Kurt Loder Reviews Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy is a worthy successor to Mel Gibson, but Charlize Theron rules this furious sequel.


George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road is a speed-metal classic. Crazed warlords and rampaging psychonauts attack nonstop. Fleets of monster trucks, cranked-up hot rods and armored battle bikes scream through the desert and sail through the air. Bullets rain down, chain saws snarl, flame-throwers belch and spew—and that's just the basics. Miller has spent the 30 years since his original Mad Max trilogy came to an end making great pictures about dancing penguins, talking pigs, and whatnot. Now, at age 70, he's back in action, and he's still the most gifted director in the crash-and-burn game. The movie's relentless frenzy is astonishing.