Openness, For a Free, Innovative, and Dynamic Society

From open trade and immigration, through the challenges of government transparency, to private end-runs around unresponsive bureaucracy


Here at Reason we've long championed openness. We're all about the benefits of open trade and open borders. We favor the scrutiny of our fearless leaders that's made possible by government transparency. And we openly cheerlead for private, innovative end-runs around restrictive laws and unresponsive bureaucracy. Open views of court proceedings can help make the justice system just a little more just, while open carry makes the individual less dependent on the state for protection (and maybe keeps officials just a touch more in-line).

An open society is one where the winds of dynamic change and free debate have an opportunity to clear away the cobwebs of closed authoritarian systems and blow up the skirts of obstructionist apparatchiks.

So join Reason as we celebrate all things open.