarcasmic, but it’s certainly more accurate.

                  1. Okay, everyone likes tits except sarcasmic, who doesn’t, but that’s okay.

                    1. I feel doubly othered.

      2. I have several minutes of video of my 18 month old trying to bring the running hose to mommy and not really understanding why she keeps moving away. With much shrieking by both parties.

      3. This past winter, my sister who lives in Massachusetts took a photo of the 35 inches of snow they got in the blizzard and sent it to my other sister who lives just outside Dallas. TX sister took a photo of a bank clock/thermometer that showed 79 degrees. 🙂

        1. I’ll take the snow. All the best stuff happens in cold climates.

          1. What do you expect from a guy who puts mayo in his club sandwich?

            1. Look, you are just going to have to accept that you are the freak. Mayonnaise is a basic, essential element of the club sandwich.
              Being the kind and charitable person I am, I won’t hold it against you.

              1. Yeah! Hello? Who DOESN’T put mayo on a club sammich?

                Apparently Rufus, if I’m reading correctly.

                What – Canucks put poutine on club sammiches or something?

                *rolls eyes*

              2. Mayonnaise


                Why not just spread semen on your sandwich? NTTAWWT

            2. No mayo on a club AND does not care for poutine.

              WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!

          2. You can have it. I have a driveway that is over 100 yards long with a 4 car parking area at the end of it and no plow or snowblower. The last 2 years at my house we have received over 100 inches of snow.

            That means that my kids and I over the last 2 years moved somewhere around 1.2 million pounds of snow

            So yeah, at this point you can have it all

      4. While eating fruits and vegetables out of a can, I presume.

    3. Mandatory cutbacks for city dwellers, none for almond farmers that pay nothing for their water.

      1. Victor Davis Hanson has some essays on this. He’s been arguing that farmers are getting no water AND still paying the water taxes.

        1. Yeah, I read a couple of his pieces on this subject. Not sure whom to “believe” about all this, other than “it’s all fucked up and no one’s fixing it any time soon”.

          Glad I live in the state surrounded by pure, clean, fresh water…

          1. Hawaii?

            1. “fresh”

              *rolls eyes AGAIN*

              1. Water falls out of the sky there every day.

                You can both be right.

              2. It’s fresh and pre-salted. What, you don’t salt your water? Isn’t it kind of bland without salt?

    4. I saw some Gawker post (didn’t read it) about boycotting bottled water. I gathered it had something to do with poor, fucked-up California. Because it was the free market in water than screwed everything up there.

      1. Yep – Nestle’ or someone has a bottling plant. And they and the almond growers are FUCKING IT UP FOR EVERYONE!

        Or something. Dunno. Hate almonds – don’t care.

        1. Hoist by their own retard.

          1. Or maybe moist by their own retard, though maybe that’s too subtle.

            1. Not moist at all – by their own retard. BAM!

              1. I was thinking moist versus wet, which was the subtle part. Perhaps what they need to get wet again is some calilingus.

        2. The almond hate is because the process is very water intensive, and the farmers pay way below market rates for the water. The cost is then passed on to us suckers living in the city.

          1. I have a similar hate for ethanol-driven corn, as it endangers our precious agave.

          2. The cost is then passed on to us suckers living in the city.

            What infuriates me (and did when I was a resident) is the assumption that it is “Passing the cost on”. People in LA moved to a city that doesn’t have nearly enough water to support its population. For some reason they feel entitled to the water that- in any other region of the country- would be in another state.

            Most of the farms in the valley were settled there because it was where all the water is. Why shouldn’t people near the water get dibs on it?

            As was pointed out in another reason article, the big problem is that the property rights for water are all fucked up. Farmers benefit from being the first to claim water in central california (many years ago), that is true. But if they were allowed to sell their unused water, this would all work out. They would have incentive to use only what is necessary and sell the rest- especially as the demands in LA cause prices to go up. But they aren’t allowed to sell the water and in fact lose the water rights if they don’t use it.

            1. People in LA moved to a city that doesn’t have nearly enough water to support its population. For some reason they feel entitled to the water that- in any other region of the country- would be in another state.

              Yeah, it’s pretty rich for Angelenos to get uppity about almond growers using too much water. That city would be the size of Prescott, AZ, if it hadn’t been for William Mulholland pilfering the Owens River.

              Not to mention that 4.5 million acre-ft a year they are required to get from the Colorado River every year, leaving the rest of the basin to deal with shortfalls in dry years. I’d love to see what would happen if Colorado, Utah, and Arizona just decided one day to break the CRC and tell Cali “sorry, we need this more than you do.”

              1. The sad thing is that water rights are so fucked up that there is no reason for anyone to do anything about it. California sits next to an entire fucking ocean, and they have no reason to invest in desalination technology because it is easier for the government to send some lawyers up to the continental divide.

                As with any government meddling in property rights, once they’ve started, that market will remain forever trapped in some medieval mercantilist quagmire.

                1. The sad thing is that water rights are so fucked up that there is no reason for anyone to do anything about it.

                  Exactly. Proprietary use is a relic of the gold rush that ended up being applied to damn near the entire western US. It probably won’t get fixed at this point, though, just because of the political implications.

      2. Gawker went after Walmart for “profiteering” on bottled water. Their source is the Sacramento Municipal water supply. They pay $1 per 760 gallons, just like everyone other customer.

        Apparently, it’s wrong to profit by re-selling water from a municipal supply during a drought. Those profits belong to the people!!!

        1. Every soda bottler does exactly the same thing, but with corn syrup added.

          1. Yep. Dasani and Aquafina are sodas without the last 2 steps.

        2. They’re more than welcome to drag a very long hose, attached to their faucet, with them.

  3. Hillary Clinton claims to want her emails released.

    But her time is tied up preparing testimony on Benghazi.

    1. She is in no ways tired of speechifying about Benghazi.

      1. She is in no ways tired of speechifying pretending to care about Benghazi.


    2. Her sincerity on this subject may make a significant u-turn soon. The schedule for release, now, is just before NH and Iowa.

    3. It shouldn’t be that hard for Hillary to release her e-mails, she knows where she put the backup copies she made before she deleted them all from her server. And they’re all her own private e-mails, so it’s not like there’s any confidentiality/national security issues to consider.

    1. Pandas are the worst. They are an evolutionary dead end. They don’t know how to defend themselves, they don’t know how to *fuck*, and even when they do manage to make babies, if they have a litter of two one will likely starve because the panda diet is so calorie deficient that mothers can’t produce enough milk for two cubs.

      Fuck. Pandas.

      1. Holy shit, now that I read the article it is so much worse than I thought!!

        They can’t even digest their own damn food because they didn’t evolve to eat plants?!?!?

        Nature is clearly just trolling the environmentalists at this point.

      2. Everybody has a fetish…

        Some are just weirder than others, weirdo.

      3. Normally, I hate people who want to protect things just because they’re cute, but pandas are so freaking cute. In their case, I can see why people want to go out of their way to help them.

        1. and if they’re not using government funding to do it, I don’t see a problem.

          1. Fuck the manatees.

            1. Welp… That’s weirder than pandas, weirdo.

    2. The researchers said that giant pandas evolved from bears that ate both plants and meat, and started eating bamboo exclusively about two million years ago.

      It seems that giant pandas become sexually mature on average after 6 years. Calculating with that, it means that some 330,000 giant panda generations went by since they branched off from that common ancestors with bears. If they couldn’t evolve a gut flora conducive to effectively processing bamboo, then they’re born (meaning not-sufficiently-evolved) losers.

      1. The thing is, slow, difficult reproduction can be a good evolutionary strategy in an environment with no predators and limited resources. You can see the same thing with some of the weird birds that evolved on islands with no land predators. If Pandas reproduced rapidly in bamboo forests, the population would likely oscillate chaotically and likely hit 0 at some point. By keeping population fairly constant, they can live in an environment where few other large mammals can.

        The problem for such creatures is that things change and once you are that weirdly specialized you can’t deal with much change.

        1. an environment with no predators

          Apparently, adult giant pandas have no natural predators. OTOH cubs are subject to predation by (at least) leopards and birds of prey.

          I understand your point — they obviously survived for two million years –, but it is hard to see that there wouldn’t be any evolutionary pressure toward more efficient processing of their preferred food.

          Anyhow, I’m wishing them the best.

    3. And if we were talking about the Panda Beetle or the Panda Spider and not something so cute and cuddly, we would give even less of a shit.

      1. From what I know of Beetles and Spiders that aren’t nearly so stupid as this:

        Researchers found their gut bacteria are not the type for efficiently breaking down bamboo. In fact they are built to eat meat.

        A bear with an eating disorder……? I guess someones favorite cute animal isn’t going to survive!

        1. Oh god. Now expect all the Vegans of the world to unite behind the Panda. “Two million years ago, Pandas forwent the evil of animal murder. The defied their evolution for a BETTER, more ETHICAL way. We can do the same!”

        2. The solution is pretty obvious: GMO bamboo with all of the nutrients meat provides. Or GMO panda’s that can actually digest bamboo.

      2. This is absolutely true, and yet I don’t think it’s a problem in itself. The problem arises when people aren’t honest and pretend it’s some great moral imperative that requires regulation and gov’t funding, etc. If environmentalists were just honest and said “hey, if you can spare a dime for the cute pandas, that’d be cool, but it i’s up to you”

    4. Nature is a blind idiot god. Neither smart nor stupid. Where people go wrong (not saying this applies to you) is in assuming that there is a point to evolution. It’s all just stuff that happens.

      1. Random chance is random.

  4. I was right. Robbie was mad at us.

    1. Very passive aggressive alt-text, too.

      1. You can say that again.

    2. Very passive aggressive alt-text, too.

    3. What did we do to make him angry? I was suffering through pigeon management today. The boss came in, shit on everything, got everyone pissed off and then left.

      1. Hang on, lemme get the link.

          1. I thought some of us call everyone who writes for reason a cosmotarian or crypto-Republican. Robby, some day they’ll hate you as much as Welch and Gillespie, the arch-Cosmotarians.

            1. And here I thought it was his inferiority complex about not graduating from Columbia?

          2. Jesse Walker ?@notjessewalker 2h2 hours ago

            @enbrown @robbysoave There’s a commenter who for some reason is convinced “Palin’s Buttplug” is really @daveweigel in disguise.

            Elizabeth N. Brown ?@enbrown 2h2 hours ago

            @notjessewalker @robbysoave @daveweigel everything about that sentence is amazing

            1. When I was going through OCS in the Navy, we had one girl in another battalion quit – claiming among other things our drill instructors were harassing her by pounding on the steam heating pipes running through her sleeping quarters.

              The DI’s were derisively incredulous. “At night, I go home and fuck my wife” was one response.

              That’s how I feel about this Shrike is Weigel nonsense. It is the manifestation of a similarly deluded level of paranoid hostility.

              What’s clearly happening is Shriek is parroting some of the stuff Weigel says. Shriek is not sentient; its neural net merely spits out strings of text that it judges will garner it responses like an ant unthinkingly tending to aphids to harvest their secretions.

              Over time, it likely weighted sequences of words it reads from Weigel’s twitter stream because they more reliably generated responses than other sources of text for its comments.

              To believe otherwise is simply delusional.

              1. I seem to recall “Longtorso” starting the rumor (Correct me if I’m wrong Johnny). But it’s been fun stapling a face to the Buttplug though!

                1. My vague recollection is that Johnny L brought it to HnR but he got it from someone else who is not a commentator here.

              2. That, or it is meant as a slur.

                At least that’s how I would take it. If people actually believe it, that’s retarded.

                1. Calling him Weigel does tend to shut him up more than most other attempts.

                  Not saying that makes the “rumor” true. Just making an observation. At least something good came of it.

          3. That was awesome.

            I wish Welch, Gillespie, and McArdle would jump in. The strokes it would give certain commenters would improve discourse vastly.

            1. Someone needs to teach Robby the term “yokeltarian” statim.

              1. I’m partial to “tractor pullz.”

          4. What’ve I been telling you people all these years…

        1. Or see below.

          I blame Tarran. Second day in a row.

          1. I can only advise Robby. How he reacts to that advice is entirely up to him…

            1. Seriously, if he bristles at the cosmotarian slur, commiserating with the likes of Weigel and Sanchez seems pretty fucking counterproductive or, it just goes to show that we are spot-on in the accusation. Also, the hubris of these ignorant shits claiming Rico’s SJW signaling is just being reasonable is stunning. Fuck these kids, bring back Postrel and the lovely Steigerwald; hell, bring back Liberty magazine.

              1. I know about Weigel but what did Julian Sanchez do?

                1. Nothing beyond commiserating with that goat-fucker Weigel and an,apparently, very thin-skinned Rico.

                2. what did Julian Sanchez do?

                  ‘Sanchez’ is Spanish for ‘without cheese.’

                  1. That’s no way to live.

                3. Promised to quit Cato if the Kochs took control


                  They did, Sanchez is still on the payroll. Pussy.

                  1. That was a great read. Interestingly, one of the last comments there is from Mary Stack Kizone Kaprow claiming that they were a Reason subscriber until Sanchez chased them away.

              2. Also, the hubris of these ignorant shits claiming Rico’s SJW signaling is just being reasonable is stunning.

                Robby is one of the few writers out there that is interested in questioning these stories, and you folks get upset about a throwaway line about how we can’t know 100% for sure what happened in that room that night? Jesus Christ.

                1. It wasn’t a throwaway line.

                  He was claiming that the very substantial evidence that Sulkowicz was falsely accusing Nungesser “bolsters his side of the story without tipping the scales in any remotely definitive sense.”

                  I guess the fact that Sulkowicz keeps getting caught in lies does not tip the scales since Nungesser made the mistake of not secretly videotaping his sexual activity like Patrick in Coupling.

                  That was for me the only truly despicable statement in that article. Robby is, of course, free to form his own judgement when confronted by evidence. But I can hardly credit anyone who has examined the record that has come out with any degree of skepticism writing something so horribly off base. As a statement of opinion, it isn’t technically libel. However, it strikes me as being incredibly malicious.

                2. The perfect is ever the enemy of the good here at H&R, BMSFC.

              3. I don’t think he is bristling. He is derisively dismissing it. And, I am not accusing him of cosmotarianism per se, but inappopriately signaling SJW themes (I intended yesterday’s comment about cocktail parties to be funny rather than taken literally and regret the resultant ambiguity).

                If that is indeed his attitude, it is regrettable. His signaling will inevitably put him at odds with the facts on the ground, and each such instance will cost him a portion of his audience – as a portion of the readers conclude that he is not credible or a man of integrity.

                This is not a cosmotarian/paleo thing. The loss of credibility I am warning against is the major reason why I no longer seek out Lew Rockwell’s writing and why I no longer visit his site at all.

              4. (This is just to say that I finally met Lucy IRL yesterday:…..1541048320)

                1. I have had this exact fantasy.

                2. Oh my god, ENB, what’s the first rule of HnR club?

                  (just kidding Lucy seems pretty awesome. Did you talk Firefly? I assume you talked Firefly.)

                  1. Oh my god, ENB, what’s the first rule of HnR club?

                    Btw I have no idea how that meme started.

                    1. As with most things that happen here, you can blame Epi or Warty (even if it’s not their fault).

                3. Lucy’s cool. We like her 😉

          2. Just wait until he writes a book.

          3. Hey! This time it was my fault.

            Don’t take that away from me.

            1. *clicks watch*

              Your 15 seconds are over, pal!

              1. As my daughter would say “Double drats”.

      2. I’ve never heard the phrase ‘pigeon management’, that is genius!

      3. I don’t want to hate on Robby but the post of his in question he did get awfully mealy-mouthed about whether or not it was “conclusive” that Mattress Thing was not raped. How much of it is signalling (if any) I have zero idea. What I’m pretty conclusive about is chicks who get raped in the ass don’t spend months sending booty calls and romantic missives to their rapists.

    4. Very passive aggressive alt-text, too.

      1. You can say that again.

        1. Well, I can’t, but some other people….

      2. Very.

    5. Huh. I guess this shameless circle jerk was all he needed to get it out of his system.

      1. We shit on them in the comments, they shit on us on Twitter.

      2. Interesting. Apparently Weigel has time to peruse the comments on every article that mentions him, but he’s far too busy and important to possibly have a sockpuppet.

        1. heh!

        2. Interesting. Apparently Weigel has time to peruse the comments on every article that mentions him, but he’s far too busy and important to possibly have a sockpuppet.

          Too busy jiggling and sweating, I’d wager.

          1. That skin doesn’t take care of itself…

  5. US housing starts hit highest level since mortgage bubble days:…..mits-climb

    1. US housing starts hit highest level since prior mortgage bubble days:


    2. i got into the market at the top of the last one. Hoping to get out while this one is still inflating


    4. Listen closely for the popping sound, coming soon to a neighborhood near you?

      1. Man, I hope so, I could use a couple of rental properties.

        1. Wanna buy some?

            1. How much you got?

              Seriously though, we should sit down and discuss some matters over drinks, soon.

              1. I’m looking into opening a Korean BBQ in the area. There’s unfilled demand.

                As long as I don’t have to do any of the work.

          1. As soon as the bubble pops. If it’s in Denver or Summit County.

        2. I’m still looking to get in to the Houston market. I’m patiently waiting for this bubble to burst.

          1. Houston is crazy inflated right now. The bubble will burst sooner than later.

            I’m looking for apartments (5+ units) in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Memphis.

            1. Yeah, I feel for the folks at places like Schlumberger but when 40,000+ jobs get whacked in short order you have to think the residential market is going to adjust for that as well.

            2. Any advice for an aspiring rental property owner? We’re currently converting our first one to a rental.

              1. Don’t rent to anyone who says “yinz”.

              2. Interview them in person.

                1. How else are you supposed to offer a “special discount” to select prospective tenants?

              3. Any advice for an aspiring rental property owner? We’re currently converting our first one to a rental.

                Require rental references and include this fact in any advertising. Once I started doing this, I have not had a single bad renter. One of my current renters has lived in a house I paid $18K for 12 years. He pays a day or two in advance.

                Rental references clear out the chaff. I have only had one or two bad references and obviously didn’t rent to that person. People know when they suck as renters and don’t apply if they don’t have good references. Landlords want to give good references for good renters because you appreciate that they aren’t scumbags.

                Also, don’t take co-signers unless you are ready to sue someone who is a friend or relative of a shitty renter. Suing someone sucks bad enough. Suing someone who thought they were doing a simple favor for a friend sucks even worse. I know.

                1. Also, don’t take co-signers unless you are ready to sue someone who is a friend or relative of a shitty renter.

                  I have yet to meet someone who cosigned on something who wasn’t royally fucked by the person they cosigned for. If the government wanted to get serious about useful PSAs they’d do something like the Rachael Leigh Cook Brain on Drugs ad, but with “this is your finances after signing for your deadbeat mother-in-law, who has never had to manage her finances in her life.”

                2. Thanks for the good advice!

  6. “Lindsey Graham Is An Unhinged Kook Who Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously.”

    South Carolina voters, care to rebut?

    1. Vote Lindsey Graham for president! Help elect our first Carol Brady male impersonator. PROGRESS!

    2. Most of the comments are agin’ im, but a few are calling anyone who disagrees with Graham “Paulbots” and even worse, libertarian.

    3. I’ve been telling people this for years.

      1. But you’re just a Libbertarian paulbot!

  7. New trailer for Pixels.

    A facebook link? I thought you preferred twitter, Robby

    1. *snicker*

  8. Game of Thrones has forever lost Sen. Claire McCaskill as a viewer.

    The characters were all high-fiving each other after the rape.

    1. Back then marriage vows counted as affirmative consent.

    2. “Grab its motherfucking leg, Theon!”

  9. Mattress girl graduated, mattress in tow.

    Don’t think that calling her mattress girl will get you unlabeled a cosmo, Rico.

  10. http://www.scientificamerican……derclouds/

    Rogue Antimatter Found in Thunderclouds
    A detector fitted on an airplane picked up a signature spike in photons that does not fit any known source of antiparticles

    1. Thor?

      1. The Thunder God went out to ride Upon his favorite filly.
        “I’M THOR!” he cried
        And his horse replied:
        “Of courth you are,you forgot your thaddle thilly.”

        1. That. Is. Awful.

          1. Whatever, you know next time someone says “Thor” you’ll end up repeating it in a slightly sing-song way.

              1. Say it out loud. Just once. And tell me you didn’t enjoy yourself.

                  1. Oh, but you just did.

                    1. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

        2. One of the Heiny Brothers?

          Big Red and Thor?

    2. Test of the first warp drive?

      1. Couldn’t have been successful, or we’d be drinking with Vulcans by now.

    3. Green laser?

    4. Wait, anti-photons? I thought the photon was its own anti-photon. Does that mean I can have an antimatter laser?

      1. Does that mean I can have an antimatter laser?

        No, you dolt. Only anti-torpedoes.

        1. Fuck that. With an antimatter laser, I could wreak the levels of havoc I’m entitled to as a white, Southern, taxpaying male.

          1. No death ray for you!

            1. Look, that’s part of my privilege, to have an antimatter laser.

              1. Dang, I didn’t know we got an antimatter laser.

                1. It’s how we keep everyone else down.

      2. From what we know, antimatter behaves exactly the same at its normal matter counterpart with regards to the EM, Weak, and Strong forces.

        The only forces we do not understand with regards to antimatter is gravity. Some people believe anti-atoms and anti-molecules repel against their normal counterparts.

        1. Some people believe anti-atoms and anti-molecules repel against their normal counterparts.

          I think that is a pretty minority opinion.

          1. How would they? Assuming they aren’t repelling due to electrical charge, what would be the mechanism for the repulsion? It’s not antigravity, I’m sure, because gravity is too weak at that level to matter, right?

            1. At this point, what does it matter?

            2. According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, gravity is the result of the warping of spacetime by the presence of mass.

              If there’s something fundamentally different about antimatter mass, then there exists the possibility that it could curve spacetime in a fundamentally different way.

              The problem results from the fact that we can only produce antiparticles in very small quantities. There’s no way to detect the warpage of spacetime from an antiproton or an antihydrogen atom.

              1. Not to mention that we don’t even have a quantum theory of gravity. Because gravity is a dick.

                1. Because gravity is a dick.

                  Gravity sucks.

                  1. It’s both a dick and sucky.

                  2. The sun and moon collide
                    Isn’t gravity a funny thing?

                    /Todd Rundgren

              2. According to Feynman and St?ckelberg, if we apply the same inverted symmetry of its properties to time as well, anti-particles are particles that move backward in time, or specifically moving in opposite direction on world lines, and that’s theorized to be the fundamental difference giving it its repulsive property

                1. A temporal field theory?

      3. Not anti-photons, but an excess of photons at a particular energy that is indicative of an unknown decay process. Or so I assume.

        1. I figured as much but wanted to run with my anti-photon laser concept. If others can ignore reality, why can’t I?

    5. Regulate it! Tax it! Ban it!

      1. Subsidize it!

    6. did not read the article but wouldn;t the first explanation for a result like this be that the detector is faulty?

      1. No, it’s like those FTL neutrinos and cold fusion. All true.

    7. That’t nothing – I shudder to think what happens when you mix pasta and antipasta.

      1. That’s actually impossible,

      2. Ask Tony Lasorda?

        1. I hate Tommy LaSorda! [punches glass out of the picture frame].

          1. +1 Mr. Poon.

      3. I am anti-pasta, and pro-volone!

        1. I’m not sure, does that deserve a narrowing of the eyes?

          Can I get a ruling Swiss?

          1. That’s a gouda question but perhaps he’ll find this whole subthread too cheesy.

            1. Switzy is more of an Imam Tailor.

      4. Deep Dish?

    8. Strange microwave bursts that astronomers have been detecting for years turn out to be caused by impatient people opening microwave doors while they’re still running:

      Strange radio telescope signals came from microwave ovens

      1. Yet another reason to trust science about climate change!

  11. Up, up, up with the minimum wage in Los Angeles.

    Problem: Solved

    1. Multiplier. Effect.

  12. Mattress girl graduated, mattress in tow.

    She’s like a really stupid superhero.

    “When trouble abounded, Mattress girl got pounded!”

    1. Yes, please. Always stick it in crazy.

    2. I used to have the hots for batshit crazy Sean Young.…..ars-418210

      She’s still just as crazy (see above) and looks pretty damn good for a woman in her 50s.

      1. Shut up, Weigel. Go tell your twitter followers

      2. Pretty bold to be wearing a ‘bush broadcaster’ at that age.

          1. She does look pretty good for 50, and as I have a wife in her 40s it’s a good sign that looks can persist to that age.

            I do appreciate her sporting the full pubic triangle, the thing that we always yearned to see when sneaking peeks at Playboy as adolescents. The shaved look that has been so popular in recent years reminds me too much of anatomy textbooks from back in medical school — and the more ‘clinical’ sex seems, the less alluring it is to me.

            1. Women, let your gardens grow!

          2. I’d place her under my Citizen’s Arrest …


    Are We Living In the Event Horizon Of A 4D Black Hole?

    1. Event Horizon was one creepy fucking movie.

      So I hope not.

      1. Event Horizon was one boring fucking movie. Although seeing Dr. Grant with his eyes gouged out was kind of creepy, I guess.

        1. You think of him as Dr. Grant; I think of him as Damien.

          1. Holy shit, I did not realize that was the same guy. He aged a lot in 12 years.

            1. He was the adult Damien in Omen III: The Final Conflict.

              1. Yeah, I looked on IMDB. And that was only 12 years before Jurassic Park.

                1. Oh, okay. Yeah, it was a little weird the first things I saw him in later, but I got over it. He’s just Sam Neill, now, not the creepy Antichrist.

              2. Mouth of Madness was kinda creepy too.

  14. Faulty airbags prompt massive car recall?the largest in history, it seems.

    Perhaps people should be allowed to choose for themselves whether they want a car without passenger-side airbags?

    1. Yep.

      The insurance companies could even offer lower rates for cares without passenger-side airbags.

      1. *cars*

        *** gets coffee ***

  15. Does anyone else here besides Jesse watch Grimm?

    1. Don’t put me on blast, yo!

      I have street cred to maintain.

      1. You must build it up first, before you can maintain, yo.

        1. Sir, that is hurtful. I am highly credentialed in several subclades of street.

      2. In case not everybody knows, Jesse has zero lawn cred. His lawn looked like shit years before the drought even started.

        1. And lawn cred is the only cred that matters!

        2. God damn. Stop hassling me about this, bro. I’ve talked with the landlord about putting in a retaining wall, filling the whole thing with soil and putting in sprinkler system, but it isn’t high on his list of things to do. The tree trimmers butchered the tree that shades the lawn, and the front half of it has no topsoil from the slope eroding away. I used to water that shit daily in the evening and the water would just sit on the ground until it evaporated the next day. There is nothing I, as a tenant, can do about it.

          1. Lawns are a waste of time. If I had the resources, I’d get a place in the country where I could grow food.

            If I’m going to spend time growing plants, they can damn well feed me

      3. Here, maybe a picture of our boytoy will calm you down.

        1. As a straight guy, I have to say, he is pretty damn good looking.

          Gives me hope that I can get my pasty ass into shape by the time I’m in my 40’s.

    2. My wife, who has horrible TV taste. I make fun of her, and I’ll make fun of you.

      1. Jesse has terrible taste in chicks, too. Every one of them I see him with looks like a dude.

    3. Don’t listen to Playa.

      This season was fucked up.

      1. NO SPOILERS! I’m not caught up with this season yet.

        Let me show you my disapproval for Juliet’s incongruous BAMF status.

        1. I totally agree with your disapproval.

          The finale was…satisfying (in a sense).

        2. Agreed. It really highlights Bitsie Tulloch’s terrible acting.

        1. It’s okay, I won’t take to twitter when you do.

          (All in good fun Robby.)

      2. Fucked up in a good way, or a bad way?

        I loved what happened at the end of the finale, and I hope it was real and not something they are going to somehow magically reverse. It made me so happy.

        1. Kinda fucked up bad (mostly cause there was a lot of potential with Juliette (sp)) and I felt like they totally messed up her character.

          In the interest of not spoiling for Hamster, I’ll just say it would be so stupid if they reverse it.

          1. Oh my gaaaawd, I’m not procrastinating any longer. Watching tonight. I gotta know what happened.

            Let me guess. Adelind, through an awesome and diabolically clever plan, supplants Juliet as the show’s female lead. Tell me this is what happened. I need to hear these words.

            1. Tell me this is what happened. I need to hear these words.

              It’s not, though it’s still possible.

            2. Sigh. I won’t be able to watch it tonight. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow.

              1. DO IT NOW PUSSY

                1. Sitting at my desk typing furiously on H&R looks exactly like me sitting here typing furiously doing my job.

                  Sitting here with headphones on while my computer is eaten alive by malicious code acquired from a TV streaming site does not.

    4. Does anyone here besides me watch ‘Hannibal’? Now that show is fucked up but awesome.

      1. Love it…

        Although it can put you off your feed.

        It’s very loyal to the canon as well.

        1. I’m shocked NBC lets the show get away with so much gore and depravity. Then again I’m glad it’s on network TV because it means Fuller and the other people involved have to get creative in depicting things.

          Like the way they shot Mason Verger eating his own face…

      2. The show is great, and the gore is beautifully depraved.

        The one time I really had to look away was when that guy pulled himself free of his stitching to the human mural. Blech, that was unnerving.

    5. I like it. It’s just good enough to watch, but it’s way better than most crap on TV.

  16. 6 Grahams You’d Rather See Run than Lindsay Graham.

    Graham Yost should be on there for bringing us Raylan and Boyd.

    1. What? No Graham Kerr? Fuck The Federalist.

    2. 6 Grahams You’d Rather See Run than Lindsay Graham.

      do they have to be crackers?

      1. Oh, I would much rather have six grams of cocaine or mushrooms be President than Lindsay.

    3. Let’s not forget Constable Bob. He was teh awsum. Esp the Gremlin.

      1. Drewbacca!

    4. Graham’s 30 year old Port?!

    5. Graham Norton. He can’t win, but the campaign would be interesting.

  17. Wasn’t Reason just predicting this collapse yesterday?…..rica/57785

    1. The derp in that article is rage-inducing – could not finish.

  18. Most important news of the day: Syracuse football is un-retiring #44. Yay.

    They’re putting up statutes of the most important #44s (Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Floyd Little). I’m sure someone will complain about the Jim Brown statue.

    1. Why would anyone complain about Jim Brown?

      1. One domestic violence situation in the past. We know how some people believe that you should be shunned from public life forever because of something like that.

        1. Oh, I didn’t even know he had one of those. Of course, I’d have to know the circumstances to know whether I should shun him. Not knowing those, I will continue to admire his work.

        2. I think it’s quite a few. But no, I really do love Jim Brown, and not just for his goofy little hat.

          1. Really? That’s too bad. But women–and men, for that matter–should know better than to get near that much badassery.

            1. Brown was convicted of misdemeanor vandalism in 1999 for damaging the automobile of his wife, Monique. Rather than participate in domestic violence counseling, community service, and probation, Brown chose instead to serve several months in jail, because, he said, “The conditions of my sentence were ridiculous.”

              But even that is badass, isn’t it?

              1. Pretty much. I assume Cleveland would forgive anything he did, up to and including nuking the entire planet.

            2. Here we go. He’s more than a bit of a dick, which is as it should be, I suppose.

              In 1965, an 18-year-old accused Brown of forcing her to have sex after giving her whiskey, but a jury found him innocent of assault and battery in the 10-day trial.

              In 1968, he was accused of throwing a model from a balcony, but when the 22-year-old woman refused to name Brown as her assailant, the charge of assault with intent to murder was dropped.

              In 1969, he was acquitted of assaulting a man after a traffic accident in 1969.

              In 1971, charges that he battered two women were dropped after they failed to testify at his trial.

              In 1978, he was fined and served a day in jail for beating up a golf partner.

              In 1985, Brown was charged with rape, sexual battery and assault, but the charges were dropped when the 33-year-old woman gave inconsistent testimony.

              The next year he was arrested for allegedly beating his fianc?e after accusing her of flirting. He spent three hours in jail, but three days later the 21-year-old woman said she didn’t want to prosecute.

              In 1999, Brown was convicted in Los Angeles of smashing the window of his 25-year-old wife Monique’s car, but was acquitted of making terrorist threats against her. The judge sentenced him to three years’ probation, stripped him of his driver’s license for a year, and ordered him to attend special counseling for domestic batterers.

              1. Holy shit, I’ve heard none of this.

              2. I remember when the LA thing happened. He appeared with his wife on the news, and had her deny everything. It looked sort of like a hostage video.

        3. Here’s his cock, if you’re into that kind of thing.

          1. That was disappointing.

            1. Some stereotypes just aren’t true.

  19. “Nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than I do,” Clinton said to reporters in a rare instance of fielding press questions on the campaign trail.

    Then, with all due respect, fucking release them yourself. You certainly don’t have any problem deleting them yourself.

    1. You gotta parse the words. The release of the e-mails is of the utmost interest to Hillary – making damn sure they don’t get released. Kinda like finding Nicole’s killer is of utmost interest to OJ.

      1. You have to admire his willingness to be convicted of a violent crime to seek out the murderer in prison.

  20. The Langliers

    God that thing was interminable.

  21. Game of Thrones has forever lost Sen. Claire McCaskill as a viewer.

    New trailer for Pixels.

    Important News!

  22. The GOP debates are going to be awesome.

    At least 20 of them on one stage? Preening for attention? Trying to out-conservative each other?

    Put Trump in there and it will be epic.

    1. I think my brand new 128GB Corsair SSD has penis envy.

    2. Man with prices like that, I’d be spending as much to build a computer as I did to built my first 486 DX/50 back in the day. Every time I get ready to drop large money on a performant system, I think back to how quickly my machine became worth less than something 1/3 the price and I go back to buying the cheapest shit that will run whatever the bottleneck is I am willing to spend money on. (Used to be the video card, and is now the drives.)

  23. Tiger Woods beat a bunch of stiffs to win most of his majors, says Dan Jenkins…..ips-record

  24. Golden State, Cleveland, Houston, or Atlanta?

    1. GS. I don’t think it’ll be particularly close, either.

      1. You shut your whore mouth. Clutch City 2.0!

        Just kidding. Houston is a towering disaster being held together by some occult magic of Kevin McHale that cannot win 8 of the next 14 games. But I will root for magic.

        1. I was legitimately shocked that Houston won that series. The Clippers looked so good in game 4, I thought they were the favorites after that game. Good for Houston.

          Houston could do it but I think it’s 4-1 or 4-2 GS, then the same in the Finals. With Love the Cavs may have had a chance but I think the Warriors have too much talent compared to the remaining teams.

    2. Is that NBA? People still watch the NBA?

      *inadvertently starts the new controversy of the commentariat*

    3. Cleveland beats Houston in 6.

      1. No wait, Cleveland is leading Houston in a closeout game 6 and God looks down and sees that it is Cleveland, then both of LeBron’s ACL’s spontaneously combust. Houston in 7, 126-43.

        1. With James Harden sitting on the bench for the last 15 minutes of game 6. Can you imagine the balls it takes as the head coach to do that in a game 6 you have to win? I mean, you’re a sports talk punching bag forever if it doesn’t work.

          1. Huge balls. Compare that to the Cleveland coach’s work in the playoffs. Cleveland should just fire Blatt and make LeBron player/coach for the rest of his career.

      2. Houston gets past GS?

        1. Curry’s ankles are a time bomb.

    4. I’m picking Houston because they are the biggest thugs and have one legit superstar. That is the winning playoff NBA formula. I know they lost all four games to GS during the regular season too.

    5. Golden State, none of the other teams can defend worth a poop. Thompson, Green and Bogut are all good defenders.

  25. oddly enough, many people don’t want to view Claire McCaskill.

  26. Claire McCaskill is the one who invited Put It In My Butt Girl to the State of the Union, right?

    But really, having Ramsay marry and rape Sansa is retarded. 1) Sansa is supposed to learn court intrigue by murdering Sweetrobin and becoming the power behind the throne in the Vale, 2) Littlefinger clearly plans on fucking her himself, not giving her to some bastard, 3) All the writers know is ball. And good. And rape.

    1. Claire McCaskill is the one who invited Put It In My Butt Girl to the State of the Union, right?

      Wasn’t it Gillenbrand? I guess McCaskill felt left out.

      1. It was Gillenbrand.

    2. I’ve never read the books and I think it’s retarded. The only reason to have that scene is to have a rape. It doesn’t fit with anything else.

      1. They really are trying hard to be shocking, aren’t they? It’s too bad they suck so bad as writers. They’re wasting the show’s potential at this point.

      2. Meh, it was bound to happen with as bad as the books got. It’s like the author gets tired of certain characters and has them wander around or die so he can focus on his new interesting character. Even the earlier books were like that. All of a sudden some kid comes home with a new wife out of nowhere so he can be offed. Ned Stark decides to tell his enemy all his plans so that they can conveniently fuck him over. Midget spends an entire book demonstrating how well he can play the political game, then the next book is suddenly demoted to nothing.

        This series is like every other series where the writer (and I’m talking about the author and the tv writers) didn’t start off to tell a story, but instead write a bunch of shocking scenes. Plot lines amble along then are cut short before they come to any meaningful conclusion. Bit characters become main players when they pique the creator’s fancy. Meaningful characters get killed off or otherwise ride into the sunset when getting them out of the situation they were written into is too hard.

        Battlestar Galactica and Lost had the same problems. And it becomes tedious to me, which is why I ultimately give them up.

  27. So when will Reason go all Der Morgen on us?

  28. New Undergang song streaming. Sounds filthy.

  29. Ricky Jackson files civil rights lawsuit for his wrongful imprisonment

    CLEVELAND, Ohio ? Ricky Jackson, a Cleveland man who spent 39 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit, has filed a lawsuit alleging city detectives in 1975 coerced a boy into pointing the finger and sealing his fate.

    Good. Burn it down.

    1. You Know Who Else Wanted to Burn Down a Major City?

      1. Mrs. O’Leary’s cow?

      2. Scipio Aemilianus?

      3. Emperor Nero?

      4. Michael Brown’s stepdad?

      5. Wayne Campbell?

      6. Mayor Wilson Goode?

      7. Ralph Wiggum?

      8. Wait…Jimmy Doolittle?

      9. Me?

        1. The inhabitants of Dresden in retaliation?

      10. William Tecumseh Sherman?

      11. Aerys II Targaryen

  30. Shameless self-aggrendizing: if you want to see everything wrong with the climate debate, see the comments section for this: http://business.financialpost……guillotine

    My favorite is one long-winded asshole who claims that the author of the piece makes unsupported claims (never specified or justified) and then seriously claims that moving away from our dirty oil economy will be an economic boon. Later he seriously busts out the 97% lie and states that climate science has no problems. The main ‘skeptic’ present is of the bad kind. There is one man who rises above to shine a light on the darkness. You’ll never believe who it is.

    1. You’ll never believe who it is.

      Or what happens next?

      1. This one secret that climate huck stern don’t want you to know about!

        1. Hucksters* (damn phone and its 6th grade vocabulary)

  31. I summon the area scientists! *Raises pocket protector into the air*

    Without a positive feedback loop, human CO2 has no chance of inducing catastrophic warming. It was proposed that this would come from water vapor, but this does not seem to be happening.

    1) Is this the case?

    2) Could methane released from a warming Arctic/Siberia do it instead?

    1. 1) Maybe
      2) Maybe

      The problem with science is that it gives narrow ansers. The people who Fucking Love Science don’t like maybes.

      1. ansers

        Well that’s an ugly typo.

        1. Or a new word describing the anti-photon laser above: the anser.

          1. What about inverse tachyons?

            1. Reversed polarity?

                1. Techety tech-tech tech

              1. Only if it’s of the neutron flow…

      2. You’re a scientist? Not that I don’t love your input regardless Warty.

        1. I am, kiddo. With publications and everything.

          1. Dr. Warty. Very much like Dr. Shrinker.

          2. Field?

            1. He has a PhD in Force.

            2. CS. Mostly robotic type stuff and vision stuff lately.

              1. I meant Robotic Force. Conveying force through robot minions.

                1. Oh, that reminds me. Here’s a classic paper on greedy capitalist robots.

                  1. Are you one of the authors?

                    1. Nope. I wish I’d written anything that famous.

              2. Cool. I wonder if I should pick up writing computer code as a secondary skill set.

                1. Cool. I wonder if I should pick up writing computer code as a secondary skill set.

                  Yes. Unequivocally yes.

                  1. That big of a deal huh? Good to know. You’d think something so important would be taught in public K-12.

                    1. You’d think something so important would be taught in public K-12.

                      Ugh, did I alt-tab to Hacker News without realizing it? Someone kill me, please.

    2. 1) it’s tough to get more water vapor into the air than already is. It rains pretty much everywhere. It would take a lot of methane. A lot. CO2 is curently 0.04% of the atmosphere, max. IIRC CH3 would have to rise to at least half that level to have the same net effect. And that’s assuming that there is that there is no “crowd out” effect. For an estimate, assume that a column of air 1 square inch in area weighs 14.7 lbs at sea level. Figure out how big an area would have to be covered, then replace 0.006 lbs per square inch with methane. Note that a square mile would require approximately 12000 TONS of metane by this approximation. Even if you got most of the effect from the first 5 miles of atmosphere and divided by a factor of 6… Its a lot of fucking methane.

      1. Titan has a lot of methane.

        1. Well, la di da, Mr. “I have a shuttlecraft that can take me to Titan and get methane”. Some of us have to make due with what cows fart and shriek exhales!

          1. Titan’s methane can be yours, if the price is right!

      2. Also, methane decays into CO2.

    3. 1) it’s tough to get more water vapor into the air than already is. It rains pretty much everywhere. It would take a lot of methane. A lot. CO2 is curently 0.04% of the atmosphere, max. IIRC CH3 would have to rise to at least half that level to have the same net effect. And that’s assuming that there is that there is no “crowd out” effect. For an estimate, assume that a column of air 1 square inch in area weighs 14.7 lbs at sea level. Figure out how big an area would have to be covered, then replace 0.006 lbs per square inch with methane. Note that a square mile would require approximately 12000 TONS of metane by this approximation. Even if you got most of the effect from the first 5 miles of atmosphere and divided by a factor of 6… Its a lot of fucking methane.

      1. CH3? My, that’s radical.

        1. Too much orgo. Its always CH3 something.

          1. H, in this case.

  32. Mother of Mercy is this the End of Rico?

    1. I dunno, I get the feeling the commentariat is making a bigger deal out of it than he is.

      1. What happened? Are the yokels pissed at Robby for not hating the people they hate enough?

        1. I missed this, too, like Jim Brown abusing a whole city of women. I really need to read the papers more.

        2. Almost as much as they hate university for being full of book lernin’ faggots. You do love your strawmen.

        3. Robby has criticized University professors. Does that mean that he thinks bouk lerning iz 4 fagets?

        4. Are the yokels pissed at Robby for not hating the people they hate enough?

          Yes. That and saying things like “only mattress girl and Nungesser know what happened that night” in a column about the Columbia case.


            1. Watch it with your SJW signalling, Warty!

            2. Whoa, whoa……easy there Bill Nye!

        5. Why won’t he hates them like I do!!!!1!1!!!

        6. It’s also possible that they simply don’t know the meaning of the word “conclusive”.

    2. It’s not the End of Rico and it’s not that big of a deal, really. But if you can’t mock someone for being a thin-skinned little bunch, then who can you mock?

      1. Thin Skin is what got Rico killed by the way.

      2. *thin-skinned little bitch, damn you autocorrect.

        1. Sum’bunch!!!

          /Sorry, but that was a great autocorrect.

    3. Mother of Mercy is this the End of Rico?

      Ehh…whatever….bring back the cute one…..the gamine who said she hated us right after she left!

    4. I hope not. I actually like Robby. He’s pretty fair and objective and his articles are usually VERY informative.

    5. +1 Manny Goldenberg.

  33. Via PINAC:


    tl;dr: Man injured in confrontation with police officer. Police report claims man pushed officer and then threw self to ground spontaneously. Man charged with assaulting police officer. Video proves police officer a liar. Judge throws charge out.

    DA says that video doesn’t prove anything, and that wonderful police officer was late coming back from charity event, so terrible judge dismissed case out of spite. SIX YEARS LATER, despite video, “internal investigation” is still ongoing.

    1. You should email me. I have something totally unrelated to your comment that I think you’d be entertained by. It is not a dick pic.

      1. Don’t do it, Andrew. It’s a dick pic.

        1. Interloper!

          It’s seriously NOT a dick pic.

          1. If somebody goes out of their way to say “it’s not a dick pic,” it’s a dick pic.

            1. No. There’s just been discussion in the past of me sending and/or receiving dick pics and I wanted to make clear that this email would have nothing to do with that.

            2. Go on …

          2. It suddenly occurs to me that there is, in fact, a downside to gays these days not generally hiding in the closet.

  34. Braised oxtails over buttered egg noodles tonight. Dredge the oxtails in flour, salt, pepper. Brown in the dutch oven in vegetable oil, remove. Saute chopped celery, carrots, onions, garlic in olive oil and beef drippings. Deglaze with red wine (and a little white wine) and return tails to pan. Parboil 4 roma tomatoes and remove skin. Crush tomatoes by hand into pan, bring to a boil, cover with lid reduce heat to low and let simmer for 1.5 hours.

    Remove oxtails and place to side. Pour liquid through strainer. Thoroughly press vegetables into strainer and remove all liquid. Discard vegetables. Strain liquid a few more times to create a silky consistency. Place oxtails back in the pan with liquid and continue to simmer. Add dried basil, oregano, and sliced mushrooms.

    Ladle over bowl of buttered (and olive oiled) egg noodles.

    For dessert, vanilla ice cream with sliced fresh strawberries and pineapple.

    Cocktail: Vodka with fresh squeezed citrus (blood orange, lemon, and lime) juices over ice, topped with Perrier for a little fizz.

    1. This approach works just as well with neckbones when you’re slumming it.

      1. Ditto short ribs.

    2. What are oxtails?

      1. It’s what they serve at the parties Robby is trying to get invited to.

        1. +1 beltway oxtail party

      2. Those long furry things hanging down behind an ox.

  35. Worst thing Robby did today: having a link in PM links to another reason post, and by himself, natch.

    1. Nothing trumps being late with the links!

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