15 Years Ago


"Requiring Web publishers to make their sites 'accessible' to blind, deaf, and other handicapped users under the Americans with Disabilities Act was a nearly perfect way to stifle creative freedom and slam the brakes on the Internet's expansion."

-Walter Olson, "Access Excess"

"The Chinese Ministry of Culture, which will review all music posted on the site, envisions a place where all of China's 1.2 billion potential Madonnas and Ricky Martins can tunefully sing the praises of the state to a worldwide audience. As Western record labels are finding out, however, technologies that ease the transmission of information have a way of escaping centralized control. Chinese authorities may think they're creating a music portal that will be easy to supervise and turn to their own purposes, but they may be singing a different tune once the site goes live."

-Brian Doherty, "The East Is Wired"

-May 2000