Brickbat: The Tunnel of Censorship


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North Carolina State University's Free Expression Tunnel is a place on campus where students can post or paint any message they want. Well, it was. Eileen M. Coombes, director of student involvement, emailed student leaders soliciting their help in keeping an eye out for and painting over any "hate speech or offensive language." The school will even provide them with "State not Hate" stencils to cover up any messages they object to.

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  1. I’d be more likely to approve of this if the stencil said “shut your stupid whore mouth”

  2. I object to permitting people to paint in the tunnel. Does that mean I can cover it all?

    1. What will you use instead of paint, UnCiv?

        1. Go Green, UCS — Use feces.

          1. Roofing Tar isn’t going to wash off with a hose.

  3. Painting in an enclosed space just gives her the vapors.

  4. “State not Hate”

    Now there’s an ironic pun.

    1. I think a dyslexic may have written it.

    2. “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”

      1. Aha!

        Now I see what the “M” in Eileen M. Coombes stands for.

        Thanks WTF.

  5. Meh. Is it too much to ask that a school keep its campus neat enough so that students can walk to class in the morning without a big “FUCK YOU” scrawled at eye level? If that’s “censorship” and you really miss that sort of thing, take a weekend trip home to see your mother in Detroit or ride the NYC subway.

    1. I’d actually venture a guess that “FUCK YOU” would remain uncensored for quite some time.

    2. This “Free Expression Tunnel” is an area of the university specifically set aside for students as:

      …a venue for expressing their thoughts and feelings about anything?from ‘Happy Birthday’ to announcing club and organization meetings

      Similar to a “free speech zone”. And the university is asking students to blot out anything they find offensive with what amounts to an official state seal. It’s hard to imagine how that comes of as anything but creepy to a guy who takes the username “Libertarian”.

    3. “Is it too much to ask …”


  6. Not to be confused with the Tunnel of Prejudice

  7. What if I find the stencil offensive?

    *initiate back-pedaling and/or mental gymnastics*

  8. We need a Tunnel of LEWD SEXUAL ACTS.

    I’d even rig it to have the heads of all feminists at Jezebel performing them.

    1. I’ll be happy to paint three of those feminists clinging to the veins and slurping on the head of a massive cock. The precum glistening in the sun while naked penis-haters cavort under the influence of the magic of man.

      1. I wish I was a director and could work with you.

        1. There is a lot of art in what he writes.

          1. The Agile Cyborg never rests. Did you see the thread from last night, Switzy?

            The madness was magnificent in its magnitude.

      2. As long as it’s tastefully presented…

  9. Fuck all the races, genders, and wheelchairs.

  10. The school will even provide them with “State not Hate” stencils to cover up any messages they object to.

    A literally statist message.

    1. I thought it was an order not to speak “State not thy name, state not thy hate…”

  11. This tunnel?

    Seems the twatwaffle SJWs are on it like stink on shit.

  12. I bet I coild probably spin about any message or picture into some sort of trigger.

    1. This comment triggered me!!

  13. You know your moral compass is broken when a truck stop’s bathroom stall has a more solid grasp on free speech than you.

    1. Here I sit, on the pooper
      just gave birth to a Maine State Trooper

      1. Don’t forget to flush.

        1. …And irrigate with water while not facing towards or away from the Kaaba.

  14. a “State not Hate” stencil

    “Fuck Hate”.

  15. “The tunnel never looks the same twice, as it is painted daily by various student groups.”

    “NCSU Faces Class-Action Suit Over Toxic Pollution”

    1. College Admin: “We need to cut maintenance costs to pay for the new Diversity chair’s office. Why does it cost a few hundred a year to paint this tunnel?”

      Facilities Manager: “Well, you’re talking paint and man-hours-”

      College Admin: “Person-hours.”

      Facilities Manager: “Whatever. It just does.”

      College Admin: “Can we not paint it?”

      Facilities Manager: “The only way we can do that is if we get someone else to do it for us.”

      College Admin: “I know, we can make the ‘students’ do the work, and pay us for the paint and the privilege of doing so.”

      Facilities Manager: “How’s that?”

  16. I’m waiting on a SJW to lose their shit when the school decides to primer the entire thing and start over. After all, Kilz is white. So covering the entire tunnel with primer would be an overt act to cover all dissenting opinion with whiteness.

    Anybody want to help me set up a gofundme to purchase enough Kilz to cover the entire fucking thing…just to troll the losers?

    1. Nuke the entire site from orbit… only way to be sure.

  17. painting over any “hate speech or offensive language.”

    *** paints over offensive language ***

    *** paints over offensive painting-over of offensive language ***

    *** paints over offensive painting-over of offensive painting-over of offensive language ***

    *** invests in Sherwin-Williams ***

  18. The Free Expression Tunnel is the visual representation of a You Tube comment board. The people painting in it think they are profound, it turns into a pointless shouting match, and any intelligent person is going to avoid it as they travel to their desired destination.

    I suggest Godwinning the monstrosity with swastikas and Hitler images. Perhaps that would put an end to this eyesore.

    1. To prolong the outrage, use *Buddhist* swastikas.

      1. Suh. weet.

        Then when they are painted over, claim religious discrimination.

  19. Allowing free expression in a free expression tunnel would be preposterous! And also racist, sexist, and probably homophobic.

    1. not to mention LGBTQ, Non-Cisnormative, Non-GMO, vegan, fair trade and hell yeah… GLUTEN FUCKING FREE

      1. Taking a page from Mark Steyn, I use the acronym LGBTQWERTY, just to make certain I don’t other anyone.

        1. You’re other Dvorak users!

  20. My freedom of speech lets me, like, censor you, man.

  21. You know who else liked spending time underground?

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