Aide to Kamala Harris Running 'Rogue' Police Agency, Pentagon Employees Used Credit Cards to Hire Escorts, One Direction Is Fighting: P.M. Links


  • Zayn Malik
    Zayn Malik / Facebook

    This story is too weird to even attempt to explain, so I'll just quote The Los Angeles Times: "An aide to state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris and two others are accused of operating a rogue police force that claimed to exist for more than 3,000 years and have jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico, authorities said Tuesday."

  • Audit: Pentagon employees used government-issued credit cards for gambling, escorts.
  • Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were the only Senate Republicans to vote against the budget.
  • "Harrison Bergeron" wasn't supposed to be a how-to manual.
  • Arguments over Black Widow and sexism are ongoing.
  • One Direction's Louis Tomlinson fought with ex-bandmate Zayn Malik over Twitter. Unimportant to you, but world-ending for your teenage daughter.
  • Megyn Kelly owned Richard Fowler in a debate about free speech.
  • Also, CNN's Chris Cuomo got the First Amendment really wrong earlier today, as I explained.
  • Reform teen sexting laws!

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  1. An aide to state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris and two others are accused of operating a rogue police force…

    Snapping necks without a license?

    1. Hello.

    2. League of shadows?

      1. The league of extraordinarily bad spellers.

        1. Money quote from the article, “He represented his member with class and distinction.”
          Unfortunately, I haven’t always represented my member with the class and distinction it deserves.

          1. Few of us do. It should become one of the driving goals of OWGB.

      2. The website adds: “We are born into this Organization our bloodlines go deeper then an application. This is more then a job it is an obligation.”

        Delusional rambling about Divine Right to authority? I see no difference between this and regular police departments.

    3. Time to hunt us some Freemasons!

      1. Who keeps the metric system down? WE DO

        1. That was Stonecutters.

    4. Dick Marcinko approves

    5. “The lunatic on the other hand, doesn’t concern himself at all with logic; he works by short circuits. For him, everything proves everything else. The lunatic is all id?e fixe, and whatever he comes across confirms his lunacy. You can tell him by the liberties he takes with common sense, by his flashes of inspiration, and by the fact that sooner or later he brings up the Templars?There are lunatics who don’t bring up the Templars, but those who do are the most insidious. At first they seem normal, then all of a sudden?” – Umberto Eco

    6. Hitler?

      1. Chris Christie?

    7. An aide to state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris and two others are accused of operating a rogue police force…

      In fairness, the Masonic Fraternal Police Department seems more like a real job than a deputy director of community affairs.

      1. +1 Community Organizer

    8. 3000 years old, huh? I guess that we now know how long dogs have been domesticated?

    9. This is the worst part: Kiel’s official job title is Information Officer I, Specialist, making him a low-level aide, and the motherfucker still makes $600 a month more than I do as a fucking analyst.

  2. Also, CNN’s Chris Cuomo got the First Amendment really wrong earlier today, as I explained.

    The best part is his refusal to back down.

    1. When you tell people to read the constitution then you start quoting case law, you have already lost.

      1. When your last name is Cuomo, you’ve already lost.

        1. Unless you’re running for office in NY

  3. Still nothing on Commies sweeping Canada’s Texas? We* are important, goddamit! Notice us!

    *As in Canada, not just Alberta.

    1. I’m still disappointed by the result.

      /shakes head.

      1. Well, we have survived day 1- Notley says it will be “A-ok” so we can relax.

        1. I she she’s reassuring industry that she will be totally cooperative and collaborative and all kinds of other stuff beginning with “co-“. Competent Technocratic Government ahoy! Third way is right way! Etc.

          “Albertans will look at our government and see themselves,” she said, adding that she is particularly proud that almost half of her caucus are women.

          You poor bastards are fucked.

      2. Aw come on, Rufus. I’m actually impressed and awed. It’s like seeing a real, live Kaiju rise out the ocean and start tearing down neighboring town. It’s sad, yes, but also, god damn, who saw that coming? And it’s not my town it’s tearing down (yet).

        1. The NDP are poison.

          1. Pretty much. Even Manitoba is wising up and probably kicking them out. BCers won’t let them back in power.

            1. They’re getting next election down here, unless they really shit the bed. Liberals squeaked through last time, and next election will be far too long for one party to remain in power.

              1. Down here?

                1. North of the wall you’re all Southern Lords.

                2. BC. Unlike Alberta, our centre of gravity is smack up against US border. Which we sometimes rub against when American’s aren’t looking, because it feels so good, baby…

                  1. The NDP has blown it twice in BC and lost seats both times. At least they should have replaced Comrade Dix with someone a lot more sane. Christy seems to avoid getting caught up in scandal.

      3. I, apparently, have too many “friends” on facebook that are morons. There has been a lot of celebration of the NDP win in Alberta on it. I swear, most people think like children when it comes to politics and economics.

        1. “Think” – you keep using that word, I don’t think it means what you think it means!

          1. It’s all in how you feel it means.

        2. CHANGE AND HOPE!


          BUT FREE SHIT NOW!

          1. Free stuff never goes out of style.

      4. I was disappointed by today’s result, too. 🙁

    2. I wasn’t following this at all (shocking, I know). Were the conservatives expected to lose, or at least have a close call? Was there some scandal or issue that really turned people against them?

      At any rate, I’m sure my Montreal friends are thrilled.

      1. Why would Montrealers be thrilled?

        1. Misery loves company?


        2. Perhaps now there will be a realization of the source of the money that they spend so freely.

          1. The government? The source is the government, right?

        3. Everyone I knew there hated the Conservatives.

      2. The PCs have been getting worse and worse for years. They had ample opportunity to turn it around. Prentice was supposed to be a real pro. And everyone talked him up as a genius for what he did to the Wildrose Party. That was BS, Prentice only delivered more big-government conservatism and was a TERRIBLE campaigner. The federal CPC dodged a bullet because Prentice was a ‘leader to be’ for them.

        Some people keep saying that we imported this crap from the ROC but I’m not so sure. Alberta was never as conservative as people said, and I think decades of easy oil money has corrupted the people and the government. Thanks to fracking, that should lessen.

        The young people are most retarded. They think Nenshi is awesome because TWITTER and he’s so dreamy!

        1. I’m sure the tossing out of Stelmach and Redford didn’t help their image of incompetence.

          1. Tossing them was great. The replacements sucked.

            1. It did create an image of infighting, I would think.

        2. “Wildrose Party”

          Where I hail, this would be a gathering of lesbians.

    3. This is what I got when I googled the election. Any disputes with the analysis?…

      1. Seem good to me.

        Although I do think the #10 ‘fear-mongering’ will come true.

    4. This is crazy. It’s as if the Tea Party won in a landslide in Massachusetts.

      1. Well…

        There are only like 700 people living in all of Alberta. So it ain’t that big of a deal.

    5. I will Cyto-splain what happened.

      Alberta changed-a long time ago but it was never the rock-ribbed conservative stronghold it was made out to be. Klein was the only premier to show some of that and he was borderline. Red Ed Stelmach’s royalty changes 7 years ago or so were as radical as anything the NDP will do in power. We’ve effectively had NDP governance for years now; the new management is mostly just a formality with an intensification of derp. The Wildrose was wounded by the massive betrayal of half its caucus, and people were tired of the PC’s shit and they went crazy. There is a LOT of vapid millenial retardation in the cities like Calgary. See ‘Nenshi’ for further details.

      The fact is, there is no money for Notley’s plans or the plans that the last government had. Capital is mobile and will leave like it did in 2007 after the royalty jacking. I am hoping this forces Notley to be pragmatic, like Gary Doer of the Manitoba NDP. He was basically a Liberal.

      Alberta’s freakout is most odd because the NDP is not doing well across the country at least on the provincial level. They have failed to make headway in BC of all places and even lost ground in the last two elections. The last one was supposed to be a lock for them. The Manitoba NDP is set to lose in a month or two.

      My hope is that this NDP government is a one-term wonder leading to a Wildrose government. We need a hard recession with tight money, and a way to make the young people not vapid and retarded.

      1. Final Note: Prentice is the biggest fucking moron on the planet.

        1. He out-Millered Frank Miller.

          1. He’s eclipsed Joe Clark.

      2. We need … a way to make the young people not vapid and retarded

        So…. you’re fucked? The only thing that makes young people no longer vapid or retarded is aging.

        1. I hear work and making money and getting on with life help.

          We are suffering from WAY too many kids going to University. They need to get on with life.

          1. And once royalties go up, oil prices stay low, pipelines are cancelled and taxes go up, “the kids” will be working…where exactly?

            Oh, right, the newly expanded public sector! That will help!

            1. “Oh, right, the newly expanded public sector! That will help!”

              It worked in the states.

            2. There won’t be money for that expanded public sector at least for long. The people who can’t find work will leave here. The stupid young people will get to experience the consequences of being stupid.

              1. That’s the glory of transfer payments. You tank your economy, start whining how now you can’t provide “comparable services” and presto, free money! That should be enough for two terms, and after that, who can think that far?

                1. Alberta is the SOURCE of much of those transfer payments. Ooops!

                  1. Yup, so BC and Sask. will have to step up. But come on, what are the odds of lefties crushing economy EVERYWHERE at once?

                    1. *Looks around at the US* *Wishes you luck*

          2. Stop calling it University, and start calling it College, like a real American. That might help. Or maybe not.

        2. We need … a way to make the young people not vapid and retarded

          There is a perfect cure for this… it’s called getting older and growing the fuck up.

      3. I said it was a protest vote here:…..nt_5283124

        In another post I compared her to Bob Rae.

        The Manitoba NDP is set to lose in a month or two.

        is there going to be an election there?

        1. Sometime soonish….to be honest no one really cares about Manitoba.

          Yeah, she probably will be our Bob Rae.

      4. I kinda dispute they’re not as ‘conservative’ as we thought. In the Canadian context, they have been. The Reform party, and the evolution of the new PC in its neo-connish form, have aptly helped to define the province as ‘right-wing’ – to the extent it applies to Canadian politics.

        Mind you, the Tories used to do very well in Quebec.

        I just can’t believe knowing what we know about the left and the NDP on the environment how a province that depends on it would swing this way.

        1. Like I said, Klein was the only PCer who swung right and even was really just a very pragmatic Liberal. Lougheed? He could fit in with the NDP. Ed Stelmach’s rape by royalty review was met with thunderous applause several years ago.

          Reform was mainly a regional reaction to alienation by perceived eastern elites. The principles followed along.

          I hope Saskatchewan gets a lot better. Wall is a rank leftist but the last time Alberta tinkered with royalties he was smart enough not to go along with it and his province got fat off the exodus. That was with much higher oil prices. I don’t think he’s going with it this time either.

          1. Sask. will be the ‘New Alberta’ as investment pours in.

            1. But with a lot of leftovers from the NDP times. Wall sucks. BC is not that bad actually still not that great but I think it will see some fat times too. The equalization recipients: less so.

              1. I can’t disagree but Wall is the closest thing to business friendly in the west, SK’s economy is managing better with the downturn in oil prices and he has a personal popularity in SK that will carry him through one more election, unless he gets visions of the PMO dancing in his head…

                1. Clark of BC isn’t terrible and fairly pro-business except for her stupid increase to the corporate income tax rate. At least she has balanced the budget.

        2. Mind you, the Tories used to do very well in Quebec.

          Only three times since 1917 mind you.

  4. Audit: Pentagon employees used government-issued credit cards for gambling, escorts.

    Amateurs. That’s what the lobbyist’s expense account is for.

    1. Yay for gambling and hookers!

      Boo for taxpayer dollars being used!

      1. If my tax dollars must be wasted, hookers and blow are the way I would prefer it. Gambling is okay. I would gamble with other people’s money if I could. Not mine, but someone else’s.

        1. You should be a banker.

      2. Here’s what the fuck I don’t get. I work for a multi-billion dollar, heavily regulated utility. We get credit cards for business use. Every month we are required to submit extremely detailed expense report for every transaction, even when used for a $2 parking meter. This is REQUIRED BY THE GOVERNMENT. So how come…

        1. Lil’ people rulez r 4

          1. Leave your engine idling, streetgang, over.

  5. Pentagon employees used government-issued credit cards for gambling, escorts.

    Gambling on finding high value targets? Escorts for supply runs?

  6. Audit: Pentagon employees used government-issued credit cards for gambling, escorts.

    They were only trying to get enough points for a Ninja Blender

  7. Also, CNN’s Chris Cuomo got the First Amendment really wrong earlier today, as I explained.

    The Bill of Rights according to the Cuomos:

    Chris Cuomo: The 1st amendment restricts you to un-hatey non-fighting speech!
    Andrew Cuomo: The 2nd amendment restrict you to 7 rounds in a handgun!

    1. Remove the ‘O’s’ and you get ‘cum’.


      1. “o,o, my!”

        1. I thought that there was only one O in Dick Enberg.

  8. I call on Bernie Sanders to address tax cheat inequality.

    IRS gave promotions to tax cheaters: Audit

    Of those 13,000 cases, 1,580 were deemed to be intentional cheaters, and they were sent to managers for discipline. But in 60 percent of the cases, the managers refused to fire the employees. Among the abuses were employees who repeatedly failed to file their returns on time, those who intentionally inflated their expenses and those who claimed the stimulus homebuyer’s tax credit without actually buying a home.

    The inspector general took a sampling of 364 cases of intentional cheaters and found that 108 of them were not only not fire, but were given raises or promotions within a year of being found to be cheating.

    1. Can we invite the British back to finish what they started in 1812 now?

  9. One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson fought with ex-bandmate Zayn Malik over Twitter.

    What is a sentence your grandfather blanks on?

    1. For the Daily Double!

  10. Arguments over Black Widow and sexism are ongoing.

    Hawkeye never nailed a target so accurately?

    1. *Black* Widow, eh? Not *racism*, too?

      1. “why do you call me Black Vulcan? I don’t call Aquaman White Fish.”

    2. Why am I at work? This is perfect opportunity to link the “Oh, you wanted argument? This is abuse.” Python video.

        1. That’s not an argument. It’s just contradiction.

          1. Is not!

            1. It is, it is, it is!


      1. I agree. This whole thread is comic nerds and hosers talking aboot their politricks, eh?

        1. It’s the only place we don’t get wedgied if we try!


    1. Something something, browns let down fan one last time, Lou Reed is dead, and the golden girls have turned us all gay.

    2. Brady has small balls! Brady has small balls!

      /playground chant

    3. They don’t even have to cheat to be good. I don’t understand. If it was the Bills, I would.

      1. Colts and Jets fans will bitch about this for eternity, Pats fans will continue to make convoluted excuses and post “haters gonna hate” gifs, and everyone else will forget because this is such a trivial non-issue and the Pats’ proclivities are well known.

        Reminds me of politics in a way.

      2. Eh, reminds me of the scene in Days of Thunder when the crew chief (Duvall) is talking about all the little tricks they’re gonna pull and rules they’re gonna bend to get an edge. I don’t think the Pats need to do any of this crap to win a few games, but perhaps the cumulative effect of all these shady tactics has turned some games in their favor and/or helped ensure years of dominance vs just a season or two. I think in a different context they’d be hailed as “winners” for being this tenacious about it.

    4. NFL investigative report implicated Tom Brady in ball-deflating scandal

      Dammit, I totally thought this was gonna be a PM Link and I had a pithy comment all locked and loaded in my clipboard to take the first. Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be… :_P

  11. Megyn Kelly owned Richard Fowler in a debate about free speech.


    Language police swooping down in… 3.. 2.. 1..

    1. She must have done it WITH THIS ONE WEIRD TRICK

      1. I was so shocked when I read the last one!

        1. But could you believe what happened next!?

    2. I believe the proper term is “pwned“.

      1. Kids these days…

    1. I beat you to it despite the Tor network’s blazing speed!

      1. That’s OK. You’re the one who’ll get audited this time.

        1. LOL.

          Can I plead the Turbotax amendment?

      2. “I beat you to it despite the Tor network’s blazing speed!”

        I totally know where you’re coming from!

  12. Reform teen sexting laws!


  13. Let’s hold a snap election, what could go wrong…eh?

    Canadian oil and gas shares tumbled and the country’s main stock index hit a one-month low on Wednesday after the left-wing New Democratic Party surged to power in the oil-rich province of Alberta on promises that included energy industry reforms.

    “Even now our inboxes are filling with messages expressing something between disbelief and dismay,” analyst Andrew Bradford of Raymond James brokerage said after the party won an election on Tuesday to end 44 years of Conservative rule.

    1. Did I mention I’m still stunned?

      1. Strikes me as a protest vote. People were tired on the PCs, Wildrose had its leader and most of its MLAs defect and the Liberals had their leader resign and have been a toothless opposition since 1993…

        1. Yup, protest vote, and a victory for SJWs, too. Because Wildrose is super SOCONZ gay-hating muslim-bashing racist party of fascists. So clearly right-wing protest vote had to go NDP.

          1. The WRP got a hard-core Red Wedding level betrayal from its leader and half its caucus last fall. Fucking brutal. It was enough of an accomplishment just to survive.

          2. How many Muslims/nonwhites are in the NDP caucus?

            1. You racist, NDP is color-blind and thus it doesn’t matter! They are not all old white guys like PC, they are almost half-women! HALF!

              I mean, almost half are women, not like, half-female, half-something else, or..


        1. He seems nice. I wonder if he wants cake?

          1. They all want cake.

        2. Fuck, I thought he was dead.

      2. I’m shocked too, but really this is just a continuation of what has been happening under the PCs for a long time.

      3. You misspelled “stoned”.

    2. Where they specific about these energy industry “reforms”? If they convince the companies to shutdown local operations and fire everyone, what will the next election look like?

    3. Man fuck (R)Edmonton. It figures that every NDP stronghold is a shithole.

      Edmonton is Alberta’s Isengard.

      1. And 14/24 (with one to go) Calgary seats is what…? Not true Calgarians?

        1. Helm’s Deep.

          1. Dank, unused by people, with only one way out…?

            Seems legit!

            1. Mostly taken by the enemy, waiting for reinforcements.

            2. Dank, unused by people, with only one way out…?

              What about Hillary’s reproductive tract?

              1. You son of a bitch, I really set that one up, didn’t I?

                Well played, sir.

    4. the country’s main stock index hit a one-month low

      A drop so unprecendented, it happens at least 12 times a year.

      1. The shock to energy stocks is quite clear.

        1. I know. I just found the “one month low” bit amusing.

  14. “I’ll have a large with pepperoni, a side of garlic bread, and an FBI SWAT Team”

    Women Rescued from Hostage Situation by Pizza Hut

      1. ” ‘Hi, I’m from Spinelli’s. I have a pizza delivery,’ and then just collapsed. That’s dedication.”

        It makes you wonder if he got a tip.

        1. Just the tip.

    1. I just like that she ordered enough Pizza that employees recognized her and knew she wasn’t the type of person to joke around when ordering.

  15. Audit: Pentagon employees used government-issued credit cards for gambling, escorts.

    Per Diem, Carpe Diem, ..what’s the difference!?!!

    1. DEA is laughing at those pikers.

    2. “Per Diem, Carpe Diem,”

      Well played

  16. Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were the only Senate Republicans to vote against the budget.

    Extremist teathuglican koch suckers.

  17. …a rogue police force that claimed to exist for more than 3,000 years and have jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico, authorities said Tuesday.

    That old, I would expect its jurisdiction to be more to the east.

    1. Soave, as usual, buries the fucking lede….

      Suspicions about the Masonic Fraternal Police Department — whose members trace their origins to the Knights Templar — were aroused when various police chiefs in Southern California received a letter in late January that announced new leadership for the group, sheriff’s officials said.

      The fuckity fuck fuck?

      1. But are the secret masonic police better or worse than standard issue cops?

        1. If you were told, a pistol would have gone off, and possibly some restraint procedures would have been followed, and nothing else would need to be seen here.

    2. I was thinking: “Only 33? Why stop there?”

  18. “Arguments over Black Widow and sexism are ongoing.”

    File Under = Who Gives a Shit

    1. I tried to give a shit, I really did, but ultimately I failed.

      Is it wrong to hope for a conflagration of mass cannibalism as the resoltuoin to this debate?

    2. Mainly, it’s just a reminder that sucking up to SJWs won’t exempt a person from being crucified by them for the slightest perceived missteps.

      Better to relentlessly attack once challenged and never, NEVER apologize. Whedon could learn a thing or three from Adam Baldwin on what it’s like to actually be a man and not knuckle under to a mob of developmentally stunted morons.

  19. Citizen pulls cop over for speeding

    “I’m the police! My badge number is 4321.


    1. He’s lucky he didn’t get shot.

      And you know the only reason he gave him his badge number and sergeant’s number is because he’s confident nothing will happen.

    2. If my balls were 2% as big as that guy’s, I’d be sooooooooooooo happy.

  20. Chris Cuomo is still Cuomoing.

    “Chris Cuomo @ChrisCuomo ? 6h 6 hours ago
    “@RMFifthCircuit: Wait; Cuomo thinks Chaplinsky makes “hate speech” non first amendment speech? Oh dear.” Fighting word doctrine. @crystal”

    Fighting words are not hate speech, Chris.

    “Chris Cuomo @ChrisCuomo ? 6h 6 hours ago
    “@Sierra0559: @ChrisCuomo Where exactly in the Constitution does it say certain speech is excluded?” The 1a case law of course”

    I love case law. It magically overturns the constitution even if it completely contradicts that constitution.

    “Chris Cuomo @ChrisCuomo ? 6h 6 hours ago
    “@BenK84: Can you cite for me where hate speech is banned in the constitution? Please. Cite the exact text.” Chaplinsky bans fighting words”

    LOL. “Hey, show me where in the Constitution it says you can ban hate speech.” “Well, there’s this horrible supreme court decision that isn’t included in the Constitution and also has nothing to do with hate speech. How about that?”

    1. Peter Suderman
      Just CTRL+Fd the Constitution for “Chaplinsky” but didn’t find anything. Maybe I forgot to put it all on a single page?

      Julian Sanchez
      FYI, the case @ChrisCuomo keeps citing (a) has been subsequently so gutted it’s basically a dead letter & (b) IS NOT ABOUT HATE SPEECH.

      1. Suderman straight up pimped Cuomo with that tweet.

        1. He’s bonafide. He’s a Suder!

    2. Yes, he is horrible.

      Yet, what about defamation? Neither the FA nor the Declaration of Independence except lawsuits seeking to punish others who may have said some false or naughty things about you. For that matter, many state constitutions provide for express guarantees of free speech while admitting of no exceptions for tort actions sounding in libel or slander.

      Obviously, if the framers and the ratifiers had intended to except libel and slander, they would have done so. They did not.

  21. US Navy, April: Sent to Yemen to ‘Protect Commerce’ and Blockade Yemen

    …Iranians react by seizing commercial vessel, behaving aggressively to US warships in and around the Straight of Hormuz….

    US Navy, May: Uh, Yeah, Fuck That Actually

    1. Ugh. If you’re not willing to use the big stick, then just stick to walking softly.

      1. yeah, that was the underlying message there.

        Obama has on multiple occasions ‘stuck his nose’ in things, said strongly-worded things…then backed down and acted like shit was copacetic. No reason for Drama!

        1. Obama is like the reality show participant producers love. “Let’s get Obama to say some shit!”

  22. ISIS POSTS WARNING: “We Have 71 Trained Soldiers in 15 States”

    This reminds me of some Internet meme, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

    1. “We had 73, but…”

      1. We knew that the target was protected. Our intention was to show how easy we give our lives for the Sake of Allah.

        “… so the joke’s on YOU!”

        1. Great, send us an address, round all your people up, be there at noon sharp on Friday and we’ll take care of it.

        2. “If we had more men like you, we’d have less men like you.”

        3. General Patton loves enemies willing to die for their cause.

    2. ISIS POSTS WARNING: “We Have 71 Trained Soldiers in 15 States”

      Next the 71 trained soldiers will be dispatched by America to their heaven, where they will squabble over 72 virgins.

    3. lol

      “we don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send all our Lions to achieve her slaughter
      The disbelievers who shot our brothers think that you killed someone untrained, nay, they gave you their bodies in plain view because we were watching“”

      well, won’t that just encourage the other 71!

      “We gots your back, homies! Attack!! Jihad away!!”….
      (bang bang, thud, thud)
      “….Well that went poorly.”

    4. Binders full of em!

    5. FTFComments: If you turn the ISIS flag upside down it looks like three men doing inappropriate things to sheep….just sayin’


        1. You should have your own public-access channel, man. You’re that good.

          1. Well, if this academic gig ever goes sour…

    7. Trained?

      Not very well.

  23. Holy fuck, in that Megan Kelly video, Richard Fowler pulled out the ‘fire in a crowded theater’ argument. That immediately tells me he’s too stupid to know what he’s talking about.

      1. Yelling it out on an airplane is… Questionable.

    1. “COMMON SENSE, IRISH!” nyah nyah nyah

    2. He seemed to morph his argument from what you’re allowed to do to what you should do.

      1. Every time someone tries to argue that criticizing Islam is hate speech, you should ask them how frequently they get upset about hate speech when Mormons are criticized. How about Hindus? What about jokes about Buddhists?

        It sure is weird that the only religion of which criticism and mockery is hate speech is Islam.

        1. What about criticism or jokes regarding Jews? You wouldn’t be foolish enough to suggest that such criticism or jokes are never branded as hate speech?


          2. I think criticism of Jews is often racial rather than based on actual criticism of Judaism.

            A lot of Jews are non-religious Jews who are despised for their racial background rather than merely being criticized or mocked for their religion. There was actually a nun who was murdered by the Nazis because her grandma was Jewish.

            Anti-semitism has much more in common with racial hatred than criticism of religion. If you said ‘the Jewish religion is dumb’ or ‘the Old Testament is ridiculous’ that’s obviously not the same thing as what you see from anti-semites.

            1. Are you really engaging the nutcase?

            2. I wish Abe Foxman were as nuanced as you.

              1. Its not as if the posters and the lurkers do not note the difference in the quality of the content of my posts vis-?-vis those of Warty.

            3. Sure, a lot of Jews are non-religious, but if they are disparaged for their “racial” background, those doing the disparaging are demonstrating their ignorance because “jew” is not a race. This would include, of course, Third Reichers who regarded the jews as a separate race.

              1. Jews actually did become noticeably separate from non-Jews because they formed their own communities in the places they lived and tended to only really intermarry and interbreed with each other because of the discrimination they faced in the broader community.

                It’s true you can convert to Judaism, but it actually is possible, in many instances, to tell that someone is Jewish just by looking at them. Now if I took an Arab Christian and an Arab Muslim and put them side by side in street clothes, would you be able to tell the difference?

                I don’t think so. To a large extent Jews did become a distinguishable racial group for historical reasons, much like you can tell that someone is of northern European descent because of their skin tone or hair color.

                1. Jews are hated because they form insular communities and are generally successful. It’s no coincidence that Jew-hatred is the favorite pastime of conspiracy theorists, crackpots, and losers. Like, apparently, Libertymike here.

                2. If you took an Arab Christian and an Arab Muslim and put them side by side in street clothes, I would not be able to tell the difference.

                  If you took an Israeli Jew and an Israeli Muslim and put them side by side in street clothes, would you be able to tell the difference?

                  1. In most cases yes though there are probably some exceptions.

                    1. Are they not both Semites? For the most part?

                      Again, there is considerable opinion that jews are not a separate race. According to Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal,

                      “the Jewish racial myth flows from the fact that the words Hebrew, ‘Israelite’, Jew, Judaism, and the Jewish People have been used synonymously to suggest a historic continuity. But this is a misuse. These words refer to different groups of people with varying ways of life in different periods in history.”

                  2. Example A: No.

                    Example B: Maybe.

                    If the Israeli Jew was an immigrant from Brisbane or Baltimore, then you could probably tell the difference between him and an Arab (most IMs are Arabs). If the IJ was one of the few IJ’s whose ancestors all lived in Judea for millenia, then probably no discernable difference.

            4. A lot of Jews are non-religious Jews who are despised for their racial background rather than merely being criticized or mocked for their religion.

              “Jew” is a religious choice, not a racial designation. Duly noted that many Jews are descended from the Israelites, but still a religion not a race.

              I also find that strange because many Jews really don’t stand out among a group of (ethnic) Europeans, granted my experience is with late 20th Cent Americans in the Mid-Atlantic. YMMV

              1. Plus, if 10,000 Americans were asked to identify Bob Kraft’s race, almost all would respond “white”.

                If a random sampling of 10,000 Americans were asked to identify Donald Sterling’s race, almost all would respond “white”.

                If a random sampling of 10,000 American were asked to identify Ryan Braun’s race, almost all would respond “white”.

                Just a teeny, tiny minority might identify the race of any of the above as “Jew”.

                Hispanic is not a race. Jew is not a race.

      2. Of course, that’s what the left will do when cornered. What us, for free speech?, of course! But…

        1. And he was definitely arguing his feelings.

    3. The mask is completely off. The left are in a full on assault against free speech.

  24. I note that Robby seems to adhere to a theme of ‘News of the Weird’, Tabloid Gossip, & Pimping Reason Articles in his PM Linkages.

    Not much in the way of, “news”, as in “things actually happening around the world-news”. Not that I expect his commentary on the latest Fed statements, but…just saying.

    1. Not until he finishes his Masters at Columbia.

  25. So will Rachel Notley be Alberta’s Bob Rae (Which also means future Liberal Leader)? Gang of inexperienced Socialists unexpectedly winning election on a protest vote with a tax and spend platform that they put no real thought in? Cytotoxic wonders if she secretly realizes that she is full of shit (of course Welch said the same about Obama in 2008) and I do have my doubts since how many politicians secretly don’t want to raise taxes and spending. And the NDP has been a pretty fringe Edmonton party for the last 20 years so it not like they have experience (like Manitoba’s NDP) or have a group of moderates or pragmatists in them. On the other hand the UFA and SC lasted a while despite even less experience…

    1. They’re gonna make a mess of things.


      Rae messed up a rich, derpy province but the NDP have more to wreck with the oil and gas in Alberta given they buy into the climate change crap.

      1. What sort of things has she said about climate change?

        1. The NDP as a whole bro.

          1. I know but what has she proposed?

            1. Let’s try Captain Google

              While the party hasn’ t committed to a specific model for handling greenhouse gas emissions, Notley called the delay in Alberta’ s climate change strategy ”profoundly irresponsible” and said the province needs to be at the table with other provinces like British Columbia and Ontario to better harmonize an approach to carbon emissions.

              So big pile of nothing, given that BC has retarded carbon tax and Ontario wants to have a retarded cap and trade.

              On the environment, the party promised to “take leadership on the issue of climate change.” It said carbon capture and storage programs would be ended and the funding would be re-directed toward public transit. The party also promised stronger environmental standards, inspection and monitoring.

              That’s better, hopefully Albertans get lots and lots of unicorn fart-powered ChooChoos.

              Albertans cannot afford to ignore the threats posed by climate change. I am committed to developing a comprehensive renewable energy policy that will lead Canada. An independent, transparent, and science led system of environmental oversight can restore our reputation, make our industry more sustainable, and protect our air, land, and water.

              So, apparently like NDP everywhere and always, it’s “we have good intentions, trust us.”

              1. Huh…ending the carbon capture/storage stuff is actually a good idea. Wow.

            2. However, because stupid flows from US to Canada, she does have a concrete proposal – $15 an hour minimum wage.

              All is well, prosperity is coming to Alberta’s struggled, monocle-polishing orphans! Huzzah!

      2. Notley says she wants to ‘manage’ the oilpatch with lots of government intervention, Lougheed style (we’ve been here before). Not so much environmental emphasis but it’s there too.

        She’s going to raise wages to $15 an hour. She might put me out of work.

        1. Oh shit, the rumors are true. You are learning from us…

          1. I said this, what, two days ago? Shit flows south to north – our lefty idiots don’t have two brain cells to rub together, so sometime in I guess 80s, they switched from following British morons to following US morons.

            1. Medicare, central banking, and loads of bad ideas started in America and ended up here. Usually in milder form. We had no full blown ‘New Deal’.

              1. Canadian healthcare started as attempt to copy NHS, and is now a purer version of it. It’s embarrassing, we are more like Cuba than like any Western European nation, US or Japan.

                1. It’s funny because a lot of Canadian healthcare is actually privately handled. It’s getting more and more common. Dentistry and eye stuff gets less funding from government here than the OECD average and it’s private. Guess what part of the healthcare system has no giant lineups?

            2. I always found it ironic that the Canadian Left is anti-American yet all of their ideas are taken from American leftists.

  26. Megyn Kelly owned Richard Fowler in a debate about free speech.

    Fowler appealing to “common sense” in defense of his assertion. “It just doesn’t make any sense!”


  27. Hillary Clinton: Shows Her Deep Connection to the Latino Community by Silently Performing The Macarena

    Also: “Free Shit” was offered in exchange for Votes.

    1. She really is her own bobblehead.

    2. I ain’t noways tired! (In a Mexican accent)

  28. Cuomo trying to back track on his hate speech horseshit has been beautiful. He specifically said hate speech isn’t Constitutionally protected and when criticized started talking about Chaplinsky and fighting words…which has nothing to do with hate speech.

    Goal post mover extraordinaire!

    1. You know, i have pretty much the widest musical tastes of anyone i know….

      …and that shit pretty much just gives me a headache.

      I appreciate the long-form, ‘GSYBE’ approach to deathmetal (or whatever it is) though

      1. Lift your skinny fists like antennas to Warty.

      1. Violence. Excellent.

        1. Is there a name for this ‘longform’ death-metal? back the last time I paid attention (when Scandinavians seem to have it on lockdown) it was actually like 3-5mins, tops.

          1. I suppose you’d use the prefix “progressive”. I’m not really sure, though. I lose patience with subgenres. Though none of this is death metal, strictly speaking.

            Of the “longform” bands, I particularly like Agalloch.

          2. Buried at Sea is guess you could call sludge and/or doom (if you like to sub-sub-genre things, some people don’t, but it’s all good). Noisem is just grindcore.

            1. I am also generally not a fan of micro-sub-genres….

              (I have punched people who try and describe house music in more than 2 words, neither of which is “house”. I have also been myself punched by other people who insist their music isn’t “Backpacker Rap”. People do get testy about genres)

              …that said = when there’s more than 2-3 bands doing something very similar? they do tend to call it something to help sell the stuff.

          3. I’ve had my fill of Agalloch, them and their fans have their head up their ass. They have their moments, though.

  29. Aint No Party Like a VA Party:“A former Veterans Affairs employee who managed one of the department’s retail stores admitted that he stole $150,000 from the store and spent it on strippers, prostitutes, and gambling.”

    1. What to we want? What to we want?

      Single Payer Healthcare!

    2. They still have canteens?

    3. Glenn Alan Bates … admitted to spending the stolen cash to bring strippers back to his hotel room for sex

      Mr. “Bates”. Of course.

      1. Come on. Master Bates. Jesus, this is batting practice and your hitting dribblers through the infield.

        1. She hates it when I hit dribblers through the infield… it makes such a mess!

          1. Trim the grass.

    4. Did he just waste the rest?

      1. (golf clap)

    5. Why doesn’t anyone spend stolen money on first-run Broadway plays and yachts?

      No, it’s always strippers, prostitutes and gambling.

    6. Aint No Party Like a VA Party

      I thought this was gonna be about a Hillary fundraiser.

  30. And no Commentary of Prince Edward Island electing a gay premier who as University banned Mohammed cartoons from being published in a student paper for being “a reckless invitation to disorder”?

    1. No one cares about PEI. Joke of a province.

    2. “a reckless invitation to disorder”?

      Because those Muslims, no agency or self-control.

    3. We are waiting for the six-page Chapman/Gilespie analysis titled “Why Prince Edward Island election points the way for libertarians everywhere”

      1. I read ‘election’ as ‘erection’. Heh.

        1. That can also point the way, yes. And probably more usefully than post-electoral analysis!

  31. We have our answer about whedon.

    Tongue out and tail between his legs.

    “I saw a lot of people say, ‘Well, the social justice warriors destroyed one of their own!’ It’s like, Nope. That didn’t happen,” he continued. “I saw someone tweet it’s because Feminist Frequency pissed on Avengers 2, which for all I know they may have. But literally the second person to write me to ask if I was OK when I dropped out was [Feminist Frequency founder] Anita [Sarkeesian].”

    Those who got it correct, step forward and claim your prize.

    1. Thank you, mx, may I have another!

    2. Yeah, I didn’t call it, but when i read about his “I’m one of the Good Guys!”-begging for mercy, i should have expected.

    3. “There’s no way to find any coherence when everything has to be parsed and decried.”

      He’s so close to getting it, but that would mean betraying the tribe.

    4. But literally the second person to write me to ask if I was OK when I dropped out was [Feminist Frequency founder] Anita [Sarkeesian].”

      Anita was probably concern trolling, considering her mentor/boyfriend Josh McIntosh was one of the ones pissing all over the movie.

      1. The thing i find disgusting about that comment of his? That he knows exactly how fucking wrong the misuse of the term “literally” is… but he uses it that way because he knows its the favorite expression of idiotic feminists.

        i.e. he literally is speaking their language to signal “I’m already emasculated! See! completely smooth down there!”

  32. ‘Wellness’ Advice from a Hideous Undead Zombie Abomination

    “Change your life. Don’t choose to be a sick statistic. Get protection from the radiation of your cell phone, switch to organic food, change your cosmetics, change the environment in your home to a green zone. Make smart choices in order to take advantage of our new extended life rather than living ‘dead while alive’.

  33. “Arguments over Black Widow and sexism are ongoing.”

    I don’t see why the feminists are all upset about Black Widow.

    I’d totally do her.

    1. Second.

    2. That’s why they’re upset.

  34. So when will Reason endorse Hillary Clinton? She wants more immigrants after all and Reason shows that they are unprincipled hacks when it comes to immigration.

    1. Favoring open borders = principled

      Favoring freedom except when it means more scary foreign people = unprincipled hacks

      1. Favoring no foreign aid = principled

        Favoring no foreign aid unless it is in America’s national interest = unprincipled hacks

        1. No that’s just called ‘not being an anarchist’ ie respecting reality.

          1. Yes, some people respect the reality of taking others’ property for the sake of giving it to ISIS or Israel or Turkey.

            Others, do not respect that reality.

            1. Tell us about how the Jews caused 9/11 with ALLOPATHY.

              1. Tell us how people fall for government conspiracy fables with DERPATHY.

                1. Hilarious.

      2. I’m referring to their support of Obama’s executive order by the way. Saying that “The imperial Presidency is bad except when POTUS does something I like” is unprincipled hackery.

        1. Reason has already explained that Congress gave him that power.

        2. I don’t recall any “vociferous support”

          in fact, i specifically recall something along the lines of,

          Even *if* you support ending unnecessary deportations, this is no way to go about Immigration Reform, it is entirely unprincipled, undemocratic, and probably illegal

          Do i need to find the article? Or do you have a source for your “supporting Obama’s Executive Action” claim

          1. I don’t recall using the term “vociferous support”?

            Do i need to find the article? Or do you have a source for your “supporting Obama’s Executive Action” claim


            Since I despise the enforcement of expansive, confusing, and cruel laws, I personally count this as one of the president’s more gratifying decisions.

            Obama’s Immigration Action: Probably Legal but Also Unprecedented, Productive Policy but Troublesome Politics

            1. Of these two, the first is Robby just cataloging “other people’s” reaction to the Executive Action. His own editorializing on the topic was the following =

              “At Reason, we love immigration but hate executive overreach, so things like this will always be something of a mixed bag. …Peter Suderman thought the plan was “legal but unprecedented.” … Matt Welch was critical of Obama’s definition of the word amnesty and wrote:

              “People really resent line-jumpers when the queue stretches back as far as the eye can see; speed up that process and our national debate would look a lot more reasoned and thoughtful.””

              The second link (Suderman) is the reaction i described above, which included this summary

              e.g. “This is not to simply condemn Obama’s plan, but instead to warn enthusiastic supporters that the choice to act at this time, in this way, without legislative backing or public support, might be satisfying in the moment, but also stands a real chance of closing off opportunities for a better, more lasting solution at some point in the future”

              The below, more supportive writers *(Ilya Somin, Sheldon Richman), don’t in my view really represent the officail editorial policy of the magazine as much as their own POV.

              Basically, I see what you’re *reacting* to, but i don’t see anything like “overwhelming support” for Obama’s EA, so much as qualified acceptance, and concern that it will probably ultimately do no good for anyone.

              1. You missed the part of Soave’s article that I quoted:

                Since I despise the enforcement of expansive, confusing, and cruel laws, I personally count this as one of the president’s more gratifying decisions.

                1. I didn’t miss it, i added the part that came before it where he specifically said, “The official position @ Reason is = Mixed Bag”

                  Get over it.

                  I’m all for reforming* the immigration system myself….

                  *(which doesn’t mean “open borders” or “MOAR immigrants” – it means dropping the failed police-state pretenses we have about it, and focusing on a system that enables temporary migrant workers to come here without creating a criminal underclass. Doing so would also mean we could actually get tougher on the ones who continue to try and remain ‘undocumented’ rather than all 12m of them)

                  … but i think Obama’s bullshit was entirely about getting the GOP to go nuts trying to fight to make Immigration policy #1 in the next election, because he knows that if they do, it will actually help Dems more than republicans.

                  IOW shitting ones pants about it is stupid



            Not to mention anything by Dalmia

            1. Not to mention anything by Dalmia

              Generally good policy, but she makes it so easy…


    However, pro-GamerGate video game developer Daniel V?vra has made an observation about female video game characters that can be applied more generally:

    If women in your game look good, you are sexist; if they look bad, you are sexist; if you can fight with them, you are misogynistic; if you can’t fight with them, you are using them as objects; if you don’t have any women, because there is no correct way how to have them, you are misogynistic.

    In other words, the creative game is rigged. Even among the many voices denouncing Whedon’s take on Black Widow’s character in Age of Ultron, there are likely to be countless disagreements over what defines a strong female character. A woman can be strong whether she is a stripper, a teacher, a student, a CEO, a stay-at-home mother, or saving the world with her fists. There is no universal female experience, so angrily imposing one’s idea of womanhood onto everyone and everything else is profoundly wrongheaded.


    1. Unfortunately, some people will be unhappy no matter how a female character is imagined, and many of them are determined to be offended. Female depiction is rapidly becoming the Muhammad of the privileged. That is to say, depicting either will rather reliably lead to misery. For some, even representations in superhero movies go beyond aesthetics and into normative ethics. Age of Ultron isn’t poor cinema; it is wrong cinema. We are talking about pop-culture puritans who don’t just want content creators to cater to their tastes; they want content creators to cater only to their tastes. The idea that one’s personal preferences are definitive in such contexts is truly narcissistic, particularly when dealing with complex issues like gender, race and sexuality

      1. Unfortunately, some people will be unhappy no matter how a female character is imagined

        Which of course means that such people should never be taken seriously by anyone besides their therapists, but the little Marxians in Hollywood and the Mainstream Media love to put their hands on that monkey trap.

    2. imposing one’s idea of womanhood onto everyone and everything else is profoundly wrongheaded.

      Well, I’ll have to agree with that.

    3. Me thinks Daniel would be better off it he would be more like me on this issue. That is, don’t give a fuck. SJWs are miserable fucking losers who can’t enjoy anything and can’t stop me from playing the games that I want to play, or thinking what I want to about the female characters in the game.

    4. I like it. But please, the preferred title is M-dawg (PBUH). You may also add any appropriate amount of exclamation points.
      e.g M-dawg! (PBUH)
      !M!!!-dawg!! (PBUH!)!

  36. I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up, So Now I’m Suing Everyone

    apparently the “Life Alert” company hires very old people to be their salespeople (unsurprising), and the owner is an Israeli guy who sexually harasses his young female employees (unsurprising) and that when someone in California ever gets fired? they have like 13 grounds to sue the fuck out of everyone (unsur… you get it)

  37. Spot the Not: FDR

    1. I regard reduction in Federal spending as one of the most important issues in this campaign.

    2. I think this would be a good time for a beer.

    3. Hoover got his dam, but what do I get?

    4. I’m not the smartest fellow in the world, but I can sure pick smart colleagues.

    5. It’s a lucky number because it’s three times seven.

    6. He’s a son-of-a-bitch, but he’s our son-of-a-bitch.

    1. 1?

      1. In 1932 he did run as a fiscal conservative.

    2. 3

    3. 3?

    4. I have no freaking idea

    5. I’m going to say 3 since the “Hoover Dam” wasn’t called that until after FDR died.

      1. Damn, if you’re right – that’s pretty sharp

      2. How the hell did you know that?!

      3. Actually looking at Wikipedia. “Hoover Dam” was in wide use from the beginning but FDR had it formally named Boulder Dam and tried to stamp out “Hoover Dam” but in 1947 it was formally named “Hoover Dam”. Still FDR would not have referred to it as the “Hoover Dam”.

        1. cheeter cheeter pumpkin eater

          1. Oh please, I already knew that.

    1. That’s been out for a while. I am saving up to buy a computer to play PC games. They are leaving the Xen section for now it will be a separate game. Even longer!

      1. So you’ve finally come around to admit that your baby toy console sucks?

        1. Long ago I kneeled before the One True System of all gaming, Emir Hyperion. There is only one true gaming platform and his name is PC. PC Be Upon Him.

          1. That’s better.

            1. I had thought about buying a PS4 so that I can game on my big screen TV while sitting on the sofa. But with the Steam streaming thingy coming out, I don’t see the point. You can stream with a laptop also, but it’s sort of laggy, so I hope the Steam box is an improvement when it comes out in Nov.

              1. The current gen of consoles is an absolute joke they can’t even justify their existence. The PS4 at least has BloodBourne.

                The Steam Box is something that also should not exist. It just has no niche.

                1. Umm, yes it does. There is a huge demand for the box because it allows you to use your powerful gaming PC and stream the game to your TV. So you get all the best of both worlds. Big screen, gaming PC with keyboard and mouse, and sofa comfort all in one box.

                  Of course you can lug your game PC over to the TV, but that is an extreme hassle, especially when you have 4 monitors connected to it.

                  1. Aren’t there a bunch of devices that do that kind of streaming?

    2. Already released on Steam.

      I hope that one doesn’t make me sick after 5 minutes of game play, like Half Life 2 does. Although, I actually haven’t tried it since the update, the thought of exteme nausea makes me hesitant to even try it. A shame, because the 5 minutes I played before projectile vomiting was quite nice.

      Oh well, Witcher 3 is being released in less than 2 weeks.

      1. Damn you gotta do something about that because HL2 is sweet.

        1. I can’t do anything about it, unless the update fixed it. It makes a lot of people sick, including me. It has something to do with the small FOV. It’s only like 70 degrees or something, which is much smaller than the normal human FOV. So the turning motion makes some people sick.

          1. There must be a mod for this.

            1. There’s a mod, but it doesn’t work. Someone said the new HL2 update, which I already installed, fixed it. I just haven’t got around to trying it yet.

              I’ve been playing Pillars of Eternity for the last couple evenings. It’s ok.

              1. I buy discounted games on PC, so somebody please tell me: Is the Pre-sequel worth buying? And is Dragon Age Inquisition?

                1. Can’t say anything about the pre-sequel, never tried it.

                  DOA is a good game, but it’s certainly not a discount game at this point. I paid $50 for it on sale and the original $60 regular price has not dropped a dime yet as far as I know.

                  Have you played DA Origins and the 2nd one?

                  1. I’ve heard the second one is worse than Hitler.

                    1. Here’s my quick review

                      -I liked first DA when it was not stuck up its own ass trying to be OMG DARK LIKE GAME OF THRONES DUDES, and just let me run around, do quests and enjoy Alistair’s one liners.
                      -Two was so bad that by the end, it almost became good. I literally giggled at last two bosses. It was supposed to be a climax of steadily increasing tragedy, but it felt like something out of Airplane!
                      -Inquisition is good. Good good. They fixed up the writing, for the first time in history I had genuine choice in a Bioware game that made me think (although that choice was specific to how I played 1 and 2, so you might not see it), and the characters are really well thought through this time around. Even the plot doesn’t suck, and make me want more! But, I got it on christmas sale for 30% off so it’s easy to be positive.

                    2. But is there a difference between the 2nd Dragon Age and Adam Lanza?

                  2. I had never heard of Dragon Age before my brother bought Inquisition.

                  3. Thanks, yall. I will wait until DA does actually drop more and play through Enemy Within again.

                    1. If you haven’t played any, I do think playing first one is quite handy, as it will get you familiar with the setting, set up the plot for Inquisition, and a number of characters will show up again in important roles. 2, yes, skip and just read what happens.

                      Alas, Humble Bundle last week was EA bundle, with super-cheap DA and other games, but keep an eye out. Origins for $5 is not a rare occurrence and is definitely worth it.

                2. Inquisition is awesome! I’ve played through it several times on my Xbox One and love the heck out of it. Origins is also very good, with DA2 being alright. I don’t think it’s the horror so many made it out to be when it came out, but it definitely isn’t as good as the other two games. Definite purchase. Pretty much anything BioWare is a definite must have. Mass Effect, Jade Empire, KOTOR. All classics.

      2. At least my wife and I aren’t the only ones who get sick from some of these games. Just a few minutes of watching some of them and I’ve got a headache and want to puke. My wife is less sensitive (she doesn’t have the eyesight issues I have) but she can still get sick pretty quick. It’s something the game designers need to be aware of.

        1. Yeah, my friend had the same problem with HL and others. He did finish Portal, by basically playing 10-15 minutes every day or two, but that was easier due to puzzle design. Once you see a room, you can step away to try and figure a solution in your head.

      3. “I hope that one doesn’t make me sick after 5 minutes of game play, like Half Life 2 does.”

        Increase FOV (Feild of View) that seems to fix a lot of “cybersickness” when playing First person shooter

  38. Spot the Not: Calvin Coolidge

    1. Manhattan is an island. An island entirely surrounded by water.

    2. When more and more people are thrown out of work, unemployment results.

    3. I have never been hurt by what I have not said.

    4. If you don’t say anything, you won’t be called on to repeat it.

    5. The man who builds a factory builds a temple, that the man who works there worships there, and to each is due, not scorn and blame, but reverence and praise.

    6. Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.

    Bonus: Calvin Coolidge speaks

    1. 1

        1. The weird part is, on H&R that counts as a compliment!

    2. I don’t know, but I like them all. Cal really was the best.

  39. By the way, Avengers are way cooler than X-Men, and I’ll tell you why.

    Jean Grey sucks. Everything about her sucks.

    I used to know this chick named Andrea that was a pain in the ass. Even saying her name was a pain in the ass. You couldn’t just call her Andrea. You had to pronounce it “Aun-DRAY-uh”. Jean Grey reminds me of Aun-DRAY-uh.

    Everything about Jean Grey is a big, dramatic pain in the ass.

    She’s gotta be the most sappy, boring excuse for a character ever. Every storyline about her is boring. Her relationships are boring. The sentimentality the other characters display for her is boring. And the romantic triangles around her make me want to throw up or smack the other superheroes around.

    Jean Grey is dead? Hooray! Now we can finally relax and have some fun.

    Oh, and Jubilee is a ridiculous character, too. She has the personality of Spritle from Speed Racer, and her superpowers are equivalent to your average kid at a Fourth of July picnic holding a sparkler.

    1. The most interesting female comic book character in that age group is Harley Quinn. Unfortunately, she’s tied to the Batman franchise–and like all of DC’s characters, he’s boring and tired as hell.

      But they should make a Harley Quinn movie–with Batman only playing a minor role. If Batman is interesting at all anymore, it’s only because he’s the Joker’s enemy. And Harley Quinn is even more interesting than the Joker. She’s like what a real life cosplay fangirl would be like if the Joker were real. Just make superhero movies about crazy, fucked up, sexually charged females, with issues–and ignore the feminists.

      When feminists dictate the terms of superhero movies, the terrorists win.

    2. The only Superhero movie that ever made sense to me was The Watchmen.

      1. You just like blue dongs.

    3. Let’s not start on the Fantastic 4, who got one and a half cool super powers.

    4. The most recent Avengers movie is okay but not as good as the Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, or the last Avengers movie.

    5. While i think many of your observations are correct…

      …Wolverine is still 10x more badass than anyone else in the Marvel universe, and the only point of most of the rest of the X-men (in the movies at least) is to give his character people to talk to, things to do.

      1. And people to save.

    6. her superpowers are equivalent to your average kid at a Fourth of July picnic holding a sparkler

      Nothing says lazy writing like designing a Chinese superhero and the best thing you can come up with is something as stereotypical as “fireworks” as a superpower.

      1. Nothing says lazy writing like designing a Chinese superhero and the best thing you can come up with is something as stereotypical as “fireworks” as a superpower.

        Would you prefer she had egg-based powers?

        1. Dont get me started on Gambit.

          Did they include him so that he could eventually make him the gay x-man? I’m thinking so.

          I hated him in the comic books. Although he was Rogue’s love interest, and they were like the first genuinely “southern” superheros (in my memory), which i guess means they should get a little credit.

          Jubilee… wasn’t she asian? (or supposed to be?) Also, AFAIK she wasn’t even in the movies, and was only really a thing for one brief plotline in the books. I agree, her powers were super-boring, and basically an attempt to try and appeal to LA Club Kids via comics.

          I thought they missed a bunch of opportunities to use much better characters in all of the X-men films. It seemed in the latest ones (First class, Days of Future Past) like they almost trolled the entire universe to just find the most race/gender/body-type appropriate ones rather than the “coolest” or more interesting personalities. I think they missed the !!@(&*#$ boat by not doing an entire movie developing the ‘second team’ characters (e.g. night crawler, colossus, shadowcat) and doing a plotline where they were more central to the developing story.

  40. “Audit: Pentagon employees used government-issued credit cards for gambling, escorts.”

    I think it’s actually better if my tax dollars go to that–rather than, say, the Egyptian government.

    1. Yes. And that explains all the strip clubs around every military base everywhere.

  41. So any Brits to explain what is going on with the Thursday General Election? Who is expected to “win”? How well will the UKIP, SNP and Greens do? Will either Labour or Tories be able to form a governing coalition or will there be another election soon?

    Will they get a Labour/Green/SNP/RESPECT coalition?

    1. Since we lost Feeney, no one writes about UK and rest of Europe 🙁 But I’m sure he’d tell us that, no matter what, UKIP is the worst*.

      *usual Nikki caveat here

  42. io9 took a break from whining about “sexism” in gaming to whine about “sexism” in superhero movies.

    1. Robby should just get a fucking job at Gawker already.

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