Brickbat: Separate But Not Equal


Esther Bubley/Public Domain

Officials with the South Bend, Indiana, school system have postponed college field trips for some third-graders. The trips were originally to include only black students, but after local media reported that students of other races would be excluded, many parents began to complain. The trips are reportedly being changed to include all students who qualify for free and reduced lunches as well as any who would be first-generation college students.

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  1. Figures that it’d be SOUTH Bend, doesn’t it?

    1. Never mind…..

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  2. To the racists in South Bend, I would just like to say:


    I’ve been waiting my entire internet to say that!

      1. *Nelson laugh*

    1. That may be the saddest thing I have ever heard.

      1. You must have led an isolated life.

  3. “Well, these colored kids, they have special educational needs…come to think of it, they have special nutritional needs, too, so we’re setting up cafeterias just for them…”

    1. What you did there, it was captured within my field of vision.

  4. Plessy much?

      1. This could get Massey.

        1. Indeed, pogi, we’ve come a long way but I’m concerned that we haven’t really put a Denton racism.

          1. Yes, things seem to be fracturing along new fault lines, shaking up the status quo.

  5. “It’s giving them a chance, it’s letting them know that there’s something else out here besides, you know, being out here in these streets.”

    Are there really kids who don’t know that black people can go to college? Do they really need to go see an actual black coed on an actual campus to believe that they to can succeed? Seems to me the people treating these kids like morons are the ones doing the kids a disservice.

    1. I recall when they had “Killer Mike” on The Independents and he tried to make the same bullshit claim. “People make it and move out the hood so there’s no good examples for kids to follow.”

      First of all, if you grew up in the hood and have the opportunity to move out but don’t, I question your sanity. Second, it’s fucking 2015 and we have this really neat thing called the Internet. Nobody needs to be in close physical proximity to anyone else to know things about them.

      1. I heard some rumor somewhere that we had a black(ish) president. I wonder if it’s true.

        1. Kenyans are not Americans.

  6. “No Whites Allowed” “Blacks Only”

    Now let’s not overreact. This is about feel good racism. It’s not like regular racism, which is a bad thing. This is a wonderful thing. It’s about progs making themselves feel superior to everyone else. It’s good racism.

  7. Wow, who could have seen this coming?

    “A new Israeli law controlling the price of books and mandating guaranteed minimum compensation for writers has had the complete opposite effect of what lawmakers had intended, with book sales now in a free fall just one year after the law went into effect.”


    1. My reaction as a content producer to just the synopsis of that law would be: “Now no publisher will ever take a chance on anything less than a sure thing”.

    2. Market failure!


    3. Well they just need to make a law forcing people to buy the books. You know who else forced people to buy something.

      1. The US government? (see PPACA)

        1. Almanian!

          1. Really? What did Almanian force people to buy?

            1. Almanian answered JB’s question with the same reference I did – only he did it whilst I was typing mine and beat me to it.

              Thus, recalling to mind the voice that only Shatner could muster when calling out Khan! ?

              I typed Almanian!

              1. Being deliberately obtuse was the joke.

                1. Wait…. What was the part in the middle?

              2. I see no difference between Almanian and Adam Lanza.

      2. The sponsors of The Affordable Care Act?

    4. Time and time and time and time and time again; evidence after proof after proof after evidence, we learn how left-wing interference in the market leads to opposite effects yet…the idiots still do it.

      They’re like Pebbles when she kept repeatedly crawling into the wall. Problem is, there’s no Fred or Wilma to pick them up and set them on the correct path or trajectory.

      By now, the big social justice babies have a concussion or are in a deep coma.

      1. If we only had the right people in charge.
        Well, clearly the free market just doesn’t work.
        More stimulus!


        1. Bad haiku right there
          Buy you did make a good point
          Keep trying my friend

          1. Was it a haiku
            Or just three lines of prog derp
            Needz moar labelz now!

  8. Though the law aimed to encourage people to read more

    …by outlawing discounts? How’s that supposed to work?

    1. Look, that result wasn’t intended, so it doesn’t matter.

    2. Oops, I P.Brooksed that.

  9. I’d like to see those white third graders shot in the back by the police.

    /Toni Morrison

    1. Toni Morrison is basically Adam Lanza in drag and blackface

      /Sheldon Richman

  10. Telling kids from tha hood that going to college is a good thing in and of itself sounds like a great way to get them to rack up a bunch of student loans before dropping out when they have no idea how to succeed in the higher education system. They should take these kids to a construction site and introduce them to a bricklayer.

    1. Take them to Mises first so they know how many bricks it takes to finish a house.

    1. Followed the thread on this and ended up at the Al Jolson wikipedia page. I learned something: Al Jolson was a hero to many African Americans.

      1. Yup. He was close friends with many black performers including Cab Calloway if memory serves me right.

        No matter. I’m surprised the SJW haven’t outlawed him yet…because…

    2. Oh Mammy,
      Well you came and you gave without taking,
      But I sent you away
      Oh Mammy,
      Well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
      And I need you today….

      1. “Hidey-ho!”

  11. The trips are reportedly being changed to include all students who qualify for free and reduced lunches as well as any who would be first-generation college students.

    Because classism is so much more acceptable than racism.

    If you had an ounce of intellegence, you’d make the activity voluntary. The people you want to exclude will do so voluntarily. For those that don’t, you can use the opportunity to have them ‘check their privilege.’ But, of course, the concept of voluntary participation in any activity is foreign to a public school administrator.

    1. It’s not about giving children the opportunity to visit a campus, it’s about left wing politics.

      1. I acknowledge that and am pointing out that there is an alternative means to their ends that would not be so obviously political. They could use the concept of free association to achieve their objective, but they are too wrapped up in taking what will be viewed as a political position by overtly fingering their enemy. There is nothing wrong about wanting to expose underprivileged kids to greater opportunities that are available to them if the desire to apply themselves to their education. But the administrators are too blinded by their political outlook to see how they are shooting themselves in the foot. They have the power to make such decisions, and since the personal is political, they make their decisions based on rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies. They don’t consider that there is no need to punish their enemies in this case and make their political hackery obvious to all.

        1. Free association! Look, you can’t train up these kids correctly if you’re going to allow them to make decisions about these types of things for themselves. They need to be taught early and often that the only answer is that which has been deemed acceptable by the hive mind and that any other answer is heretical and must be punished by exclusion, degradation, and a possible stint in the advanced learning facility where such subversive elements of thought as freedom of association can be examined, recanted, and replaced.

  12. Ah, I remember these trips!

    The teachers would send me back home the middle for some reason though…

    1. action recognized: what you did there.

      1. They also made him ride in the center of the bus on every trip.

    2. The teachers would send me back home the middle for some reason though…

      They let you get all the way to the middle? They were being generous.

    3. Ha ha, I just got it.

  13. The trips are reportedly being changed to include all students who qualify for free and reduced lunches as well as any who would be first-generation college students.


  14. Considering the disparity in female vs. male college graduates, take the young boys to college for a day.

    Watch people’s heads explode.

  15. Dr. David Moss, the director of the Department for African-American Student/Parent Services, was not available for comment.

    That’s not surprising. Surely he’s quite busy.

    1. Isn’t having a separate department for Afircan-American Student/Parent relations a violation of the civil rights act and a raft of public accomodation laws?

      1. Good Racism, supra.


  16. “The trips are reportedly being changed to include all students who qualify for free and reduced lunches as well as any who would be first-generation college students.”

    Sort of parallels the change that occurred in the country from segregating by race to segregating by class.

    1. I mean with regards to public schooling

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