NRA Convention in Full Swing, Holder Tells Staff to Quit Soliciting Prostitutes, Hillary's Big News Coming Soon: P.M. Links

Cybercrime charge for student who played minor prank on teacher.


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  1. Some left-leaning journalism outlets have trouble reporting on it.

    Literal trigger warning.

    1. Hello.

      For Heroic and Gilmore and those who like a good story on ‘fine treds’:…..60856.html

      “Haider is the founder of Aspetto, a custom bulletproof clothier, which he runs along with Robert Davis. The front room of their small store in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is littered with silk swatches from Italy, wool remnants from leftover suiting and lists of measurements, all the makings of an old-school tailor shop. The back, however, is covered in what the owners call “ballistics”, but most of us would refer to it as bulletproof gear.”

      More on Bond and the Aston Martin and its I-talian connection:

      1. Thanks. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever draw a picture of Muhammad.

        1. …go on…

        2. Make sure you order a matching cravat!

          1. I’ve got a Fez coming in a few months, PZ, will that work or am I committing another “crime of fashion”?

            1. I was thinking more in terms of neck protection being needed in such cases.

              Fez is an excellent idea, I recommend Bosnian ones, as they kept the proper Turkish traditions, while Turks ditched them in 30s. Far more suitable to a gentleman than a turban.

  2. Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her candidacy on Sunday. Excited?

    You have no idea.

  3. Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her candidacy on Sunday.

    Only a Clinton could deflect scandal with an announcement like that.

    1. “I know many of you, with good reason, have questions about my accountability, integrity, and honesty. Today I’m here to address these perceptions and answer my critics many concerns about both my personal and professional behavior. I believe I can do this in seven words. It’s official, I’m running for the Presidency!”

      1. [mike cuts off]

      2. “…And all of those critics hate women.”

  4. Tax-free savings accounts rob tax revenue from the future: Don Pittis

    But as personal tax advisors discuss the advantages of a proposed Conservative Party plan to increase or even double the amount Canadians are allowed to set aside, there’s another consideration that has hardly been mentioned.

    And that is, the impact of tax-free saving on future government finances.

    Oy vey.

    1. Robbing from the future. I’ll make sure to tell my grandkids that when they’re paying our debt.

    2. All money belongs to the government. What they don’t take via taxes is just their generosity.

      1. Not taking is giving! Tony has explained this to us a hundred times!

    3. Look, it’s CBC. By their lights, that’s a moderate, even right-wing article.

      If you ever want a laugh, just read anything by Neil MacDonald, their US correspondent and remember, this is what people think is truth about US.

      Some choice deep:…..-1.2994824…..-1.2938552

      1. Nothing abnormal there. Plenty of American statists believe the same things.

        1. I think you made a great pun without knowing it.

          Nothing abNORMal?

          NORM MacDonald is Neil’s brother.

  5. Spot the Not: Business Slogans

    1. It’s Not For Women.

    2. We Speak Fish.

    3. Blow Some My Way.

    4. The Great National Temperance Beverage

    5. Taste the Meat, Not the Heat!

    6. America’s Most Misunderstood Soft Drink

    1. Number 5 is Hank Hill unless it’s also a business slogan.

    2. 1.

      That is just begging for a lawsuit

      1. That’s Dr. Pepper 10

    3. 5 is the Not.

      Prize for the winners:


      1. Sometimes, I click on the prize link even when I didn’t guess correctly.

  6. Are you on Twitter’s Block Bot list? I’m not; hateful maniac Elizabeth Nolan Brown is.

    God love you, Rico.

  7. Spot the Not: Pope Quotes

    1. Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime.

    2. We were looking for a ‘good shepherd’, and instead we got a German shepherd.

    3. To say that you can kill in the name of God is blasphemy.

    4. On this account I, or rather the Lord, beseech you as Christ’s heralds to publish this everywhere and to persuade all people of whatever rank, foot-soldiers and knights, poor and rich, to carry aid promptly to those Christians and to destroy that vile race from the lands of our friends.

    5. If someone had told me I would be Pope one day, I would have studied harder.

    6. Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn’t misuse it.

    1. 2. I don’t think they would be so brazen About it.

    2. 5 is paraphrasing Reagan, I believe

    3. I’ll go with 4. Sounds like Byzantine emperor asking for help from the Pope rather than a papal proclamation.

      1. Nope- Pope Urban II’s speech at the Council of Clermont

    4. 1 is the Not- that is from the arch heretic Martin Luther

  8. Are you on Twitter’s Block Bot list? I’m not; hateful maniac Elizabeth Nolan Brown is.

    Behind the scenes, Reason writers are exactly like the commentariat. This fills me with glee.

  9. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has a message for government employees: Please stop banging prostitutes.

    Bang interns instead.

    1. +1 blue dress…

    2. David Burge @iowahawkblog ? 2h 2 hours ago
      It’s time for the Justice Department to investigate the outrageous gender wage gap between men and women whores

      1. The man is a National Treasure.

  10. I’m not; hateful maniac Elizabeth Nolan Brown is.

    The Twittersphere has had its fill of women’s issues tweets. Eventually it will get around to higher-ed-centric pretty boys.

      1. Huh. I moused over, expecting a link to something with the proper smackdown. Robby, it’s like you don’t know us at all.

        1. His heart shattered into 99 pieces*, his soul screaming for justice to the very heavens, and you expect Robby to have a witty comeback to boot?
          He’s human, not a soulless hate-posting mechanicum like the commentariat.

          *not 100 because at least Gilmore didn’t bag on his tie.

          1. You left out sex-crazed.

            The tie was pretty good. *nods*

            1. I did leave it out, and I’m sorry. I was too crazed by the sex.

      2. As always, said with love.

  11. Please stop banging prostitues. He said please.

  12. If Holder doesn’t want his employees hanging out with whores, then how are they supposed to associate with any of their coworkers in the Justice Department?

  13. Meet Caitlin Finley: a plump and proud Kentuckian who gobbles up 10,000 calories a day and makes a living showing off her 420-pound frame as a “super-size” webcam girl.

    The size 22, 4-foot-11 brunette says she makes around $140 a week working on the “super-size big beautiful woman” webcam scene online.
    She performs under the name “Calico Bombshell” and her trademark meals to eat on camera are three-meat pizzas, four double cheeseburgers, curly fries, milkshakes and two liters of soda.

    “Even the the guy at school that tortured me the most is now one of my bigger fans,” she told Barcroft. “He bullied me all the time and now he messages me almost daily begging me to get with him and telling me how beautiful I am and buying me gifts.”

    1. “The size 22, 4-foot-11 brunette says she makes around $140 a week working on the “super-size big beautiful woman” webcam scene online.”

      A whole $140 a week? Why, that’s practically $7300 a year!


      1. Is $20 a day enough to buy 10,000 calories of food?

        1. *** voice trembling ***

          *Oh*, yeah!

          1. … so bad…

    2. Shit, slim as I am, I struggle to get to 2000-2200.

      1. 2000 pounds is not slim.


        1. CALORIES you Bavarian smart-alec.

          1. I thought it was some metric shit. Like 2000 kHortons or something. Isn’t a Horton the basic metric unit of food energy? Like 1 Horton = energy from eating 1 donut.

            1. You people.

              1. WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!

            2. Calories are metric units. Just not SI.

    3. …ye gods.

      Earlier I was looking at pictures of Kate Upton. I’m going back to Kate, thank you very much.

      1. Kate looks rather overweight in those video game commercials. Big breasts due to excess adipose tissue never do anything for me.

        Sometime I’ll tell you all what it was like dissecting a cadaver with huge breasts in medical school. After that it’s only been pert, supple breasts for me!

        1. Now! Tell us now ?. *please*?

          1. Let’s just say it involved a scalpel, a trowel-shaped instrument similar to a large serving spoon, and multiple huge stainless-steel bowls which eventually were all filled with yellow gelatinous material (which looked oddly similar to when your skillet grease drippings harden).

            1. Go on…

        2. I would love to masturbate to that.

    4. Her biggest customer is some guy named John.

      1. Jinx.

    5. That’s reminds me, anyone seen John lately?

      1. He might be under there somewhere

        1. ^This doesn’t stop being funny no matter how many times I read it.

    6. Any sort of kink you can think of, somebody will find it sexual attractive.

    7. If I want to watch some fat fuck stuff their face I’ll eat in front of a mirror.

    8. As God is my witness, I thought that photograph was of a turkey!

  14. Favorite derp on Rand Paul, courtesy of Vox: Clearly Paul’s decriminalization platform is trying to legalize murder. Also, more laws couldn’t possibly lead to more poor and black people getting imprisoned.

    But it illustrates that as much as Paul’s emphasis on criminal justice reform might overlap with African-American voters’ priorities, his diagnosis of the problem is different. Paul genuinely does think too many laws create the opportunity for racial disparities in the criminal justice system ? that’s why he blamed bans on selling loose cigarettes for the death of Eric Garner. Many African Americans and liberals, on the other hand, think the laws aren’t necessarily the problem, but the way they’re being enforced and policed is.

    1. Many African Americans and liberals, on the other hand, think the laws aren’t necessarily the problem, but the way they’re being enforced and policed is.

      That is… I just can’t even.

      1. If they’re not enforced and policed then they’re not laws, dumbass. (Not you, Rhywun)

        1. Hey, tell that to Sally Kohn! (see below)

      2. I’m sure white progressives believe this. I wonder if black people do. Something tells me the point at which progressives realize how out of touch they are. Or at least suffer some consequences for it.

      3. I’m sure white progressives believe this. I wonder if black people do. Something tells me the point at which progressives realize how out of touch they are. Or at least suffer some consequences for it.

    2. This article is racist and anti-poor. They really need to check their privilege and think a little more intersectionally regarding the harm that may come from criticizing a Senator who is proposing repealing and decriminalizing laws that have a disproportionate effect on blacks, lest they trigger blacks about poll taxes.

      1. In this article, Ezra Klein’s retard house Voxsplains the criminal justice system to black people.

    3. I love that the lily white hipsters at Vox think they can speak on behalf of African Americans.

      Does Ezra Klein seriously believe that the average black person shares with gentry leftists a desire for higher cigarette taxes?

      1. Well, they would if they had our educational privilege. It isn’t their fault that they haven’t experienced the benefit of being exposed to higher thought, like we white people have. As penance for this racist injustice, we’ll hold down the fort on higher sin taxes for black people until they get a chance to catch up.


        1. Spot on. Black Americans would support cigarette taxes, if they weren’t oppressed and kept down. That’s the only reason they smoke, after all.

          1. I don’t deserve much credit. There are plenty of people who say the same, out loud and in seriousness, if given the slightest opportunity. All I did was paraphrase.

            I remember the first time I heard someone say this sort of thing. I sort of froze, watching everyone for a reaction cue. “This must be sarcastic…. right? Horribly, wonderfully sarcastic. Right? Right?”

      2. Vox thinks that African-Americans just want menthol cigarettes excluded from the taxes.

        1. Only Kool Filter Kings.

          1. +1 pack of Newports

      3. The educated blacks probably do because most have bought the social marxist babble hook-line and sinker.


    “Classical paradoxes of locality and their possible quantum resolutions in deformed special relativity”

    The classical and quantum dynamics of a particle propagating in ?-Minkowski spacetime is discussed in order to examine an apparent paradox of locality which arises in the classical dynamics…Here it is proposed that the paradox arises only in the classical picture, and may be resolved when the quantum dynamics is taken into account.

    1. “Sounds legit.”

      I mean, at first I was like “whaaaat?” and then I was like “oh hey, Lee Smolin, right on”.

  16. Holder shut cut his guys some slack.

    I suspect a fair number of them have such horrible personalities that prostitutes are their only possible source of consensual sexual contact.

    1. And he won’t even let them get their freak on where it’s legal! For shame.

  17. Any thoughts on this smoker product by Brinkmann? I may go pick it up later:…..ill/423048

    1. I have a masterbuilt 40 inch electric. I can’t say enough nice things about it.

      1. Nice. For my first one, I’d rather spend less though.

      2. Me too. Cheap enough on Amazon and no babysitting the temp. Love it.

    2. We have a pretty big smoker. I call it a side-draft, although there is probably a proper name for it. It’s the kind where the fire box is separate from the smoke box. Frankly, it’s a pain in the ass. I spend all day screwing with the thing to keep an even temp. Of course, I usually hardwood mostly, not charcoal, and that may be the problem.

      Regular charcoal does not make pleasant smoke, and hardwood charcoal is expensive.

    3. The way they have that loaded, you won’t get as much flavor benefit. Low and slow is key, even with a hot smoke.

      What I’m saying is, if you ever plan to load it that full, go with something a bit bigger. Otherwise, it looks fine.

      1. Hm. Good to know. I wouldn’t load it.

    4. That looks like one I inherited from a buddy. The biggest problem I had with it is that the fire grate is not much higher than the fire box and tends to fill up with ash and the live coals get smothered and then it goes cold and trying to get it restarted is a bitch.

      I scrapped the fire box setup and just bought a super cheap hibachi and used that instead. It was nice because I could control it much more easily.

      It was a nice little smoker, but if I was buying one, I’d go for something like this:…..726859.htm

      I like the horizontal ones better. That one also has a side firebox you can add for another $40 or so. That is how mine is set up and I really like it.

      1. Looks like Home Depot sells that brand too…..P_PRC_MODE|1

        Walmart has the setup I was talking about with the side fire basket.…..r/10583514

        1. Thanks. Looks like I have to take a drive to Plattsburgh.

          1. Rufus,

            Lucky you live in Canuckistan because you can drive at KPH speed limits which are much higher than the mph ones we are stuck with, so it will take you less time to get to this Plattsburgh.

            I also found the link I used to “fix” the smoker you were referring to. Once I fixed it, it did work pretty well.


            1. Thanks!

              1. Just remember to not add me to the Hoser Blocker Bot lists and we are cool. (I’m worried after you included me in the You People tribe)

    5. I owned two of those. Pretty good overall, but the basket that holds the coals rusts out after about two seasons, at least in Michigan weather. Hence why I owned two.

      After the second one kicked the bucket, I replaced it with a Weber. Bit more expensive, but seems much better constructed. This will be the 3rd season for the weber, no signs of rust yet.

    6. The is called the “El Cheapo Brinkman”. I love em. But they are kind of cheap pieces of crap. You should not be paying more than 60ish dollars for them. At that price, I think they are worth it.

      If you are going to do any cooks for more than 4-5 hours, drill 5 or 6 holes in the fire pan, so that as the day goes on you can knock it around and let some ashes fall out.

      It’s just the fire pan that rusts out after two years. You can take one of those disposable turkey basting holder things and crumple it up and shove it into the bottom as a replacement. When I get tired of doing that for a while I go buy a new ECB and just take the fire pan out and use it, so I don’t have to do the construction part again.

  18. Me and my friend from Boston were arguing earlier this week about the notion of the GOP being the party of war. When I mentioned to him most deaths happened under Democrat governments he began to what I retorted was ‘parsing history’. To me, and this is not to say one is worse than the other, the Democrats are ahead:

    1. Counting the Civil War as Republican is pretty bizarre. But even with that fudge, the Dems still come out ahead. I wonder if they did that just to keep it from being so lopsided.

      1. At least it’s legitimate.

        I was in a conversation with several college kids (don’t ask) when one praised President Lincoln for restoring sanity to a government too-long dominated by Republicans.

        My reminder that Honest Abe was in fact the very first Republican president produced Righteous Indignation, followed by Googling, followed by Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth.

  19. I still have a hard time imagining Hillary winning the election. She just has so much baggage, people are sick of Obama, she’s so often unpleasant or haughty.

    All of Bill’s sex scandals must be a drag on her female support, no? Do women voters really want a president who enables her husband in his sexual predator activities by attacking his victims? And then there’s his Sex Slave Island thing. Will everyone just ignore all that?

    1. I thought she was toast before the latest scandal. She’s had quite a few stumbles over the last year, not considering her very large pile of baggage from the years before. Her competence is clearly, um, undemonstrated, and she’s quite inexperienced, despite this weird idea that she isn’t. We’ve had more qualified candidates who were half her age.

    2. All of Bill’s sex scandals must be a drag on her female support, no? Do women voters really want a president who enables her husband in his sexual predator activities by attacking his victims?

      Here in MA, the answer is an emphatic “No!”

      They think Bill was a great president, and that therefore Hillary will be great too. Plus, all great leaders have sexual predatory behavior (eg JFK!).

      1. We learn so much from leftist hypocrisy. These leaders have these traits which should make them completely unacceptable, but their adherents turn them into virtues. Such sickness of the soul.

    3. Will she question Warren’s native heritage like she went after Obama’s place of birth?

      1. On top of everything, she’s also a shitty campaigner. I find it truly troubling that the left won’t turn on her. I mean, what the hell is wrong with these people?

        1. Her private server has the goods on ’em all.

          1. That’s possible. Maybe she’s working with the NSA.

    4. Yes

      The world wants to see me sodomized.


      1. The world wants to see me sodomized.

        Don’t think of it as getting sodomized, think of it as doing the honorable thing and honoring your debts!

        1. I’m no Lannister

      2. Hey, it’s not our fault you squealed like a bitch after Satan gave you a pre-natal finger job.

    5. I sort of think that people expect their leaders to be sexual predators. Perhaps it’s some sort of rape fantasy.

      1. We’re a fucked up species. Really.

    6. I have a very hard time imagining she could win the nomination and then the presidency.

      I also had a very hard time imagining Obama winning a 2nd term, or Bush winning a 2nd term. I’ve since taken to heart that old Mencken quote…

  20. From the prank story:

    “Even though some might say this is just a teenage prank, who knows what this teenager might have done,” Nocco said.

    Yup. We are now at the point where disappointed cops who discover that a kid really hasn’t done much at all, can now charge you based on what you might have done.

    Personally I’m disappointed that they didn’t charge him with attempted murder. After all, he might have decided to shoot his teacher.

  21. The Dershowitz:
    “Some of my clients have been falsely accused. I have won nearly all of those cases. Others have been rightly accused. I have won many of those cases as well. ”

    Shorter Dersh: “I know how to lie with the best of em”

    1. Well, that’s the job.

      1. no, that is not the job. the job is being the last line of defense against am out of control judiciary.

        shitting on defense attornies is the oldest copsucking/statist talking point there is.

  22. In other “shit progressives actually think”-news =

    NYC Council Speaker = “We can totally reform the police force, but still give them tons more money and stuff at the same time”

    Because Magic


    “100 Best Non-Fiction Books”

    1. Whoa. Someone went nuts on the readers’ list. I mean, that’s like Objectivist/libertarian city.

      1. yeah, its like someone was making a joke. Hamhandedly.

        as i noted below… even as a libertarian….i think i’d maybe include *a few* of those things? but *nothing but* those things? seems a little impossible to believe that list was compiled from any group consensus.

        1. Could’ve been Cytotoxic, I guess.

          1. It wasn’t but yeah could have been. Great minds think and read alike.

            1. It’s quite an accomplishment, that list. I don’t think I’ve seen a takeover quite so profound.

    2. Ayn Rand #1 on “the reader’s list”.

      Also, no Bible!!!

      1. It’s non-fict…..

        Oh, I get it.

    3. Interesting, too, that on the official list, they have Keynes but not Smith. Seriously?

    4. Fingerprints of the Gods is classified as non-fiction? I suppose if that’s true if you redefine the word “non.”

    5. It seems the implicit joke here is that the Modern Library editors are all effete liberals (shocker), but that readers of the Modern Library (and care about ‘Book lists’) are all screaming Objectivist/Libertarians.

      The top-20 of the latter is *nothing but* Rand, Peikoff, Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Hayek, Tibor Machan……etc.

      I mean fuck, i wouldn’t even go 1/3rd that far.

      1. It’s not necessarily reflective of their readership has a whole, since I’m sure that list was generated by people typing in titles on the web. Heck, it could be one very obsessed guy.

        1. Hmmm, wonder which HyR poster it is.

      2. Where the hell is G?del, Escher, Bach on that list?!!

    6. LOL at L Ron Hubbard.

    7. The lists are from 1999, btw.


      2. Well, perhaps they should update them to include The Da Vinci Code.

    8. Glad to see How to Lie With Statistics.


    “Evolutionarily Stable Configurations: Functional Integration and the Evolution of Phenotypic Stability”

    1. I’m just going to go ahead and draw the implications from the title: intelligent life in the universe is all “forehead aliens”, isn’t it?

  25. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has a message for government employees: Please stop banging prostitutes.

    “Screw the Constitution.”

    1. Shouldn’t that be “head undergoing body transplant?”

      1. Yeah, I don’t know why they keep getting that wrong. It’s not like the resulting person is going to be viewed as both the head guy and the body guy. He’s the head guy, obviously.

      2. A head transplant was performed on a monkey 45 years ago in 1970. It lived, but only for eight days, with the body rejecting the new head

        See?! A human having the body of a monkey would be worse than death!

        1. I was expecting Dr. Hfuhruhurr.

          1. Expecting Dr. Hfuhruhurr is the final stage of kopfgeschlagen!

        2. +1 Laterally expoding!

    2. Um, he already is.

    3. “Give me head until I’m dead!”

      1. +1 Dirty Mind

    4. Well, someone has to take a bullet for mankind.

  26. Making tuition even more tax deductible is a stupid idea. Colleges will just raise their prices higher and higher.

    1. I have an idea. Stop subsidizing education and make student loans dischargeable. Oh, and get the government totally out of education.

      1. But if it’s not subsidized, no one will be able to afford it! Just look at those outrages prices they’re charging! /prog

        1. I suspect the market price for tuition would seem absurdly low to us if we could see it through the miasma of government interference. I mean, how much does it cost to teach most disciplines, really, especially considering that many classes can be taught on a mass basis?

          1. Hey, those twenty Deans of Diversity on each college campus have to be funded somehow. You think tuition actually goes for ‘classes’?

              1. Khan!!!!

            1. Tuition doesn’t pay them (much) as well. Universities don’t make their money from tuition. Well, traditional ones anyway…not talking about University of Phoenix or something like that. Universities make their money from private-public partnerships, research, and the interest on their endowment funds. Public “flagship” universities also make their money by reaching into your pocket.

              1. Fine. Let them stay in the “research” business and get out of education.

  27. Officers fired multiple shots with a beanbag shotgun at the man in an attempt to control him, according to Vancouver Police Department spokesman Randy Fincham.

    But the man then turned to a woman who was standing nearby and started to stab her. It was then that police opened fire, Fincham said in a news release.…

    Good shoot? Hard to see it as otherwise.

  28. An overweight, nasty, ignorant, leftist white woman wants to be in the White House.

    And it will probably happen.

    1. I am pretty sure it is her turn, Alger.

  29. Hey, Cytotoxic, if you’re still here. Someone put a job posting on Craigslist and I think it has your name all over it.

    1. It’s a trap. That was obviously posted by Agile Cyborg.

      1. That would just make it a sexy, trippy job, not a trap.

        1. Just think of the perks Agile Cyborg would offer as an employer.

          1. Dick rainbows and the like


      I shit you not I thought of that idea two months ago. It would work if you did it right. Might not even need the virus (CRISPR-CAS could be put in liposomes that’s how therapeutic RNAi will likely get delivered.

      I am truly flattered, but I do not have a PhD or experience in robots or forensics. I have never worked with Crispr-Cas but it’s easy. Any graduate can work with it.

      1. That being said he might not the Crispr-Cas. The poor man’s quicky solution is to put a bunch of RNA primers different from the ones used in forensics in a chew pill disguised as a Mentos and pop it in your mouth just before they take a swab of your cheek cells. If you’ve designed the primers correctly, and they are extracted with the genomic DNA (iffy!), then they will lead to amplification of additional sites during PCR that the folks running the PCR did not intend to amplify. This will lead to more ‘bands’ than would otherwise be there, obfuscating the results.

      2. Sooooo, you won’t be helping out an eccentric (and framed) billionaire?

        1. I’m not going to rule anything out. Of course, this could be a trap on your part to dox me.

          1. That’s way more effort than I’d be willing to put in. Make a potentially viral bit of craigslist craziness up, get Gizmodo to post it and then link it in the PM Links?

            Although I’m kinda wishing I were that person suddenly.

            1. If you were that person, you’d need a silent villain style mustache to twirl.

              1. Sadly I’d just be mistaken for an accomplished hipster then.

  30. Has the NRA offered Iran moral support in preserving its rright to keep and bear non-satanic arms?

    1. You are an idiot.

      Fuck off and die in a fire.

  31. Probably been mentioned before but I just found out PoliceOne hid viewing their comments behind registration:

    PoliceOne comments can only be accessed by verified law enforcement professionals.
    Please sign in or register to view or write your own comments below.

  32. Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder has a message for government employees: Please stop banging prostitutes.

    Save those rage boners to fuck taxpayers and victims of the DOJ instead!

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