Obama Backs Senate Iran Legislation, No DEA Agents Fired for Drug Cartel Prostitution Parties, Dark Matter Mapped: A.M. Links


  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted unanimously in favor of legislation that sets forth how Congress can approve or reject a deal struck between international negotiatiors and Iran. President Obama says he's willing to sign the legislation, which went through a number of revisions.
    Dark Energy Survey
  • No Drug Enforcement Administration agents were fired for partying with Colombian hookers paid for by drug cartels.
  • Congress voted to prevent a cut in Medicare reimbursements to doctors and canceled the provision for cuts that's been suspended every year since 2002. President Obama said he'd be "proud" to sign the bipartisan measure.
  • Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Iowa, where she says her grandchild is a big reason she's running for president a second time.
  • A judge ruled jurors from the trial of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev could not attend future Boston Marathons or any rembrance events for the 2013 bombing.
  • The government of Cuba praised as "fair" the United States' decision to remove the country from the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism. 
  • Singer Percy Sledge died aged 74.
  • Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have created a map of the distribution of dark matter in the universe.

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