Amtrak Engineer Has No Recollection of Crash, Dispatcher First to Sue, Clinton Promises Donors She'll Be More Authentic, Baltimore COs Charged With Looting During Riots: A.M. Links


  • Hillary Clinton

    The first lawsuit over this week's deadly Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia comes from a dispatcher injured in the crash. A lawyer for the train's engineer told Nightline his client had no recollection and "no explanation" for what happened, but insisted he was willing to talk to investigators. The district attorney in the Bronx, meanwhile, announced no charges would be filed against a train engineer who fell asleep while at the controls and caused a deadly derailment in 2013.

  • The White House believes President Obama has secured the support of Gulf countries attending a summit this week on the issue of negotiations with Iran.
  • Hillary Clinton promised donors in Brooklyn she'd present a more authentic version of herself in this campaign than she did eight years ago.
  • Two correctional officers in Baltimore were charged with looting a convenience store during riots that broke out in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.
  • Reddit is instituting a new policy to prevent harassment, something it says is a leading reason its users don't recommend the site to friends.
  • A military coup in Burundi failed after President Pierre Nkurunziza returned to the country.

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  1. Hillary Clinton promised donors in Brooklyn she’d present a more authentic version of herself in this campaign than she did eight years ago.

    I think people see her true self well enough.

    1. Right, I don’t think authenticity is the main problem here.

      1. I promise to do a better job pretending to care about scum like you.

        1. A little less than completely fake. More inauthentic is probably better.

          1. *less inauthentic

            1. Either way; I can’t tell.

            2. fewer inauthentic?

      2. Yeah, the word ‘more’ is the problem in that sentence.

      3. Right, I don’t think authenticity is the main problem here.

        Oh, but it is. She knows it, donors know it, even Bill knows it. That’s what they have to work around.

    2. Hello.

      B.B. King died.

      When Lou Reed dies I bet he’ll make the AM links.

      1. BB King wasn’t a Boomer icon.

      2. I saw B. B. King in the mid-1990s and he was great. I saw him two summers ago on tour with Buddy Guy and it was just sad. He appeared frail and his band handled practically all the music. He only sang one or two of the songs, though he did banter a little between other songs. Nor did he play much guitar. His handlers basically propped him up while he played a couple solos and then sat him back down on a stool.

        1. I heard about that. Apparently same happened in Mtl. For shame.

          I saw him waaaayyy back in the 90s too. I saw a bunch of the ‘last blues masters’ (Hubert Sumlin!) back when they would come when the Jazz Festival was a true, blue festival.

        2. Well, that is sad, but it makes me happy that I didn’t shell out $150 for me and the girlfriend to see him last year. I saw him back in the ’80s in a small venue. Absolutely brilliant.

          1. Bob Dylan was a stumbling mess several years ago. I know he croons, or crooned, and articulation ain’t his thing, but he didn’t sing so much as murmured the set.

      3. He picked a fine time to leave Lucille.

      4. RIP to a blues legend.

      1. Say it don’t spray it.

    3. What she meant was “I’ve learned to be a better phony.”

      1. She doesn’t feel no ways tired of pandering to an audience.

        1. The first *Female* Black President!

    4. She doesn’t need to, I’ve already seen V.

    5. The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you’ve got it made.

      – Jean Giraudoux

      Bill was good at it, Hillary not so much.

  2. 54) I notice a lot of people on this board are atheists. Good for you! Really, in my heart, I’m probably one too. It takes strength to be a true atheist, able to survive a belief that we’re alone in the universe, and I admire that. The problem is, I’ve noticed a lot of atheists I’ve met tend to have a religion without admitting it: socialism, or some kind of new-agey bullshit, or even anti-Christianism of a fervor that would have impressed the Bible-thumping fundamentalists at the church I went to as a kid. I know myself well enough to realize I’d be vulnerable to that as well. That’s one reason why I continue to attend an Episcopalian church. To tell the truth, I find some part of myself (my soul?) responding to the services, especially on spring mornings when the sun is shafting through the windows of the apse and the sanctuary is silent in the time between repeating the centuries-old rituals. Maybe this is a genuine connection with God, or maybe it’s just chemicals tickling evolutionarily-outdated parts of my brain. Look, I know Jesus or the resurrection or whatever is ridiculous. But lots of parts of the human condition are ridiculous, and the liturgy is sublime ridiculousness. Personally, I find the ancient stories and rituals guide me in showing appreciation for the beauty of creation, the connection among human beings, the joy of existence.

    1. Moldbug hits on this in a few of his essays.


      1. That’s one of the most thoughtful things I’ve read about the ‘topic’ in quite some time. Thanks for sharing that.

        1. Moldbug is an interesting fellow. In my opinion, he is well worth taking the time to read and absorb. Here is a nice collection of his essays.

    2. Are you trying to review the Wednesday thread?

      1. Revive*

        1. I wouldn’t mind reading a review of it, though.

          1. I give you all the credit for kicking the comments off.

            1. Like it wasn’t going to go there anyway. But I kind of hoped my trolling was so transparent there that people would be too indignant to take the bait.

              1. But I kind of hoped my trolling was so transparent there that people would be too indignant to take the bait.

                Hahaha, oh Fist!

              2. Tony has been working that angle for years, yet we still trip into it.

    3. You sure that’s not a sermon?

      1. Can I get an amen?

        1. amen? Sexist!

          1. amyn?

        2. “Can I get an amen?”

          Dunno. What was that about your apse?

          1. The apse is definitely ProL’s thing.

    4. Sir, this sounds suspiciously like a sermon….

    5. I’ve been an atheist for 35 years now – started at the tender age of ten – but still don’t mind a good biblical movie, and I do get moved about the story of Jesus.

      But I’m also interested in history; especially the Roman Empire, who existed for centuries with their own gods. Dismissing these deities – and the Vikings, Greeks, Egyptians, etc – with a Christian wave of the hand seems insulting to those who once worshipped these gods with as much fervor.

    6. Alone in the universe? The observable universe consists of about 100 billion galaxies. And our own galaxy has about 300 billion stars. To think we are alone in the galaxy, let alone the universe, is unfathomable.

      THERE IS A GOD. And I hope we never meet him because he’ll probably find us crunchy and good with ketchup.

      1. It’s “fathomable,” but profoundly arrogant

    7. When I go back to the USSA, I go to church to make my mother happy. And to see all the dolled up chicks.

    8. The one thing that athiests constantly miss is that as ridiculous as the church’s mystical stories are (and all of them are ridiculous and easily proven fictional accounts) the church (small c church, not the hierarchical organization of a religion but the local parish or whatever it is called) itself fulfills a very important role in community building.

      ** disclaimer I myself am an athiest who rarely attends church but I do not dismiss the value of the insitution

      1. This. Also, the best day cares/pre-schools in my town are all run by churches so my son goes to one of them even though I’m an atheist.

      2. Wait a second. I’m an atheist and I haven’t missed this point.

      3. I dunno… I think there are plenty of reasonable atheists (as opposed to anti-theists).
        You just hear more about/from the idiots.

        On OKCupid, you can see this by the folks who, when specifying Atheist, choose “Very Serious about it” instead of “Laughing about it”.

    9. sermon, you know how you go to the coffee shop every week and there’s that cute waitress who smiles at you while she’s serving you, and you always leave her a big tip. And you suspect that maybe it’s all in your mind, that the only reason she’s smiling at you is to get a big tip. Well, let’s just say your Sundqy morning feeling is comin from the same set of neurons in your brain.

    10. The fundamental problem of the human condition is that we are organisms with a deeply ingrained psychological need for meaning trapped in a universe with no actual meaning to offer.

      Since most people aren’t prepared to embrace the essential absurdity of their situation, religion is one of methods by which they avoid thinking about it.

  3. The White House believes President Obama has secured the support of Gulf countries attending a summit this week on the issue of negotiations with Iran.

    If you like your support, you can keep your support.

    1. and what does the House of Saud support?

      1. Their family’s interests, and nothing else besides that.

    2. My jockstrap is safe? Thank God.

  4. A lawyer for the train’s engineer told Nightline his client had no recollection and “no explanation” for what happened, but insisted he was willing to talk to investigators.

    Sounds like we found our next head of the IRS.

  5. Two correctional officers in Baltimore were charged with looting a convenience store during riots that broke out in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

    Adds a whole new meaning to “autocorrect”.

  6. A military coup in Burundi failed after President Pierre Nkurunziza returned to the country.

    I picture Pete coming home, seeing the mess and saying, “What the fuck? I was gone for a week.”

    1. Not a scratch!

  7. Deep kissing, hot wives: Inside the surprisingly non-missionary world of Christian erotica

    There may be a lot of “deep kissing,” but so too is there copious talk of blow jobs, spanking and even ? gasp! ? the word “pussy.” Also: lots of “pumping,” “squirting” cum. These folks are not having sex under the covers with the lights off and their shirts on. They are shaving their pubes, wearing crotchless panties and making their wives squirt (these are actual stories taken from the site). According to reader polls conducted by Marriage Heat, “Animalistic Doggy-style” sex was the most popular position, followed closely by “Ride ’em Cowgirl!” (although missionary did get a solid 35 percent of the vote). As for role-play scenarios, “master-submissive” was most popular, just ahead of “professor/student.” Although certain conservative attitudes do show through: An impressive 40 percent said that “Wife masturbation almost never happens in our marriage.”

    “I salute everyone who submits stories for your honest intimacy and for making no apologies for loving married sex,” wrote one user. “After all, sex is a gift from our Creator, right?” Another said, “Jesus is Lord over every area of our lives ? including our marriage bed.”

    1. She prefers hog-tied, blindfolded anal with a knife at her throat and a vibrator in her cunt..

      1. I have no objections to this.

    2. Hey you Christian weirdos, why don’t you carry a mattress around all day like a normal person.

  8. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and political neophyte Ben Carson lead the Republican presidential primary field in a new poll sponsored by WSB TV and conducted by Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone. The poll of 500 GOP primary voters was conducted this week, just prior to the Republican State Convention in Athens, and has a 4.3% margin of error. Here are the results:
    Mike Huckabee 18.3%
    Ben Carson 15.4%
    Scott Walker 12.6%
    Jeb Bush 10.1%
    Marco Rubio 9.6%
    Ted Cruz 9.3%
    Rand Paul 4.0%
    Carly Fiorina 2.6%
    Chris Christie 2.2%
    Rick Santorum 0.3%…..mark-poll/

    The Huckster is a rock star in Georgia.

    1. Just so you know, the fake version of you is way more interesting than the real you.

      1. Just like Hillary!

      2. So why do you follow me around and create shrike socks?



    3. Thank you for this poll!!!!11!!! THis is the MOST IMPORTANT thing I have read today and probably the most importint thing I will Read ALL WEEK!!!!!11!!!!11 Huzzah for PB!! You are a true champion of the people!!!!

      1. What’s wrong with you? Do the poll results upset you, not fit into some narrative you’d like? It’s one thing to call someone like PB on something wacky he might post, but he just put the poll results up this time. It’s interesting, in a sad kind of way. For those of us who live in that area of the country we’re dominated by Huckabee types, and this poll just reflects that continuing reality.

        1. I LOVE PB!!!! He is my superFriend#1 in the world!!!!!

        2. The TEAM RED! = LIBERTARIAN narrative cannot be disturbed.

          1. I LOVE YOU!!!!
            But, um, in a totally hetero way.

            Errr…unless you think otherwise?

            1. No? Um…me neither, I was just making sure is all. I’m not into that shit.


    4. Huckabee has real appeal in the South, but by the time it counts Bush will have massively outspent him and I predict take all of his support.


        1. THAT’S for responding thoughtfully to a shriek post.

          1. Gee, I dunno. Seems appropriate anyhow.

    5. I have no religious objections to “Cat Scratch Fever”.

    6. Good for him. If this was a Republican board, your comment might almost be interesting.

      1. Wait, this isn’t a Republican board?

  9. Ahahahahahahaha.

    I told my therapist you were real, but she said “No, you poor, wretched thing, everyone knows the PM Links are the only links.”

    I’ll show her, I’ll stop taking the Thorazine and PROVE that I’m completely sane!

    1. PM? Never heard of it.

      1. Is the ‘P’ for Post or Pre menopausal links?

        1. PM = PRo Menstrual
          AM = Anti Menstrual

          I don’t know why nobody likes bards around here, though?

    2. The AM links are more active and vibrant.

      Everyone dissipates early with the PM links.

      1. I blame sarcasmic for not reposting an entire day’s worth of daily mail links in the PM Links…

      1. No crying about them

    3. I am Jesse’s complete lack of surprise.

    4. One links to rule them all.

      1. Jack Links

        1. Probably safest, I heard Steve Smith prefers Slim Jims


            1. Wrap them with duct tape to keep them from exploding?

              Poor Jims…

    5. why were you talking to the rapist?

    6. I don’t think that being on H&R is consistent with being “completely sane.”

    7. Is that some kind of anagram or Charlize Theron?

  10. Russian policeman drunkenly staggers with his arm around an informant … moments before pulling out his gun and ‘shooting him dead’
    Video shows police captain Dmitry Goland, 35, shoot informant in stomach
    Snitch Nikitia B, 20, then collapses to the ground while Goland watches
    Goland denies murder, saying gun went off accidentally as he got his keys…..amera.html
    The guy is facing ten years. Pretty sad when there’s more justice in Russia than in the land of the free.

    1. I’ll never know how good it feels to hold you, oh no
      Nikita I need you so

  11. Landscaper arrested on first day in new job after running over 11 ducklings with his lawnmower while family who put out bread to feed them watched in horror
    Jason Falbo, 24, is facing nine counts of animal cruelty after the horrific act
    Is accused of driving through the helpless birds in Olympia, Florida
    Families watched with children as he backed up and ran them over again
    The mother and two ducklings escaped – but the youngsters later drowned
    Two days later, the mother came back to the area calling for her babies
    In March, Falbo was arrested for child cruelty and domestic battery…..y-job.html
    Is the police department hiring?

    1. I laughed for some reason.

      1. Kind of a bitter laugh, recognizing that sarc had the guy in the right career field…?

    2. It’s well established that bread is terrible nutrition for ducks, and that ducklings raised on a bread-heavy diet suffer from developmental defects as a result. If they don’t die of sickness, they’ll starve, freeze, or become predator fodder when Fall comes and their shriveled wings can’t handle the migration flight.

      I honor Mr. Falbo for giving those poor fuzzballs a quick end.

    3. It’s well established that bread is terrible nutrition for ducks, and that ducklings raised on a bread-heavy diet suffer from developmental defects as a result. If they don’t die of sickness, they’ll starve, freeze, or become predator fodder when Fall comes and their shriveled wings can’t handle the migration flight.

      I honor Mr. Falbo for giving those poor fuzzballs a quick end.

    4. Blackhawks fan. Completely understandable.

  12. I hope that fake Weigel shows up again today. I’ve got to admit, I kind of like fake Weigel.

    1. Instead of fake Weigel, we get real Bo. 😛

      1. Life is full of disappointment, isn’t it?

  13. California’s female Houdini: Petite inmate, 23, slips off handcuffs and sneaks out of police station after being arrested for ‘stealing truck loaded with guns and ammo’
    Kelly Smith, 23, was being booked at Ventura police station Tuesday night
    Accused of stealing a truck loaded with guns and nearly crashing into cop
    But while seated at police station, Smith managed to slip off her handcuffs
    Petite suspect then fled out of building’s downstairs door, authorities said
    More than 48 hours on, Smith, who has dyed red hair, remains on the run
    Charges include possessing stolen truck and assault with deadly weapon…..-ammo.html
    Not guilty.

    1. I like her!

    2. When does the movie come out?

  14. ‘Enough is enough’: Teenager pens furious letter to teacher at her high school after being told her floor-length halter neck dress was ‘sexually distracting’ to male students
    Lauren Wiggins, 17, was given a detention by her vice principal Shane Sturgeon because he felt her halter neck maxi dress was ‘inappropriate’
    The student, from New Brunswick, Canada, published her response to the incident on her Facebook page…..dents.html
    Prude can’t handle a visible bra strap.

    1. because he felt

      Feelings, nothing more than feelings….

    2. And a bad tribal tattoo.

      1. Bad tattoos are a plus! I like women who are prone to making questionable decisions.

    3. I guess mini skirts would have given them an aneurism.

      1. or an embarrassing erection

    4. Halter tops were the big thing the last two years I was in high school. Wonderful times.

    5. Would do.

  15. War games: Russia reveals its latest tank is controlled by a PLAYSTATION controller
    The Kurganets-25 is an infantry fighting vehicle
    Can transport eight troops along with a driver, gunner, and commander
    Boasts a machine gun, 30mm cannon, and room for four anti-tank missiles…..oller.html

    1. If you saw how Russians drive, it’s probably a safer skillset than a steering wheel.

    2. Speaking of this sort of thing:

      UW researchers hack a teleoperated surgical robot to reveal security flaws

      I think I’d need a bit more anaesthesia to agree to this kind of surgery now.

    3. I initially read that as the “Krugnuts-25”.

      1. It annoys the enemy to death with demand for MOAR SPENDINGZ!?

        1. And any failure to take an objective is blamed on austerity.

  16. A lawyer for the train’s engineer told Nightline his client had no recollection and “no explanation” for what happened, but insisted he was willing to talk to investigators.

    I find this difficult to believe. Nightline is still on the air?

  17. Bear vs Man: The moment a big bear and homeowner walk around the corner at the same time and scare each other away
    The pair terrified each other outside a suburban house in California
    After the encounter, the animal and the man were sent into a frenzy
    They both scuttled off in different directions after they were startled
    Comes as officials reveal more animals are venturing into neighborhoods to get food and water during the California drought…..-away.html
    The video is only a couple seconds long, but it’s worth the laugh.

    1. Let the bears pay the bear tax! I pay the Homer tax!

      1. This is the biggest tax increase in history!

        (Even if it was the smallest, how exactly was Springfield paying for all that, including a fucking stealth bomber, on a $5/paycheck tax? Joe Quimby is a financial genius!)

        1. He’s got a great deal at the Masion Derriere. It keeps his expense account low. Christie- take notice.

    2. Jesse vs. Sarcasmic?


    3. Martine Colette, who runs a wildlife waystation north of Los Angeles, told the station: ‘People have water.
      ‘They’ve got fishponds they’ve got swimming pools, they’ve got dog dishes filled with water and the animal in need of water is going to smell that water (emphasis added) and is going to come down into urban areas.’

      Um, wut?

      1. Clearly not a Mark Trail reader.

      2. When you’re tromping around in the woods you can’t smell a nearby stream or lake, or smell when a storm is brewing?

        1. The latter, yes, but that’s not the (odorless) H2O. Plus, standing water doesn’t really give off a smell. Maybe the bears are smelling chlorine??

          1. Perhaps elevated humidity or droplets in the air can be somehow sensed, and the word “smell” is used, even though it may not be technically accurate.

            1. I find your theories fascinating. Do you expand on them perhaps in a newsletter?

  18. The White House believes President Obama has secured the support of Gulf countries

    That explains all the vacations spent on the links.

    1. Where’s Swiss?

      1. That was questionable, so I let it go…

        1. I accept your expertise.

  19. Jonah Goldberg: Democrats Get a Taste of Obama’s Arrogance

    Consider the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. For the last six years, he’s spent much of his time rolling his eyes and sneering at Republicans. His subspecialty is heaping ridicule on conservative complaints about, well, everything and anything. If it bothers conservatives, it must be irrational, partisan, churchy, fake, hypocritical ? or all of the above. Meanwhile, poor Barack Obama, while not always without fault in Milbank’s eyes, is the grown-up, the good guy trying to do good things amidst a mob of malcontents and ideologues.

    That is, until this month. President Obama wants to get a trade deal passed. He needs Democrats to do it. But, Milbank laments, Obama’s blowing it.

    1. The Squaw has become the Sarah Palin of the Democratic Party. Other Dems are afraid to publicly oppose her. She no like Obama free trade.


        1. OK, I have to admit Buttplug had some good timing here.

          1. Eh, let him have his fun. That’s probably the best thing that’ll happen to him all year.

            1. Xeones, you got served by someone many postulate is a bot. Most people would use that as a moment for self reflection…

              1. The ‘plug isn’t a bot. His posts haven’t improved in logic, coherency, or insight in the eight years since i started coming here (back when he was known as shrike), while bot technology has gotten markedly better in the same timeframe.

                1. Seriously. Tell the plug to try one of those new random forest methods or something.

                2. My point is that your repetitive responses become something worse than a bot…Why stoop?

                3. I am impressed how many people continue interacting with it despite it repeatedly demonstrating that it’s not sentient.

                  We’re not talking Voight-Kampff tests here but an utter inability to come anywhere close to passing a turing test.

          2. Not much credit though, parrots are quite predictable.

            1. Hey, parrots are intelligent creatures! Unlike shriek.

              1. Didn’t you mean “better spoken”?

                1. Some parrots demonstrate as much intelligence as a human 3-year-old, an achievement the ‘plug has yet to equal.

    2. The light worker said “Organize!”, and the community organized itself!

      And a smug Democrat said, “Behold! In America, anyone can become President, including a community organizer!”

  20. ‘I’ve had a lot of ups and downs’: Kesha opens up about going to ‘dark place’ during eating disorder battle which landed her in rehab…
    No one cares. Well, except Sparky. Otherwise, no one cares.

    1. She’s no longer Kedollarsignha?

    2. Based on the few seconds I could bear to listen to, her singing isn’t really all that.

  21. The district attorney in the Bronx, meanwhile, announced no charges would be filed against a train engineer who fell asleep while at the controls and caused a deadly derailment in 2013.

    What sort of job is that where you can sleep, kill people, and not get charged with anything!

    A government job!

    1. He just read about the crash in the newspaper, like everyone else.

    2. Win-win situation.

    3. I’m totally ignorant here. Isn’t falling asleep behind the wheel reckless? What about the driver who killed people and injured Tracy Morgan? Is he being criminally prosecuted?

  22. Behold the NYT and one Michael Barbaro in all its magnificent vapidness.

    “Then she identified as a libertarian and, ultimately, as Democratic, influenced by her time spent debating and by books like Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States.”

    SHE’S 19.

    Warning: May induce one to throw computer at the wall:…..c-on-isis/

    1. I honestly think that ISIS was more of Obama’s screw up. Bush started the fire by Hussein, and Obama fanned the flames trying to destabilize Assad.

      But the left still exclusively blames Bush while ignoring Obama’s semi-war boner.

      1. Obama has caused just as much (if not more) chaos internationally as Bush, but the anti-war protesters have largely kept their heads down.

        That’s why, given the choice of evils, I feel we our liberties are marginally safer under a Republican president. Neither side gives a shit about civil liberties–Republicans openly so–but when a Republican is in the White House, Democrats at least pretend to. When there’s a Democrat in the White House, he can have U.S. citizens assassinated and Congress and the media collectively shrug. Or scream about Bush.

        1. Another case in point: Libya. Barry authorized military force in opposition to Congress. In his speech, he insisted that he didn’t need congressional authorization, describing the actions as a “Kinetic Military Action,” rather than war. what the Orwellian fuck?

          1. what the Orwellian fuck?

            I think the phrase “Kinetic Military Action” (KMA) was intentionally chosen to send a message to the Congress:

            Kiss My A$$.

        2. the anti-war protesters have largely kept their heads down.

          There is no such thing as an anti-war protestor. They’re anti-Republican protestors. That’s all.

        3. “the anti-war protesters have largely kept their heads down.”

          Er, because the relative war efforts aren’t comparable?

          I mean, really. It’s always been the case that opposition to wars are related to things like the scope of the war, the use of ground troops, the length of the way, etc. Before you cry hypocrisy you should consider those traditionally important factors.

          I get that you think it’s silly to deny bombing someone is war, it is silly. But that doesn’t mean there’s no distinction to make between airstrikes and full scale invasion/occupation. It’s like people who say that the GOP’s Medicare D and the Dems ACA are essentially the same because both of them were big government entitlement programs. They’re just not comparable in size and scope.

          1. No. The Women in Black in Seattle protested every day we were in Iraq until January 2009. Thanks for playing. Try again.

          2. So the 3x as many Americans that have died in Afghanistan under Obama’s leadership as opposed to Bush’s don’t count?

          3. In Afghanistan, Obama enlarged the scope of the war, increased the use of ground troops, and increased “the length of the way” (stay?). As a result, anti-war protesters scaled back their opposition. That’s the claim?

      2. It’s easier to deny a boner than to explain one.

    2. I thought they sent Barbaro to the glue factory ages ago.

      1. You mean the IKEA meatball processing plant?

  23. Politician Calls for Jordanian Parliament to Resign After Gynecologist Allegedly Leaves Phone in Woman’s Abdomen

    Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim, 36, attests that on April 24, she went to a private hospital in Amman for the delivery, and the gynecologist left his mobile phone inside her. Majeda Abdul Hamid, Karim’s mother, told the media that after Hanan was discharged, her stomach started vibrating. She stated, “My daughter suffered serious pains and could not move. I brought her back to the hospital where she was treated but nothing was done for her.”

    According to the family, Hanan then went to the casualty department of Al Bashir public hospital in Amman, where the phone was discovered in X-rays. Doctors then operated and removed the phone.

    1. My daughter suffered serious pains and could not move

      Her first ever orgasm perhaps?

  24. CSI Ontario:

    Two lost and stoned men call 911 to get out of Barrie bush

    Police in Barrie, Ont., say two men who took an illicit drug had to call 911 when they couldn’t find their way out of a bush.

    The 911 call came in Tuesday from the pair, who said they were lost.

    Police say it became clear both men were under the influence of a drug of some sort.

    Barrie police and EMS, with the help of dogs, found two 19-year-old men who were “silently staring off into the sky.”

    1. Shit happens.

    2. I blame Bush.

  25. El Ni?o near-certain to last through summer: U.S. climate center

    The El Ni?o climate phenomenon is almost certain to last through the Northern Hemisphere summer, the U.S. weather forecaster said, raising the chance of heavy rain in the southern United States as well as South America, and scorching heat in Asia that could devastate crops of thirsty food staples like rice.

    El Ni?o also reduces the likelihood of a busy hurricane season, which lasts from June to November and can disrupt energy operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

    1. Get ready for the drumbeats of global warming and CO2 rationing.

      1. After Katrina, we were told events like that were going to become more common.

      2. Yeah, they always include el Nino events as being caused by/proof of AGW.

    2. As a south Floridian, I love El Nino and I hope it continues to get stronger. The predictions say this may be the weakest hurricane season in a couple of decades. Yay.

      It also means that winter’s somewhat cooler and wetter than normal here, which is also good.

  26. present a more authentic version of herself

    What doe that even mean?

      1. I thought we had agreed earlier to use “doe”.

        Anyway, buck up. The true believers will continue to fawn all over her.

        1. The true believers will continue to fawn all over her.

          Yes, they’ll always be bambioozled.

          1. I hate all of you.

  27. The artificial ceiling

    A recently released survey of America’s eighth graders offers the latest round of sobering news about the state of our nation’s education system. The scores, by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), found that only 18 percent of U.S. students ? less than one in five – had a solid understanding of U.S. history. Less than quarter, 23 percent, were proficient in civics and only 27 percent of students scored satisfactorily in geography. In other words we are raising a generation of children who do not understand how our country was formed, what basic values we cherish, and even where on the planet we are actually located.

    Unfortunately, as alarming as this is, it is not new. Two years ago, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) released worldwide results that found the U.S. ranked 23rd in math, 21st in science, and 17th in reading. Similar to NAEP, the PISA scores, found that in nearly a decade, scores were largely unchanged, prompting U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to describe the U.S. as “a picture of educational stagnation.”

    more money is needed – duh.

    1. what basic values we cherish

      What are those again?

      1. The basic value is that Government is Good, the President is an incarnation of God on Earth.

      2. Free shit and FYTW

    2. in nearly a decade, scores were largely unchanged, prompting U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to describe the U.S. as “a picture of educational stagnation.”

      With all due respect, Arne, what exactly have you been doing for nearly a decade?

      1. Criticizing white suburban moms?

    3. I blame all those privileged kids whose mothers read to them!!! or something…

  28. The Land Taxers of Fairhope

    To see a good argument for a land tax, look to any high-cost city where the tax code penalizes construction and rewards speculation, encouraging landowners to keep land vacant. On West 29th Street in New York City, two blocks east of the High Line and a couple of blocks from Macy’s, Edison ParkFast charges drivers $40 to park for a day in its vacant lot. That may be a lot to pay for parking, but it’s not an impressive haul for 180 square feet of earth in Midtown. Yet the annual property taxes for this asphalt parcel amount to just $9,404. Parking just one car each day of the year would more than foot the bill. The seven-story building next door, by contrast, pays more than $250,000 in taxes each year.

    So what would actually happen if we taxed land instead of buildings? Unfortunately, the various American experiments in Georgism don’t tell us everything we’d want to know about how it might play out in society writ large. Still, there are lessons to be learned from places like Fairhope, Alabama, a charming town on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Home to the nation’s oldest and largest single-tax colony,

    1. It’s more of an argument to abolish the property tax entirely to me.

      1. Tax land instead of property, and get the tallest skyscrapers in history.

      2. I prefer a land tax to any other type of tax. It requires the least amount of agents to enforce it, as we already have documentation of who owns every square foot of land, so it decreases government agents needed. It’s stable, so there is much less of this projected earnings bullshit the government uses to claim its budget is balanced. It is harder to target against an unfavored class, and can be avoided all together by renting (making the land lord pay the tax). It’s just all around preferable to most options.

        1. I agree, except the landlord doesn’t really pay the tax.

        2. I did a little research and math. If the figures I found are correct: 2.28 billion land acres in the US, 60% privately owned, about 1.36 billion land acres. I rounded down to 1 billion. Assuming the $3.8 trillion in spending for 2015 (Yes way too much), that’s $3800 an acre per year. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. But I’ve never owned land, so I don’t know….

    1. I think we may have found the cause of the crash.

      …that being our plummeting spending and crumbling infrastructure?

      1. Please. Read what is there.

        1. Reduce seed? That sounds like a euphemism.

        2. You could’a teased it better:
          “The lawyer said the last thing the engineer remembered was coming to, looking for his bag, retrieving his cellphone and calling 911 for help.”

    2. Passive voice?

    3. +1 Junco Partner

  29. Hillary Clinton promised donors in Brooklyn she’d present a more authentic version of herself in this campaign than she did eight years ago.

    That’s supposed to be reassuring?

    1. She made them put on the sunglasses.

      1. “You dirty motherfucker.”

        1. “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

  30. The Wild Geese and Roland the Thompson Gunner are at it again.

    White mercenaries have Boko Haram on run.…

    1. I’ve never understood the emnity for mercenaries in international law. I mean, their track record is not sterling, but they’re less destabilizing than the nutcase fanatical armies that roam the african continent.

      1. I think of the bashi bazouks as a bad example of mercenaries.

        1. Bahi Bozuk means nutjob in Turkish (literally, “their heads are broken”)

          1. Wow. I had no idea. That makes sense.

          2. You should teach us more Turkish, tarran. How do you say “Big tits?” I learned that in Japanese, so I figure I should know it in Turkish.

            1. Big tits in Turkish is spelt Erdogan.

              1. I always thought it was spelled Inwar Abrahim.

          1. #stillbringbackourchildren. Does anyone ask Michelle Obama about that?

            white guys in their 50s and 60s doing something productive?

            This is obviously a hoax or a Frederick Forsyth novel.

            1. It gets better:

              “It is believed Barlow brought 100 fighters into Nigeria, including black troops who have served in elite South African units and some who once fought against him as communist guerrillas.”

              This hearwarming tale of former enemies teaming up against the bad guys is Hollywood-worthy.

              If only someone made a comic book out of it, Hollywood could buy the rights.

              1. If anyone needs any fresh reasons to despise the UN, read about Executive Outcomes and its role in (almost) ending the civil wars in Angola and Sierra Leone.

  31. This Little 3-D Printed Robot Cracks Combination Locks in 30 Seconds

    On Thursday, well-known hacker Samy Kamkar published on his website the blueprint and software code for a 3-D-printable Arduino-based lock-opening robot he calls the “Combo Breaker.” Attach it to any of millions of Master Lock combination locks, turn it on, and it can take advantage of a Master Lock security vulnerability Kamkar recently discovered to open the lock in a maximum of five minutes with no human interaction. “The machine pretty much brute-forces the lock for you,” says Kamkar. “You attach it, leave it, and it does its thing.”

  32. Kim Dotcom calls Hillary the Enemy of the Internet.…..t-freedom/
    Still loves her and Obama.
    Stockholm syndrome.

    1. “Enemy” is succint enough.

  33. Weekend-only drug use frequently slips into weekday drug use, study says

    In a paper published Monday in Annals of Family Medicine, researchers report that 54% of people who said they restricted their drug use to Friday night, Saturday or Sunday admitted to using drugs on other days of the week as well, when questioned again in six months.

    “The study shows us that patterns change,” said lead author Judith Bernstein, a professor of community health sciences at Boston University School of Public Health. “Only 19% of people who originally said ‘I use on weekends’ still used only on weekends.”

    1. Maybe their just using a different calendar system.

  34. Mark Your Calendars: American Life League’s Day of Action Against Griswold Decision

    “Sunday, June 7, 2015, marks the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s dreadful Griswold decision that decriminalized contraception throughout the United States…Griswold was step one in an earthshaking, family-shattering, epic battle that pits women against their children, spouses against God and one another, and opens the door for men to treat women as nothing more than objects to be used for sexual gratification….

    Each year, American Life League orchestrates the voice of opposition to the outrageous Griswold decision by holding a day of action on the Saturday closest to the anniversary date. This year it will be on Saturday, June 6.”

      1. Recently some of our regulars freaked out at Shikia’s suggestion that opposition to abortion often lies in a desire to limit or control women’s sexuality generally. I pointed out that traditionally even in Western nations laws criminalizing abortion could be found in the sections of the law criminalizing buggery and bigamy. But here you can see that even today issues of sexuality in general are upsetting to pro-life groups (this one bills itself as the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization).


        1. Throw a bone to Bo too.

          1. OK…


            1. Privacy, Shmiracy, right Swiss Miss? Those SoCons are our natural allies, let’s fact front against the real enemies and never, ever avert our gaze from those progs!

    1. “They should do something about it for the money they charge you,” Bensonhurst resident John Pacheco added.

      Way less than it actually costs? Dude, we ARE getting what we pay for.

  35. ISIS on offensive in Iraqi city of Ramadi, governor says

    The ISIS offensive, which started Thursday night and continued into Friday, included suicide attacks with explosive-rigged cars near security posts in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, Anbar Gov. Suhaib Al-Rawi said.

    Iraqi security forces were clashing with ISIS fighters inside the city on Friday.

    Ramadi is just 70 miles (113 kilometers) west of Baghdad and in the middle of Iraq’s Sunni heartland. ISIS is the Sunni extremist group that took over parts of Syria and Iraq — including most of Anbar province — for what it calls its Islamic caliphate.

  36. Obama: U.S. would use military force to defend Gulf allies

    President Barack Obama, facing Persian Gulf countries deeply skeptical about his proposed nuclear deal with Iran, said Thursday that the U.S. would use military force if necessary to defend its Arab allies.

    Obama had spent the day huddled with leaders from the region at his Camp David retreat, and emerged from their summit declaring that he was as committed as ever to protecting them from aggression, a reference to Iran.

    1. Why do I get the feeling that he’d invade Saudi Arabia at the behest of the Ayatollah?

      1. To his credit, and unlike his recent predecessors, Obama doesn’t seem like the invading type. But let’s match their actions with your speculation about his!

        1. He prefers droppings bombs from the air and arming random thugs.

          It’s called “Kinetic Military Action”, and is not war.

          1. I prefer it to, far less loss of US blood and treasure. Of course, a radically wacky idea would be to do none of the above.

        2. The screw-up came with the disengagement strategy, not the invasion. And the meat of my comment – which you completely missed – was with regards to the current presedent’s reckless abandonment of our traditional allies to attempt to appease countries and groups which not only hate us, but won’t be swayed by his actions.

          1. “the current presedent’s reckless abandonment of our traditional allies to attempt to appease countries and groups which not only hate us, but won’t be swayed by his actions.”

            Hahahahaha. Shorter: Prez doesn’t beat war drums as loud as I’d like!

            1. Prez doesn’t beat war drums as loud as I’d like!


            2. No, moron, those traditional allies include such countries as the UK, France, Israel, Japan, Egypt (under certain regimes), who he’s gone out of his way to alienate while prostrating himself before people who still chant ‘death to America’ in all seriousness.

              1. France. Yeah, I’m sure back in the Bush administration you were *so* concerned about alienating France!

                1. Me? I’m never concerned about personally insulting or alienating the Frogs, but they are far more reliable friends than anyone who’s being ‘courted’ by the bumbler in chief.

                  And no, I didn’t do any more or less France-bashing during that time span than usual. I’ll bet you did, however.

                  1. You think I bashed France when they sensibly declined to support and follow us into our folly in Iraq? That’s a good one, though I imagine you were ordering double Freedom Fries during that period.

                    1. You think I bashed France when they sensibly declined to support and follow us into our folly in Iraq? That’s a good one, though I imagine you were ordering double Freedom Fries during that period.

                      Your fiction writing skills are improving, but you lack one thing – verisimilitude.

              2. Look, UCS. You know he’s not going to argue in good faith. Why bother engaging in the first place?

                1. He should retreat into his bubble like you. It’s safe and warm there!

                2. Look, UCS. You know he’s not going to argue in good faith. Why bother engaging in the first place?

                  Because I’m bored? Seriously, the upcoming meeting will be the highlight of today, that’s how dull it is.

            3. To put it another way, when our ‘traditional allies’ are spurring us to fight their wars for them, we should abandon them on that. This is why Washington warned us not to get into alliances that would entangle us into war. There’s no way a war with Iran or whoever leads to smaller government. War is the health of the state.

              1. Citation needed on “spurring us to fight wars” during Obummers regime. No points for calls to fix the messes Obummer himself made through blundering.

                1. Israel and Saudi Arabia have been pushing us to get involved with Iran and in Yemen, for example. We should tell them to take a long walk on that, regardless of them being ‘traditional’ allies.

                  1. Cleaning up messes of Obo’s making – zero points.

                    1. Of course Obama’s made messes. That’s what intervention does, it almost always fouls things up. I’m not defending those he’s made, just noting that whatever else his faults they’re just not comparable to the messes the other Team has made in those areas.

                      Likewise, if you want to talk about domestic policy, while the GOP is far from perfect they’re not even close to the messes Obama has made there.

                    2. I disagree with Bo on a number of issues – particularly economic and domestic – but when it comes to this specific issue he makes more sense than UCS. The history of America is shitting on allies and launching grandiose wars of aggression. Also, drone assassinations are not invasions. They are both terrible, in many circumstances illegal, but they are different. Thats all Im seeing Bo claim here, which is not an extraordinary position.

        3. Yeah, he much prefers launching predator drones that blow up entire city blocks to kill a single person without regard to collateral damage. Often in countries with which we are officially allies.

          1. Of course that’s wrong, and of course it’s not comparable to something like the Iraq invasion.

  37. So the organic food industry has been growing, so let’s get the government involved to ruin it!

    “The Organic Trade Association, the largest trade group for organic agriculture, petitioned the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Tuesday to begin the process of establishing an organic checkoff. While the OTA believes that a checkoff program could help grow organic’s share of the grocery market, many producers and advocates are concerned that the tax will further entrench the interests and control of large-scale organic producers and retailers and will make it harder for smaller farmers and organic producers to compete.”…..ation.html

  38. Students discover ‘ginormous bugs’ in Michelle O lunch

    “Two boys are coming home daily with migraines because they can’t eat what’s on their plates at school,” Beth Paulette, the boys’ mother.

    Oh, grow a pair! Those were frozen aphids!

    1. I wouldn’t eat them, but I can’t call aphids ‘ginormous’. Seriously, what would they think of a common grasshopper?

    2. When I was in school they had us in tiger cages and we were thrown balls of rice to eat off the dirt and we felt lucky to get the protein from any maggots we would find in it.

      Wait, that might have been a war movie I was watching.

      1. Did Chuck Norris or Sylvester Stallone rescue you?!

        1. That’s what comes to mind when you think war movie???

          1. Certainly not – but you did say you were in a tiger cage…

            1. Oh, yeah. But it turns out I was thinking of school. It was Catholic school, after all.

              1. Ah.

                I am more of a Twelve O’Clock High, Best Years of Our Lives and Full Metal Jacket (at least the first half) kind of war movie guy. Haven’t watched one in a while.

            2. I think it was Robert Dinero.

        2. No No. Robert De Niro went back for him, but Fist decided to continue his career as a professional Russian Roulette player.

          1. They secret is making a click sound with your tongue and then passing the gun to the next guy.

        3. No, Patrick Swayze.

      2. Frank: I went on a manhunt once. I just got back from Nam. I was hitchhiking through Oregon. Next thing I know there’s a bunch of cops chasing after me through the woods! I had to take them all out, it was a bloodbath!

        Mac: Dude, that’s Rambo.

        Dennis: And that’s not the first time you’ve compared yourself to John Rambo, by the way.

  39. This Video About Tea Will Make You Ask The Right Questions About Consent

    Do you like tea? Do you want tea forced on you? Do you want tea when you’re unconscious?

    A new video campaign uses stick figures, a little profanity and tea — yes, tea — to make the simple but essential point that consent is not a complicated concept.

    Anyone want a, uh, cup of tea?

      1. Butt chugging… with tea.

      2. Don’t be tea-mid Fist.

        No? No? Come on!

          1. Don’t be a prude, let off a little steam.

      3. No poking with pekoe?

    1. consent is not a complicated concept.

      NOW HuffPo readers will finally get the idea that limited government means fewer things that you can’t decline your consent to.

      Just kidding! Consent is for tea partiers!

    2. “I’m going to make myself a cup of tea.”


    3. If you drink a tea you don’t like while drunk do you accuse your tea drinking partner of forcing you, or do you accept that it was your own dumbass decision. I don’t think the feminists want to make this narrative, it will show exactly how stupid most of their arguments are.

    4. 1: would you like a cup of tea?

      2: I’m not sure, I might like some tea

      1: Well here try some and see of you might want it

      2: ok…tries tea… why yes I would very much like some tea. Please give me the largest mug of it you can find.

      1: Ok here is you your giant steaming mug of tea, would you like cream in it?

      2: Oh yes, god yes put cream in my tea

      1: Here is your giant mug of tea full of all the cream I have.

      —1 week later—

      2: How could you force tea on me when I said I didn’t want any

  40. With the new Mad Max movie coming out, I decided to revisit Beyond Thunderdome, which I hadn’t seen since it first came out. When I was a young lad, I loved Mad Max and The Road Warrior, so back then I was really excited to see Beyond. But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get into the film. It lacked the grittiness of the first two. And it seemed infused with Hollywood cliches, an overly busy script, TINA TURNER, and too many little kids.

    Watching it again I had the same reaction.

    1. Yeah. One of the cable channels (El Rey?) plays those movies a lot. The first two are awesome, but that last one stinks.

      1. Yup. I’ve never made it thru Thunderdome.

  41. Hillary Clinton promised donors in Brooklyn she’d present a more authentic version of herself in this campaign

    Because an “authentic” 67-year-old hipster grandmother is just what this country needs in the White House.

    1. Symbols don’t have to be authentic so I don’t even see why she’d need to say she’ll work on that.

  42. In Poetry News: Children are creepy – and scare people.

    When you don’t want to go to hakwon,
    like this
    Chew and eat your mom
    Boil and eat her, bake and eat her
    Spoon her eyeballs and eat them,
    Pick out all of her teeth
    Tear her hair out
    Turn her into lean meat and eat as soup
    If she sheds tears, lick them up
    Eat her heart last
    So it’s the most painful.

    1. I believe the children are our future
      Teach them well and let them lead the way
      Show them all the beauty they can eat inside…

  43. York school changes American flag policy after demonstration

    Principal Christopher Black says their policy to not have flags on campus was never an issue of patriotism, rather, safety. “Some of them are driving for their first time ever and anytime you get a flag of any kind flying it creates a visual distraction,” Black said.

    … but then later:

    “Due to the outstanding display of patriotism through peaceful demonstration, it is apparent to us that many are not happy about this policy.”

    The school has since adjusted the policy making an exception for the American flag as long as the size of the flag doesn’t create a driving hazard.

  44. The unholy alliance of Bo and Shriek was formed in the bowels of Hit ‘n’ Run. Little did they know it would eventually lead to bath salts, massage tables, and pistachio ice cream.

    1. What does Pre-Flakka have to do with the others?

    2. PB tends to respond to any criticism of the Dems with ‘but the Right!!!!’

      About half of the posters here respond to any criticism of the GOP with ‘but the Left!!!!’

      I think a pox on both the Team’s houses, so of course I’m going to at times overlap with the former against the latter (and of course vice versa sometimes).

      1. Or, more accurately, you and Weigel are both Whig/Progressive trolls who can not be trusted to argue in good faith about any subject. Seriously Bo, people here do not like you because of the way you act and because of the way you treat those who do not accept your Whig/Progressive worldview. Fuck off slaver!

      2. Bo, you’ve heard of the salesman who could sell ice to eskimos?

        You’re kind of the opposite – you couldn’t sell crack to a junkie, your salesmanship is just that bad.

        You can’t even sell contraception rights to an audience at H&R!

        1. You can’t even sell contraception rights to an audience at H&R!

          Who’s paying for it? People can have all the contraception they can afford. The moment they expect someone else to foot the bill is when there’s a problem.

  45. Boehner: ‘Stupid’ to say Amtrak funding cuts caused crash

    “It’s hard for me to imagine that people take the bait of some of the nonsense that gets spewed around here,” he said.

    Hm. sounds like H&R

  46. And we seem to be ignoring big news from the luddite end of the spectrum:

    “USDA develops first government label for GMO-free products”
    “Certification would be voluntary – and companies would have to pay for it. If approved, the foods would be able to carry a “USDA Process Verified” label along with a claim that they are free of GMOs.”…..-products/

    So it’s about as good as can be expected, but like “organic”, it’ll be interesting to see how the rules are written and how long it takes for the label t become meaningless.

    1. The label started out meaningless.

      I already see “GMO Free” labels on some products – I don’t buy them, because I prefer GMOs.

      1. I prefer not spending double for no reason.

        People need to push back on this shit because before you know it, EVERYTHING will be GMO free, free-range, organic crap and suddenly we’re back to paying 25% of our income on food again.

  47. Do we have any Kennedy worshippers who like looking at almost-nude young boys around here? Well, if so, today is their lucky day.

    1. Yeah, I’d *love* to have that in my search history, no thank you.

      1. Here, this should be safer.

    2. Wrong Kennedy!

      1. ya that was a little mean.

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