Chaos Continued Overnight in Baltimore, HHS Backs Less Fluoride in Water, Same-Sex Marriage Hits Supreme Court: A.M. Links


Aaron Gilchrist/Twitter
  • The National Guard started stationing around Baltimore yesterday as the afternoon's riots, arson, and looting continued through the night. Nearly 200 people were arrested. Today Baltimore City Schools called off all classes and Mayor Rawlings-Blake announced a week-long curfew for all citizens between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. 
  • Same-sex marriage gets its day in the Supreme Court: justices will consider whether states must grant same-sex marriage licenses and whether they must honor those granted by other states. (SCOTUSblog will be live blogging oral arguments here beginning at 10:45 a.m.)
  • The Department of Health and Human Services lowered its recommended fluoride level for drinking water as current levels (recommended since 1962) may be causing tooth spotting and streaking. 
  • The "Bali 9" face a firing squad today in Indonesia, where drug trafficking is a capital offense. 
  • "Tech insiders are predicting a legal battle" over a Senate anti-trafficking amendment that extends criminal liability to websites where sex traffickers post, according to The Hill
  • New York passed a wage-equity bill requiring a "boda fide" reason for any pay differential between a man and a woman at the same company. 
  • Vegas is considering making nightclub employees get licensed by state gambling regulators even if their jobs have nothing to do with gambling. 

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  1. …Mayor Rawlings-Blake announced a week-long curfew for all citizens between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

    Now there’s a law I’m sure they can all respect.

    1. Stop rioting and go to bed Mr!

      1. Tomorrow is a riot day. You can’t stay up late or you won’t have the energy to tote your shit out of the looted store young man!

        1. Mattress girl could’ve lit it on fire and made it a real riot.

    2. Hello.

      “The Department of Health and Human Services lowered its recommended fluoride level for drinking water as current levels (recommended since 1962) may be causing tooth spotting and streaking.”

      Here we go.

      Let the alarmist freaks out.

      1. Let the alarmist freaks out.

        Can’t, they already chewed through the cages and escaped. I think they’re hiding in Academia and the warmist movement.

      2. Rufus, have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water?

        1. Come to think of it, no I haven’t.

          Always blood I notice.

          1. +1 precious bodily fluids

        2. Most water in Quebec isn’t fluoridated, so I bet he has.

          1. This is true. Because Quebec.


      3. “The Department of Health and Human Services lowered its recommended fluoride level for drinking water as current levels (recommended since 1962) may be causing tooth spotting and streaking.”

        How does fluoride in the water cause a man to strip and run naked?

        1. I think they meant ‘Train Spotting’.

        2. “How does fluoride in the water cause a man to strip and run naked?”

          Ray Stevens:

        3. Of for that matter, track the regular passage of teeth?

      4. But the purity of our bodily fluids is at stake.

        1. Dang it! You beat me to while I was typing.

          1. Have a drink of (distilled) water on me!

            1. Thanks, I needed that.

            2. Distilled RAINwater.

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  2. Man has the head of his penis removed after it ‘died’ and turned black due to blood poisoning
    The 54-year-old man came to hospital suffering from blood poisoning
    Medics found he had huge black lesions on his thighs, buttocks and penis
    Underwent a four hour operation to have the head of his manhood removed
    Had rare disease calciphylaxis – where calcium is deposited in the arteries…..oning.html
    Lorena Bobbitt finally got her medical degree?

    1. Why do you do this to us?

      1. Because he has black spots on his thighs, buttocks and penis?

    2. Medics found he had huge black lesions on his thighs, buttocks and penis

      Always with the racist stereotype about blacks being huge.

      1. The Lesion of Doom!

    3. Graphic content? Really? I’m glad you warned me.

  3. From a fellow Indian who I am very proud of.

    Salman Rushdie slams critics of PEN’s Charlie Hebdo tribute

    The author called writers who had objected to the award, including Peter Carey, Michael Ondaatje and Francine Prose, ‘Six Authors in Search of a bit of Character’

    1. Rushdie is always classy. Thanks for sharing that.

      1. Well, when you’ve had a worldwide death threat hanging over your head for 25 years, I’d imagine you develop a very healthy respect for free speech.

        1. Of course, but the way in which he said that was very understated.

    2. If only we still had Christopher Hitchens around. Imagine his reaction to the reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

      1. Hopefully, and ironically, let’s hope he’s defiling some of the virgins they had waiting for them.

    3. Nice.

    4. AND check out this tweet from Salman Rushdie. I’m waiting for the leftist language police to shriek about his use of the word “pussies”.

      The award will be given. PEN is holding firm. Just 6 pussies. Six Authors in Search of a bit of Character.

      1. Waiting? It already happened and he already apologized.

        1. Crap. About the apology that is.

    5. From a fellow Indian who I am very proud of.

      Well, he has great taste in women. I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to, anyway.

  4. Vegas is considering making nightclub employees get licensed by state gambling regulators…

    Nevada needs money?

    1. And control. Never forget the desire to control.

    2. Everyone should be licensed. Committees of experts should review and pass off on all of our decisions.

      1. Except on abortion and yoga pants. The right-thinking people tell me that those two things are completely different from everything else.

        1. Yoga pants?

          1. Opinion is divided. When worn in public, they are either an obscene display demonstrating the decay of the culture or the greatest thing ever invented.

            1. That depends upon who is wearing them.

            2. I just think they look lazy and sloppy.

              1. I just think they look lazy and sloppy

                The yoga pants, or some of the women wearing them?

                1. The yoga pants, or some of the women wearing them?


            3. Yeah well there remains the matter of our divided opinion about mayo in a club sandwich.

              1. How could you have a club sandwich without mayo? It’s like BBQ without sauce.
                /awaits dry rub firestorm

                1. Easy – BACON AND MUSTARD (or dijon).

              2. Well, Rufus. You are definitely the weirdo when it comes to mayo on club sandwiches. But I really just want everyone to be happy, so I think you should have whatever condiment you want on your club sandwich. And I will continue to be indifferent to Avocado.

            4. Can I be on the committee that licenses the wearing of them?

            5. Yoga pants are a privilege, not a right.

    3. Obviously the Gambling Commission does

      1. Just enough to wet their beaks

        1. +1 Don Fanucci

  5. ‘I couldn’t believe my eyes’: Woman shocked by phallic-shaped cloud…and it’s not mother nature’s first X-rated display
    Noeleen Foster snapped an image of a phallic cloud at work last Friday
    The mother-of-four took the pic in Zuccolli, 25km southeast of Darwin
    Last year another suggestively shaped cloud made waves in England…..rated.html
    More penises in the news.

    1. Even nature is sexist.

      This is the ultimate MACRO aggression from Mother Nature.

      1. Mother Nature also saddled womyn with the burden of pregnancy, AND the equipment to handle infant care. Mother Nature is clearly a misogynist.

    2. Anyone else think it freaky that nature’s phallic symbols are always circumcised?

    3. You mean she didn’t think it looked like Jesus Christ?

      1. Maybe just part of him.

    4. God sends humanity a drawing of a dick. “Eat a cloud of dicks, humanity!”

      1. *laughs, chokes on almonds, clears airway, resumes laughing*

  6. Photographer captures the moment Baltimore police officer threw a rock BACK at protesters
    Fifteen Baltimore police officers were injured Monday night in clashes with rioters angry over the death of Freddie Gray
    While most the officers appeared peaceful in their control of the crowds, one officer was pictured lobbing a rock back at rioters…..sters.html
    Speaking of penises…

    1. Perhaps it is best they get their aggressions out at the micro level..

    2. It’s not right, but I have empathy for them.


    3. For a police, throwing a rock is remarkable restraint. That man is a hero, and should be an example to his Brothers in Blue.

      1. Remarkable restraint is what they’re fucking paid for, troll. If they don’t like that, McDonald’s is always hiring.

        1. Sarcasm meter, Tonio! Check it!

        2. Oops, thanks Switzy. Sorry CCC.

          1. np!

    4. Looking at that picture, I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn he fell on his fat ass a split second later…

      1. He may have had one or two too many tactical donuts.

    1. Were you the guy in the first link and are working through your grief?

      1. I think he is throwing a penis party..

        1. I thought HampR was a penis party, being that there are no libertarian women.

          1. Well, you’ve got your metaphorical penis parties and allegorical penis parties, but occasionally, the literal penis party.

          2. I think ampersands work now.

            1. Then why didn’t you use one in your sentence, smart guy?

              1. Who’s smart now?

  7. New York passed a wage-equity bill requiring a “boda fide” reason for any pay differential between a man and a woman at the same company.

    Boner fide.

    1. ENB says, “My ban.”

    2. And who gets to decide what’s “bona fide”? Oh, yeah, a SJW bureaucrat. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. Well sure he pulled sixty hour work weeks while she took off at five every day to pick up the kids, but that’s due to the sexism inherent in our patriarchal society. Its not a bona fide reason to pay her less than him.

        1. ^ This is a reality. My salary and working conditions were negotiated between me and my boss. I make less than my male colleagues because I have less availability. This law will only hurt single moms like me because employers will be loathe to accommodate us for fear that they will be violating the law, and therefore will simply not hire us.

    3. No one is allowed to work pro boner anymore anyway.

      1. You’ll take my boner when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!

  8. Vegas is considering making nightclub employees get licensed by state gambling regulators even if their jobs have nothing to do with gambling.

    Because FYTW

  9. “Tech insiders are predicting a legal battle” over a Senate anti-trafficking amendment that extends criminal liability to websites where sex traffickers post, according to The Hill.

    In the end, logic and justice will prevail…


  10. The Department of Health and Human Services lowered its recommended fluoride level for drinking water as current levels (recommended since 1962) may be causing tooth spotting and streaking.

    Jack D. Ripper was right all along.

    1. +1 Purity of Essence

  11. In other Baltimore news, JHU Student Council Bans Chick-Fil-A

    “The SGA does not support the proposal of a Chick-fil-A, in a current or future sense, particularly on any location that is central to student life,” states the resolution passed by the student government, which noted “visiting prospective and current students, staff, faculty, and other visitors who are members of the LGBTQ+ community or are allies would be subjected to the microaggression of supporting current or future Chick-fil-A development plans.”

    1. Delicious chicken sandwiches = microaggressions.

      World. Of. Pussies.

      1. Since they’re a private institution they are within their rights to exclude whoever they want. Dan Cathy and his business are legitimate targets for boycotts. Freedom of association is a two-way street.

        1. Yup.

          It’s silly I think to boycott the chain based on the rather off hand remark Cathy made. But it’s silly to not serve pizza to someone based on who they bed too. Freedom of association.

          1. Um, it was the donation trail. When you spend money at a business that funds those who would do you harm you’re supporting those people.

            1. Except that CFA has already agreed to not donate more money to anti-gay groups, so continued boycotting is pointless signaling. The boycotters won. We can all enjoy spicy chicken breakfast burritos with our gay partners now.

        2. I agree. I think it’s just a silly expression of sentiment since they are always free to personally boycott it instead of trying to make the decision for everyone else.

          Besides which, the Student Council doesn’t own the property (not that that has ever stopped a council from attempting to exert control over anything).

          1. They don’t, but as the paying customers they should feel like they can give input.

            1. Stand outside and give input. Get together with like-minded people and carry some signs. Write your own resolution.

              The bothersome part for me is the usage of a pseudo-governmental body to try to ban a company based on the opinions of the CEO. It’s a sign of what they will support in the future from an actual government.

              1. All they did was pass a resolution urging the institution not to do business with the restaurant. It’s no different than the customers of a radio station getting up a petition to call on the station to stop playing Dixie Chick songs or whatever.

                1. All they did was pass a resolution

                  A petition and a resolution from an elected body are not the same. A petition is from each individual who agrees with the statement. A resolution speaks for a body of people who may or may not agree (18-8 in this case and who knows what the actual students think).

                  In the grand scheme of things it’s not that important. It’s more that the sentiment foretells the type of action these people will be willing to undertake or support in the name of the democratic majority in the future. Student campus today, a city tomorrow.

                  1. Well, they were elected by the student body…if the students disagreed with the resolution they can vote them out.

            2. They can. By staying away if they don’t like it.

        3. Yes, but not all boycotts are sensible.

        4. Freedom of association is a two-way street.

          That point goes over the heads of the so-cons in my Twitter feed. They love freedom of association intil they’re the ones excluded.

          1. You see that here, too.

        5. Boycott away if it makes you feel good. Doesn’t mean you’re not a pussy for doing so simply because a business owner BELIEVES something differently from you. Or did I miss the part where Chic-fil-a issued a corporate policy stating “no service for teh gayz?”

          1. So you’d be fine eating at Mayor Bloomberg’s deli? I hear the I Hate Guns Rueben is great

            1. I actually have never been to Chic-fil-a. Is there a God Hates Fags sandwich on the menu?

              1. No, but let’s say Bloomberg’s deli just calls it a Rueben. We catching lunch there later?

                1. Am I the only one who sees a distinct difference between making a personal choice as a consumer in a commercial transaction and my shoving a policy down other people’s throats?

                  1. They’re not, it’s a resolution calling on the college not to do business with them iirc.

                2. If Bloomberg doesn’t force his politics into his business, I won’t either. So if the Rueben is as good as you say it is, sure, let’s eat. I don’t turn everything into a personal crusade against wrong-thinkers.

                  It may surprise you to know that I watch movies and listen to music made by hardcore progressives. Life is much more enjoyable when you appreciate things for what they are.

                  1. It may surprise you to know that I watch movies and listen to music made by hardcore progressives.

                    *hisses, points finger*

                    1. I also shop at Whole Foods, buy locally roasted coffee, and eat at restaurants overrun by hipsters.

                      True, I develop a strong urge to just start punching people in the face, but the food coma tends to mellow me out. It’s very zen.

                    2. I think I’ll get together with some like-minded people, get elected, and pass resolutions trying to ban Whole Foods and Progressive Auto Insurance from my locality.

                      Oh wait, I’m not a total dick, dammit….

              2. I actually have never been to Chic-fil-a. Is there a God Hates Fags sandwich on the menu?

                You should check them out. Very nice fast food. _Excellent_ service! They don’t have burgers though. They focus on chicken sandwiches.

                1. I find their service sort of creepy, but maybe I’m just not all that well attuned to overt (and well-rehearsed) politeness. There’s just something…”off” about it.

            2. Some people don’t order every aspect of their lives to run in accordance to politics. If Bloomberg’s deli had killer sandwiches, you’re damn right I’d eat there regardless of the fact that the owner is a worthless sack of shit. I still eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, I still watch Sean Penn movies, still listen to Fugazi, etc.

              1. Fair enough then.

                For the record I disagree with Cathy but still eat there.

              2. I still watch Sean Penn movies

                How can you bear to sit thru so much smug?

          2. They have a corporate policy refusing service to everyone on Sundays, so i say fuck ’em.

            But I also say, give me a mf chicken sandwich.

            1. SO many Sundays I wake up hung over desperately wanting a Chic-fil-a chicken biscuit and I shake my fists at the heavens at this merciless God that mandates his stores be closed on the Sabbath.

              1. I actually prefer their morning fare.

              2. The worst thing ever, I was running a road race in the city on a Sunday and ran past a Chik-fil-A, thinking, “fuck yeah, I’m so getting a chicken sandwich after this race.” Followed quickly by…”fuck, no, it’s Sunday…”


                1. I wonder if denying customers their essence once a week increases the mystique of their fare. While I don’t eat there much, there are definitely fanatics who eat there regularly, which I’ve never felt was entirely justified by the product alone.

                2. UNFORGIVEABLE

                  Nice try! Your sob story is good, but not good enough. You aren’t going to trick us into saying that *they’re* the worst.

          3. They refuse to serve gays on Sunday.

            1. Beautiful.

          4. You missed, perhaps willfully so, the important part.

        6. Even private institutions should be mocked for using the term microagression.

          And there is nothing, not even pico, aggressive about a place existing.

          1. I agree it’s a pretty silly example of Newspeak.

            1. Isn’t that the most important part of the story?

        7. Not for nothing, but calling them pussies does not negate that.

    2. Apparently I wasn’t paying attention when the Q and + were added.

      What about the microagressions against cows that this will lead to?

      1. Can someone explain the difference between Q and LGBT for me?

        1. Q can stand for either “Queer” or “Questioning”. Queer means non-gender-normative in appearance and behavior, though not necessarily gay/bi/les.

          1. So, in other words, weirdos.

            1. We must all obey the conventions long laid out for us!

              1. There is a difference between tolerance/acceptance, and enthusiastic endorsement. I happily promote the former and deny the latter, but it’s OK, Bo – I’m not remotely interested in delving into whatever freakshow floats your boat.

              2. Who says weirdos are bad? I like weirdos. The world needs weirdos.

                1. Exactly

                2. HIPPIE!!! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

                  1. I defer to the wise words of Guttermouth on this one:

                    Stupid, lazy, can’t hold a job
                    stupid, lazy, can’t hold a job
                    stupid, lazy, can’t hold a job
                    stupid, lazy, CAN’T HOLD A FUCKING JOB!!
                    YOU FUCKING HIPPIES!!
                    YOU FUCKING LOSERS!!

                3. I think we’re currently overstocked on weirdos and could use more normal people.

                  1. The normal people ARE the weirdos now

                  2. If by “normal” you mean people who agree with me, then I’m with you.

                4. But we have enough Bo’s already. So so many…

                  1. No Bos are enough. One Bo is too many. Multiple Bos are a biblical plague.

          2. I’m not clear on what’s left after LGBT though, eunuch maybe?

            1. Asexuals?

              1. Perhaps so, but they tend to be very boring but otherwise regular people.

                1. That was supposed to be a reply to FM regarding the asexuals (and I’m including those with very low sex drive).

            2. Straight?

            3. All kinds of sexual ambiguity and kinkiness.

            4. L ? Lesbian
              G ? Gay
              B ? Bisexual
              T ? Transgender
              Q- Queer
              Q ? Questioning
              I ? Intersex
              P ? Pansexual
              2S ? 2-Spirited
              A ? Asexual
              A ? Ally

              And that leaves out furries, plushies, otherkin, transexuals (who reject the idea of been transgendered), and a long list of paraphiliacs not popular enough to get themselves on the scoreboard.

              1. And the numbers in all of those categories are so minute that there’s really no reason for the rest of us to pay any attention to them.

                1. I’m waiting for the day when a public restroom has to have separate facilities for each and everyone of them.

                  Only then will we be able to approach the event horizon of the derp singularity

                2. Numbers minute so they should be ignored? Probably not good to be advocating that as a libertarian

                  1. Why shouldn’t they be ignored? If you’re ignoring them, you’re leaving them alone, free to their own devices. Isn’t that a good thing?

                3. There is really no reason for most of the things we do.

                  I’m not telling you you should care or pay more attention. Just making an observation.

                4. Srsly? You think that lesbians, gays and bisexuals are statistically insignificant?

                  1. I was referring to the alphabet soup following the LGB, although the LGB numbers are rather small as well – what, maybe 5% of the population? Then the alphabet soup is much smaller than that, likely less than 1%, so, yeah, minute.

                    1. 5-10% is the usual figure, but that doesn’t catch a lot of bi- and down-low people who don’t identify with the LGB community.

              2. I think that Popehat’s latest article is relevant here:

                Tumult At Oberlin In Wake Of Emotional Support Animal Companion Initiative

                A new initiative calculated to promote healing and inclusiveness has instead led to controversy, legal threats, violence, and reported feelings of unsafeness on the campus of Oberlin College.

                Oberlin administrators announced the Emotional Support Companion Animals Program for Everyone, affectionately known as “ESCAPE,” last week to an eager student body. “This is a safe space,” said Walter Green, the college’s Executive Vice-President for Redress of Grievances. “And we choose to make it safer with the help of the nonhuman companions with whom we share Mother Earth.”

                Problems began the first day when Little Mister Derrida, a wolf hybrid companioned with popular Classism Professor Forrest Moore, savagely attacked senior Pietro Salvador’s emotional support rabbit Che. “It’s unreasonable, and in fact very offensive, to expect Little Mister Derrida to deny his nature in order to confirm to social expectations that make the majority comfortable,” protested Professor Moore, who declines to classify his companion as either wolf or not-wolf. Salvador, who could not be reached for comment, reportedly informed his RA that he had not found the experience emotionally supportive.

                1. That cannot possibly be real. Please tell me you’re just fucking with me.

                  1. Might be real for the very reason that the professor is trying to prevent his dog from getting put down. If he says anything that might be construed as his dog attacking a rabbit not being an entirely normal and expected reaction of putting them in the same room, his dog could be declared a danger to the public and put down.

                  2. Ah, OK, you are fucking with me. Thank Aqua Buddha.

                  3. That cannot possibly be real. Please tell me you’re just fucking with me.

                    It’s very much parody. An awesome parody… 😉

                2. “Executive Vice-President for Redress of Grievances”

                  What…the…a;fjiajfia; 39029

              3. Just use LGBTQWERTY then you have everything covered.

                1. You’re othering DVORAK users!

                  1. I liked Radek Dvorak. Good defensive winger.

              4. What’s 2 spirited?

                1. It’s a Native American term for trans, as far as I can tell.

                2. A term that some claim a native American tribe used to refer to the transgendered.

        2. Do you REALLY want to know? Do the ever-narrowing niches of supposed “gender identity” really matter?

          I’m a live and let live kind of guy. I don’t care who or what adults like to fuck, so long as it’s not children…..but neither am I remotely interested in reading the fine print on these things.

          1. Except some of those aren’t gender identities, radar. For a self-described live and let live kind of guy you certainly go out of your way to comment on this a lot.

            1. Commentary isn’t action, you know. So long as I’m not trying to restrict their ability to do whatever it is that they do, does it matter if I think they’re freaks?

            2. So let’s cut it down to what is–


              Homosexual(which covers male and female homosexuals)
              Intersex (which includes chromosomal as well as genital deformity)

              Everything else is a ‘gender identity’. Nothing wrong with admitting that.

              But what the extreme low numbers mean is that we don’t need to generally cater to such tiny minorities–they can be accomodated as they come up. We don’t need a special bathroom for a 2-spirited, lesbian lumbersexual transwoman that presents as a cis male with a fondness for wolf tattoos. We can just point to the crapper and let whoever they are do what they need to do.

              The only good thing about this endless sectioning is that eventually it will winnow down to everyone wanting their individuality protected.

              And that, my friends, will be the ‘libertarian moment’.

      2. The Q has been there for quite some time. Haven’t seen the + before though.

    3. Perhaps they should paint a symbol on all the Christian run businesses so they know who they are. Anyone else concerned we’re producing a generation of Fascists at our universities?

      1. Lots of Christians are fine with or support gay marriage.

        1. Including many CFA franchise owners.

          1. I guess. But I’ve seen boycotts of franchises for the stances of the franchisor from both left and right before.

          2. Citation needed.

        2. But those aren’t True Christians(tm).

  12. …and whether they must honor those granted by other states.

    Full faith and credit was never meant to be applied to love. (But it was for government benefits schemes like marriage licensing.)

    1. Well, I think marriage is definitely one thing that “full faith and credit” was intended to apply to.

      1. So long as there are states where “family courts” refuse equal protection under the law, we cannot afford to give full faith and credit to their judgements.

        1. I mean, child support for a whelp genetically proven to not be related? Lifetime alimony? These are abominations with no place in the modern world.

        2. we cannot afford to give full faith and credit to their judgements.

          We already do, though, for straight marriage.

          I agree with all you say about the poor state of family courts.

  13. So, how are you all digging your “post-racial America” out there?

    1. With a shovel and sand bags?

  14. “New York passed a wage-equity bill requiring a “boda fide” reason for any pay differential between a man and a woman at the same company.”

    Bureaucrats interpreting what will pass as ‘bona fide’ is gonna be rich.

    Let all the flavors of unintended consequences explode in your mouth.

    1. Bets on government being exempt from the law.

      1. Laws are for little people, not the King’s men.

      2. Are there any laws government isn’t exempt from?

        1. Apparently they are exempt from dc gun laws.

      3. Government doesn’t need to be exempt, they’ll just slap you with a copy of the union contract and say “read it next time”

      4. Bets on government being exempt from the law.

        Don’t know about the state, but the fedgov GS schedule pays the same regardless of gender.

        1. State cares nought for gender. Most of the women, however, have been in their current title longer, and so are making more based on seniority.

    2. Remember, as always, pay differentials don’t count when the employer is the White House, the DNC, or the New York Times.

      1. Or Colleges and Universities that follow the progflock hand book or gulags.

    3. Waitresses with big tits will have to share their tips with the waiters now?

      1. +36DD

    4. Gee and I thought my salary was an agreement between me and my employer. Now it’s between me, my employer, and the state tax department?

    5. I’m probably being silly here. But being a different person with different skills, experience and working style seems like a bona fide difference to me.

      1. The taxman will take training and experience into consideration when he decides how much I get to earn.

        Now I think I’ll go ask my boss for 3 months off every year with full pay and see how that goes.

  15. All is safe in the Baltimore suburbs. I am currently at work, commenting on the AM links. No rocks or fires…yet.

    1. Wow, fail-to-check-your-privilege much?

      *walks off in a huff*

      1. My morning commute was also fine and the coffee is hot.

        But it was a little chilly this morning.

    2. Yeah, so I heard a bunch of stuff in downtown is closed today. Pants-wetting?

      1. The gangs are all ALLIED against the cops! It’s true – I saw a typed piece of paper on Baltimore police letterhead! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

        1. Here come the cop-fellators, yay

          1. Did you catch the note of sarcasm? Because I thought I was laying it on pretty thick.

            1. I caught it. I was just bemoaning the impending arrival of Tulpa.

              1. Aha. I share your concern, then

          2. Here come the cop-fellators, yay

            I had more than my share of that on FOX News last night.

    3. But you do know that the data shows a clear and obvious racial bias in police deaths don’t you?

      Killed By Police Data

      Kmele Foster sent this out in a tweet.

      1. I was told last night that citing statistics is racist and even if true, they don’t matter anyway because privilege.

      2. Meh. I find the emphasis on race annoying, but our interests are allied with theirs and this is a rare opportunity to build bridges. Don’t let purity be the enemy of progress.

        1. Except most of America is sick and tired of the Sharptons and Jacksons butting in and like so many times before nothing will come of this. That is what you get when you make it all about race.

        2. Reducing everything to race elides the real issue here – cops do these things because they do not feel restrained by the laws they supposedly enforce. It’s about power and socioeconomic status, not race. Race is incidental, owing to the simple fact that more blacks are poor and powerless. The Baltimore police department has a large percentage of black officers, and I’m sure that a lot of them are just as abusive as their white colleagues.

        3. My concern, Tonio, is that the race hustlers will ensure that this isn’t about police brutality at all.

          And that they will alienate the vast majority of the population on this issue, as they have so many others.

          Having the race hustlers on the stage with you is probably a net negative.

      3. The per capita rate is much higher.

        Police violence does not fall solely along racial lines, but the reality is that there is a the entire apparatus of law enforcement falls disproportionately on blacks.

        1. Yeah, but the post makes the point that if you adjust for actual violent crime blacks aren’t actually killed at a disproportionate rate. African Americans do commit a vastly higher percentage of crime, so you would expect a higher number of police shootings.

          That doesn’t make the issue okay (especially given how many of those police shootings are started as a result of idiotic drug laws), but I don’t think you can argue it’s primarily the result of racial bias.

          1. That’s why the focus needs to be on the whole apparatus of law enforcement, including the laws themselves. It’s a tangled web of poverty, bullshit laws, disproportionate enforcement, and race.

            1. Putting the focus on race means none of those other things will be addressed. Just like they want it.

            2. You’re wrong. It’s the Republicans.


              In city after city, and town after town, black people are marginalized, stereotyped and then conveniently forgotten.

              There’s a mountain of blame to go around.

              Republican economic policies which dominate, are not insignificant. When we talk about the ever increasing gulf between the rich and the rest of the population, the people that suffer most under those policies are people of color.

              1. Republican economic policies which dominate


              2. Oh god. They will still be fucking poor if the rich get knocked down a peg. And as always they ignore the question of why inner cities are so persistently poor and decaying. How the fuck are different economic policies going to help that?

                1. I think the “economic policy” they’re looking for is “give me all your money”. The trillions that have already been pissed away aren’t enough.

                  1. After which the urban poor will be in exactly the same place.

                    They seem to want to blame poverty on inequality. Even if you assume that inequality is a bad thing in and of itself, it has little to do with the problems of the urban poor.

              3. baaaahahaha…..the last Republican mayor of Baltimore was Theodore McKeldin. He left office in 1967.

        2. The entire apparatus of law enforcement falls disproportionally on the poor, and blacks tend to be poorer than whites.

          1. YES! It may be 50% white and 48% black victims, or whatever. But I bet its 99% poor.

    4. How’s stuff in Randallstown?

      1. Surprisingly there seemed to be a lot of new construction in the area the last time I went through…that will probably end now. As far as I know the rioting did not extend there.

        1. Northern Parkway has always been a magic line.

    5. The rioters aren’t going to walk all the way out to your suburb.

      1. Recalibrating Ted.

  16. Chuck Berry is now living in Chicago? At least someone knows how to deal with Jezebel writers:…..1700336259

    A comedy club was discovered to have a 2-way mirror installed in the women’s can. Jezebel called the guy and got this quote:

    I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror. Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us? We’re synonymous with Halloween. We do a freaky family fun day, and all the kids look in the mirror. This is a fun house, honey, and if you don’t like the two-way mirror, go fuck yourself; and if you come on my stage, have something to say. Everyone needs an angle. My angle is: I do barbeque; I promote it, and I break my ass for the local comics in Chicago. I pay them. I try to make them into rock stars. They do nothing, except for this. One girl said she wanted to pull her pants down and show her clitoris to me, and they all came and ate the wings.

    1. Reads like one of AC’s semi-cogent rants, right before the acid really kicks in.

      1. I recommend reading the whole thing.

    2. Ok. So what I got from the ramblings is the mirror is there for Halloween pranks but the Jezzies are certain it is there for jerkin’ it. I believe the chicken wing guy. He was very up front about it.

      1. I don’t believe the chicken wing guy. That last sentence makes him sound completely insane.

        1. That’s why I believe him. Crazy people are very open, they tell you about things you didn’t even ask about.

        2. What’s so crazy about eating wings?

        3. He was in professional wrestling. And as we all know, low lever pro wrestlers are always on the ball.

      2. Looking at the video of the door, I’m pretty sure the mirror was for some sweet Chuck Berry sexy time jerking it.

        I just love the fact that the guy didn’t back down. I also admire his ability to stick to his message of how great his wings are in every comment.

        1. I didn’t watch the Vid. It might change my impression.

  17. The National Guard started stationing around Baltimore yesterday as the afternoon’s riots, arson, and looting continued through the night

    I have no empathy with the rioters. They are quite clearly the aggressors at this point.

    1. I have no empathy with the rioters. They are quite clearly the aggressors at this point.

      Just watch though, in a couple of months or a year, the same people tearing Baltimore down will be demanding that someone else should pay to rebuild it.

      1. Hopefully, all the productive people move away to a better place, and leave these rioters to live in squalor.

        And knowing the track record of the politicians that run places like this, rack and ruin is what Baltimoreans will be stuck with for years to come.

        1. Hopefully, all the productive people move away to a better place

          They already have. Randallstown, Owings Mills, Columbia, Ellicott City.

          1. But the jobs are still downtown, right?

            1. Some. More are in the ‘burbs.

        2. The problem is those “productive” people usually still vote for the assholes that got them to this point. Then they move to Virginia and continue to fuck up a perfectly good state by voting for the same kinds of assholes and are shocked when the same problems pop up on the good side of the moat.

    2. Check this out, from December 1, 2014.

      (Baltimore) Mayor vetoes plastic bag ban, body camera bill

      1. Vetoing a plastic bag ban is a good thing. Her position on body cameras seems to be procedural. I hope she gets it right, and gets those police wearing cams.

        1. I agree. Plastic bag bans are pushed by progressive busybodies who can’t mind their own business.

          Body cams on the other hand are our modern-day half-solution to the problem of “watching the watchmen”.

  18. “New York passed a wage-equity bill requiring a “boda fide” reason for any pay differential between a man and a woman at the same company.”

    Is “woman haz brain of squirrel” an acceptable answer?

    1. Do you already have it on the form with a check-box next to it?

  19. Closing the schools doesn’t seem like the best idea. I think a plurality of the rioters were high school students.

    Not that having to sit through ‘instruction” at Baltimore city schools isn’t a just cause to riot, it just isn’t the cause of the day.

    1. I’m guessing it’s a sop to hysterical parents who fear that their kids are, somehow, at more risk by being in public schools today rather than other days.

      In a more just world, it would be an easy way to help expel or suspend some of the worst problem students since those kids tend to have a lot of unexcused absences.

      1. I assumed it was to protect teachers…

        1. Good point Nikki. You remain the absolute worst, dear.

  20. Huge moustaches, tight trousers and cringeworthy straplines: The unintentionally awful 1970s ads that make you wonder how ANYTHING got sold

    Magazine ads from the Seventies haven’t stood the test of time
    Alcohol commercials almost always featured a moustachioed man
    Rod Stewart is seen wearing a garish outfit for footwear company Kickers…..-sold.html
    Funny shit.

    1. Straplines? Also, Stossel’s moustache would be right at home there.

      1. Tonio stopped at “straplines” and thought it was going to be about Tom of Finland.

        Debate over whether to erect a Tom of Finland statue in Helsinki

        1. I see what you did there.

        2. No, seemed like some sort of brassiere thing, but I didn’t see any noticeable bra straps in those photos.

    2. IN addition to the style issues, it is interesting how blatant the attempt at manipulating perception is…

      “I never even thought about burning my bra until I discovered Smirnoff”
      “Seagram’s VO….for those who get the most out of life”


      1. “I never even thought about burning my bra until I discovered Smirnoff”

        That particular ad reminded me of something I’ve heard among alcoholics: “There is no drunk like a vodka drunk”.

        My Grandparent’s neighbor would be up at 9:00 in the morning with a large glass of ‘water’ sitting on the back porch. Normally passed out by noon.

    3. Women from those ads still hold up, though. Some of them kinda fine….

      1. The French Martini girl would do just fine.

        1. Imma say, this is her in all her glory.

          1. Tiegs would do just fine today and she is over 60. I don’t think that woman has looked bad in her entire life.

    4. A blog with similar ads from the 70s.

      1. Like this one: http://plaidstallions.blogspot…..shirt.html

      2. I had one of those jet disk toy guns. Do they still make those? Those were fun!

        1. I spent many an hour trying to figure out how to mount blades on those discs.

          1. I always figured the real trick was an upgraded spring and firing sharpened coins.

    5. I was a kid in the 70s – those ads don’t look “unintentionally awful” to me. But then I’m not an overtatted millenial wearing buckets of hair gel so what do I know.

  21. The Mayor of Baltimore went to Oberlin?

    Good timing, alumni magazine.

    ? Daniel Radosh (@danielradosh) April 28, 2015


    1. Figures

  22. I took a shit in Baltimore once.


    1. I set Sandi on fire in Baltimore once.

    2. Baltimore is the countries portapotty.

      1. I don’t know. I drove through New Jersey a few months ago and it looked a lot like the Northeast’s toilet to me.

      2. For the longest time, people held up Baltimore as the shining success story of progressive urban policy.

    3. It’s gotta be tough now. Seems like all the looters took was toilet paper.

      1. Well, it is a blue state, so they’re on the heels of venezuela.

    4. It’s a life goal of mine to take a shit on Baltimore. Preferably on the Ravens commemorative super bowl thing in Inner Harbor.

  23. Former ‘Baywatch’ star Jeremy Jackson arrested for stabbing a dude

    Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson was arrested on Saturday for allegedly stabbing a man in Westlake, California ? and then fleeing the scene.

    Police received reports of a stabbing on Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times. When they responded to the scene, they found a man had been stabbed in his left upper torso.

    The unidentified victim was taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center for treatment, but he told police that he’d been attacked by “Hobie,” the name of Jackson’s character on the show, the Times reports.

    On Saturday, authorities received reports of a “prowler” in the same neighborhood. It turned out to be Jackson, who police arrested on the spot. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and was released on bail hours later.

    Jackson told TMZ the stabbing was in self-defense, claiming he was the victim of an attempted robbery.

    Police added he was easy to catch as he was the only pedestrian running in slow-motion.

    1. Well done.

    2. First Screech, now Hobie. Who’s the third 90s syndicated show star to round out the trifecta?

  24. Interesting to watch the B’more stuff last night on CNN. Almost all the reporting was done at Pennsylvania and North. Now, I left Baltimore some years back, but that neighborhood under normal conditions was a running joke since it was so dangerous. The cops would never pull over a white person for running a red light there, in fact, it was recommended to not stop.

    1. You should come and see Canada’s ‘rough’ neighborhoods.

      1. Canadian rioters are very polite. They are limited by their beady eyes and floppy heads, as well as the requirement to riot in both English and French.

        1. The most Canadian thing ever was a video I saw of some hockey riot or whatever in Canada. You had riot police out but there was still footage of a couple approaching a mounted cop on a horse and asking for directions, which he politely assisted them with.

        2. Rufus on a polite, bilingual rampage with picket that reads ‘The/Le Canada Sad/Triste.’

      2. Not enough sandpaper finishing?

        1. Coarse toilet paper.

  25. Our governor is “shocked” when estimates for our latest light rail boondoggle balloon by another $341M.…..-2-billion

    The increase in the estimate to complete the 16-mile extension is being blamed on more-detailed engineering, which found poor ground conditions along the route and soil contamination in St. Louis Park and Hopkins. The price increase, coming even before next month’s expected release of a draft environmental impact statement that could result in other cost hikes, threatens the project.

    Gov. Mark Dayton said he was “shocked and appalled” at the new estimated costs. “The continuing escalation of the costs to design and build this line raise serious questions about its viability and affordability,” Dayton said.

    I’m sure they will buckle down and figure out a reason why building a $2B rail line still makes economic sense (as opposed to just running more buses.

    1. Of course they will, Your Holiness. You know how the progs love trains.

      1. The problem with this train is that it is going to run through some nice proggy neighborhoods. They’ve actually been the best defense against this train so far.

        The other trains we built went through blue collar neighborhoods, so fuck them.

        I should also point out that unlike other trains where there is some sort of turnstyle or other way to make you pay before you get on, our trains work on the honor system. Absolutely no way to make people pay before they get on. There are random checks to try to scare people into paying, but I’ve only seen one in the many times I’ve ridden.

        Turns out 5-10% of the riders aren’t paying:…..reen-line/

    2. If only we had an urban planner posting here. A top man like that could surely explain the quality of this sort of investment.

      1. Someone doing God’s work on some of the meanest streets in America? Yes, we cou;d use a Man like that!

      2. At this point an honest urban planner would not recommend this kind of waste anymore. Especially as these sorts of projects are designed to benefit mainly wealthy suburbs at the expense of the inner city where there is already density and a need for transit improvements.

        What’s really going on is the usual unholy alliance between politicians and union contractors.

    3. White people won’t ride buses, that’s why. And don’t ever point that out, because, well I don’t know why. They just get mad if you do. They’re whiny little brats that want what they want now. I point out all the time that every proposed streetcar route in Atlanta already has a bus line on that route, which probably replaced a streetcar 60 fucking years ago because of cost. But no, they’d rather stroke themselves raw over a goddamn streetcar then get on a bus for whatever reason.

      Fun fact, the Atlanta Streetcar ended up costing $98 million dollars. You could of bought nearly 196 standard city buses with that. Oh and because ridership isn’t meeting projections it will be free for a full year outside of the three month introductory period. So yes, ridership didn’t meet projections when it was motherfucking free.

  26. Rand Paul says it was a “mistake” to topple Saddam Hussein

    It was a “mistake” for the American military to push Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq in 2003, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Monday, adding that Iran is now “twice as strong” without Hussein’s regime checking its power.

    “All the way back to the Iraq War, I think it was a mistake to topple Hussein. Hussein was the bulwark against Iran. The Sunnis didn’t like the Shiites, now Iraq is a vassal state for Iran,” the presidential candidate said during a meeting with Orthodox Jews at a Jewish day school in Brooklyn, N.Y, according to the New York Observer.

    Paul also criticized the U.S.-led campaign that ousted Moammar Gadhafi from power in Libya. While Gadhafi wasn’t a “good guy,” he kept Islamic extremism in the country at bay, Paul said.

    The senator added that the U.S. shouldn’t try to depose Syrian President Bashar Assad, amid accusations that Assad used chemical weapons on his own citizens, because Islamic militants could fill the power vacuum.

    “Each time we topple a secular dictator, I think we wind up with chaos, and radical Islam seems to rise,” he said.

    Paul attended the meeting seeking to bolster his relationship with the Jewish community, as he’s been questioned at times over his support for Israel.

    1. Details, details…

    2. I’ve been saying that for years.

    3. I think he’s right, but this might not play well in the GOP nomination contest

    4. Paul attended the meeting seeking to bolster his relationship with the Jewish community, as he’s been questioned at times over his support for Israel.

      Questioning a US Senator’s support for a foreign nation is okay?

    5. Man, he really doesn’t want to be president.

  27. Forget 3D printing! In Libertopia, we’ll have 4D Printing!

  28. Oil exec and his son shot dead ‘execution-style’ by heavily- armed teen robbers in home invasion that has shocked New Orleans…

    “Teens” did it you see.

    1. Weapon: Col John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office holds the heavy-duty gun

      So a standard 12-gauge pump is now a “heavy-duty” gun.

      New linguistic hoops to jump through every day.

      1. If you are on the receiving end of it, about any firearm is “heavy-duty”. A 12 gage is a pretty nasty weapon at close range. I would consider it a heavy-duty weapon.

        1. I’m just pointing out the new language that the hoplophobic media invents every day.

          Next they’re going to ask for a “heavy duty” weapons ban, and we will all be on the defense yet again.

          1. I agree. They are using the term as it would normally be applied to a rocket launcher.

      2. So a standard 12-gauge pump is now a “heavy-duty” gun.

        They’re British. The rights of Englishmen hardly exist within living memory. They don’t know shit about what constitutes “heavy-duty” nor that the term is not a proper adjective for firearms.

        1. But political correctness is very much alive in living memory however so they did get the “teens” euphemism correct.

      3. With buckshot or a slug it’s pretty heavy duty.

    2. Were they not teens? What should they have used instead of “teens”? Why shouldn’t they use “teens”?

      I suppose their age isn’t relevant, but I’m not sure what you are getting at here.

  29. Fitness Lessons from Game of Thrones


    I haven’t bothered to watch any of this season so far. What’s this shit I hear about them having Sansa marry Ramsay Snow? I might not bother with the show anymore.

    1. I’m not a book reader so I don’t care about the changes so much but having Sansa marry Ramsay is probably a good way to keep her involved in this season’s story. She’ll have scenes with Theon/Reek who will presumably do the same thing with her that does to Jeyne in the book.

      The books are all over the place and aren’t they on the books where nothing important really happens?

      1. aren’t they on the books where nothing important really happens?


        GRRM is a far better writer than the showrunners, and throwing away one of his five or so main storylines is just insane. They’ll end up having to do some BSG-level retardation at the end of the show because of the corner they’ve painted themselves into. It’s not a coincidence that every single one of their deviations has been mind-bogglingly stupid. The Arya and the Hound Show, the where are my dragons shit, Robb’s wife with her admittedly great ass, all terrible. It’s going to get even worse as they diverge more and more from the books.

        1. If they cut out Manderly’s deceit and Stannis’ march, then what’s left?

          1. They won’t cut out Stannis’ march entirely. I don’t know if this aired already or was in the batch I watched early (and will be on next week), but Stannis is going to Winterfell.

          2. They’ve been dropping hints about Manderly’s farce, and Stannis has explicitly said he’s leaving the wall for Winterfell (from memory) “within a fortnight, before the snows trap us here”.

            1. Though it might not actually be Manderly himself that does it.

          3. If they cut out Manderly’s deceit and Stannis’ march, then what’s left?

            They cut out Manderly altogether.

            1. See what I mean? Every choice they make is stupid.

              1. Just you wait until they’ve run out of GRRM source material to deviate from. I predict that the end of the HBO series will have Jabba the Hutt on the Iron Throne.

        2. So what song for GOT will be the secret code of the universe or whatever “All Along the Watch Tower” was for BSG? I’d say something Led Zeppelin, only they’re pretty firmly with the fantasy opposition (namely, LOTR). Some sort of old metal, I think. Iron Butterfly? Or is that too old?

          1. “Rainbow in the Dark”

            And Ronnie James Dio was only 5′ 4″, so Tyrion can sing it.

            1. Or maybe “The Man on the Silver Mountain”? It seems vaguely related.

            2. Dio is a good choice. I was bummed when he died. HOLLLLY DIEEEEVUH

          2. Blue Cheer? Summer is coming, after all.

          3. “The Dornishman’s Wife”

        3. I’m assuming that what this means is that, in the (not yet published) books, Sansa either ends up at Winterfell after a successful revolt against the Boltons, or dies/does nothing of consequence.

          1. She may well die, but she’ll certainly end up at Winterfell first. She’ll just be coming with the Vale’s army, I imagine.

            1. Methinks Lord Robert must needs to be murdered before that happens.

              1. In the books he probably doesn’t need anyone to kill him. He may do that on his own.

                1. I was actually banned from the ASOIAF forums because I expressed my hope that Robert Arryn would be murdered. Then I came back under a new name and got banned for making a rather funny joke about some other character getting fucked by more dudes than Lollys Stokeworth. It’s surprising that the official fan forums for GoT and ASOIAF have such puritanical view on speech.

                2. I thought the plan was for Sansa to marry whoever is next in line after Robert. Then something tragic is supposed to happen to Robert allowing Sansa and whoever the dude is to ascend to Protector of the Vale and rightful heir of Winterfell.


                  1. That’s correct. Harold Hardyng is the next in line to the Vale. That’s how the Vale’s army will be roused to Sansa’s cause.

        4. GRRM is a far better writer than the showrunners

          Please. FFC and DWD could have been compressed into one novel with “and a bunch of stuff happened” chapters. Martin’s even admitted that something as simple as getting Tyrion to Daenarys has been a huge challenge for him.

          It’s pretty telling that the first three novels were finished in a span of nine years, and it’s taken over 15 years to complete the next three–it’s because Martin has had trouble maintaining control of his narrative.

          And lets not forget that, unlike Martin, this series is on a timeline–it probably won’t run past eight seasons, nine max, and only ten episodes per season. The writers have no choice but to cut down Martin’s narrative bloat, and they’re going to do it in the service of what will fit their episode framework, not what the fanbois think they should do.

      2. From a co.servation of character viewpoint, having Sansa take the Jeyne Poole spot on the story mskes sense. Unfortunately, it makes you wonder if Littlefinger has gone stupid.

    2. NO SPOILERS!!!!

  30. Single mother loses job at daycare before she even began it after ‘venting’ about how much she hates childcare

    Kaitlyn Walls, a 27-year-old mom who lives in the Colony, a suburb north of Dallas, told CBS-DFW that she was fired the day her new job was supposed to start, over a post that read, “I start my new job today, but I absolutely hate working at day care.” She followed that up with, “Lol, it’s all good, I just really hate being around a lot of kids.”

    According to posts on Walls’ page the drama seems to have started on her own page, then spread widely via a yard sale group on Facebook. The group has more than 8,000 members and, in the way of small towns, looks to be a bazaar for gossip and shit-starting as much as it is a place to sell old lawnmowers. Walls told CBS that she was immediately flooded with insults, mostly other women calling her a “dumb bitch” or accusing her of having “bubonic plague,” for some reason.

    “Oh man I made a big mistake,” Walls wrote on Facebook yesterday. “I’m so sad. I feel like a failure here looking at my daughter crying because I’m afraid that I’m not going to be able to find a job because of my own stupidity.”

    Well yeah lady, that’s why you don’t post everything you think for the world to see.

    1. MUAHAHAHAAHA! I can bitch all I like about hating my job, and it’s not grounds for firing me!

      1. Yeah well a person who hates being around kids would be a problem for me.

        These are children after all. Can’t take a chance.

        1. Wait, there are people who don’t hate being around kids?

          1. I know. Hard to believe.

      2. How do you even live with yourself?

    2. Ok, that’s Jezebel. I managed to live a half century without ever having been to that site. Thanks for the trigger warning you Grand Moff***r.

    3. At least she realized she was being stupid. Maybe there’s hope for her.


    Whatever you think of Obama as President, you have to admire the amount of racial healing his presidency has brought.


    Dave Navaro dating Fox Newsbabe. She is a definite step up from Carmen Electra. Way to go Dave.

    1. Dude is a babe magnet. I find the tatts and the bling and the makeup a tad off-putting but lots of chicks seem to be into that.

      1. He is ugly and dirty looking. He looks like Satan. But guitars have magical powers over women folk.

        1. I will say he was attractive during the Jane’s Addiction days – still the “bad boy” but in a good way, not in some weird-looking Johnny Depp past-his-prime thing that he’s doing now.

  33. Citizens save cop.

    Dude starts stabbing a security guard at Walmart in Houston for no apparent reason. Concerned citizens manage to disarm, subdue, and handcuff the guy without “accidentally” killimg or maiming him.

    1. Well, not an actual cop-cop.

  34. Citizens save cop.

    Dude starts stabbing a security guard at Walmart in Houston for no apparent reason. Concerned citizens manage to disarm, subdue, and handcuff the guy without “accidentally” killimg or maiming him.

    1. This is why we can’t leave law enforcement to the amateurs. They didn’t use the excuse he gave them to murder him. Rookie mistake.

    1. Is it Tulpa’s ego?

      1. Is it the gap between Tulpa’s ego and his actual ability?

        1. Consensus!

    2. Christ Christie?

    3. Continuiing today’s phallic theme, I’m going to guess God’s Divine Penis.

    4. My genetically modified penis.

    5. The *universe* itself, DUH!

    6. Epi’s mom.

    7. Something numinous. A galactic cluster-gobbling black hole?

      1. I already said Epi’s mom.

        1. I didn’t know she was an eligible answer. Something about travelling between existential planes.

    8. Apparently it’s “nothing.”

      some 100,000 galaxies are “missing” from the supervoid

      Obviously there was a time-inconsistent runcible that closed and this supervoid was on the receiving end across millions (billions?) of light-years. All organic matter in those 100,000 galaxies was obliterated.

      1. Can a void constitute a structure?

  35. How about the Capitals? and to think I thought they were going to lose until the very last second expired.

    1. Me too. I didn’t watch the game for that reason. Losing game sevens is what they do. There is definitely some kind of a disturbance going on in the force. If they were to beat the Rangers, they could actually win the cup. The Rangers are as good as anyone. Sure, no one thinks they will beat the Rangers, but no one thought they would win game seven against Islanders either. Bizarro NHL world may have just descended.

      1. Just like the choking St. Louis Blues. Lord me. Talk about being a team built for the regular season.

        Why shouldn’t they have beaten the Islanders (Halak aside)? They were ranked second after all.

        The Rangers are simply better from top to bottom. But hey, we’ll see. I know one thing. Holtby better get sharper if they fancy a chance to win because letting in softies like that ain’t gonna cut it.

        Hawks, Ducks, Rangers. Those are the best three.

        1. Holtby held the Islanders to one goal in a game seven. And they shouldn’t have beaten the Islanders because they never beat anyone in the playoffs, until now. And sure the Rangers are better. But the Caps have been better top to bottom a few years than the teams they were playing and they still lost. The overall quality of the team seems to have little bearing on the results of NHL playoff series.

          1. Trotz. Credit him.

        2. Ducks? You may not be familiar with their coach’s playoff pedigree.

          1. I’m giving weight to those two beasts Getzlaf and Perry – but point well taken.

        3. Rufus, I am skeered of Minnesota. This might be the Hawks last run at the Cup for a couple of years….effing salary cap!

      2. The Caps played a fantastic game. The Isles were simply outclassed. After the first couple of games I figured that NYR was going to pound whoever came out since neither team seemed to be playing playoff hockey, but they really figured it out by the end.

        I was really hoping for the Isles because they would have beat the shit out of the Rangers as they lost the series. I don’t think the Caps will do that, but if they can play every game like last night’s (and can keep up that ace PK) then they’re going to can possibly win.

  36. I’m betting the sub was Russian, and I’m betting that the Russians have already forgotten their lesson from the Winter War.

    Finnish navy drops depth charges onto suspected submarine

    1. Conspiracy theory incoming.

    2. If it were a winter war repeat, the Finns would have sniped the sub from a farm and sunk it in one shot.

      1. Simo Hayha is smiling in his grave.

      2. If it were a winter war repeat, the Finns would have sniped the sub from a farm and sunk it in one shot.

        I’m not so sure. Warfare was fundamentally different at the time of the Winter War, where men with rifles really made all the difference. And the Red Army of the time was nowhere near the capabilities of the modern Russian Federation military, as under supplied as it is. The Finnish infantry hidden in the snow would be spotted by thermal optics and obliterated by aircraft and missile sites a dozen miles away.

        1. It’s what’s known as a joke in some circles.

          1. wrong thread actually. I know you weren’t proposing rifles to sink subs. Cheers.

    3. I think that is a good bet. The US navy would have told the Fins. So who else would it be? If Putin is dead set on going to war with someone in the west, we could do worse than have it be Finland. My guess is that even a small Finnish army would murder Russian conscripts by the thousands and likely leave Putin disgraced and with one of his enemies putting a bullet in the back of his head. The Russians tend to be very hard on leaders who lose wars.

      1. I don’t think the Russians are trying to start a war so much as working on a way to transit subs through the baltic along the Finnish coast – much like the Viet Cong running their supply lines to the south through neutral Cambodian territory.

        The idea is that you slip through neutral coastal waters, and the big bad Nato guys you are fighting don’t see you because they aren’t allowed to conduct ASW in neutral territory.

        Bluntly, they have to figure this out, otherwise if every they do go to war with Nato, the Russian Navy will be unable to get their Crimean Fleet or their Baltic Fleet into the Atlantic/Med and will depend on their pacific fleet to carry the whole load.

      2. Surely the Russian equivalent of: “Never invade Russia in the fall” is “Never fight a ground war in Finland”.

  37. Forward thinking Irish pol

    Homosexuality: “If I had the power, I would certainly re-criminalise homosexuality, along with adultery”

    Rock music: “There is an ideology which permeates rock music and it is sexual anarchy. It is also linked to drugs.”

    Feminists: “They are responsible for the economy – they destroyed the whole concept of a family wage with the father as the bread-winner and the stay-at-home mother.”

    Europe: “I would withdraw tomorrow.”

    Hey, 1 out of 4 ain’t bad?

    1. Does he have a stand on whisky and potatoes?

      1. Or sheep?

    2. Despite her strong views, Mrs White claims she is a “true friend” to the gay community.

      I picture her straining out a “this hurts me more than it hurts you” as she’s giving the lash to her gay “friends”.

    3. I think you are going to see more of this. One of the wages of the SJWs calling every view outside of the most extreme version of their own, evil and intolerant, is that it takes away any incentive for the other side to moderate. If you are going to be called evil no matter what you say, why bother to be reasonable? Fuck them. Up until a few years ago you didn’t have to like homosexuals, you just had to tolerate them and leave them alone to be accepted into polite society. Well, now anything short than public affirmation of homosexuality makes you a hater and just as bad as someone who wants them all hung. So why bother to even try to tolerate? I think what you are going to see is more and more people who otherwise were willing to compromise on the issue going more and more militant the other way and calling for things like recriminalization and expressing open contempt.

      Politics is a bit like Newtonian physics in that for every action there is an equal reaction. The SJWs radicalization is going to produce an equal radicalization on the other side. Won’t that be fucking great?

      1. I don’t see public sentiment doing a 180 at this point, not in any reasonably-well off, Western society – barring any tremendous upheaval.

        1. I do. It might not be as public, but it will be there. At some point, people just tune out the shreeking and stop caring. And most people’s instinct is not to be tolerant of gays. Most people don’t like gays but have learned to tolerate or even like them out of a sense of societal obligation. That is a good thing. It is why societal mores are good. Well, the SJW are pissing all of that away. Once people tune out the shreeking, they will just go back to what they were before and are likely to be worse as they see gays as a source of conflict and repression and resent them for it. That won’t be a good thing for gays. And it won’t be good for society as it divides among two increasingly intolerant and fanatical factions.

          1. Once people tune out the shreeking, they will just go back to what they were before and are likely to be worse as they see gays as a source of conflict and repression and resent them for it.

            I don’t see this happening except among the set of people who don’t know any gays (or think they don’t). A set which is growing smaller and smaller.

            1. I don’t think that set is getting smaller. Unlike what you see on TV, there are not many gays out there. They are only one or two percent of the population. A whole lot of people don’t like gays. You just don’t hear about it and see it as much because it is not as public. It is most certainly there however.

      2. I think it is more likely that people will just ignore the activists more and more as they become more desperate and less relevant.

        I don’t know about Irish politics, but in the US people come out with stuff like that pretty regularly. And being reasonable and tolerant can be its own reward, even in the face of obnoxious activists.

        As I often say: I guess we’ll find out.

        1. I was not thinking about politics. I meant in society at large. The SJWs are drunk with power at the thought of running any objection to homosexuality out of the public square. That won’t cause it to go away. It will just leave it to fester in private. And that usually causes it to get worse and more virulent.

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