Hillary's Fundraising Woes Fester, Federal Scrutiny for Baltimore PD, U.S. Trains Syrian Rebels: P.M. Links


  • U.S. Department of Justice

    "It's not good," prominent economist Jeffrey D. Sachs says of Hillary Clinton's interesting, complicated, and opaque fundraising apparatus. The UN advisor's comments are taken as evidence that the controversy has staying power.

  • President Obama's marketing efforts on behalf of the TPP trade deal have inserted him into the rivalry between sneaker-makers Nike and New Balance.
  • Britain's pollsters scramble to figure out what they did wrong after completely mis-calling yesterday's election.
  • The U.S is training rebels in Syria in an effort to build a force that can stand up to ISIS. Unlike the Iraqi army.
  • The U.S. Department of Justice will investigate the Baltimore Police Department, which has seemed a bit excessively beat-y and kill-y, even by modern standards. Actually, the DOJ is overwhelmed by policing scandals.
  • Facebook users tend to live in a  bit of a political echo chamber. Liberal Facebookers get less than a quarter of their hard news from righty sources, while conservatives get about a third of their news from liberals. We all suffer the cat photos, though.
  • Just in case you need more incentive to avoid catching Ebola, the virus lingers on in the eye of a physician who survived a bout with the lethal bug.

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  1. Britain’s pollsters scramble to figure out what they did wrong after completely mis-calling yesterday’s election.

    Quite the bloody cock-up.

    1. You know who else had a bloody cock-up?

      1. Are you setting up a menstruation joke? Because TWTANFL.

        1. It could be about rampant masturbation…

          The Fast and the Furious?

          1. It could be about whatever you want! The important thing is that we’re talking ’bout bloody cocks.

    2. I believe the fart smelling arrogance that goes with being a professional class of mostly leftoids, may have clouded their view of electoral outcomes.

  2. Prof. Krugman has a sad after the British election. If you don’t think like me, you’re UNTHINKING! The economics is settled!

    Triumph of the unthinking

    But I have to admit that in the long slump that followed the 2008 financial crisis ? a slump that we had both the tools and the knowledge to end quickly, but didn’t ? the unthinking were quite successful in fending off unwelcome thoughts

    1. Wait… what didn’t the links of Krugman get after the crisis? Stimulus, cash for clunkers, the bailout(s)… Other than MOAR of all of that, what didn’t he get? And if MOAR is the answer, maybe it’s someone else who is “unthinking.”

      1. “links of Krugman”

        Edit button?

        1. Nice band name?

        2. Worst brand of sausage ever?

          1. Tastes like smug!

      2. Nostradamus knew all about Krugman:

        The copies of gold and silver inflated,
        Which after the theft were thrown into the lake,
        At the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt.
        All scrips and bonds will be wiped out.

        1. OK, now that’s a proper doomsday prophecy!

          1. Century VIII, Quatrain 28. Right on point, I’d say.

        2. So Nostradamus was an Austrian? I mean Ron Paul could have told you the same thing without so much poetry.

          1. He was a French Austrian. Kind of like Marie Antoinette.

          2. I dunno, if you come up with this 400 years before Austrians, don’t you get to name the school yourself?

            1. He also anticipated this question from you:

              Happy in the realm of France, happy in life,
              Ignorant of blood, death, fury and plunder:
              For a flattering name he will be envied,
              A concealed King, too much faith in the kitchen.

              1. Wait, no, I think that’s spoilers for Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part 1

                Which, bad form, Nostry! Did you also spill the beans on Blazing Saddles?

                1. He’s all about spoilers. That’s his idiom.

                  1. idiom? No no no. Idioms are our medium.

                    1. Farewell, sweet Concorde!

                    2. “I’ll um… I’ll just here then, shall I Sir?”

            2. I like the Diogenes School: Deface the currency cuz some God told him to in a dream.

      3. It WASN’T ENOUGH, you unthinking unbeliever. We were at the ZERO LOWER BOUND, damn it!

    2. Salty Krugtears taste even yummier, deep fried, with brown sauce, salt and vinegar and a side of chips.

      1. you are one of those flappy headed savages from the far north, aren’t you?

  3. …while conservatives get about a third of their news from liberals.

    I remember when everyone got all their news from liberals.

    1. +1 Faux News

  4. So, this was on the live-feed on BBC… I don’t know how to link to it, and it has since scrolled off the bottom:

    Conservative MP Glyn Davies – who held the Montgomeryshire seat in mid-Wales – admitted to being “rather pleased” with holding his 5,300 majority. However, one of those who ended up voting for him might not share his glee.

    He wrote on Facebook: “One voter decided to draw a detailed representation of a penis instead of a cross in my box on one ballot paper. Amazingly, because it was neatly drawn within the confines of the box, the returning officer deemed it a valid vote. Not sure the artist meant it to count, but I am grateful. If I knew who it was, I would like to thank him (or her) personally.”

    He added later: “Seems it doesn’t actually have to a cross. It’s one of the funniest election incidents I’ve ever known of.”

    1. Saw that one earlier. Was going to post it but forgot it. That’s just awesome.

      1. I got yer chad, hanging right here, buddy!

      2. Imagine if he’d won by a single penis vote.

    2. election does not = erection


  5. Facebook users tend to live in a bit of a political echo chamber. Liberal Facebookers get less than a quarter of their hard news from righty sources, while conservatives get about a third of their news from liberals. We all suffer the cat photos, though.


    1. We all ?

      I don’t go to the derp-book, so not ‘all’!

  6. Her woes are festering??
    Woahs aah fewstweerings?
    Oah noes!?

    1. Can a woe weewy do that?

  7. …have inserted him into the rivalry between sneaker-makers Nike and New Balance.

    Too good to use the term shoehorn, Tuccille?

    1. Some people have standards, Fist.

      *coughs meaningfully, adjusts monocle*

  8. ‘Tampon tax’ motion to remove GST gains government support

    “This is an non-optional tax that’s borne by only half the population,” said Kathleen Fraser, one of the women behind the online petition.

    “It’s a tax based on biological characteristics and though it may seem like small change, it’s a tax that places an unfair burden on women, trans people and other menstruators.”

    “Other menstruators”, eh?

    1. Wouldn’t hysterectomies solve the problem? I’d be willing to pay for that!

      1. Look, a tax reduction is a tax reduction.

    2. Hermaphrodites? Bitches?

    3. There’s an app for that. Get on the damn pill and stop bleeding.

    4. “The porn tax is based on biological characteristics and though it may seem like small change, it’s a tax that places an unfair burden on men, trans people and other masturbators.”

    5. For crying out loud, a feminist wants to cut taxes, and you’re bitching about it?

      1. Who’s bitching about it?

        1. That was how I read it.

          1. I’m just trying to figure out who these other “menstruators” might be.

            1. Did you try asking your Epi’s mom?

            2. Talk to Warty, he’s created a few.

    6. Now I can hope for a tax cut for urinals, men’s clothing, baseball hats, tools and penis pumps. I hope for the last one for a friend…

        1. “One book, entitled….”

    7. Other menstruators? Whut?

  9. The U.S is training rebels in Syria in an effort to build a force that can stand up to ISIS.

    Boy, the military is spreading Jade Helm kind of thin.

    1. I thought the Syrian rebels became ISIS.

      1. Nope, mixture of outsiders, pre-existing Jihadis from Iraq and Jihadi scum Assad released from prisons.

        Al-Nusra is “rebels who are also Jihadis and hate US,” and they’ve been fighting ISIS.

      2. Coming soon to an Middle-Eastern Nation near you!

        ISIS II: US Boogaloo!

  10. Facebook users tend to live in a bit of a political echo chamber. Liberal Facebookers get less than a quarter of their hard news from righty sources, while conservatives get about a third of their news from liberals. We all suffer the cat photos, though.

    Been there, done that. After trying to point out things to my “liberal” friends, and getting shriek dad, or blocked, I just gave up.

    1. Sounds familiar.

      1. The stereotype of a thin skinned liberal is not completely

        1. .. False.

          Too many typos today!

        2. Stereotype? It’s a defining characteristic!

          1. I was recently deleted by a college friend who’s currently doing grad school in the UK. She made a post about how freedom of speech means you can speak out against the government but not engage in hate speech against others. I responded with a civil comment on how free speech is meaningless if it doesn’t protect speech that offends and poof, gone.

            Kind of wish she had not deleted me just so I could see her weeping and gnashing of teeth over that election.

          2. These people aren’t used to arguing with anyone other than the strawman in their head. As a Hispanic agnostic who grew up living at the poverty level, I love being initially accused by leftists of being a white Chrissssstian BIGOT!!! who doesn’t give a shit about the poor. They’re intellectually incapable of debating with someone that they haven’t put in a pre-constructed box.

            I have an ex-professor friend from childhood that I got into it with during the 2012 election. This is an extremely smart guy with a quick wit, and everything he wrote was essentially boilerplate talking points that were obviously cribbed from OFA emails and Kos-type leftist websites. He had no counter to arguments that weren’t off of a Hannity broadcast, so he went back to the feedback loop of statements he’d absorbed in the faculty lounge.

            He’s off Derpbook now, and I can’t say I won’t be sorry if we don’t interact again. Being in academia for as long as he was clearly stultified his perspectives. I have plenty of left-wing friends that I can debate with and know that they’re arguing with me and not a self-created caricature.

    2. ^shrieked at

      1. I liked “shriek dad”. Do you use voice recognition?

        1. What he meant was that one of us has been genetically tested and is shrike’s father.

          1. SPOILER ALERT: It’s Bo!!!! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!!!

        2. Whoever that guy is, you know he’s just gotta be all sorts of “proud’…

          Proud that his son doesn’t post with his real name.

    3. “Shriek dad”

  11. Actually, the DOJ is overwhelmed by policing scandals.

    Nothing more MRAP’s can’t solve.

    1. As long as they are full of National Guard, there to round up the cops…

      *contemplates coming out of the Retired Reserve*

  12. The U.S is training rebels in Syria in an effort to build a force that can stand up to ISIS. Unlike the Iraqi army.

    With all due respect, why does the U.S. have to train anybody* — especially people who have been successfully fighting each other for millennia?

    1. Why not just teach these rebels how to shoot a pistol and call it a day.

      1. How about we teach them not to war? Huh? How about that?

    2. Yeah but have they been fighting each other with US made military gear?


      Bet you didn’t think about that didja.

      1. They pretty much defined military gear for millennia.

        The stirrup was invented in that area about five thousand years ago. Before that using a sword from horseback meant you would fall off your horse if you didn’t strike something stout enough to counter your blow. Without the stirrup cavalry wouldn’t exist.

  13. …the virus lingers on in the eye of a physician who survived a bout with the lethal bug.

    It’s probably just a floater he’s seeing.

    1. So you’re calling the bug a “wetback”?


    2. It’s only Ebola so he shouldn’t worry about it.

  14. “The U.S is training rebels in Syria in an effort to build a force that can stand up to ISIS. Unlike the Iraqi army.”

    Its apparently much easier to “train” an army that’s already trying very hard to overthrow a country, that it is to “train” an army that had one handed to them by Americans already

    1. Perhaps this my reptile brain talking, but wouldn’t it be much quicker for the US to just blast ISIS themselves and get it over with? Then leave the middle east?

      1. but wouldn’t it be much quicker for the US to just blast ISIS themselves and get it over with?


        Then leave the middle east?

        OMG! You non-interventionist isolationist! You’re worse than Chamberlain!

      2. ISIS can’t be destroyed by the U.S. without destroying its delicate balance of aliances in the mideast.

        It would be bloody and necessarily kill a lot of civilians, tens of millions of muslims would see themselves as obligated by their religion to serve ISIS, the Saudi monarch would be faced with the choice between breaking the alliance with the U.S. or risking being overthrown in a bloody uprising, and in the meantime Iran would extend its sphere of influence westward to the Mediterranean.

        Staying out is likely the right thing to do, although if I were President, I would lay awake at night worrying as to what would happen should someone hand ISIS a few nuclear bombs from Pakistan’s arsenal; ISIS has decided that the Rome against which they are prophesied to fight an apocalyptic but ultimately victorious war is the United States. While I am confident that absent plunder or a lot of financial assistance from productive economies, ISIS will find itself getting weaker and weaker with each passing month, the longer they are around the greater the mischief they could cause.

        The best hope from a realpolitik standpoint is for the Jordanians to extirpate ISIS utterly using only its own manpower.

        1. I was going to say ISIS is that big ball of evil from Fifth Element that only gets larger the more it’s attacked, but you put it more articulately.

    2. So, I know you’re asking yourself, “Did Nostradamus predict this?” Of course he fucking did, what a stupid question:

      New law to occupy the new land
      Towards Syria, Judea, and Palestine:
      The great barbarian empire to decay,
      Before the Moon completes it cycle.

      1. So ISIS will be dead in a month?

        1. There’s some debate over whether that means a month or some other time. We’ll be able to calculate that once the great barbarian empire decays. Which could also refer to us, the Russians, or the legions of Planet Zeist.

          1. Don’t forget Israel!

            /Sheldon Richman

            1. Oh, sorry, sure:

              The great King abandoned by the Physicians,
              By fate not the Jew’s art he remains alive,
              He and his kindred pushed high in the realm,
              Pardon given to the race which denies Christ.

  15. We all suffer the cat photos, though.


      1. That cat has some amazingly muscular hind legs.

      2. ok, that shit takes…. i wanted to say “balls” but its not that. Some A+ grade punk-assness. That’s metal.

    1. I was going to say “beat you to it” or something like that, but then I decided I don’t like being torn in half. “Let the Wookie win” and the like.

      1. “You’ve been missing a lot of arms, BiMon.”

        “Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing them.”

  16. “It’s not good,” prominent economist Jeffrey D. Sachs says of Hillary Clinton’s interesting, complicated, and opaque fundraising apparatus.

    “It’s GREAT,” he says, rubbing his thumb and two fingers together.

    1. Fun fact: When you rub your index finger against your thumb, you’re generating high-frequency sounds you can’t hear. Your cat can hear it though, which is why the found is enticing to them.

      1. Johnny Foosball disagree$.

    2. At least the Clintons aren’t ending up in poverty.

    3. Taxes! The finger thing means the taxes!

  17. Spot the Not: Salon vs. wingnuts

    1. Where right-wing lies are born: The wingnut Web, WorldNetDaily and how conservative nonsense infects America

    2. Wingnuts’ sad dream to be cool: Why they worship Reagan and the military

    3. Wingnuts’ gross war on children: Screaming and spitting at endangered kids

    4. Wingnuts’ sheltered fantasy: This is the far right’s scary myopic vision

    5. How to win Memorial Day: A holiday guide to arguing with right-wing relatives

    6. Cliven Bundy’s wingnut pals vs. peaceful Ferguson protesters

    1. 5

    2. 5. I’m pretty sure they wrote that, but about Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    3. 5

      I’m betting against “memorial day”, because salon doesn’t recognize it, and that article was for Thanksgiving or something.

      1. No, there were separate articles for both holidays:



    4. The Not is 6, although it is inspired by this actual Salon article

      No winners this round. Your punishment is this video where Chris Hedges and Derrick Jensen jerk each other off for an hour:


  18. Spot the Not: Salon vs. Islamophobia

    1. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is dangerous: Why we must reject her hateful worldview

    2. This is how Fox News spreads hate: How right-wing media tells lies about Islam

    3. The New Crusade: How racist right-wing bigots are fanning the flames of hatred

    4. Religion’s new atheist scapegoat: Why the Chapel Hill shootings weren’t about Islamophobia

    5. Bill Maher’s horrible excuse: Why his defense of Islamophobia just doesn’t make any sense

    6. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and atheists’ ugly Islamophobia

    1. 6 – why would they denounce atheists as a class?

      1. Salonites aren’t atheists, they’re secularists. Sheesh.

    2. 4 – no way something isn’t about islamophobia.

      1. 4 – same reason

    3. 3.

      It’s too alliterative.

      1. Winner! Your prize is to read Sam Harris’ futile attempts to engage with Noam Chomsky:


  19. Spot the Not: Salon vs. trickle down economics

    1. Robert Reich: Trickle-down economics has made America an “indecent society”

    2. Elizabeth Warren: Thomas Piketty shows trickle-down economics don’t work ? and never did

    3. Thomas Piketty and Elizabeth Warren: Trickle-down economics is magical thinking

    4. Why is the Huffington Post defending trickle-down economics?

    5. I was a trickle-downer: how I wised up to the GOP’s lies

    6. The 1 percent are parasites: Debunking the lies about free enterprise, trickle-down, capitalism and celebrity entrepreneurs

    1. 5

    2. Good going Salon, that’s the way to appeal to the younger set. Keep using a phrase no one has heard since before these kids were born.

      1. At least call it “voodoo economics”. I’m sure most of the kids have seen Ferris Bueller.

      2. As a matter of fact, the economists who favored the policies advanced by Reagan and Laffer never used the term “trickle down” economics to describe the supply-side economics.

        Will Rogers coined the phrase “trickle down economics” to criticize Hoover’s policies. LBJ used it to deride Republicans. Stockman used it to characterize supply-side economics after he became disillusioned with the Reagan Administration. The phrase has always been used as an invective, though it is not really different from Kennedy’s rising tide that lifts all boats.

        The real practitioners of trickle down are the politicians who bail out Wall Street, provide subsidies, anti-competitive regulation, monopolies and guarantees to crony capitalists, and support the defense industry in grand style. Both political parties are deeply committed to trickle down economics.

        1. I prefer to say liberals also believe in trickle down economics. They just want the government to do the trickling.

    3. 5.

    4. 5 – but nice parody of their “brainwashing” pieces

    5. 5 is the Not. The prize for the winners is to watch this doddering communist professor ramble about the evils of capitalism:


      1. My first spot-the-not success. I’m assuming my monocle is in the mail?

      2. A lot of us guessed that one.

        You grow weak, Derpetologist. As your faculties deteriorate, your jokes will become lamer and more obvious. Surrender now, give into the derp.

  20. So I read a Globe and Mail article a few days ago and what did they say on page 3? It was about how Ed Miliband was ridiculed for his Edstone but Russell Brand’s endorsement could help him thanks to Brand’s twitter followers. Hard Hitting Analysis of UK politics that was. I didn’t care for them before but I care less now.

    1. What kind of sadistic newspaper has *political analysis* on p. 3?

      1. Non-British ones?

      2. Well it was ostensibly a ‘news report’ from foreign correspondent, with shitty political analysis thrown in.

        Though I do think Globe should have page 3 girl. It could really bring Canada together as a nation (Quebec girls….mraaaaow).

      3. Sun readers don’t care who runs the country, as long as she has nice tits.

        1. +1 PPS Woolsley

    2. I have read in several sources over here that Miliband playing footsie with Russell Brand was a huge mistake for Labour

      1. Why Miliband lost in 3 acts:

        1. 3rd: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/n…..nt-5631143

          1. I like the “EdStone.”

  21. The U.S is training rebels in Syria in an effort to build a force that can stand up to ISIS. Unlike the Iraqi army.

    You know who else trained a rebel force to fight in a civil war?

    1. West Point?

    2. Yoda?

    3. Baron von Steuben?

    4. General Brusilov?

    5. The Confedersah?

    6. Maud’Dib

        1. DORK ALERT!!!!

          *points at Swiss while kicking EVERY DUNE BOOK WRITTEN under the bed*

      1. Wasn’t that technically a jihad?

  22. Hillary Clinton woos technorati, draws comparison to Eleanor Roosevelt

    “Elenor Roosevelt was also very old, and knew nothing about Technology. I think she may have also wanted to spy on Americans, because, you know, the war and stuff”, said one guest, who confessed he was only attending because otherwise Feminist Bloggers would attempt to destroy him.”

    1. Elenor
      I didn’t know you were in favor of Spelling Reform GILMORE.

      1. spelling is classist, racist and ableist. I spell phoenetically for the illiterate among us, like tony, etc.

    2. Holy Hillary Hagiography.

    3. Aren’t they alike in ways not connected to IT???

  23. You Know Who Else thought giving a federal government control of the police was a good idea?

    1. Bo.

    2. Saddam Hussein?

    3. NWA?

  24. Anyone whining about Pam Geller being ‘provocative’ should feel really bad now that Chris Hayes has shown he has bigger balls than they do.

    “Here’s an example of how I think of this in my ? from where I sit, right? If someone ? if we were going to do a segment that was about someone that was advertising on the network and I was kind of on the fence about it, or actually didn’t like the segment, right, I thought it was a little unfair maybe, but then someone came to us and said ‘you can’t do that segment because of an advertiser.’ I’d be like, ‘now we have to do the segment.’ Because I have to ? it has to be the case that we can do that segment, right? And So, what I don’t like is the notion that there are people going to be making calculations, particularly like a venue, do we want to give you venue over to this thing? And the calculation they’re making isn’t a calculation of do I think this person is bigoted or odious? But, is this going to create a security footprint that I’m not comfortable with? Because that seems to me to be a real threat to free speech.”

    1. Good for Chris Hayes. As someone said on twitter today (can’t recall who, maybe Harsanyi), I remember the days when a liberal standing up for free speech wasn’t a man bites dog story.

    2. It’s weird how not awful he is.

      1. I never believed the talk about how you were the worst until I read this.

        1. You have no idea.

          1. I forget, will saying “warty” three times into a mirror help me out of this situation?

            1. If by “out of this situation” you mean “into warty’s locked dungeon basement”, then yes.

    3. If provocative speech isn’t under the umbrella of free speech, then the umbrella doesn’t exist.

  25. Waffle House worker caught on video pleasuring himself

    “he responded by saying he wasn’t a pervert, he was just a freak.”

    All right, ‘fess up — which of you clowns is this?

    1. There but for the grace of God go I.

    2. Least shocking part of the story: Macon, GA.

      1. So BP it is.

        1. Ah, HA!!

    3. My Waffle House memory:

      Back in college, on the way home from Daytona spring break, my buddy got caught by the local county patrol taking a leak behind a tree in the parking lot of a Georgia-located Waffle House. It was dark out and there was a line of twenty or more people inside waiting for the one toilet, so he didn’t have much alternative, it shouldn’t have really been an issue in the first place. Fortunately my friend was able to talk his way out of it, but the trooper (who looked and sounded just like Jackie Gleason in Smokey and the Bandit) still had the last word as he drove away:

      “I don’t want to see you whipping that thing out in this county ever again.”

      1. Now he’d get slapped on a sex offender registry.

    4. At first, I read that as “White House worker caught on video pleasuring himself”.

      1. The White House has interns.

  26. Facebook users tend to live in a bit of a political echo chamber. Liberal Facebookers get less than a quarter of their hard news from righty sources, while conservatives get about a third of their news from liberals. We all suffer the cat photos, though.

    I think the observation that conservatives understand liberals a helluva lot better than liberals understand conservatives holds up pretty well in real life. If you aren’t afraid to risk your brian turning to mush, go check out the Being Liberal Facebook page.

    1. “I think the observation that conservatives understand liberals a helluva lot better than liberals understand conservatives holds up pretty well in real life.”

      Kind of like how adults understand children better than children understand adults. “oh, so cute. I remember when I used to believe that”

  27. Lying Millionaire Rand Paul Claims to be Middle Class, is a Liar

    I wonder if these people realize that a $1.3 million net worth isn’t really all that much of a guy of Rand Paul’s age.

    1. Or that middle class is based on income and that if you make a middle class income for 30 years it’s not particularly difficult to have $1.3 million.

      $1.3 million probably is actually a decent amount of money in Kentucky though.

      1. The important thing is that it is pretty obvious Rand Paul’s wealth comes from having a highly specialized and valuable job and having sound money habits. The average voter isn’t going to resent that. On the contrary, it makes him a lot more likeable.

        Democrats beat the out of touch rich white guy card to death over Romney which isn’t going to work against Rand.

      2. Housing is expensive in BG compared to the rest of the state.

      3. So then Rand’s net worth is equivalent to about two Bill speeches, or three by Hillary.

        1. …. two Bill speeches, or three by Hillary.


          (good for you)

    2. In Bowling Green, Kentucky that’s probably a lot but so what? He actually had to work for it by running a medical practice for 20 years.

      His net worth can be matched in a week by a Clinton or Bush speaking tour.

      1. I have a dentist friend who has been in private practice for decades. A good deal of his net worth is due to the fact that he owns the building that his practice is in. Could be the same for Rand.

    3. That’s not high at all for a doctor at his age. It’s upper middle class to be sure, but it sure the fuck isn’t rich. You know, like Clinton.

    4. In other words, he has a net worth that is about the same as the present value of the typical 52-year-old cop’s or Federal GS-11 bureaucrat’s pension.

      Big deal. Until he got elected to Senate, he had to provide for his own retirement. In the Senate, his net worth is less than 10% that of his peers’ average.


  28. I’m still celebrating George Galloway getting trounced in his election.

    Best part about it is that he’s blaming “Racists and zionists” for his loss — to a Pakistani Muslim female.

    1. OT: I heard the awful Colin Cowherd making fun of this today.

      Apparently they really liked a Dorian’s sub at 2am.

      1. I really do miss Syracuse. Though I was more of a guy to go to Cosmo’s when it came to late-night food (still upset it closed, even if I haven’t been back to Syracuse for a decade).

        1. I cannot remember where I used to drink “yardstick” Long Island Ice Teas, which makes too much sense.

          1. By the time I got to Syracuse I was married and living off campus. My general hangout was Konrad’s on Marshall street, which turned into 44s, which turned into a Hookah bar at some point, and I’m not sure what’s there now.

            That and the greek place on Marshall Street. Which I think turned into a Chipotle.

            1. I went to LeMoyne so I did not spend too much time on Marshall street. I was more of an Armory’s square or dirty Wescott street bar sort of guy.

          2. I capitalized everything for a reason…a good reason.

    2. Almost makes up for Farage not being elected. Almost.

  29. Working hard on vacation this week. But I did find time to start an IPA and and Irish Red Ale.

  30. Gawker is VERY UPSET that this shooting didn’t go to a grand jury

    It seems like pretty clear self-defense. I don’t get why these morons are so up in arms over it.

    1. It seems like pretty clear self-defense.

      There’s your answer.

    2. I had a hard time following the story. It’s so wordy and emotional. Something about someone calling someone a nigger is what I took away from it.

    3. I think if you follow the guys you were fighting earlier and pick a second fight with them, you’ve left the realm of self defense.

      If you recall the gas station shooting in Florida a few years ago where the guy tried to invoke stand your ground but was convicted, John made a very wise point.

      Stupid people who get into stupid fights eventually get their commeupance.

      1. Oh, if that’s what happened, then never mind. The Gawker story was too poorly-written and emotional for me to follow it.

        1. The video I saw was people yelling at the old dude “Hey OG don’t shoot” as he was climbing the stairs to reach the younger guy.

    4. For linking Gawker you are worse then Nikki.

  31. The Facebook study, btw, has massive flaws. Which I’m sure will surprise exactly no one.

    1. Social science methodology? Nonsense? Never.

      1. They just seriously misrepresented how applicable the findings were. The sampling was nonrandom.

    2. I was hoping to find a list of sites they considered Neutral so i could laugh my ass off. Sadly, and unsurprisingly, they hid that information so we just have to “trust” the researchers.

  32. Fuck, I went down the BuzzHole. The secret to muscle gainz is insufferable animated gifs, bro.

    1. None of those gifs were “SS+GOMAD: DO IT FAGGOT!”

      Therefore, FAIL.

    2. Whenever i see those sorts of things, i wonder who the fuck their target demographic is. Retarded 14 yr olds? And are they supposed to be working out a lot?

  33. President Obama’s marketing efforts on behalf of the TPP trade deal have inserted him into the rivalry between sneaker-makers Nike and New Balance.

    Nike and who?

    1. Nike and the company that sells shoes everyone’s father wears.

      1. I had a nice pair of NB black general purpose shoes that lasted for years. Incredibly comfortable.

      2. New Balance is the shit. Most comfortable shoes I’ve worn, and they’ve long served those of us with wider feet.

        1. Yup — you can get New Balance in wide sizes, which I’ve never seen available in most Nike etc. Main reason I’ve only had NB for the past several years.

          1. Hitchcock FTW!

    2. Yes, that is the joke

      1. Oh dammit, I’m thinking of Converse, not New Balance.

  34. Liberal Facebookers get less than a quarter of their hard news from righty sources, while conservatives get about a third of their news from liberals.

    Actually, this fits with a FB post I made a couple of weeks ago. I posed that conservatives or libertarians can generally give the progressive argument better than vice versa. I was asked to do so, and generally did a creditable job. There were a number of progressives commenting, but none were willing to even try the challenge.

    1. “Um, um, I’m a conservative because I, uh, don’t think children are important. And the poor can go fuck themselves, huh huh. How did I do?”

      1. Pretty good, actually.

      2. Fail. You had nothing about racism and gaybashing.

    2. “I’m a conservative because god hates queers.”

    3. I’m a conservative because I’ve achieved a magical, mysterious combination of being an evil rich genius in cahoots with the Kochtopus while also being as dumb and backwards as a caveman.

      Their stereotypes don’t even make logical sense.

      1. But they feel so right.

      2. Their stereotypes don’t even make logical sense.

        No, they don’t. And I’d kind of always assumed it was just sort of cynical attacks on the other side. What genuinely struck me is that they couldn’t comprehend that the other side might have a considered opinion. The responses I got were pretty much exactly like what people here are using as straw men. I mean, I can make a reasonably fair pass at the progressive argument without much trouble:

        Society has a lot of lot of inequities owing to race, class, sex, and even people’s general myopia and ignorance. By addressing those inequities we can make for a better, happier, and more just society. But, only government, particularly the national government, can marshal the resources, expertise, and broad public accountability (rather than narrow parochial interest) to do this in a meaningful way. By empowering the government to address these inequities, we ultimately secure ourselves greater freedom by countering the infringements on our rights and well-being imposed by those outside the government.

        Now, I might not agree with this, but I can at least understand that people might think that. You ask these guys to explain what conservatives think, and you get actual responses not much different from the parodies people are offering here. But they actually mean it.

    4. “Liberal Facebookers get less than a quarter of their hard news from righty sources”

      I bet that what little news they DO get from “righty” sources is the time they spend watching Fox News so that they’ll have something to complain about. Seriously, I rarely hear any conservatives say “there was a story on Fox News about-” but I constantly hear “liberals” pissing and moaning about something THEY saw on Fox News. “Oh my god, Fox News said such and such, and it TOTALLY wasn’t true!! They’re just paid shills for their corporate masters! GRRRR!” Then they usually remark that they only get their news from truthful and unbiased sources like NPR, Mother Jones, and DailyKos.

    5. “I posed that conservatives or libertarians”

      I am sure I could give a conservative argument better then a conservative could give a libertarian argument.

      1. Quite possibly. It’s Facebook. I didn’t want to challenge them too much…

      2. I’ve given your proposition a little more thought, and I’m not sure you’re right. A large portion of what conservatives profess to believe, adhered to strictly, winds up libertarianism. I think you’d find quite a few who would get the general point.

  35. Obama makes case for Asia trade pact

    “Let me be clear: Asians still know how to make stuff. And we need stuff. Also, the Chinese have a lot of dollars, which we sort of want back. I’m not sure how all this shit works, but this is what I’ve been told to say. “”

  36. George Galloway: Noble in the throes of combat.

    “Now George Galloway has played politics with the experience of survivors of forced marriage. At a public hustings event in his Bradford West constituency, he questioned whether Naz Shah, the Labour candidate, is a survivor of a forced marriage. Shah has spoken openly about her experiences, which included being emotionally blackmailed by her mother and the abusive nature of the marriage.

    As the hustings event became increasingly ill-tempered, Galloway challenged her. Having obtained a copy of the nikah, or Islamic marriage certificate, from Pakistan, Galloway claimed that Shah had not been 15 at the time, as she claimed, but was in fact 16, and that because Shah’s mother was present the marriage cannot have been forced. Labour says that it has a copy of her original certificate that proves she was a minor and have accused Galloway of breaking election rules.”

    1. George Galloway: Humble in defeat.

      “”The venal and the vile, the racists and the zionists will all be celebrating. The hyena can dance on the lion’s grave, but it can never be a lion.

      “And in any case, I’m not in my grave. As a matter of fact, I’m going off now to plan my next campaign.””

      1. The racists? He lost to a woman named Naz Shah (not bad looking at that). Is he saying he lost because he was white and faced anti-white discrimination?

        1. He lost to a Pakistani Muslim woman. It’s hilarious that he’s saying that “racists” caused him to lose.

      2. The hyena can dance on the lion’s grave, but it can never be a lion.

        Wait, wait, didn’t he totally steal that line from Hell on Wheels?

    2. Galloway is a classy guy.

    3. Because of course, being forced into an arranged marriage at 16 is so much better than being forced into one at 15, of course she would’ve had reason to lie about that!

      Fuck George Galloway.

      Is it wrong or evil if I hope that there’s an “accidental” bombing the next time he goes to Gaza to suck up to Hamas?

      1. The best part is his argument that it can’t have been forced because her mom was there. Who ever heard of a mother in the third world forcing her daughter into an arranged marriage?

      2. I think the point is that she lied. Her entire story is thus called into question.

        1. She didn’t lie. What happened is that her abusive rapist husband couldn’t come to Britain if they knew he’d married a 15 year old, so they forged a second certificate that said they were married a year and a half after they actually were. She has a copy of the original certificate and is actually going to sue Galloway for defamation.

          1. And where is her “abusive rapist husband” now? Why, he’s still walking free, in Britain! I guess she’s another woman who is “too traumatized” to go to the police with her story but perfectly happy to exploit it for personal gain.

            Thank God Britain let that couple immigrate! They really do enrich the country!

            1. How do you know where her husband is? They divorced in the ’90s and I can find no information about his current whereabouts or if he’s still alive.

              As for ‘exploiting for personal gain’ this woman raised her siblings from a young age because her mom was in jail after killing her own husband. If her plan was to exploit her shitty early life for personal gain, it sure took a while for her to do so since it’s been 20 years since all that stuff happened to her.

              Have fun making wild accusations about women forced into third world arranged marriages though. You seem pleasant.

              1. You’d be bitter too if zionists and racists were out to get you personally, for example by ensuring the cap on your starbucks latte wasn’t firmly snapped in place and it spilled leaving a giant brown spot on the crotch of your pants. 😉

    4. And, of course, the Orson Welles of medieval France knew all about the recent UK election:

      More of a butcher than a king in England,
      Born of obscure rank will gain empire through force.
      Coward without faith, without law he will bleed the land;
      His time approaches so close that I sigh.

      1. It occurs to me that Nostradamus was the Agile Cyborg of the 16th century…

        1. Indeed, one can likely make predictions based on his quatrains as well.

    5. Reading the Wiki article on Galloway, specifically the section on the 2015 campaign, makes me very sad for the UK. Nearly every major event in the campaign was somebody reporting somebody to the authorities for hate speech or other illegal forms of speech, along with Galloway’s threats to sue everybody and his mother for libel when they criticized him.

  37. Restaurant to hold “white appreciation day”.


    1. “I’ll have the Wonderbread and Mayo sandwich, and a glass of milk”

      1. Don’t forget the unflavored jello for dessert.

        1. That just gave me an idea. Sauerkraut-flavored Jello.

          1. He cornered the market on corners! Now everything is spherical until he gets paid!

            1. I anticipate wealth that will offend wealthy people.

    2. They’re having a polka band, right?

      I mean, if you’re gonna stereotype, let’s go whole hog.

      Mmm…speaking of hog, they better have some sausage.

      1. Maybe they can get Gus Polinski, the polka king of the Mid-West.

        He was one of the Kenosha Kickers.

        They had a few hits…Polka, Polka, Polka, Twin Lakes Polka, Domavougi Polka A.K.A Kiss Me Polka and the Polka Twist.

    3. ….because every month is White History Month.

  38. Stranger Danger: Rare, but Sometimes Real

    Couple Serially Kidnaps, Sexually Molests Children, Makes Child Porn

    Bonus points = includes Amish children. Also, the perp is “father of 3”. Things like this make my brain melt.

    1. People get hit by lightning too. That doesn’t mean we should never leave home.

      1. Apparently even when you say things I agree with, you do it in an incredibly stupid way

        1. Yeah, quit telling us we should never leave home. You’re being completely irrational Gilmore.

    2. Also real when the strangers are po-po.

    3. Howells, a father of three and former registered nurse, used his professional connections to receive prescription drugs to subdue his victims, authorities said.

      “Hey bro, can you illegally grab me some sedatives? I promise I won’t use them to abduct and rape children.”
      “Well, if you promise…”

      He faces from 15 to 30 years in prison for some of the charges.

      He won’t last one.

      In a similar vein, don’t read about David Parker Ray at night.

      1. Devil in the White City: The Sequel?

  39. Reuters Photo of Baltimore ‘Race Strife’ = Completely Unintelligible

    I can’t tell what that is. at best it looks like the black guy and the riot cops are playing “Trust Fall” games.

    1. It’s not so bad of a pic. A little Instagram filtering and you’ve got yourself a halfway decent Christ on the cross pic to work with there.

    2. That fucking kid in the video needs to learn to break-fall if he’s going to be doing that.

  40. I promised to give some wonderful examples of whiny British leftists so here:

    HuffPo UK: All the unemployed are going to die.

    “This is to say nothing of the unofficial actions a majority Tory government are likely to continue: sanctions targets which have led to the suicides of dozens; the work capability assessment that has seen terminally ill people hounded to find work for the last months of their lives; an erosion of the guarantees the welfare state used to provide so it can no longer be depended on if you fall into hardship; poor-quality services for jobseekers which provide little help to find work; and a range of everyday harassments as claimants take the blame for the failings of others.”


    1. It is best they should die.

    2. Don’t be so hysterical, they’ll let some of the poor live so they can work in the monocle mines.

    3. I listened to Sargon’s (UK utuber) post-mortem of the election

      it seems like the british yooth of today mostly seem to fall into 2 camps =

      – those who believe this is a sign that the world is going to end and that all the cripples are going to be thrown out on the streets and eaten by wolves and the streetlights are going to be turned off and OMG the worst of all? WE MIGHT HAVE TO PAY FOR COLLEGE?! as much as 9,000-quid a year??

      – those who are super-cynical leftists who now smugly assert that “Left and right” are all the same and who cares, democracy is a sham run by the corporations.

      It is a sad state of affairs when the latter are actually *closer* to the truth.

  41. Charlotte Church has lost faith in humanity and it’s all the Tories’ fault.

    “The politics of fear is the politics of control and we’ve given the reigns to the bogey men.”


    “@soul_of_twit Feel like vomming my heart out…….oh wait that would mean I could join the Conservative party.”


    1. The politics of failure have failed. We must make them work again!


    2. Would still fuck.

      Charlotte Church – not those icky Conservatards! ew!

      1. “still”?

        Wasn’t she like 10 not so long ago?

    3. Ha ha, she manages to simultaneously (a) accuse her opponents of spreading fear and (b) refer to her opponents as “bogey men.”

  42. Actions have consequences- who knew?

    Deborah Gould, a sociology professor at UCSC who studies social movements, said attitudes such as Baldwin’s are common. “People who participate in social movements are invariably disparaged by the media and by bystanders,” Gould said. “People don’t like to be inconvenienced, and I understand that, but in order for necessary social change to occur people are going to be inconvenienced.” With regard to the tuition hikes at the university, students often feel their grievances are routinely dismissed by the administration, she said, and believe that protests are their only recourse?a sentiment demonstrated by Nixon.

    “In the face of very bleak futures, the economic crash of 2008, an economy that is not only limping along but doesn’t seem to really need these students,” Gould said, “we should not be surprised that these students have turned to more militant forms of protest.”

    UC Sana Cruz students, pissed off about tuition increase, create daylong traffic jam. Express surprise, confusion, at reaction on the part of people who actually work for a living.
    Atlantic Magazine polls thumbsuckers and navelgazers.

    1. Students between the ages of 19 and *28*?!
      A 28YO is griping about tuition? WIH is that person still in school?!

      1. There are numerous reasons that a 28 year old might be in college:

        – Someone “upgrading” from an associate’s degree

        – Someone changing to a different career in pursuit of higher salaries or job satisfaction

        – Someone who came from a dirt-poor family, had to work shitty jobs for most of their young adulthood, and finally saved up enough cash to get an education

        Just sayin’.

      2. Students between the ages of 19 and *28*?!
        A 28YO is griping about tuition? WIH is that person still in school?!

        *runs away crying after calculating that I’ll graduate law school when i’m 28*

  43. Bettina Aptheker, a feminist-studies professor, characterized the university’s decision to suspend the students as “draconian and unnecessary.” “I’ve been here for 35 years and I’ve never seen this level of punishment for civil disobedience that was nonviolent,” she said. “The punishment is way out of proportion to the offensive.”

    It’s not like they parked in the faculty parking lot, or something serious.

    1. No offense, but when I worked at Ohio State and had my ‘A’ parking pass, I’d have personally expelled any student who dared to park in an ‘A’ spot. And I mean “expel” in the mechanical physics sense. Perhaps with a catapult?

    2. Bettina is a red-diaper baby. Her father Herbert was such a total commie that he joined the CPUSA after the Hitler-Stalin pact.

      1. He was such a commie, he yelled at the kids if they forgot to leave the door open with the air conditioner running so he could pay to cool the whole neighborhood.

        1. He was such a commie, he drank only herbal tea, because proper tea is theft.

  44. Here is one of Nostradamus’ most famous quatrains – people have quarreled for centuries over its meaning:

    Whoomp chak a laka chack a laka chak a laka chak a
    Point blank gin and juice I drank
    Gettin’ bent and bent and as I puff on a dankt
    Rock the mic uh oh I see rave skin

    1. In this quatrain, Nostradamus seems to be referencing some king or nation which is jealous of its liberty:

      Love it or leave it, she with the deadly bite
      Quick is the blue tongue, forked as lighting strike
      Shining with brightness, always on surveillance
      The eyes, they never close, emblem of vigilance

      1. This chilling quatrain seems to foretell a devastating naval battle –

        All for one and one for all
        Because the Beastie Boys have gone A.W.O.L.
        Friggin’ in the riggin’ and cuttin’ your throat
        Big biting suckers getting thrown in the moat

        1. Discussing a great battle in the End of Days, Nostradamus reveals that the Antichrist is named Chuck:

          Awwww Fuck! Chuck’s on a killing spree again
          With guillotines for men
          I walk around town with a frown on my face
          Fuck the whole world, fixing to catch a murder case

          1. Why do you have to drag religion into everything?

            1. When I’m finished with Nostradamus, yours will only be the *second* most tiresome meme on H&R.

              1. Actually, if you plan on becoming a connoisseur of rap lyrics, let me recommend Rakim (of Erik B and Rakim), Nas, Genius (aka The Gza), Big L, and Kool G Rap.

                The last of which is particularly good for ‘hardcore’ stuff (he is the grandfather of ‘gangster’), the first of which was one of the great wordsmiths of the old(er) school.

                1. Hey, those Erik B and Rakim guys are pretty good…almost as good as they think they are.

                  Thank you for introducing me!

  45. What do Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and Elizabeth Warren have in common?

    All support the war on women who smoke weed and the racist war on drugs.

    Yes, they all are racist and sexist !!

  46. Sneaker-makers or just being sneaky?

  47. Does anyone find it a bit strange a cop shot two heavily armed terroists with body armor at 40 yards with a handgun. Hell I realize it is Texas but figuring cops are some of the worst shots in the world you have to wonder. You think maybe the two idiots were setup because Congress was voting to renew the Patriot act like when the Branch Davidians in Waco were burned to death on the day Congress was voting to get rid of the ATF. Maybe the main problem is Congress voting. Go ahead and declare Martial Law then you can go around killing who you want without setting up some feeble minded religious nut. The majority of the public would never notice anyway.

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