Castro Absolves Obama for U.S. 'Imperialist Agression', Congress Is Back in Session, 88% of Americans Have Health Insurance: A.M. Links


  • White House/Instagram

    At the 7th Summit of the Americas on Saturday, Cuban President Raul Castro criticized decades of American "imperialist aggression" in Latin America but said he doesn't hold President Obama responsible for his predecessor's actions. 

  • About 88 percent of American adults now say they have health insurance, up from about 8 in 10 in 2013. 
  • Another weekend, another reminder that it's a crime to ever let your children out of your sight in 21st Century America. 
  • Congress returns from a two-week recess today (alas!) and is expected to be debating Iranian sanctions and Medicare payments, voting on the confirmation of attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, and kicking off "months of new budgetary wrangling" in the upcoming week.
  • A lesbian couple is challenging "the discriminatory denial of their freedom to marry" in the U.S. territory of Guam. 
  • Against fetal-homicide laws. 
  • Watch Michael Bolton sing an ode to the IRS. 

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    I am not on team Hillary. I’m still weighing my options since of course I’d support Joe Biden if he ran and I really like to see what Martin O’Malley has to offer (former Governor of Maryland). Delaware has a late primary so who knows, I could change my mind by the time 2016 rolls around.

    But I will say this.

    There is absolutely positively NOTHING that anyone here at DU can say about Hillary Clinton that would keep me from voting for her should she win our party’s nomination. NOTHING.

    1. “At the 7th Summit of the Americas on Saturday, Cuban President Raul Castro criticized decades of American “imperialist aggression” in Latin America but said he doesn’t hold President Obama responsible for his predecessor’s actions.”

      “Not you, Barry. You my boy!” /sticks fist out.

      I see this as code for ‘you’re a good commie just like us and you’re nothing like your Yankee brethren’.

      1. did he give him a Che t-shirt?

        1. I can picture Obama saying thinking he’s funny:

          I got one just like it at home! I wear to Congress all the time!

    2. “I’m doing the backstroke in a whole pool full of Kool-Aid!”

    3. The jokes, they write themselves:

      I’ll start out by saying.. “I Love Joe Biden!” I read the Obama Diary and they are always showing what VP Biden and his wife Dr Jill are up to.. he’s been an excellent Veep!

      I totally agree with you about Hillary, Lynne

      And, here’s how I feel about my guy..

      1. Being a great V.P is like being a great dog walker.No insult to dog walkers.

        1. Actually, being a worse option than the President appears to be the main requirement in the 21st Century. And Joe Biden is perfect for that.

    4. Obligatory Somalia Reference

      100% RIGHT!

      Another thing that we seriously need to address is infrastructure. That will do two things – ensure that we don’t end up as Somalia 10 years from now, and will put a lot of Americans to work. More jobs = higher wages.

      1. Yeah,after 200 plus years of building roads,bridges and tunnels it will all be gone in 120 years.Anyone heard of upkeep?

        1. 10 years,lol

        2. New York roads are rendered undrivable every year. Then they skimp on the repairs yet again.

          1. Yup. I-287 is a disaster right now – avoid it at all costs.

            1. Done and Done – I’m trapped in the Albany area anyway.

              1. I make it a rule to avoid NY.

            2. LOL I-287 is nothing come to syracuse and try out 690 or 481 this last winter devastated the on-ramps. (as in 1 to 2 foot deep holes that fill with rainwater and cause severe accidents) Pay your taxes and wait.

          2. New York roads are rendered undrivable every year. Then they skimp on the repairs yet again.

            That’s called Full Employment for the road repair unions. Where you been?

      2. Shovel ready jerbs!!1

  2. 9:02?!!? 9:02!!1!??

    1. They’re fucking with Fisty’s mind.

      1. Where the heck is he anyway? Did he get a later shift teaching remedial math to the progtards or something?

  3. What did you miss this weekend? Well, this…Drake nearly vomits after Madonna assaults him

    Madonna and Drake at Coachella

    1. I saw that. He should file a sexual assault charge and sue for his PTSD treatment.

    2. He probably had visions of her molesting Dennis Rodman with that mouth while it was going on.

      1. Her dentures fell into his mouth and set off his gag reflex?

    3. Notice how she moves his hand away.

      Also, did she spit in him or something.

      1. No touchy teh hair!

  4. About 88 percent of American adults now say they have health insurance, up from about 8 in 10 in 2013.


    1. Subsidize it for everyone and make it illegal to not have it, funny how that works.

      1. Well, not quite everyone

      2. Plus they count Medicaid as health insurance, which is sort of like counting collecting unemployment as having a job.

        1. Should Medicare count?

          Real question.


    2. God, that’s totally worth upending the entire US healthcare system.

    3. According to my math, SUCCESS!

    4. What percentage of that 8% are incapable of using their health insurance due to the massive deductibles?

      1. A better (and related) question is how many of the 8% have medicaid – which means that yeah they can’t see a doctor outside of an emergency room.

      2. What percentage of that 8% are incapable of using their health insurance due to the massive deductibles?

        And what % of the rest of us who have been driven to very high deductibles are cutting back on medical care as a result? Me and wifey, for sure.

      3. Me, personally. fucking destroyed my healthcare and now i cant even afford to go until i am dying (costing more than 3000.00) fuck you congress for allowing this to stand you shitheels

    5. Universal coverage!

      1. Using a rubber sheet over your corpse?

  5. 8-foot-long carnivorous cat-eating lizards are invading Florida

    Lately we’ve heard a lot about the Burmese pythons and the more aggressive African rock pythons that wildlife officials fear will wipe out the foxes, rabbits, deer, raccoons, opossums, and bobcats of the Everglades.

    But another creature that Florida wildlife officers are trying to get a handle on is the Nile monitor lizard, a cousin of the most famous monitor lizard, the Komodo dragon, which has been spreading through the state since at least 1990.

    Thousands are thought to be loose in parts of the state, but they have recently begun to appear in Palm Beach County, and officials are hoping they can eliminate the lizards in the area before they establish a firm toehold.

    1. Another 8!

      1. 8 years of Imperator Barack the Mendacious!!!11!!1

    2. That’s old news. There’s been a breeding population of those in Florida for years.

        1. Sure, “escaped.” They’re not secretly an army doing Pro L’s nefarious bidding, or anything.

          1. More benevolent than nefarious, I think.

            1. Biddings are ALWAYS nefarious. That’s just, like, proper English usage.

            2. The real question is ; are they well versed in austrian economics?

    3. Eh. We got use to the iguanas, monkey, tegue, pythons, anacondas, lion fish, fire ants, armadillos, ………

    4. Why did they have to put a picture of Hillary in there?

    5. They eat stray cats? Win/win.

      1. Brian Setzer better be careful.

        1. Saw him with his big band years ago at First Avenue. Helluva show.

          1. He’s actually really funny too.

    6. Also, just being in some lizard-eating snakes.

    7. You call them cat eating invasive species. We call them Frank, Bob, and the 95 south crew

      1. 95 the name of the road and the speed limit- because floridians are insane

    1. The Tin Drum may be the most unwatchable movie ever. The kid banging with the drum and shrieking at high volume for minutes at a time makes for a remarkably unpleasant experience. Haven’t read the book though. Even my German professors weren’t so sadistic as to make us tackle that one.

    2. How awards work:

      Award giver #1: “Should we give him an award?”

      Award giver #2: “Sure, why not? Besides, he gave me a shiny pony.”

      Award giver #3: It’s a nice pony.

  6. Watch the moment a man tries to catch the world’s biggest huntsman… but crashes to the floor as the spider drops on his head
    A man trying to catch a huge huntsman spider has been caught on video
    He slowly reaches up toward the beast, choosing his moment to strike
    As he does, he misses completely, causing them both to drop to the floor
    It is captured on camera by his daughter who screams as the spider falls…..-fall.html
    WTF. Just put your hand out, let it crawl on, cup it with the other hand, then let it go outside. No big fat hairy deal.

  7. 41) What’s the worst feeling you could have as a parent? Maybe when your kids are supposed to come home from the park by dinnertime and they don’t show up. You drive to the park and they’re not there either. Panic wells up in you. Have they been kidnapped? Apparently in Montgomery County, MD, the answer is yes?they’ve been kidnapped by CPS, who will nab children at the playground and hold them for hours without telling the parents.

    1. In all of the stories about that couple, I’ve never heard mention of their attorney. If they haven’t hired one yet, they need to right the hell now.

      1. No shit, and how bout a gofundme to cover their relocation expenses to somewhere less state-y

    2. See? Your children will be kidnapped by horrible people at gunpoint if you let them run around without you!

      I have to say that the only thing that would keep me from walking into that building with a rifle is the thought that my children — and possibly a couple other people’s — would be in danger of being hit by a stray bullet.

      1. For inside a building, handguns would be better. Don’t want that long barrel being restricted by walls or doorways, etc.

      2. Clearly parents must stay with their children at all times, because police.

  8. The country that health and safety forgot: Chinese workers balance on flimsy planks with no ropes as they build road thousands of feet up a mountain
    Workers carry heavy planks and wheelbarrows full of concrete across wooden walkway thousands of feet in the air
    Men, who are just one step from death, have no ropes or safety harnesses and only hard hats to cushion their fall
    Officials in Pingjiang County, Hunan province, hope the path will attract thousands of tourists when it is complete…..ntain.html

    1. Now, *that’s* entertainment!

        1. You’re old.

    2. So, we should be like China, right Mr. Krugman?

      1. We need the precious infrastructure.

    3. only hard hats to cushion their fall

      Journalists have shit for brains. “Try to turn over while you’re falling and land on your head! The hard hat will act as a cushion!”

      The hard hats protect from small rocks falling from above. That’s it. Also, given Chinese building standards, I would not walk on that ledge even once it is completed.

      1. Has anyone explained why fotball has rules against spearing?

    4. Man. At my company it is a firing offense to be more than six feet off the ground without being tied off unless you took a stairway to a walkway which all had at least 30″ guard rails. (Another victory of capitalism. The company’s worker’s comp multiple is 0.2. So even given a very generous flat rate, they probably pay less than half of what a similar company does. To say nothing of the huge number of lawsuits aboided and the reputation as a safe company to work for. Not a single lost time injury in almost 2 years and something like 15M construction workhours.)

  9. Dog Owners Threatened With $750,000 Fine Over Missing Dog Posters

    He filed a missing dog report, and said he was initially encouraged by police to post fliers. Volunteers helped put out thousands of them

    The couple said they got a call from a D.C. officer, saying the signs had to come down or they’d face a hefty fine

    “So he told me that regardless if we put up the fliers, or if other people put them up, we had made the original flier that had my phone number, and that we could get fined up to 750,000,” Horowitz said.

    1. They’re getting fined for fuck you, that’s why.

    2. I love stories about uppity white people moving to the city and getting fucked by more government.

      1. Just to answer you from the other day in case you didn’t see my note: I’ve shifted to buy a rifle since my shot gun is okay for skeet shooting.

    3. Fine over missing dog posters. You can read that sentence to mean at least 4 different things.

  10. Oh the things you can think up if you try! Imaginative homeowner transforms Alaskan cabin into 12-story ‘Dr Seuss tower’
    Homeowner built cabin near Anchorage valley after forest fire
    When the trees started growing again, they didn’t want to lose the view
    So they built another cabin on top, and carried on until it was 12 high
    It has been affectionately dubbed the ‘Dr Seuss tower’ and attracts fans…..tower.html
    I’m shocked that no petty tyrant has ordered it to be demolished.

    1. I hate Dr. Seuss books, creepy as fuck.

      1. Really? I like reading them to the kid. They’re fun.

        1. Same here, though the issue for me is that I’ve read them so many times I don’t need the book in front of me to read them.

        2. I like to get my wife slightly buzzed and then watch her try to read Fox in Socks to our daughter. Does that make me a bad person?

          1. That book is brutal.

          2. Fosscs in Sosssc.

          3. No, THAT does not make you a bad person.

      2. Someone never had green eggs.

      3. It’s looks like animal-human crossbreeds. Something about his style repulses me.

      4. Would you like him in a car?

        1. I would never go that far.

    2. no petty tyrant has ordered it to be demolished

      Alaska FTW!

  11. Police: Des Moines man reports stolen bag of dog poop

    The Des Moines Police Department responded to a report of an attempted burglary around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday. Upon arrival, a man told police someone broke into the driver’s side door of his truck sometime last month.

    According to a police report, the person who tried to steal the truck checked the bed of the vehicle and grabbed what turned out to be “a bag of dog feces.”

    Police say they haven’t identified any suspects in the crime, but that he or she could face third-degree burglary charges.

    1. “He stole my shit!”

    2. Man reports stolen bag of poop. 3 ways to read that.

  12. Killer cop recorded LAUGHING just minutes after deadly shooting of Walter Scott in new police audio from the scene
    Audio has surfaced of Michael Slager, 33, laughing and admitting to experiencing a rush of adrenaline in the minutes following the shooting
    Walter Scott, 50, was shot five times in the back as he ran away from the traffic stop on April 5
    Slager has been charged with murder after cell phone footage of the incident emerged which contadicted the initial police report
    The audio of Slager talking with a senior officer at the scene was picked up the damcam in his vehicle which had been recording the initial incident…..light.html

    National Bar Association officials said that Officer Clarence Habersham, 37, who was the second policeman to arrive at the dead man’s body after Slager, should be fired and prosecuted for filing a false report.

    Every single police report in which the cops shoot someone will say they immediately gave first aid. No exceptions. And I suspect that’s a lie 100% of the time. It’s just boilerplate.

    1. He may have laughed but he was still a good guy, according to his family, practically a saint. Who ya gonna believe, sarc?

    2. Yeah.

      Let’s go with, le mot juste, erm…sociopath.

    1. I didn’t realize how popular Richie Benaud had become. I must confess that I found him annoying as a commentator. But, then, I left Oz in 1990 so maybe I would have changed my opinion over the years.

      1. The slightly nasally voice was perhaps an acquired taste, but as the rest of the commentary team became more and more boorish and ignorant, Richie grew in stature by comparison. And he really seems to have been a top bloke.

        Another, less remarked, death last week was Peter Walsh, the former Finance Minister and hard-headed realist. His memoirs are brutally honest.

        1. I grew up listening to Alan McGilvray commenting on Australia-England matches via a transistor radio at midnight. He was a tough act for anyone to follow.

  13. Shocking moment man in a wheelchair was stripped of his transit pass by police officer because he ‘didn’t have proof’ he was disabled…..ility.html

    1. Most cops claim to be disabled with no proof. They don’t want anybody horning in on their racket.

      1. Proof? Their word is their proof. They’re cops. Peasants need proof because they’re peasants.

      2. Ah, so you are familiar with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police “retirement program” then?

        1. It could be any big city.

          1. As soon as any Deputy 50 yoa or more went on disability, the first remark people would make was “so, he’s getting ready to retire?”

        2. You get your sunglasses and other carried items back when you come out of “retirement” though.

          Then you have to go and see the Penguin.

          1. “One unused prophylactic. One soiled.”

          2. Five grand? No problem, we’ll have it for you in the morning. Let’s go, Elwood.

        3. 100% disability caused by “working” 100% overtime the two years previously so the get 150% of their salary in retirement.

    2. man in a wheelchair was stripped of his transit pass by police officer because he ‘didn’t have proof’ he was disabled

      His statement “I self-identify as disabled” was *not* sufficient?!

    3. Let me tell you something else. I’ve seen a lot of spinals, Dude, and this guy is a fake. A fucking goldbricker.

      1. +1 World of Hurt

      2. Strong men also cry. Strong… men… also cry.

  14. ‘You wanna get slapped?’: Shocking reaction of Burger King employee caught on camera following customer’s complaint about the milkshake
    Cell phone footage shows the complaint about an unsatisfactory milkshake served at a Louisiana branch of Burger King
    The discussion quickly turns ugly when the employee starts cursing before getting physical with the unhappy customer
    ‘You wanna get slapped?’ the employee repeatedly asks the customer while standing next to her in an intimidating manner
    Burger King has released a statement apologizing for the employee’s behavior and confirming that she has been fired as a consequence…..-ugly.html
    Has the local PD offered her a job?

    1. She’s totally worth $15 an hour.

      1. ABSOLUTELY.

        The entertainment value has to be worth something, no?

  15. Marketing!

    Lamborghini, Ferrari in ‘Fast and Furious’ Beijing crash

    Online speculation mounted in China Monday as police detained the “unemployed” drivers of a Lamborghini and Ferrari that crashed in Beijing as the seventh stunt-filled “Fast and Furious” movie opened.

    Pictures of the mangled wreckage of a lime-green Lamborghini, a damaged red Ferrari and other high-performance cars in a tunnel in the Chinese capital emerged online following Saturday’s crash, which police said left one person injured.

  16. About 88 percent of American adults now say they have health insurance, up from about 8 in 10 in 2013.

    An 8% increase was totally worth the massive new bureaucracy and nationalizing 1/6th of the economy.

    1. 1 / 16th

      1. Wait. 16%. Never mind.

    2. Forward comrades! We cannot rest until we are at 100%…there is no price we won;t pay (with other people’s money)! Oh, and health insurance = health care!


    3. Really? Cigna, Aetna, United Health, Wellpoint, etc were all nationalized? Do you have any idea what that word means? Plus, health insurance is hardly 1/6 of the economy.

      You can attack the onerous parts of the ACA without resorting to DEATH PANELS and other absurdities.


      2. Really? Cigna, Aetna, United Health, Wellpoint, etc were all nationalized?

        Really. Cartelized by the national government. Every single health insurer you listed is a member of the government sponsored cartel.

      3. When industry is privately owned but government controlled, what do you call that?

        1. Free market libertarianism!


        2. Yes, the plug is technically correct. Our health care system is similar to Mussolini’s dream state of affairs.

          It’s called Italian? right?

        3. I call it a feature of fascism.

        4. That’s our shrike! A fascist libertine!

  17. As an instant target for foes, Clinton may struggle to get message heard

    Because of her global profile and the lack of other prominent Democrats in the field, Clinton enters the race in a position that is perhaps unmatched in modern U.S. presidential politics. While her grip on her party’s nomination seems commanding, it also makes her a singular target for a bevy of Republican candidates who now share a common enemy.

    “All of them will be trying to prove they’re the most anti-Hillary, the toughest against her,” said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, who was behind former Vermont Governor Howard Dean’s insurgent bid against favorite John Kerry in 2004. “They’ll all be taking shots.”


      The GOP will bring out the heavy artillery for Hil-Dog.

      1. So your masters have issued the talking points?


      3. Who will be answering the phone at 3 am when our Ambassador in Libya calls?

        Who can teach us how to turn $1000 into $100,000 in two days in their first adventure in the futures market?

        Who arrives in Bosnia in a ‘hail of bullets’, and is presented with flowers by a small child?

        Who can repeat ‘not to my memory’ and ‘I don’t recall’ over 100 times to a Congressional committee discussing her most important business deals?

        Who “could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but decided to fulfill her profession”, but still speaks for ALL wymens?

        Who ‘pressed the reset button’ with Russia to bring relations to their current state?

        Who? Damn it, Who?

        1. Who’s the black private dick
          That’s a sex machine to all the chicks?

  18. Spot the Not: Acronym Acts

    1. Children Eating Well Act (CHEW)

    2. Captioning and Image Narration to Enhance Movie Accessibility Act (CINEMA)

    3. Preventing All Your Bucks from Aiding non-Citizens is Key Act (PAYBACK)

    4. Ridding Our Department of Energy of Non-functional Technology Act (RODENT)

    5. Librarian Incentive to Boost Recruitment and Retention in Areas of Need Act (LIBRARIAN)

    6. Timber Revitalization and Economic Enhancement Act (TREE)

    1. 3. It’s too politically incorrect. (I didn’t cheat this time)

      1. Figures it’s be 4 (after cheating)

    2. Three?

      1. Makes sense. They usually try to keep it until it’s so far past the expiration date that it requires bringing NASA engineers back from the dead to support it.

  19. he doesn’t hold President Obama responsible for his predecessor’s actions.

    Raul Castro missed his calling as a bumper sticker designer or twitter rabble-rouser.

  20. Protesters in Brazil push to impeach President Dilma Rousseff

    Throngs of protesters packed the streets of major Brazilian cities on Sunday, pushing for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

    Fueled by mounting anger over a corruption scandal that has implicated politicians in Rousseff’s party, demonstrators chanted “Out with Dilma” and “Time for change.”

    Police estimated that 275,000 demonstrators marched in Sao Paulo. A sea of protesters dressed in the green and yellow of the Brazilian flag used decades-old rallying cries to fire up their ranks, singing rock songs that date back to protests of the country’s one-time military dictatorship.

    1. They’re just afraid of a strong woman.

    2. When I first read, I thought it said, “thongs” instead of “throngs.” Brazilian thongs would have been more fun.

    1. Damn, I see you beat me to it.

      I assume that the big red arrow pointing to the right is her not so subtle way of telling the country that she isn’t nearly as much of a far left wing loon as Obama is.

      1. I like the 9/11 people saying it looks like the plane and the towers.

      2. As she’s always going to be looking out of the posters/ads/etc, it’s actually pointed to her left…

      3. Given that the Democrat progs will line up obediently (as evidenced by the DU post I referenced above), it’s a safe bet.

    2. Looks like a creative way of saying ‘Hospital – Right’.

      1. My thought exactly.

  21. voting on the confirmation of attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, and kicking off “months of new budgetary wrangling” in the upcoming week.

    What better to soundtrack some wrangling than the legendary country stylings of Loretta Lynch?

  22. Passenger dies in sports car at Richard Petty driving attraction at Walt Disney World Speedway

    A 36-year-old Davenport man died Sunday after a Lamborghini in which he was riding lost control on one of the courses at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World.
    Petty Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World Speedway

    According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Tavon Watson, 24, of Kissimmee, failed to maneuver the high-powered sports car through one of the course’s curves, and the vehicle’s right side struck a guardrail.

    His passenger, Gary Terry, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to FHP’s Sgt. Kim Montes.

    1. I drove an R8 there. Definitely worth the risk.

    2. The Lamborghini was in control, not the shitty driver?

  23. Spot the Not: State Mottoes

    1. For the Glory of the White Race

    2. Manly deeds, womanly words

    3. Mountaineers are always free

    4. Gold and silver

    5. May the fourteenth star shine bright

    6. If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you

    1. One?

    2. 2 is real, but I can’t remember which state. SC?
      3 is WV
      4 is real, something like Montana
      5 is VT
      6 is MI

      1. You’re thinking out loud again, Ted.

      2. 4 = Burl Ives? Oh, wait…that was “Silver and Gold”.

        1. Now Swiss is thinking aloud, too. What’s going on? Damn, now I’m doing it.

    3. 1 is the Not. #2 is MD’s.

  24. Go for the Throat!
    Why if he wants to transform American politics, Obama must declare war on the Republican Party.

    …This theory of political transformation rests on the weaponization (and slight bastardization) of the work by Yale political scientist Stephen Skowronek. Skowronek has written extensively about what distinguishes transformational presidents from caretaker presidents. In order for a president to be transformational, the old order has to fall as the orthodoxies that kept it in power exhaust themselves. Obama’s gambit in 2009 was to build a new post-partisan consensus. That didn’t work, but by exploiting the weaknesses of today’s Republican Party, Obama has an opportunity to hasten the demise of the old order by increasing the political cost of having the GOP coalition defined by Second Amendment absolutists, climate science deniers, supporters of “self-deportation” and the pure no-tax wing….

    Who wrote this? John Dickerson, CBS News political director and new host of Face the Nation

    1. There’s no press bias though. That’s why you can find plenty of similar articles written by reporters about George Bush.

    2. Every time I read something like that–a headline urging a declaration of war–what immediately comes to my mind is the utterly intellectually dishonest swooning over “eliminationist rhetoric” by certain parties not too long ago.

    3. Every time I read something like that–a headline urging a declaration of war–what immediately comes to my mind is the utterly intellectually dishonest swooning over “eliminationist rhetoric” by certain parties not too long ago.

    4. In order for a president to be transformational, the old order has to fall as the orthodoxies that kept it in power exhaust themselves.

      Given that the republicans hold more elective offices now than at any point since reconstruction – I’d say that Obama is collapsing the old order – just not in the way that he or his sycophants imagine.

  25. Gay cakes!

    Six Injured After Car Smashes into Bakery

    Six people were injured after a car plowed through a bakery storefront in Annandale, Virginia, Sunday afternoon.

    Fairfax County police said a Lexus went through the front of the Napolean Bakery on Tom Davis Drive around 2 p.m.

    All of the hurt people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

    Charges are pending against the driver. The bakery is closed pending investigation into the building’s structural integrity.

    1. Did they refuse to bake a cake to a perpetually aggrieved or outraged group?

      1. Fast and Injurious?

    2. Korean drivers *shakes head and walks away*

  26. Russia just made a ton of Internet memes illegal

    In post-Soviet Russia, you don’t make memes. Memes make (or unmake?) you.

    That is, at least, the only conclusion we can draw from an announcement made this week by Russia’s three-year-old media agency/Internet censor Roskomnadzor, which made it illegal to publish any Internet meme that depicts a public figure in a way that has nothing to do with his “personality.”

    Sad Keanu? Nope.

    Sad Putin? Absolutely not.

    1. Various FCC apparatchiks just started sporting wood…

    2. A syllogism:

      Vladimir Putin is unfunny
      Most internet memes are unfunny
      Therefore, internet memes with photos of Putin have something to do with his personality.

    3. Does this mean no more “Privyet Medved?”

  27. So I ran into Chris Pratt this weekend. My cousin’s girlfriend has a huge crush on him so I had to take a picture of my cousin with Chris Pratt. He is the nicest guy in the world. Really gracious and went out of his way to say bye to us when he left the bar. The only downside is I now feel obligated to watch Jurassic World.

  28. Pope Francis uses ‘genocide’ to refer to mass killings of Armenians by Turks

    “The first, which is widely considered ‘the first genocide of the 20th century,’ struck your own Armenian people,” he said, referencing a 2001 declaration by Pope John Paul II and the head of the Armenian church.

    His use of the term genocide — even though he was quoting from the declaration — upset Turkey.

    The nation recalled its ambassador to the Vatican for “consultations” just hours after Francis’ comments, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said. Earlier, Turkey summoned the ambassador from the Vatican for a meeting, Turkish state broadcaster TRT reported.

    Turkey’s former ambassador to the Vatican, Kenan Gursoy, told CNN in a telephone interview that while it is the first time Turkey has summoned its ambassador home from the Vatican, “This does not mean that our diplomatic ties with the Vatican are over.”

    1. She might be white trash, but that’s an insult to hard-working crackers everywhere.

      1. I thought she was coming out as a type of cookie

        1. Macaroon?

          1. Racist.

    2. To be fair, she actually wrote “glass ceiling cracker”, but that’s probably worse.

      1. “Finder of billing records in her bedroom one day after the SOL expires”

        “Miracle worker of cattle futures”

        “Logger of air flight miles”

        “Eraser of emails”

        “Delver into FBI files”

    3. She’s is trying too hard to relate through humor.

      She’s without comedic cadence. Like her boss.

      1. Former boss.

    4. Showing she has no idea what a cracker really is.

      I highly doubt she’s descended from Central/North Florida cattle farmers.

  29. Florida man accused of hitting bus driver with Snickers bar

    Joel Parker was riding the bus, and as he was about to get off on A1A, he asked the driver if he wanted a Snickers bar, according to St. Johns County police. The driver said no. Parker then took a Snickers bar and threw it at the driver’s head.

    Deputies were called and Parker was arrested for battery. The report said Parker was threatening the driver and making a disturbance.

    Parker has a $250 bond. He has also been issued a trespass warning and is not allowed to use the bus service again.

    1. I thought Snickers was supposed to calm people down.

    2. This is a lie! I eat chunky bars!

        1. I’ve never had a zagnut. Am I missing out?

    3. I hope he was satisfied.

  30. Another “unintended consequence”? DCMA is making it difficult to preserve video games.

    As the EFF explains on its Deeplinks blog, the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions create legal difficulties for anyone who modifies games to keep them working after the servers they need are shut down. That means game enthusiasts, museums and academics are running a legal gauntlet in order to preserve video game history.

    Games are moving increasingly to an online-only model, but as maintaining servers for old games is expensive for publishers, we’re seriously at risk of completely losing major parts of our culture, for no good reason. Academics and museums (not to mention people who love the original Call of Duty a bit too much) are willing to work to preserve games, but the video games industry ? under the umbrella of the Entertainment Software Association ? is opposed to the move.

  31. Attacks in Egypt leave at least 12 dead

    Six people, including one civilian, were killed when a car bomb exploded near the police station in Al-Arish, capital of North Sinai, Health Ministry spokesman Hossam Abdel-Ghafar told Ahram Online. He said 40 people were injured.

    Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, an ISIS affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attack, which came hours after another operation that the group also claimed.

    In that earlier attack, a first lieutenant, a sergeant and four conscripts were killed when their armored vehicle was attacked on the highway from Al-Arish to Sheikh Zuweid in northern Sinai, the military said. Two other soldiers were injured and taken to a military hospital.

  32. Washington deputies find cabin that family reported stolen

    Authorities say a log cabin that a family reported stolen off its foundation has been found in rural northeast Washington.

    Stevens County Sheriff Kendle Allen says deputies following a tip found the cabin Thursday morning about 10 miles from its original location. He says the structure had been placed on stilts and was sitting at the end of a private road east of Springdale.

    1. Baba Yaga sought in connection with theft….

  33. You should never diet again: The science and genetics of weight loss
    To maintain a new weight, you have to fight evolution. You have to fight biology. And you have to fight your brain

    When it comes to keeping weight off, a combination of circumstances conspires against you. Each one on its own makes it difficult, but put them together and you are no longer in a fair fight. One circumstance that makes things hard is our environment of near-constant temptation. Two others are biology and psychology. I realize it may seem odd to you that I am calling these things “circumstances,” but, like a classroom setting and the behavior it produces, we need to acknowledge the context in which you regain weight.

    To an important extent, weight regain after a diet is your body’s evolved response to starvation. When you are dieting, it may feel as though you are about to starve to death, but you know that you can open the fridge at any time and find more to eat, if you really wanted to. Your body doesn’t know this, however, and you have no way to tell it that you just want slimmer hips or a flatter stomach. All your body knows is that not enough calories are coming in, so it kicks into survival mode.

    1. If by “diet” they mean a temporary condition usually marked by deprivation, then yeah, you should never diet again. But if by ‘diet’ they mean an actual, permanent change in nutritional habits, then yeah, a lot of us REALLY need to diet…at least for those who want to be leaner/healthier & not dependent on scrips to survive.

    2. To maintain a new weight, you have to stop fighting biology. Duh.

    Let’s consider what Min is saying here. He’s arguing that Pinto’s definitions of subprime and Alt-A loans are not consistent with the definitions others have used for data collection and analysis. In other words, Pinto has used his own definitions to analyze the data in a new way. What Pinto did, that no one had done before, is show that loans made to people with FICO credit scores lower than 660 (which he called “subprime”) had substantially higher rates of delinquency and default than loans to people with credit scores above 660 (which he called “prime”).

    1. In addition, Pinto found that loans with various deficiencies such as interest only, no documentation, no or low downpayments, or were investment properties (not owner occupied) — which Pinto called, collectively, “Alt-A” — also had much higher rates of default than loans that were not subject to these deficiencies. Pinto then found that these kinds of loans began to increase substantially after 1992, when affordable housing requirements were imposed on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and began to default in unprecedented numbers when the 1997-2007 housing bubble started to deflate. In my dissent from the majority report of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, using data from Fannie Mae (Table 5, p.61), I show that both subprime and Alt-A mortgages were necessary for meeting the affordable housing goals.

      In reality, then, Min is simply complaining that Pinto discovered the sources of the huge mortgage losses that caused the financial crisis. The way the data had been looked at before — and the way Fannie and Freddie reported that data — obscured the fact that half of all outstanding mortgages were either subprime or Alt-A just before the bubble deflated and the financial crisis began. …

      1. Boring. Quit digging. Everyone knows Fannie and Freddie failed and required $180 billion in capital to keep alive.

        Tell us about the $12 trillion failure of the private banking system, will you?

        But don’t. The CRA is the wingnut answer on that.

        BLAEKS DID IT!


        2. Private banking system? What have you been smoking?

      2. Wait, lower FICO scores equal more risk? What the fuck will economists discover next? Its like watching electrical engineers discover that copper is a good conductor.

        1. It is?

          *smoke rises off burnt hair*

          /Bad engineer

          1. No, that’s about right for many engineers. Theory strong, practice weak.

            1. That type of engineer is called a scientist.

              +1 Rounding to the 1,000,000th decimal point

            2. When I was in the Marines they taught me how to be an electronic repairman. Lots of practical knowledge in how to work on big radars and navigational beacons.

              Then when I got out, I became (in a round about way) a EE and was shocked at the ineptness of engineers in building real circuits.

              Luckily none of our labs ever involved real high voltages.

              1. You can always spot the engineer in the high voltage power systems lab. He’s the one wearing the ESD strap.

          2. Every good EE knows that if you let the smoke out of a component, it won’t work anymore. You have to keep the smoke inside, that is what makes it work.


  35. Hillary wants you to swipe right on her campaign for the president.

    Gotta say, that is one odd logo, with a big red arrow pointing to the right. A not so subtle message telling the country “Yes, I will make the democratic party sane again in the post-Obama era”, perhaps?

    1. -11levnty million Tinder

  36. Dangers of a Hillary Clinton campaign: The disastrous centrism she desperately needs to avoid

    She does have one thing going for her on this, just as she and Obama had in 2008: The Republicans are proving themselves to be so savagely militaristic that they will make whatever case she presents as being the only sane alternative.

    This, of course, does not mean she should not have her feet held to the fire by voters or that she is not obligated to listen and be responsive to their concerns. After all, the left was right about Iraq ? and she was wrong.

    On the economic front, they would also like to know if she has moved toward what the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has called “The Warren Agenda” which their members, and progressive groups generally, are urging Clinton to adopt as her own:

  37. The $9 Trillion Short That May Send the Dollar Even Higher

    Investors speculating the dollar rally is fizzling out may be overlooking trillions of reasons why it will keep on going.

    There’s pent-up demand for the U.S. currency that will underpin years of appreciation because the world is “structurally short” the dollar, according to investor and former International Monetary Fund economist Stephen Jen.

    Sovereign and corporate borrowers outside America owe a record $9 trillion in the U.S. currency, much of which will need repaying in coming years, data from the Bank for International Settlements show.…..ven-higher

    Uncle Buck keeps getting stronger.

    Peanuts lament.


    2. Uncle Buck Euro keeps getting stronger weaker.

      Peanuts lament Idiots misunderstand.

    3. There’s pent-up demand for the U.S. currency

      I guess that’s why so many countries are setting up bilateral and multilateral facilities for trade that don’t involve the dollar.

  38. Secret Service Scrambles After 4-Year-Old Climbs Under WH Fence

    It turned out to be a non-incident

    Do we know the kid’s diaper wasn’t packed with C4?

    1. Bioweapons, Rich, it was loaded with biohazardous materials!

      1. I see you know my son.

  39. Mitt Romney had no idea Rand Paul is running for president

    Mitt Romney, who became president last week after his NCAA bracket demolished former President Barack Obama’s, was unaware on Fox News Sunday this morning that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was in the race for the 2016 GOP nomination.

    “We’ll take what he says today [on foreign policy], and that’ll be the platform he runs with as a candidate for president, if he gets in the race,” Romney said.

    “Well, no, he’s in the race,” host Chris Wallace said. “He got in last week.” Paul and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are the only two major candidates to have officially declared.

    “I haven’t kept my scorecard as to who’s actually officially in, as to who’s just kind of in,” Romney said.

    It’s not too late Mittens, it can still be your turn!

    1. Maybe he can run as a Democrat I hear they are looking for an alternative to Clinton.

    2. So, he’s still as clueless today as he was when he ran for Pres?

  40. Abraham Lincoln would despise you all: Race, the South and the GOP’s most delusional fantasy

    To kill the idea of legal castes once and for all, Republicans in Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, declaring that, with the exception of certain Indians, “all persons born in the United States” were citizens entitled to “full and equal benefit of the laws,” notwithstanding any law, statute, ordinance, regulation or custom to the contrary.

    President Johnson vetoed this law, expressing his astonishment at its extraordinary declaration. Surely “the Chinese of the Pacific States, Indians subject to taxation, the people called Gipsies, as well as the entire race designated as blacks, people of color, negroes, mulattoes, and persons of African blood,” were not equal to white people, he wrote in his veto message. Republicans answered him definitively. They overrode his veto and put the exact same language that had appalled Johnson into the 14th Amendment.

    …But when Lincoln breathed his last at 7:22 on the morning of April 15, 1865?150 years ago this week? he had not simply helped to end slavery. He had given his life for a nation finally dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    1. I don’t think Lincoln, who saw a nation violently tear itself apart over actual, no-shit chattel slavery, would appreciate having voter ID and right to work states compared to that same institution.

      Kind of demeans the whole conflict, wouldn’t you say?

      1. A few days ago, a black woman science fiction writer on twitter compared Larry Correia’s campaign to get books he likes on the Hugo Award ballot to the Jim Crow South.

        How can someone say something like that when it was their own ancestors suffering and being threatened with lynching? That’s a horrifyingly offensive comparison, not only to all rational, thinking people, but to all the African Americans who suffered actual oppression rather than just whining about sci-fi book lists on Twitter.

        1. Because all they know is that they are being thwarted, and it must be because they’re black because everything they don’t like is due to racism.

        2. I’m boycotting ALL SF/F until they quit this shit. Write me interesting books and then shut the fuck up. You produce entertainment commodities. I don’t give the first fuck about your politics and social views. Until about five years ago, it was kept to a tolerable level, but I have had it. Fuck all y’all. I’ll go play video games with that time.

          1. “Fuck all y’all. I’ll go play video games with that time.”

            Well, it’s certainly a good thing that in recent years video games haven’t been politicized!

    2. “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races ? that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”

      Abraham Lincoln

      1. Stop evidencing at them. They have feels!

      2. Wait a minute, are you suggesting that a 19th-century man had 19th-century ideas?

    3. He had given his life for a nation finally dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

      Uhhhh he didn’t give his life to shit. His life was taken from him and while alive his goal was merely to preserve the American Empire and shit on the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

      1. We have enough museums of bad art. I’d like to see a museum of good art open up sometime.

        1. Check it out, UCS. Some of the commentary is amusing.

          1. I’ve seen worse art in real museums.

            1. Or rather worse “art” in “real” museums.

      2. You know who else established museums for bad art?

        1. Frank Gehry?

    1. LA? Not to confuse the sci-fi references, but I say we take off and nuke it from orbit…

  41. This “Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat” T-Shirt Is The Worst Thing In The World

    It is instructive how these purveyors of progtardian tolerance literally promote murdering a guy for wearing a stupid shirt.

    Intolerance will not be tolerated.

    1. I thought it was clear that Nicole was the worst thing in the world? That or lack of alt-text.

    2. Buy one for Hillary.

    3. Needs a picture of Bill Clinton on it.

  42. Mother’s shock after discovering 4ft SNAKE in the bathroom of her new house

    Michelle Woods told by her daughter of ‘something moving’ in the bath
    Went to check and found a four-foot orange corn snake slithering around
    Panicking she posted an appeal on Facebook for help to rescue the reptile
    Believes her home’s previous tenant kept snakes as pets and may have lost it moving out…
    The coloration indicates it’s a genetic morph not found in the wild. Definitely an escaped pet.

  43. You know who else liked squirrels?

    1. My old cat?

    1. You know who else had a very cavalier, if not a misleading and remarkably nonchalant, bordering on an immaturely irresponsible, approach … to the marital relationship ?.

      1. Charles II?

      2. Elizabeth Taylor?

        1. OK, folks – this one is now over. Move along,

      3. Bill Clinton?

        Bill Cosby?

        Bill Nye – the science guy?

    2. The stock photos make the article.

      1. Those are not stock photos of deformed nipples, so i feel cheated

        1. I’m thinking that she had eyes where her nipples were supposed to be.

          1. Nice.

            1. Did you find that in one of the museums mentioned above?

              1. Indeed.

    3. Would he have bought a car without a close examination of the body and a test drive? Wouldn’t one say acquiring a spouse is more of an inveatment?

      1. That’s really the ultimate argument against waiting for marriage to have sex. What if she has shitting dick nipples? What if he has a micropenis? or a circumcision scar that will only let his dick get half-hard? What if the minute he sticks it in, she realizes she was a lesbian?

  44. Cop who ‘loves playing with dead bodies’ accused of pulling toes, ‘tickling’ feet and yanking the head of man shot dead by fellow officers as he lay in a morgue
    Officer Aaron Stringer, of Bakersfield, California, accused by trainee cop
    Said to have played around with corpse of Ramiro James Villegas, 22
    Villegas had been shot dead by police earlier that day after a car chase
    Trainee officer Lindy DeGeare said Stringer took her into a morgue
    Allegedly said he ‘loves playing with dead bodies’ and asked her not to tell
    Stringer, who was put on leave, was ultimately not charged by prosecutors
    However, family of Villegas said they are close to filing a suit of their own…..orgue.html
    And nothing else happened.

    1. We have a winner for “worst way to impress a woman?”

      1. How was he to know that she wouldn’t be into playing with his stiffie?

        Fucking gals are just too sensitive nowdays.

    2. I wonder if the rookie who reported him has been forced out of the department yet. If not, it’s only a matter of time.

      1. I do not know…even cops are probably against defiling a corpse, or even worse, cold packing.

        1. He was fucking with the bodies of people that cops killed. Why would cops care about that?

        2. This guy Better Call Saul

  45. Barry Bonds thinks the Yankees should celebrate A-Rod’s pursuit of 660 home runs

    Barry Bonds can’t understand why the New York Yankees continue to turn a blind eye to Alex Rodriguez’s needing only five home runs to tie Willie Mays for fourth place on the all-time list.

    “Any time anybody in the game does something that’s a great accomplishment, the game of baseball should celebrate that,” Bonds told USA Today Sports. “No matter what. Baseball is benefiting from that person’s hard work, so baseball should at least celebrate.

    “Why the hate? Why hate on something you’re paying to see? I don’t understand it. He’s entertaining us. I wish life wasn’t like that.”

    Rodriguez, who has three years and $61 million remaining on his contract with the Yankees, could earn a $6 million bonus by tying Mays. The Yankees, however, have vowed to fight the bonus, as they plan to argue that it is worthless because of Rodriguez’s drug history and his season-long suspension.

    “This guy is not running for president of the United States,” Bonds, who is Mays’ godson, told USA Today Sports. “He’s not running for commissioner. We’re not running for political office. We’re just ballplayers. We’re not God. We’re imperfect people. We’re human beings.

    1. …who happened to have used a shitload of ‘roids.

      1. You know who used PEDs? Everybody.

        1. C’mon. A-Rod was good for maybe 500 before PEDs. A very respectable number for a hard-hitting 3B, but not several hundred better than Wade Boggs.

        2. Hitl- oh, wait a minute.

  46. Can someone please post for me the quote or article about the danger of the mindset of the people who voted Obama in?

  47. Jonathan Chait: Why Hillary Clinton Is Probably Going to Win the 2016 Election

    1. The Emerging Democratic Majority is real.
    2. No, youngsters are not turning Republican.
    3. Clinton isn’t that unpopular.
    4. Obama is trending up.
    5. Is it time for a change?
    6. There’s no alternative.

    More “reality based” facts in the link.

    1. Deeeeerrrrrrrrrrrppppppppp

    2. The argument for Clinton in 2016 is that she is the candidate of the only major American political party not run by lunatics.

      “Papoon for President! He’s not insane!”

      1. the full Chait quote for those who don’t want to click on the link:

        The argument for Clinton in 2016 is that she is the candidate of the only major American political party not run by lunatics. There is only one choice for voters who want a president who accepts climate science and rejects voodoo economics, and whose domestic platform would not engineer the largest upward redistribution of resources in American history. Even if the relatively sober Jeb Bush wins the nomination, he will have to accommodate himself to his party’s barking-mad consensus. She is non-crazy America’s choice by default. And it is not necessarily an exciting choice, but it is an easy one, and a proposition behind which she will probably command a majority.

        1. whose domestic platform would not engineer the largest upward redistribution of resources in American history

          We’re electing the new Chair of the Fed?

        2. “and she’s never told a lie!”

        3. You know, if progressives were actually intelligent they’d provide evidence for their claims rather than professing that any deviation from leftist Goodthink is ‘crazy.’

          1. Why bother arguing when you can just scream racist/sexist/etc. and automatically win in the eyes of the only people you even regard as human–your peer group?

        4. engineer the largest upward redistribution of resources in American history

          Not giving is stealing.

        5. she is the candidate of the only major American political party not run by lunatics.

          Isn’t she running as a Democrat?

  48. I’m sure all the “principled advocates for freedom of association” are going to be just as outraged by this public accommodation law:

    Haslam signs Tennessee guns-in-parking-lots bill


    1. Concern troll gonna concern troll.

      If the parking lot is private property then the owners have every right to fire employees who violate their rules. And I will become outraged over this when they aren’t forced by the government to do all sorts of other things that violate freedom of association. Telling a business they can’t fire someone who stores a gun in their property while it’s parked on their property is in no way near a violation of rights as forcing someone to do business with someone else at the point of a gun.

      1. Actually, it brings up a very interesting conflict.

        Employers have long been able to ban things from their parking lots. For example, in every steel mill I have worked at or known of, alcohol is verboten. Even having it in your car at the parking lot is worthy of instant firing. It was written into the union contract at LTV.

        And the rationale is pretty defensible – the ban on alcohol on the premises can be easily circumvented by nipping out to your car for a quick nip.

        My guess is that this has been litigated and upheld by the courts. So why are firearms different than alcohol?

    2. Do the police need a warrant against the lot owner or the car owner to search the car? Seems like a clarification that the inside of the car is indeed the property of the car owner

      *Fun fact: in FL this law was passed with a carve out for commercial fireworks manufacturers. There is one commercial fireworks manufacturer in FL: Disney.

      1. Fun fact: Disney (through the Reedy Creek Inprovement District) is basically a law unto itself, they have so many carveouts.

        Funner fact: Amongst those carveouts: If Disney wants to, they can build a nuclear plant without state approval.

      2. I think Brett has it.

        Of course, there are still some unanswered questions:

        Can the lot owner require you to give them consent to search your car? To authorize them to allow the police to search your car?

        Can an employer prohibit you from owning any guns as a condition of employment? And require you to give them consent to search your house or authorize the police to do so?

  49. Bloomberg Politics National Poll: Democrats and Independents Don’t Want a Hillary Coronation

    The poll, taken April 6-8, also indicates that Clinton will confront continued skepticism about whether she has been truthful in saying that she’s turned over all e-mails relevant to her time as secretary of state. Fifty-three percent of Americans say they think she purposely withheld or deleted some relevant e-mails from a private account and home server she used while in office. Just 29 percent of respondents said they thought she was being truthful.

    Even 26 percent of Democrats believe she has purposefully withheld e-mails or deleted them. That number jumps to 60 percent for independents and 81 percent for Republicans.

  50. If anyone was wondering if there was derp involved in the linked John Oliver video… I have you covered:

    We should fund them. Because the IRS is one of the safest investments for public money available. According to the Treasury Department, every dollar spent on tax enforcement yields back six. Six! The IRS sextuples your money! They should make that their motto;

    Yes. The IRS steals seven dollars of an individual’s money, subjects $1 of it to deadweight losses immediately and then throws the other six at the maw of DC. You should thank it.

    1. Why if we gave the IRS a Trillion Dollars…!

      1. If we did that, we would have six Trillion to give them!

  51. Hillary Clinton, Devourer of Sausages

    During here senate campaign, she made a last minute stop to the state fair to eat a sausage sandwich on camera. I presume she was told it will help her poll numbers.…..t_689.html

    The yokels fell for it. “Durr, Imma vote for th’ one what ates our sawzzyges.”

    Pandering- It works.

    1. I…do not want to see Hilary eating sausage.

  52. Prepare for retardation

    A 3-year-old boy is believed to have fired the shot that killed a 1-year-old Sunday in Cleveland with an “unattended firearm,” prompting the city’s police chief to admonish the public’s “fascination” with handguns.

    1. What a tragedy.

    2. I don’t have a problem with looking into whether the gun owner was negligent in how the stored the gun, given the specific circumstances of small children living in the house/visiting the house.

      Whenever there are kids visiting us, I gather up all the guns in the house and put ’em in the safe until the little fuckers leave.

    3. Wonder what that police chief would think about my fascination with keeping my firearms out of the hands of toddlers. Arrest the D-bag responsible and spare me your sermons pal…

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