A.M. Links: Gunmen Attack Mohammed Cartoon Event in Texas, Ben Carson Running for President, Mayweather Defeats Pacquiao


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    Two gunmen who attacked a Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Texas that featured Dutch politician Geert Wilders were shot and killed by police.

  • Neurosurgeon Ben Carson announced last night he would run for the Republican nomination for president.
  • The 10pm curfew in Baltimore was lifted this weekend as the National Guard plans its exit from the city.
  • Ethiopian Israelis protested in Tel Aviv against police brutality and racism, with cops and protesters clashing after a video appearing to show police beating an Ethiopian Israeli in an army uniform went viral.
  • Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision Saturday night to extend his record to 48-0 in a boxing match that brought in more than $300 million in revenue.
  • Star Trek actress Grace Lee Whitney died this weekend aged 85.

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