Rubio in the Running, Russia Arms Iran, Arias Sentenced to Life in Prison: P.M. Links


  • Are we done with this? Please say we're done with this.
    Credit: Gage Skidmore / photo on flickr

    As he previously teased, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has thrown his hat into the ring to be the Republican Party's nominee for president in 2016.

  • A school employee at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina, was killed in an on-campus shooting.
  • The Jodi Arias saga is apparently over. She has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering her ex-boyfriend.
  • Russia will be sending surface-to-air missile systems to Iran, so that's nice for them.
  • The gay couple featured in Hillary Clinton's video announcing her run for president have invited her to their wedding.
  • It's not your imagination: The process of flying anywhere in the United States has gotten worse in the last year, with an increase in late flights, lost baggage, and complaints.

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  1. It’s not your imagination: The process of flying anywhere in the United States has gotten worse in the last year, with an increase in late flights, lost baggage, and complaints.

    Obviously this means we need to re-regulate the airline industry!

    (an argument probably being made by somebody, somewhere)

    1. Hello.

      “Russia will be sending surface-to-air missile systems to Iran, so that’s nice for them.”

      That wasn’t part of the deal, deal!

      1. Is that you I see you in this crowd of loonies…

        I hope everyone dressed warmly to combat the warming.

        1. Climate change action my ass.

          Notice the flag next to the Quebec one? It’s the ‘Patriotes’ flag of the separatists.

          All takers and malcontented derps.

      2. They’re altering the deal. Pray they don’t alter it further.

    2. I recently flew internationally – it was a much more pleasant experience, even on United.

      1. I took a couple of domestic flights in Australia last year (as well as the flight to and from) and it was pretty simple, quick, and a lot less hassle. Plus, I was able to carry bottles of liquor onto the ‘plane – well, at least until the US bound flight.

        1. I fly pretty regularly now (domestic) and I don’t check luggage, and have seen a few cancellations due to mild weather, but overall, not that bad — flights are almost always full so I bitch about no upgrades, and I continue to loathe the TSA.

    3. How much of the increases are down to government screwing up either the air-traffic control, or the “security” goons?

      1. My belief is that it’s “pretty much all of it”

      2. All I know is that United is currently batting .700 for me on delays of an hour or more either out of or into Houston. I should just use up my miles and switch.

        1. Switch to what? Good luck on any of the other airlines being any better. I fly on United all the time (over 100K miles last year) and they absolutely suck. Trouble is, I have yet to find a domestic carrier that’s any better.

          Southwest staff may be more cordial, but I hate their mad rush to get a cramped 737 seat. Give me a reserved seat with extra leg room every time.

          1. Pay the extra 24 for advanced boarding.

            1. I do pay that and get in the A group, but there’s only one kind of seat available in those planes – narrow and cramped (unless you get on early enough to get one of the six exit row seats, and even those have no elbow room). I like economy-plus type seats on the more traditional carriers, they are worth the extra money.

              1. Got it. I keep waiting for the upgrades on United since I fly almost weekly now, but only got upgraded about twice last year.

                I have a guy who works for me and he buys the seat upgrade because of medical issues and I was able to get the company to pay for it, but no go for me. I’m too cheap to pay for it myself, but $12 on SW is doable.

                1. Switch to American. I regularly fly in first.

                2. I’m a former 1k. United treated me like shit, and all the upgrades went to Global Services. Fuck ’em, I went from 200k+ miles a year on them to zero.

          2. Yeah, and American I have to connect through Dallas. I may give Southwest a try through Hobby.

            1. Hobby is definitely easier to connect in than IAH, but Love is the tits to get in and out of compared to DFW.

    4. Look, if it weren’t for all the terrorists trying to fly, this wouldn’t happen.


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  2. “The gay couple featured in Hillary Clinton’s video announcing her run for president have invited her to their wedding.”

    New bumper sticker:
    Hillary for Prison 2016

    1. Why would you invite the nations mother-in-law to your wedding?

      1. Because she’ll get hammered and get down like she did in Cartagena?

        1. The lesbian orgy afterwards gave her the will to keep on living.

          1. Go o-…..GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!

            1. Now you’ve gone and broken Trouser-Pod. Good Job, ProL.

              1. I went to a White House staff party during my fellowship and stood within fifteen feet of the then-First Lady. So I know her better than most.

                1. stood within fifteen feet of the then-First Lady

                  So, this?

                  1. Wait, were you there, too?

                    1. Wait, were you there, too?

                      Maybe in a dream…or, something.

            2. Look, old, evil harpies have needs, too.

              1. “It’s like a pangolin down there.”

            3. Q: Why doesn’t Hilary Clinton wear short skirts?

              A: AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!I!!!!!1!!!!!!

              /Already broken. Probably

              1. Obligatory. It’s cold….and dark


  3. Is Rubio possibly the worst GOP nominee from a libertarian perspective? Even worse than Jeb I’d think.

    1. Worse than McCain was?

      1. Meant for 2016. McCain clearly the worst of recent memory.

      2. He’s more vigorous and clearly has a lot longer to live than McCain. That makes him EVEN WORSE than McCain

        1. Read some of the shit Graham is saying these days — you are un-American if you don’t support the ExIm bank.

          Holy Shit.

    2. Jeb Rubio or Marco Bush?

    3. Wait until 2020 for the Tom Cotton run.

      1. 2020 is Rand’s year.

        A perfect vision for America!

        1. /narrows gaze

          1. He can help with that.

            1. +20-20

              1. *slow clap all around*

                1. Yes. Nicely done all.

      2. I can’t hear of Tom Cotton without thinking “M-O-O-N spells vote for me.”

        1. +1 Deaf and Dumb

      3. According to Gawker, Tom Cotton’s not even human.

        I always love when a writer who has reached the lofty heights of Gawker contributor writes about what a moron the Harvard Law grad is.

        1. He’s not a moron. But he’s a little hotter on military solutions than I’d like.

      4. “Wait until 2020 for the Tom Cotton run.”

        He seems to be angling for this. However, he may be influenced by the impatient hawks to run this time around should Paul gain too much traction early on, I think. It’s early and I’m obviously speculating overmuch, but this has occurred to me. If Graham enters (gasp) Cotton would be rather redundant, so we have that, Irish.

    4. Probably better than Clinton.

    5. Well, the quadrennial Santorum-Huckabee big-spending SoCon position hasn’t been filled yet.

      1. Ben Carson.

  4. Ontario to sign cap-and-trade agreement with Quebec to cut carbon emissions

    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will sign an agreement today to join Quebec in a cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    ?She said the deal will create a “market mechanism” to encourage companies to move toward reducing emissions that lead to climate change.

    1. Because everyone knows the Industrial Wasteland of Canada is in urgent need of Carbon-Emissions Reductions

      1. No, its just one more thing for greentards to not waste their breath on.

        1. Greentards restricting their breathing?

          A carbon cap I can support!

      2. Like Australia, their reductions will result in a 0.0003 deg C cooler world. Awesome trade-offs are in store for you citizens of beaver and kangaroo land.

    2. And Obamacare is a “market mechanism” too.

    3. ?She said the deal will create a “market mechanism” to encourage companies to move toward reducing emissions that lead to climate change Saskatchewan or Alberta.

      Fixed that for her..

      1. Precisely.

        We’re POST-DERP in Upper and Lower Canada.

    4. She said the deal will create a “market mechanism” to encourage companies to move toward reducing emissions that lead to climate change.


    5. Ontario and Quebec. Frick and Frack.

      1. No Rufus. No Frack. Just Frick and Fricker.

        1. Mmm. Fricker’s. Need me some chicken wings.

          1. Is Fricker’s any good? Also, why do they own several Bob’s Big Boy’s?

            /Temporarily in Dayton because consulting/death wish.

            1. Yes, it’s delicious. Also, it’s Frisch’s Big Boy, not Fricker’s Big Boy. Rookie mistake.

              1. Oh, OK. Yeah, only been here a week. Will try them. Have visited The Oregon District, which… had bars.

                1. Have a Frickin chicken sandwich for me. They’re a poor man’s Hooters.

                  You must be consulting for the USAF or related firm; everything else left Dayton.

    6. Just another reason for me to move out of province as soon as possible.

    7. This is like one of those wacky sports bet things mayor do, right?

  5. Russia will be sending surface-to-air missile systems to Iran, so that’s nice for them.

    So that Iranians can shoot down commercial airliners.

    1. Or Israeli fighters.

      1. “Or Israeli fighters.”

        What use are your surface-to-air missiles if someone disables them by cyber-attack?


    “Waves in Guinness”

    We show that waves can occur through an instability analogous to that which forms roll waves in inclined fluid flows, and we provide a description of the form of these waves, and compare them to observations. Our theory provides a platform for the description of waves in more general bubbly two-phase flows, and the way in which the flow breaks down to form slug flow.

    1. I read that as “Waves OF Guinness” and got really excited.
      Re-read and now haz disappoint.

      1. My first thought was that there had to be a Guinness World Record for the biggest wave.


  7. French Mathematician Discovers “Universal Asshole Formula” to explain Why Hipsters Exist

    In unrelated news = Coachella is Hella Awesome, Bro

    1. My ex was diagnosed with a personality disorder. My first thought: “They have a pill that cures raging twat these days? Well done, science.”

      1. Except that “personality disorders” are permanent, can’t be cured, and can only be treated by expensive, patented psychotherapy schemes (all of which that I’ve seen have been obvious scams when one looked at the “literature” used to promote them) that don’t change dick. On the other hand, I’ve yet to hear of a condition (including actual problems in life, such as being beaten by one’s husband) that most dickhead pseudotherapists don’t think will be made better by antidepressants. I’ve also seen them pushed by anatomical physicians for a dozen different actual somatic problems.

        1. patented psychotherapy schemes

          CBT isn’t patented, moron.

    2. Yeah, I bought into that proof.

      Before it was cool.

      1. Yep, no sexists here!

        1. Welcome to Retardation: A Celebration. Now, hopefully with this book, I’m gonna dispel a few myths, a few rumors. First off, the retarded don’t rule the night. They don’t rule it. Nobody does. And they don’t run in packs. And while they may not be as strong as apes, don’t lock eyes with ’em, don’t do it. Puts ’em on edge. They might go into berzerker mode; come at you like a whirling dervish, all fists and elbows. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.

      2. I saw a T-shirt somewhere that said, “I liked all the bands you like 5 years ago”


        1. ONLY if they wear that shirt ironically

          1. Would that make the shirt a well pressed garment?

            What say you of hats worn at a jaunty angle, Almanian?

            1. Once I went in for a psychologic evaluation, and the psychologist’s report concluded that I “had” a narcissistic personality disorder, based largely upon two key points: I came in with my hat at an “obnoxious” angle and that I drew a very small clock.

  8. Barry Bonds trolls the Baseball Writers of America.

  9. I see Rubio, and all I hear is Eddie Money singing, “Gimme some water!!”

    1. Not ‘Take me Home Tonight’ or ‘I think I’m in love’?

      1. “Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-she was SHAKIN’!”

    1. You know which other German wrote a book and died?

      1. I know a guy like that. Dolph Hilter of Minehead. Lovely gent, who sadly passed away last month. He had a dream of reunifying Europe, though he was unclear on the details.

    2. Tom Wolfe fucking disassembled him.


    “Can Playing the Computer Game ‘Tetris’ Reduce the Build-Up of Flashbacks for Trauma? A Proposal from Cognitive Science”

    Playing “Tetris” after viewing traumatic material reduces unwanted, involuntary memory flashbacks to that traumatic film, leaving deliberate memory recall of the event intact.

    1. Well, after playing Tetris I tend to wander around in a Thorazine-like haze seeing only cascading shapes for about 12 hours.

      1. Back in the late 80’s when 286 was king, I knew a guy who was almost kicked out of West Point because he couldn’t stop playing Tetris.

        1. I had a few friends like that in college who played Tetris nonstop for an entire summer. One of them failed History of Western Civilization I for the second time that summer. He was a History major.

        2. When I got it on NES, my friend pointed out that tears were running down my face because I wasn’t blinking.

          1. You should have kept to a unicycle, SugarFree, like the old timers:


      The 1999 World Tetris Champion recently earned a PhD in physics.

  11. Speaking of the gay couple in the Clinton announcement:

    Hillary Clinton’s ad announcing her entry into the 2016 presidential race was hit with an “18+” age rating while airing on Russia’s Dozhd TV channel for its inclusion of a gay couple, ABC News reports:

    DozhdA spokesperson for Dozhd TV told ABC News that it had decided to include the age warning in order to avoid risking falling foul of the Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda” law, which bans the promotion of “non-traditional” relationships to minors.

    Why is a Clinton campaign ad even running in Russia?

    1. To solicit “donations” to her “foundation”

    2. Everyone in Russia thinks Hillary is *Hil*arious

      Putin still owns the planet for his “Women can be emotional, its useless to argue with them”-diss

      1. Eh, meant the sexist comment to go here. Strangely it can work either place.

        1. “Eh, meant the sexist comment to go here. Strangely it can work either place.”

          Sometimes I wonder if you intentionally let certain things slip, Bo.

    3. Still trying to hit the “reset button” with Putin?

      1. Sorry, but when I think “Hillary Clinton” and “red re-set button”, I have SugarFree flashbacks.

    4. Because the world is obsessed with the US. It was the most important US news on Sunday, when nothing else seemed to happen. I saw excerpts of Clinton’s ad on French, German, Austrian, and Finnish news programs yesterday.

      1. I saw excerpts of Clinton’s ad on French, German, Austrian, and Finnish news programs yesterday.

        I’m more than a little envious of your cosmopolitanism.

        1. You should see him at REASON parties….


        2. After I got the results of my DNA test I unexpectedly discovered that I’m a quarter Finnish. That somehow didn’t improve my absolutely non-existent Finnish listening comprehension skills.

          1. I don’t think I even know what Finnish sounds like.

            *goes to Youtube*

            Yes, I’m certain I have no idea what Finnish sounds like.

            1. The most plausible explanation that my grandmother was a Vepsian, but neither she nor her immediate family spoke the language or identified as such.

              1. I’m still trying to dig in on my mother’s side of the family. Our mDNA is X2c1, which apparently shows up only in concentration in some isolated Hutterite communities, the Algonquians, or the Druze. Top results include Stormfront and an article titled “X2c1: Aliens, Mormons, the Remnants of Atlantis? and Me

            2. Speak Finnish?

              I thought you just had to drop the mic to let people know you are Finnish

          2. “I’m a quarter Finnish.”

            I’m half done! If we had a kid it would be completely over.

          3. I have a visceral distaste for Swedish spelling conventions. Maybe I also bear some Finn blood.

    5. “News”. I’ve heard the audio of it on both the podcasts from Radio France International and the CBC news that I listen to in the mornings. The one from Switzerland might have had it, but I don’t recall.

      Multiple broadcasters had the same press release from Human Rights Watch about Palestinian olive growers today, too.

  12. Posted in an earlier thread, still hilarious.

    Tennessee newspaper declares that the NRA convention will cause sex-trafficking.

    “While the ad noted “Raquel’s” age as 20, and “Fiona” as 21, the photos depict women who could pass for adolescent girls. Adjectives such as “sweet” and “baby” used in the description are often red flags for underage girls, advocates said.”

    Sure these girls say they’re over 20 and we have no evidence to suggest otherwise, but they’re still probably underage sex slaves.

    1. Adjectives such as “sweet” and “baby” used in the description are often red flags for underage girls, advocates said

      Or, it could be a marketing ploy of the women plying their wares. Why do ‘advocates’ always assume that all women who are trading sex for cash are sex slaves and not independent contractors?

      1. Much like these same scolds probably use the words “attractive” or “fun” in online dating profiles.

      2. The best is when they quote a 42 year old man trying to get a booty call on Craigslist and somehow claim that this is related to prostitution.

        1. Exactly. Everyone knows the hookers are on Backpage.

      3. There’s probably women trying to pass as possibly underage, but they’d be using commonly accepted euphemisms for underage girls. While ‘think of the children’ is often used as a way to put the kibosh on adult transactions, those euphemisms have traction as a marketing tool for a reason.

        1. Yes, a lot are probably pretty used up 30 year olds that just dress in school skirts and pigtails.

          As someone on another blog wrote about this, I wonder where all the articles about sex trafficking are during CES or other lefty conventions? I guess they are all more pure than evil gun owners.

          1. You get what you pay for.

      4. “Looking for generous men.”

        Because Feminists of the MacKinnon-Dworkin school argue (seriously) that women who do things they disagree with lack agency as evidenced by their disagreement.

      5. It could be. Look, they’re just asking questions.

    2. This is all moot since the NRA forcibly removed the firing pins of the attendees.

      1. +1 Rimfire

    3. Adjectives such as “sweet” and “baby” used in the description are often red flags for underage girls, advocates said.

      “That’s real retarded, sir.”

    4. It really is shoddy journalism to use a NRA convention as the backdrop for a story about online sex commerce and potential sexual exploitation. Good journalism would compare the number of relevant Backpage listings by type at various conventions such as the DNC, the RNC, trial lawyers, law enforcement, lobbyists, Southern Baptists, religious broadcasters, NRA, etc.

      The following sentence, however, was striking for another reason: “Inside TBI headquarters, agents in the “fusion center” monitor popular websites that advertise trafficking and prostitution.”

      Of course, the “fusion center” is a creation of Homeland Security. The first criminal application of the Patriot Act was to crack down on strip clubs in Las Vegas. Now we learn that Homeland Security’s fusion centers are used to crack down on commercial sex. I suppose there is no human activity that is outside of the scope of anti-terrrorism legislation.

      1. “commercial sex”

        It must have been something to live back in the days when there was any other kind.

  13. I guess the versict on Arias was not hot wnough to support that level of crazy?

    1. I.approve.of.tihs comment.

      1. db! You caught the.dots.again! I.hadn’

        1. I haven’t been around much.

          1. I’ve been working on the upcoming release of Fallout 4.

            1. I would like to know more.

            2. Really?? I’d love to hear whatever you can tell about it!

              1. Or, what Scruffy said.

            3. Can we get a H-y-R easter egg put in?

              1. Wow, did I just successfully troll on Fallout 4 hopes? I feel so dirty. I fear karma will overtake me.

    2. Well, as you know, Florida verdicts are all based on the attractiveness of the defendant.

      1. Shit – I’d better never move back, then.

    1. “We’re moving just so my daughter can start in a better kindergarten.”

      Sorry, you’re the 1%.

    2. Ugh — two things:

      “I want you to get ahead — and stay ahead”. I assume she means that she wants you to get into the middle class and stay in the middle class, because in the same commercial she also said she thinks people at ‘the top’ get too much. So her goal is for people to become somewhat successful (have a job), but not too successful, or then they are evil, right? And you are just ‘staying ahead’ of welfare?

      Why do politicians always stick their thumb up out of a closed fist when they are saying something important? Are they trying to avoid pointing? It’s like one of those drinking games where you drink if you forget and point with your fingers, so you point to everything using your elbow.

  14. Spot the Not: Lyrics of jihad songs

    1. We are those who built our forts out of skulls

    2. We will go forth as soldiers crushing our enemies

    3. They are not afraid of death or the jaws of the years

    4. We are the ones who trampled with our steeds the thrones of empires

    5. I am born to win, slay, and maim them

    6. They cast terror into the hearts of different nations

    1. I think 5 is a Manowar lyric

      1. Agree

        1. Circle gets the square.

    2. You should add more and turn it into a quiz: “Jihad song or death metal?”

    3. All of them are not. This is actually the track list for DragonForce’s next album.

    4. 6 sounds a little Jewish to me.

      1. Oh man, you are way off. That’s from a Somali Al Shabaab song. Actually, the song is not in Somali. It’s a dialect of Swahili called Chimwiini or Bravanese. Bravanese is an awesome name for a language.

        I could pick out the Swahili when I listened, but I could tell it was not standard Swahili. For example, instead of saying milima (mountains), they say majebali.
        The verb conjugations are similar, but not the same.

        I’m sure I’m on list now for looking up all this stuff.

        1. I was thinking of Psalm 9:20

          Strike them with terror, LORD; let the nations know they are only mortal.

    5. Not fair. Too much overlap with metal.

    6. 1. Unless it’s a really bad translation, it sounds like Megadeth.

    7. #2? One of the alternate verses from “Be All that Can Be”

    8. 5 is the not. That is from the Swedish power metal band Hammerfall:

    9. Wouldn’t forts built out of skulls be extremely brittle and require a lot of mortar to fill in space?

      1. Maybe just a facade of skulls? I bet a wall-o’-skulls would be really drafty no matter what you did with it.

      2. The monks of Capuchin have extensive experience in stacking skulls:…..ery_skulls .jpg

      3. The walls at Jericho are the oldest fortifications around, and they have human heads in them.

  15. “The gay couple featured in Hillary Clinton’s video announcing her run for president have invited her to their wedding.”

    So she HAS to attend, right? Or else a bunch of people that don’t know her will threaten to firebomb her business?

    1. “Hillary regrets that she will be unable to attend. She had a long-standing previous engagement for that date, as evidenced by her personal e-mails, which — as is well-known — were deleted.”

  16. Spot the Not: Soviet propaganda slogans

    1. Down with religious holidays!

    2. Death to world capitalism!

    3. Don’t blab!

    4. Let’s crush the enemy under an avalanche of steel!

    5. Head-on deliberate midair collision is a weapon of heroes!

    6. Our enemies are all those in league with imperialism!

    Fun tidbit I found while researching:

    Much anti-religious efforts were dedicated to promoting science in its place.[152] In the debunking of a miracle?a Madonna weeping tears of blood, which was shown to be rust contaminating water by pouring multicolored waters into the statue?was offered to the watching peasants as proof of science, resulting in the crowd killing two of the scientists.[153]

    Poor scientists. Everybody hates a spoilsport.

    1. I’ll say #4

      1. That sounds quite real to me.

        Another real one is, “Communism equals Soviet Power plus electrification of the entire country!”

      2. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the poster with #4.

    2. 6. It was Spanish-American war propaganda.

    3. I saw #5 when I was looking WW2 propaganda posters last week, so it’s legit (it is much shorter in Russian, tartan is weapon of heroes).

      All of those are plausible, so let’s just go #1 because it’s counter-intuitive.

      1. Oh for an edit button….

        taran is weapon of heroes in Russia.
        tartan is weapon of heroes in Walter Scott novels.

        1. Taran just means “battering ram”. A better translation would be “[the] ramming weapon of heroes!”

          1. I read it as, “Ramming, the hero’s weapon!”.

            1. Though perhaps the proper English martial substantive “rambuscade” would be appropriate than the geroond.

        2. I thought a tartan was a boat?

        3. tarran is an H&R commenter
          tartan is a Scottish plaid

    4. 3. Discourages the informers.

      1. agreed

        1. That is a…handsome woman.

          What she really needs is to bedazz that worker’s kerchief.

    5. #3 is ubiquitous so Imma say #2.

      Too direct?

    6. 6 is the not. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said that after being brainwashed by communists:

  17. Chicago Rejects Outright Socialism = Still Completely Fucked, However

    “The failure over many years to address the hole the city has dug for itself will finally catch up with Chicago if radical action isn’t taken soon to resolve the budget and pension problems, warn bankers, investors and fiscal policy experts horrible Republican shits”
    “The higher taxes are, the more people leave the state so there are less people to pay the taxes,” said Ty Fahner, a former Illinois Attorney General and a partner at law firm Mayer Brown in Chicago in a recent interview.

    Emmanuel responded to these criticisms by shrieking, “LIES!!” and suggesting that a Government-Run Casino would solve everyone’s problems””

    1. suggesting that a Government-Run Casino would solve everyone’s problems

      Wasn’t sure if serious. You were.

      1. Government-run Casino. Where the waitresses all look like Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama and hand out free lettuce.

    2. Emmanuel responded to these criticisms by shrieking, “LIES!!” and suggesting that a Government-Run Casino would solve everyone’s problems””

      Well, if Minnesota fell for that “pull tabs will pay for the new Vikings stadium” bullshit, anything’s possible.

      1. Hey! We were told that there was a serious study that proved that e-pull tabs would pay for everything.

        Sure that study was created by the e-pull tab industry, but I’m sure they were as honest as thee day is long.

    3. The higher taxes are, the more people leave the state so there are less people to pay the taxes.

      There’s an easy solution to that problem:

      Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

  18. Here’s the kind of thing that gives the idea of rape culture continuing traction

    “… two Troy University students were arrested in connection with a video that McKeithen said showed a “gang rape” that occurred on the beaches of Panama City Beach last month.

    McKeithen said the video shows a 19-year-old victim who appeared to be incapacitated on a chair behind Spinnaker Beach Club when she was assaulted by multiple men. McKeithen said the incident occurred “in the broad, open daylight,” and hundreds of bystanders did not try to stop the incident or report it to authorities. ”….._gang.html

    1. Except that the people who prattle on about “rape culture” think it exists in places like white fraternities. They don’t want to see it among blacks. That would be racist.

      I had a girlfriend who was once at a feminist meeting in the ’70s. The group was told that the entire idea that white women were ever raped by black strangers was a “myth.” She was too intimidated to speak up and say that it had happened to her.

      1. Even if true, she’s right to hold her peace, as openly talking about it would re?nforce the racist atmosphere that keeps in circulation the myth of the black rapist of guileless young white women. One has to weigh the realisticness of the narrative that it implies versus the truthfulness of the account.

    2. One incident does not a culture make.

      What they need to show, but can’t (at least in this country) is a widespread pattern of rape that is tolerated.

      For real rape culture, you need to go to other countries.

      1. While a predominant rape culture is obviously not present, there may be a subculture prevalent in certain groups that has some effects that are something like rape culture, but I think that it would be better seen as a symptom of a more extensive anti-freedom set, a subculture that completely denies any freedom of action under control of any person, supported by an absurd congeries of rationalisations, sophistries, and a heavily deadened sense of cognitive dissonancy, that might itself be seen as characteristic of a wider anti-thought culture.

  19. Squee. Extended clips from Jurassic World. I’m ready for Chris Pratt.

    1. I met him this weekend. Super nice guy.

      1. *faints*

        Tell me EVERYTHING.

        1. So I went to the hilton to have a drink with friends and family. He was at the bar and my cousin’s girlfriend has a huge crush, but decided not to come with us. So my cousin had to get a photo to show her what she missed. Super friendly and happy to take a photo. He was in Orlando to do a triathlon. When he left the bar he went out of his way to say bye to us. Couldn’t have been nicer.

          1. Wow, I’m now even more sad that I don’t have one of my very own.

            I guess I’ll just have to drown my sorrows in a bottle of lube and this gif.

            Hmmm, googling that gif has totally blown any potential of the rest of my work day being productive.

            1. I would love to click your gif, but I’m on a work network.

              1. It’s just a looped snippet of Chris Pratt pulling on a shirt in Guardians of the Galaxy.

                Luckily I’m the only person in my company who knows how to check web history.

          2. which tri, Florida 70.3 IM?

    1. Well – a brother’s gotta eat

    2. No I’m not. I’ve just had a busy day, with the squirrels and all….

  20. Is anybody else getting violated with anti-virus warnings whenever they click a link on the Chrome browser?

    Having issues, ran two separate virus scans with Avast, still getting rerouted to a stupid warning page. To add insult to injury, the warning pages’ message is on autoplay.

    1. not I

      1. The wierd thing is it is just on Chrome. I can switch to Firefox or even *shudders* IE and there are no problems. Just Chrome.

    2. No but the squirrels have been intercepting my comments and storing them for the winter.

    3. Post a screenshot of the page you’re seeing. It sounds like a rogue Chrome extension pretending to be antivirus software.

      There are other possibilities, but we won’t get into them quite yet.

      1. Whatever it was, ccleaner seems to have removed the issue.

    1. You’re a bad man, Rich. Belly belly bad.

      1. Just *asking*!

    2. How about in Benghazi?

      What difference, at this point, does it make?

  21. Anyone else get a chance to watch the new Daredevil series on Netflix yet? I’m about 7 episodes in and am really enjoying it. I was expecting it to be consistent with the tone of the Marvel movies only with a couple more uses of the word “shit” thrown in, but I’m surprised at how much they’ve tuned it to an adult audience.

    I was pleasantly surprised with all the graphic torture, compound fractures, and side boob. I definitely recommend it as a nice change of pace for relief from superhero fatigure. Anyone else enjoying it?

    1. I’m starting it tonight. My brother is a big comics nerd and ripped through the entire season and loved it. I guess Netflix is doing all the “Marvel Knights” storylines (with the exception of Punisher because APPARENTLY NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DO A REVENGE STORY CORRECTLY).

    2. Just watched the first three episodes, and, DAYUM! You are right in all aspects, Weapon

    3. Thanks. What with Justified and Better Call Saul wrapping up, I need me a new video thang. That looks like it might do.

      1. Turn is worth watching as well

  22. Uh oh, looks like Santorum is ready to run again.

    I go back 13 years to when I was in the Senate and stood up and said, ‘If the Supreme Court decides a case this way, then all these bad things are going to start happening.’ And I said we would have same-sex marriage in this country in ten years. I was wrong: it was five years. And I was put through a national wringer like no one had been put through and I have been put through over and over and over again because I am not going to back down from what I believe is the right course for our country.


    [I have been] fighting for the truth and not the perversion that we saw the media try to ram down the public’s throat about what Indiana and Arkansas were doing.

    1. Was he ever not ready to run? He’s never been know for his viscosity.

      1. What you did there…

        1. It’s a lube and poop joke.

          1. I SAW.

    2. *shivers uncontrollably*

    3. I’d like to make a formal request of Hit & Run, that they make permanent the post that features his speech when he drops out of the race. With comments on for all time. Someone needs to create a permanent home for our Viking Moose.

      1. Where the child was crying salty-ham tears?

        that was indeed an all-time-classic

        1. Yes, and where the boy had the 1,000-yard stare. A blog within a blog within a blog. Almost as good as the Day of the Commenters.

    4. Read-Between-The-Lines Subtext: Santorum wants to ram a perversion down someone’s throat in public.

    5. Was he ever doing phrasing?

      1. He’s done more damage to Catholics and sweater vests than I ever could have.

        1. It’s not legal for Catholics to be president, is it?

          1. Well they killed the last one so. …

            1. It’s a harsh punishment, but the law is the law.


      Apparently “we” are not, jesse — SF caught the running Santorum.

  23. 8th Grader Faces Felony Charges for Changing Teacher’s Computer Background

    Eight-grader Domanik Green was arrested on felony charges in Holiday, Fla. Wednesday after breaking into his teacher’s computer to change the background picture to two men kissing.

    Green, 14, who was released the day of his arrest, said that he broke into the computer of teacher he didn’t like after realizing that faculty members’ passwords were simply their last names, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Green, who previously faced a three-day suspension for a similar prank, said that many students got in trouble for breaking into teachers’ computers.

    “Even though some might say this is just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done,” Sheriff Chris Nocco told the Tampa Bay Times Thursday.

    Thank Aqua Buddha that the school system and the police worked together to get this demented juvenile future-terrorist off of the streets before he did something really violent like change all of the teachers’ passwords or give himself straight As.

    1. Urban legend time. I’ve heard that couple of kids put child porn on a teacher’s laptop. They were narc’d on by a cousin of theirs. The teacher was lucky the cousin ratted them out.

    2. “Even though some might say this is just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done,”

      Any half-decent IT professional? I mean, I’ve no expertise, but on occasion I scroll back through the activity log on my Mac to figure out what it’s been up to when it randomly rousts itself from sleep in the night. I imagine the forensics aptitude of a professional is more than adequate to suss out what tomfoolery the kid got up to.

      1. The public school system probably doesn’t have even a half-decent IT professional. The computers are probably maintained by a middle-aged ex-school librarian that took internet-only classes from Eastern Northern New Hampshire College of The Strip Mall.

        1. My first mistake was skipping the article:

          he broke into the computer of teacher he didn’t like after realizing that faculty members’ passwords were simply their last names

          Half-decent, indeed.

        2. Eastern Northern New Hampshire College of The Strip Mall

          *narrows eyes*

          The strip mall is at least a 15 minute walk from campus, thank you.

        3. The public school system probably doesn’t have even a half-decent IT professional.

          Because a half-decent IT professional is expensive and there’s no political constituency for that sort of spending.

        4. The local governments’ various IT departments have been on a hiring freeze for, oh, 7 years so they get bids from IT firms to build on building them systems and then use the proposals as blueprints to build their systems.

      2. Seems like he did what he did, and so we in fact do know what he would have done–exactly what he did. The proposition that we don’t know what he would have done seems nonsensical.

    3. faculty members’ passwords were simply their last names

      If that’s true, I’d vote to acquit. And if possible charge the faculty with Stupidity Unbecoming.

      1. Except the entire jury will be unable to remember if their password is jesus, Jesus, jesus1, or Jesus1, so the defense won’t play well.

        1. Probably round eighty per cent of people that’s passwords I know, it’s the pet’s name followed by a number. 2 seems commonest. 1 and 4 probably second commonest. It wasn’t always like that. Used to be a bit more inventive. 6969 and 1337 for instance were a couple of the most popular numerical suffixes on a password years back. I remember my mother when she had me set up an email account for her, I told her she need a password. She asked if she could use “key”. She could, and did. Later, they decided that three character keys were inadequately secure and required everybody to have at least five letters. So she had me change it to “kkkey”. Later on, the minimal length was again increased. She cast about for a minute trying to think of something, and finally said, “windows”. She was using the Windows operating system at that time.

          1. And you allowed this?

    4. Lol,

      My brother has a “6-screen computer monitor” setup that he uses solely to impress clients so that they think he’s running some kind of NORAD-level operation….

      …so, one day he asked me to help him fix stuff on his computer, and while he was out, i set his background desktop image to this

      It looked awesome. he was not amused.

    5. “Even though some might say this is just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done,”

      Like deleting 30,000 of Hillary’s emails from her private server? Oh, who am I kidding. Changing the desktop wallpaper of a teacher’s computer is soo much worse.

      1. something something FAKE SKANDULL!!!! BOOOOOOOSH!!!!


    I miss the 80s. I feel old. That is all.

    1. The Guardian frequently epitomises the modern British wuss.

      1. “By the end I was filled with repulsion, or my own meek version of it. I was furious that someone who had made a career out of being charming was so utterly charmless. I wanted him to experience pain and failure. I fantasised about him getting parking tickets and grazing his knees on a hot day. But mostly I just wanted to go on the internet and say mean things about him.

        So, through clenched fists (which makes it very hard to type), I did my best to make Jeffries hurt. Across two tweets I said: “.@RossJeffries it is blowing my mind what a charmless and dislikable person you are. I’ve never gone online just to tell someone how much their personality revolts me before but listening to you has been so foul. I hope your choices have made you happy.”
        A score of disgusted listeners had [also] voiced their dislike for Jeffries. He only replied with “your hate makes me stronger” and claims that his appearance on the show had encouraged more people to sign up to his courses. One woman tweeted: “You perpetuate that attraction equals entitlement and that women are dolls to manipulate in order to get laid.” Jeffries replied: “Whatever happens, I have got a giant cock, and you have not.”

        1. “Whatever happens, I have got a giant cock, and you have not.”

          I hope Hilaire Belloc would approve of this as I do.

  25. Jodi Arias sentenced to life in prison.

    But Oscar Pistorius got only five years.


    Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Those mid-afternoon naps are killer.

    1. Casey Anthony walked.

      Aqua Buddha keeps things balanced on a long timeline.

    2. Pistorius is a *cripple*. Have you no heart?

      1. Well, sure, but also a) white, b) successful, and c) owned a gun. With that sort of cultural baggage it’s a wonder he didn’t kill women on the regular.

        1. Sorry. Late-afternoon nap. 😉

  26. Hipsters everywhere wail in agony……..mediately/

    8. Pabst Blue Ribbon – contains GMO corn and GMO corn-syrup

    1. caramel coloring is made from ammonia

      That explains a *lot*.

  27. Huh, pretty sure lying is in the big 10, no?

    Eric Reece Wiethorn (right), a 49-year-old man from Ames, Iowa was arrested for first-degree harassment for a letter he sent to Blazing Saddle, a gay bar in Des Moines, Iowa containing a death threat and a white powder that Wiethorn had said was the deadly poison “anthrax” but turned out to be Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

    Wiethorn’s letter said: “This is your punishment for sinning against God, and hopefully you’ll die from the anthrax on this letter.”

    I’m so sad there isn’t a gay bar called “Blazing Saddle” near me.

    1. If your “saddle” is “blazing”, that just means you aren’t using enough lube.

      Or you need a fire extinguisher.

      1. A dab of antibiotic ointment would cure that right up.

        1. There are yeasts that can not be so readily extincted once they get rooted up.

      2. Or perhaps you should take yourself out of the rotation for a while out of concern for your fellow man.

      3. That’s what the Gold Bond was for. Ungrateful bitches.

    2. It’s bearing false witness against someone that’s the sin.

      1. Fine, fine, be that way. Can I categorize him under Proverbs 26:18-19?

        Like a maniac shooting
        flaming arrows of death
        is one who deceives their neighbor
        and says, “I was only joking!”

        Although if we’re getting technical he never said “I was only joking”

        1. Fine, fine, be that way. Can I categorize him under Proverbs 26:18-19?

          I think that’s an outstanding idea.

          BTW, Flaming Arrows of Death is a very metal name for a band.

    3. You’ll have to make do with its sister establishment, Young Rammenstein.

    4. If *only* Wiethorn had said “hopefuly you’ll get relief from the powder on this letter.”

      1. Haaa. Schwing!

      2. That was very funny. Thank you.

    5. If you’re ever in San Antonio, I can recommend Bananas. It’s a gay bar that was accidentally taken over by oblivious local pool players. Great tables, talented bartenders.

    6. “‘im so sad there isn’t a gay bar called “Blazing Saddle” near me”

      My favorite gay bar – ‘Rawhide‘ – closed a while back

      It was sort of a late-90s/early 2000s proto-hipster thing to hang out in leather bars. however, when the hipsters started outnumbering the gays they started to tell people to fuck off. it was still always just ‘locals’ during the happy hour, and the singer in my band lived above the place, so it was a frequent place to pop-in.

      1. It was sort of a late-90s/early 2000s proto-hipster thing to hang out in leather bars.

        I had a long talk with a friend in NOLA about the local leather/fetish bar we were in being overrun with random straight people over the last 10-15 years. A prim looking woman wandered in and sat down to have a beer to punctuate the whole thing.

  28. OT: This afternoon I watched Paul Begala and Bill Kristol talk to Jake Tapper, so if any of you would like me to educate you about politics, let me know.

  29. Florida Gov. in Calif. to Poach Jobs

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – Florida Gov. Rick Scott is the latest state leader on a jobs-poaching trip to California.

    Scott will visit a jobs forum in Los Angeles on Monday, where he will discuss why California businesses should move their operations to Florida.

    This is the second jobs-seeking trip Scott has made this year. In both instances, Scott is visiting states led by Democratic governors.

    Scott has already taken shots at California Gov. Jerry Brown and his “tax-and-spend administration.”

    A spokesman for Brown said last month that it makes sense for Scott to visit California since its economy is accelerating and the state is creating jobs. Evan Westrup also said he hopes Scott’s stay is “enjoyable and educational.”

    I find it interesting that the court scribe characterizes courting business as “poaching” which suggests that the state of California has some ownership interest in those businesses.

    1. Oh, man, the comments.

      In our college dorm there was some demented maniac on our wing that listened to “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles endlessly at wall-rattling volume. He was nearly lynched by an angry crowd after about one long uninterrupted month of this bullshit, and then wisely decided to move somewhere else. People were carving death threats into his door with pocket knives.

      1. This is one of the grandest things I’ve read in a while.

        Thanks for that, HoD.

      2. Could have been worse. Could have been Adam & the Ants “Car Trouble”. Or, for certain people I’ve known, Harry Belafonte singing “Merci bon dieu”.

        1. Outkast doing “Hey Ya”.


  30. I was so happy to be able to poke the progs today in class. It made me so happy to butter them up and get them going, just to turn around and give them a taste of their own medicine.

    We were discussing the need for compulsory education, and I got them going about how the poor and the downtrodden are so disadvantaged that they need schooling, even if their parents aren’t supportive, because education will give them a chance for success, etc. Then, I flipped it on them, telling them all to check their privilege and realize that they were being patronizing by trying to tell a bunch of poor black people that they should be forced to educate their children because we supposedly know better than them how to run their lives.

    The silence was so gratifying… the “but, but, it is better for their kids to be educated” was even more so. The tasty prog tears were the best when the privilege faction turned on the do-gooder faction, and they had a fight over whether urban black culture was one to be respected, or whether we needed to intercede to force them to be educated.

    I write to you all, full of hearty prog tears, telling you that needling progressives is fun.

    1. OK, lemme see if the skwerlz let me post….

      Your ideas are intriguing, and I am interested in subscribing to any newsletters you may publish.

      Well done!

    2. They will be back to deep cognitive dissonance soon enough, but hopefully you got one or two to rethink their worldview.

      1. It’s shocking to see how many of them are “it is because that’s how it is” types. You would think that people who are pro-gay marriage, anti-burquah, anti-religion progressives would appeal a little less to tradition, but that’s really all they did. Education is good because … well … because it’s good! Never mind the fact that western culture’s view of education is based on the idea that education is good because it teaches you to be a better evangelist for God, secular education is good!!!!

        Literally their only reason for compulsory education that was remotely sensible was that people vote, and stupid people vote stupidly. Of course, I cited to Philip Converse’s study that said that only 15% voted ideologically or near-ideologically, but the results don’t actually matter to them… the intention is all that counts.

        It was awesome, because I spent half a semester becoming an expert at this, and it was the first time that I got to monopolize the time a bit in this class (i was presenting my paper on compulsory education) and I got a chance to absolutely tear into their premises. I’m normally not one to talk shit after such a debate, but it was just so damned gratifying! It’s rare to be able to set up and knock down the pins so effectively without being called a bigot a few times.

        1. Literally their only reason for compulsory education that was remotely sensible was that people vote, and stupid people vote stupidly

          Perhaps voters should have to pass some sort of test before being allowed to vote?

          Run that one up the flag pole, and I bet lulz will ensure when you close the Jim Crow trap on their empty heads.

          1. That would be a good eye opening moment. But down to brass tacks it seems most progs do eventually retreat to the statist position and finally admit they are fascists. They sure do talk alot about taking the vote away from people with the “wrong” opinions.

            BTW, good job TtT.

        2. Unless you suffer from familial retardism, the enforcement or not of formal education won’t have much effect on how stupid you chuse to really become.

    3. they had a fight over whether urban black culture was one to be respected

      Nice. Share a comment or two about dissin’ da hood?

      1. It’s unfortunate there aren’t any black people in that class, because I could have flipped the narrative from the previous class when I had to explain why discriminating against disabled people was a good thing from a libertarian perspective, all the while a girl in a wheelchair was sitting right across from me.

        Also unfortunate is that there was nothing super derptastic said. These people aren’t stupid, and they know when to shut up and accept that they lost a point. It primarily consisted of emotional appeals to education in order to “make people aware.” As another student saliently retorted, “awareness sucks when your stomach is empty.”

        1. The education fetish is mystifying and obnoxious. Among right-thinking people it seems like every problem is soluble by “education”. And always, there needs to be more educating done, and anything goes wrong, it was a lack of education or improper training. The whole thing’s absurd, like people never make decisions, they just run scripts installed during the education process. And really, most people that go on like this have no clear idea what the dickens they mean by “education” when they say it.

    4. Whenever I hear a story like this, I’m convinced the person telling it not only didn’t have such class, but that they’re never actually attended college. I never had a class where people just sat around for the whole period screaming at each other about current events, yet to hear some people tell it, this is apparently the sum total of what goes on at colleges.

      1. I doubt it’s all classes, even at the worst schools, but it must happen in certain programs. Heck, I saw some of that in a political philosophy class I took in college. I was yelled at by another student, being labeled an “Arch-Capitalist.” A proud moment.

      2. It’s a class on Religion and Law. It’s a term paper class written on current legal events that are affected by Religious influences. We have had papers on gay marriage, muslims in europe, prayer in schools, polygamy, prostitution, burquah bans in france, eastern orthodox influence of post-communist eastern europe, and yes, my paper on compulsory education in the 19th century.

        1. TBH this is the most overtly biased and political class I have ever taken. It blew out the previous record holder, which was a history of cold war class I took in undergrad, taught by an avowed communist.

          1. That…had to be interesting.

          2. Back in the mid ’90s, I had a Cold War history class taught at a liberal arts school.

            It was one of the most informative and interesting classes I ever had. If the professor had any major overt biases, they seemed to be right-statist, but it was pretty hard to tell even then. We went nowhere near Howard Zinn, thank Jeebus.

        2. Closest class I had was “Philosophy of Law” at Penn State. The professor I had 1) wouldn’t have let two students start going at each other, because at that point he’s losing control of the class, they shoul be addressing their comments to him, 2) the focus of the discussion would not have been whether compulsory education is a good idea or not, but rather discussing how the various schools of legal thought covered in the course would address the issue (e.g. how would a legal positivist address the issue? How would this differ from a judicial realist?)

          1. I’m not saying this class was well taught or well moderated (both issues that I noted in the class evaluation), but it certainly focuses on applying personal moral judgments to the laws and policies being touted in politics today. The most asked question is “Do you think ______ is right?”

            I would have much preferred a type of class that you’re describing, but I’ve learned to enjoy this class for what it is. There are only 10-12 of us in the class, so it’s not like we’re shouting across a lecture hall, but it still sometimes gets stupid.

        3. I took a class like that in law school as well, Bioethics and the Law or something like that. One of the only classes I actively participated in instead of taking notes and just looking to pass the exam.

          The most contentious was probably when I was the only person in class to object to a law in Florida that outlawed midget tossing.

          1. Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than an anti-midget tossing diatribe.

      3. trshmnster mentioned neither screaming nor current events, although he did mention clearly-figurative tears. Nor did he imply this was representative of his college (in his case, law school, if memory serves) experience.

        But of course, your mendacity is well-known around here, so we shouldn’t be surprised you’d say something so vapid.

        And FWIW, as an undergrad I was required to take several classes that were only class discussion (plus homework), with no lecture. Only one of them was mildly political, though (well, another could have been political with properly obnoxious people in it, but thankfully it lacked them).

        1. And FWIW, as an undergrad I was required to take several classes that were only class discussion (plus homework), with no lecture.

          I fail to see the purpose of such a class (beyond allowing the university to collect money while not actually doing anything to earn it).

          1. It’s so the professor can have some fun while charging $1000 per credit hour. I took it simply because I have writing requirements to graduate, and I knew enough about religion and history to “fake it till I make it.”

            I think that law school is generally a flawed system, and I would quit in an instant if I could function as an attorney without a shiny $150k law degree. These “squishy” classes are the worst of all of them, but I’m attempting to game the system by enrolling in a class that I have some background knowledge in.

      4. I’ve had classes that had sessions like that, in theory. But in practice, anybody crossing certain boundaries would get choked. Like when I once, for instance, in a discussion said it was ridiculous to suggest that everyone ought to respect other religious beliefs, even where those beliefs are absurd and offensively stupid on their face, and went into some examples from some of the revamped American Indian “religions”. I never got to get into any more interesting examples from Mormonism or Islam. If I had to do it all again, I think I’d just start off each discussion by contributing the ejaculation: “You’re all cunts!” and go where it led me from there. This was, by the way, “sociology”.

    5. You’re such a creep. Such a lovable, wonderful creep, you!

  31. Complaints filed over Maltesers ad in Australia because they’re oversensitive ninnies.

    “I find it very offensive that while I’m watching tv with my child that an ad with a man kiss another man to come on to try and sell chocolates just like smoking and drinking alcohol leads to young people to do these things I feel strong that advertising homosexuals is try to turn young people gay.”

    1. Well, look at all gays. They all saw ads on TV, and became gay. Duh.

  32. Rod Dreher is pissed that lawyers are choosing not to work on cases defending the right to choose not to work on things:

    The Scummiest Clients on Earth

    1. Of course, if they are turning down those cases because they disagree with the defendant’s religious views, they are in a bit of a hypocritical pickle. “I’m turning down on religious grounds your case claiming the right to turn down work on religious grounds.”

      Technically, they can only do so because law firms are not classified as “public accommodations”.

    2. Solid false equivalence. I note he doesn’t say they should be required by law to do anything, merely that he is disappointed they refuse to fight on behalf of other peoples’ religious liberty.

      Saying ‘I think you guys should really defend these people’ is in no way functionally equivalent to requiring them to talk a specific set of clients by law, so you should probably pick another subject to concern troll over.

      1. For example, if someone wouldn’t defend gay people in lawsuits, I’d say ‘That’s horrible, you shouldn’t discriminate against them.’ This in no way contradicts my belief that they should not be required to serve them by law.

        These are clearly two different arguments and you can’t rationally claim that they in any way contradict each other.

  33. The Jacket posted this on the Twitters. I can’t make heads or tails of this story, but it makes me laugh.

    6:21 ? Mallon files a response accusing Allison of sexual harassment because she referred to Mallon as “Ms.” when Mallon identifies with the use of “Mx.”

    7:30 ? Allison apologizes in an email, saying:

    “In every situation I’ve been in with Elle, Elle has said Elle’s pronouns were “She, Her, Hers,” including on the Ducks F.I.R.S.T website. With that information, I used “Ms.” when addressing Elle.”

    April 8:

    Mallon submits a second grievance saying Allison chose to misgender her.

    She cites the apology email from Allison as evidence saying that:

    “Allison found a place where my pronouns were listed and then chose to misgender me anyway (My pronouns also include xe xem hyr and they them their).”

    In a later email, Mallon calls for the removal of all We Are Oregon candidates from the ballot.

    1. Sexual harassment is a very great evil, but the record supports the conclusion that only a single unintentional gender-based microagression occurred.

      Welcome to the future.

    2. Meet Mx. Mallon.

      What motivates you?
      By being the loud and instant voice for those who are being excluded I am able to show the love to those who I will never meet. What’s cooler than having people you don’t even know who are better off because of you.

      Personally, I think it’s cooler to not be a creepy asshole.

      1. I think you should have linked to the video profile where the candidate discusses their Priority Issues, such as “teaching people to deep fry ice cream”, “trans-friendly bathrooms” and showcases their inability to draw stick figures properly

        FWIW – people who run for ‘Student Government’? are always the worst people on earth.

    3. I read it and…..I…

      *looks in awe*

      They should have sent a poet.

      1. Will Smith’s kids should have that interview. Magic.

    1. That’s awesome. I like the scientific periscope

  34. The beginnings of some writing I’m working on:

    You know, a guy’s first time is something he’s eager to have happen. And sometimes, you’re tempted to go with an older woman. She’ll tell you all how she cares, how she wants to be your champion. And you’re a little drunk and desperate. So, you think, “What the hell.”

    And then you wake up the next morning.

    And you look at what The Fuck you just woke up with. And you seriously think about chewing off your arm. But, then you realize, she’s already awake. And she’s prattling some shit at you about it taking a fucking Village and you’re thinking “What the fuck did I just do?”

    And then you think back about last night. And then you remember. And you try to forget. Goddammit! You wish you had some whiskey, SOMETHING to make it go away. You know damned well there weren’t supposed to be cockrings! There weren’t supposed to be mandates!

    What. The. Fuck. Have. You. Done?

    And you look over at her again (Dear God in Heaven but she’s hideous!). And she’s still yammering. Now it’s something about social justice or income inequality or some shit like that. You just want to get out of there. Won’t she just shut the fuck up?!

    But you hold your tongue and nod moronically. After last night, you know there’s no telling what this crazy bitch might do. And, after a couple of hours of wanting to poke your eardrums out, she lets you leave. And you think, thank God that’s over with.

    1. It’s inspired by a 2012 internet campaign ad.

      Let me think if you think I should continue.

  35. Que se joda Rubio. Take that 35% rate and shove it up your culo. No me gusta de mas impuestos hijo de puta.

    1. Mmmm, what you said….

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