ISIS on the Move, Obama Targets Cops' Military Toys, Biker Brawl Turns Deadly in Waco: A.M. Links


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  1. …rival motorcycle gangs wound up in a shootout outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, Sunday.

    Poor Laura Palmer.

    1. Will backwards-talking squirrels be involved in the conclusion this time?

      1. It is happening again…it is happening again…

        1. The owls are not what they seem.

  2. …David Lynch says the on-again, off-again Showtime sequel is back on.

    Poor Laura Palmer.

    1. I am stocking up on coffee and pie in anticipation!

    2. The sequel to Twin Peaks was done before Twin Peaks. It was called The Hidden. Kyle McLachlan played the same character, “Bob”. If you pay att’n to the clever dialog, it fits.

  3. Students convince teacher to let them watch ’50 Shades’ as reward

    Part of the erotic movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” was shown in a West Virginia high school classroom this week after students convinced their teacher to let them watch it as a reward for good work.

    The Charleston Daily Mail reports that the teacher apparently didn’t know what the film was about.

    Hampshire High principal Jeff Woofter says the film was shut down after 10 minutes when an assistant principal walked by and saw what they were watching.

    1. When I was in high school we watched the Zeferelli Romeo and Juliet, and the teacher rewound he scene where you can see Romeo’s bare butt at the request of the girl in the class.

      1. I was more interested in her tits, but maybe that’s just me.

        1. 9th grade right of passage watching that movie. Just for the boobies.

      2. Man, I had the hugest crush on Olivia Hussey. And in the Jesus of Nazareth film, too.

      3. I think a distinction between a movie with some brief nudity and a movie based on a pornographic novel is probably reasonable.

        1. The difference betwen a movie based on a litery classic play and one based on inexplicably popular fan fiction.

    2. Laura Ingalls was in the loft of that little house, listening to bumping and grinding from Charles and Caroline that produced her three younger siblings. If Laura could hear that and survive just fine, kids today can handle sexuality.

    3. My high school English teacher strongly recommended a viewing of Pink Flamingos for our cast party following one of the school plays he directed. How times have changes since then.

    4. My high school basketball coach was a teacher as well and he would show Trading Places each year.

      He would seemingly not be paying attention to anything, but as soon as Jamie Lee Curtis was about to expose her exquisite breasts he would stand up, fast-forward to the next scene and then sit back down.

    5. The students considered watching that movie…a reward?!

      My flabber is truly gasted.

      1. Media Stockholm Syndrome.

        1. Is that how democratic voting happens too? Maybe? Or the buyers of Budweiser?

    6. Wait, isn’t “fifty” porn for middle aged house wives? So it contained no nudity and no sex, right?

  4. The New York State Assembly is considering a bill that would prohibit people from declawing their cats.

    Big Upholstery is behind this.

    1. Upholstery? Upholsteryou, pal.

    2. Yeah. I was gonna say the same thing.

      The furniture industry LOVES them some declawed cats. I actually bought a couch yesterday and when discussing the extended warranty plan with the salesman he mentioned pet damage, apparently cats destroy something like $5 billion a year worth of furniture

      1. Cat all like FUCK YO COUCH

        1. “They should have never given you humans money!”

      2. And cats probably accounting for 85% or more of that figure, conservatively. Dogs may tend towards well-meaning yet stupid inconsideration, cats are just cunty. “I don’t like this new food you bought me, I’m going to piss my rancid urine on your pillow now.”

        1. Two years ago my GSD puppy chewed up the footboard of a 100+ year old bed. What a puppy sweetheart!

          1. While in the Army, my Rottie puppy decided he ‘liked/ did not want me to wear’ the new black beret’s we were issued.

            He ate three of them, getting the last one out of a drawer.

        2. My asshole cat means well, he just gets bored at 3 in the morning and wants to wake me up to hang out.

          So he sticks his paw in my mouth.

  5. 55) I was recently watching The Maltese Falcon and it struck me how the movie treated a marital affair almost casually. Similarly, I can think of several other older movies where affairs are not a big deal, or at any rate are the least of the characters’ sins?From Here to Eternity, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and as late as the Graduate, MASH, Nashville, and Manhattan. In those last few, the affairs are almost presented as healthy and admirable. On the other hand, more recent movies seem to treat affairs as a huge deal, and an enormous breach of trust. I’m thinking here of Gone Girl, Unfaithful, or Fatal Attraction (older but still in the modern era), where an affair almost justifies the spouse committing murder. Beautiful Girls, Election, and American Beauty also had affairs that were really big deals in the movie. So I started wondering. Do these movies reflect society? Did affairs used to be taken as just a fact of life, while somewhere in the 80s they became a bigger deal? Does it maybe have to do with the liberalization of divorce laws in the 1960s and 70s? And if they don’t reflect American society, if the changes are only in the movies themselves, then why has the depiction of infidelity in movies changed?

    1. It’s not just marital affairs. If you read Dashiell Hammett’s novels, many more things that people are stuck up about now were more casual then. Or it may be just that Hammett wasn’t.

    2. Those older films all qualify as noir, right? I don’t think they’re indicative of broader norms. And TV is probably a bigger indication of where society is at, and affairs are a lot more common on TV than in movies, where an affair works as the inciting incident for a 2 hour story.

  6. The Obama administration imposed 27 new “major” regulatory rules last year…

    Utopia is just one more major regulation away.

    1. 27 would be the number of new major regulatory rules. New regulatory rules require hearings and public comment and a chance to whip up some opposition – how many old rules got “re-interpreted” enough to qualify as major new rules but nobody noticed because the full effect hasn’t been felt yet and “re-interpretations” don’t require any sort of due process to implement? Wasn’t the FCC take-over of the internet just this sort of regulatory re-interpretation? Wasn’t the whole “Chevron deference” monstrosity a result of the same thing? Why bother with a new law when the old law can just mean whatever the hell you want it to mean?
      It’s not that the laws are so bad, it’s that there’s not even any laws any more, just assumptions of power. The cop who caught hell for saying “If Obama doesn’t have to obey the Constitution then why should we?” was the canary in the coalmine if you ask me – if even the low-level trogs know what’s going on you can be sure the higher-ups have been on to this for much longer.

  7. Chinese Firedrill!

    Chinese police discover 51 people inside van that fits 6

    Traffic police in southern China found 51 passengers crammed into a minibus designed for six people, state media reported.

    The agents stopped the vehicle because it was travelling at a slow pace due to the excessive weight, China’s state television CCTV reported on Wednesday evening.

    According to the broadcaster, the passengers were migrant workers on their way to a building site.

    1. Why wasn’t it the R&D crew developing new sardine packing technologies?

      1. Or it was Chinese scientists working on the Tammes Problem……..s1994a.pdf

    2. The Benny Hill theme song was playing on a loop when they were exiting the vehicle I’m sure.

  8. http://www.scientificamerican……odynamics/

    “Does the universe violate the laws of thermodynamics?”

    1. Lisa, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!

    2. I am confused about Big Bang thermodynamics. The universe expanding and going from infinite temperate to just a few degrees above absolute zero is contrary to thermodynamical laws, is it not?

      1. Disclaimer: I am not a theoretical physicist, but…

        One line of thinking is that the laws of physics, Newtonian, thermodynamics, and others were established, or at least reset, during the big bang.

        Another consideration is that the universe is infinite. Think about what this means. The matter and energy that we can account for are constantly spreading out to fill the unbounded void. The universe is an infinitely open system, not a (practically) closed system like a steam engine or a coffee maker.

        I also do not subscribe to idea that temperature can be infinite.

      2. The big bang created space as well. There is a relationship between pressure and tempersture. It is why an aersol can will frost if you leave the valve open. It makes refrigeration technology possible.

      3. The universe at the big bang was just energy. Then a short time later, matter formed from the energy. Since E=Mc^2, you can knock out a lot of that initial energy to get the resulting matter. Also, temperature is a measurement of particle velocity and is not meaningful when particles do not exist.

        1. temperature is a measurement of particle velocity and is not meaningful when particles do not exist

          Not quite true. You can meaningfully define a temperature for anything that gives off radiation. Also, as far back as current theory can go there are always particles. They might not last very long at very high energies, but according to quantum mechanics there are always particles.

          1. This is probably right. I do not think much about quantum froth in the first second of the universe enough.

            1. quantum froth

              The Santorum of the universe?

      4. If you naively extrapolate back far enough you get an infinite temperature. But there is really no theory to describe that stage of things (assuming the universe did originate as a point) as it would require a quantum gravity theory. All current theory can say is that it started out very hot and very dense.
        Besides the infinite energy thing, do you have any other problem with it? Without that confusing notion it’s basically just the ideal gas law. A larger volume gives you a lower average temperature.

        And as TO says, there are other theories that deal with an expanding universe besides the big bang singularity.

  9. Gwyneth Paltrow in Titanic, Sarah Michelle Gellar in Clueless and John Travolta as Forrest Gump… the blockbuster movie roles actors turned DOWN revealed
    Actors turned down roles because of scheduling and script conflicts
    Many of the replacement actors went on to win Oscars and Golden Globes
    Some of the actresses now, like Meg Ryan, have enjoyed less success…..ealed.html

    1. A Travolta Gump would have been hilariously bad, but the movie would not have done so well.

  10. You might have heard of a little show called Mad Men. Well, it ended. Wonderfully? Frustratingly? Unsurprisingly, fans have mixed feelings.

    Never thought it would end with Don waking up in bed next to Bob Newhart and realizing it was all a dream.

  11. Arrest warrant-ed? How members of the public stopped undercover cops busting a girl, 14, whose friend, 7, had ‘pushed button on a police call box’

    Two undercover police officers tried arresting girl in Washington Heights
    Thought child, seven, who was with her pushed button on police call box
    One officer repeatedly went after 14-year-old and put his hands on her
    Community members protested what was going on and yelled ‘Go home’
    During officer’s final attempt at girl, others physically got in way and stopped it…
    We need more of this.

    1. I am absolutely stunned that nobody ended up tazed, shot, or arrested.

      1. Yet. It’s only a matter of time before the girls’ home is located and a no-knock radius executed as a lesson to the public.

        In all honesty, what ticks me off isn’t that he questioned or wanted to detain her but that he attempted to only after she approached him and asked for his badge number. That’s the line she crossed.

        1. “a no-knock radius executed”

          So you are saying the case will come full circle?

          1. *narrows…

            Wait a moment.

    2. Very good.

    3. Nothing about this in my copsucking local media – quelle surprise.

      1. It’s best not to encourage this type of behaviour by reporting on it.

  12. President Obama plans to take away police departments’ military toys…

    No, he doesn’t.

    1. Having just read the article, or at least a couple paragraphs, he actually plans to restrict US sales of certain surplus military equipment from here forward. So no, he’s not actually taking anything away.

      I’ll give him credit here, though. This is a good start.

      1. A reverse Cash4Clunkers. Those existing MRAP’s will be like Cuban Chevy Bel Airs.

        1. Sweet, i’m in the market for a gently-used armored patrol vehicle.

          1. Me too, need something for snow days.

            The Urban Assault Vehicle doesn’t care for the snow.

      2. Is Obama capable of doing anything at without throwing around tax-payer money like he’s a big tipper? He couldn’t just shut down the program, he had to throw $163 million up in the air just for the hell of it.

        Can they buy assault rifles and urban assault vehicles with the “grant” money?

      3. Yeah, I’ll give him a reluctant nod, especially since he seems to be responding to his commissioned report’s note that LEOs “embrace a guardian ? rather than a warrior ? mind-set”.

        However, with its careful balancing act between populism and angering LEO unions, this is purely a political move. It will ultimately have no effect on the issue it’s intended to address. So long as the federal $$ continues to roll in, local PDs will simply play shell games with their budgets to not only maintain the mil-grade gear they’ve got, but also buy new toys when “needed”.

        I also like the way the article blames 9/11 for the issue. Drug war? What drug war?

        1. Especially since the military give aways to police began in the Clinton Administration, IIRC.

    2. I noticed this from the Reuters article on the subject:

      Michele Jawando, vice president for legal progress at the left-leaning Washington think tank Center for American Progress, said Obama faces a difficult balancing act on race.

      “For a long time in this country we’ve had a hard time developing a narrative around poverty, around race, so when there are incidents like this that sit at the apex of both, different people are going to have different reactions to that,” Jawando said.

    3. President Obama plans to take away police departments’ military toys?and give them $163 million in grants
      Cash is the military’s favorite toy.

      1. I liked the M240B…but I guess if you have enough cash, you just buy one…or two…or more.

  13. Greek Endgame Nears for Tsipras as Collateral Evaporates

    Greek banks are running short on the collateral they need to stay alive, a crisis that could help force Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s hand after weeks of brinkmanship with creditors.

    As deposits flee the financial system, lenders use collateral parked at the Greek central bank to tap more and more emergency liquidity every week. In a worst-case scenario, that lifeline will be maxed out within three weeks, pushing banks toward insolvency, some economists say.

    1. Didn’t Tsipras repeal the laws of supply and demand? Is no one obeying?

  14. No declawing in NY? No Dem debates there then I assume.

  15. Shi’ite forces ordered to deploy after fall of Iraqi city

    Shi’ite paramilitaries were preparing to deploy to Iraq’s western province of Anbar on Monday after Islamic State militants overran the provincial capital Ramadi in the biggest defeat for the Baghdad government since last summer.

    The U.S.-led coalition stepped up air raids against the Islamists, conducting 19 strikes in the vicinity of Ramadi over the past 72 hours at the request of the Iraqi security forces, a coalition spokesman said.

    A spokesman for the paramilitaries, which are known as Hashid Shaabi, told Reuters they had received orders to mobilize, but details could not be revealed for security reasons.

    oh this will end well…

    1. I am unhappy – all that work we did…blood, treasure, sweat, toil and tears….gone.

      I need a drink…already.

      1. At least Saddam ended his career at the end of a rope, instead of opulent exile.

        1. Without you, that would not have happened.

          1. I was in Afghanistan when he got hung.

            I would have given my left leg to have gotten Hekmatyar Gulbuddin.

  16. Mayan pyramid bulldozed by road construction firm

    A construction company has essentially destroyed one of Belize’s largest Mayan pyramids with diggers and bulldozers to extract crushed rock for a road-building project, authorities have announced.

    The head of the Belize Institute of Archaeology, Jaime Awe, said on Tuesday that the destruction at the Nohmul complex in northern Belize was detected late last week. The ceremonial centre dates back at least 2,300 years and is the most important site in northern Belize, near the border with Mexico.

    “It’s a feeling of incredible disbelief because of the ignorance and the insensitivity ? they were using this for road fill,” Awe said. “It’s like being punched in the stomach, it’s just so horrendous.”

      1. And yet strangely in line with history. Much of the original great wall of China is gone because locals used the stone as construction material.

        1. The polished stone surface of the pyramids at Giza suffered a similar fate.


    2. That story is a couple of years old – IIRC there were at least two incidents of this.

      1. that 13 somehow morphed into a 15…

        *cleans glasses*

        1. Just wait until they start on that Nicaraguan canal, then you can be called racist for pointing out the hypocrisy of the left in not condemning that environmental destruction.

    3. Does this mean airstrikes in Belize now?

  17. No shit?

    Charity watchdog: Clinton Foundation a ‘slush fund’

    The Clinton Foundation’s finances are so messy that the nation’s most influential charity watchdog put it on its “watch list” of problematic nonprofits last month.

    The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid.

    The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family friends.

    1. Seriously, does this not affect Democratic votes? How is she possibly still the leading candidate for that party? Yeah, yeah, principals, not principles. I just fail to understand how some other principal isn’t in the lead.

      1. The voters are, I am told, only interested in a stately campaign of ideas. Thus this fake scandal does not merit their concern.

        1. Voters, as a rule, are a mob of braying jackasses, regardless of who they eventually pull the lever for.

          1. Well, according to Salon, the Democratic voters are only interested in ideas. Which is precisely why they use words like “teathuglican” and “teabagger”.


            1. Not all ideas are good, or deep.

            2. Like “campaign finance reform”. I hear they’re big on that.

        2. Ideas? From the Hilldebeast? You jest.

          1. Have you heard her speech on criminal justice reform?

            Unlike Rand Paul who gets bogged sown in specifics, she floated general ideas that can be adjusted in a million different…

            Fuck it, I can’t do this anymore.

            1. Fuck it, I can’t do this anymore.

              My understanding is that it makes a lot more sense after the full frontal lobotomy.

              1. … rather have the bottle in front of me.

        3. Just think, the first time through, the Clintons were relatively tentative in their shenanigans, not operating then in an era without consequences. If by some horrid confluence of events, they got back in the White House, they’d know that they could get away with virtually anything.

          1. Getting away with anything? Curse you for making me picture Hillary having a go with Monica Lewinsky.

        4. At this point I don’t think it has anything to do with the voters. If there were a really viable national candidate challenging her I think Hillary would have to be considering just dropping out of the race right now.

          However with her current opposition being Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, 2 guys who have basically no chance of ever being elected all the scandals in the world won’t force Hillary to retire. Sure, they will hurt her in the general election but her chances there have more to do with who the Republicans nominate than anything about her.

          The really scary thing is I think all these scandals could very easily convince Fauxahontis to throw her hat in the ring and if she did Hillary is likely a goner.

      2. From what I’ve seen the last few weeks, blue teamers are sick to their stomachs about it. Not becuase of the raging corruption. Rather they’re worried about the obvious and deep sleaze factor in it all.
        This could ruin their dreams of World domination.
        The Seas will rise and disasters of Biblical proportion – Red team Prez, House & Senate – women and blacks in chains and fracking in your basements with child laborers.

        1. Wait, under Team Red, I’ll get a basement? Yay, UPGRADE!

    2. The Clintons are the Patriots of politics.

    3. Ah, the post. I was wondering if the Times had begun noticing.

    1. She is like Lauryn Hill without the talent.

        1. Lauryn Hill released one of my favorite hip hop albums and she truly was a beautiful woman.

          However, there was a time when she let it go.

    2. $4.5M…OK, she gets $500K, the IRS gets the rest?

      1. We’re not financing her fraud from the taxpayers’ wallets. $0 for her, her father pays the $4.5 million in back taxes, and goes to prison for evasion. He’ll meet so many of the people he appologises for there. I wonder how they’ll treat him?

        1. I’d rather they both went to prison, and they got the $4.5M and penalties and interest…

        2. Sharpton, go to prison for tax evasion? Hahahahahahahahaha! The man has incited riots and firebombing. Who knows how many deaths he has on his hands. He’s not getting jail time for a little tax evasion.

  18. Your hourly reminder that everything is offensive:

    Under Armour Apologizes For Iwo Jima Shirt

    Under Armour is nixing a new shirt design that played off an iconic World War II image following backlash.

    In a series of tweets and a Facebook post, the activewear brand on Saturday apologized for the “Band of Ballers” shirts, which bore a strong resemblance to the classic 1945 photo “Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima

    1. Did they perform seppuku to atone for their dishonor?

      1. Or jump off a cliff into the sea?

    2. Ex-military. Wasn’t offended.

  19. Jeb’s bankrupt healthcare fantasy: Expanding coverage with Apple Watches and freedom
    Jeb Bush envisions a healthcare system that costs nothing, regulates no one and exploits high-end wearable tech

    As reported by Bloomberg News, Jeb was holding an event at a brewery in Arizona and he launched into a standard-issue exhortation to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In the middle of his spiel, Bush started talking about his Apple Watch and how wearable technology holds the potential to shake up how we access health information.

    It’s an amazing vision of the future! And I have no doubt that someone like Jeb Bush, who is very wealthy and can afford to purchase fancy Wi-Fi-enabled watches that sync up to a system that remotely monitors his blood levels and whatnot, will happily take full advantage of this incredible service. But the question is: How do the rest of us get there? What does Jeb have in mind healthcare policy-wise that makes this revolutionary (and likely very expensive) system broadly accessible?

  20. Going out on a limb here and saying that the Obama administration will try to take away private arms from citizens before they make any move to take away military arms possessed by LEOs.

    1. That’s hardly a limb…

  21. Huzzah! I had to call the DC office to get the comments fixed. Thanks for the quick action Reason.

    1. YAY! Comments are Back.

      I think my e-mail to the webmaster went ignored. No one reads my e-mails.


    1. You were just going to spend it on H&R anyway

  23. WTF with the comments?

    I am cancelling my non-existent digital subscription for this!

    1. If Tesla screwed up something as basic as the door handle – how can you trust anything else they put into that car?

    2. The Muskmelons in the comments are so defensive. They make Apple fanbois look sober and reasonable.

  24. Making porn is fun: The startling rise of DIY erotica

    Now that so many of us carry the internet in our pockets at all hours of the day and night, it’s not surprising that our access to porn has increased our consumption of it. But not only that, technology has also enabled the democratization of porn in truly groundbreaking ways, as evidenced by the popularity of amateur porn sites like YouPorn, RedTube, Chaturbate, Tube8 ? not to mention social sharing sites like Reddit and Tumblr ? and the ease with which smartphones have enabled us to shoot, edit, and share videos online with just a few clicks.

    Madison Young, a porn director, actress, bondage model, writer, sex educator, and founder of Femina Potens Art Gallery, is a pioneer in this brave new world of DIY porn: “We can’t wait for the mainstream to represent our stories and our sexuality in a way that is authentic and resonates with us,” she told me in an interview. “Mainstream porn, as well as mainstream television and film, will always be looking at content based on its commercial capitalistic value.”

    Fifty Squats of Warty, produced by Nutrasweet.

    1. The camera work on that was atrocious. They didn’t even TRY to keep the lens clear of fluids. It’s just a grey haze and a bunch of grunting. Three stars.

    2. Madison Young, a porn director, actress, bondage model, writer, sex educator, and founder of Femina Potens Art Gallery, is a pioneer in this brave new world of DIY porn: “We can’t wait for the mainstream to represent our stories and our sexuality in a way that is authentic and resonates with us,” she told me in an interview. “Mainstream porn, as well as mainstream television and film, will always be looking at content based on its commercial capitalistic value.”

      She sounds very fat.

        1. Yeah, I was pretty shocked. Although anyone that has been that close to Margaret Cho is right out in my book.

          1. After that brief affair you had with Ellen, I assumed that you were probably attracted to Cho as well. Too feminine?

            1. I can’t respect a woman that has been making fun of the way her mother talks for 20 years and demanding that we find it funny.

              1. Oh, come on! Making fun of asian accents is so edgy! She is not only not funny, she seems to do her best to make herself as unattractive as possible.

                1. she seems to do her best to make herself as unattractive as possible

                  That’s been part of her career strategy since her terrible sitcom failed. She got demoted to playing at gay bathhouses (the county fair for comedians) and realized that hinting that she was gay and getting fatter drew an audience. But she’s still just making fun of her mother’s accent as her core joke, even if it is wrapped up in George Bush jokes and tranny back-up dancers.

                  1. “wrapped up in George Bush jokes and tranny back-up dancers.”

                    Friday at Shriek’s house?

                2. seems to do her best to make herself as unattractive as possible

                  That is my kind of lady! We call that the Garafolo.

      1. Just a bit doughy, it turns out. But she looks just whip smart, I tells ya.

        1. Gah!

    3. Sex educator? Please tell me that doesn’t mean in the schools.

  25. The Obamas’ financial disclosure.

    Their Chicago home, which they haven’t spent much time since 2009, is still costing them. They’re still paying off a 30-year mortgage of between $500,000 and $1 million. Their interest rate: 5.625%

    5.625%? Well, it’s someone else’s money.

    1. Too dumb to refi, but can manage the Fed budget, eh?

      1. I’d like to think that it’s not that they can’t, it’s that 5.625% is the best their credit is good for.

        1. OK, another good laugh this morning…thanks for that.

          1. I laughed too, that’s a good one.

      2. Why refi when it’s going to be paid off in ~19 months?

  26. Proglodytes discover that their hero just may be corrupt.…..took-money

  27. The Koch Brothers’ guide to 2016: How to win $1 billion for your Republican candidacy

    A few weeks ago, the New York Times reported that the billionaire Koch brothers had more or less endorsed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for president. At a Manhattan fund-raising event, David Koch had indicated that Walker should be the Republican candidate, and even suggested that he and his brother would personally offer financial support to the Governor. It wasn’t surprising, after all of their history.

    Shortly afterwords, however, this enthusiasm was backtracked, and both brothers denied any endorsement of Walker. “Let me be clear, I am not endorsing or supporting any candidate for president at this point in time,” said David Koch, while his brother, Charles, said they liked five candidates who have the right message and a “good chance of getting elected,” in an interview with USA Today. The five considerations were Walker, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.

    1. For a Paltry $50 million, I will agree not to run.

  28. Heh.

    “SafeSpace” for target-rich environment does not equal FaceBook.

    Progtardian Idiots.……of2AoPQbd


  30. Anyone seen the new Mad Max movie yet? Comments?

    1. I have no plans to see it, as apparently you’re not in this one.

    2. Absolutely balls-to-the-walls awesome. Will be seeing it again next weekend.

    3. Saw it Saturday.
      All the critics lied – even the pet Reason ones.
      It didn’t suck-suck. But it had an amazing way of turning two hours of road rage, violence and mayhem … boring.
      Really – it was boring. Wait for it on streaming.

      1. Friend of mine said it was a good action movie, but not a good Mad Max movie.

        1. Not enough people were killed off.

    4. Very enjoyable for a summer blockbuster (is it that season, yet?).

    5. Saw it Saturday – kinda meh. George Miller has watched one too many Michael Bay films. (I’m one of those who think one Bay film is one Bay film too many.) It’s just one long road battle, not much storyline and some of the post-apocalyptic wardrobe stuff was a bit over the top. CharlizeTheron was very good, Mel Gibson looked terrible. The basic message I got out of it, that “home is where you make it, even if you gotta kill a shitload of people who wanna fuck with you” is not the anti-libertarian message Ken Schultz got out of it or the feminista message the culture warriors on the right are claiming the culture warriors on the left are claiming. It’s an action movie. Eat some popcorn, watch the show, 5 minutes after you’ve seen it you’ll have forgotten it.

      1. You pretty much just described Road Warrior. Which unless you’re insane is a classic. So what’s the difference?

    6. It’s road warrior with a 100 million dollar budget. I loved it.

  31. None of your business what I did while comments were down.

    1. We know where you were. Warty’s basement dungeon has some repair work going on, so he thought he could use the server room as a replacement. Let that be a lesson to everyone that Cat5 tables should not be used as replacement whips.

      1. “taste the electronic lash!”

      2. The sheer amount of contracting work to keep the Warty Dungeon going is a net positive to the economy.

        1. Talk about your broken windows. Or digging holes and filling them in. Yup, lot of holes getting filled down at Warty’s.

          1. A lot of new holes being dug, too.

            /ow, ow, ow…

  32. WaPo discovers markets.

    Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), who has led Congress’s charge to thwart the legalization, blamed city leaders, insisting that they should have forbidden possession when he and other lawmakers prevented Washington from creating a controlled marketplace.

    “There’s no question that demand will go up, and there’s no legal source of supply,” he said. “Clearly, this was not thought out rationally by the city government, which chose to go forward with legalization without regulation.”

    John Falcicchio, chief of staff for Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D), sharply countered that assertion.

    “In D.C., it shouldn’t be called the black market. It should be called the Harris market,” he said. “If there’s any uptick in the black market, it’s thanks to Harris.”
    Harris should get some sort of “Dumb Fuck Hall of Fame” award.

  33. Who killed Baltimore?

    Fact: Writing out your bulleted points like this makes you sound like a conspiracy nutter.

    Fact: It’s a hackish style of journalism and a lazy way to get out of writing full paragraphs.

    Fact: the author is wrong about Baltimore because racism.

    1. Whatever. All the good writers left Reason for The Federalist because Newt Gingrich is a libertarian voice that must be heard!

      1. This crop of writers didn’t even attend Columbia.

        1. That little jibe better not be directed at Miss Merlan. I will not let those shenanigans pass without a fight!

        2. This crop of writers didn’t even attend Columbia.

          [clutches pearls]

    2. ” It’s a hackish style of journalism and a lazy way to get out of writing full paragraphs.”


    3. Fact: the author hilariously thinks that black cops can’t be racist against black subjects.

      1. Absolutely, but it does put a needle in the one-dimensional narrative describing white-on-black violence, which badly needs to be put to rest.

        1. How about this: cops of any race can be abusive to suspects of any race, even if they’re the same race as the cop.

  34. Newt Gingrich is a libertarian voice that must be heard!

    Yes! Newt and Sheldon Adelson will free us!

    1. I’m just glad Lindsay Graham is in the race now. Finally, the Libertarian Moment? is at hand!

  35. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m currently in the same room with Lu– well, you know

    1. Go on…

    2. We don’t talk about Lu

    3. Pics, or it didn’t happen.

  36. Where were these teachers when was growing up in Florida?

    Female Teacher Pleads Guilty For Victimizing Teen Boy With Sex Trauma Straight Out Of Penthouse Forum

    “Officials at Imagine Charter fired Khan around the same time she was arrested. The sacking did not involve the teacher-student sex charges, though. Instead, Khan was fired for showing students her tattoos and for various other behavior deemed inappropriate.”…..use-forum/

    1. “Local court records show that Khan filed for divorce in October 2011. A judge granted the divorce in September 2012.

      “She and her ex-husband have children.”

      Out of curiosity, who got custody?

      And what kind of messed-up laws do we have when the adulterous spouse gets to file for divorce from the innocent spouse?

      1. What a terrible article. How am I supposed to know how to feel about this without a picture of the teacher?

        Acceptable, would have not felt victimized were I the aformentioned yute.

  37. “And what kind of messed-up laws do we have when the adulterous spouse gets to file for divorce from the innocent spouse?”

    I do bleev those messed up laws are currently referred to as “No Fault”.

    1. Yes, I know what they’re called.

  38. Speaking of retro… rival motorcycle gangs wound up in a shootout outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, Sunday. Nine were left dead and 18 were injured.
    Speaking of Twin Peaks… David Lynch says the on-again, off-again Showtime sequel is back on.
    Speaking of lynching… The Obama administration imposed 27 new “major” regulatory rules last year, according to a new report from the Heritage Foundation.
    I am assuming the anaphora is implicit?

  39. Will Minnesoda’s legislators actually finish today and avoid a shutdown? The GOP house and DFL senate have both given concessions on their major issues. Or illustrious governor still thinks he can shove universal pre-K through. He is the only one though.…..304064101/

    Not one mention in the entire article on whether pre-K actually results in any benefit to kids. Simply a discussion of how an extra $400M in this budget isn’t enough.

    God I hate our local paper.

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