Andrew Napolitano on FBI Corruption and Cover-Ups

The agency cuts constitutional corners in order to incriminate, then tries to change the subject.


FBI/Public domain

Last week, the FBI was forced to admit that in the 1980s and 1990s, its agents and lab technicians who examined hair samples testified falsely in 257 of 268 cases that resulted in convictions. Of the convictions, 18 persons were sentenced to death, and 12 have already been executed. Also last week, a federal judge criticized the FBI for cutting the cable television lines to a suspect's hotel room and then pretending to be the cable guy in order to tap the suspect's phone. 

But you probably did not hear much about the FBI cable guys or the 96-percent rate of false testimony, laments Andrew Napolitano. That's because FBI leaders skillfully diverted attention from the agency's wrongdoings by picking a front-page fight with the government of Poland and conducting a dramatic, unnecessary sting on American ISIS-sympathizers who were trying to leave the country.