Larry King on Ferguson Policing… and Nudity


In March, a suspenders-wearing liberal celebrity entered the studios at ReasonTV for a conversation with a leather jacket-wearing libertarian magazine editor.

And the results were kind of hilarious.

Here's a short list of some of the questions Larry King and Nick Gillespie asked each other:

  • If a gay couple has sex in the back of an airplane, would you be okay with that?
  • You hate children, don't you?
  • You're jealous of my eight marriages, aren't you? 
  • If you had a chance to interview Osama bin Laden, would you ask him if Jews control the media?
  • When you get cyrogenically frozen, will your head be chopped off like Ted Williams?

Far from being another reverential discussion with a legendary broadcaster, this interview shows that after seven decades in broadcasting, Larry King can roll with anyone.

For the full interview and transcript, click below.