Rubio in the Running, Russia Arms Iran, Arias Sentenced to Life in Prison: P.M. Links


  • Are we done with this? Please say we're done with this.
    Credit: Gage Skidmore / photo on flickr

    As he previously teased, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has thrown his hat into the ring to be the Republican Party's nominee for president in 2016.

  • A school employee at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina, was killed in an on-campus shooting.
  • The Jodi Arias saga is apparently over. She has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering her ex-boyfriend.
  • Russia will be sending surface-to-air missile systems to Iran, so that's nice for them.
  • The gay couple featured in Hillary Clinton's video announcing her run for president have invited her to their wedding.
  • It's not your imagination: The process of flying anywhere in the United States has gotten worse in the last year, with an increase in late flights, lost baggage, and complaints.

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