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When Faysal Mohamed asked a Minneapolis police officer why he was being arrested, the cop replied "Because I feel like arresting you." Actually, the cops never did arrest Mohamed, but they did stop the vehicle he was in, order him and three friends out, handcuffed them and spent 45 minutes searching the car before letting them go. Oh, and one of the cops was recorded threatening to break the leg of one of the four.

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  1. Another day,more cops recorded acting like thugs. It seems that ‘1984’ style has turned on the ‘hero’s. The public is becoming the watchers

    1. “Man they got cameras in everything these days. I bet they even got cameras in gold teeth. Boy be going ‘Smile, you’re on cuspid camera’.”

      1. Tooth cams,great idea. Yesterday though,it was a news crew that caught a beating ,in Calif. I think.With the flood of police misconduct videos I hope more people will wake up to the sad state of law enforcement.

        1. Why do you want people to get their teeth knocked out by cops? You know that if tooth cams became a thing that is exactly what would happen. Cops would bust people in the teeth all the time.

          I also think that teeth cams would be problematic in the Kentucky and W Virginia.

          Finally, where’s my h/t?

          1. I think you have to email them. Or be beloved.

            1. I’m a 3 time h/t champion! I shouldn’t have to email them, I’m fucking special.

  2. All together now: “Fuck You That’s Why!”

    1. You should write a song for that,like ‘we are the world.’

      1. You can call it ‘because we can’.

      2. There comes a time when we heed a certain 911 call
        When the cops must come together as one
        There are people dying
        And it’s time to lend a hand to the FOP
        The greatest FYTW of all

        We can go on denying day by day
        That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
        We all are a part of the cops great big family
        And the truth, you know,
        Force is all we need

        We are the cops, we are the immune
        We are the ones who make a violent day
        So let’s start shooting
        There’s a choice of force we’re making
        We’re in reasonable fear for our own lives
        It’s true we’ll make a better day
        For just you and me

        Send them your Taser so they’ll know that someone cares
        And their lives will be shorter and unfree
        As FYTW has shown us by turning guilty to immune
        So we all must lend a beating hand


        When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
        But if you just read our contract there’s no way we can fall
        Let’s realize that a change can only come
        When we stand together as one Blue Wall


        1. *waves lighter in the air*

        2. *** stands to applaud ***

        3. *stands to lead thunderous jazz-hands*

        4. That’s almost as good as the Westboro nuts’ “God Hates the World”.

  3. Old libertarians understood that police power fundamentally reinforced the property and privileges of the rich and powerful and maintained a racist apartheid state– particularly in the U.S. South. That’s why people like Emma Goldman and Bertrand Russell called themselves– in part– libertarians. Today, libertarians worship the property and privileges of the rich and powerful and think, mostly, that Black people should stop bitching. I say we’ve moved in the wrong direction.

    1. Why can’t every country respect rights like the Soviets did? Eat your own dick.

    2. Your a fool,your type of government would make slaves of everyone [ including you ] at the end of a gun.,BTW,if you don’t have property rights you have no rights.

      1. And using a vague tear like ‘the rich’ shows how ignorant you are. What does that even mean? Do you think people with more money and property than you think they should have are ‘evil’?

        1. Disparaging ‘the rich’ is always a sure sign that someone who isn’t willing to make the sacrifices and do the hard work necessary wants to be one.

          It is a thin, whispy disguise for envy.

          1. There’s no reason to hate everyone that’s rich any more than there’s any reason to laud everyone that is. Let’s not live up to his caricature

            1. At what point did his comment “live up to this caricature”?

            2. Bo,

              Can you out to me exactly where I made any kind of blanket statement about the morality of people who have money. I just don’t want them to have undue political influence. You know–one person, one vote. This statement would have been an uncontroversial one amongst libertarians 50 years ago. To see that it now brings hackles to those who think Ayn rand is the greatest moral philosopher ever shows how far adrift we really are.

              The only place in the world where libertarians are currently in power is in Greece– and they see things more my way than yours

    3. Say what you want about the NKVD, but at least they murdered rich and poor alike, right?

    4. This coming from a guy who believes in an ideology that relies and exists on force and coercion.


    5. We didn’t oppose taking Susan Kelo’s family home to give the land to corporate giant Pfizer because we favor the rich. We favor property rights in general because we either see it as a right, an area protected from government’s coercive reach (much like you might think about privacy or speech) or we think government allocates land badly or in ways prone to abuse (ask the Ukranians Stalin had starved about that).

    6. What’s this ‘we’ shit?

      1. True, many here are clearly not libertarians, but I wasn’t talking about that

        1. Not you, Bo. That was for Amsoc.

          1. Amsoc lives in a distorted parallel universe where discredited crap and theories are accepted and worshiped.

            Shit like anti-fossil fuels gibberish, anti-GMO, and of course, socialism.

            Super-Man is actually Inferior-Man in his universe – minus the cape.

            1. Other than that, I’m fine with him.

            2. Amsoc lives in a distorted parallel universe where discredited crap and theories are accepted and worshiped.

              I fear that we might also live in that universe.

    7. This again.

      Yes, police can be and often are used to maintain the privilege of the elite. Protecting property rights is something different.
      If the police were limited to their proper role of enforcing laws protecting persons and property, they would be of greater relative benefit to the poor than to the rich. Rich people can afford to protect their own property if they have to. And good, well protected property rights is the only thing that leads to increased prosperity for society in general. Places that don’t protect property rights are universally places where a small elite really does control everything at the expense of ordinary people.

      Yes, the US has some shameful history. But that was because of lack of respect for individual rights to liberty and property. Quite the opposite of what you suggest.

  4. term

  5. Imagine talking to citizens who PAY THEIR SALARIES that way.

    ‘I’m gonna break your legs’ as if they’re some sort of Mafiiosi.


    1. Citizens aren’t employers, Rufus, they’re tax cattle.

      1. No kidding. Then pieces of disrespectful jackoffs like this guy demand their pension or go on strike extracting more money from the very people they threaten to harm in episodes like this one.

      2. Yeah. I pay their salary in the same way I pay the salary of a pickpocket who steals my wallet.

  6. one of the cops was recorded threatening to break the leg

    Consider that a “trigger warning”. 8-(

    1. You know how strong a femur is? That would take effort. A finger twitch, the union would allow for that.

      1. I wonder if they’re trained to break legs in the academy or if they learn it on the job.

        1. Links a GOOD song (eyes sarc and his wang chung).

          1. *thinks about linking some Tears for Fears just to be a jerk, then decides it’s not worth the effort*

  7. Well, considering that name, Mr. “Terrorist Cell Waiting to Be Activated” is lucky he didn’t get droned, and just got let off with a warning.

    What’s he bitching about, amirite, ‘murcan socialidiot?

  8. Did the officers go home safely to their families? Because that’s all that matters.

  9. Minneapolis is just another liberella turd hole.

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